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Thread: Physical Unhealthy Signs when Stressed.

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    Default Physical Unhealthy Signs when Stressed.

    So, I've been studying pretty intensely and notice a few stressed-out syndromes.

    1. Enlarged tonsils due to high caffeine consumption leading to constant gagging.
    2. Stomach pain. (No, I've tried the restroom, doesn't help)
    3. Everything taste super salty.

    Anyone experiencing these signs? I'm not too worried if it's tied to stress from studying but if it's not ... i might have to go see my "fine" looking doctor!
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    You should post this in Han Solo's clinic!

    Personally, I have only experienced #2 stomach pain (ironic how it's #2 hahaha). But yeah, it's not anything to do with digestion, just stress and anxiety.

    My mom has high blood pressure so we always eat really really bland. I've gotten used to having everything taste salty lol. But I've never heard anyone else complain about it.

    If you're drinking so much coffee that leads to gagging, I think that's pretty intense. Have you tried energy drinks? I know they're worse, but they work better for me. I get increased heart rate though after those.

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    No. When stressed, I will get pissed and have an urge to shout and throw or hit something. But yeah, this should go to the clinic. You may find out more about it.
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    i got shingles once. I wasn't even stressed.
    But I got to work from home for a few weeks.

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