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Thread: MMA "phenom" Kimbo Slice proven a fraud.

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    Default MMA "phenom" Kimbo Slice proven a fraud.

    This guy has gotten a lot of hype during the past year, but as many of MMA's more knowledgeable fans long believed, Kimbo Slice was all smoke, no fire.

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    Yeah, his performance was horrible. He didn't keep his hands up to cover his chin, and got knocked down by a jab from a guy one weight class below him and lost in 14 seconds. I hope that from now on he fights experienced fighters not in their 40s instead of being spoonfed easy wins. He gets paid 500 000$ even for his 14 seconds loss, let him earn that.
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    Kimbo Slice was a badass in street fights. But he's no poster boy for MMA, he was all hype. I think that lost is probably one of the most major upsets in MMA. Because a lot of people thought it was gonna be an easy fight for Kimbo. I really think if Kimbo would've fought Ken Shamrock he would've won cuz Shamrock is old, washed up, and not to mention he'd lost 3 fights in a row.
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