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Thread: What motivates you to continue to review

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    Default What motivates you to continue to review

    I am sure many of you submit reviews to this site not for money but for the fun of writing a review. But once in awhile you must have hit a snag, a moment where halfway through writing a review you just can't seem to continue and thereafter you don't seem to want to write. If you have had such a moment, what did you do? Do you stop entire or do you find a motivation? What sort of motivation?

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    My motivation is knowing that the work I already put into writing that half, or however number of words already, will go to waste. Usually I find that my motivation grows less as the time between my watching the production to my writing the review grows longer since my feelings are the most strong right after watching it. Once I let that time lapse, I might forget why I loved/hated something and can't seem to put it back down to words. At that point, I might just reconsider rewatching.

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    I try to write the whole thing within a week or two and sometimes I even start a review while watching a series.

    I've given up on probably 3-4 reviews in total since I started writing... and I've lost another 5-6 reviews that I haven't bothered re-writing yet...
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