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Thread: Champions League Predictions

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    On today when I am looking towards the prediction of the different peoples out here over the champions trophy winning team I literally laugh in my own self ,Because non-of a single person in this entire world have predicted that pakistan will win the Chapions Trophy ,that's also in such a glories way.
    The reasons that this has e happened is Manny and also very surprising -
    1.The courage of the young
    2.the outstanding and fearful performance of Pakistan of that two mains games the final and the semi-final
    3.The extraordinary performances of their Batmans In the main time, the time when their game was required, they delivered.

    To get the insight of the whole match between India vs Pakistan at the champions trophy final and to know about the other matches update you would chey the website or the blog-

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    Hi. I'm very curious which team will you root for this year in the Champions League?

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