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    Default The Kingdom Short Stories

    The Heir and the Hermit

    What do you mean “No” huh?!”
    No, Father will Not arrange My Marriage!”
    Excuse me?!”
    Xiao er, please...”
    Mother, you on his side, or mine?”

    She loves her Son but gives in to Husband, ended up reasoning “Xiao er, you are eighteen years old. Instead of flirting around or fooling about openly, why not do It sensibly for now and just conduct Thing discreetly later?”
    Thanks for the positive Advice, Mother” the Heir replied dryly and turned to go, ignoring his Lord Father, who bellowed “We are not finished yet!” but the latter merely storms away.


    The Palace tried to be Funny, but the Heir neither smiling nor laughing at attempts or measures to change his Willfulness. And the last straw came when Yang Xiao found out They used Underhand tactics and applied Harem strategy. Himself confessed, no Paragon of Virtue and currently boasted Kicking Hormone. If remaining longer, The Rogue within shall succumb sooner or later. Well, Man is made of Flesh and Blood, not from Steel or Wood. Sixteen years old Yang Yong found Big Brother absent without single Hint. When Eldest Sibling skipping their important Schedule, the Spare went to check and discovered the latter gone, few important belongings and several intimate items, disappeared along. He alerted his Parents. Next, Palace in uproar over their Missing or rather, Runaway Heir.


    “Meaning Truant” Zhang San Feng pointed bluntly to which Yang Xiao retorted equally so, “I expect better reception than this, Feng!”

    Earlier he got Shock, second greatest in Life, to receive Heir of Kingdom half sitting and semi slumbering, on the Ground at front Entrance. After all, hardly Visitor or barely Passerby, except Beggar and Wanderer and Vagrant. Odd hour or Inauspicious timing, maybe Bandit but never ever once, expected Yang Xiao, dressing like Traveler and passing as Commoner during spooky period only Ghost roams and where Spirit looms. Coming without Notice one thing but Staying on Forever is Preposterous! Hermitage a dedicated calling, not the Stress Relief session!

    Presently, he said “Look, I miss you too and am sorry being inhospitable, Xiao, but what you doing are Thoughtless and Inconsiderate! Not to mention Irresponsible!!”
    “The first thing on my mind leaving Home, is to see you and all you said are Thoughtless, Inconsiderate, Irresponsible!!! You know what? Bollocks! You see, am fed up acting nice son and is bored playing good guy. So tell me, where and which, the nearest Brothel or most famous Den around here!” as though clueless.

    The Hermit in a terrible fix. To turn the Heir away, not only could sever Friendship or affect Relationship but would drive the latter more reckless or to be precise, led astray. Not that himself believe Yang Xiao truly wild character or really unrestrained figure but then again, men will be men and this manner of horrible risk, Zhang Sanfeng prefers not undergo. This situation beyond Bluff and circumstance is downright Messy. One poor step and result himself dare not imagine the Outcome.

    “Wudang welcomes my lord” The Hermit observed formally but his hands itching to smack the Heir, who smiled, flashing his charms and featuring best assets.


    He thought his friend soon tiresome, and likely complaining, but wonder never cease, as the latter fares well and copes admirably. The Heir spend his time either reading books or studying classics and practicing strokes, which not exactly mighty skill but still impressive move plus good reflex. As days passed, the Hermit is amazed by Yang Xiao's mental ability to absorb Moral and physical capability to upgrade Feat. The former couldn't help but concede the latter makes a good Scholar, or Sage of Kingdom, given his Intelligence. One renowned Swordsman or celebrated Pugilist, if martially trained and groomed.

    Meanwhile, the Visitor all but smooth talked Inmates and Inhabitants into chores with generous wages, which Founder unable objecting Account and protesting Transaction, because Seal of Jiangnan belongs to Owner, not Leader. Another factor to ponder, Yang Xiao offered decently and conducted fairly so there bound to have Takers performing Jobs and doing Tasks in return for Income. Zhang do not approve such Deal or their Exchange but then again, neither Crime nor Force. When not minding own business or humorous bantering or playing chess, one's pastime is nagging while another's leisure are idling and contemplating.


    “It been months, my lord”

    Damn, here he goes yakking again!

    The Heir disregarded the remark and daydreaming what menu to have for lunch. Both Cook and Food decent but since the dishes meatless, he longs for.... “Don't be stubborn, my lord” the statement slapped the vision of Banquet away and poor guy is robbed of Appetite.
    “Stop nagging. Hey, you supposed to be my Innermost Pal, be supportive and not negative”
    “Because we are Innermost Pals, that I'm enlightening You. How can One ignored The Edict and rebelled The Palace! Come on, not only He the Lord but your Father, for Heaven's sake!! And against your poor Mother!!! Oh, what Attitude to repay He who sires You and She who struggles Childbirth?!”

    Must he in detail and through explanation as well? Myself yet to reproach himself spill the beans!

    But Yang Xiao chose not to comment, closing his eyes and shutting the ears, like one Lofty Statue, usually in Lost Continents or an Elegant Specimen, in some Ancient Civilizations. Got to accept the Friend handsome, despite plain front.

    “Xiao...” came the next whining tone and very persuaded strangling Zhang who “Please stop behaving like spoiled Brat. You are eighteen, by right settling down appropriately at seventeen. Your parents and the palace already allowed you one year Freedom and Bachelorhood. So nothing wrong with Arranged Marriage and Family Planning. Honestly, not sounding my lord's Privilege but frankly, a Gentleman shouldn't flirting around with countless girls and having fun with many ladies, casual or otherwise”
    “For Kingdom's Almighty sake, shut up!! Can a Guy have Peace and not Pressure?!” he roared suddenly and burst snarling “Listen, like every healthy Male of age I am longing and dying to have Sex with Women but unlike you poor Celibate, Shagging or Copulating not my Fantasy right now!!”

    The Hermit went stunningly red, at these scarlet lines while The Heir appalled at own rudeness and regretted these words. The former went away abruptly, either feeling embarrassed or very insulted so the latter just let a frustrated “ARGH............!” hitting whatever handy and kicking everything nearby.


    Heck, he wanted to get married too, but Bride or Wife, his preference and own choice. Not only producing line securing Succession but also for wedded Bliss plus loving Environment. The Girls, he knew are fake and insincere. Few might be genuine but mere beauty and general accomplishment failed to generate common liking, let alone further interest. He refused compromising and rejected cohabiting, like many Nobles chose or countless Courtiers did, only suffering consequence and scandal, after Affair soured or Passion died.

    As for Palace Ladies and Female Courtiers, worst selection and low presentation. Most Crafty and Ambitious while some, Ruthless. He wishing to experience Domestic Comforts, not merry go round Sexual Escapades. Doubtless, stolen Romance seductive while dangerous Liaison tempting but from young, he has seen his Mother against the Concubines and competing with Consorts. More than once, twice, thrice - lost count - watched his Father's priority and talent wasted on struggling Personal problems or caught into Harem troubles, instead of focusing Kingdom's far more important issues. And lets not forgetting the bickering step siblings and brawling step families, either vying or seeking the Lord's attention! One Beloved descendant or two Dearest boys to their Sire, got cheek to usurp the Heir's Power!! Now, palace Legitimacy and noble Claim aside but The Kingdom only recognized the formal list of First Children, not string of undeclared Offspring.

    Admittedly, being Firstborn is his lucky star and as the Favorite, thanks to smiling fortune. On the other hand, facing life long Pressure and life time Tension. Desperate need for Guidance and Desire to achieve Balance, the Heir of Kingdom eyed upwards and voiced steadily “Give me a Lady with Quality, and I be proper Leader and Ruler by example, good Husband and Father there is”

    Solemn Oath, straight and right from Heart. Serious Vow, true and pure from Soul. Little did he knew, Heaven heard and somewhere out there in Kingdom, she accidentally trespassed a Land governed and owned by the Yangs.


    “Look, I am sorry, alright” he apologized quietly but his friend remained silent, meaning pouting childishly “Fine! Have it your way!! You are not the only one in bad Mood and with ugly Temper!!!”

    They at Loggerheads and Cold War continued, until one fateful day a Missive from Yang Yong arrived and whether likes or not, Zhang Sangfeng have to confront Yang Xiao verbally or foully, depending on opinion “Your Father is ill and your Mother sick with worry while your Home in mess! What kind of Son you are, huh?!” the Hermit scorned deliberately as he flung the Heir's Missive. Pieces got loose upon impacts.
    “It is rude to read other people's correspondence, you know” lazy drawl.
    “Excuse me, I didn't but your Messenger addressed the horror to me. Please note, I don't open other people's correspondence” heated tone.
    “Where the Messenger?”
    “Gone. The man fears for loved ones and wants to ride home at once. Unlike Truant, you see”
    “Tell me, who the Traitor exposed my whereabout?”
    “Don't label simply”
    “Look who's talking”
    “My lord can castigate me later, but now do first thing first”

    Yang Xiao glared so Zhang Sanfeng scowled. Since the Hermit martially established, and skillfully trained, way above himself, the Heir tried not engaging combat or provoking fight. His own prowess based on Military Drilling while the latter originated from Reputed Pugilism. Spoiled Brat he might be, but never Abuse other via Power, whimsically or Bully rest using Authority, unnecessarily. He read the Missive and once finished, tore it into tiny pieces all over the floor.

    “You disappointed Me and failed the Kingdom! Everything!!”

    Bloody hell, this fella lectured as though his own damn business.

    “Not only Brat but Coward as well!”

    Fist shot out, unpredictably fast and unbelievably quick, that one entirely off guard and failed to defend such gesture. The Punch, neither jaw breaking nor bone cracking but pretty strong and undeniably masculine, causing the Hermit to groan painfully “Ouch!” and despite himself, moaned aloud “Oh!” Blood appeared and wiped away. When their eyes eventually meet, Yang Xiao finally snapped, “Serves You Right!!!”


    He returned Home and indeed realized Mess. As for the Illness, the Heir suspected his Father feigning and Mother pretending but lacking proof and no time interrogating Yang Yong or grilling Anyone Else, he grimly leave it be. Besides, there is an Invasion to concern with. Within an hour, without resting or breaking, left palace and rode out again to Destination.


    At Battlefield.
    Clashed with Identity.
    Dueled with Spirit.
    Blood and Feud,
    Politic and Intrigue,
    Crime and Folly,
    Rage and Passion,
    Disguise and Deception,
    One Third Party,
    Sealed all Destiny.

    THE END, Copyright Author March 2009
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    Default The Kingdom Short Story : The Wolf, The Sheep and The Fox

    Yang Xiao inside one of the Harem's Quarter, sending his young son to bed. Once the child fast asleep, he stepped out from Inner Chamber to be greeted by four Palace Ladies who curtsied, “My lord” The Heir acknowledged them with smile and nod, then said “I shall take my leave now”

    They bowed and one of them moved to approach him “My lord, I went out recently and wandering about, came across a Temple. Got something for your ailing Bride, a Talisman for Convalescence. Got one for little Master as well”

    Usually, Yang Xiao weary of Palace Ladies, and is wary of Harem Women. However, these Four are exception, for they never tried to influence or ever bother to amuse, him. As Household Attendant, individually did their job without fuss or stress while as Chamber Maid, decent behavior and discreet manner. As Harem Women, what they did in Private and with whom behind Curtain, he has no wish for details but The Heir noticed each are prudent in own way. Most creditable, instead of taking advantage of Youth and Sex, they chose standing on their feet and not lying on their back. So when he decided to engage them as Yang Guo's Surrogate Mothers during Infancy, the Palace suspected Favoritism and even own Parents assumed Clandestineness, but none dare to mess their Domestic Arrangement. Truancy taught Palace never to provoke the Heir again while Parents learned lesson never to upset their Son ever. After Victory subduing fierce Invaders and Matrimony uniting non Natives, all knew their place not to rile Rightful Leader and Future Ruler of Kingdom. The Success achieving Peace with single idea or seizing shortcut opportunity, prove his Political Caliber and expanding Territory without military plan, expose the conquering Prowess. Then proposing through scheme, next wedding via mean, all but displaying Mastery and Craftiness.

    Big Bad Wolf.

    “Thank you” he said gratefully and reached out mutually.
    “You are welcome” she replied and retreated.
    “I hope the Lady Hua to recover soon”
    “Please don't worry so much, my lord”
    “You must take care of yourself First, in order attending your Bride and seeing the Babe”

    The Four are much Senior than him and far more experienced in Life. He respected them, due Age if nothing else while they admired Disposition and Morality. Not that a Barrier or an Issue when comes casual activity or healthy fling but there line shouldn't overstep and certain intimacy better not abuse. In any event, himself not into temporary relief or convenient romp, for the matter. Another thing that pleases him, they neither putting on air, despite the Promotion nor fighting among themselves, for his Preference.

    “I will”
    “Good!” the eldest One approved and taking his arm ceremoniously, leading the Heir out of their Quarter. The Departure formal and befitting, flanked by other Three according to their rank.


    Yang Xiao on his way out when Yang Yong rushed his way in, “Brother!”
    “What?” he walked on without stopping, leaving his sibling to follow breathlessly.
    “We got new stepbrother or latest stepsister. Imagine, Guo er asking in future, why he older than the Uncle or his Aunt”

    Movements ceased, even the Spare muted and own motions halted, upon the Heir's sarcasm. Seeing those within hearing, openly or otherwise, Yang Xiao deliberately took a seat nearby and reached out for the drink. When Yang Yong remained same and still, imperiously “Well?”
    “Just out with it” and started to quench thirst.
    “Not Stepbrother or sister but Nephew or Niece” the Spare said slowly. Swallowing, the Heir said bemusedly, “So fast? But..., oh I mean Wow! Ah, Congratulation!!”

    Black Sheep, indeed. Getting a Girl at the Altar one thing, but having She on the Platter, something altogether.

    “Am not talking about myself”
    “Then who you referring to? Hey, we got Lots, so be specific!” he continued taking gulp, large enough to stun him heavily when the latter remarked clearly “Yang Li eloped

    He spat on his Drink and Everything came spilling, from Sound effect to Total Mess. Coughing and choking, either trying swearing it off or cursing it out. While at it, only the Spare dare to reach for the Heir's back, patting comfortably and responding accordingly to flow, as though all in a day's work.

    “ T....?!”
    “Shocking, I know. If any consolation to yourself, initially myself also stupefied”
    “W...w... h...en..?!”
    “No idea but she eight months pregnant”
    “Brought her home. Saw them briefly”
    “W..h....?! H..o...w..?!
    “Face, very nice. Figure, consider Sexy. Overall, not bad”
    Where. Are. They. Now?!” Yang Xiao eventually managed alright.
    “Our little brother? Well, inside Father's Private Study. Mother with them. Both as Mad as Hell. As for our new Sister in Law, heck, I hope the Palace won't be so Stupid to mistake her as Vixen and place her inside Cage”

    The Eldest Sibling stared at his Second who looked back straight. Sired by One Father and borne of Only Mother, the brothers remarkably Close and often United. Interested Ears that heard became Hungry Eyes that watched, as Yang Xiao raced off finally, followed speedily by Yang Yong.


    They arrived at Family Conference, which understandably very fiery. Father and Son arguing. Wait, Fighting more like it while the Mother screaming her mind, or crying the heart, out. The Heir ducked his Father's flying Sword in time, while the Spare avoided the sharp Piece just then. One thanked Heaven for Reflex, the Other thanked Kingdom for Training. Both sought their aging Father – which a tragic Figure really. Next focused their youngest Brother, pointing menacingly – and what a Sight behold from the last they saw him. Not yet reaching Sixteen, Yang Li's height impressive and built fit like an adult male. Typical Yangs, good looking and striking presence, despite common front. Fury yet to subside and new Storm is brewing.

    “Don't insult my Wife or label our Child!!”
    “Fine, don't care Whom you bed but how dare wed without Permission!”
    “Excuse me!”
    “Li er, how could you and she...?! Oh, both of you not even of age yet, for Heaven and Kingdom sake!!”
    “Listen, she can be with you but without Title. I willing to accept the innocent Unborn but he or she shall Not be formally Acknowledged”

    Yang Li's expression is wrathful and Sword in hand ready to do flying deed. Both Heir and Spare reacted dutifully and filially, shielding Father and protecting Mother respectively. If pugilistic scene, one's gallant and noble act, another's chivalrous and dashing move.

    “No!” came the effective command.
    “Yang Li!” next the sound reprimand.

    Although the First Family as abysmal as can be, when comes domestic matter, there unspoken love and undisplayed fondness, within members. After all, Blood thicker than Water. Lord Yang's fault not being a bad Father, but the lousy Sire. His flaw lies in personal undertakings which lead to cheap parenting skills.

    “My brothers, our Father a Despot!” Yang Li complained bitterly.
    “True, true” out the cool reply, not at all startling Yang Yong or surprising Yang Li but definitely distressing their Mother and forever pissing the Father who hissed, or grieved “Yang Xiao!!”
    “Well, can't blame Him for learning one Special skill or two Masculine tricks from You, right? Right??” didn't mean adding Fuel to Fire, but easy Rebellion and smooth Retaliation.

    Dead silence, with Lord Yang opening and closing his mouth, repeatedly and exhaustively. As for the Mother, poor Lady almost passed out. Luckily Yang Yong at hand supporting and fanning hurriedly. Eventually, the Father sighed tiredly and said sadly, “I rather you guys bleeding me with the Sword, than killing me with your Word” causing his Wife to burst, “Please don't saying thing like that, my lord! Xiao er, must you hurt your Father's feeling everytime and everywhere? Yong er, Li er, must you two against and torment your Sire as well??”

    The Lady only problem, indulging Husband and Sons. Not that such generosity a bad merit, but one time too many tends spoiling character and readily becoming nature.

    “Mother, I didn't Do wrong or Say anything to spite Father, did I?” Yang Yong pointed neutrally like one remarking nice weather.
    “Mother, I have always wondered why Father chose to omit your youngest son, by sending me away to faraway Camp at tender age. A year ago, eventually dawned me. Fine, he got one Favorite Heir and many Adorable Spares, inevitably overlooking some and unavoidably disregarding few. What I cannot accept now, He refusing my wife's equality and our child's legitimacy. For your information, my wife have her own Property and don't give a damn about Dowry. So to Heck with your Objection, she my lawful wife whether like or not”

    Another dead silence, not heated speech that rocked the family but thorny address that shook the Yangs. Finally it was broken by the Lord who said emotionally, “Li er, am sorry to give wrong impression. My mission of sending you away not because chose omitting but thinking to hand you The Kingdom Military Power. Though last in Line, but still my own Scion, so least and the best, I could give and would do, for you. The whole idea, my two good lads governing strongly in Court and my baby boy managing effectively at Camp”

    Paternal revelation and Dreadful realization. Whatever failing, the man obviously treasures First Brood and fairly dotes on all Three, regardless their Nonsense. Lord Yang rarely able to tame the Wolf, learn to control the Sheep, let alone time to restrain the Fox. But whenever such exercise does succeed, poignant if not dramatic. Something dropped onto floor. The noise made by The Sword shattering loud and clear. Next, Yang Li fell voluntarily on his knees, followed by Yang Xiao and Yang Yong. The two do not know for sure why they did, but perhaps regret and mostly guilt.

    “Leave me”
    “My lord”
    “You too, my lady”

    Usually, there be sulking or couple of balking, but at that point, the Atmosphere too tender and each Mood severely affected. None really complying and suddenly, soft plea from Yang Li, “Father...
    “Xiao er, see to everything. Now please go, Lady and Gentlemen” the Lord ordered quietly and waved dismissively.


    They glared and warned, “Spill or Else!” From Start to Finish, Yang Xiao kept smirking and nothing else. Yang Yong however, commented the middle part “That dirty spying”
    “Hey, I was there first and she came without checking, started to take of her clothes and jumped into the river!”
    “Whether truth or lie on your side, I have no wish to pursue but still say dirty spying”
    “What your suggestion? Showing myself and telling herself Miss, this place taken so please swim elsewhere
    “Hmm yeah, guess that do. But seriously, both of you are Underage, not only Scandalous but Outrageous. Really, can't blame Them incensed and Palace fuming”
    “Look who's talking, tell me, how old my second sister in law when you decided to have her by Proxy? Wouldn't do for Bridegroom having or Kingdom witnessing The Consort Bound and Gagged in Finery along with Jewelry, would it? How you designed own Wedding and could pose Deceptively...” is abruptly cut off by “Don't turn the conversation around. At least, my misconduct cost neither parental Objection nor palace Uproar”
    “I will if you Shut Up, Sheep”
    “Watch it, Fox”

    If Quarrel or Squabble to continue on, they shall end up barking or worst, snarling so the Wolf growled “Enough!” The two backed down immediately. Given their Lord Father's earlier statement, the Heir more or less taking over and in command.

    “I wish to check on my lady so why don't you two do the same”


    Although Parents remained incensed, nevertheless they didn't taking it out or showing to the front. As for Third and Last Bride of the Yangs, she wisely kept low profile. Admittedly, her full Ignorance but not wholly her Fault that the husband is Yang Li, who disguised true identity until one day he decided to hide no more. Despite being scorned at and taunted from behind, by the Palace, the latter took Everything lightly and focused Motherhood cheerfully. Doubtless, she has enough to support herself alone and child independently. If he wanted Divorce, be it Fancy or Influence, Fan Lihua determined to consent without protest or contest provided the Process neat and Procedure clean. One month later she gave birth to a son. The Grandparents naturally forgave the couple's indiscretion, seeing stronger Succession and the Palace simply overlooked their imprudence, sensing Status change. Meantime, Hua Mulan slowly recovering from Affliction and is undergoing lesser Pressure while Mu Guiying learning to accept Restriction and Bond, Term and Condition. Now, despite negative judgment and earlier prejudice, Patriarch relented and Matriarch conceded, among three Daughters in Law, Fan Lihua most Sporting and positively Fun. Since she came here and entered their lives, the Yangs noticeably blissful and Ties grew warmer. Whats more, the youngest and latest addition managed to win over their Foreign Bride who unbelievably cordial plus their captive Consort who strangely amiable, at Smile and Joke. Even Physicians agreed her Laughter the best Family's Medicine and Cynics yielded, the latter pretty worthy and genuinely humorous. Not best example of First Happy Ever After but generally, All Well Ends Well.


    When Lady Fan expecting again, the Grandparents hopes for Granddaughter but nine months later, another Grandson, the Forth to be precise. Yang Li being informed of his Parents' disappointment, the guy went over and hinted meaningfully “Don't worry, for we both still young and very productive” causing Lord Yang to mutter something under his breath.
    “What, excuse me, Father?”
    “Come again, my lord?”
    Sly Fox
    “Come on! Thats History!!”


    THE END Copyright Author March 2009
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    Default The Kingdom Short Story : The Lady Li

    Yang Yong just finished his own round and is done with list Responsibility, passing by one of the Household's Corridor when he heard someone coughing nonstop. Judging from the sound, a female. He completely drained, thanks to his brother's continuous Truancy and stood a moment longer before decided to seek her out. Well, one must Practice what Preach and the Motto is Duty above Self. Soon, came across one of the chamber maids with pair of Pail and set of Tray. When she noticed his presence, tried to control herself but resulting more pain. Upon weak feature and being poor posture, couldn't help but feeling sorry.

    “Have you seen the Physician?” he asked mildly and approached the latter calmly.
    “Yes” came the brief reply, before coughing again and Yang Yong reached out to pat the girl's back gently. While the Heir of Kingdom roguish but decorous, the Spare of Yangs known to be dashing yet proper. Both siblings no problem charming fairer sex, or winning own gender but enough said. Other Nobles flirts looking for Tryst and rests Members teases leading to Fling, some Courtiers and Subjects never does, only romancing faithfully or wooing traditionally. If one keep on searching, there are true Gentlemen around and about, Yang Yong primly under this breed. Eventually, she is better and at close, he perceived bad health and fragile state. The girl around his age, either slightly older or little younger but that no matter of importance.

    “Come, take a sit. Rest” and proceeded to guide the maid towards the bench but she protested “No, I have work to do, my lord. And already much delayed here, so please excuse me”
    “You are not well”
    “Old illness, my lord. I have this cough since a babe”
    “Are you telling me this old illness is incurable?”

    She hesitated, unsure what to say or do next. Usually, given other maids of age or rest females with ambition, they would have feigning and pretending and making up stories. But this girl appeared very uncomfortable and trying not to be rude. She is pretty in common way, from open countenance and reading body language, Yang Yong registered the maid also somebody who chose and preferred working, on own feet instead of spreading them. A Rarity indeed, within Palace Walls. His sense of Pity took off and is replaced by an Emotion he fails to name, at the moment.

    “What is your name?”
    “Chingwen. Li Chingwen
    “Chingwen, what the Physician say?”
    “Err, he said take more supplement and err, my lord, I really need to go now”

    She worrying about Job more, than fearing his male Interest, this stage.

    “You are sick. By right, should be off. Now tell me, under whose employment?”

    Although polite communication, nevertheless an order. In no time, he got to know everything. An orphan born into Northern Household, raised by one of the Harem Women, who friendly with her deceased Mother. The latter battling ailment during pregnancy and died giving premature birth, thus resulting Chingwen's condition. She grew up taking medicine and as the Surrogate passed away, the girl supported herself cleaning at Eastern Household and changing for Southern Household. For Northern Inhabitants and Harem Residents, food and shelter are free, basics abundant and necessities provided, but Supplements different category while Treatments another account.

    “Do you know the hazard of skipping or missing either one?”

    Silence. Yeah, easy for him to lecture her.

    “Why didn't you seek further aid or at least speak up, since you have record and document from the Physician?”

    Another silence, perhaps Pride forbids. Foolish Streak but then again, Credit Dignity.

    “I will see to your medical expenses and the future undertakings. Meantime, yourself shall answerable to none, except myself”

    The silence goes on. Instead of smiling or crying reaction, Li Chingwen's expression between suspicion and embarrassment plus resignation. Although the Spare not as powerful as His Lordship or as forceful as the Heir, nevertheless Third in Line and his Authority even surpassing Stewardship Command. Meanwhile, Yang Yong got an idea what she's thinking and don't blame the maid, after all grew up watching Intrigues and Undertakings, familiar with Customs and Rituals.

    “I am not compromising or keeping you. Meeting under your miserable situation and within my circumstance to help, perhaps predestined. What Fate lies ahead, I cannot say but can tell yourself need not to serve myself. My hope is you get well and my wish to see you fine. Once fully recovered, I consent freedom of choice as long you happy and nobody complaining” There, he said sincerely and explained generously. While noble Patronage and such Merit usually entails something else altogether, however there are those Genuine and Honorable. Not every Man, or Woman for the matter, corrupted and false.

    The girl knelt down, head bowed low. Unsophisticated move to Beholder but appropriate gesture of Gratitude. The Spare didn't pull the latter up, merely offered his hand. Li Chingwen looked at it for moment before her eyes rose slowly to meet his own. Yang Yong just smiled and nodded instead of meaningful stare or deepening glance or etcetera. She accepted his hold and only then, chivalrously pulled her up. Eyes still locked together, the maid said “Thank you, my lord”
    “You are welcome”


    He is prudent not to use Treasury Fund but Estate Account. However, sooner or later words delicately got around within inner Circles and news discreetly spread among close Peerages. But their Relationship confuses Rumormongers and baffled Gossipers, for he never visits her at The Harem. Or she attends him in Personal Quarter.


    The Parents received tiding and heard their Association, but nothing Scandalous so allowed his Privilege. You see, if their Spare enjoying or consorting the maid, which rather debatable and quite impossible, they have no cause for panic. But if the latter decides to wed the girl, only then they going to raise alarm and kicking up fuss.


    She improves greatly under best care and blooms thanks to good nourishments. As time passes, not only Health better but Figure develop too. By then, all concerned realized Acquaintance or Arrangement, basically Benefactor and Recipient. Since Case charitable deed and not infamy act, their Connection practically buried Controversy, if not faded History. Also by then, through strictest party and via highest confidentiality, Yang Yong allocated an Account for Chingwen, which nothing extravagant but comfortable enough. When they met up one day, courtesy of the Physician, she told him “My lord, I am strong enough to support myself again. Please terminate Account you have for me in Treasury”
    “I am glad to hear you well. As for Account, leave it be. There nothing much really”
    “My lord....”
    “Remember what I said to you last time?”
    “Freedom of choice” she repeated quietly.
    “Aye. I heard from sources, few Pursuits and couple Admirers but Chingwen, I have no wish for details” his tone equally quiet. They are not intimate with one another but somehow understood each other perfectly, “My lord, if you needing or wanting me for anything, am ready and willing anytime”

    Ordinarily, such line could be suggestive and generally would easily misinterpreted, but zero passion on his side and non desire from her part. The only thing Yang Yong has for her is Sympathy while the latter indebted to Man and cherished his Respectability.
    “Until then” he replied gallantly in response and greeted formally also ceremoniously “Lady Li”


    Eventually, he does need her Favor and she finally got dear Wish, granted.


    “Yong er, she still fifteen not yet six...” his Lordship tried to reason but the latter cuts in firmly “Meaning no longer Underage, Father”
    “But the Legal...” the Sire reminding but his Son obstinate and determined, “Mu Guiying given to me as Gift and since already coming to age, I don't see why wait another year”
    “Fine, take her if you must but Matrimony.... oh, the girl both wild and unwilling. Until today, we have to use Sedative to prevent Murder or Suicide. Imagine, she struggling and crying, all the way to the Altar. Not only a Scene but the Shame of it” her Ladyship addressing the woes.
    “Proxy as Solution”

    There a stunning silence, even Yang Xiao jumped up upon statement and pretty shocked by fashion, made by the meekest sibling in Family and mildest member of Yangs.

    “What?!” his Parents recovered and echoed disbelievingly.
    “Li Chingwen. Mouths closed and Lips sealed so neither Ears hears Whom behind red Veil nor Eyes knows Who under bridal Cloak. Whats more, she my lady's size and exactly her height”
    “What if Lady Li got own vendetta? Worst, revealing herself suddenly. Yong, while I applauded your brilliant Design and idea Disguise, Proxy risky Business and messy Agreement if foul up” the Heir cautioned steadily to which the Spare voiced confidently, “She very happy and absolutely delighted, to carry out the Deception”
    “I agree, although neat nevertheless tricky too, should It goes wrong and off, without warning”
    “Father, don't worry so much about it. Hey, my Wedding so leave all for me to deal with”
    “Yong er, are you sure to go through such Pose and that she won't betray us at the End?”
    “Mother, Chingwen best Choice as the Proxy Bride. All I need now are Support and Backup to Proceed”

    The Parents still uneasy but are speechless. The Spare of Yangs then eyed the Heir of Kingdom who declares “I have Nothing else to say”
    “How about Kindness repaid by Kindness”
    “Black Sheep” Lord Yang sounded then and the latter acknowledged archly “Of Course”


    Chingwen repaid her Benefactor and Those in the Loop, held their breath as Wedding and Ceremony takes Place. The Proxy Bride fulfills conscientiously and delivers smoothly, without raising doubt or growing suspicion. Once Process and Formality over, all Participants letting out sigh of relief while their Bridegroom flashing his smile of success. Six years later, she became the couple son's Favorite, so the Harem's belief or what Palace's opinion goes. However, the First Family spotting better where Steward Yang approved Attachment while Lady Mu permitted Affection but poor Lady Li died young before reaching age of thirty. Her early Demise not only deprived fourteen years old Yang Kang one special Company but robbed his trusted Confidante, as well.


    The End Copyright Author 2009
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    Default The Kingdom Short Story : Beauty and Beast

    Once upon a time, the Beautiful Daughter of a Foreign Chieftain wrongly trespassed Land and unwittingly committed Crime. She regretted, and retreated, but too late.


    “The fault all mine so punish Me alone. Please spare Them and Him” her Tone reduced to pleading but Countenance proud while Quality undiminished.
    “I shall not spare Them or pardon Him, and will punish You last, if my Term unmet and the Condition remained unfulfilled” his Tone neither curt nor gentle but accommodating.


    She slapped him, soundly that even own hand felt the stinging. He merely rubbed his reddened cheek, just saying steadily “Think about it”

    She refused to consider his Proposal and brusquely told the heir off straightaway. Their next Round, coming with own alternative and giving out best option but during Saga of Politic and amidst Epic of Standstill, Fate have other idea while Destiny chose to side Kingdom.


    Folly and Agony continued to haunt Hua Mulan. What worst, not Crime of Trespassing that weight her down but Guilt of Misdemeanor. Trespassing was an accident but Misdemeanor....


    You disappointed Me!” her Father forced to make painful statement but Voices of Anger from Clansmen and Echoes of Wrath from Tribesmen, “You deceived Us!” that hurts and wounding. Indeed, bitterest drama and unforgettable trauma.


    “Then again, perhaps not”

    Hua Mulan is brought back to the present and she blinked in befuddlement, at the Heir of Kingdom. Who so relax and very comfortable sitting while she happened to be standing – hungry and thirsty, tired and worried, etcetera – and not a clue, what he talking about “You will.... free them? And... shall....release us??” manner of Anticipation and air of Vulnerability.

    “No, beheading them and burning him but keeping you alive as my prisoner instead”

    He watched her fixed stare became steely glare and the icy effect extremely turn on. Yang Xiao have to shift position and if the Chieftain Daughter to continue longer, he swears won't be responsible what going to unfold next. Never the Heir of Kingdom found himself besotted with the opposite sex, like he does now. Honestly he fell in Love, unexpectedly and frankly, was backing off albeit reluctantly, when there already a man in her Life. Then unpredictably, he discovered something about their Romance which smelling Conspiracy and whats more, Treachery from Gongsun Zhi but spelling Advantage for Yang Xiao. Cannot blame the guy for seizing Opportunity, be it personal scheme or expanding measure. After all, wasn't him who started Killing Spree in first place but ended up He cleaning their Bloody Mess and Kingdom compensating the Freaking Loss. While at it, wanting to protect Her and same time, wishing to end Feud. Such deal, is High and his asking price, Marriage. Alright, Lust - full stop and Desire, enough said.

    Presently, the latter in male attire is naturally elegant with long hair loosened and hung until waist length. Then foreign features, plus color skin and silky hair. The general perception and universal standard of beauty, Fair skin and Straight hair and Slender Form and So On. However, Hua Mulan entirely different genre, neither tan nor pale, just nice. As for vital Statistic, healthy weight with appropriate height. Well, describing more or singing on, bias opinion and one sided, for his part, right folks? Whereas from open view, her tresses between ebony and brown. Sometimes, meaning only sometimes, it thickness especially against brightness and under light, the stunning layers reflecting if not shimmering, red. However, not tempting gender or exotic femininity that thrills Man like Him but the special spirit within. Damn. Err, excuse me. Down. Yeah, thats right.

    “Beast!” Hua Mulan uttered indignantly and Yang Xiao offered consolingly, “At least a Rich and the Handsome one. You first and only Beauty, able to trap me into Matrimony”

    She blinked again, in disbelief, He joked! The Beast actually joked!!

    “This is not Funny!”
    “I can see you are not laughing so you one me zero but this score is nothing, really. Believe in Winning and like the saying Winner takes All” came the unexpected reply.
    “I am Promised to another!”
    “You know, that bollock of his and this nonsense from you, annoys me! I don't have all time to play game with you two so just Yes or simply No, will do and I shall act accordingly” feature darkened and tone changed. Suddenly the man exudes feral air and bears predatory image but she is not easily intimidated.

    “This no longer about reaching Treaty, but getting Personal” she pointed out directly.
    “You trespassed Kingdom, given other State or Empire, Peoples already either as abused Slaves or inside Lion Den while You, My Dearest and Precious One, unimaginable Fate beyond Torture or Punishment worst than Death” he addressed patiently yet painted brutally.
    “We didn't mean to invade”
    “For Heaven and Almighty sake, we been through this!” he snapped impatiently and passed her snarling “Soldiers, get ready to...!!” but broke off halfway because without warning, Hua Mulan grabbed his sword speedily. Yang Xiao whose reflect often swift and move aways accurate, rapidly to avoid the violent attack. Both Order and Assault, caused soldiers racing and rushing, in time to watch agog, as their Heir of Kingdom dodged single strike and savage attempt, on his Life. Next thing Hua Mulan knew and the Spectators witnessed, the man retaliated strongly by hitting out sharply. She gasped aloud, between shock and fear while stunned Soldiers gaped disbelievingly. Blow frightening and chilling, so Sword dropped cold and lain flat. The clanking noise, produced scary echo and sealed dreadful aftermath.

    Immobilization. Yang Xiao never a martial figure, but during his stay in Wudang, the Hermit passed him a handy Skill and the Heir managed at least a Stage, if not mastering the higher Level.


    Hmm, lacking finesse and effect. However, for non pugilist on ordinary figure, impact good enough to impress while strength wise, improvable if you not lazy”
    “Hey! Oh never mind but Feng, this is useless, right? So why bother such practice”
    Every skill, minor or otherwise, has it uses and share of weaknesses. You gave me too much, Xiao. My idea neither returning favor nor exchanging gesture but The Secret Weapon, should you needing or requiring so. Whenever Danger or there Peril, wish am with you but we both aware Distance alone, a Delay if not the Impossible. So one and only Gift, I could offer and would afford in this Trua... ahem, Reunion of ours. Temporarily startling Foe and freezing Enemy, if guarantee nothing else. Do you understand me, my lord?”
    Of course. Thank you, my friend”


    “Execute All beginning with The Father. I decide on Her later, after she watching last one, dying”

    He stating coolly and saying deliberately, not menacingly or viciously. Authority and Determination, thats what making him Ruthless and Fatal, than Anything else.

    “No! Stop, please!! Don't!!!” She begging yet refusing tears. Shivering but trying not to show. Even the hardened Heart and most harshest Man, couldn't help but melted at the jerky Sight, despite past Act unforgivable and recent Deed unpardonable.

    “I already made up my mind” came the merciless reply. Yang Xiao is not a cruel person but Hua Mulan drives him mad, with rage and passion. The first experience, volatile but he contained well while the second sensation, consuming and he maintained it. The Heir just signaled grimly to proceed and his Soldiers understood it as Corporal instruction and not mere Threatening process.

    “Noo!!!!” The Chieftain Daughter, by now able to move but frailly and she stumbled shakily, right into pair of masculine arm and his possessive hold. When their eyes met, she breathed mournfully, “Yes!!!!
    “I want a smiling Bride and the willing Wife, not forlorn or fallen Daughter who regarding Matrimony as Sacrifice” derisive and waspish.
    “I agree to the Proposal, what else do you want?!” actually complaining and explaining afterthought “Smiley off mood, O'keh!” Interesting Slang, briefly amusing the Heir and slightly humoring the Soldiers.
    “Not good enough so try again” if kind, then truly and is genuine but when provoked, really the Big Bad Wolf. He rather ticked yet quite stirred, by her foreign tongue.
    “I marry you. Will bear Children and shall meet Demand”
    “Remember, You Said It”

    The Heir's remark sounded grave but the Chieftain Daughter detected hint of roguish Satisfaction while all around them, registered Man's smashing Victory and Conquest successful. The Soldiers went out, blowing Triumphing Horns and same time, raising the Yangs Banners. The Minor Natives, anxious now appreciating Union and subdued Invaders no choice but accepting Reform. The setting like something from a famous folklore Beauty and Beast but with Different or Twisted, End.


    Yang Xiao brought Hua Mulan back to Palace, and The Kingdom declared Formality and announced Wedding, once Lord Yang stopped gawking at Girl, Brother ceased goggling his Future Sister in Law plus her Ladyship finished interrogating the Bride, that is. Meantime, a young girl captured and presented to the Heir. The Court, silent and focused, the struggling and kicking Figure in Red Cape and Hood. All Eyes widened and their Mouth agape, upon the alluring Vision and arousing Spitfire revealed underneath the Wrap. Also Foreign and non Native like Hua Mulan but unlike the steely yet mature Chieftain Daughter, Mu Guiying totally wild and absolutely fiery. Aged seventeen and fourteen respectively, both are very Beautiful Maidens, the former Statuesque while the latter Picturesque. Flaw is, swears proudly and cursing recklessly, until quiet Hall can't tell whether Strange Language or Bizarre Speech.

    The Heir politely rejected when suddenly, his Lordship voicing otherwise. The entire Scene also befitting one known Folklore again, together with Different or Twisted, End. Throughout ages, there several versions on Red Riding Hood, be Kid stuff or an Adult tale. Now, even The Kingdom owned Short and dark one, but that another Story, folks.


    The newborn and infant Yang Guo, undeniably took after his Sire and undoubtedly the Scion of Yangs but first impression wise, look Foreign. After all, the Mother is non Native. One could say mixed Parentage. Outside Palace, The Kingdom celebrates the Birth but within Wall, The Couple suffers domestic Test.


    “I wish to visit Home, my lord”
    “This is Home”
    “My Birthplace. I also miss my Father” she mentioned as reasonably as possible and prays he won't bring the other man up.
    “No. You just recovered from Childbirth, while I am busily Taking Over” he answering her Prayer but unfortunately crushing the Hope.
    “My health alright so please, me alone and brief visit”
    “My lady is not allowed Anywhere alone, understand? On other hand, even if I agree to let you go with A Zhi and A Zhu along with a Retinue, Mother likely to protest the Trip”
    “My lord the One objecting my Request so don't use her Ladyship as an Excuse”
    “My lady also new Mother, how thoughtless to leave little son behind?” he lectured conveniently.
    “One Insensitive Person jointly decided with some Inconsiderate Peoples, to remove my son from my maternal care and responsibility!” she burst heatedly.
    “May I remind You What Said, Hmm?”
    “I married You, bore our Son! Done and Delivered, Still. Not. Enough. Of. It?!” Hua Mulan stormed.
    “Fine, you passed First duty with flying colors but failed meeting Second obligation when comes Demand!” Yang Xiao shot back.

    A Zhu and A Zhi left hurriedly while other servants and rest attendants following suit as the Heir started to move towards his Lady. Their Departure resulting lacking Support and the Bride of Kingdom begin to crack under Pressure. Soon after this Episode, even Parents encouraging while the Palace devious. Exercise went unchecked by Man and Fashion gone unadvised from Source. Eventually Harassment overboard and Strain excessive, leading to her Deterioration. One day, she finally Breakdown.


    Hua Mulan survives, Graceful Consort beside his Lordship's efficient Rule and Gracious Spouse during the Latter's competent Reign. She also lives to see her Son Yang Guo ascended to Power, replacing the Husband as Lord Yang of Kingdom. Later, doting Grandmother to Yang Ling and grew old with Yang Xiao, whom she came to love long ago, regardless Man or Beast.

    THE END Copyright Author April 2009
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    Default The Kingdom Short Story : Red Riding Hood

    Once upon a time, one young and innocent Girl loves roaming and likes wandering, alone in her wonderful Homeland when Misfortune and Tragedy struck. That point, Tribal Conflicts and Ugly Confrontations where neighboring Troops charging and Minor Natives, raiding their Beautiful Soil. This girl, called Mu Guiying and she is captured. Perceiving unrestrained Youth and spotting untamed Beauty, her Captors no stranger at Foreigner and immune to Rarity, offered the Latter to Kingdom, as Gift in return for the Yangs' Protection. She is presented to the Heir wearing red Cape and introduced in Court being in Hood.


    She struggling desperately, also screaming angrily and the Heir seeking excuse to release the poor Girl, “Dear Gentlemen, I thank you for such Treasure but am betrothed to be married soon. Please, Her Freedom, as my Wedding Gift instead”

    The Hall stirred after keeping silent and being quiet for so long. Even Red Riding Hood stopped wrestling, countenance grateful and demeanor hopeful but noises did not cease altogether. Whether Court protesting whispers or supportive murmurs, None aware for sure. Same time, the Spare shot his Lordship a look, which only Father Knows Best so the Lord Yang finding his voice to overrule his Heir's request suddenly “The Kingdom is withholding this Gift, better here in our Confinement than at Mercy of another Imprisonment”

    Whispers rose and murmurs aloud, but again None really figure out What. Mu Guiying sensing Misfortune anew and smelling Tragedy afresh, again lashing out if not kicking up storm.


    Yang Xiao purposely waited until his Father took a sip, then went Straight and deliberate to Point, “So Mu Guiying gonna be our latest and the youngest Stepmother?”

    Of course, impact immediate as Lord Yang choked on Drink and spat out Content, back into his cup. Usually, her Ladyship likely to remonstrate but this time round, unusually out of character by lacking response. However, she reached out dutifully and gently to pat her husband's back. Before their coughing Sire could sound the Heir brokenly, Yang Yong the Spare said calmly, “My own idea” and added mildly afterthought, “Father have enough Concubines already”
    Huh?!” the eldest sibling flashed his younger brother an incredulous stare. Even the Mother startled but again saying nothing and stopped patting her husband since the man ceased coughing.
    “Well, if you can take a Foreign Bride, why can't I have the Foreign Consort?” came reason.
    “Hostage Bride and Captive Consort more like it” Lord Yang mouthed under his breath.
    “What is your Problem?!” Yang Xiao has no reservation snarling at his Sire. At same time Yang Yong, rarely in temper and hardly raising vocal, snapped heatedly “You got a Problem?!” The Former attitude is nothing new to Hearers or Observers but if the Latter sounding opposite, drawing attention and deserving concern.
    “Thats enough, my sons” the Lady spoke up then and went on neutrally, “At least all your Father's Women willing and eager”

    They reacted by blinking at her and put it one of those moments, where men failed to express whatsoever against female cool and smooth tantrum. Just the manner she became out of character, that is how the latter back to nature, “The Bride requires Training befitting Lady, while the Consort needs Restraining as Precaution”


    Between Bride and Consort, they found Her more approachable compare to She who daring suicide and no hesitancy committing murder. Of course, the Chieftain Daughter did Attempt to take the Heir's life once but Hua Mulan never tried again, due Yang Xiao ability to pull String and because Palace capable to exploit Circumstance. However, the Yangs failed manipulating Mu Guiying because she neither Puppet nor having Mean, for Them playing Master and setting Orchestra. Their young Spitfire so gritty, that need controlling and further calming via Sedative. Not that Girl savage breed or mental case but as Captive, any sane person is livid, right folks?


    Spying over and Siblings quited. Stepping out of Chamber and concealing the place's Entrance, Yang Xiao turned to Yang Yong, “Am not underestimating, but you sure can handle her?”
    “She needs time to settle down. After all, is Fourteen years old”
    “Yong....” the Heir stopped, when the Spare shot him a look, which known ticking or telling off others, also daunting or warning rests. Earlier, unheard Veto unsettling Father and in this case, non Speech refraining his Brother. Yang Xiao is not intimidated by such habit but got to concede Yang Yong possessed deceptive Mind that knocking People off guard and composed Air that alarming when least expected. Don't forget, Ladies and Gentlemen, the guy a Black Sheep. There moments, example currently, his Will rivaling bad Wolf and the Wit surpassing sly Fox, “I shall tackle It, when the times come”


    Life goes on, Red Riding Hood being locked in and if she misbehaving, tied up. Lord Yang spotted right, Mu Guiying indeed a Captive Consort while Hua Mulan as the Hostage Bride, of Kingdom. However, Story focused on this proud Spitfire and not the Chieftain Daughter, whose steeliness physically defeated and frostiness mentally challenged by male Streaks. Now, Once Upon A Time seems incomplete and non memorable, say without The Little Mermaid. Like first Tale and second Fable, the narration for the Third is short and again with different End. Yet unlike the Original version, this Final installation has deliberate Twist and got own Portrayal. Well folks, enough sneak preview so lets back to track.

    As time passes Outburst lessened, courtesy of drugging influence and fits reduced, thanks to sedative substance. As she came to age, and reaching her time, the Bridegroom-to-be sought early Matrimony and pressed his Parents for Formality. Which is Problem, because although controlled and confined, nevertheless Mu Guiying can make Scene or create Stir during Ceremony. Something the Yangs couldn't afford and the Kingdom wouldn't tolerate, should Treatment removed and Administration absent leading to untoward Happening. Then again, Yang Yong has Answer to Question, meaning Solution to Problem. A Palace Lady called Li Chingwen, helped him to perform the Bride-to-be part. The task left for Man to do is dealing with his unwilling and difficult Consort on their Wedding Night.


    Yang Yong removed the red veil, and Mu Guiying gave her new husband a nasty face. The Groom said, “Goodnight, My Lady. You can have the bed and I shall sleep on the chair” Turning to go but ended hearing, “You free me now!” Foreign accent and wrongly speeched. Also waspish.
    “No, we are married” he replied and she burst, “It is painful and am very thirsty!”

    “Forgive me, didn't mean my lady to suffer” Yang Yong apologizing hurriedly.
    “Take them off me!” Mu Guiying meant the binds of course and the Spare of Yangs tried not to be influenced. But is inviting and it pretty arousing. Cannot blame Fella getting high and feeling excited, for though Girl properly fashioned with finery pieces and decently attired in bridal layers, the latter rather alluring and quite seductive, without trying. Where Sister in Law an Exotic beauty, his own Consort foreignness is Explicit, featuring cascading ringlet with matching skin tone. Against flickering candles, golden haired and bright complexion, “My lady promise me won't attempt anything”
    Wa'da Q?!” the abrupt dialect and cutting sound like splashing cold water onto his face. He knew couple interesting slang and few funny tongue, courtesy from Sister in Law during domestic Spat with the Big Brother but this totally alien and if not mistaken, absolutely profane.
    “Excuse me, my lady please Mind. Your. Language. Understand?!” Although emphasis barely threatening nevertheless mood grim and bearing stern “Patience my best Virtue but there is certain Limit so don't overstep your line”

    She gave him another nasty stare, and this time round Yang Yong returned favor with his famous look. Whatever impression Man gave out, enough to discourage further impertinence. Mu Guiying lowered her eyes but the Latter no minor in reading Body Language. Judging rigidness and telling frigidness, knew she up to something, which neither worrying nor nettling himself, so long his wife without any weapon and is within tight rein. Denied of Wedding Night or Conjugal Right one thing but he refused to be robbed of Peace and Comfort throughout Life.

    “I am sorry they seized you by force and is compel into marrying me but at least, we Yangs better Masters than most Kings, far considerate than many Sovereigns while The Kingdom itself Civilized if not exactly is Paradise” When she said nothing and stubbornly refused meeting his eyes, continued quietly “All I ask now is at least get to know each other from Beginning. Both of us are Humans, not some Animals, so lets start being respectful with one another”

    “I want Home!” she wailed eventually. Still accented and very lacking.
    “This is Home” he replied patiently and generously, overlooking her flaw.
    “My Place!!”
    Your Place no longer exist because already belonging to My Home, The Kingdom” Yang Yong pointed calmly and addressed mildly, but for Mu Guiying, the statement is devastating, as devastating as can be. Tears gathered and pooled and he watched her effort to stop them falling.
    “I am sorry” he apologized again, third in counting, then consoled gently “Sometimes, Event fated and Thing predestined. My lady might faring worst but be fortunate instead so please don't cry. Hush”

    Silence greeted him, for she came from Proud breed, not girlish kind and made of stronger Stuff, never weepy sort. However, hostility absent and Man perceived Substance plus Treatment, finally taken its Toll. He approached his Consort, “My lady?” and received zero reply.
    “You thirsty, right?” Without waiting for answer, he picked up wine tray along the way.
    “Don't drug me!” she responded vehemently.
    “No” he answered simply but is getting suspicious. Never dawned him before and at moment can't decide whether nice job or bloody shit, “I drink first, to show you it is alright”

    He drank, finished until last drop. She waited, nothing happened. Not even red cheeks.

    “Free me!” Mu Guiying demanded so he insisted “Promise me!”
    “Na!” she shouted and Yang Yong retorted, “Ja!” stunning both of them. Oh My...?! The Wine...!!
    “An aberration, forgive me” Outwardly sheepish but inwardly feverish. Heaven Help Me...!!!

    The Girl eyed cup desperately and his hand out Own accord. Once done, Yang Yong rooted on his spot as the result unexpectedly fast and unbelievingly quick. Already Tired plus Tension add drugging Aftermath and wine Effect equal Dizziness. She blinked trying to keep awake but unaware he reached out to free the binds. Yang Yong watched as the Eyes closed and her Being lain on their Marital Bed.


    She noticed the Curtains down, then felt something soft on her body. An exquisite Piece and the rich Gown, according noble idea if not her taste. Mu Guiying got up slowly and registered her Captor no longer wearing red Garb but comfortably Clad, which a Robe in fact. When their eyes met, “I removed your clothes so slumbering easier but didn't rape you, or taking cheap advantage” Yang Yong elaborated to which she reacting a bit initially but nothing else next. After all, what good would it do? Besides, Foreign Maiden's issue different from Native Virgin's station when come matters pertaining to Taboo. The secondary Group usually sobs about loss of modesty and generally whining intrusion of privacy but she belongs to other Camp, so remained reticent and appeared careless, despite being...err, Touched. Enough said.

    “I will attend my lady's toiletry and then we shall eat together”
    “You go away leave me alone!”
    “Life more easier if my lady grow to accept me and much happier if only you to adept here”
    “Then you forever drugged and be controlled” he remarked precisely and reminded resolutely, to which she expressed immediately and predictably. However, Man ready and prepared to confront Attack. Like the Heir of Kingdom, the Spare of Yangs never a martial figure but physically drilled and militarily trained. Against the skill of a Pugilist, Yang Yong likely to lose fight in long run but subduing feminine aggression at close, he triumphant using masculine strength and with maneuvering move.

    Mu Guiying gasped aloud, not in pain but between shock and fear that he managed holding neatly and embracing herself firmly in place, without bother or trouble. Didn't help, that herself weak and vulnerable.

    “Tell me, you like Man brutal or gentle?”
    “I don't like you!”
    “Whether like or hate, we're married and that's that”


    Life goes on and meantime, learned thing or two. One, as Captive Consort she experiencing minimal strain than the Hostage Bride. Next, her intriguing yet dashing Husband much logical and better sense than his willful Rogue Brother. Between intimate manner of Sheep and insatiable fashion from Wolf, she chose the lesser Devil. At least, the Spare of Yangs knew how to woo with Gesture and understood what Romance all about. Truly, She pitied Her who entertaining the Heir of Kingdom throughout days and complying all nights. Parents and Palace, meanwhile ganging up pressuring Hua Mulan until the latter really failing state and reaching dying stage. Herself drained too but then again, Hormone naturally present and Sex finally inevitable. Amidst Gloom of Bond and Doom due Harassment, third Sibling Yang Li arrived and introduced his Commoner Wife, who eight months pregnant. Scandalous and outrageous but perhaps blessing in disguise as the Latter breathed new Life and brought shining Light back to the First Family, which never Diabolical Hierarchy but purely Political Dynasty.


    Their Son's name is Yang Kang. The newborn and infant, securing Kingdom's Bloodline if not succeeding Yangs' birthright immediately. Like cousin Yang Guo, the Spare-in-Waiting took after own Sire but from the Mother, inherited foreign look. There is another cousin, Yang Dalang older than Yang Kang himself but younger than their Heir-to-Line. Right after Firstborn, the Couple should have more Children but past Substances and rampant Intakes generating negative side effect, damaging her Element if not abusing overall Health.


    As time passes, got along positively with Bride of Kingdom and eventually became second Mother of Kingdom. Stately beside her Steward Husband and respectable Lady during his reputable Administration. Mu Guiying too, lives to see his Son taking over the Father's Title as Steward Yang. Later, ascended to Power as Lord Yang of Kingdom when Yang Guo abdicated and retired. Into the advancing years, happy and lucky Grandmother indulging both Yang Chan and Yang Ming, spoiling Yang Jian. Also growing old with Yang Yong whom she learned to care long ago, never mind Captor or Savior.


    THE END Copyright Author April 2009
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    Hi, author! I finally had a chance to finish reading all of your short stories. My favorites - Beauty and Beast, Red Riding Hood, and The Mermaid. Of all three, I think The Mermaid was the most developed. However, I think the story lines of Beauty and Beast and Red Riding Hood were more interesting, if more developed. I love the plot of a feisty captured/hostage bride giving her groom a difficult time. If you have time, please do elaborate on the two couples featured in Beauty and Beast and Red Riding Hood.

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    I noticed you finished all your stories. So why abandoned your idea next?
    Please consider elaborating Beauty and Beast. I like them best
    May my Earendil be Light in your Darkness when others Died out.

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