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    If you've been at SPCNET for more years than you have fingers on a hand (and if that somehow doesn't work right, see a doctor), then you probably remember that once upon a long time ago, there was a forum similar in focus to this one that was shut down after it became an quagmire of flame wars.

    We aim to *not* repeat that little embarrassing episode on this forum. Now the nature of the subjects that will come up here will almost necessarily become of an intensely personal nature. That's fine, but use good judgment. If there's something about yourself that will force us to call law enforcement authorities upon you, either don't tell us or prepare to be arrested. It's no joke.

    Also, this kind of forum can be extremely flammable. I've got dozens of fire extinguishers ready just in case, but if you'd like to see this forum survive for the long haul, I strongly recommend no flame guns in here. Check all firearms at the door, please.

    I've staked my moderator's reputation with SC on the success or failure of this forum, so let's not screw it up, folks.

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    This forum's birth (or rebirth) happened very quickly and unexpectedly. Although the complete, true story of its origin will remain a secret known only by the moderators, I'll say this much: if not for Confusedism, you guys would never have had this forum.

    Don't get it? I'll leave that as one of the great SPCNET Forum mysteries. I'll just say that Confusedism had a very direct role in this forum's creation.

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