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Thread: Factual Errors in TV Dramas

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    Red face Factual Errors in TV Dramas

    Point out factual goofs from any TV dramas here. Two that I've seen more than a few times in various shows:

    - I just saw this in the Chinese drama Wan Mei: Huan Zi desperately needs a blood transfusion and omg, her doctor announces that her blood type is the rarest of all types...AB!!! Any of her friends who were present could have donated blood to her since AB is the universal RECEIVER, but somehow they have to make sure the donor is also someone with AB blood?!?!

    - Characters performing CPR on other unconscious characters, but only doing the chest compressions with no mouth-to-mouth

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    Default Lol

    I am looking foward to more responses in this thread. This should be fun. I couldn't remember any errors though. I remember that there was one in "A Great Way To Care" but I can't remember what it was. I'll be looking out for more though =)
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    well... it's tvb. we should be happy if the script is coherent...

    tvb shows are written by retarded monkeys on used toilet paper... so anything halfway decent is a bonus.
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