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Thread: How many books do you read at a time?

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    Default How many books do you read at a time?

    I know some people read several books at a time. But I've always prefered to give my whole attention to one book instead.

    Do you read one book or many books at a time? If so, how many books can you read at a time?

    Do you divide equal time for all the books you read or do you like one book more than the other and read more of that book?
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    I prefer to read one at one time, probably because I want to know the ending or just finish it up. Unless the book is really boring, I may flip through it quickly till the end or put it aside to move on to another book. I find it taxing to juggle between books, it feels like some unfinished business.

    The only time I have tried reading a few books at one time is textbooks but that's because I'd never have the intention to finish any of them
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    I usually read several books at a time, up to 3. Never tried more than three. If one book gets boring, I switch to the next one. Also I put the books in different location. one at my desk and one on my bed. I get hold on to the one which is nearer to me.
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    I usually read one at a time. I can"t focus on another book.

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    Either one obsessively or hardly anything.

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    I always read one book at a time, coz I got only one head

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    Usually one at one go.

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    I usually read 2 or 3 at a time, when one gets boring, I skip to the next one and return to it again later.

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