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Thread: THE SHELL GAME (千王之王) (1980) Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Cheng View Post
    Another TVB classic from the 1980s has become available on YouTube!

    The bad news: like THE BUND, CHOR LAU HEUNG (1979), and THE SMILING PROUD WANDERER (1984), soundtrack songs (vocal versions) have been muted out. How the HELL did TVB get itself into a situation where it loses the licensing to its own soundtrack music? Oh, well...if even international media giants such as NBC/Universal have difficulties with this, I guess it's difficult to blame poor old TVB. The 1980s never could have anticipated 21st Century media technology and copyright laws.
    Another one to add to my watch list, thanks!

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    more free pls

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    To add insult to injury regarding the soundtrack, ATV somehow managed to get the rights to use that soundtrack for their series King of Gambler, and even used the iconic Shell Game background music for their opening theme. In addition, they also played the theme to the Bund as a tribute to Shanghai. TVB must have been really upset about that, but utterly helpless to stop it if the music companies allowed it.

    On a side note, this series really had stars galore. Patrick Tse, Peter Yeung, Michelle Yim, Damian Lau, Cecilia Yip. It was also, I believe, Kristy Yeung's debut series. The supporting cast also had old favourites like David Lam, Eddie Ko, Wong Wan Choi, Tsui Yi Ngau, Money Lo, Lo Lieh - it was a shame the story ended with so many deaths, but that's probably consistent with life in Shanghai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charbydis View Post
    Hey Ken. I wonder why they don't redub the background with another type pf music? It won't be great like the original but at least it is better than periods of mute throughout the series. I think I might have an edited version on VCD from < 10 years ago.
    I suspect that TVB lost the master film/tapes years ago when they had a fire on their main lot, and as these were analogue and not digital sources, they couldn't separate the music soundtrack, the dialogue track, and sound effects tracks. I guess we could blame TVB for poor management of its creative assets (Universal is equally guilty of this, having lost the master tapes for thousands of musical artistes on their own lot fire back in 2008), but in the 1970s and 1980s, nobody could have anticipated that in the 21st Century, technology would be available to really enhance the originals (provided they still existed, which I suspect they don't).

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    who could forget an anime as magnificent as this?

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