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Thread: Muk Yeun Ching vs. Muk Lim Chi

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    Default Muk Yeun Ching vs. Muk Lim Chi

    Two Jin Yong girls. Both with the same surname. Both being relatively low on the martial arts hierarchies of their respective novels. Both portrayed by the same actress in TVB's 1980s adaptations of those novels.

    If the two were to fight, who would take it?

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    The surnames are different:
    Mu Wanqing = 木婉清 (木 as in wood).
    Mu Nianci = 穆念慈 (穆 as in majestic, solemn, reverent, calm).
    Jin Yong's Ode to Gallantry [侠客行].
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    I always thought Mu Wanqing was quite a good fighter and would trash MNC anytime. I think the fight would be a foregone conclusion.

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    I can't imagine Mu Nianci having a prayer against Mu Wanqing, with her poison darts, killer instinct and all.

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