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Thread: MMA Discussion

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    I ****ing hate Canadians.

    Australia would have set a bunch of records. Like quickest sold out, most attended and everything if it wasn't for you damn Canadians and your first UFC card having freaking GSP challenging Serra.
    I wanna see GSP live. I wanna get a GSP bandana =[

    But all in all, UFC 110 should be a nice card. MMA is illegal in certain parts of Canada though right? Hopefully not where you're at.

    I was watching Inside MMA the other day. The American Boxing Commission should pull their head out of their asses. Those cock suckers are slowing down MMA bad.

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    Hey, guys, have you watched the matched of 26th June -
    This game was between Michel Chiesa and Kevin Lee on June 26 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena that is inside the place Oklahoma City of Oklahoma. Lightweight contenders Michael Chiesa (14-3) and Kevin Lee(16-2) collided in the night's main event, which aired live on FOX Sports 1. Catch the match insights at
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