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Thread: Have you surpassed your teachers in any discipline you learned from them?

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    Default Have you surpassed your teachers in any discipline you learned from them?

    In wuxia, one common trope is for the student to eventually surpass the teacher.

    In this case, at least, there must be cases in real life wherein students surpass their teachers. Have you reached a point yet, in any of your skills, where you have surpassed the people who taught you when you were younger?

    A few of my old high school and college writing teachers with whom I've maintained contact have shared the opinion that my writing skills (they have seen some of my more recent work when I consult with them with various writing issues) might have surpassed theirs now. I don't know how true that is, but it's a humbling compliment that they would even *think* it.

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    Some of my training partners that taught me martial arts when I first started I've overtaken.

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    Let's see, I'm in the computer technology field. My high school "computer technology" teacher taught us how to type. So, yeah, I'd say I, along with almost every other person in my generation, have surpassed them
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    My teacher who taught me how to play pool. Yes I surpass him. It actually made him more proud of me.

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    My English teachers in China. Not that I learned anything from them besides "Hello, how are you, I'm fine and aren't you?"

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    High school teachers are generally not that spectacular in their field from my experience, or they're like the old masters who are hiding their true abilities.

    Either way, maybe the ignorance of the youth (relatively), but I can't think of any one of my high school teachers I wouldn't challenge in some generic intelligence/gameshow format thingy.

    College profs, I have no confidence in beating them in any sort of academia at all.

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