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Thread: Looking for series...please help!

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    Question Looking for series...please help!

    hey people

    I'm looking for special series recommendation.
    and it would be great if you give me a lot of names.
    I really appreciate every post!

    [before you send me to threads like
    "recommended/favourite asian dramas",
    let me tell you that I've already been on these sites.
    but since I'm looking for "special" types of series
    I thought I'd better open up a new thread.]

    SO WHICH CHARACTERISTICS should the series have?

    1. First of all: it should be a CHINESE series.
    (with chinese I mean: mainland china, hongkong, taiwan, singapore...
    simply every chinese series where the spoken language is mandarin or cantonese)

    2. if possible: an ANCIENT series.
    (I prefer ancient to modern)

    3. it should be be a FUNNY series. (COMEDY elements)

    with "FUNNY" I mean series like "Fairy of the Chalice".
    the characters were very likeable.
    there were a lot of funny scenes.
    all in all quite good.

    which means I don't like drama.
    too bad that toward the end of "fairy of the chalice" the story changed to a drama.
    of course i know that there must be some drama in any tv show.
    otherwise it would be boring.
    but i don't like it when the whole series is a drama... when the athmosphere is already dramatic, emphasized by the music and landscape... (like in "ROCH 1998" with Fann Wong)

    do you know what i mean? some drama is inevitable (that's esential of chinese series) but drama ALL THE TIME.. that's too much.

    what i don't like too: is the combination of drama and HEARTBREAKING scenes.
    like in "Legend of Madam White Snake" (with Angie Chiu)
    from the middle of the series to the end (the beginning was quite funny and good)
    there was always this heartbreaking-dramatic-"something dramatic is going to happen" - athmophere.

    that doesn't mean that I'm not romantic at all. Far from it!
    Romance is of course one of the essential elements of chinese series.
    I just don't like this exaggerated dramatic, heartbreaking scenes.

    I am a person who a person who enjoys sweet relationships and light hearted (funny) series.
    relationships in here that are too perfect that it will give you butterfly.
    for example: Paradise Shui Yue Dong Tian (apart from "Chalice Fairy")

    4. another element, I love is FANTASY.
    I enjoy stories a young man falls for a godess, fairy or any other fantasy ("immortal") character.

    that's why I enjoyed "Fairy of the chalice" and also tried to watch "legend of white snake" but broke up - due to this unbearable drama.

    i'm sure that there exist a lot of chinese tales which deal with
    the relationship of a young man "mortal" and "immortal" (godess, fairy, etc.)
    so i suposse there must be series about that.

    okay. so far i've given you a pretty detailed post about my "ideas".
    please give me some tips. I'm really happy about any post!!!

    great thanks in advance!

    PS: since I'm chinese and understand mandarin you can recommend me any chinese series. not just the subbed ones!
    (i don't understand cantonese)

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    Hi, after reading your post I thought I had one for you but darn! The series I have in mind lacks the 4th element. I'm thinking about The Young Wanderer. It's an old series so you might have watched already. Another one is The Revelation of the Last Hero, which also lacks the fairy and immortal element. It isn't all that funny but it's fun to watch.

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    Maybe you would like Road for the heroes--starring Roger Kwok, Elvina Kong and Michael Tao.

    This is a fun comedy with likeable characters, hilarious moments and light-heartedness (to a degree).

    Although it's not so much a fantasy series as you might be hoping, but it's definitely worth watching if you like comedy.

    You may also like Colourful Life.
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    Those type of series are quite rare. When it comes to a romance between an immortal and mortal, it usually ends tragically.

    But here's a few that (might) fit your taste:

    Whatever It Takes - starring Benny Chan and Annie Man (she's a fairy and he's a mortal)

    Legend of Master Chai - starring Joey Leung, Vivian Leung and Timmy Ho.
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