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Thread: Sidekicks better than leads

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    Default Sidekicks better than leads

    Some sidekicks can appear more outstanding than the lead, whether it is because of their acting skills or their physical appearance. Or perhaps, you are just like me, someone who takes more notice of the sidekicks than the lead.

    Can you provide the title of the movies, names (in the movie or in person) of the sidekicks who are more creditable than the leads?

    And, who are the sidekicks who have become big names in households now? Jackie Chan has to be one out of the thousands of names, of course! Nothing new to most of us, Jackie (aka Bruises Chan) appeared in one of Bruce Lee's movies and was one of the arses who gets kicked.
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    Christopher Mintz-Plasse as McLovin in Superbad. He got on to be in more movies for his role in Superbad. The other kids didn't get as many good scenes as he did.

    I believe Dave Chappelle got his big break from Robin Hood: Men in Tights as Achoo. He was probably the most entertaining from his cast, even though the lead was also good.

    Same with Chris Rock in Beverly Hills Cop II? Not sure about that.

    If we're not talking movies. Henry Winkler as the Fonz.

    Johnny Depp over Bloom in Pirates of the Carribean. But that's unfair, Pirates was a trash movie, and Depp is an acting God compared to Bloom.

    Bruce Lee as Kato? I haven't seen Green Hornet, but that's what shot little dragon Lee into the lime light.

    I believe Stephen Chow got his real break after God of Gambler or something similar to that?

    Neil Pattrick Harris carries the show How I Met Your Mother, and the show has brought him alot more attention, particularly about how the personified pick up artist is gay in real life.

    Away from movies, you have Stephen Colbert, who got his own show out of the Daily Report lead by Jon Stewart.

    In science, Tesla started as an assistant under Edison, he was said to have solved alot of Edison's biggest problems. Till he got ripped off and showed off his genius under his own name.

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    Default Phi and Kaung forever!


    there's this thai lakorn where the side couple is so much more fun to watch then the main lead! The lakorn is called Proong Nee Kor Ruk Ter. Phi and Kaung fall in love with each other even though they're both boys!

    a little summary of their story:

    Kaungbadeen sees his mom at the hospital being helped by some guy. He rushes over but by the time he gets there the man is gone. He asks his mom if she is alright and she explained she had lost her wallet. Kaungbadeen figures that it’s the man who he saw helping her earlier. He rushes after the man and when he catches up he knocks the man over by accident. The man turns out to be Phirawit, they both look at each other strangely at first sight. Phirawit extends his hand up indicating for the man who had knocked him over to help him up. Kaungbadeen not knowing what to do helps the man up to find that Phirawit was using a cane due to an injured leg. But no matter what he asks the man to return the wallet. Phirawit is shocked at the accusation, but he is intrigued by the man. That was when the mom comes up and explains that she had found her wallet, she had left it in the bathroom. Kaungbadeen embarrassed with his own actions apologizes. Phirawit is ever more intrigued, he takes off with a smile.

    The two men’s encounter doesn’t end there. Kaungbadeen is a physical therapist and gets sent to a patient’s house. He enters the house and the first thing he realizes were the photos in the room. He is beyond shocked when he sees Phirawit’s pictures and attempts to leave but run back to grab his bag, that was when Phirawit comes into the room, he is also shocked to see Kaungbadeen. Kaungbadeen attempts to do his job but is constantly teased by Phirawit about their earlier encounter at the hospital. Kaungbadeen is annoyed and declares that if Phirawit didn’t like him, the hospital could always send another therapist. Phirawit answers with a question, ‘Who said I didn’t like you?’, that quieted the other man. They get back to the therapy and Kaungbadeen gets rough with him. Phirawit whimpers in pain. At the end of the session they walked downstairs, Phirawit denies the fact that he’s walking the other man out to the driveway and says he’s coming out to get food. Kaungbadeen shakes his head and walks away when he notices that the man walking into the building with a woman is none other than Phipat, the man who is responsible for his sister’s death. He stands around the corner and watches as Phipat talks to Phirawit. He finds out that Phirawit is Phipat’s brother.

    Phirawit is waiting for Kaungbadeen to come to his house for his physical therapy when he opens the door to find a different therapist. Phirawit doesn’t understand and goes to the hospital to get some answers from the man but only gets turned away by Kaungbadeen. But this doesn’t stop him, he calls the hospital and complains and askes only for Kaungbadeen. And of course Kaungbadeen is sent back to Phirawit’s house without a choice. Kaungbadeen hopes to do his job and get out of there as fast as possible, but ends up loosing his temper due to Phirawit’s teasing. He finally explains to Phirawit why he wants to stay as far as he could from Phirawit, this time Phirawit is left speechless.

    Phirawit isn’t giving up, he goes to Kaungbadeen’s house and tells the mom and the two relatives living there that he is Kaungbadeen’s friend. When Kaungbadeen gets home to find Phirawit and his mom laughing, he is shocked and tries to get the man to leave, he drags Phirawit out to the front of the house and demands that the man leave him alone. Phirawit explains that he isn’t like his brother, he was overseas when the shooting happened and he has nothing to do with it. But Kaungbadeen is still not pleased and tells him to leave.

    Not soon after, Phirawit takes Kaungbadeen along when he goes to the track. Kaungbadeen is standing next to a couple of Phirawit’s female friends as Phirawit is racing. He over hears the girls talking about Phirawit and he gets a little jealous. And once the race is over the girls go over and one of them gives Phirawit a kiss on the cheek. Kaungbadeen is shocked and turns around to leave. Phirawit goes after him but Kaungbadeen is still angered. But Phirawit takes his wallet and makes him wait until he gets changed. On the way home, Phirawit teases Kaungbadeen again and the two end up in a tug of war of the steering wheel. The tire hits something on the side of the road and pops. They get out to find it flat. Phirawit claims that Kaungbadeen is jealous of those girls but Kaungbadeen denies it. But he goes and gets water for Phirawit when he sees that the man is tired from changing the tire.

    Kaungbadeen too tries to end his friendship with Phirawit, but he gets a call from one of Phirawit’s friend that Phirawit isn’t acting like himself and that she’s worried about him. Kaungbadeen decides to go see the race only to find a crash, and it was Phirawit’s car. He tries to run to the car but the people there stops him. Finally when they bring the body from the car he hears Phirawit’s voice. Kaungbadeen is shocked to see that the man in the car wasn’t Phirawit, yet he’s still angered by the incident. Phirawit asked Kaungbadeen who he thought was in the car, Kaungbadeen walks away. Phirawit runs after the man and ends up confessing that their relationship, is no different than that of Kaewkanya and Paramin. Phirawit explains that he’s in the same situation as Paramin. Kaungbadeen understands what he meant but he’s speechless and turns around to walk away, but he gets pushed over by someone who is rushing to the crash, he is pushed right back into Phirawit’s arms. They hold each other in shock and when they pull away their eyes meet again as if they both understand each other’s feelings. Kaungbadeen explains to him that he couldn’t add more burden to the family, they were already stressed as it was. Phirawit tells him that they didn’t have to tell anyone anything, all they had to know was that they are friends.

    Kaungbadeen and Phirawit walk on the beach and finally comes to sit down next to each other. Kaungbadeen lets it all out that he’s worried and scared. Phirawit promises that he’d never leave Kaungbadeen’s side. Kaungbadeen explains that he is scared because of Phirawit. He turns to look at Kaungbadeen in shock thinking that the man was afraid of him. Kaungbadeen goes on to say that he is scared because from that moment on, if he ever loses Phirawit, he’d really know what it feels like to lose a loved one. He leans his head onto Phirawit’s shoulder and the two savor the moment of just being them.

    and the beach scene is here:

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