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    Default Completely Unnecessary

    Has anything happened in a movie that you felt that was completely unnecessary?

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    Ex: I was watching Children of Earth and the main character (Jack) had to sacrifice his grandson (Steven) to save millions of children. Not only was it extremely depressing, but also very graphic; the little boy started shaking violently, and blood started flowing out of his nose and ears. Plus Steven died thinking that Jack was his uncle because Jack's immortal and ages VERY slowly and his daughter (Alice) disowned him.

    All this happened after 4 out of 6 (5 out of 7 if you count Gwen's baby and all the time Jack's died and came back to life) of the main characters died, including Jack's boyfriend (Ianto).

    The scene made me sob uncontrollably and nearly scream. An interview with the writer revealed that this scene was one he had contimplated, and decided was vital. Meanwhile everyone I talked to said that they would have liked it so much better without it!
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    I know exactly what you mean. In Final Destination 3 there were so many unnecessary placement ads. I'm like come on do they need to place it all over the place without me wondering:Is this a movie just for mainly ads?Where is the storyline?
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