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Thread: What's a good Chinese school in KL?

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    Default What's a good Chinese school in KL?

    I live around the KLCC area, and was wondering which Chinese school to send my son to. Lai Meng is the nearest, but sadly it's moving to Bukit Jalil in a couple of years. Kuen Cheng is a bit far out in the Federal Highway. Zhong Hua is pretty near, as are Nan Kai and several others.

    Perhaps a better question, given the quality of Chinese schools in KL, is are there any particularly bad ones we should avoid? I would have loved to have sent my kid to my alma mater, St John's, but sadly the local national schools have not survived the years of ineptitude, hypocrisy and hidden agendas of the education ministers. =(

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    Thanks for your post.

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