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Thread: How many wuxia revenge plots have gone *exactly* like the characters planned it?

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    Default How many wuxia revenge plots have gone *exactly* like the characters planned it?

    The revenge plot is a common feature of wuxia fiction, but in wuxia many times has a revenge scheme actually gone *precisely* as the revenge-seeker plans it? It seems that every time, there's a twist that leads things to go very differently from the revenge-seeker's original plan.

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    The first one I can think of are Wei Xiaobao's numerous revenge plots. I know offhand that several of them went as he planned.

    I know that guy who worked for Wu Sangui (I forget his name), the one that captured and starved Xu Tianchuan, Wei Xiaobao extracted swift vengeance on him that went exactly as planned. All he had to do was tell Wu Yingxiong that he wanted both his legs to be broken, and it was promptly done.

    And the master of Xiaobao's wife (Zeng Rou) was avenged insanely fast. That spy was captured and Xiaobao arranged so that she could kill the guy personally. Record time for revenge, really.

    And I'm not sure if this really counts, but the nephew of Wu Sangui that Shuang 'Er begged Xiao Bao to kill for her. Yeah, Gui Xinshu kind of got in the way in the middle of it, but that was just delaying it a bit. Soon after, the revenge plot went exactly as planned. The nephew ended up exactly where they planned, and he died in front of the people he wronged.

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    Probably the same chance that an elaborate, multi-tier plan unfolds exactly as planned in real life: close to zero.

    I think it happens more in Gu Long unvierse, when shocking twists are revealed at the end.
    忽见柳荫下两个小孩子在哀哀痛哭,瞧模样正是武敦儒、武修文兄弟。郭芙大声叫道:「喂,你们在干甚麽?」武 修文回头见是郭芙,哭道:「我们在哭,你不见麽?」

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