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Thread: Which sports / recreations do you like?

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    Would you consider street dancing and breaking a sport?
    I did a lot of that during my high school and uni years. Nothing gives me more adrenaline than competing and performing at dance parties.

    If not, then I would say american football- both watching and playing. My friends and I usually have an annually game that we play around Thanksgivings just like the pros. lol
    I like games of basketball too but I prefer to play football and get grass stains and torn shirts. Rafting at American River in Sacramento is also fun if you come with a large group and spending the whole day having water war with other groups. It's pretty hilarious shooting and knocking girls off their rafts...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ View Post
    Ohh, this is fun! The competitiveness gives me lots of adrenaline.

    Does bumper cart count? I think it works some muscles
    I think for recreation, bumper car.... wait, bumper cart? If you were referring to bumper car, I think I get alot of bruises instead of working muscles for that

    But I love the thrill definitely.

    Same. Combined = Bicycling

    I must say I loved tug of war as a child. Haven't done it in too long!

    And Trekking.

    Tug of war is fun, and you can win if the principles of Physics is applied well.

    For recreation... is going for buffet counted? Roller Blading and I have plans for diving as well.
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    Volleyball and badminton for me!

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    Default -

    wow, this thread will attract so many leachers now...Anyway If you could find "Into The Mouth of Badddness" by Brown Brigade that would be great

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    My kids and I love Rugby. We've lived in the USA for a while and we were really huge fans of it. Then we moved back to Singapore and my husband persuaded me to find a school for them. I stopped at centaurs rugby as all of my friends take their own kids there. But I really appreciate it if you share your own experience here too.
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