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Thread: Hoi mei tian/ho mei tin?????

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    Default Hoi mei tian/ho mei tin?????


    What ever happen to this chick? Does anyone know what's she up to? I search everywhere for her latest news but no luck in find recent news.

    She's not that famous but she's cute. I saw her in 98 fang siu yuk and swordsman aka saber songII

    Great chem with howie haung.

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    i believe there is already a thread for her...

    Please do not open unnecessary threads.

    AS for Ho Mei Tian, I believe she's still active but has slowed down since she's 30 and all. There's not a lot of roles available to her right now, she may just pack it up and get married like Ho Ting did.
    Currently in love with Bae Suzy...for superficial reasons.

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