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Thread: Kiu Fung - "clean beggar" status?

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    Default Kiu Fung - "clean beggar" status?

    The formal division of the Beggar's Union into "Clean" and "Dirty" factions didn't occur until North Beggar Hung 7 Gung's tenure as Union Chief during LOCH, but I wonder if such a division didn't always exist in the Beggar's Union (albeit not officially). For example, during DGSD, Kiu Fung, Bak Sai Geng, and Cheun Gwoon Ching always seemed to wear decent clothing and were relatively well-groomed and hygienic compared to the other beggars seen in DGSD, who were more genuine "dirty" beggars.

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    Maybe it's an adaptation thing? I recall Elder Chen was also very nicely dressed compared to the other three.

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