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Thread: Da Ren Wu (celebrity) Translation By Gu Long (Unabridged )

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    Default Da Ren Wu (celebrity) Translation By Gu Long (Unabridged )

    Da Ren Wu(celebrity)

    Written by Gu Long
    Chapters 1-3 and begining of chapter 4 translated by Tiger Wong.
    Chapter 4 and on translated by KangXi of Wuxiaworld
    Chapter 4-6 translated by Paul
    Chapter 7 to Chapter 32 Translated and completed by fastclock

    Da Ren Wu is a hilarious martial art book - fastclock..

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    Chapter 1 - The Red Silk Handkerchief

    The young man held a sabre in his hand, the silk handkerchief on the handle fluttered in the wind.

    A red piece of silk, red like the recent sunrise.

    The sabre’s point flashed brightly beneath the blazing sun. The young man perspired, the moisture from the sweat penetrated his dark, satin clothes.

    He was already surrounded. There were only four people surrounding him, but he knew just how fearsome these four people were. He wanted to drop his sabre several times, abandoning all resistence.

    But he did not have this luxury.

    Because he could not tarnish the red silk handkerchief attached to his sabre, he could not tarnish the person whom this handkerchief symbolized.

    To attach this red handkerchief is to express that you are determined to struggle to the bitter end, not showing weakness to others even onto death!

    This red silk seemed to bestow some kind of unwavering courage!

    He brandished his sabre, shouted wildly, and charged.

    The red silk danced, even more captivating than the flash of the sabre.

    He immediately heard the sound of the sabre cutting into the skull of his opponent.

    The man fell down, eyeballs protruding, staring at the fresh flowing blood.

    He did not die under this sabre, nor did he die under this young man’s hand.

    It was the red silk that took his life, because from the start, his confidence had already been shattered by the indomitable courage that this red silk handkerchief represented!

    The young girl leaned on the door panel, her eyes were more gentle than the soft light of the stars in the sky.

    She held on to his hand, she couldn’t bear to let him leave.

    The handkerchief tied to his wrist drifted lightly in the evening breeze.

    A red silk handkerchief, red like a lover’s heart.

    The night was deep. He should have left long ago.

    He did not leave.

    Because he could not tarnish the red silk attached to his wrist. As long as you put on this handkerchief, you must not allow any young girl to be disappointed.

    Not only did this red handkerchief represent courage, it also symbolizes passion. A fiery kind of passion.

    He finally came over and whispered into her ear.

    Their sweet whispers were more stirring than the spring breeze.

    But her eyes were still fixated on the handkerchief that was tied to his wrist.

    His passion vanished, because he suddenly realized that what she loved was not his person, but this piece of red silk that was on his wrist.

    When she was holding on to his hand, what she was thinking of in her heart was not him, but the person this red silk handkerchief represented.

    Who knew how many other young girls’ hearts and dreams contained this person.

    This person was called Qin Ge.

    He bathed, drew back his topknot, trimmed his fingernails nice and neatly, and then put on the newly tailored black satin shirt. He carefully tied the red silk handkerchief to his waist.

    He did not like wearing black clothes, nor did he like red handkerchiefs.

    However, he couldn’t avoid doing this.

    Because if he didn’t do this, it would show that he did not have courage, that he did not have passion.

    Ever since the Battle of Tiger Hill, ChiangNan’s dye merchants had no choice but to dye all kinds of silk handkerchiefs red, because all the young men wanted to tie a piece of red silk on their bodies.

    If a young man did not carry red silk on his body, he simply didn’t dare to step outside his door.

    Some people who were no longer young, but wanted to act young, would also wear a piece of red silk to show that they were not too old, that they didn’t get left behind.

    Dashing young men would tie the handkerchief to their wrists or waists. Courageous young men would tie the handkerchief to their sabres or swords. The young men in the market would tie the handkerchief around their heads.

    But never has anyone tied it around their necks.

    No one dared!

    Because Qin Ge tied a red silk handkerchief around his neck.

    If you dared to tie it around your neck, even if Qin Ge was not around, other people would cut off the handkerchief. Along with your neck!

    You can study him, idolize him, but can never offend him in the slightest way. If he enjoyed admiring the moonlight alone on top of a bridge, you can only admire it from underneath the bridge.

    Qin Ge was Qin Ge, there will never be a second. Never have, never will!

    Since the Battle of Tiger Hill, Qin Ge has become a hero in the hearts of every young man in ChiangNan, and an idol in the hearts of every young girl.

    Qin Ge is obviously a big time celebrity in Tian SiSi’s heart.

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    Chapter 2 - One Hundred and Eight Sabres

    Tian SiSi reclined on the golden silk-carpeted, bamboo couch. The thick shades by the window were drawn tight.

    The breeze carried a hint of lotus fragrance. She held a jade bowl, in the bowl was some chilled lotus seed soup.

    Someone rode over a hundred li on a fast horse to some foreign lands to retrieve the ice. Although Jin Xiu Manor also stored a supply of ice, Tian SiSi preferred the ice from that faraway place.

    For no other reason than that she thought the exotic ice seemed a bit colder.

    Even if she thought the moon was square, nobody would argue with her.

    As long as Ms. Tian was happy, no matter what she did, no one would dare to oppose her.

    This wasn’t merely because she was the mighty marquis, “Second Master Tian” - Tian BaiShi’s only daughter. It was also because she was truly a sweet person. Not only was her person sweet, her words were sweet, and her laughter was even sweeter. Such that no one wished to refuse any of her requests.

    Everybody’s only regret was that they didn’t get many opportunities to see this sweet person.

    Only during the annual lantern festival, when Second Master Tian released the flower lanterns, would she briefly show herself. During the rest of the year she would hide in her quarters and nobody can catch a glimpse of her.

    His nickname being “The High Class of ZhongYuan”, Second Master Tian was obviously not a short-tempered, petty person. He wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if he squandered away all his riches, but he would not allow anybody an opportunity to become intimate with his daughter.

    His daughter was a hundred thousand times more valuable than all the treasure in the world combined.

    The lotus seed soup was no longer cold. Tian SiSi only took a small sip before handing it over to her servant Tian Xin.

    Tian Xin was not just her handmaiden, she was also her best friend, her only friend.

    If she didn’t have Tian Xin, she couldn’t imagine how lonely it’d be.

    Right now Tian Xin was sitting on a small bench in front of Tian SiSi with her head lowered, embroidering. The liquid in the golden stove gradually started to cool down, the wind blew the bamboo leaves, and a young girl fantasized and spoke wistfully to herself.

    Tian SiSi suddenly snatched the embroidery needle away from her maidservant’s hand, and tenderly chided her: “Can’t you stop it with the sewing? Is someone waiting for you to finish embroidering that pillow to use for a wedding dowry?”.

    Tian Xin laughed, and lightly tapped her waist with her pale little hands: “If not embroidering, then what else is there to do?”.

    Tian SiSi said: “Chat with me.”.

    Tian Xin pouted her lips: “We talk all the time, what is there left to chat about?”.

    Tian SiSi’s eyes danced: “Tell me a story.”.

    Jin Xiu Manor entertained guests all year round. These guests come from all over. Tian Xin would hear all kinds of fearsome and interesting stories from them, and then relay them to her lady.

    Tian Xin said: “These past few days, all the guests have been boring dummies who wouldn’t even tell any stories. Every day, they only look forward to sucking up the wine, as if afraid that drinking a bit less would mean they weren’t cool enough.”.

    Tian SiSi’s eyes shone, but she intentionally acted bored and casually said: “Then you can tell me the story of the Battle of Tiger Hill once more.”.

    Tian Xin: “I’ve forgotten that story.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Forgotten? You’ve told that story seven or eight times, how can you forget all of a sudden?”.

    Tian Xin pouted her lips even more, and with a stern expression on her face said: “Since I’ve already told that story seven or eight times, you also cannot forget it. Since you haven’t forgotten it, why do you need to hear it again?”.

    Tian SiSi blushed and jumped up as if to use the needle to sew up this spoiled servant girl’s lips.

    Tian Xin giggled, drew back and gasped: “Ok Miss, if you want to listen I will tell it. As long as your Ladyship is happy, it doesn’t matter if I tell it a hundred times.”.

    Only then did Tian SiSi spare her. She glared at her and said: “Speak quickly, and be mindful that I don’t sew up your little lips.”.

    Tian Xin sat up straight on the bench, cleared her throat on purpose several times, and then slowly started speaking: “The Battle of Tiger Hill was the young knight Qin Ge’s claim to fame. For the past seven years, no other battle in the martial society has been more stirring, and no other battle has caused more blood to be shed than this one.”.

    She has certainly told this story many times. Like a teacher reciting a familiar fable, even if she were dozing off she wouldn’t miss a word.

    But Tian SiSi’s eyes shone even more brightly, as if this was the very first time she has heard the story.
    Tian Xin said: “That day was May 5th, the Dragon Boat Festival. Every year on that day, the Seven Tigers of ChiangNan would gather on top of Tiger Hill. These Seven Tigers were not nice tigers. Not only would they eat people, they wouldn’t even bother to spit out the bones.”.

    Tian SiSi: “If this is so, then other people must be very afraid of them?”.

    Tian Xin: “Of course they’re afraid, frightened to the extreme. Therefore even though everybody wanted to act the part of the tiger-fighting hero, and knew that they would all meet on Tiger Hill on this date, nobody dared to go look for them. Until five years ago, on that day......”.

    Tian SiSi: “What happened that day?”.

    She was obviously already familiar with this story, and knew the right moment to interject with a question to let Tian Xin move the story along.

    Tian Xin said: “That day when the Seven Tigers went up the hill, they encountered a very beautiful young lady along the way. The Seven Tigers seeing a beautiful young lady were like hungry dogs eyeing a meaty bone. Without hesitation, they kidnapped the girl and carried her up the mountain.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Did they know who this young lady was?”.

    Tian Xin: “At the time, of course they didn’t know that this young girl was Qin Ge’s sweetheart, but even if they did know, they still wouldn’t be afraid. They didn’t fear anyone, because nobody had ever dared to bother them.”.

    Tian SiSi: “But this time they would encounter one who would.”.

    Tian Xin: “At that time, Qin Ge wasn’t famous yet. Nobody imagined that he had that much guts. When he said that he was going up the mountain to fight the Tigers, everyone thought that he was just boasting. Who knew he really went.”.

    Tian SiSi: “He went alone?”.

    Tian Xin: “Of course he did. He singlehandedly rode a horse up Tiger Hill and found those Seven Tigers. Even though he wounded two of the Tigers, he himself suffered over a hundred slashes from the Tigers’ sabres.”.

    Tian SiSi: “One hundred and some sabre cuts?”.

    Tian Xin: “No more, no less. It was exactly 108 sabres, because this was the Tigers’ custom. When they captured someone alive, they would not slay him quickly with one stroke, they must stab him muliple times and allow him to die slowly.”.

    Tian SiSi sighed: “I’m afraid there are very few people in this world who can withstand 108 sabres.”.

    Tian Xin said: “Not only very few, there simply isn’t anyone who can withstand it. But our Qin Ge stubbornly gritted his teeth and took it, because he did not want to die. He still needed to take revenge.”.

    Tian SiSi: “He still dared to take revenge?”.

    Tian Xin: “Not only did his body appeared to be made out of iron, but his courage was also iron cast. Everybody thought that since he was lucky enough to make it out alive this time, he would change his outlook.”.

    She sighed and continued on: “Who knew that on the second year, he arrived at Tiger Hill and searched out the Seven Tigers again. This time, he heavily injured four of them.”.

    Tian SiSi: “And himself?”.

    Tian Xin sighed: “He suffered over a hundred sabre cuts. This time, the Tigers naturally used more force, but he still withstood it. Afterwards, people who saw him said that after he suffered these 108 sabres, not a single spot on his body was unblemished, the blood he shed was enough to completely dye the rocks on the summit of Tiger Hill red.”.

    Tian SiSi chewed her lips and said: “Why didn’t those Tigers just kill him?”.

    Tian Xin: “Because that was their custom, if they were to give a person 108 slashes with the sabre, they will not cut any less, and their 108th slash must bear the same force as their 1st slash. They never imagined that someone could still live after suffering over a hundred sabre slashes, much less have the guts to find them and take revenge.”.

    Tian SiSi: “But Qin Ge still withstood 216 sabres.”.

    Tian Xin: “He withstood 324 sabres.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Why?”.

    Tian Xin: “Because on the third year he went up again, and suffered another hundred plus sabre cuts. But this time he injured five out of the Seven Tigers.”. [* Qin Ge reminds me of that guy from The Princess Bride - “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> ]

    Tian SiSi: “After coming across this type of person, weren’t they the least bit afraid? Why would they dare to let him live?”.

    Tian Xin: “It’s because they found it difficult to ‘dismount from the tiger’s back’. News of that event had already stirred up the martial world and there were a lot of people who arrived at Tiger Hill for the sole purpose of watching this confrontation.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Therefore they couldn’t just finish off Qin Ge on the 107th slash, their final strikes cannot be any more heavier than the first.”.

    Tian Xin: “That’s right. People like them, they must not lose face in front of members of the martial society no matter what. Otherwise who would fear them like before?”.

    Tian SiSi: “But five of them were already injured, why didn’t the other people just finish them?”.

    Tian Xin: “Because they all knew how much hardship Qin Ge had endured, how much bitter pain he had suffered through. Nobody wanted his efforts to be wasted, everyone hoped to see him kill all Seven Tigers by himself. Also, everyone knew that this 324th sabre was the last one.”.

    Her eyes also started to shine: “Therefore after this final blow landed, and Qin Ge still haven’t died, everyone couldn’t help but cheer loudly.”.

    Tian SiSi said: “Didn’t those Seven Tigers realize that this was their final blow?”.

    Tian Xin: “They already prepared for this, therefore during that 3rd year, they hired many helpers. That’s another reason why the others didn’t just attack them.”.

    Tian SiSi: “And on the fourth year?”.

    Tian Xin: “On the fourth year they found even more people to aid them, but even their own friends couldn’t help but feel admiration towards Qin Ge. When Qin Ge attacked, not a single person helped them. After Qin Ge killed the last Tiger, the cheers coming from the summit of Tiger Hill were so thunderous they could be heard from ten li away.”.

    Tian Si Si’s attention was focused on the smoke curling up from the stove. She seemed to be seeing a black clothed young man with a red silk handkerchief tied around his neck. Within the smoke, came the distant sounds of cheering and laughter.

    Tian Xin said: “Right then, Qin Ge’s face broke into a smile for the first time. His laughter was so spirited, and yet so bittersweet. Because by then, his sweetheart was already dead. She was no longer able to see this glorious day.”.

    She sighed lightly: “After that day, ‘Iron Man’ Qin Ge’s name resonated throughout the martial world!”.

    Tian SiSi also sighed quietly: “He truly is a formidable big time celebrity.”.
    Tian Xin said: “It’s really hard to find a second person in this world as courageous and romantic as him.”.

    Tian SiSi suddenly jumped up and grabbed her hand: “That’s why I must marry him.”.

    Her face carried a red glow. She looked determined, excited, and beautiful.

    Tian Xin let out a laugh: “You want to marry him too? How many people do you actually want to marry?”.

    She tugged her finger and said: “Before you said you must marry Yue HuanShan, then you said you have to marry Liu FengGu, and now you want to marry Qin Ge. Who do you really want to marry?”.

    Tian SiSi said: “Whoever is the best, thats the one I will marry.”.

    Her eyes grew excited, she blushed and said: “In your opinion, which one of these three men is the best?”.

    Tian Xin laughed: “How should I know? Even though these three are all formidable big time celebrities, I haven’t even seen a single one.”.

    She thought a bit, her own face getting red and hesitantly said: “I only know that Qin Ge is sentimental and couragous; Liu FengGu is the world’s wisest person, no matter what the problem, he always comes up with a solution that nobody can dispute. If a girl can marry him, she would not have wasted her life.”.

    Tian SiSi: “What about Yue HuanShan? Would marrying him not be good?”.

    Tian Xin nipped her lip: “He won’t do. He’s not any younger than Old Master.”.

    Tian SiSi also chewed her lips: “What has being old got to do with it? As long as he’s the best, even if he were 70 years old I’d still want to marry him.”.

    Tian Xin laughed abruptly: “What if he already has a wife?”.

    Tian SiSi said: “Having a wife also doesn’t matter, I’d be willing to be his second wife.”.

    Tian Xin couldn’t help but bust out laughing again: “What if the three of them are equally good? Are you willing to marry all three at once?”.

    Tian SiSi appeared to have not heard her speech and spaced out for a brief moment. Suddenly she lifted Tian Xin’s hand and whispered: “Sneak outside and buy me some men’s clothes, ok?”.

    Tian Xin became still: “Lady, what are you going to do with men’s clothes?”.

    Tian SiSi was quiet for a moment, and said softly: “Have you ever heard the story of Liang ShanBo and Zhu YingTai?”.

    Tian Xin smiled: “It was I who smuggled you those ‘silver tales’, how could I not have heard of it?”.

    Tian SiSi said: “It is said that if a young girl wants to go outside, she won’t be harrassed if she disguised herself as a man.”.

    Tian Xin’s eyes widened in surprise: “My Lady wants to leave the house?”.

    Tian SiSi nodded and bit her lips: “I want to see for myself which of the three is actually the best.”.

    Tian Xin was so shocked she couldn’t even laugh anymore: “Lady, you must be joking.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Who’s joking with you? Hurry up and find me some clothes.”.

    Not only couldn’t Tian Xin laugh, she was almost ready to cry. She threw up her hands and frowned: “Lady, please listen to me. If Old Master finds out, it’d be a miracle if he didn’t break my leg”.

    Tian SiSi narrowed her eyes: “If you don’t go, I’m going to break both your legs right now.”.

    She suddenly blinked her bright eyes and smiled. She pinched Tian Xin’s cheeks lightly and giggled: “Besides, you’re not that young anymore. Don’t you want to go out and find yourself a husband?”.

    Tian Xin couldn’t brush away a feeling of shyness, but she leaped up and held onto her Lady: “You’re willing to bring me with you?”.

    Tian SiSi laughed: “Of course, how could I bear to leave you all alone and bored in this house?”.

    Tian Xin’s previously frightened pale face gradually flushed red, her pupils began to shine. She stared out the window and zoned out.

    Tian SiSi’s voice was gentle: “The world outside is so beautiful and so broad, especially ChiangNan. Right now there are a multitude of purples and reds, this being the time when the flowers are blooming. If a person has never visited ChiangNan during his lifetime, he would have wasted his life.”.

    Tian Xin seemed to be dreaming and wandered over to the window. Her mind appeared to have flown out towards ChiangNan. Beside the gentle flowing waters, underneath the gentle willow, there is a gentle and romantic young man waiting for her.

    What 16 year old girl didn’t like to daydream?

    Tian SiSi: “Hurry up and go. As long as you don’t tell and I don’t tell, Old Master will never know. After we bring back a son-in-law, he’ll be so pleased.”.

    Even if Tian Xin’s heart was willing, her mouth couldn’t follow through. She shook her head vigorously: “It won’t do, I still don’t dare.”.

    Tian SiSi’s face became stern: “Fine, little devil. Since you dare to disobey, I’m going to hand you over to Wang DaGuang in the stables.”.

    To use the term “Big Shine” to describe his face may not be appropriate, but no words can better describe his head. [*Big Shine is a rough translation of DaGuang]

    His head was like a peeled hard-boiled egg, not a single strand of hair remained.

    Unfortunately his face was not very bright. Each side of his face carried at least two to three hundred dark freckles, more spotted than a tangerine’s skin.

    The thought of this person made Tian Xin want to vomit. The thought of having to marry this type of person made her legs weaken and she nearly had to kneel down.

    Tian SiSi lightly said: “Whatever I say is a promise, whether you go or not is up to you.”.

    Tian Xin immediately said: “Go, go, go. I’ll go now. Don’t know if my Lady perfers to play the part of a heroic Hua MuLan or a graceful Zhu YingTai?”.

    A sky blue light satin shirt, a sky blue elegant cloth. Tian SiSi put them on her body and looked at her lone reflection in the copper mirror, appearing very satisfied with herself.

    She made a serious expression with her face and then suddenly laughed: “Little Pouter, don’t I look like a worldly gentleman?”.

    Tian Xin also pressed her lips together and smiled: “Truly sophisticated and dashing. Even if Pan An was still alive to see you, he’d scurry back in the coffin.”.
    Tian SiSi wrinkled her brow: “Now I’m only worried about one thing.”.

    Tian Xin: “What’s that?”.

    Tian SiSi: “When a man like this steps outside, he’ll be sure to catch the eyes of many young ladies. Before I’d even find my husband, a girl will have chased me down to marry her. How will I manage?”.

    Tian Xin also wrinkled her brow: “This actually is a concern. If I didn’t know you were a woman, I’d marry you for sure.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Fine, I’ll have you then.”.

    She turned around, stretched out her hand and grinned: “Come my darling, let me hold you tight.”.

    Tian Xin squealed, shook her head, and ran.

    Tian SiSi chased after her and grabbed her waist: “Don’t you want to? Even if you don’t, you still can’t escape.”.

    Tian Xin panted: “Even if I wanted to embrace, it wouldn’t be with someone of your appearance.”.

    Tian SiSi: “What’s wrong with this appearance?”.

    Tian Xin: “This behavior is so malicious, it’d be a wonder if easily-frightened girls won’t be scared to death by you.”.

    Tian Xin sighed: “Actually I have some news, but my Lady probably wouldn’t want to hear it so I don’t dare say.”.

    Tian SiSi chewed on her lips, after a moment she said warningly: “What don’t you dare say? Where’s your spine?”.

    Tian Xin said: “How can a servant have a spine.”.

    Seeing that her servant girl was feeling a bit bullied, even a lady’s heart becomes softer. She turned around and hugged Tian Xin: “You don’t want to speak, fine. I’ll just squeeze you until your little pouty lips open wide.”.

    Tian Xin was already laughing so hard she could barely breathe: “Ok my Lady, please release me, I’ll talk......I’ll talk......”.

    She panted for breath, then quietly said: “It’s been rumored that Old Master already has a mind to pair you up with Yang Third Master’s son.”.

    Tian SiSi perked up: “Which Yang Third Master?”.

    Tian Xin: “Naturally it is that government official Yang Third Master.”.

    Tian SiSi became very still for a moment, then suddenly said: “Hurry up and gather up the clothes, we’re leaving tonight.”.

    Tian Xin: “What’s the hurry?”.

    Tian SiSi: “I heard that Yang Third Master’s son is a weirdo, since childhood he’s spent time in a Buddhist Temple. Even the old monks all say he’s a strange monster from the skies. How can I stand to be with someone like this?”.

    She suddenly said again: “Let me take care of the clothes. You go hire a carriage and wait for me outside the gate to the rear garden.”.

    Tian Xin said: “Why hire a carriage? Wouldn’t riding a horse be somewhat faster?”.

    Tian SiSi: “We’ll have at least six or seven trunks to carry with us, how can we travel without a carriage?”.

    Tian Xin’s eyes opened wide: “Six or seven trunks? What does my Lady want to bring along?”.

    Tian SiSi was pensive: “Theres too many things I need to bring. For example, a powder case, a washbasin, a mirror, all these things need to be put in a trunk. Although we’re dressing up as guys, we can’t just stop washing our hair and cleaning our faces.”.

    She moved her eyes: “And then theres the bed cushions, pillows, these will also need a trunk, you know I never use other people’s things - oh yes, go wrap up my plate, bowl, chopsticks, and napkins, as well as this incense burner and chessboard too.
    Tian Xin listened until her eyes bulged: “My Lady, are you preparing a wedding dowry? You haven’t even found in-laws yet and you’re already preparing a dowry, don’t you think it’s a bit too early?”.

    Tian SiSi burst into laughter: “How should I behave then?”.

    Tian Xin: “Be a bit more gentle, a bit more considerate, first hold their hand and say something sweet to get them worked up, then allow them to come to you for a hug.”.

    Tian SiSi: “What should I say?”.

    Tian Xin: “For example, say you are lonely and that you’ve never seen a girl such as her, and after seeing her, your life took on new meaning. All you can think about is her and you can’t live without her.”.

    Before she even finished speaking, Tian SiSi was already doubling over in laughter: “These words are too cheesy, how can they be coming out of any man’s mouth?”.

    Tian Xin: “This is what you don’t understand, girls like to hear cheesy words, the cheesier the better.”.

    Tian SiSi giggled: “I wouldn’t have guessed you’d have so much experience in these matters, you must have heard these words from others quite often.”.

    Tian Xin blushed and pouted her lips: “A person is speaking seriously here, and you still joke with them.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Fine, I’ll ask you a serious question then.”.

    Tian Xin: “What?”.

    Tian SiSi winked: “I ask you, has a Little Pouty Mouth like you ever been intimate with anyone before?”.

    Tian Xin pounded on the bed, buried her head in the bedsheets, and covered her ears with her hands: “I’m not listening, I’m not listening, how can you say such an embarrassing thing.”.

    Tian SiSi’s face also got a little rosy and said softly: “Who knows how often other people our age have already experienced this kind of thing, what does it matter if I mention it?”.

    Tian Xin said: “Listening to you speak, it’d be really hard for people to believe you were a sheltered and high-class young lady.”.

    She sighed and shook her head: “This can only be blamed on Old Master, why hasn’t he already married you off? If you had a husband sooner, you wouldn’t be thinking such crazy thoughts every day.”.

    Tian SiSi flung her arm, turned her head and frowned: “Little devil, your words are becoming out of place.”.

    Seeing that her lady was about to lose her temper, Tian Xin became timid, shuffled over, and smiled: “I just heard some news, would my Lady like to hear it?”.

    Tian SiSi said: “I don’t want to listen.”.

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    Chapter 3 - A Canary and a Gang of Cats

    Tian SiSi said: “If I don’t bring these things, which smelly man’s bedding would you have me sleep on, which smelly man’s bowl would you have me eat my rice from?”.

    Tian Xin giggled: “Even if my Lady doesn’t want to use other people’s things, we can still buy brand new items on the road.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Even the purchased stuff is dirty.”.

    Tian Xin: “Weren’t all these things purchased from somewhere?”.

    Tian SiSi pouted her lips: “I don’t care, I must bring all these things, can’t leave a single item, otherwise......”.

    Tian Xin sighed and carried them down for her: “Otherwise you’ll bethroth me to Wang DaGuang, right?”.

    She rolled her eyes and chuckled: “Some people call others Pouty Lips, but actually pouts their lips even more than me.”.

    When she says she wants something, she has to have it. Even if you give the most sensible reason, she’d still regard you as spewing nonsense.

    In the blink of an eye, she can lose her temper. But after another blink, she may have already forgotten the reason for losing her temper and hold your hand. This is Ms. Tian’s temper tantrum.

    Therefore our Ms. Tian brought along her washbasin, powder case, mirror, bed cushions, pillows, incense burner, chessboard......and several more items you can’t even begin to imagine, and started out on her journey.

    This was her first time leaving the house.

    Her destination was ChiangNan.

    Because all three of her idols were in ChiangNan.

    But what kind of place was ChiangNan? How far was it from her home?

    What types of places will they pass on the road? What kind of people will they encounter?

    Will they be good people? Or wicked people who will mistreat them.

    Will the two of them get caught up in some dangerous situation? Will they even make it to ChiangNan?

    Even if they arrived in ChiangNan, will they really be able to find her three big time celebrities?

    And how will they react to her?

    Ms. Tian didn’t concern herself with any of these matters, as if all she needed to do was sit in the carriage, shut her eyes, and once she opened them again she would have arrived safely in ChiangNan, with the three celebrities all lined up waiting for her.

    She thought that ChiangNan would be as safe as the garden behind her house, she thought that the inhabitants of the martial world were just like the ones in her house who catered to her whims.

    For a female child like this to step into the martial world, do you think its dangerous or not?

    If she can really arrive safely in ChiangNan, that would truly be a strange matter.

    The things she encountered on the road were beyond most people’s wildest dreams, if you recounted each event, it’d take you two or three years to tell.

    Stars, full moon, the evening breeze was tepid and dry.

    ZhongYuan usually has good weather.

    The window was open, the trees on the side of the road flew by, the horse carriage was moving quickly.

    Tian SiSi was like a canary who just flew out of it’s cage after over a decade of imprisonment, the farther the better, the faster the better.
    The wind came in through the window, blowing on her and creating goosebumps all over her body. She stuck her head out the window and saw a full moon, like a spinning icy plate up in the sky, and exclaimed with excitement. As if it was the first time shes ever seen the moonlight, she called out: “Look at that, isn’t this moonlight beautiful?”.

    Tian Xin said: “It’s beautiful, very beautiful.”.

    Tian SiSi: “I bet ChiangNan’s moonlight is even more beautiful than the one here, it’s moon is probably rounder too.”.

    Tian Xin winked her eye: “Isn’t ChiangNan’s moon the same as the one here?”.

    Tian SiSi sighed and shook her head: “You simply have no poetic sentiment.”.

    Tian Xin stared out at the night and slowly said: “I don’t want to write poems, I want to write a novel.”.

    Tian SiSi: “A novel? What kind of novel?”.

    Tian Xin: “It’ll be like ‘Journey to the West’, I’ve even thought of a name for it.”.

    Tian SiSi laughed: “Who would have guessed our Little Pouty Mouth was such a talented girl, what kind of name did you come up with, tell me quick.”.

    Tian Xin said: “’A Lady’s Journey to the South’.”.

    Tian SiSi: “’A Lady’s Journey to the South’? You......You’re writing about me?”.

    Tian Xin: “That’s right. The Lady would be you, and Journey to the South will be about all our adventures on the road.”.

    Her cheeks flushed with excitement: “I bet we’ll meet lots and lots of interesting people on our journey, and encounter lots and lots of interesting matters. If I write everything down, and let others see our adventures, it would be even more interesting.”.

    Tian SiSi’s interest perked up and she clapped her hands: “Great idea, only you can write this, and write it well, this book will probably become even more famous than ‘Journey to the West’”.

    She suddenly became serious: “But we must not use our true names, to avoid angering Daddy when he reads it.”.

    Tian Xin rolled her eyes: “What names should we use then......’Journey to the West’ was about Tang Seng, I can’t make my Lady out to be a nun.”.

    Tian SiSi: “If I’m Tang Seng then you’re Sun WuKong, if I’m a female priest then you’re a female ape.”.

    She giggled and continued: “Monkeys also pout.”.

    Tian Xin’s lips suddenly got pouty: “Being Monkey Sun is no big deal, but Tang Seng should be a bit more careful.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Careful about what?”.

    Tian Xin: “Careful about other people eating your Buddhist flesh.”.

    Tian SiSi jumped up as if to twist her lips, but then sat back down again and furrowed her brows: “Bad, very bad.”.

    Tian Xin tensed up: “What’s the matter?”.

    Tian SiSi’s face reddened, the color spreading out to her ears. She whispered: “I drank too much tea earlier, now I need to go really bad.”.

    Tian Xin thought it was funny, but didn’t think it would be polite to laugh and bit her lips: “How are we going to handle this? Can’t really do it in the carriage......”

    Tian SiSi: “I forgot something really important, we should have brought a bucket along with us.”.

    Tian Xin couldn’t control herself and bent over in laughter.

    Tian SiSi said darkly: “What’s so funny, you never had to pee before?”.

    Of course Tian Xin has experienced this, she knew how awful it felt.

    She abruptly stopped laughing and whispered: “Theres nobody on the road, and it’s dark, why don’t you tell the carriage driver to stop, go into the woods by the road, and......”.

    “Pak” - Tian SiSi slapped her palm lightly: “Little Devil, what if someone burst in by chance......”.

    Tian Xin: “That’s not a concern, I’ll stand guard for you.”.

    Tian SiSi shook her head vigorously: “No way...nooooo way, no matter what you say it won’t do.”.

    Tian Xin sighed: “If it won’t do then theres no solution, best to just hold it in for a while.”.

    Tian SiSi had already been holding it in until shes red in the face.

    It’s best to not think about it, the more you think the more you have to go.

    Tian SiSi suddenly called loudly: “Driver, stop for a moment.”.

    Tian Xin covered her laugh: “So there are times when our Lady will change her mind.”.

    Tian SiSi stared at her sternly: “It just so happens that I have some instructions to tell the driver.”.

    Tian Xin: “What instructions?”.

    Tian SiSi shook her head and mumbled: “What a child, don’t even have an adult’s common sense.”.

    Once the carriage stopped, she quickly jumped down and shouted: “Driver, come over, I have something to say.”.

    The driver lazily stepped down from the carriage and sauntered over slowly, with a simple-minded fruit brained appearance.

    Tian SiSi felt very satisfied, her trip this time was very secretive, so of course she hoped the driver would be stupid. Stupid people rarely discover other people’s secrets.

    But she didn’t feel relieved yet, she still needed to make sure, because she was a very level-headed and detail-oriented person with good common sense.

    Therefore she asked: “Do you recognize us? Do you know who we are?”.

    The driver shook his head: “I don’t recognize, I don’t know.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Do you know what place we came from?”.

    The driver: “I’m not a retard, how could I not know.”.

    Tian SiSi got a little tense: “You know?”.

    The driver: “You came out from a door, of course.”.

    Tian SiSi relaxed: “Do you know which family that door belonged to?”.

    The driver: “I don’t know.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Do you know what our destination is?”.

    The driver: “I don’t know.”.

    Tian SiSi rolled her eyes and asked again: “Do you think we are male or female?”.

    The driver smiled, exposing yellow teeth: “If you two are female, then I’m somebody’s mother.”.

    Tian SiSi also smiled and felt even more satisfied: “We want to walk around the area, you wait here, don’t leave.”.

    The driver smiled: “You two haven’t paid for the ride yet, even if you kill me I won’t leave.”.

    Tian SiSi nodded her head: “That’s right, if you leave you don’t get paid, if you don’t leave you will be rewarded.”.

    The driver took out some tobacco from his belt, sat down on the ground, and started smoking.

    Tian SiSi felt completely relieved, as soon as she resolved this, she started thinking about that other business again.

    As soon as she started thinking of that, she couldn’t stand it any more, and pulled Tian Xin into the woods.

    It wasn’t very dark inside the woods, but there wasn’t a soul in sight.

    Tian Xin whispered: “How about right here, without someone watching our carriage we can’t go too far.”.

    Tian SiSi said: “No, this area won’t do. That driver is a retard, no need to worry about him.”.

    People think that the more dark and secluded the place, the more peaceful. That is one of humanity’s weaknesses.

    Tian SiSi found the darkest area and whispered: “You stand guard here, yell out if anyone approaches.”.

    Tian Xin just giggled.

    Tian SiSi glared at her: “Little devil, what are you laughing at! You never seen anyone take a pee?”.

    Tian Xin smiled: “I wasn’t laughing at that, I was just thinking that even if nobody came, if by chance there happened to be a snake......”.

    Tian SiSi jumped up with a frightened expression, and searched for something to stuff her mouth with.

    Tian Xin begged for mercy but Tian SiSi would have none of it, both girls screamed and laughed and argued. Nobody heard the sound of the neighing horse outside the woods.

    By the time they finished arguing and exited the woods, the driver and the carriage have all disappeared without a trace.

    Tian SiSi was still.

    Tian Xin was also still.

    Both girls looked at each other and was silent for a long time. Tian Xin sighed deeply: “We treated him like he was retarded, who knew he regarded us as the real retards, we were really dumb, and he just pretended to be.”.

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, too angry to even speak.

    Tian Xin: “What should we do now?”.

    Tian SiSi: “No matter what we do, I’m not returning home.”.

    She suddenly asked: “Did you bring my jewelry?”.

    Tian Xin nodded her head.

    Tian SiSi stamped her foot: “We should have removed the package from the carriage.”.

    Tian Xin took out a package: “What do we have here?”.

    Tian SiSi jumped for joy: “I knew you were a wily little devil.”.

    Tian Xin sighed and muttered: “What a child, no adult common sense at all.”.

    The road was not dark, the stars and moon were out.

    Two people strolled along leisurely, their recent bad mood seemed to be long forgotten.

    Tian SiSi smiled: “After losing the stuff, I actually feel less tied down.”.

    Tian Xin winked: “You’re not afraid of using the same bedding that other smelly men use?”.

    Tian SiSi: “What’s there to be afraid of, we’ll just buy new ones. The bedding I had before was also purchased somewhere.”.

    Tian Xin laughed: “Although our Lady has a peculiar temper, she can still be open to reason. But she suffers from a bit of memory loss, with a turn of the head shes forgotten the words she said.”.

    Tian SiSi glared at her, then suddenly furrowed her brow: “Theres one thing that seemed quite strange to me.”.

    Tian Xin: “What’s that?”.

    Tian SiSi: “The driver didn’t collect his fee yet, so why would he just leave?”.

    Tian Xin paused for a moment, and then nodded her head: “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”.

    With a “pak”, Tian SiSi lightly hit her: “Dummy, of course he knew that the stuff we had on the carriage was very valuable, even after buying an entire carriage you’d still have plenty left over.”.

    Tian Xin said: “Aiya, Lady is so talented to have figured out such a complex riddle, I really admire you.”.

    A Lady will envitably be a Lady.

    A Lady’s way of thinking sometimes caused people to not know if they should laugh or cry.

    The sky was bright.

    The roosters were making noise, their stomachs were also making noise.

    Tian SiSi mumbled: “Strange, why would a person’s stomach make “gu-gu” noises?”.

    Tian Xin: “A stomach will make noise when it’s hungry.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Why would it make noise when it’s hungry?”.

    Tian Xin didn’t have any way to answer this, the Lady’s questions were always difficult for others to answer.

    Tian SiSi sighed: “I never realized it was so uncomfortable being hungry.”.

    Tian Xin: “You’ve never been hungry?”.

    Tian SiSi: “There were several times when I didn’t want to eat lunch, and by the time late afternoon rolled around I felt like I was going crazy from hunger. Now I realize that those times cannot be considered hunger.”.

    Tian Xin: “Didn’t you say that a person living in this world should experience all kinds of things?”. Tian SiSi said: “But I’ve already tasted enough of this hunger, right now I just want to eat a piece of slow-roasted, tender, red meat.”.

    Tian Xin: “Then you’d better return home to eat some.”.

    Tian SiSi: “They don’t even sell red-roasted meat out here?”.

    Tian Xin: “At the very least, not right now. The restaurants aren’t even open yet.”.

    She thought about it some more: “I’ve heard of a teahouse that opened in the morning, and sold things to eat. Many of these teahouses are usually near the food market.”.

    Tian SiSi clapped and laughed: “That’s great news, I had already planned on checking out the food market. And there are teahouses too. I heard that a lot of things happened in teahouses in the martial world.”.

    Tian Xin: “Sure, there are all kinds of people at these places, especially swindlers.”.

    Tian SiSi laughed: “As long as we’re careful, who can swindle us? They should be grateful we don’t cheat them.”.

    Naturally, there was a food market in the city. Naturally, there were teahouses near the food market. Naturally, there were all kinds of people inside with no shortage of drifters and swindlers.

    The beef noodles came in a large bowl, with inch wide noodles that were razor thin, and thick oil in the soup.

    Each piece of meat was five or six ounces.

    Eating in a place like this, the emphasis was on being economical. Nobody is really concerned about whether it tastes any good.

    In the past, the Lady wouldn’t even touch the chopsticks here, but today she finished half the bowl in one breath of time and even cleaned up the pieces of meat.

    Tian Xin watched her and suddenly smiled: “This bowl and chopsticks were used by smelly men, how dare you use it?”.

    Tian SiSi paused and chuckled: “I forgot about that, when a person’s stomach is hungry one can forget about everything.”.

    Tian SiSi brushed her face and anxiously whispered: “Is my face really dirty?”.

    Tian Xin: “Not at all.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Then why are these people all staring at me?”.

    Tian Xin laughed: “Maybe they’re looking for a husband for their daughters.”.

    Her hands were gripping the package tightly, not even releasing it while she was eating.

    Tian SiSi suddenly said: “Let go of the package and place it on the table.”.

    Tian Xin: “Why?”.

    Tian SiSi: “When out in the world you must not forget ‘never reveal your valuables’. The way you’re holding onto that package, one look and others will know that there are valuable things inside, it won’t be long before someone comes to start trouble. If you act nonchalant, others won’t notice.”.

    Tian Xin giggled: “I didn’t think my Lady was such a worldly person.”.

    Tian SiSi stared at her: “Who is your Lady?”.

    Tian Xin: “I meant Master.”.

    As she placed the package on the table, she noticed a man approaching. He saluted them and said: “Good morning to you two.”.

    This person didn’t appear very classy, and even looked a bit shady, one look and you can tell that he wasn’t a good person.

    At first Tian SiSi didn’t want to acknowledge him, but in order to give off the appearance of an experienced person from the martial world, she stood up and saluted: “Good morning.”.

    This person seated himself and smiled: “It looks like this is your first time here.”.

    Tian SiSi: “We’ve been here several times already, I’m pretty familiar with all the places in this city.”.

    The person said: “Since you have been running around out in the city, you should recognize this city’s Big Boss Zhao.

    Listening to this man’s tone, it seemed like this Big Boss Zhao was an important person in the city, if one didn’t recognize him then one wasn’t an experienced person in the martial world.

    Tian SiSi: “We’re not that close, just had dinner together a few times.”.

    The person laughed: “From what you just said, it appears that we’re all one big family. I’m Tie GeBo, one of Big Boss Zhao’s fellow brethren.”.

    He suddenly lowered his voice: “Since we’re of one family, theres something I must tell you.”.

    Tian SiSi: “Go ahead.”.

    Tie GeBo: “This place is pretty sketchy, with all kinds of bad people, if you have valuables in your package, then it’s best to be careful.”.

    Tian Xin wanted to reach out and grab the package, but Tian SiSi gave her a look and casually said: “This package only contains a few change of clothes, no need to be careful.”.

    Tie GeBo laughed and slowly stood up: “I only wanted to express some good intentions, you two......”.

    He quickly grabbed the package, turned around, and ran.

    Tian SiSi laughed coldly. Seeing this person’s legwork, even if she allowed him a fifty foot head start, she could still bring him back as soon as she set into motion.

    The Lady wasn’t the delicate type of female, during one time at a village square, she only had to use three or five moves to defeat a well-known martial arts exhibitionist.

    According to that street performer, Ms. Tian’s martial arts could be considered first-class in the martial world. Even ChiangNan’s most famous female heroine, “Jade Orchid”, might not be her match.

    This time unfortunately, before the Lady had a chance to reach out her hand, and before Tie GeBo could run out the door, he was blocked by a powerful, cold-looking man with a knife scar across his face who reached out his hand and boxed him across the ears.

    He said sharply: “Wretch, return the package to them.”.

    Not only did Tie GeBo not dare to fight back, he didn’t even dare to make noise. Massaging his face with his palm, he politely brought the package back.

    That large man also walked over, and gripped his fist in salute: “I’m surnamed Zhao, this is one of my little brothers, these past few days we’ve been poor to the point of insanity, that’s how come he could do such a despicable act, feel free to hit or punish.

    Not only did Tian SiSi feel that this person displayed an air of righteousness, his style wasn’t too bad either. She broke out in a grin: “Thanks for the friend’s aid. Since the package was not lost, just let it be. No need to bring it up anymore.”.

    The large man glared at Tie GeBo: “Since this is the case, why don’t you quickly thank this young gentleman’s graciousness.”.

    Tian SiSi suddenly said: “If brother is surnamed Zhao, are you this city’s Big Boss Zhao?”.

    The large man said: “I’m humbled.”.

    Tian SiSi: “I’ve admired your reputation, please sit down.”.

    Big Boss Zhao waved his hand: “Let me take care of this table’s account.”.

    Tian SiSi: “How can that be, this time I must be the host.”.

    She grabbed the package as if to take some money out, but only took out a gem-encrusted butterfly. The package did not contain any money.

    Big Boss Zhao’s pupils widened and he suddenly lowered his voice: “These types of things can’t be used to pay the bill, if Brother is short on cash, I can bring you somewhere to exchange that for money, I guarantee the exchange rate will be fair.”.

    He patted his chest and continued: “I’m not bragging, nobody in this city would dare cheat a friend of Big Boss Zhao’s”.

    Tian SiSi hesitated and was just about to say “yes” when she suddenly saw a long-robed, sword carrying, middle-aged man come over and address Big Boss Zhao: “Knife Scar Six, are you still using my name to cheat others?”.

    This Big Boss Zhao immediately stood up, bowing and grinning: “I wouldn’t dare, Big Boss Zhao you are well......”. Before he finished his sentence, he ran away like dissipating smoke, disappearing without a trace.

    Tian SiSi watched with wide eyes and before she could figure out what just happened here, the long-robed, sword carrying, middle-aged man greeted them: “I am surnamed Zhao, this city’s friends call me Big Boss, but I cannot live up to such a name.”.

    Tian SiSi then understood, this person was the real Big Boss Zhao, the one earlier was just pretending.

    Big Boss Zhao said: “Knife Scar Six is a famous swindler in this city, who oftentimes uses my identity to trick others, I’m afraid the two of you almost fell for his scam just now.”.

    Tian SiSi’s face reddened: “But when my package got stolen, it was actually him who got it back.”.

    Big Boss Zhao laughed: “That Tie GeBo actually planned ahead of time with him to cunningly act out this play, in order to win your trust and then really swindle you.”.

    He laughed again and continued: “Anyone could tell that with such a shine in your eyes, your skills could not be weak, depending on Tie GeBo’s talent, how could he escape your grasp?”.

    Tian SiSi secretly let out a sigh, this was called: One cannot gain knowledge without going through an experience.

    But her heart was suddenly happy and she said: “You could really tell that we knew martial arts?”.

    Big Boss Zhao smiled: “Not only know martial arts, but surely a master as well, therefore I would really like to make friends with two such as yourselves, otherwise I might not have bothered to stick my nose in this matter.”.

    Tian SiSi was very delighted, she didn’t imagine that she’d encounter this type of valiant person right after leaving home. She saluted and said: “Please sit down, please sit down and talk.”.

    Big Boss Zhao said: “This place is too chaotic, not a good place to talk. If the two of you don’t mind, how about carrying on this conversation at my place?”.

    Big Boss Zhao’s dwelling was not particularly large, it only consisted of two small buildings within a huge courtyard, the arrangements inside the buildings were plain and didn’t quite match his clothing.

    Not only did Tian SiSi not find this peculiar, she even considered it quite logical.

    For a member of the martial world like Big Boss Zhao, even if he was wealthy he’d go out and spend it with friends, rather than using it for private enjoyment. For someone like him, he’d obviously not take too much interest in his house.

    Big Boss Zhao said: “If the two of you have no pressing matters to attend to, please stay here for a few days and allow me to invite my friends in the city to come meet you.”.

    Tian SiSi said happily: “Great idea, the reason I came out this time was to meet new friends.”.

    Tian Xin suddenly interrupted: “But wouldn’t this be a great inconvenience for Master Zhao?”.

    Tian SiSi gave her a look: “For someone like Big Brother Zhao, if we act too polite about these things, it would only mean that we don’t consider him enough of a friend.”.

    Big Boss Zhao patted his hand and laughed: “Precisely, this Brother is a no-nonsense man, by accepting my offer you only demonstrate that we’re good brothers.”.

    “No-nonsense man”, “Good brothers”, these two phrases made Tian SiSi very happy. If even someone like Big Boss Zhao couldn’t see that they were girls disguised as men, then who can? She couldn’t help but secretly admire herself, it’s as if she had a natural talent for adventuring in the martial world, first time disguising herself as a man and it was already so convincing.

    Big Boss Zhao continued: “Brother, if you need anything just let Big Brother know. Okay, I’ll go grab some money and give it to you guys to carry along so you can comfortably get what you need.”.

    Tian SiSi: “That’s not necessary, I still have some jewelry here......”.

    Her face reddened, and hurriedly said: “It’s my little sister’s jewelry, it can still be exchanged for some money.”.

    Big Boss Zhao said earnestly: “Brother, that wouldn’t be right. You just said let’s not be too polite, and now you’re suddenly being polite. I’m going to go get some money now, and buy some wine, when I return we’ll all have a good drink.”.

    He started to walk out without waiting for Tian SiSi’s reply, but turned around and took out a key to open a cabinet by the bed: “It’s not convenient to carry along such valuables, let’s just lock it in here. Although we shouldn’t need to worry about it, it never hurts to be a little more careful.”.

    He thought about everything so thoroughly. After locking the package inside the cabinet, he gave the key to Tian Xin and smiled: “This young steward seems to be quite meticulous about doing things, he can guard the key then.”.

    Tian SiSi felt a bit embarrased about it all, but Tian Xin quickly grabbed the key.

    After waiting for Big Boss Zhao to leave, Tian Xin suddenly whispered: “It seems to me that this Big Boss Zhao is not a good thing, I wonder what scheme he’s cooking up?”.

    Tian SiSi laughed: “Little Devil, your suspicious heart is really acting up. He offered us his home, and went to get money for us, where does one find this kind of decent person?”.

    Tian Xin said: “But our package......”.

    Tian SiSi: “The package is locked within this cabinet, the key is on your person, and you’re still not relieved?”.

    Tian Xin pouted and didn’t say a word.

    Tian SiSi didn’t pay any more attention to her, clasped her hands and walked outside. She discovered that there were ten households within this courtyard, several varieties of clothing were hung up to dry on a bamboo pole, not a single one was new, the living conditions must not be very good for the people who resided here.

    It was not yet noon. A few people in the courtyard were exercising with stone shackles and flipping somersaults, there were also two girls who were combing their braids. Tian SiSi knew that these must be the types of people who wandered the martial world, practicing for their performances.

    Over on the side was a blind old man playing the lute, a woman with her head lowered stood nearby, slowly playing with a few sweetheart beans in her hand. The old man was obviously a street performer. The woman who was playing with the beans, could it be that she was falling in love? Did her sweetheart secretly give those to her? Tian SiSi couldn’t help but giggle.

    The woman glanced over, gave her a meaningful look, then lowered her head again and held the sweetheart beans against her chest.

    “Is this woman attracted to me? She doesn’t want me to know that she has a boyfriend, so is that why she hid her sweetheart beans?” Tian SiSi suddenly didn’t dare look over there anymore.

    Even though she thought it was interesting, she didn’t want to attract this kind of trouble. In the courtyard were several children with runny noses building castle walls out of mud.

    A pregnant woman was lighting a fire, her eyes were getting red from the smoke, tears coming out non-stop. Looking at her belly, it would appear that she was at least eight or nine months pregnant, her baby could come out at any time.

    Yet her mother-in-law was nagging by her side, calling her lazy, but still wiping her face for her with a handkerchief.

    Tian SiSi experienced a feeling of warmth. She felt that this was what living life was all about.

    She had never been this close to real living. She suddenly felt very envious of the pregnant woman -- although she had no riches, no jewelry, none of the makeup from the city, not five pieces of silver or an inch of a satin skirt: but she had her own lifestyle, she had love, her life was already very vibrant.

    “If a person were to be confined in a garden, watching the clouds come and go, flowers bloom and die, although she can obtain the best comforts of life, how would that be any different than a canary being raised in a cage?” Tian SiSi sighed, and only hated herself for not having the courage to escape her cage sooner.

    She resolved to take advantage of this opportunity, and enjoy life to the fullest.

    The fire was burning, the food was already cooking on the stove.

    The sound of the lute stopped, the old man pulled out his tobacco. The woman lightly pounded his back for him.

    Tian Xin suddenly ran out and anxiously said: “Why hasn’t Big Boss Zhao come back by now?”.

    Tian SiSi: “Maybe he isn’t ready to yet, and needed to walk farther to get more money.”.

    Tian Xin: “I’m just afraid he might have slipped away.”.

    Tian SiSi stared: “He didn’t even swindle a bit of our money, why would he want to slip away?”.

    Tian Xin pouted her lips again, turned her head, and ran back into the building.

    The food in the pot gradually cooked, the smell of the rice attracted a young, tanned fellow.

    His body was covered with perspiration, obviously the result of a hard morning’s work.

    That pregnant woman immediately welcomed him, helping him wipe his sweat. The young fellow softly patted her belly, and whispered a few words in her ears. The young wife gave him a meaningful look, and laughed a little.

    Two dogs in the courtyard were stealing some scraps.

    The little kids who played until their entire bodies were covered with mud, got yelled at and spanked by their mother.

    Big Boss Zhao still hasn’t returned.

    Tian SiSi was also growing a little impatient.

    Tian Xin suddenly rushed out from the house.

    Looking at her expression, it was as if her tail was on fire, she was stamping her feet non-stop: “Oh no, oh no......”.

    Tian SiSi wrinkled her brow: “What are you getting so worked up about, do you need to pee too? Theres a bathroom here.”.

    Tian Xin: “ belongings......”.

    Tian SiSi: “Isn’t our package locked inside that cabinet?”.

    Tian Xin shook her head vigorously: “It’s not, the cabinet is empty, theres nothing there.”.

    Tian SiSi: “That’s silly talk, I personally placed the package inside.”.

    Tian Xin: “But it has disappeared. Just now I was not feeling comfortable and opened up the cabinet to look, only to find out......”.

    Tian SiSi also became anxious and ran inside, the cabinet truly was empty.

    Where did the package go? Did it sprout wings and fly out of a locked cabinet?

    Tian Xin gasped: “The cabinet has three sides, but theres a hole in the wall, Big Boss Zhao must have reached in from the outside and stolen the package. I knew he wasn’t a good person.”.

    Tian SiSi stamped her feet and hurried outside.

    Everyone else had returned home to eat their meal, only the few people who were training were still outside in the darkening courtyard, drawing water to wash their faces.

    Tian SiSi rushed over and said: “Big Boss Zhao? Do you guys know where he is?”.

    The young men all looked at each other, then said: “Who is Big Boss Zhao? We don’t recognize him.”.

    Tian SiSi said: “The one living in that building, who is also your neighbor. How could you not recognize him?”.

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    Chapter 4 - The Elegant Madame Wang

    The young fellow said: “Those two buildings have been empty for half a month, it was only early this morning that someone moved in and paid a half month’s rent, how would we know who he was?”.

    Tian SiSi froze. Tian Xin was also stunned.

    Suddenly somebody said: “Did someone just ask about Big Brother Zhao, who was it?”.

    This person came in and walked over, his hand was carrying a whip, he looked like a carriage driver.

    Tian SiSi greeted him immediately: “I was asking, do you recognize him?”.

    The man nodded: “Of course I do, by just roaming about the city how can one not recognize Big Boss Zhao?”.

    Tian SiSi happily said: “Can you lead us to him?”.

    The man looked the two of them over several times: “You two are......”.

    Tian SiSi: “We’re both his good friends.”.

    The man immediately laughed: “Since you’re Big Brother Zhao’s friends, what more is there to discuss, please step up onto my carriage and I’ll take you.”.

    The carriage stopped in front of a run-down building, the carriage driver said: “Right now Big Brother Zhao is drinking with a guest inside this building, I still have things to do and can’t accompany you two.”.

    Without even taking the time to say “thanks”, Tian SiSi was already storming inside. She was afraid of letting Big Boss Zhao slip away again.

    This Lady had never been so angry, she promised herself as soon as she sees Big Boss Zhao, shes going to box his ears at least seventeen or eighteen times.

    There really were two people drinking inside this building, one of them had a face that was jaundiced and thin, as if he was sick; the other one was full of energy, a powerful looking man with a heavy beard.

    Tian SiSi yelled loudly: “Where is Big Boss Zhao? Quickly tell him to come out and see me.”.

    That sickly looking man measured her with squinted eyes: “Why are you looking for him?”.

    Tian SiSi: “Of course it’s regarding a matter, a very urgent matter.”.

    The man lifted his cup, sipped a bit of wine, and coldly said: “If you have anything to say, you may tell me. I am Big Boss Zhao.”.

    Tian SiSi was startled: “You’re Big Boss Zhao? You’re not the one I’m looking for.”.

    The large heavily bearded man laughed: “This is the only Big Boss Zhao there is, you won’t be able to find a second one within 800 li.”.

    Tian SiSi’s face suddenly became pale. Could it be that that long-robed, sword carrying “Big Boss Zhao” was just another pretender?

    That sickly looking man took another sip of wine, and casually said: “It seems like this friend must have run across ‘Qian YiTao’. Two months ago I heard that he was using my name to con others, I should have taught him a lesson earlier, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to track him down.”.

    Tian SiSi couldn’t help but ask: “Who is Qian YiTao?”.

    Big Boss Zhao said: “Did you meet someone wearing long satin robes, with a sword strapped around his waist, acting very stylish, who was around forty or so?”.

    Tian SiSi: “That’s absolutely correct.”.

    The large heavily bearded man laughed: “That was Qian YiTao, his only belonging is that set of clothes he wears in order to deceive people, that’s why he’s called Qian YiTao.”.

    Big Boss Zhao said: “Although he only has one set of clothes, he has more than one method of deceiving others, it seems like you must have fallen for his tricks.”.

    Tian SiSi grinded her teeth: “Can the two of you help me find this Mr. Qian?”.

    Big Boss Zhao: “This person is very cunning, and he would probably be laying low these past couple of days, in order to find him, we should wait a few more days.”.

    He suddenly laughed and continued: “Did he trick you out of all your belongings?”.

    Tian SiSi felt her face going red, and forced herself to nod.

    Big Boss Zhao: “Was this your first time here?”.

    Tian SiSi could only nod her head again.

    Big Boss Zhao: “None of that matters, first I can arrange for you a place to stay, allowing you a safe and comfortable place to wait. After six or seven days, I guarantee that I will find your money for you.”.

    Tian SiSi blushed: “ would that not be an imposement?”.

    Big Boss Zhao: “It’s not an imposement at all. It is commonly said: At home, one depends on their parents, outside the house, one depends on their friends. By willing to come find me, you two have already given me face.”.

    Although this person appeared sickly, it seems like he was actually an honorable person of the martial world.

    Tian SiSi was both embarrassed and anxious. Giving forth the appearance of not being hung up about these things, she said: “In that case, Little Brother will politely follow your orders.”.

    The large heavily bearded man looked them over several times and smiled: “I suggest we invite them to stay at Madame Wang’s place. Everybody is female there, so it’ll be a bit more convenient”.

    Tian SiSi became still and said: “All women? How will that do, we’re......we’re......”.

    The large heavily bearded man smiled: “Aren’t you two women?”.

    Tian SiSi’s face reddened even more, she turned to look at Tian Xin.

    Tian Xin carried an expression of resignation, Tian SiSi could only sigh and with a forced smile said: “I didn’t think that your eyesight was so good.”.

    The large heavily bearded man said: “It’s not that our eyesight is good......”.

    He laughed, and left some words unsaid.

    Tian SiSi pressed on and asked: “If it’s not your good eyesight, then what is it? Are our disguises not adequate?”.

    Big Boss Zhao also laughed suddenly and said: “With disguises such as yours, if someone couldn’t tell you two are female, then he must be a blind man.”.

    Tian SiSi gave a slight pause: “Given this, could it be that Qian fellow also saw through it?”.

    Big Boss Zhao softly said: “Qian YiTao is not a blind man.”.

    Tian SiSi paused again, and then suddenly took the ribbon off the top of her head, tossed it to the ground, and laughed coldly: “So what if I’m a woman, sooner or later I’ll let that one surnamed Qian know that a woman is also not good to cross.”.

    Thereupon our Lady Tian returned once more to her female appearance.

    Therefore her troubles only increased more and more.

    Madame Wang was also a woman.

    There are many kinds of women, Madame Wang is a most special kind.

    Her uniqueness is something you wouldn’t be able to guess in your wildest dreams.

    Madam Wang’s house is located at a peaceful alley. Two high walls blocked the sun with a branch of apricot dangling outside.

    It is past noon, Zhu Hong’s door is still closed tightly, silence behind the doors.

    Just by looking at the door, everyone can see Madam Wang should be an important person.

    Tian SiSi feeling overjoyed couldn’t resist the question, “Do you think Madam Wang will let us live here?”

    Big Boss Zhao nodded, “Rest assure, Madam Wang is not only my old friend, but also my good friend.

    Tian SiSi asked, “What kind of person is she?”

    Big Boss Zhao responded, “She is a nice person, but her temper can be strange.”

    Tian SiSi, “How so?”

    Big Boss Zhao, “If you are willing to listen to her, she can grant you anything. Living in this place will definitely be more comfortable than living at home. If you cause trouble in front of her then you will definitely regret it greatly.”

    His expression while talking was very serious, intending to scare Tian SiSi.

    Instead, Tian SiSi laughed, “This type of temper isn’t that strange. I don’t like people causing trouble in front of me either.”

    Big Boss Zhao, “That’s good; looks at you guys will be able to bond with each other.”

    He went to knock on the door and said, “I will go in first. You guys wait outside.”

    Letting someone like Lady Tian wait outside is a big disgrace.

    Tian Xin thought Tian SiSi was definitely going to lose her temper. However, she restrained herself. She’s only been out for less than a day, it seems like she has already changed a lot.

    Finally an answer came, after a few knocks on the door.

    A person impatiently answered, “It’s so early in the morning, what the hell are you guys doing here? Can’t you wait until dusk?”

    Big Boss Zhao smiled, “It’s me, Big Boss Zhao.”

    The door opened.

    A girl with messy hair stuck her head out. Before she could look out, Big Boss Zhao already got close and whispered something into her ear.

    The girl’s eye turned, looked at Tian SiSi a couple of times from head to bottom and nodded, “Ok come on in. Keep your footsteps light, the girls are still sleeping. If you disturb them, Madam Wang is going to tear your skin off.”

    While they are walking in, Tian SiSi thought to herself, “Looks like these girls are lazier than me. The sun has been out for so longer, yet they are still not awake yet.”

    The large heavily bearded man not only has good eyes, but also a good set of ears. He laughed and said, “As you can see how nice Madam Wang is to these girls. You guys are really lucky to be able to live here.”

    Tian Xin blinked, suddenly said, “Who are all these people that are living here? Are they related to Madam Wang?”

    The heavily bearded man, “Most of these people are Madam Wang’s step-daughters. No matter where she goes, no one will dare to bully her.”

    Tian Sisi, “I don’t want to become her step-daughter, but I really want to be her friend.”

    The heavily bearded man, “Yes, yes. Madam Wang likes to make friends, just like “Second Master” Tian, Tian BaiShi.

    Tian SiSi and Tian Xin looked at each other. The two of them closed their mouths and smiled without saying a word.

    At this time, Big Brother Zhao approached them full of joy and said, “Madam Wang has already agreed to let you two meet her.”

    A tall pretty middle aged woman stood at the door. Although she had a smile on her face, her eyes look stern. She stared at Tian SiSi and said, “These two little sisters?”

    Big Brother Zhao, “Yes that’s it.”

    The pretty middle aged woman nodded, “They look pretty elegant, they are probably from a good family, Madam Wang will like them.”

    Big Brother Zhao, “If they are some ordinary girls from nowhere I wouldn’t even dare to bring them here.”

    The pretty middle age woman, “Good I’ll bring them in. You are finished with your task, go back now.”

    Big Brother Zhao let out a big smile, bowed and said, “Yes, I am rest assured.”

    Tian SiSi asked, “You won’t accompany us in?”

    Big Brother Zhao, “I already spoke to Madam Wang. Just relax and stay, if I have any news I will contact you guys.”

    He acknowledged the heavily bearded man on his way out without saying anything. Tian SiSi wanted to ask some more questions, but he was already too far out.

    The pretty middle aged woman gestured to let them in. Tian SiSi thought about it for a second then finally walked in with Tian Xin.

    The door closed. It’s as if there’s no way out.

    But the pretty middle aged woman let out a warm smile, “When you guys first live here, you might not be use to it. After awhile, you will begin to like this place more and more.

    Tian Xin, “We won’t stay here for too long, just 5 or 6 days.”

    The pretty middle aged woman pretended like she didn’t hear what Tian Xin said. She said, “This place has a total of twenty girls. Everyone is like sisters. My last name is Mei. Everyone calls me Sister Mei. If you guys have any questions or concerns please come and speak to me.”

    Tian Xin wanted to say something but Tian SiSi gave her stare and said, “This place is great, very quiet. We will like it around here, no need to trouble you Sister Mei.”

    This place is no doubt peaceful and pretty. Past the courtyard in the front and through the cloister is a large garden filled with beautiful flowers, bird chirps. It is definitely comparable to Jin Xiu Manor.

    The garden has a lot of little red and green platforms. There are a couple of lovely girls standing there playing with their hair, blankly staring at the garden.

    These girls are pretty with high class clothes. However, everyone seems tired, like they didn’t get enough sleep.

    A pair of butterflies is flying back and forth around the garden. A large cat curled under the roof, under the brim and inside the bird cage there is a pair of chirping canard birds.

    When they walk into the garden, the people didn’t notice, the cat didn’t care, butterflies didn’t care, birds didn’t care either. It seems like on one cares about each other.

    Tian SiSi thought about her own life and said, “This place is good except it’s too quiet.”

    Sister Mei, “You like liveliness?”

    Tian SiSi, “When it’s too quiet, I like to have random thoughts. I don’t really like these random thoughts.

    Sister Mei, “That’s great. It’s quiet now, but at night it will be lively. Whether you like a quiet life or lively life, this place will suit both.

    Tian SiSi looked up, “These girls doesn’t seem like the type that like a lot of noise.”

    Sister Mei, “They are nocturnal. They may look tired now, but as soon as the night hits, they will be like dragons and tigers making so much noisy that people can’t stand.”

    Tian SiSi laughed too, “I don’t mind noise. Sometimes I throw a big fit, giving everyone a headache. Don’t believe me? Ask Tian Xin.”

    Tian Xin pouted her lips, “Why are you asking me? I don’t understand or know anything.”

    Sister Mei, “This little sister seems to not like that place. I can guarantee that she will slowly like it here.”

    Her smile is warm like that spring breeze, but her eyes are as cold as winter frost.

    Tian Xin wanted to say something, but when she looked at Sister Mei’s eyes, her heart dropped and couldn’t talk anymore.

    They walked past the small bridge. Next to the small bridge there is a small building. From there, a sorrow voice, “I can’t stand this anymore, can’t stand it…I don’t want to live anymore. I want to die.”

    A girl with her hair disheveled and face full of tears rushed out of the small building. She is wearing a red gown with some spots severed.

    No one paid attention to her. The girls that were standing at the widow didn’t even look at her.

    Only Sister Mei walked towards her and whispered something into her ear.

    The girl was screaming and yelling, but now she is like a little cat, lowered her head and walked back to her home.
    Sister Mei’s face is still full of affection, as if nothing had happened.

    Tian SiSi couldn’t help but ask, “What was wrong with her?”

    Sister Mei sighed, “Before she came here, she was greatly traumatized. She goes crazy sometimes, we’re use to it.”

    If it wasn’t a common occurrence how can nobody care for her.

    Tian SiSi asked again, “I wonder what happened to her before?”

    Sister Mei, “We are sure not sure and didn’t ask her. We didn’t want to bring up her old problems. I heard she was very badly betrayed by a man before.”

    Tian Sisi, “All men are evil.”

    Sister Mei nodded, “There are very few nice man around. Remember that and you won’t suffer in the future.”

    They turned past some rockwork and went into a flower forest.

    Although the flowers are fading, but it’s even more glamorous than when they were in season.

    Deep into the flowery craven, a red building appeared.

    Sister Mei, “Madam Wang lives here. She probably just woke up. I’ll inform her that you guys are here.”

    She walked away with her elegant pose, like the goddess of flower.

    Tian SiSi looked at her and let out a sigh, “If I can still look as pretty as her at her age, I will be satisfied.”

    Tian Xin bit her lips and said, “Ms, let’s get out of here.”

    Tian SiSi, “Go? Go where?”

    Tian Xin, “Anywhere, let’s not stay here any longer.”

    Tian SiSi, “Why?”

    Tian Xin, “I don’t know…This place just doesn’t seem right.”

    Tian SiSi, “Which area doesn’t seem right?”
    Tian Xin, “Everywhere seems not right. Everyone seems weird. Their lives are different, I can’t even guess what this place is.”

    Tian SiSi surprisingly laughed, shaking her head, “You are a suspicious frame of mind. Just because someone tricked us before, we can’t treat everyone as swindlers.”

    She looked at the far red building and said, “On top of that, I really want to meet Madam Wang. I bet she is no ordinary woman.”

    Anyone that meets Madam Wang will not think that she is a swindler.

    If some people say Sister Mei is a elegant, standout woman, then when these people meet Madam Wang, instead these some people won’t have anything to say.

    This is because there is no word on this Earth that can describe her presence and style.

    Elegance is not a word that can describe her.

    If there needs to be a words that describes her, then it’s:


    Perfection without any flaws.

    When Tian SiSi walked in, Madam Wang was enjoying her breakfast.

    When woman eat, they don’t like to be seen by others. She will become very unnatural.

    Madam Wang is an exception.

    Whatever she does, every move she makes is flawless.

    She doesn’t eat meagerly. She understands that if a person has to maintain youth and liveliness, one has to start from the diet. If a flower wants to grow well, it has to have plenty of water and sunshine.

    Although she doesn’t eat meagerly, it doesn’t seem to affect her body.

    Every part on her body is perfect.

    Her face, her eyes, nose, mouth, even her smile is perfect like a myth. Only in a myth can we meet such woman.

    Tian SiSi became attracted to her when she first laid eyes on her.
    Madam Wang enjoys Tian SiSi’s company too. When she saw her, her smile became even friendlier.

    Madam Wang looked up Tian SiSi and gently spoke, “Come here, sit next to me. Let me look at you carefully.”

    Her gaze and smile encompasses the magic that makes you obey. No mater the gender, no one can resist her.

    Tian SiSi walked over and sat in an empty chair next to Madam Wang.

    Madam Wang’s gaze never left Tian SiSi. Slowly, she pushed the left over bird’s nest soup that was in front of her towards Tian SiSi and gently said, “This soup is still warm, eat some.”

    Lady Tian has never used other people’s stuff before. Eat another person’s leftovers? That’s nearly impossible.

    But now she held up the bow of soup, lowered her head and started sipping it.

    Tian Xin was surprised, she could barely believe her own eyes.

    Madam Wang, “You don’t mind eating my food?”

    Tian SiSi shook her head.

    Madam Wang, “If you don’t mind me, then you can use my belongings, wear my clothes, whatever I have, I can share with you.”

    Tian SiSi with her head lowered, “Thank you.”

    If this was someone else saying this to Lady Tian, she would probably throw a fit. However, she only has appreciation in her heart. Touched, that even her eyes turned red.

    Madam Wang smiled again, “See, I don’t even your name. I already treat you like a good friend.”

    Tian SiSi, “My last name is Tian, first name SiSi.”

    When she came out, she didn’t want to use her real name incase her father tracks her whereabouts. But in front of Madam Wang, she cannot bear to lie.

    Madam Wang, “ Tian SiSi…You are not only sweet in person, your name is also sweet. You are a sweet little sister.”

    Tian SiSi blushed.

    Madam Wang, “Little sister, how old are you?”

    Tian SiSi, “Eighteen.”

    Madam Wang, “The girls that are eighteen are like flower, but which flower in this world can compare to you?”

    Madam Wang, “How old do you think I am?”

    Tian SiSi, “I can’t tell.”

    Madam Wang, “Take a guess.”

    Tian SiSi looked at Madam Wang again.

    Her face is pretty like the spring flowers, but more colorful than the flowers.

    Tian SiSi, “twenty…, twenty-two? Twenty-three?”

    Madam Wang laughed, “You are very sweet even when you talk. I was twenty-three at one point in my life. That was twenty years ago though.”

    Tian SiSi was shocked with her eyes popped wide, “Really? I don’t believe you.”

    Madam Wang, “I won’t lie to you. I’m not able to lie to you.”

    Madam Wang sighed, “I am forty-three this year. Old enough to be your older sister. Is that okay with you?”

    Tian SiSi nodded, she is okay with that.

    She really wants to be her younger sister, even her daughter.

    Tian SiSi shook her head again, “I still can’t believe that you are forty-three. I don’t think anyone else would believe it either.”

    Madam Wang, “Maybe other people don’t believe it, but I can’t make myself not believe it. I can deceive you, deceive everyone in this world, but I don’t deceive myself.”

    Tian SiSi lowered her head, and started to softly let out a sigh.

    She felt for the first time in her life, the sorrow of losing one’s youth. She also felt the need to cherish youth.

    She felt one story closer to Madam Wang.

    Madam Wang, “Who’s that little sister? Is she related to you?”

    Tian SiSi, “She grew up with me. She’s like my sister.”

    Madam Wang, “I m going to steal your sister away from you…Are you mad little sister?”

    Tian Xin pouted her lips and became silent.

    Tian SiSi give her a glance and said, “She’s still a kid, not mature enough to understand.”

    Madam Wang, “Sometimes not being mature is a good thing. If I can still be a immature child right now, I would trade anything for it.”

    She suddenly let out a laugh, “We should be happy today. Let’s not talk about this right?”

    Tian SiSi wanted to answer, but found out when Madam Wang posed this question her eyes didn’t really look at her.

    At the same time, someone behind her said, “Wrong.”

    His response simple but sharp, like a dagger.

    His voice is even sharper, piercing through people’s ears, cutting through people’s hearts.

    Tian SiSi couldn’t help but turn her head back.

    She found out at the corner of the room there is another person.

    A person that doesn’t really look like a person.

    When he sat down, he is like a table, a chair, a piece of furniture. It doesn’t move, doesn’t talk, no one will pay attention to him.

    However, if you glance at him once, you will never forget.

    Tian SiSi glanced at him once, and never wanted to glance at him again.

    When she looked at him, it’s like seeing a dull knife, but still able to kill; also like un-dissolvable liquid become black ice.

    When she’s not looking at him, she can only think of him in her heart. It’s like a fearful nightmare; also like meeting a ghost from the nightmare.

    Who would have thought a person like that would sit in Madam Wang’s room.

    But he really is sitting here.

    Nobody thought this person could even talk.

    But he did talk.

    He said, “Wrong.”

    Madam Wang smiled, “Wrong? Why is it wrong?”

    This person coldly said, “Because if you are happy, then whatever you say will always be happy.”

    Madam Wang smiled even more, “That’s true, Mr. Ge’s sayings seem to be always rational.”

    Mr. Ge, “Wrong.”

    Madam Wang, “Wrong again?”

    Mr. Ge, “My sayings are always with reason, not seems to be.”

    Madam Wang, “Little sister, do you guys think Mr. Ge is fun?”

    Tian SiSi has her mouth closed. Tian Xin pouted her lips even higher.

    They cannot acknowledge that Mr.Ge is fun.

    If you can describe this person, “fun” would not be the word.

    Madam Wang’s notions are different.

    Madam Wang, “When you guys see this person, you might think that he is very scary. But when you know him long enough, you will find out that he is a very interesting person.”

    Tian SiSi wanted to say something deep down in her heart.

    She wanted to ask, “How can you befriend a person such as this for this long?”

    If she had to be together with this person, she won’t even survive a day.

    The sun outside is leaning west, but to Madam Wang the day is just beginning.

    Tian SiSi felt like she had good fortunes today.

    She finally rid herself of swindlers that were trying to cheat her. Finally found good people such as Big Brother Zhao and Madam Wang.

    These people are like cats, greedy cats.

    Madam Wang is like a phoenix.

    Now the canary bird flew towards the clouds, not even the evil cats can harm her.

    Tian SiSi suddenly felt really tired. She realized that she hasn’t slept in awhile. Her eyes involuntarily saw Madam Wang’s big soft bed…

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    Chapter 5 -The real side of Madam Wang

    Night arises.

    The room is lit. The lighting coming out of the pink cover has a gentle touch to it like the moon light.

    The person who lit the room is not here anymore. The room is quiet, Tian SiSi can only hear her own heart pounding uniformly.

    She feels her body is weak, too lazy to even move. But she is too thirsty, so she couldn’t help but think about the iced lotus soup back at home.

    Where’s Tian Xin?

    Who knows where that little rat went?

    Tian SiSi sighed, got out of bed, but the shoes that she just took off were missing.

    There it is. She found her expensive clogs.

    The clogs are light. When you walk it makes a “Di-ta Da-ta” sound. It’s like rain dripping on bamboo leaves.

    She likes this sound. She starts to walk for a little bit, then stops. Looking down on her feet, the white socks are already dirty. She takes them off, exposing her fine white feet.

    “If it is frost like above a woman’s clogs, then it will keep the crows away.”

    She laughed to herself when she thought of this famous line from a poem.

    If there is music, she really wants to perform a traditional Chinese dance.

    Opening the window, there really is wavering music in the night wind.

    Inside the garden, it is illuminated by bright lights, accentuating the flowers even more.

    The nights are definitely lively around here. Madam Wang is a host that loves guests.

    Tian SiSi wanted to walk there to look at the guests and share their joy.

    “If Qin Ge came to here to visit how great would that be!”

    The strong and emotional young man, the flying red handkerchief, Tian SiSi’s face turned red as these thoughts filled her head. Red like the red handkerchief.

    In a soothing summer night like that, which young woman wouldn’t feel lustful?

    She did not feel Madam Wang’s footsteps.

    When she heard Madam Wang’s warming voice, Madam Wang was already next to her.

    Madam Wang’s place her hand softly on her shoulder and said, “You are so focused on thinking about something. What are you thinking about?”

    Tian SiSi responded, “I’m thinking about where that little brat Tian Xin went.”

    She has never lied before.

    She never thought she would lie. She never thought the lies would just naturally pour of her mouth. It’s like water pouring out of her mouth.

    Of course she doesn’t understand lying is natural to women. Ever since a woman could talk, she must learn to lie to project herself.

    When a person lies for the first time, it’s to protect oneself. However, after a person lies multiple times, then that person can understand how to use lies to deceive others.

    Madam Wang grabbed her hand, walked by that small rounded table and sat down. She warmly asked, “Did you sleep well?”

    Tian SiSi smiled, “I slept like a child that has just been born.”

    Madam Wang smiled too, “If one sleeps well, then one should be hungry. What do you want to eat?”

    Tian SiSi shook her head, “I don’t want to eat anything. I want to…”

    Excited, Tian SiSi continued saying, “There are a lot of guests today.”

    Madam Wang, “Not really, only about twenty or so.”

    Tian SiSi, “You have this many guests everyday?”

    Madam Wang, “How can I live if I don’t have this many guests.”

    With her eyes wide and surprised, Tian SiSi, “So do the guests have to bring a gift.”

    Madam Wang, “If they want to, I won’t refute it right?”

    Tian SiSi, “Where are they from?”

    Madam Wang, “All over the place.”

    She continued, “There is also a special guest today.”

    Tian SiSi’s eyes brightened, “Who? Is it Qin Ge? Is it Liu FengGu?

    Madam Wang, “You know them?”

    Tian SiSi with her head down, bit her lip and said, “I don’t know them. However, I really want to meet them. I heard they are big time celebrities.”

    Madam Wang laughed, pinched her face and said, “No matter how big the celebrity status, when they see a pretty girl like you, they will turn stupid. If you remember this, you will enjoy a happy life.”

    Tian SiSi likes to pinch Tian Xin’s face too, but doesn’t like to be pinched herself.

    However, she isn’t mad right now. Instead, she has a warm feeling inside of her.

    Madam Wang’s fine finger tips are as smooth as jade.

    Someone is knocking on the door.

    The person that is knocking on the door is a pretty girl. She brought a few aesthetic looking dishes.

    Madam Wang said, “Let’s eat here okay? We can quietly eat here. No one will disturb us.”

    Tian SiSi rolled her eyes and said, “Why can’t we go eat with those other guests?”

    Madam Wang, “You are not afraid that those people are annoying?”

    Tian SiSi lower her head again, “I don’t know many people. I’ve heard people say, the more friends you have the better.”

    Madam Wang laughed and said, “I think you want to know more people so you can pick out a husband right?”

    She smiled tenderly and pinched Tian SiSi’s face again.

    Tian SiSi’s face is burning.

    Madam Wang stuck her face onto Tian SiSi’s face and said, “I have friends coming in here everyday. You can get to know anyone you want. But, you are mine tonight.”

    Her face is cold and smooth at the same time.

    Tian SiSi did not like her actions, but didn’t want to avoid her.

    “Everyone is female, what is there to worry about?”

    But for some strange reason, her heart stopped beating faster.

    No one has touched her face before. No one was this intimate with her before.

    Not even Tian Xin.

    Tian SiSi suddenly said, “Where’s Tian Xin? How come I don’t see her?”

    Madam Wang, “She is sleeping.”

    She smiled, “Besides you, no one has ever slept in my room. And no one even dared to sleep in my bed.”

    Tian SiSi’s heart is even warmer now, showing even more affection.

    For some reason, her face became hotter too.

    Madam Wang, “Do you feel hot? Let me take off your shirt for you.”

    Tian SiSi, “I really don’t feel hot.”

    Madam Wang, “Even if you don’t feel hot, you still have to take it off. If other people see you wearing these male clothing, they might think there is a man in my room. I can’t let that happen.”

    She is already reaching for Tian SiSi’s shirt button while speaking.

    Her hands are like a snake, gliding over Tian SiSi’s wrist, and gliding over her chest.

    Tian SiSi couldn’t just sit still anymore.

    She feels really itchy.

    While gasping, and letting out a charming smile, she said, “You can’t take off my shirt. I’m not wearing anything inside.”

    Madam Wang let out a strange smile, “What’s the matter with that? Are you afraid of me?”

    Tian SiSi, “I’m not afraid, but…”

    Her hand suddenly moved up to Madam Wang’s chest.

    She jumped, shaken in her body, and shared at Madam Wang, with a quavering voice, “Are you a female or male?”

    Madam Wang, “What do you think?”

    Tian SiSi, “You…You…You…”

    She can’t say.

    Is that because she can’t tell Madam Wang is male or female?

    No matter who sees Madam Wang, they wouldn’t think that she would be a man.

    Even a retarded person won’t think that.

    But her chest…

    Her chest is as flat as a mirror.

    Madam Wang, “You can’t see?”

    Tian SiSi, “I…I…I…”

    Madam Wang, “It’s okay if you can’t see. You’ll know the truth tomorrow morning.”

    Tian SiSi backed away, and said, “I don’t want to know. I’m going to leave.”

    She suddenly turned her head trying to dash out.

    But there’s no door in the back.

    When she’s back again, Madam Wang already blocked her way and said, “How can you leave now?”

    Tian SiSi irritated, screamed, “Why can’t I go? I didn’t sell myself to you!”

    Madam Wang responded, “Who said you didn’t get sold to me?”

    Tian SiSi terrified, “Who said I got sold to you.”

    Madam Wang, “I said because I already gave Big Brother Zhao seven hundred silver taels.”

    She laughed and continued, “You are of course worth more than seven hundred silver taels. But he only dared to ask for this much. However, even if he wanted seven thousand taels, I still would have paid him.”

    Tian SiSi’s face turned white from her anger, “You said Big Brother sold me to you?”

    Madam Wang, “He sold you from top to bottom.”

    Tian SiSi now shaking from anger said, “Who the hell is he? He can’t just sell me to you.”

    Madam Wang, “Well he can sell you because you are a ignorant person that didn’t even know that you were being sold. As soon as you stepped into this city, they have already targeted you.”

    Tian SiSi, “Them?”

    Madam Wang, “They are Tie GeBo, Knife Scar Six, the heavily beard man, and Big Brother Zhao.”

    Tian SiSi, “So they colluded together?”

    Madam Wang, “You are correct. The mastermind behind this plan is the person that you treat as friend, Big Brother Zhao. He not only wants your money, but your body as well.”

    She laughed and said, “You are lucky to have met me. You are pretty lucky. If you obey my orders, I won’t treat you unfairly; I won’t make you greet guests either.”

    Tian SiSi, “Greet guests? What does that mean?”

    Her anger is ready to explode, but she is trying to hold it back because there are many things that she still does not understand.

    Madam Wang, “You silly, don’t even know what greet guests mean. That’s okay I can slowly teach you. We will start tonight.”

    She slowly walked towards her.

    While talking, something is already protruding below “her” belt.
    Tian SiSi’s face turned red again, “You are a male?”

    Madam Wang, “Sometimes a male, sometimes a female too. Therefore, it is your luck that you can meet someone like me.”

    Tian SiSi suddenly wanted to throw up.

    When she thought about the places that Madam Wang felt with her hands, she itched to cut the meat out of those places.

    Madam Wang is still smiling, “Let’s have a drink first, then slowly…”

    Tian SiSi suddenly screamed.

    She screamed charges with both hands.

    Lady Tian sometimes gentle like a canary bird, sometimes fierce like a tiger.

    Her hands ordinarily look weak, smooth as shallot, but now it has turned into a pair of tiger claws, able to clutch Madam Wang’s throat.

    Her move not only fierce, but fast, and with variations.

    Inside the Jin Xiu fortress, there are a lot of top level fighters. Everyone said Ms. Tian’s martial arts can compare with the top fighters.

    The armed escort from Beijing was taken down by her in one move. When he got knocked down, he couldn’t get up for a very very long time.

    The move is one of Lady Tian’s favorite moves.

    She is completely sick of this weirdo Madam Wang. This move is a lot more forceful than the one that she took down the Bejing escort with. If Madam Wang gets knocked down, she may never be able to get up again.

    Madam Wang didn’t get knocked down.

    The one that got knocked down was Lady Tian.

    She has never been knocked down by others.

    A person that has never been knocked down before is very hard to realize what it feels like to be knocked down.
    She first felt like the hand that she used to strike was seized, which caused her to lose balance. Suddenly felt a floating feeling.

    Then she heard her body fall on the ground.

    After that she lost all her feelings. She became empty. The blood from her whole body rushed to her head, stuffing her head like a piece of wood.

    When she gained feelings again, Madam Wang is smiling at her. A smile that is so gentle, so affable, she said, “Does it hurt?”

    Of course it hurts.

    She finally felt pain. Pain that would cause her joints to disperse open, pain that makes her see starts in front of her, pain that caused tears to slowly jerk out.

    Madam Wang shook her head, “It’s a surprise that someone with martial arts skills like you would even dare to try to hurt others.”

    Tian SiSi, “My martial arts is really bad?”

    At this moment, it is surprising that she asked such question.

    Madam Wang was shocked, “Do you know how bad your martial arts skills are?”

    Tian SiSi doesn’t know.

    She always thought she was considered to be one of the top fighters of the wuxia realm.

    Now she knows. Others praised her skills because she was “Second Master” Tian’s daughters.

    This feeling is like falling from the highest buildings. This fall hurts even more than the previous fall.

    She felt for the first time that she wasn’t as smart and as talented as she thought she was.

    She really wanted to slap herself on the face a couple of times.

    Madam Wang looked at her with a smile, said, “What are you thinking about?”

    Tian SiSi bit her lips, didn’t say anything.

    Madam Wang, “Do you realize that I can rape you at anytime. You are not afraid?”

    Tian SiSi’s body contracted, and began to shake.

    Because up until now, she never thought about how frightful, how serious this situation was. She was still very confused on this situation.

    She didn’t even know what trepidation was.

    But the word rape is like a knife. It cut open her dazed concept. Fear jumped out like an egg without shells.


    This word is too scary, too sharp.

    She has never heard of this word before. Never even thought about it.

    She felt the goose bumps coming out of her skin. Every goose bump filled with cold sweat. Her whole body burning like someone with a fever.

    She screamed, “I’ll give you back the seven hundred silvertaels. I’ll multiply it by ten times.”

    Madam Wang, “You have it?”

    Tian SiSi, “Although I don’t have it now, if you let me go I will give it to you within two days.”

    Madam Wang smiled and shook her head.

    Tian SiSi, “You don’t believe you? I can guarantee it, if you know I am the daughter of…”

    Madam Wang cut her off and said, “I don’t want to know. I don’t want you to give back my money nor find someone to seek revenge.”

    Tian SiSi, “I won’t seek revenge. Never. If you let me go, I will be thankful for my whole life.

    Madam Wang, “I don’t want you to thank me. I want…”

    She stopped her voice and didn’t continue.

    But sometimes not speaking is scarier than speaking.

    Tian SiSi’s body already rolled into a ball and said, “You really have to rape me?”

    Never in her wildest dreams, would she think she would say that word. After saying it her face felt like a fire was burning.
    Madam Wang, “I don’t want to rape you.”

    Tian SiSi, “Then what do you want to do?”

    Madam Wang, “I want you to willingly obey me. And I know you will willingly obey me.”

    Tian SiSi screamed, “Never, even if I die.”

    Madam Wang, “You think dying is easy? Then you are completely wrong.”

    There is a gold bell on the table.

    She grabbed the bell and shook it.

    When the bell rang, two people walked in.

    These two people simply cannot be considered to be human. One looks at a bear, another like an ape.

    Madam Wang smiled and said, “What do you think about these two guys?”

    Tian SiSi shut her eyes, too afraid to even look.

    Madam Wang, “If you don’t obey me, I will ask these two guys to rape you.”

    Tian SiSi screamed again.

    This time she used all of her energy to scream.

    After the scream, she fainted.

    It’s not a bad thing if a person can faint at the right time.

    However, those that fainted will wake up.

    When Tian SiSi woke up this time, she wasn’t as fortunate as last time.

    She didn’t hear her own heart beat nor did she hear gentle music.

    She heard moaning sounds even more miserable than crying.

    Cuddled up in a corner, the eeriness light illuminated on her.

    The pink gown that person had on was completely torn. It showed a body that was bruised up from beatings. A lot of the places started to gush out blood as well.

    Tian SiSi felt this gown looks really familiar. She immediately thought of the girl that was traumatized and sent to her room by Sister Mei.

    She wanted to stand up, but she couldn’t. She wouldn’t even feel the pain. Her body felt numb.

    She can only struggle to crawl over.

    That girl suddenly lifted up her head, and stared at her. A pair of eyes filled with red veins, she looks like someone that has been tortured into a crazy animal.

    Tian SiSi’s was shocked.

    What shocked her wasn’t these pair of eyes, but the face.

    When she saw this girl during the day, her face looked pretty, comely, but now it’s all distorted. Her nose was moved by two inches, the corner of her eyes and month bleeding, and the face book like a watermelon that was broken.

    Tian SiSi wanted to cry and wanted to vomit.

    She wanted to hold it back, but her stomach already contracted like a bow, and finally vomited.

    The vomit was sour and bitter.

    This girl coldly stared at her. A pair of eyes became cold and blank, no longer showing pain and fear.

    When she was done vomiting, the girl suddenly said, “Madam Wang wanted me to ask you something.”

    Tian SiSi, “She wants you to ask me?”

    Girl, “She wanted me to ask you whether you want to look like me?”

    Her voice did not convey any feelings. It doesn’t sound like something that would come out of her mouth.

    No one thought she would ask this question.

    But it’s really is her asking the question.

    The question coming from her mouth is a lot scarier than coming from Madam Wang.

    Tian SiSi, “You…How did you become like this?”

    Girl, “Because I didn’t listen to Madam Wang. If you copy my actions, you will be just like me.”

    Her voice is calm and cold, it’s like she is describing another person’s befall.

    She has already turned into a talking machine.

    A person turns like this only when their pain has reached zenith, fear has reached the limit, and when they are completely hopeless.

    Tian SiSi realized what fear was when looking at her.

    She suddenly lied on the ground and started crying.

    She is almost hopeless.

    The girl is still looking at her with a cold stare and said, “Did you already agree?”

    Tian SiSi pulled her hair and said, “I don’t know…I don’t know.”

    Girl calmly said, “If you don’t know then that means you have agreed. You should have agreed”

    Tian SiSi suddenly rushed over by her side, and said, “Why did you stop talking?”

    Girl, “I already said what I had to say.”

    Tian SiSi, “Why don’t you think of a way to escape?”

    Girl, “There’s no way.”

    Tian SiSi pulled on her hair forcefully and loudly said, “There must be a way. You can’t just wait here to die.”

    The girl’s head got dragged up, looked at Tian SiSi and her face suddenly showed a special type of smile and said, “Why can’t I wait to for me to die? I can die, I am much better off than you. You will understand, death, isn’t scary, the scary thing is wanting to die but can’t.”

    Tian SiSi’s hand slowly let go.

    Her hand turned ice cold.

    As soon as she let go, this girl put her head down, lied on the floor like someone that never wants to see anyone or anything on this world ever again.

    Is life really this vapid?

    Tian SiSi bit her teeth, and stood up.

    Tian SiSi wore she will live. No matter what, she will live.

    She refuses to die!

    There a flambeau on the wall.

    The flame is almost exhausted, giving it a gloomy feel.

    The gloomy light shined on the swarthy wall. The wall is build by stones, with each stones weighing two hundred to three hundred pounds.

    What about door?

    There is no door.

    There is only a small window.

    The window is forty or fifty feet away from ground with a width less than 2 feet.

    The room is so high. The window is so smll.

    Tian SiSi knew she can’t jump that high. However, she still wanted to try.

    She used all of her strength and jumped up.

    She fell, so she climbed.

    Every stone is tightly put together. She forcibly pulled from the stone slots slowly climbing up.

    Her hands started to bleed. The coarse stones were sharp like knives.

    The bleed gushed out her hands, the pain bore into her heart.

    She fell again, even harder this time.

    She is longer letting out tears.

    An interesting matter is when a person is bleeding, they usually don’t let out any tears.

    She decided to try again, going to keep trying until she dies.

    At the time, she discovered that a rope was hanging down from the window.

    Someone is trying to save her!

    Who’s trying to save her? Why save her?

    She didn’t even think because she didn’t have time.

    She forcibly tapped that girl wanting her to see the rope.

    The girl looked up for a second and said, “I don’t want to leave. I rather die.”

    Only looked up once, and said one thing.

    Tian SiSi stomped her feet, grabbed onto the rope and climbed up.

    Her slim body was just barely able to crawl out of the window.

    There was no one outside. The rope was tied to a tree from the window across.

    Tian SiSi climbed over, slide down the tree trunk.

    It’s pitch black everywhere, which road will enable her to escape?

    She doesn’t know and can’t choose.

    Facing her is a flower forest, she doesn’t know what flower. She only smelled the fragrance, so she went in.

    She immediately heard the sound of joy coming from the wind, then approached the light in front of her.

    The gentle light is from the window. The cheerful sound is even more gentle than the light. The sound even has a interlude of laughter.

    Go backwards? Or go around the house?

    Tian SiSi hid behind a tree. Just when she didn’t know which route to take, two people emerged from the house.

    When she saw these two people, Tian SiSi’s stopped breathing.

    On the left is a charming person with a smile like flower. That person is Madam Wang.

    On the right is a up straight person, cool and natural. That is of course the philanthropist, The “Second Master” Tian Bai Shi.

    So the special guest that Madam Wang has been talking about is him.

    Not even in her dreams would Tian SiSi thought she would meet her dad at this place and under these circumstances.

    She almost cried out loud with feelings of joy.

    She didn’t scream out loud. At this time two more people emerged behind her dad.

    One is old and one is young.

    The old one is short and chubby, with a round fair, nearly bald, and without much facial hair. There is a long sword hanging from his wrist. The sword is twice as long as his legs, making him extremely funny looking.

    The younger one looks even shorter and chubbier than the older one. He looks even funnier. It’s always funny when a young person looks chubby. He probably either eats too much, is too lazy, too thickheaded, sleeps too much or uses his head too little. Maybe he has a little bit of each of these traits.

    Tian SiSi knows this older person is one of her dad’s good friends. He is “Third Master” Yang from the “famous” manor.

    What about the young one?

    Is he “Third Master” Yang’s precious son Yang Fan?

    “Dad wanted me to marry him?”

    Tian SiSi’s face turned red from anger. She would rather marry Wang DaGuang than this pig.

    She decided not to meet her dad.

    It will be too embarrassing if I just run out like this.

    Madam Wang laughed, “It’s late, why don’t you stay “Second Master” Tian?”

    “Second Master” Tian, “I can’t. I have an urgent thing that I have to do. I need to find someone.”

    Madam Wang, “Who are you trying to find? Maybe I can help…There are a lot of people that come and go around here.”

    “Second Master” Tian smiled and said, “You won’t be able to find this person. This person won’t come to a place like this.”

    He sighed then said, “Even I don’t know where to find this person. But no matter where, even to the ends of the earth, I will find this person.”

    The person that he wants to find is his fond and only daughter.

    Tian SiSi’s throat suddenly got stuffed.

    She finally realized, in this world only her dad really care for her and love her.

    This is already enough. She already doesn’t care about other matters.

    She wanted to charge out, regardless of what happens; charge into her dad’s arms.

    If she can charge into her dad’s arms, everything will be solved. Her dad will retaliate for her to get even with what she went.

    Too bad she didn’t have a chance to rush out.

    Suddenly a pair of hands stuck out behind her, and covered her mouth. The hand is rough, big and powerful.

    With these hands covering Tian SiSi’s mouth, she not only can’t scream, she could barely breath.

    This person of course only has two hands. His other hand clinching onto Tian SiSi, Tian SiSi could barely move. She can only use her feet to kick back. Kicking the leg of a person like that is like kicking a rock.

    The harder she kicks the more pain she feels in her feet.

    This person held her up like carrying little chicken, backing up.

    Tian SiSi can only look, as she gets further and further away from her dad. Finally she can’t even see him anymore; maybe she won’t see him ever again.

    When her tears started to come down, this person already turned around to rush out. His strides are huge. With every stride covering four or five feet, they rushed out of the flower forest.

    Other the forest, it is also very dark. This person kept on going. After two or three turns, they suddenly went in a stone house.

    The ceiling of this house is high, the room is big. There is a bed, table and chair inside.

    The bed is huge, the chair is also huge. The chair is larger than a regular table. The table is larger than a regular bed.

    This person closed the door, then put Tian SiSi on the bed.

    Tian SiSi finally saw his face.

    She almost fainted again.

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    Chapter 6 - The pink falchion

    The person isn’t human, but an ape. The ape that Madam Wang asked to rape Tian SiSi with.

    Although his face still resemble that of a human, but it is filled with hair. The hair isn’t very long, but every strand is couple inches long. It’s not bad looking when with he’s not smiling, but when he smiles all the hair on his face starts to move.

    That appearance is something that we won’t even see in your nightmares.

    He is smiling, smiling at Tian SiSi.

    Tian SiSi’s bones chilled, jumped up with all her powers, and tried to strike him in the nose.

    She heard the softest part in an ape is his nose.

    She couldn’t hit his nose.

    This person just moved his hand, like trying to get rid of a mosquito, Tian SiSi already fell to the floor.

    She would rather get beaten to death, but unluckily she’s still alive.

    When she’s alive, she has to face this person. Don’t want to look, too scared to look, but she has no choice but to look.

    This person is still smiling and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you.”

    This person spoke like a human, but his voice doesn’t seem like it’s from a human.

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said, “You…You are here to save me?”

    The person smiled gain, and got something out.

    He got out a circle of rope. It’s the same rope that Tian SiSi used to escape from the window.

    Tian SiSi was shocked, “You were the one who put the rope there?”

    The person nodded, “Who else would it be?”

    Tian SiSi even more shocked, “Why did you save me?”

    The person, “Because you are cute, I like you”

    Tian SiSi’s body contracted again, contracted into a ball.

    She saw this person’s hairy hand extend over trying to touch her face.

    She immediately started to scream, “Go away! Get away! If you touch me, I’m going to die.”

    The person took his hand back and said, “You’re afraid of me? Why are you afraid of me?”

    A glimpse of sadness started to show in those eyes hidden by the hair.

    This made him more like a human.

    But this made Tian SiSi’s more afraid, she wanted to throw up.

    The nicer the person is to her, the sicker she feels. She was itching to die.

    The person, “Although I am ugly, but I am not a bad person. I don’t have ill intentions towards you. But I want too…”

    Tian SiSi, “You want what?”

    The person lowered his head and said, “I don’t want much, as long as I can see you then I am happy.”

    He was a fearing wild animal, now he is a pitiful beast.

    Tian SiSi stared at him.

    She feels he is no longer fearing, only sick, very sick.

    She suddenly blinked and said, “What’s your name?”

    When she asked this question, she is already treating this person like a human.

    This person’s eyes showed a sign of joy and said, “QiQi, my name is QiQi.”

    “QiQi” what kind of name is that?

    No one would have a name like that.

    Tian SiSi inquired, “Are you human?”

    When she asked this question, she felt nervous inside. She didn’t know if it would set this person in anger.
    QiQi’s eyes was instantly filled with anger, but after a while he calmed himself and said, “Of course I am human just like you. I became like this because of Madam Wang.”

    If a person can answer these questions honestly, then this person definitely isn’t a dangerous person.

    Tian SiSi feeling more confident now, “How did she harm you?”

    QiQi’s clinched his fist, his joints made a cracking noise, after a while with his rattling voice, “Blood, poison, blood…She forced to drink poisonous blood everyday. She wanted me to become a monster so I can scare people.”

    He looked up at Tian SiSi, signs of sorrow showed in his eyes, “But I am a person. She can change my appearance, but not my heart.”

    Tian SiSi, “Do you hate her?”

    QiQi didn’t answer, he didn’t have to.

    He’s clinched his fist harder, it’s like he is pinching Madam Wang’s neck.

    Tian SiSi, “If you hate her then why don’t you find a way to kill her?”

    QiQi’s body suddenly shrunk, even his started to shake.

    Tian SiSi sneered, “So you are afraid of her.”

    QiQi bite his teeth, “She’s not human…She is the real monster.”

    Tian SiSi, “If you are so afraid of her, why did you save me?”

    QiQi, “Because…Because I like you.”

    Tian SiSi bit her lips, “If you want to treat me well, then kill her for me.”

    QiQi shook his head again and again.

    Tian SiSi sneered, “Even you are afraid to kill her, at least let me go.”

    QiQi shook his head again, “No, there’s no way you can escape by yourself.”

    Tian SiSi sneered, “Even if you are human, then you are a useless human. No one is going to like you.”

    QiQi’s face turned red, suddenly looked up and said loudly, “But I can help you escape.”

    Tian ShiShi, “Really?”

    QiQi, “Although I am human, but unlike other people I don’t lie.”

    Tian ShiShi, “But I cannot leave by myself.”

    QiQi, “Why?”

    Tian ShiShi, “My sister is still here, I cannot leave her.”

    She suddenly winked, “If you can save her, maybe she will be nice to you.”

    QiQi’s eyes showed signs of joy, “What kind of person is she?”

    Tian ShiShi, “She is a pretty girl. Her small mouth is usually pouted, her name is Tian Xin.”

    QiQi, “Ok, I will go find her…I can definitely save her.”

    The sentence wasn’t even completed when he got to the door. He turned around and looked at Tian SiSi, “You…Will you leave?”

    Tian SiSi, “No, I will wait for you.”

    QiQi suddenly charged back, kneeled in front of her, kissed her feet and charged out with joy.

    Tian SiSi became soft after he charged out. She looked at her feet that had been kissed, she wanted to cut it off.

    She couldn’t even believe herself how she just said those words.

    Now she wants to throw up.

    Suddenly a person sneered, “It unbelievable that out of these guys, Ms. Tian would chose such a person. What insight, what vision.”

    Tian SiSi looked up and found out Mr. Ge is already sitting on the windowsill.

    He is sitting there without any moments at all, it’s like he became a part of the window.

    It’s like even before the window was made, he was already sitting there.

    Tian SiSi’s face became red, and shouted, “What did you say?”
    Mr. Ge, “I said he really likes you. You treat him pretty well too. You guys are a match from heaven.”

    There is a big teapot on top of the table.

    Tian SiSi suddenly jumped, took the teapot and threw it towards him.

    It seems like Mr. Ge didn’t even see the teapot, he waited until the teapot flew in front of him then lightly blew a stream of air on it.

    The teapot suddenly turned around, slowly flew back, and placidly landed on the table. Somehow it landed at the same spot.

    Tian SiSi’s eyes became shocked.

    “Does this person know magic?”

    If this is martial arts, then she has not seen it before nor heard about it.

    Mr. Ge’s facial expressions are still calm, “I’ve always liked to help somebody help. You guys are a match from heaven. I will definitely ask Madam Wang to have you marry him.”

    He continued, “You know Madam Wang always listens to me.”

    Tian SiSi bursts in a scream, “You can’t do that!”

    Mr. Ge sneered, “I am going to do it and what are you going to do about it?”

    Tian SiSi wanted to stand up but flapped on the ground and her body started to shiver.

    She knows when somebody like Mr.Ge says something, he will do what he says.

    She suddenly turns and tries to hit her head onto the wall. The wall is made up of solid rocks, if you hit it, not only will your head bleed, it will probably become two or three pieces.

    She would rather be dead and done with.
    She didn’t die.

    When she hit her head, the solid rock wall suddenly became soft.

    She fell face forward and found out that she hit her head on Mr. Ge’s stomach.

    Mr. Ge glued himself onto the wall, and it’s like his body became apart of the wall.
    It was like he was there before the wall was even built.

    He stood there motionless, still no expression from his face, “Even if you didn’t agree, you didn’t have to die.”

    Tian SiSi clenches her teeth, tears pouring down.

    Mr. Ge, “If you don’t want to marry him, then I have a solution.”

    Tian SiSi couldn’t help but ask, “What solution?”

    Mr. Ge, “Kill him!”

    Tian SiSi terrified, “Kill him?”

    Mr. Ge, “No one can force you to marry a dead man right?”

    Tian SiSi, “I…I can kill him.”

    Mr. Ge, “Of course you can, because he likes you, that’s why you can kill him.”

    What he is said is interesting.

    A woman can hurt you only when you truly love her.

    The majority of the woman can only hurt the man who loves her.

    Tian SiSi lowered her head and stared at her hand.

    There is a falchion next to her hand.

    A falchion that is out of its scabbard.

    The falchion has a strange color. It’s pink, like a young woman’s veil.

    Mr. Ge, “This is a good falchion, it is extremely sharp, it can kill when it sees blood.”

    He continued on slowly, “Every good falchion has a name, this falchion’s name is called woman.”

    The falchion’s name is called “woman”, that is indeed very strange.

    Mr. Ge, “Because it is sharp like a woman’s mouth, poisonous like a woman’s heart. There is no better sword than this to kill a man that likes you.”

    Tian SiSi reached out, wanted to seize the falchion, but drew back.

    Mr. Ge, “He is almost back. Marry him or kill him it’s up to you, I won’t force you…”

    After saying the last sentence, his voice was already fading.

    Tian SiSi looked up and found out that this demon like person is no where to be found.

    He is like a demon.

    Because he lures and doesn’t force.

    From a woman’s point of view, temptation is always harder to resist than force.

    Tian SiSi reached out again, but retracted again.

    She took the falchion and hid it behind her back when her heard sounds of footsteps outside the door.

    QiQi charged in.

    He came back by himself, looked at Tian SiSi, joy filled his eyes and he walked over in jubilation, “You didn’t leave, you waited for me.”

    Tian SiSi avoided his gaze, “Where’s Tian Xin?”

    QiQi, “I can’t find her because…”

    Tian SiSi didn’t didn’t let him finish this sentence.

    The falchion already penetrated into his chest, pierced into his heart.

    QiQi was stunned, suddenly in frenzy and grabbed Tian SiSi’s throat, and shouted, “Why did you kill me? What did I do wrong?”

    Tian SiSi couldn’t respond and couldn’t move.

    If QiQi uses the slightest of force, her neck would snap like straw.

    She is already frightened to death.

    She knows QiQi will not forgive her this time. No one will forgive her!

    However, QiQi’s hand slowly let go.

    The anger started to fade in his eyes. The only thing that left is sorrow and pain, the pain of being hopeless.

    He stared at Tian SiSi and said, “You should have killed me, I don’t blame you…I don’t blame you…”

    “I don’t blame you.” He repeated these four words over and over. His voice gradually started getting weaker and weaker, his face started to contort and finally that pair of eyes slowly became dead.

    He slowly fell.

    While he was falling down, his eyes was still fixed on Tian SiSi, struggling to say the words, “I couldn’t find your friend because she already escaped…I did try to find her. I didn’t lie to you.”

    After saying these words, he died.

    He died calmly because he didn’t lie to anyone, nor did he do anything nefarious deeds.

    He had a clear conscious when he died.

    Tian SiSi stood there lethargically, and found out that all of her clothe is wet.

    “I won’t blame you…I didn’t lie to you…”

    He definitely didn’t lie.

    But she lied to him, used him and even killed him.

    What did he do wrong?

    “Dang”, the falchion dropped on the ground.


    Where are the tears? Is it because there are no more tears?

    Suddenly someone said, “Did you know that he could have killed you at any moment during that time?”

    Mr. Ge came out of nowhere all of a sudden.

    Tian SiSi didn’t want to look at him and said, “I know.”

    Mr. Ge, “He didn’t kill you because he really loves you. You were able to kill him because he really loves you.”

    His sounded like it was coming from a distance and slowly said, “He loves you, that the only mistake he make.”

    Was he really wrong?

    If a person falls in love with someone that he or she shouldn’t have, then that is definitely a scary mistake.

    This mistake cannot be excused.

    But Tian SiSi’s tears all of a sudden started to pour out.

    She never thought she would shed tears for this kind of person, but she already did.

    Then she suddenly heard a voice that is gentle and Sister Mei like, “Go back, the guests are gone, Madam Wang is waiting for you, hurry and go back.”

    When she heard the name “Madam Wang”, Tian SiSi felt like she just got whipped.

    Her body immediately shrunk, and with a quavering voice, “I won’t go back.”

    Sister Mei’s smile is still gentle and friendly, said, “How can you not go back? You want me to carry you back?”

    Tian SiSi, “Please, let me go…”

    Sister Mei, “You can’t go. You are already here, no one can leave.”

    Mr. Ge suddenly said, “If you really want to leave, I have a solution.”

    Tian SiSi ecstatic, asked, “What solution?”

    She knows Mr. Ge’s solution will work for sure.

    Mr. Ge, “If you agree to one thing then I will let you go.”

    Tian SiSi, “Agree to what?”

    Mr. Ge, “Agree to marry me.”

    Sister Mei started to laugh, “Mr. Ge you must be kidding.”

    Mr. Ge, “You really think I’m kidding?”

    Sister Mei’s smile became reluctant, “Even if Mr. Ge agrees, I am not going to agree.”

    Mr. Ge, “Then I will have to kill you.”

    Sister Mei’s is still smiling but the smile is even more forced, “But Madam Wang…”

    When Tian SiSi heard the name“Madam Wang”, Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and screamed, “I agree!”

    After these words, Sister Mei already collapsed.

    She is still smiling.

    When she was smiling, the corner of her eye and forehead were filled with wrinkles.

    Blood started to flow along the wrinkles on her face.

    Her gentle and friendly face turned scarier than a demon.

    Tian SiSi’s teeth trembled, slowly turned back.

    Mr. Ge disappeared again.

    She no longer worried about anything else, didn’t look back again and charged out of the door.

    In front the corner of the wall.

    Near the corner is a door.

    The door was open.

    Tian SiSi charged in.

    She isn’t looking at anything or thinking about anything. She just kept running forward.

    It’s deep into the night.

    It’s dark all around.

    She couldn’t see anything.

    But if she stops, she would appear to see Mr. Ge’s shady, cold and stern face in the dark.

    So she can only continue to run, without knowing the road or direction.

    She finally fell down.

    The place where she fell down has a monument.

    Right after she fell, someone said with a cold voice, “You are here? I am waiting for you.”

    It was Mr. Ge’s voice.

    Mr. Ge was already sitting on the monument, appearing to be apart of it.

    It was as if he was here sitting here even before the monument was even built.

    This isn’t an illusion, this definitely is Mr. Ge.

    Tian SiSi was almost scared to death, “You are waiting for me? Why are you waiting for me?”
    Mr. Ge, “I have something to ask you.”

    Tian SiSi, “What do you want to ask me?”

    Mr. Ge, “When are you going to marry me?”

    Tian SiSi screamed, “Who said I was going to marry you?”

    Mr. Ge, “You said it yourself, you already agreed to it.”

    Tian SiSi, “I didn’t say it, I didn’t agree…”

    She screamed and ran away.

    Fear gave her another extra burst of energy.

    She rushed out, after running a long distance, she finally looked back.

    Everything is dark behind her. Mr. Ge didn’t chase after her.

    Tian SiSi took a breath, and felt she couldn’t hold herself up anymore and fell down again.

    The place she fell this time has an incline.

    She couldn’t help herself and rowed down the included into a shallow den.

    A rabbit hole?

    A fox’s den?

    A snake’s den?

    Tian SiSi no longer cared, didn’t matter whether it was fox or snake. Nothing was worse than Mr. Ge.

    This person is craftier than a fox and scarier than a snake.

    Tian SiSi prayed that Mr. Ge wouldn’t appear again. Regardless of what will be asked of her, she would do it without any regrets.

    Her prayers somehow worked.

    It has been a long time and Mr. Ge was still no where to be found.

    The stars are fading.

    The long night is almost over. This day is finally over.

    Tian SiSi took a deep breath, and felt her body was about to collapse.

    She couldn’t help but ask herself, “What did I do today?”

    This day seemed longer than her eighteen years of life.

    This day she lied and got lied to.

    She even killed.

    The person that lied to her is who she trusted. Everyone who lied to her, she trusted.

    The only person who didn’t lie to her and treated her well was killed by her. She finally understood you wouldn’t judge a person’s heart by appearance.

    “What did I do?”

    “What kind of person am I?”

    Tian SiSi’s heart was wrenched, her whole body was wrenched. It’s like an invisible rope that is whipping her constantly.

    “Maybe this is life? Is this just life?”

    “Does a person have to live like this?”

    She doubts it, she doesn’t understand.

    She doesn’t understand that life has a lot of unfair things, unfair tribulations.

    Only when you accept them can you become a real individual.

    When a person lives, one must be able to tolerate.

    Tolerance has another meaning and that is to fight!

    Continue to tolerate is continuing to fight,or else your life would have no meaning.

    Life molds itself from tribulations.

    Stars fades there is sign of light in the east.

    Tian SiSi believes she grew up a lot.

    Whatever she did, right or wrong? She finally tasted the true meaning of life.

    Even if she did wrong, she should have forgiven. She didn’t do it willingly.

    It wasn’t a day in which she wasted.

    She grew up a lot, no longer a kid.

    She is already a woman. A real woman, a woman that this world needs.

    She lived for eighteen years, only until day did she realize her existence.

    The happiness and sorrow that is apart of this world is apart of her now.

    Whether it is happiness or sorrow, she must accept it no matter what.

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    Chapter 7 – A young lady and a pig


    Light of the early dawn appeared in the East.
    Tian SiSi’s eyes were still bleary, she tried to keep it open, but eventually she closed it again.
    She was really too tired, too weary.
    Although she knew that she could not fall asleep here, she could not prevent herself.

    While being half asleep, she heard some people calling, “Young lady, Lady Tian ......”
    Who was calling?
    This sound was very familiar.
    Tian SiSi opened her eyes, as the call went nearer. She raised her head.

    A row of four people walked here. The first one was Tie GeBo, next Knife Scar Six, Qian YiTao, and Boss Zhao.
    Seeing these four people, Tian SiSi felt her anger welled up.
    If not for these four bastards, how could she fall to the present situation.
    But why were they looking for her? Had they not deceived her enough, that they wanted to deceive her again?

    Tian SiSi jumped up, her hands on the waist, staring at them.
    Perhaps she feared Madam Wang and Mr. Ge, but to these four swindlers, Lady Tian was actually really angry.
    She was Second Master Tian's daughter after all, the head of the big escort bureau from the capital city.
    Perhaps her wugong was not as high as she imagined it to be, but she had some actual skills.
    When these four people saw her, they unexpectedly did not run away, instead they were smiling and approached with reverence.

    Tian SiSi stared at them, “What do you want?”
    Qian YiTao’s smiling face looked very natural, as he said with a smile, “The inferior is looking for Lady Tian.”

    Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “You dare to look for me? Your courage is actually not small ha...”
    Qian YiTao knelt down suddenly, and said, “The humble one did not know young lady's background and had offended deeply, but hopefully the young lady can forgive us.”

    When he knelt down, the other three people immediately also knelt down.
    Boss Zhao placed down two bundles and said, “This package is young lady's jewelry and this package is 700 silver taels, if the young lady can overlook what had happened before and accept this bundles, the humble one would be deeply grateful.”
    These people suddenly became conscientious and was willing to return everything and submit.

    On the contrary, Tian SiSi felt a little embarrassed.
    Feeling embarrassed within but also a little self-satisfied, she put on a serious face and said, “You all realize your mistakes?”

    Four people simultaneously shouted back, “The humble ones know our sins, the humble ones should die ......”

    Tian SiSi’s heart became soft and wanted to tell them to stand up. The picture of four male adults kneeling in front of her was not a pretty one.

    Who knew that when these four people spoke “die”, suddenly there were many holes on their foreheads.
    The blood flowed immediately from the holes, the wrinkled smiles faded gradually.
    Four people’s eyes still looked straight but the faces were already stiff, no shout, no struggle.
    Eight eyes were still looking straight at Tian SiSi, until their faces suddenly dropped to the ground.

    Tian SiSi was scared.
    She simply did not see how the holes came up, she just saw these four turn-to-ugly faces from four smiling faces.
    Who killed them? With what method?
    Tian SiSi remembered Sister Mei’s death and her hands and feet immediately became ice-cold.

    Mr. Ge!

    Tian SiSi screamed, and turned around.
    There was no one behind her, only a tree that could not stop shaking in the cold wind.

    When she turned around again, Mr. Ge was already behind the four corpses, coldly staring at her, his long robe looked like mourning clothes in the dim light.
    His cold face was entirely still, with his straight body staying motionless.
    He also looked like a dead person.

    Tian SiSi’s soul flew with fright and stuttered, “You ......What are you doing here?”

    Mr. Ge lightly said, “I want to ask you.”

    Tian Sisi said, “What question?”

    Mr. Ge said, “When do you plan to marry me?”

    It was a similar question, similar words, while the intonation and the expression almost did not change.

    Tian SiSi did not know what to do, how to answer this stupid question.
    She was confused.
    Because she was really too anxious, that she could not control herself.

    Mr. Ge said, “I told these four people to come.”

    Tian SiSi nodded, “I ......I know.”

    Mr. Ge said, “Since they have deceived you, why don't you want these back?”

    Tian SiSi was nodding all the time and said, “I do not want them, I do not want them at all.”
    She nodded while at the same time she said she did not want them, that was sad but also laughable.

    Mr. Ge did not show any expression, and said lightly, “You do not want them, but I do.”
    He lifted the bundles and then said slowly, “This is your wedding dowry.”

    Tian SiSi screamed, said, “If you want anything, I will give you… I have a lot more jewelry which is worth much more than these, I will give them all to you, as long as you do not force me to marry you.”

    Mr. Ge coldly said, “You certainly must marry me, you have promised me.”

    Tian SiSi tried to look up to see him.
    But she probably should not look at him directly.
    Because when she did that, her whole body felt like it had dropped into the icehouse.
    His face did not show any smile, nor any blood.
    But his face was even more fearful than the bloody smiling face of that four dead people.

    Tian SiSi screamed, “I never promised you ......I have never really promised you ......”

    She screamed while turning around to run away.
    She felt that her body was disobeying her – that she could not take another step, but it was as if she suddenly got the strength from the devil, because in one breath, she had run away really, really far.

    There was no sound behind her.
    She finally dared to turn her head and glance behind secretly.
    The wind was blowing, but there was nobody.

    Unexpectedly Mr. Ge had not pursued her.
    He did not pursue her anxiously, maybe because he calculated that Tian SiSi would not be able to escape anyway.
    Without pursuing her, wherever he was, his overbearing shadow had put a stranglehold on Tian Sisi.

    Tian SiSi dropped down.
    She collapsed next to the road.


    The milky color of the early morning fog rose from the road and scattered in all directions.

    From the smog, there was a faint sound of rattling wheels mixed with some gentle neighs.
    Also a low voice of someone humming a folk song was heard.

    Immediately Tian SiSi’s spirit was awaken, she crawled to the road as she saw a covered carriage breaking through the fog.
    Driving the carriage was a white-haired old man.

    Tian SiSi felt relieved.
    An old man was always more trustable than the young ones.

    Tian SiSi hailed, “Old gentleman, can you help bring me along? I will certainly give you rewards as a thank you.”

    The old man whistled, withheld the reins and looked at Tian SiSi for a while before asking her slowly, “Where is Miss going?”

    This question really stumped Lady Tian.
    Go home?
    How could she go home like this? Even if her father did not scold her, other people would surely laugh loudly at her.
    She just went out for one day and she already turned into this dirty appearance, nothing she wore was clean, she had lost a lot of her items.

    “Tian Xin, the little girl managed to run away, she is actually faring a bit better than me.”
    Should she look for Tian Xin?
    But where? Where could she run away to?
    If she could not go home, also could not find Tian Xin, then she could only go to Chiangnan.

    She had come out this far, she must go to Chiangnan.
    But she had only walked 200 miles, she had already turned into this appearance, and now she was even penniless.
    If she were by herself, could she get to Chiangnan?

    Tian SiSi stood stunned in the roadside, the tears nearly dropped.

    The old man sized her up, and said suddenly, “Is it possible that Miss has met a robber?”

    Tian SiSi nodded, the person she met was much, much scarier than a robber.

    The old man sighed and shook his head, “A mature lady like you should not walk alone by yourself, nowadays people have changed a lot, there are many dishonest people around ...... Oh.”

    He also sighed and then said, “Get aboard, good or bad I will deliver you to your home.”

    Tian SiSi lowered her head and slowly said, “My family lives very far from here.”

    The old man said, “Very far, how far?”

    Tian Sisi said, “In Chiangnan.”

    The old man was stunned, with a forced smile he said, “Chiangnan, that is very far, what should we do then?”

    Tian SiSi wondered, “Where is the old gentleman originally going?”

    The old man’s wrinkled face suddenly showed a happy face and said, “I have a relative who is hosting a joyous occasion today, I am hurrying to drink and celebrate, therefore I simply had not planned on carrying passengers.”

    Tian SiSi hesitated and said, “Then we shall do this: wherever the old gentleman is going, I will go with you. When the old gentleman has arrived at the place, I will alight.”

    She only wanted to leave this preposterous place, as far away as possible.
    The old man thought a while and then said generously, “Good, if that is so, Miss who had met some misfortune, I will not accept your fare, I might even deliver Miss to a nearby place.”

    Tian SiSi felt so grateful that she could not say anything.
    There were good persons in this world after all, she found one at least.

    The carriage went for a long time, swinging from side to side, while the old man hummed a folk song in a low voice.

    Tian SiSi was so worn out that she had quickly fallen asleep, in her dream she was a small infant again, lying down inside the swinging cradle, while her wet nurse was humming a lullaby.

    This dream was very beautiful and sweet.
    It was only a pity that despite of the sweet beautiful dream, one had to wake up at some point.

    Tian SiSi was awakened suddenly by the sound of firecrackers, only then she realized that the carriage had already stopped.

    The old man stood outside the carriage door looking at her. When he saw she opened her eyes he smilingly said, “We have arrived at my relatives place, Miss can alight.”

    She rubbed her eyes and looked blearily outside the carriage.

    The carriage stopped outside a house that was not small, with large frontyard, and surrounded by the wheat field, the wheat had grown tall and shone bright golden yellow in the sunlight.
    Several chickens bundled together in the corner of the yard, they were obviously scared by the sound of the firecrackers a moment ago.

    There were many congratulatory red papers inside and outside the house. Everyone was wearing new clothes and showing happy faces.

    Tian SiSi’s heart actually felt bitter, she suddenly felt that all these people were a lot happier than her.

    That new bride was certainly like a blossoming flower today.
    “And I? When will I have this culmination day?”

    Tian SiSi nipped her lip, jumped down the carriage, lowered her head and said, “Many thanks old gentleman, I no longer dare to ask anything else, since the old gentleman has delivered me here, I ......I feel extremely grateful.”
    After speaking, she broke into sobs as she tried to hide her face.

    The old man kept looking at her, while showing sympathetic expression and said, “Where is Miss going to go?

    Tian SiSi hung her head and said, “I ......I have some place to go, the old gentleman does not need to worry about me.”

    The old man gave a long sigh, “How about this, if Miss does not have anything urgent, you can get refreshed and drink in celebration with us.”

    He had not finished his sentence, before someone else also said, “Miss already arrives here, if Miss does not celebrate with us that means you look down upon us country folk.”

    Someone else also said with a smile: “Moreover, we were worried that we did not have enough people to fill the tables. If Miss is willing to be present, that will be very good, please come in without any hesitation.”

    Tian SiSi found out that there were many people who welcomed her, a couple of older ladies, wearing golden hairpins and golden bracelets on the wrists had held on to Tian SiSi’s hands.

    Another braided girl had also pushed her from behind, the country folk's warmheartedness and hospitability was displayed completely for her.

    Although Tian SiSi suddenly felt a surge of warm feeling in her heart, she still said, “Why is there so much good intention and graciousness?”

    The crowd started to advance into the house.
    Some firecrackers made loud noises outside.
    A pair of wedding candles burned bright, the dancing flames were like children’s smiling faces.

    On the two eight-sided tables, people had covered them with large bowls of luxurious feast, sumptuous food that symbolized people's happiness and abundance.

    In life, some things could change very quickly, even if someone were to befallen upon a misfortune, that was also worth enduring. If she could persevere, later she would get the rewards.

    Tian SiSi suddenly felt happy, as if she had left behind these unfortunate bitter experiences.
    She was gently prodded to a table on the left side, that old man sat by her.

    Only five people sat on this table, she discovered that the guests that were celebrating were not that many. Besides her, the other people there seemed to have consisted only of very close friends.

    Everyone seemed to be curious about her and took some measuring look at her, she became a bit uncomfortable, and could not help leaning to the old man and whispered, “I do not bring any wedding present, how can I feel right about it?”

    The old man smiled, “No need, you do not need to give a present.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why don’t I need to give a present?”

    The old man smiled, “This marriage celebration was decided hastily, nobody had time to prepare wedding gifts.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Hasty decision? I heard that when country folks get married, they usually prepared it for a long time, why ......”

    The old man interrupted her, “Ordinarily when people get married, they certainly would have a very long preparation, but this marriage is actually different. “

    Tian Sisi said, “How different?”

    The old man was hesitant, “Because the bride and the bridegroom are a little special.”

    Tian SiSi grew more interested as she listened and asked, “What is so special? Actually how are they related to the old gentleman?”

    The old man said with a smile, “The bridegroom will come out shortly, you may see him immediately.”

    Tian Sisi said, “The bridegroom will come out shortly, how about the new bride?”

    The old man smiled a little mysteriously and said, “The new bride is already in this house.”

    Tian Sisi said, “In this house? Where?”

    She looked around the house, but there were only herself, this old man, and another 6-7 people.

    The two old women who pulled her in, sat opposite her, they continued to smile hee hee… the powder on the face seemed to drop off little by little.
    Maybe there are 50 layers of powder on those faces.
    “The uglier the person, the more you need the powder to cover it”, that saying must be true.

    Tian SiSi laughed inside, the more she looked the more she felt that these two women were clowns.

    Tian SiSi’s smartly said, “She is the new bride?”

    The old man shook his head, and smartly said with a smile, “How come there is such an ugly new bride?”

    Tian SiSi felt better inward for the bridegroom, if someone married such a new bride, the ancestors really gave him bad luck.
    In her mind, a new bride would always be attractive, at least compared to the guests.

    But in this house the most attractive one was the other woman, who although pleasing to the eyes, she should already be a mother of several children at least.

    Tian SiSi murmured, but finally could not help blurting out, “The new bride cannot be her, right?”

    The old man said with a smile, “She might be the new bride’s grandmother, how could it be her.”

    Tian Sisi said, “If it is not any of them, then who?”

    Although she did not dare to look around openly, but she had glanced around in all direction, in this house besides these two women, everyone else seemed to be men.

    She felt even more strange as she said, “Actually where is the new bride, why don’t I see her?”

    The old man said with a smile, “When the time comes she will certainly let you see her, even the the bridegroom is not anxious, why are you so anxious? “

    Tian SiSi blushed, after some moments she could not no longer hold it in and asked, “Is the new bride attractive?”

    The old man smiled mysteriously and said, “Certainly attractive, moreover she is the most attractive one in this house.”

    His eyes looked closely at Tian Sisi as was everyone.

    Tian SiSi’s face grew redder, she just dangled her head, when she saw a pair of feet in blue boots walking inside, above the shoes was a person wearing long red robe.

    The bridegroom had finally come out.

    How did this bridegroom look? Was he a clown? Handsome? Was he slim? An old man?

    Tian SiSi tried to lift up her head to look but also felt a little embarrassed.
    She was old enough to marry, but she had not, moreover she was not acquainted with this family.

    Who knew that the bridegroom actually walk to her and paused in front of her.
    Tian SiSi just felt very strange, before she heard the roars in the house as everyone was clapping.

    Some people also complimented, “These two are really a perfect match, today they become a happy couple.”

    Some people also praised, “The new bride is attractive and fortunate, in the future they will have good fortune and long lives.”

    She pulled that old man's lower robe discreetly, and said quietly, “The new bride?”

    The old man smiled and said, “The new bride is you.”

    “The new bride is me?”

    Tian SiSi had laughed, she thought this old man really could crack a joke, but while smiling she felt that this was not right, this joke had really gone too far.

    The guests in the house started to grow louder, “The new bride need to quickly stand and make a bow to heaven and earth, the bridegroom is already anxious to enter the marriage chamber.”

    The bridegroom’s feet seemed to be fixed on the ground, not moving from that spot.

    Tian SiSi finally could not bear looking up.

    With one look, she stiffened suddenly, stiffened like a block of wood.
    Her soul seemed to fly away with fright.

    The bridegroom, who wore the scarlet robe, the brand-new blue boots, the black cap with peacock feathers, was just like any other bridegroom.

    But his face — — there was no other more auspicious face in the world
    This face was just simply not a person's face.
    A gloomy, icy face, the one that did not have the slightest expression, just like a dead fish's eyes. Those also did not have the slightest expression.
    He continued to stand motionless, looking straight at Tian Sisi.
    As if even when Tian SiSi had not been born, he had stationed himself here already!

    Mr. Ge!

    Tian SiSi only felt her own body slowly sliding down from the seat, as if she no longer could sit still, the teeth were also chattering “cluck-cluck”non-stop.

    She felt like a pig being led to a slaughterhouse.
    All this preparation, the marriage chamber, the wedding candles, the wedding guests, and all the arrangements were like the baits, waiting for her to get hooked.

    She wanted to cry, but she could not; she wanted to scream, but she could not.

    Mr. Ge was looking at her calmly and slowly said, “I have asked you twice, when we can get married, since you cannot decide, I have to decide myself.”

    Tian Sisi said, “I ......I do not ......”
    The sound percolated back and forth in her throat, but she could not say it aloud.

    Mr. Ge said, “This time we should get married, not only is it perfectly justifiable, but it is also a proper marriage.”

    That old man said, “Right, I am the matchmaker.”

    That two women say with a smile while eating, “We are the happy mothers.”

    Mr. Ge said, “All the witnesses are already present, no one can have any objection to this marriage.”

    Tian SiSi felt paralyzed, with stricken face, she did not seem to have the strength to run away.
    Even if she could run away, what was the use?
    In any case she could not escape from Mr. Ge’s clutch.

    “But am I to be dispatched like this to the marriage chamber?”

    “Whoosh…”, she finally slipped from her seat and dropped down.

    Suddenly someone said, “If no one else objects to this marriage, I actually have some words to say.”

    The one who spoke was a short and stout young man, with a round face, long slit eyes, a tall and large forehead, the distance between the two eyebrows was nearly twice compared to other persons.
    His mouth was very big, but the head was even bigger, he looked a little unusual.
    But his face was actually very calm, and the words flowed naturally.

    He sat on the right side, his left hand held a cup, while his right hand held the wine pot.
    The wine cup was very big.
    But he actually drank very quickly using his cup compared to the others, he might have already drunk several cups already.

    What was strange was that no other people saw him a moment ago in the house.
    Nobody saw when this person entered the house or when he sat down.
    Everyone in that house suddenly was startled by this person.

    Mr. Ge actually did not show any expression with this new development and said lightly, “You have something to say about this marriage?”

    This young man sighed and said, “I did not want to say anything initially, but I have to say something now.”

    Mr. Ge replied, “What do you want to say?”

    This young man said, “Everything about this marriage is indeed ready, but there is something that is not right.”

    Mr. Ge said, “Which part is not right?”

    This young man said, “If she were the new bride, the bridegroom should not be you.”

    Mr. Ge said, “If it should not be me, who should it be?”

    This young man pointed to his own nose with the mouth of the wine pot and said with a smile, “It should be me.”

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    Chapter 7 – A young lady and a pig


    “The bridegroom should be him? Who is he?”

    Tian SiSi was already paralyzed, but upon hearing these words, she looked up.
    This short and stout young man was also looking at her.

    Tian SiSi initially did not recognize this person, but she felt that he looked a little familiar.

    This young man then slowly said, “I am surnamed Yang, called Yang Fan, Yang for wood, Fan for ordinary.”
    Indeed he looked like an ordinary person, only a little fatter than other young people.
    Besides being fat, he did not seem to have any other strong points.

    But the name “Yang Fan” actually scared Tian Sisi.
    She suddenly remembered this person.

    Yesterday evening when she hid in the forest, she saw a young fat person following behind her father.
    He was the government officer Third MasterYang’s son, of whom Tian SiSi had heard that he was a monster.
    It was said that in ten days he was rarely sober for a day, when he was sober he spent time in the temple, but when he was drunk he lived in the brothel.
    Wherever he live, he still looked like a monster.
    She could not think that this monster could unexpectedly appear here.

    It was said that he would not stay at home, it was said that once he was grown-up, even the Third Master rarely saw this person.
    It was said that he had done many strange matters, although not the proper ones.
    Tian SiSi could not understand why her father picked him for her.

    Mr. Ge also treated this person as a monster, he stared at him carefully for a long time, before he suddenly laughed.
    This was the first time Tian SiSi saw him laugh.
    She never imagined how he looked when he laughed, at one point she thought he even could not laugh.
    But right now she saw that he was laughing.
    That gloomy, cold face had laughed suddenly, and it really looked strangely fearful, like the laughing face of a dead person.

    He laughingly said, “You also want to be a bridegroom.”

    Yang Fan said lightly, “I did not really want to be a bridegroom, but good or bad I cannot avoid it.”

    Mr. Ge said, “Why? Are some people forcing you with the knife behind you?”

    Yang Fan sighed, “A person just cannot see his own wife becoming someone else’s bride…”

    Mr. Ge said, “She is your wife?”

    Yang Fan said, “Although at the present she is not, but it is practically settled.”

    Mr. Ge coldly said, “I only know that she has agreed personally to marry me.”

    Yang Fan said, “Even if she has promised you, that is still useless.”

    Mr. Ge said, “Useless?”

    Yang Fan said, “Because her father has already betrothed her to me, not only we have her parents’ wish, moreover we have proposed through the matchmaker, so everything is settled properly. Nobody can have any objection to this.”

    Mr. Ge was silent for a very long time, before he suddenly said, “It seems that there is only one way that you will not marry her.”

    Yang Fan said, “There is no other way.”

    Mr. Ge said, “Yes, a dead person cannot marry a wife.”

    Yang Fan laughed.
    This was also the first time Tian SiSi saw him laugh.

    His face became wonderfully rounder, the slit eyes also became longer, and like his face was beaming. This short and stout person suddenly became a little more extraordinary, and nobody could despise him.

    Because of this reason, nobody in that house approached him to kick him out.
    As soon as he laughed, he changed, becoming much more friendly, like he became more approachable, and the whole round face became much more attractive.
    Even if the one who saw him laugh was a very repugnant person, with this laugh he would no longer dislike him, he could not let him go without trying to get to know him some more.

    Tian SiSi suddenly wanted him to run away quickly, the sooner he got away the better, and he should run as far as he could.
    She suddenly did not wish him to die under Mr. Ge’s hands.

    Because she knew that Mr. Ge's wugong was very fearful, this young fat person smiled so lovable, she really did not wish to see blood flowing down his laughing face, smearing the face and making it ugly.

    She had seen five people who had died under Mr. Ge’s hands, all five died so suddenly, with holes in the forehead. But the biggest fear was because she did not know how Mr. Ge killed those people, she did not even have a clue.

    This young fat person's forehead was especially wide, Mr. Ge should have no problem with him. Tian SiSi could imagine how the blood would dripped down from his forehead.

    Mr. Ge luckily had not attacked, he was still standing motionless.

    Yang Fan had just drunk his bowl of wine, when he suddenly put up the wine bowl and it sounded like a “clang” sound.

    Mr. Ge’s complexion changed immediately.

    Yang Fan slowly put down the wine bowl, looked at it several time and shook his head while muttering, “Excellent evil and cruel hidden weapon, very formidable.”

    Tian SiSi really felt he was muddled.

    Mr. Ge was still standing motionless, how could he send out the hidden weapon already?
    If indeed he had, how could this young fat person deflected the hidden weapon with just a small wine bowl?

    The flash of Mr. Ge's hidden weapon would send a person to his doom, could split out a person’s head suddenly with holes, why couldn’t it break a small wine bowl?

    Tian SiSi could not understand, she also did not believe that this young fat person could have such a solid background.

    But why did Mr. Ge's complexion changed so ugly?

    She heard someone sighing and said, “This kind of hidden weapon will weaken the lifespan of a person by ten years, if it were me, I would not want to use it.”

    Mr. Ge was silent for a very long time, said suddenly, “Have you seen this kind of hidden weapon before?”

    Yang Fan shook his head and said, “This is my first time.”

    Mr. Ge said, “You are also the first person who is still alive after this hidden weapon attack.”

    Yang Fan said, “After the first, there will be the second, the third, and so on. This hidden weapon is not that great, you should not use it anymore.”

    Mr. Ge was silent for a very long time when he also asked suddenly, “How are you related to Song ShiNiang?”

    Song ShiNiang was the famous number one hidden weapon experts, not only was she the best at evading the hidden weapons, but also releasing them and making them.
    Tian SiSi always knew that Song ShiNiang was one of the great persons, she kept hearing the name all the time.
    If she were not a woman, Tian SiSi would have also included her name in the list, the person to be sought for for her own.

    Yang Fan actually shook his head and said, “This is the first time I have heard the name.”

    Mr. Ge said, “You have never heard this name, and you have never seen this kind of hidden weapon?”

    Yang Fan said, “True.”

    Mr. Ge said, “But you have actually evaded this hidden weapon.”

    Yang Fan smiled, said, “If I have not evaded it, there has to be many big holes on me.”

    Mr. Ge kept staring at him, before he gave a long sigh suddenly and said, “Can you tell me how you evade it?”

    Yang Er said, “No.”

    Mr. Ge said, “Can you return this hidden weapon to me?”

    Yang Fan said, “No.”

    He smiled suddenly, then said easily, “But if you crawl away, I will not oppose this idea.”

    Mr. Ge did not ask the second time.
    He crawled away.

    Tian SiSi looked stunned.

    Anyone who saw Mr. Ge would think that he was harder than a stone, colder than the ice, he was simply not like a live person.
    His face never showed any expression.

    But as soon as he saw this young fat person, he showed all kinds of expressions, not only did he laugh, but he also almost cried, his complexion had become really ugly, and now he also unexpectedly crawled away.

    This young fat person really had some real skills.

    But Tian SiSi looked right and left, and yet she still could not understand how he could be such a great person.
    He did not look very intelligent compared to other idiots.

    Tian SiSi could not see it, others also could not see.
    Everyone kept staring with eyes as big as an egg, and with open mouth, big enough to swallow two eggs.

    Yang Fan drank a bowl of wine, and suddenly said with a smile, “Why don’t you all sit down, why do you keep standing? Moreover all the food and wine are ready, why no one is eating, why so polite?”

    If he had said this in the beginning, others would just consider him as breaking the wind, but now everyone just followed his order immediately.

    As soon as he said this short speech, everyone in the house immediate sat down, no one was standing any longer.

    Tian SiSi initially sat down, but then she stood up and started walking away.

    Yang Fan had not seemed to notice her as he said easily, “Mr. Ge has certainly left, if you want to look for him there is still enough time.”

    Tian SiSi’s feet seemed to be suddenly nailed to the place, she turned her head to face him as she stared at this young fat person maliciously.

    Yang Fan did not look at her directly, raising his glass he said with a smile, “I really do not like drinking alone, why don't you accompany me to drink several cups?”
    He looked up briefly, poured out the wine, and immediately none was left in the bowl.

    Tian SiSi had turned around and walked up to him, she said loudly, “Hey drunkard, why don’t you use the pot to drink?”

    Yang Fan said lightly, “My mouth is too big, the mouth of this wine pot is actually too small.”
    He unintentionally cast a glance at Tian SiSi’s small mouth, and suddenly laughed, “One big, one small, it is not really matching.”

    Tian SiSi’s face became bright red as she said bitterly, “You seemed to be satisfied with yourself. Even if you have just helped me, it was not that great.”

    Yang Fan said, “You acknowledged that I have helped you?”

    Tian SiSi said, “Humph.”

    Yang Fan said, “Then why don't you thank me?”

    Tian Sisi said, “That is what you want to do yourself, why do I need to thank you?”

    Yang Fan said, “Good good, very very true, initially I wanted to eat and now I have sated all my own appetite.”

    Tian SiSi bit her lips and suddenly said aloud, “Regardless of what happened, you cannot have the notion that I will marry you!”

    Yang Fan said, “You really do not want marry me?”

    Tian Sisi said, “I will not.”

    Yang Fan said, “You are determined?”

    Tian Sisi said, “I will not marry you.”

    Yang Fan said, “Will you change your mind?”

    Tian SiSi’s voice became louder, “If I said I would not marry you, I would not marry you until I die.”

    Yang Fan stood up suddenly and bowed to her respectfully, “Many thanks many thanks, I am deeply grateful.”

    Tian SiSi was stunned, “Why do you thank me?”

    Yang Fan said, “Not only must I thank you, moreover I must also thank the heaven and earth.”

    Tian Sisi said, “What problems do you have?”

    Yang Fan said, “I do not have any problem, but I do have a little suspecting mind.”

    Tian Sisi said, “What do you suspect?”

    Yang Fan said, “I always suspect that you will insist on marrying me, therefore I am always really worried.”

    Tian SiSi screamed, “I want to marry you? You are confused.”

    Yang Fan said with a smile, “But now my head is not confused, I no longer feel afraid, as long as you are not marrying me, we can discuss anything else.”

    Tian SiSi coldly said, “I do not have any reason to marry you.”

    Yang Fan said with a smile, “If uncle Tian force you to marry me?”

    Tian SiSi thought and then said, “I will not go back home.”

    Yang Fan said, “Sooner or later you must go back.”

    Tian SiSi thought and then said, “After I get married, then I will go home.”

    Yang Fan clapped his hands and said with a smile, “Great idea, it is simply a wonderful idea.”
    He knitted his brows and suddenly asked, “But who will you marry?”

    Tian Sisi said, “It is none of your business.”

    Yang Fan sighed, “It is not my business, but I worry that you will not marry.”

    Tian SiSi said, “I will not marry? You think nobody wants me? You think I am ugly and peculiar?”

    Yang Fan gave a forced smile, “You certainly are not ugly, but your temperament, who can understand it?”

    Tian SiSi said bitterly, “You do not need to worry about it, some people will be able to understand me.”

    Yang Fan said, “He might not, for example, that Mr. Ge ......”

    As soon as she heard Mr. Ge’s name, Tian SiSi’s face turned white.

    Yang Fan easily said, “He might not really want to marry you, maybe he has some other motives?”

    Tian SiSi could not bear it anymore and excaimed, “What other motives? What other intention does he have?”

    Yang Fan shook his head, said, “I do not know his intention, I am only afraid that once he achieved his purpose he will set you aside, at that time if you want to marry me, I no longer want to be involved.”

    Tian SiSi’s face became very red with anger, “You can rest assured that I would rather become a nun first before I marry you.”

    Yang Fan shook his head and said, “I cannot feel relieved by that, there are things in the world that originally look difficult, and yet it may still happen.”

    Tian SiSi was angry, sneeringly said, “Who do you think you are, a handsome man? On what grounds do you think I will marry you?”

    Yang Fan said lightly, “Whether I am handsome or not, a pig or not, it has nothing to do with it. I only want to see you get married, and then I can feel relieved.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Good, when I get married, I will let you know as soon as possible.”
    She was simply too enraged.
    The person who should feel relieved was her, but this pig actually took the opportunity first.
    She did not want to look at him again, so after saying this, she turned to go.

    Who knew that Yang Fan said again,”Wait, wait a moment.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Wait what? Don't you feel relieved?”

    Yang Fan said, “Indeed I do not feel very relieved. What if you meet some accident and die?”

    Tian Sisi said, “What does it have to do with you?”

    Yang Fan sternly said, “Of course it does. You now belong to Yang family already. If you meet some trouble, I need to solve it for you, if you meet an accident, I also have to take revenge for you, wouldn’t that be a lot of trouble for me? What I am afraid the most is trouble, how can you say that I should feel relieved?”

    Tian SiSi’s face was flushed with rage, as she sneeringly said, “I will refuse you stubbornly.”

    Yang Fan said, “That is actually not certain, everyone knows about the young lady’s temperament, moreover ......”
    He also sighed, “…you do not know yet when you will marry someone. Uncle Tian can capture you again at any point, if he forces you to marry me, what then?”

    Tian SiSi called out, “So how will you feel relieved then, say it.”

    Yang Fan said, “Indeed I have a way.”

    Tian Sisi said, “What way?”

    Yang Fan said, “If you want to marry someone, I will deliver you to him, wait until you get married, and only then, I will feel relieved.”

    Tian SiSi sneered, “It turns out you can also think thoroughly.”

    Yang Fan said, “You praise too much, I am actually a very careless person, but in this matter I have no alternative but to be particularly careful, marrying a wrong wife is certainly not amusing.”

    Tian SiSi stopped sneering, her face showed indescribable anger.
    Yang Fan said, “Therefore whoever you want to marry, by all means say it, I will certainly deliver you to him.”

    Tian SiSi bit her lip and said, “I want to marry Qin Ge.”

    Yang Fan knitted his brows, said, “Sentimental elder brother (Qin Ge)? Who is your sentimental elder brother, how would I know.”

    Tian SiSi really wished to give him several slaps in the face, and said,” I said Qin Ge, Qin for dynasty, Ge for song, you have never heard of him?”

    Yang Fan shook his head, said, “No.”

    Tian SiSi sneered, “So dumb. What else do you understand besides eating?”

    Yang Fan said, “I can also drink.”

    He really drank the cup of wine, and only then said, “Good, Qin Ge is Qin Ge, I will certainly find him for you, but whether or not he is willing to marry you, I dare not guarantee it.”

    Tian Sisi said, “From that point on, I can find my own way.”

    Yang Fan said, “Although I may accompany you to look for him, we also must make a few rules for all concerned.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Makes a few rules for all concerned?”

    Yang Fan said, “First, we both agree that I will not marry you, and you will not marry me.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Very good.”

    Yang Fan said, “Second, although we may go the same way, but you go and I go on our own way. Regarding anything, I will not force you, nor can you force me.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Very good.”

    Yang Fan said, “Third, if you find someone that pleases you, you can marry him; if I see someone that pleases me, I may marry her. We do not interfere with each other’s private life.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Very good.”
    She was dizzy with anger, besides saying “very good” three times she could not say anything else. These three conditions should be brought up by her, but this pig actually said them first.


    Everyone else had slid out of that house, which was now empty.

    Yang Fan drank three cups of wine in one breath and then smilingly said, “In any event, I have benefited from knowing you, that I can drink this celebration wine, I should thank you.”

    Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “How did you find me here? My father?”

    Yang Fan smiled, “Some matters I do not want to tell you, you cannot force me.”

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said bitterly, “Perhaps you are already in cahoots with Mr. Ge.”

    Yang Fan nodded, said, “Perhaps, there is no sure thing in this world.”

    Tian SiSi looked around, could not bear asking, “Everyone else?”

    Yang Fan said, “Gone.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why did you let them go?”

    Yang Fan said, “Even Mr. Ge I have let go, why should I detain the others?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why didn’t you detain Mr. Ge?”

    Yang Fan said, “He only wanted to marry you, although this is a stupid thing, it did not really count as a crime; Moreover, he had also invited me to drink.”

    Tian Sisi said, “But he has also killed people.”

    Yang Fan said lightly, “Haven't you killed people? Many people are supposed to die anyway.”

    Tian SiSi’s face became red, said loudly, “Good, sooner or later the law will find him again, and I will not be disappointed.”

    After a while she said suddenly, “Can you show me his hidden weapon?”

    Yang Fan said, “No.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why?”

    Yang Fan said, “If I said no, that means I cannot, we already discuss this before.”

    Tian SiSi stamped her feet, said, “Good, Since I cannot force you let’s go.”

    Yang Fan said, “Why are you so anxious?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why am I anxious? Certainly anxious to get married.”

    Yang Fan drank again and said easily, “You are anxious to go, I am not, you must go, just go first. We will walk our own separate ways anyway. I cannot let you dictate me.”

    Tian SiSi grasped the wine pot suddenly, and smashed it to the floor, and then walked away.
    Yang Fan sighed and muttered, “Luckily she did not see the wine pot over there…”

    Tian SiSi had rushed there suddenly, “crash”, that wine pot also fell into pieces. Her anger subsided at last, before she turned around.

    She actually saw Yang Fan holding a wine jug, drinking to his heart’s content. He said with a laugh, “The wine pots are all have been smashed, but I found this jug, the mouth of this jug matches the size of my mouth, so that is just appropriate.”


    Tian SiSi walked while grumbling and cursing continuously.
    “Dead fat person, drunkard, pig ......”

    While scolding the person, she suddenly smiled.

    Tian Xin was planning to write this “Young lady’s Journey to the South”, which would have a Tang Xuanzang (the holy man), a Sun Wukong (the monkey), and a zhubajie (the pig).

    If this book got really written, this story would certainly be more brilliant, if Tian Xin knew that, she would certainly smile, and her pouts would disappear.

    “But actually where has this little pouty mouth disappeared to?”

    While smiling, Lady Tian was unable to restrain her sigh, but then she stopped her sighs.

    Regardless of this turnout - - if you had someone to protect you from behind, that was always a good thing.

    Although this pig looked stupid, he could scare some intimidating people on the way.
    Without the pig, Tang Xuanzang probably would not reach the Paradise in the West.
    Was this pig really stupid?
    Perhaps in a pig’s eyes, the stupidest animal in the world was a human.

    END of CHAPTER 7

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    Chapter 8 - Journey to the West


    High noon.
    The sun was right above.

    It would be glorious if you were to sit under the tree shade or on the beach or in a pavilion by the pond, with the cool breeze blowing gently, blowing on your body, and in your hand you were carrying a glass of iced cold juice.

    If you were to have that, you would certainly feel happy inside, that the world was a happy place, and the sunlight was so bright, so magnificent.

    But if you were to walk under the hot sun, exposed fully to the fiery scorching heat of the sun, the feeling would not be too good.

    Tian SiSi felt like she was simply stuck in a nightmare, her breathing became very labored.

    The road ahead seemed to extend endlessly, the gravel underneath her feet sparkled and glittered, but they burned like you could boil an egg on it.

    There were many outdoor shops under the tree shade that sold cold drinks and hot food. Several people sat there eating and drinking, even wearing straw hats, while at the same time complaining that the wine was too light.

    But in Tian SiSi’s eyes, those people were so happy that they were like little gods that were enjoying life.

    “A lucky person often does not know that he is lucky.”

    Only now Tian SiSi understood this saying.

    If two days ago she saw this kind of food and wine, they would only look like dog food. But now, if someone offered her this wine, perhaps she would feel so grateful that she might shed some tears.

    She really wanted to drink at least two bowls, her lips were so parched.
    But to buy the wine, one needed money.
    Even if Lady Tian had not set out by herself, she absolutely knew this truth.
    And now she did not even have a single coin.

    Before, if Lady Tian wanted anything, as long as she opened her mouth, someone would come along with her request.

    She had not realized how valuable “this money” before.
    “That pig is so fat that he must be rich. Is he willing to lend me some money?”

    Even thinking of asking him to lend some money caused her face to blush furiously, if she really had to ask him, she might die before opening her mouth to ask.

    All the people under the tree shade kept staring at her.
    She lowered her head, clenched her teeth, and walked away.

    “Why hasn't that pig caught up with me? Is it possible that he is now dead drunk?”

    She could only hate herself that a moment ago she did not eat and drink in that place before she left, “eating now is not going to be in vain”, she remembered that Yang Fan’s happy speech had some truth in it.

    The sound of a carriage came up behind her, when she turned to look, she saw a closed carriage creeping closer in the distant, a person sat lazily in the front, languidly controlling the reins, a pair of long slit eyes seemed to be open and shut at the same time, the mouth also had a thin smile.

    This drunkard actually were not dead drunk and unexpectedly had caught up with her. Looking at how comfortable he was, Tian SiSi wished that she was under the ground.

    Tian SiSi felt hatred that her teeth itched.

    “This horse-drawn carriage was the one that stopped outside the house a while ago, why couldn’t I just sat inside. I went out first, why should this pig now get to enjoy this advantage.”

    Now she could only hope that this pig will greet her and asked her aboard.

    Yang Fan paid no attention to her, he did not seem to notice her, and yet the carriage stopped from time to time, never really leaving her that far behind.

    Fortunately, she could not see his evil face, otherwise she would be really angry.

    Tian SiSi called out loudly, “Hey...”

    Yang Fan’s eyes opened and then closed.

    Tian SiSi had to walk faster and called out, “Hey, are you a deaf person?”

    Yang Fan’s eyes looked wider before he finally said lazily, “Who are you speaking to?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Certainly to you, can I speak to this horse?”

    Yang Fan said lightly, “My surname is not hey, so how should I know that you were speaking to me?”

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and said, “Hey, surnamed Yang.”

    Yang Fan’s eyes remained closed.

    Tian SiSi angrily called out, “I called surnamed Yang, aren't you surnamed Yang?”

    Yang Fan said, “People with surname Yang are so many, how did I know which one are you calling?”

    Tian Sisi retorted back, “Is there anyone else here that has surname Yang? Maybe this horse is also surnamed Yang?”

    Yang Fan said, “Perhaps it is surnamed Yang, perhaps surnamed Tian, why don’t you ask?”
    He yawned lazily and then said lightly, “If you want to speak to me, you must call me older brother Yang (Yang da ge).”

    Tian SiSi’s eyes grew bigger, she acidly said, “Why do I want to call you older brother Yang?”

    Yang Fan said, “First, because I am surnamed Yang, second, because I am older than you, third, because I am a man, you cannot call me Sister Yang.”
    He lazily smiled and then said, “If you call me Uncle Yang, I would not be happy at all.”

    Tian Sisi cursed, “Dead pig, evil pig.”

    Yang Fan said easily, “Only a pig wants to speak to a pig, I think you do not look like a pig.”

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, turned around, and promised herself that she would not pay any attention to him. Suddenly she heard a whistle, Yang Fan tugged the reins suddenly and the carriage jumped forward from her side.

    The road ahead seemed endless, the sun was really bright, if one had to walk, even if one could endure it, one would be half dead by the end.

    Tian SiSi become worried and said loudly, “Yang datou, wait a moment.” (datou = big head, what else )

    When she said “da”, her voice was intentionally very loud, but the “tou” sound was very low, as if she was calling him Yang dage.

    Yang Fan really pulled the reins in, turned his head, and said with a smile, “Younger sister Tian (Tian xiaomei), what is the matter?”

    Tian SiSi giggled to herself, she had finally managed to take advantage of him with great difficulty, certainly she smiled very sweetly and happily.
    Which girl did not like to take advantage of other people?

    Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked as she said with a smile, “Since nobody sits in your carriage, is it convenient for you to let me sit inside? “

    Yang Fan smiled, “Certainly you may.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Since you already promised me, you cannot force me to go down.”

    Yang Fan said, “Certainly.”

    His mouth had not closed, Tian SiSi had jumped up into the carriage, as she looked up from the window, she laughingly said, “Perhaps you had not heard clearly a moment ago, I was not calling you Yang dage, but Yang datou; your head is three times bigger than normal people.”

    She was sure this would rile up this evil person.

    Who would know that instead of being angry, Yang Fan said with a smile, “A big head means the person is intelligent, I already know that I am intelligent, therefore you do not need to remind me.”

    Tian SiSi pouted her mouth and with a “bang” closed the door of the carriage.

    Yang Fan laughed loudly, raised the whip to urge the horse, also said, “With a big head one does not have to worry in the rain, others have umbrellas, I have a big head ...... A big head has many advantages, you will slowly learn how.”

    Some people seemed to have luck since they were born, therefore they always lived very happily forever.

    Yang Fan was this kind of person, it would not be easy for anyone to make him angry, not easy at all.


    When high noon passed, there were more people passing on the road, some by carriage, some riding a horse, some old, some young…

    Tian SiSi suddenly saw a young knight, with a fluttering bright red silk handkerchief.
    The red silk handkerchief was on his arm.

    This person was certainly not Qin Ge, but he must have come from Chiangnan.
    “Does he know Qin Ge? Or maybe he has heard of Qin Ge’s news?”

    Tian SiSi spent her time in the heat looking out the window to see the people passing by.
    She hoped she could wholeheartedly think about Qin Ge, and forgot anything else.
    But she could not.

    She was still awfully hungry, so hungry that she could not fall asleep.
    If a person’s belly was empty, how could his heart be at rest?

    Tian SiSi could not help looking up the window and said loudly, “Do you know what place is ahead?”

    Yang Fan said, “No, anyway Chiangnan is still very far.”

    Tian Sisi said, “I want to find a place to stop, I a little hungry.”

    Yang Fan said, “You want to eat something?”

    Tian SiSi had swallowed her saliva, said, “Yes, eat something something that is not a big deal.”

    Yang Fan said, “Since it is not a big deal, why eat?”
    He sighed and muttered “This woman is actually a rarity, not eating anything at all throughout the day is not a big deal. If it were me, I would be going insane with hunger.”

    Tian SiSi called out suddenly and said, “I am also going insane with hunger.”

    Yang Fan said with a smile, “Then you should eat, the only thing is if you want to eat, you need money, do you have some?”

    Tian Sisi said, “I ......I ......”

    Yang Fan said easily, “If you do not have any money to eat, when you eat without paying, that person must suffer by the wooden board. If that inch-thick board hit the buttocks, the feeling is not any better than the hunger.”

    Tian SiSi blushed and bit her lips, after a very long time, only then could she raise her courage to ask, “You ......Do you have some money?”

    Yang Fan said, “I have some money, but only for me. You are not my wife, I do not want to take care of you!”

    Tian Sisi said, “Who wants you to take care of me?”

    Yang Fan said, “If you do not want me to take care of you, and you do not have any money, do you want to stay hungry until we reach Chiangnan?”

    Tian SiSi was stunned for a while before she slowly said, “I ......I shall think of a way to make money.”

    Yang Fan said, “That is very good, how do you want to make money?”

    Tian SiSi was stunned.
    Her entire life she never had to make her own money, she did not know how to make some money.

    After a while, she probingly asked, “Where do you get your money?”

    Yang Fan said, “Certainly from work.”

    Tian Sisi said, “How?”

    Yang Fan said, “There are many ways to make money and to earn a living, a kungfu teacher, a bodyguard, a night guard, a hunter, a ginseng gatherer, a hotel waiter, as businessman, I have done all of them.”

    He smiled, then said, “If a person does not want to starve, he must rely on his own effort to survive. As long as it is an honest means to make money, nothing is too disgraceful to do. But do you know what you can do?”

    Tian SiSi could not say anything.
    She really could not do anything, or anything that will make money.

    Yang Fan said easily, “Some people only can spend money and cannot make money, if this kind of a person starves to death, nobody can take pity on him.”

    Tian Sisi indignantly said, “Who wants you to take pity?”

    Yang Fan said, “Good, you have the spirit, but even with the spirit, a person can also be uncomfortably hungry, until when can you stay hungry?”

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth, she nearly cried.

    Yang Fan said, “I have found a way for you to make money.”

    Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “What way?”

    Yang Fan said, “You can become my carriage driver, every hour I will give you a tael.”

    Tian Sisi said, “A tael?”

    Yang Fan said, “A tael you also consider too little? If you drive a carriage for others, most will only give you five pennies.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Good, a tael is fine, but ......but ......”

    Yang Fan said, “But what?”

    Tian SiSi blushed and said, “I have never driven a carriage.”

    Yang Fan said with a smile, “That is not a problem, anyone can drive a carriage, if a person cannot control a horse, this person must be a donkey.”


    For the first time, Tian SiSi finally found a way to earn some money.

    This one tael might not be a big accomplishment.

    After driving the carriage for an hour, her waist had become sore, her back was also hurt. Her two arms were already almost numb, and the hands that pulled the reins were almost bleeding by the friction.

    So when she received this tael from Yang Fan, her tears nearly dropped.
    That was actually not tears of sadness, but tears of delight.
    For the first time she was enjoying the happiness of her own labor!

    Yang Fan was looking at her, his eyes were gleaming and he said softly with a smile, “Now that you are rich, you might go and eat something.”

    Tian SiSi lifted up her chest and said loudly, “I can go and eat by myself, you do not need to teach me that.”

    Her hand gripped tightly this tael, this small amount of money felt more precious than even all her jewelry. She knew that no one would be able to take away this tael from her hand.


    This town was not big.

    Tian SiSi looked for a nearby restaurant, and strode in with the chest lifted high. Although she only held one tael, but she felt like a millionaire, like she was never richer before.

    Although the waiter cast a glancing doubt at ther, he poured out some tea for her and said, “What does Miss want to eat?”

    Tian SiSi drank this cup of tea with one breath, and then said, “Do you have shiitake mushroom here?”

    Whenever, wherever you are, the shiitake mushroom was only for the rich people.

    The waiter took another look at her and said, “We certainly have the shiitake mushroom, moreover it was imported from a very far away place, but it is very expensive.”

    Immediately Tian SiSi put out her money on the table and said, “No problem, just prepare the shiitake mushroom with ham and a stewed chicken.”

    She was determined to eat delicious food.

    The waiter cast a glance at the piece of coin with the corner of his eyes and coldly said, “The shiitake mushroom and ham, with stewed chicken cost five tael, does Miss really want it?”

    Tian SiSi was stunned.

    After a while, she slowly put out a hand and quietly covered the money on the table.
    She did not have any clue at all about what a tael’s worth really was.
    Now she knew.

    The waiter said, “We have a special menu for typical guests, vegetable soup and plain rice, it is very filling.”

    It turned out that a tael could only pay for a “special menu for typical guests”. The earning from an hour’s hard labor was not really a large amount.

    Tian SiSi held back her tears and said, “Good, prepare the special menu for typical guest.”

    And then someone said, “Cook a bowl of shiitake mushrooms with ham and chicken for me, also 3 or 4 matching stir-fried dishes, with two catties of wine.”

    Unknown to all,Yang Fan had came in, and moreover had sat on a table nearby her.

    Tian SiSi was nipping her lips, paying no attention to him, neither listening to what he said nor looking at him.

    The food had come, and she lowered her head and ate.

    But the fragrance of ham and stewed chicken near her pervaded her nose.
    A person could not stop breathing.

    Tian SiSi said bitterly, “This fatty already looks like a pig, but still he does not eat sparingly, maybe he is trying to get butchered this new year’s day?”

    Yang Fan was not angry and easily said with a smile, “I am better than you, can make more money than you therefore I am eating better than you, this is just a fair proposition, nobody should feel angry.”

    Although this town was not big, this restaurant was actually not small, moreover it also had a private room.

    From this private room suddenly a heavily-powdered woman came out, wobbling from side to side and reached the counter, then she extended her hand and said, “Master Niu wanted me to take 10 taels from the counter.”

    The cashier said with a smile, “I know, Master Niu had told me that if you came and sat today to give you 10 taels reward.”

    He took out a spindle of ten taels handed over to her and said with a smile, “You girl really have an easy time making money.”

    This woman received the money, wobbled from side to side, turned her head suddenly and smilingly said, “If you think we have an easy time making money, why don't you allow your wife and the daughter to do the same?”

    The cashier’s complexion had changed, as if his mouth was stuffed suddenly by a smelly preserved egg.

    Tian SiSi was listening, Yang Fan said suddenly, “You also think she has an easy time making money?”

    Driving a carriage for an hour would only get you one tael, but just sitting would get 10 taels.
    It looked a little bit unfair.

    Yang Fan said again, “The way they make money looks easy, because they are betraying their own innocence and sense of honor, if anyone can betray that, then indeed they can make money easily, only …”
    He sighed, then said, “… although they can earn a lot of money easily, this is actually very painful, only money that is obtained with hard work, then you can spend it with a clear conscience.”

    Tian SiSi could not help nodded, she suddenly realized that his words really made a lot of sense.
    This was the first time she thought that this pig was not that stupid.

    “Perhaps a person with a big head truly thinks deeper compared to many others.”

    She felt suddenly that although he ate more than other people, that was still forgivable.


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    Chapter 9 – Full display of wealth

    In a restaurant waiter’s mind, there were two kind of visitors who came to eat.

    Tian SiSi was one kind, a guest that had a special menu of prepared meal, certainly the lowest class of guests. He did not need to greet them specially, he did not need to even give her a smiling face.

    Yang Fan was another kind of guests, who ordered many different dishes and drink, their rank was certainly elite.

    Because when he had drunk a lot, the tip they left behind was not small.
    Moreover, if someone had selected 4-5 different dishes, they usually could not finish them, and the waiter possibly could have some night time snack, and even some wine to go with it, that would be good.

    In a waiter’s eyes, initially there were two kinds of people, but today these two persons actually seemed to be of another strange kind.

    These two people obviously knew each other, but they actually sat on two separate tables.
    They obviously spoke to each other, but their eyes did not look at anyone in particular, like these two were speaking while thinking aloud.

    “Perhaps they were young husband and wive who just quarrelled.”

    The waiter decided to flatter the female guest, if his judgment was good, today perhaps he could reap some benefit, because there was opportunity with a woman who quarrelled with her husband, moreover this woman did not look very smart.

    A waiter in a small restaurant did not have many advantages, but sometime they could reap some big benefit.

    He suddenly heard the clanging bells outside, two shiny mules had stopped outside the gate, two people alighted while holding up their head and entered, who turned up to be two children.

    These two mules seemed even more spirited than a horse, the whole bodies were as smooth as glass, and colored brown, they wore new saddles, the shining stirrups, and the bright red reins.

    These two children also seemed more spirited than adults, they were both about 14 years old, the hairs were combed up into high braids, with embroidered clothes, big eyes looking straight, even without the smiles, there were two dimples on their faces.

    The one on the left raised his horsewhip and pointed to the waiter's nose, “Is your restaurant the biggest place in this town?”

    The waiter just smiled and did not open his mouth, but the cashier had interjected, “This is the biggest restaurant in town, anything that you two would like to eat, this restaurant can prepare it.”

    This child knitted his brows, turned to the other child and said, “I know already that this is a poor place, it does not even have a decent restaurant.”

    The other child had observed Tian SiSi several times, and said along, “Since there is no other place, let it be.”

    The child with the horsewhip said, “Such a dirty place, how can Miss eat something here?”

    The other child said, “You tell them to make everything especially clean, that should be the end of it.”

    The cashier interrupted, “ Yes, yes we can certainly attend to the kitchen carefully and use all new utensils.”

    The child with the horsewhip said, “How much does your best table of dishes cost?”

    The cashier said, “The best elegant and expensive banquet costs 5 taels ......”

    He had not finished his sentence, this child had wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “How can you eat with only 5 taels? What person do you think we are? Country folks’ first time in a restaurant?”

    The cashier smiled, “If the customer asked for 10 taels, 20 taels banquet table, we can also provide that.”

    This child nodded reluctantly and said, “Good, prepare a table of 20 taels for us.”

    He took out a spindle of money and, “trang” he had thrown it on the counter and said, “This is the installment, we will come back.”

    He also stared at Tian SiSi twice before pulling the other child to go, these two whispered together some words, and together suddenly laughed. They laughed while turning at Tian SiSi, and then they jumped onto the saddle.
    Immediately the two mules took to their heels and disappeared.

    Someone said, “Those are very pretty mule, I have never seen such on this road.”
    This person with full beard, opened shirt, and holding a wine cup, just walked out of the private room, his face looked like a tyrant.

    Another person replied with a smile, “If Master Niu said so, these mules must be good.”
    This person’s complexion was greenish, the eyes were red, he looked about 40 years old, but already had bended waist and humpbacked, if not a deformity, it must have been because of excessive wine and women.

    There were also two other people, a tall thin person, wearing a black sword on his waist, a long one but actually of not so high-quality iron, the eyes upturned, with continuous sneers at the corners of his mouth, looking like he was a lot more outstanding than the rest of the world.

    Finally the one behind was the oldest, most of the teeth had come loose, the face was wrinkled unevenly. He wore a long green robe and held a golden folding fan, “spew” he expelled a thick phlegm on the ground, the lewd eyes cast a glance at Tian SiSi.

    Tian SiSi immediately wanted to vomit.
    These people not only had made her want to vomit, compared to the big head, this bunch of people really did not look pleasing to the eyes at all.

    Master Niu had just drunk up the wine in his cup, also said, “Looks like the Missy of these two children must be a little extraordinary.”

    That ill-health demon replied immediately, “However extraordinary, since she has arrived here, she must first visit Master Niu.”

    Master Niu shook his head, sternly said, “ZiXiu, how can you speak so wildly, aren’t you afraid that MeiGong and Gentleman Ji will laugh at you? You should know that there are many capable people in jiang-hu, a person like me is not really that important.”

    This lewd old man was originally called “MeiGong (beautiful male)”, while swinging the folding fan he said with a smile, “Brother Niu is too modest, if your reputation is nothing, my Ouyang MeiGong’s reputation would not be worth even a single cent.”

    Although Master Niu wanted to give a modest appearance, he could not help smiling and said, “Brothers, although I have a little reputation at the border, but once inside the country, I am just a country folk. Therefore I only dare to stay in this place, I do not dare to walk to a big place, how can I compare favorably with MeiGong?”

    Ouyang MeiGong said with a smile, “Brother Niu should not forget, we have come from a big place precisely just to visit Brother Niu, as long as the person is outstanding, it should be fine.”

    Thereupon Master Niu laughed loudly, Tian SiSi actually felt nauseated, but remembering “Niu mo-wang” (Cow demon), was secretly amused.
    In this Young lady’s journey to the south, encounters with demons and monsters happened many times, if Tian Xin really wrote this journey notes, this would become very brilliant.

    Master Niu smiled, also said, “MeiGong has so much experience, do you know these two children's origin? “

    Ouyang MeiGong continued fanning himself while saying hesitantly, “Looking at their style, if they are not some high-ranking senior official’s people, they would be the descendants of an old martial world family. Even if they are of the royal family’s descendants, I will not feel surprised.”

    Master Niu nodded and said, “MeiGong has a wise insight, perhaps in my opinion, these two children are of royal descendants in Beijing who are visiting some relatives in their home village."

    Gentleman Ji’s hand continuously held on to his sword hilt, rolled back his eyes, and sneeringly said, “I am afraid the two of you are mistaken.”

    Ouyang MeiGong frowned and said reluctantly with a smile, “According to Gentleman Ji, you already know her origin?”

    Gentleman Ji said, “Mmm.”

    Master Niu said, “Who is she?”

    Gentleman Ji coldly said, “She is not considered as a person, just a whor3.”

    Master Niu was stunned and said, “A whor3?”

    Gentleman Ji said, “What a whor3 does, Master Niu will surely know?”

    Master Niu said with a smile: “But how can a whor3 have such a grandiose style? I am afraid Gentleman Ji is mistaken.”

    Gentleman Ji said, “I cannot be wrong, not only is she a whor3, moreover she is a very special whor3.”

    Master Niu’s voice thickened, “How special?”

    Gentleman Ji said, “Other whor3 is selected by a client but this whor3 actually will select the client. Not only that, the money has to be substantial, and the place has to be luxurious.”

    Master Niu gave a forced laugh and said, “Does her hidden passage have flowers on it?”

    Gentleman Ji said, “Not only without flowers, it even lacks any grassy roots.”

    Master Niu laughed so hard and so loud that the wine cup he held sprinkled its content all around.
    Ouyang MeiGong laughed out loud too, while at the same time casting a glance at Tian Sisi.

    Tian SiSi felt bewildered, she could not understand what they were saying, and she decided that she would ask the big-headed ghost later, what “a whor3” means.

    Master Niu also said with a smile, “Even if she were a white tiger, yet she did not have any specialty, why would her fee be so high?”

    Gentleman Ji said, “Because all men are bums, the higher the fee, the more men who wants to go to bed with her.”

    Master Niu nodded said with a smile, “She really knows a man’s heart well, even my heart has been moved a little, perhaps I should wait here to give her a try.”

    Ouyang MeiGong clapped his hands suddenly and said, “I just remembered.”

    Master Niu said, “What has Mei Gong remembered?”

    Ouyang Mei said, “Gentleman Ji, is she Zhang Haoer?” (Haoer = good child)

    Gentleman Ji said, “Precisely!”

    Master Niu said with a smile, “Zhang Haoer, how is she a good person? Why is she good?”

    Ouyang MeiGong said, “Not only is she the number one prostitute in jiang-hu, but also skillful in martial arts. Not only her skill in bed exceeds other people, her hands are not too shabby either.”

    Master Niu said with a laugh, “So, Mei Gong has been moved too, I wonder who she will select this evening?”

    The two laughed while looking at each other grudgingly.
    As soon as it related to “money” and “woman”, many good friends could become enemies.
    Moreover they were not really good friends to start with.

    Master Niu also glanced at Gentleman Ji and said, “Gentleman Ji, since you knew already about the lack of grass, is it possible that you already had an encounter with her?”

    Gentleman Ji heh heh smiled.
    Anyone who saw this kind of smile, would feel the urge to hit him on the face.

    He sneeringly said, “What is strange is how Zhang Haoer is willing to come to this place, does she know that she will meet such a good-humored person as Master Niu?”

    Master Niu’s laughter had turned into a sneer and said, “I have prepared 500 taels for her, will it be enough? “

    Gentleman Ji heh heh smiled, and did not say anything.

    That “Zi Xiu” had not spoken for a long time, but at this point he interjected with a laugh “Even if this place is made of gold, 500 taels will be enough to buy it, I will prepare a bridal chamber for Master Niu.”

    This person never missed an opportunity to flatter him.

    Master Niu actually shook his head and said lightly, “Slow down, even if she is willing to sell, I may not necessarily want to buy, after all the 500 taels are not obtained without hard work.”

    The person who flattered could not say anything.

    Ouyang MeiGong laughed, “You can prepare the chamber by all means, as long as there is a new bride, you can always find the bridegroom.”

    Tian SiSi could not bear it anymore, as soon as these people returned to the private room, she quietly asked, “What does a whor3 do? Is she a new bride?”

    Yang Fan smiled and said, “Sometimes.”

    Tian SiSi said, “Whose new bride?”

    Yang Fan said, “A lot of people.”

    Tian Sisi said, “How can a person be a new bride of a lot of people?”

    Yang Fan looked at her up and down twice before saying, “You really do not understand?”

    Tian SiSi pouted her mouth and said, “If I had understood, why should I ask you?”

    Yang Fan sighed and said, “She can be many people’s new brides, because she exchanges the bridegroom every day. “


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    Chapter 10 - Lonely young ladies

    A person who opened a restaurant, in principle, strived to serve the rich people.
    Whether you were a whor3 or a rich descendant, you would be accepted, as long as you could pay a 20-taels banquet, they would be willing to summon even the ancestors to serve you.

    Everyone in that restaurant was completely busy, preparing the tablewares, the tablecloth, and cleaning up the chairs.

    The tableware was really all brand-new, at least these were five times better than the ones used by Tian SiSi, and the tablecloth was exchanged with the scarlet one that was usually used for marriage celebration.

    Tian SiSi’s face was also redder than the tablecloth.
    She finally understood what a whor3 did.
    What these people were saying before, she just understood it now.
    She only hoped that she had not understood, if only that hated Yang Fan did not explain so clearly.

    “This pig must not be a good thing, perhaps he has also been a bridegroom for some nights.”

    Whether this pig was a good person or not, really should not have concerned her, but for some reason, as soon as she thought about him, she suddenly became mad, and she pouted her mouth so big that you could hang a wine jar on it.

    “Actually how does this Zhang Haoer look? Where does she look good?”

    She felt unavoidably curious.


    The repeated calling and urging sound gradually grew nearer, the long awaited Zhang Haoer had finally come.

    A carriage with four horses stopped outside the door.

    The people who just returned to the private room immediately had rushed outside again.

    The cashier and the waiter had all bowed down, waiting respectfully in the entrance, although the waist was bended very low, the corners of the eyes secretly glanced up to see.

    When a well-mannered man ran into a not so well-mannered woman, he could only took a glance here and there secretly.

    After a very long time, the carriage door finally opened, after another long moment, there were two feet showing at the carriage door.

    A pair of smooth silken feet was wearing a pair of soft satin embroidered shoes, but unexpectedly no socks.
    Seeing these feet, a man’s wit would mostly fly away.

    Just as the feet touch the ground, they were retracted.

    Some people from the restaurant immediately rushed to the carriage bringing a bright red rug and laid them down. Besides the two children, there were also 7-8 people.
    But were these people male or female? How was their appearance? Nobody saw them.
    All they saw was these feet.

    The feet had finally been lowered.
    Nearby these feet, there were also two pairs of feet.
    Two flashy girls led Zhang Haoer go down the carriage.The procession walked slowly.
    Her one hand pressed to the chest, while the other one was holding a girl's shoulder gently, the two willow-leaf eyebrows were deep, the small cherry mouth were tender and gentle.

    “Zhang Haoer is really very good.”

    But which part was good? Nobody was very clear, but she was certainly good, there was no reason not too be good.
    She was indeed very attractive, the graceful bearing was indeed very exquisite.

    But Tian SiSi looked from the right and the left, the more she looked the more she thought that she did not look honorable. Although her face was attractive, it was like a painted picture. Although her movement was exquisite, it was like a well-acted play.

    Perhaps she was playing the role of Xi Shi, but Tian SiSi thought that she overdid it.
    It was like inside the outer layer of clothing, there was nothing.
    She just looked like a pretty doll.

    What was strange was that every man’s eyes in the room were all staring at her, even the pig focused his eyes undulatingly, and maybe with a little lewdness.
    Tian SiSi really wanted to dig out his eyes.

    The way Zhang Haoer walked inside was also very special, like being afraid to step on the ant, only after 20-30 minutes, did she reach the reserved seating for her.

    When she sat down, everyone seemed to breath again, the pulsating heart could begin to relax again.

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes continued to drop down, she simply had not looked once at the other people.

    She just sat down, then all kinds of hot dishes started to arrive at the table.
    This banquet was only for her.
    But she used the chopsticks only to stir the food a little and then laid down the chopsticks again, as if she had found a green fly in the dish.

    Every dish was left intact, as if all of them had green flies in it.
    Finally she just ate some porridge with pickled vegetables.
    The pickled vegetables she had brought herself.

    “Since she is not eating the food, why does she order such a big table of dishes?”
    “Our Miss only orders the dishes to have a show.”

    This was dignity.
    The men simply went insane.
    A woman liked a man who showed dignity, but would a man not like a woman who showed dignity?

    “If you can find a woman with such dignity, then your life will not be worthless.”

    Master Niu felt itchy inside already so he strode forward, with the utmost dignity he had greeted, “Are you Miss Zhang?”

    Zhang Haoer had not lifted her eyes and said lightly, “I am surnamed Zhang.”

    Master Niu said, “I am surnamed Niu.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Ah.. Master Niu, please sit down.”
    She spoke in falsetto voice, like singing.

    Master Niu's wits all flew away as he prepared to sit.

    Zhang Haoer said suddenly, “Master Niu, do you know me?”

    Master Niu was stunned and said with a smile, “Today we finally meet, but like predestined friends, this is not too late.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “So, you do not know me.”

    Master Niu had to nod.

    Zhang Haoer said, “I don’t think I know you.”

    Master Niu had to nod.

    Zhang Haoer said, “If you don't know me, and I do not know you, how can you sit here?”

    Master Niu's face reddened, he said reluctantly with a smile, “But it was you who asked me to sit down.”

    Zhang Haoer lightly said, “That is only for politeness, moreover ......”
    She smiled suddenly and said, “If I had asked Master Niu to kneel down, would Master Niu have also knelt down?”

    Master Niu flushed like an eggplant, as he could not really show his anger.

    If such a dignified woman smiled to you unexpectedly, how could you have a fit of temper?

    Seeing Master Niu really looking like a stupid cow, Ouyang MeiGong's eyes had shone, fanning himself, he also went swinging forward, like his whole body felt really light.

    Master Niu stared at him to see what he was going to say.

    But he did not say anything, instead he just pulled out a big spindle of bright yellow gold that he put on the table.

    Ouyang MeiGong had lived for 50-60 years, he was not a lovesick youth.
    He knew that with this kind of woman, he did not need to say anything.
    Just said it with gold.
    Sometimes gold also could speak even better than any sweet talk you could say to a woman’s heart, and in this occasion the gold could certainly provide better understanding for this woman.

    Caressing the gold spindle with her fingers, Zhang Haoer really cast a glance at him.

    Ouyang MeiGong had smiled, full of satisfaction at his choice.
    His method was really the best method.

    Who knew that Zhang Haoer only looked at him once, then looked up.

    Ouyang MeiGong said with a smile, “This spindle of gold said something, did Miss Zhang hear?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “What was it saying?”

    Ouyang MeiGong continued fanning himself, “It was saying, as long as Miss nodded, it would belong to Miss Zhang.”

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “Is it really speaking? How come I couldn’t hear it?”

    Ouyang MeiGong was stunned, but also said with a smile, “Maybe it spoke too softly.”

    If there had been something in this world that could speak louder than a gold spindle, it must have been two gold spindles.

    Ouyang MeiGong pulled out another gold spindle, placed it on the table, flicked it forward and said with a smile, “Now probably Miss can hear it?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I have not heard anything.”

    Ouyang MeiGong's eyebrows had wrinkled deeper, after clenching his teeth, he had pulled out two more gold spindles.
    Since the gold had already been shown, there was no going back.

    Ouyang MeiGong smiled very naturally and said easily, “Now I think Miss Zhang can hear it?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I have not heard it.”
    But she replied very simply.

    Ouyang MeiGong's expression looked like it had been pricked by a needle, he unleashed his voice, “Has not heard it? Four gold spindles should be enough to make a deaf person hear.”

    Zhang Haoer beckoned with her hand suddenly, and a girl behind her also took out four gold spindles and put them on the table.

    These four gold spindles were much bigger than Ouyang MeiGong’s four spindles.

    Zhang Haoer said, “Are you a deaf person?”

    Ouyang MeiGong shook his head.
    He could not make out what Zhang Haoer was going to say.

    Zhang Haoer said lightly, “Since you are not a deaf person, why have you not heard what these four gold spindles are saying?”

    Ouyang MeiGong said, “What were they saying?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “They were saying that you should roll away, the further the better, then they can belong to you.”

    Ouyang MeiGong's expression no longer looked like it was being pricked by a needle.
    Rather it was like being pricked 500 times in the face and another 300 times in his butt.

    Master Niu laughed suddenly, he laughed so hard he had to bend down.

    Tian SiSi also laughed inside secretly, she felt that this person had real skills, and she was also a very interesting person.

    If a woman saw a woman make a man suffer, they generally thought that it was very interesting. But if she saw another woman made suffer by a man, she could become really angry.

    But a man was different.

    When a man saw another man made suffer by a woman, not only he could not sympathize with him, or even felt anger, in his heart he would feel strangely satisfied, even very happy.

    Master Niu was now extremely happy.

    Compared to Ouyang MeiGong, Zhang Haoer was more polite to him, perhaps she might even be already very interested in him, only his method was not right.

    Now luckily he could still recover as it was not too late.

    “As long as one is rich, why can’t he lay with this woman?”

    Master Niu's dignity had returned, he stuck out his chest, coughed twice and said, “Miss Zhang, you are such a person that will not be touched merely by a few gold spindles.”

    He had patted his own chest, then said, “Regardless of how much Miss desires, just mention it, as long as Miss will give a nod, that will not be a problem for me.”
    When he said this, he felt like he was flying in the cloud.

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes really cast a glance at him, everyone else was looking at him.

    Master Niu's bones were melted by her look, he only hated himself why he did not show his extravagance earlier, to let this woman know that Master Niu would lavishly spend, the more so if the flower would submit.

    Zhang Haoer asked suddenly, “You want me to nod, actually to do what?”
    This woman actually could really feign ignorance.

    Master Niu had laughed, as he slyly looked, “What I want to do, don't you understand?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Do you want me to accompany you to sleep?”

    Master Niu laughed and said, “Miss Zhang really speaks frankly.”

    Zhang Haoer beckoned to someone outside and said, “Pull in Jin Hua.”
    Jin Hua was a female dog, a fat strong b1tch.

    Zhang Haoer said with a supple voice, “Regardless of how much Master Niu wants, just mention it, by all means, as long as Master Niu is willing to accompany my Jin Hua to sleep, that will not be a problem for me.”

    Ouyang MeiGong laughed suddenly, he felt happier than Master Niu just now.

    Master Niu’s face was blue and red, like the blue veins had all exploded.

    Gentleman Ji had continued to fold his arms, coldly looking from the side, and now he leisurely walked forward and said lightly: “You two do not need to be angry, since Miss Zhang has seen me here, naturally she must be waiting for me.”

    He exhibited natural elegance as he beckoned to Zhang Haoer and said, “Whatever you waited for has already come.”

    Zhang Haoer suddenly did not speak.

    Everyone thought that she would scold him coarsely, but suddenly she did not speak at all.
    Because she knew that even if she scolded him coarsely, it still would no be ominous enough.
    But this way, this simply mad person could go half dead, could go crazy.

    Not only Gentleman Ji’s face had reddened, his neck seemed to increase twice as big, the “gentleman” appearance he showed just now, had disappeared completely without a trace.

    The most exasperating part, although Zhang Haoer had not spoken, he had actually known what Zhang Haoer must say.
    It was exasperating, because he also knew that the others also knew.

    Zhang Haoer cast a look at Jin Hua and him alternately, like she considered both of them as her pets.

    Gentleman Ji finally could not bear with it and shouted, “What do you have to say? Just say it?”

    Zhang Haoer did not say anything.

    But Jin Hua actually rushed at him with loud barks “woof”, and continued to wag his tail in front of him.

    Gentleman Ji was greatly incensed, “You cur, scram.”

    Jin Hua “woof” louder.

    Gentleman Ji’s foot kicked at him and shouted, “Roll away!”

    Jin Hua continued, “Woof!”

    Master Niu could not bear laughing and said, “This person has finally found an object that will talk to him.”
    Someone also said easily, “They seemed to chat congenially.”

    Gentleman Ji felt even madder, the eyes became red, and swung the sword at this unseen person, “chop”, the sword had attacked, the sword had pierced forward.

    A pair of chopsticks suddenly flew and hit the back of his hands.

    When his sword fell, Jin Hua had bitten his hand too, more than just skin-deep.

    Gentleman Ji felt like a fish inside the water, his whole body was drenched by cold sweat.

    Where did these chopsticks fly from?

    Jin Hua held on to the chopsticks, and turned around to deliver them back. It seemed to know whose chopsticks they were.

    Everyone knew then, but no one could believe that.

    Gentleman Ji's sword was not slow, who would think that Zhang Haoer had moved much quicker than this famous swordsman.

    Zhang Haoer frowned and handed the chopsticks to a girl behind her and said, “This chopsticks cannot be used anymore.”

    Zhang Haoer finally spoke.
    She was patting Jin Hua lightly on the head and said with a supple voice, “The young little darling, do not be angry, I do not dislike your mouth touching it, just that individual’s hand had smeared it.”

    Perhaps this was why Zhang Haoer was more expensive than other women.
    Not only she understood when to say something, but also what to say to each person.
    Most importantly, she also understood when not to speak.


    Tian SiSi thought that this person was really extremely interesting.
    She never stop smiling when she returned to her room, she could not stop.

    Yang Fan rented the room, although it was not too good, and it was not too big, but it was still a room.

    Tian SiSi had begun to worry continually on where she could sleep, not only eating was a problem, she also found out that sleeping could also become a problem.

    Who knew that Yang Fan had suddenly shown mercy, he had unexpectedly rented the room for her in the inn, moreover he had also looked after her very well, he had wanted her to sleep earlier.

    “This pig cannot be too bad a person after all.”

    Tian SiSi was nipping her lips, she secretly smiled, and then she thought of something else very funny and she held her laughter until she had to bend her waist.

    “If Tian Xin marries him, a small pouted mouth, a big head, that must be a strange match.”

    As for her, she would certainly never marry this kind of person.
    A person like Lady Tian, certainly must find a great person such as Qin Ge.
    Thinking of Qin Ge and the fluttering red silk handkerchief brought a little blush and hotness to her face.

    The room was very quiet, no wind.
    This hot summer day in June was so stuffy.
    Tian SiSi really wished she could remove all her clothes, but she also did not have such big courage.
    She wanted to sleep, and yet could not fall asleep.
    She lay down, and then crawled up again.

    “The floor is certainly very cool, barefooted can also be good.”

    She took off her shoe, and also her socks, looking at her own feet, she had forgotten to stand.
    She looked at them a little crazily.
    When a woman looked at her own feet, she could frequently indulge in flights of fancy, in particular if these feet belonged to an attractive woman.
    The feet seemed to incite some mysterious longing to stretch one’s secret fantasy.
    Tian SiSi’s feet were very attractive, at least she could appreciate them very much.
    But could others also appreciate them very much?
    She did not know.
    Very few people could see her feet, certainly she could not let others have this kind of opportunity, and yet sometimes in her heart, she actually secretly wished for others to like looking at them.

    Suddenly a mosquito flew from the bed and bit her foot.
    This mosquito at least also appreciated her feet very much.
    Therefore she had not killed this mosquito, only waved her hand to expel the mosquito as it finished.

    The mosquito had bitten once in the sole of her feet, and suddenly she felt very itchy, like she needed to scratch it. When she did not scratch it, it became itchier. She had to scratch it.

    “Dead mosquito, it has to bite me in that place.”

    By the time she wanted to kill this mosquito, the mosquito had already flown somewhere else.
    Still biting her lips, she put on the socks.
    But it still itched, like the heart also felt itchy.
    She bit her lips, took the socks off again, closed her eyes, and with an effort scratched at the place, only then she could gave a long sigh, but now she felt that her clothes was soaking wet.

    If only she could jump into the well with plenty of cold water!
    After pinching the spot that the mosquite had bitten, Tian SiSi jumped on one foot to the window and shoved open the window gently with her hand.

    Outside, there was a cat and a dog, a tree, the wall and its shadow, the flies flying here and there… Everything really, except water in a well.
    She could only find cold water in a cup on the table.
    So she drunk that.

    Outside, the night watchman struck the gong twice.
    She was so startled that she nearly swallowed the cup.

    Twice, only twice, she thought that the start of the day was almost coming. Who knew that in this hot summer night, the night just started.

    The room suddenly became really hot, how would this endless, endless night pass away?
    Perhaps if there had been a person to chat with, it would have been much better.

    She suddenly hoped that Yang Fan would accompany her to chat with, but as soon as that big-headed ghost ate his fullest, he would probably go to his room, close the door, and be asleep by now, sleeping like a dead pig.

    He ate to the fullest and then slept, didn’t he look like a pig already?

    “I will not let him sleep, I must wake him up by making some noise.”

    When Lady Tian wanted something, if anyone could stop her, that would be a miracle.
    And miracles happened very seldom.

    Opening the door quietly, she unexpectedly could not see anybody outside.

    In this kind of hot weather, without any wind in the courtyard, that some people could sleep with the door closed, was really something unexpected.

    Yang Fan’s room was in the opposite, the door was closed tightly, but there was some light inside the room.

    “Somehow he manages to fall asleep without blowing off the lantern, is he not afraid that it will catch fire at midnight and make him a roasted pig?”

    Tian SiSi felt mad but also tickled as she passed through the courtyard quietly.
    It felt very cool.
    She discovered suddenly that not only she had forgotten to put on her shoes, that she still held her socks in her hand.
    Looking at her own bare feet, after a few moments, a smile suddenly came up.
    She smiled like a fox who had just eaten three catties of sugar, full of sly intention.

    She bundled the socks and put it inside her clothes, and just went barefooted.
    Why couldn’t she see a person barefooted? Who was born already with the shoes on?
    If Lady Tian wanted something, she certainly could find a very good excuse.

    The door was closed very tightly without any seam.
    She wanted to knock on the door, but her hands fell behind her back.

    “If I knock on the door, he will not pay any attention, once this pig falls asleep, even if the heaven collapses, he still won’t pay attention.”

    Tian SiSi rotated her eyes.
    “Why can’t I just rush into the room and frighten him to wake him up?”
    Thinking how Yang Fan could get scared by her prompted her not to think any longer.

    She hit the door open and rushed inside – this inn was not a bank, the door could not be that strong.
    She only hoped Yang Fan’s heart was strong enough, that he did not get scared to death.


    Yang Fan had not been scared to death, he did not even seem startled, he continued to sit on the chair, like a piece of wood.

    Indeed, his body served as a chair for someone.
    A very attractive person.
    A woman.

    Zhang Haoer also had not had a scare.
    She smiled very sweetly with very refined appearance, if another woman had sat on a chair in the living room, her appearance could not be more refined.
    Not only she sat on Yang Fan, but her hands were on Yang Fan’s neck.

    The only person who got scared, was Tian Sisi.
    She stood there with an open mouth, big eyes, as if she had just swallowed down a whole egg.

    Zhang Haoer’s clear-as-spring eyes wandered on her body and said sweetly, “You know each other?”

    Yang Fan smiled, nodded.

    Zhang Haoer said, “Who is she?”

    Yang Fan said, “Come, let me introduce you, this Miss Zhang, is not only my betrothed, this is my wife whom I will marry.”

    He introduced his future wife while a prostitute sat on his leg, as if it was in a big formal ceremony, a well-organized encounter, he did not show any shame or regret, nor did he show any inclination to shove off Zhang Haoer.

    Fortunately Tian SiSi had agreed to his marriage plan, although no one could blame her to feel strongly irritated by this. If she had not agreed to his marriage plan, she would have been half-dead with anger at him.

    This big-headed ghost really had not given her any face.

    What was so exasperating, Zhang Haoer unexpectedly also did not plan to stand up.
    She only winked an eye at Tian SiSi and said, “You will really be the future Madame Yang?”

    The most exasperating part was Tian SiSi could not disprove it, she was so mad she could not say anything.
    Which was like giving a tacit agreement.

    Zhang Haoer laughed softly, “I thought it was a female robber who broke in and crashed the door. It turned out it was really the future Madame Yang, oh I fail to be polite, will you please sit down?”

    She patted Yang Fan’s leg, and also said with a smile, “Do you want me to give up this seat for you?”

    Tian SiSi suddenly no longer thought that this person was interesting, she only wished she could give her a good slap.

    But she saw how Yang Fan felt really satisfied with himself, and knew that she could not afford to get angry.
    “The more angry I am, the more they get satisfied with themselves.”

    Lady Tian was a smart person after all, as soon as she thought of it, her face had revealed a smiling face immediately.
    Although her smiling face was not very natural, but it was still a smiling face.
    Zhang Haoer’s glance seemed to have turned into a sugar brush that had sugarcoated her body.

    Tian SiSi became even more at ease, unexpectedly she really looked for a chair to sit down, and smilingly said, “You don’t need to pay attention to me, also don’t restrict yourself, I just sit here for a while, then I must go.”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are really a natural, if all the woman in the world can look as natural as you, a man can certainly live longer.”

    She unexpectedly reached out for a yard after giving an inch, her hands circled Yang Fan’s neck again, and charmingly said, “If you can marry such a virtuous madame in the future, you will really be lucky.”

    Tian SiSi imitated her example and with a crooked charming smile she said leisurely, “Actually you do not need to praise me too much. If I had really wanted to marry him, I would have been pulling out all your hairs right now.”

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “You do not plan to marry him?”

    Tian Sisi said with a smile, “Even if all the men in the world men were dead, I still would not marry him.”
    She also sighed suddenly and muttered, “I just wonder why a woman can like this pig so much.”
    She seemed to just think aloud, although she said it softly, other people could still hear it.

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “That is called: radish and green vegetable have their own unique flavor.”

    She also sighed and muttered, “Some little girl thought she knew all about men, not knowing which one is good, which one is bad, and then want to give her judgement, now that is strange.”

    She also looked like she was thinking aloud but her voice was just loud enough for the others to hear.

    Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked and said with a smile, “You have seen a lot of men?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Not too many, but probably around 1,800.”

    Tian SiSi gave a startled appearance and said, “That is indeed many, you deserve the title of an expert in men.”

    She was smiling sweetly, “I have also heard that there is only one kind of woman who can see so many men, but I do not know what kind of job does Miss Zhang actually have?”

    When she said the words, she felt very satisfied with herself.
    “Right now how will you reply to me, can you still be so spirited?”

    In any case, Zhang Haoer’s line of work was never an honorable occupation.
    Zhang Haoer smiled prettily and said with a smile, “Don’t laugh at me, I am just a young philanthropist.”

    The word philanthropist was not really common at that time, not many people would call themselves a philanthropist.

    Tian SiSi was stunned and said, “What does a philanthropist do?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “There are many kinds of philanthropist, I am focusing on the one that provides relieve for men.”

    Tian SiSi had smiled and said, “That is but actually very interesting, I do not know actually what you do to provide relieve for men?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “If not for me, a lot of men probably would not find a genuine woman all of their lives, therefore I go as far as possible to comfort them, let them be happy.”

    She said with a smile, “You know, if a man does not have the comfort of a genuine woman, it would be very pitiful, unfortunately there are only a few genuine women.”

    This person actually really understood how to toot her own horn.

    Tian SiSi rotated her eyes and said with a smile: “If not for you, I am afraid the money that belongs to those men will not come out of their pockets easily.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I do not want men to become misers, therefore I let them learn about generosity. “
    She looked at Tian SiSi, also said with a smile, “Would you like men to become slaves to their money?”

    These prickly logical banters were all sallied back and forth, as if one wanted to kill the other.
    But the two faces actually showed only smiles.

    Yang Fan took a look at Zhang Haoer, then at Tian SiSi, back and forth, his face showed immense satisfaction at what was going on, as if he really appreciated this act.

    “This pig seems to have just eaten the ginseng instead.”
    Tian SiSi really could not find a way to make him mad.

    Zhang Haoer also sighed suddenly, and muttered, “Time, it is time to go back to sleep.”
    Although her mouth said it, she did not budge to go back to sleep.

    Tian SiSi certainly understood whom she wanted to go back to sleep.
    “You want me to go, if I don't go, see what you can do to me?”
    Actually she did not necessarily know it either why she did not just go.
    If her heart felt a little sour, even if you killed her, she would not want to acknowledge it.

    Zhang Haoer said those words, yet she did not obtain any response, so she had to say it again for the second time.
    She looked out the window intentionally and said, “What time is it now? Probably no longer early?”

    Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked and said, “Does Miss Zhang really have to go back?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “I don’t really have anything to do right now, so chatting here is not a problem, you?”

    Tian SiSi’s sweetly said, “I am also all right, I am not anxious to go.”

    These two seemed to have decided that , “If you do not go, I will not go too.”

    But they had exhausted their topics, they did not want to dwell on pleasantries, so they were just sitting around.

    Yang Fan suddenly gently shoved Zhang Haoer and said with a smile, “You both chat here, I will walk out and take a stroll, if two women have a man in between, they will not talk instead.”

    He really stood up unexpectedly, and walked out leisurely.

    “You will not go, then I will go.”
    Coping with a woman, there was no other better method.

    “I did not know that this pig is a slick one.”
    Tian SiSi hated him so that her teeth felt itchy, she wanted to go now, but was too embarrassed to do it now.
    If she did not go, she really did not have anything to say to Zhang Haoer.

    The air had become really stuffy, so stuffy that her breathing became more labored.

    Zhang Haoer said suddenly, “Miss Tian this time you come out, where do you want to go?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Chiangnan.”


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    Chapter 11 – Neat arrangement


    Zhang Haoer said, “Chiangnan may be a really good place, actually Miss Tian wants to go there for leisure? Or looking for a person?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Looking for a person.”

    Now Yang Fan had left, she did not have the mood to exhibit the smiling face and the duplicity.

    Zhang Haoer was actually smiling, sweetly said, “I also have a lot of acquaintances in Chiangnan, the little one or a famous person, I know all of them.”

    This statement actually really moved Tian Sisi.
    Tian Sisi said, “You know a lot of people, do you also know Qin Ge?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “A person with acquaintances, there are only a few who do not know Qin Ge.”

    Tian SiSi’s eyes shone immediately and said, “I heard this person run around from place to place, it will not be easy to find him.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “You are going to Chiangnan to find him?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Mmm.”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Then you are lucky to have run into me, otherwise you will just run a fruitless errand.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “He is no longer in Chiangnan.”

    Tian Sisi said, “You ......You know where he is?”

    Zhang Haoer nodded and said, “I saw him the day before yesterday.”
    She said it nonchalantly as if she met Qin Ge very frequently.

    Tian SiSi felt envious and jealous, nipping her lips she said, “Is he your neighbor?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Yes. Not too far form me.”

    Tian SiSi hesitated for a while before finally speaking slowly, “Can you tell me where he is?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I can’t.”

    Tian SiSi was stunned, after a while, she stood up and walked to the door.

    Zhang Haoer smiled suddenly and said easily, “But actually I can lead you to find him.”

    Tian SiSi stopped in her stride immediately, happily said, “Really? You are not deceiving me?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Why do I want to deceive you.”

    Tian SiSi suddenly thought that she was a good person.

    If Lady Tian felt something inside, it would be difficult for her not to say it so she turned back to face Zhang Haoer, pulled up Zhang Haoer’s hand, and sweetly said, “You really are a good person.”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are always a girl who is very pleasing to my eyes.”

    Tian Sisi said, “You ......When can you bring me to find him?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I will do the necessary arrangement — but I am afraid some people will not let you go.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Who isn't willing to let me go?”

    Zhang Haoer referred to the person outside, and smartly said, “The pig.”

    Tian SiSi had also smiled, with a pouted mouth she said, “Why won’t he let me go? He is not qualified to control me.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “You really do not fear him?”

    Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “What fear, who is afraid of that big-headed ghost?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “If you dare, I will bring you now, perhaps you will be able to see Qin Ge tomorrow.”

    Tian SiSi was very happy, “Then we go now, who doesn't dare is a small puppy.”

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said with a smile, “Then we sneaked off from the window, let that devil come back when he cannot find us and worry about it, do you agree?”

    Tian Sisi said with a smile, “Very good.”

    If she could let Yang Fan worry about something, she thought it would be very good.

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    Chapter 11 – Neat arrangement


    Thereupon Lady Tian started on her new course.

    Not only the road was cooler compared to the room, it was also much cooler than the courtyard.
    The wind blew from the street corner, blew from behind them.

    Tian SiSi deeply sighed, but suddenly felt her feet very cold, and only noticed that she was still barefooted.
    That pig unexpectedly had not noticed her feet from the beginning to the end.
    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth in secret and said, “I ..... I should go back?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Why do you need to go back?”
    She smiled, also said, “You have no need to worry. He won’t really worry about you. My people know where I will be, they will certainly tell him tomorrow.”

    Tian SiSi pouted her mouth, sneeringly said, “I don’t care if he lives or dies, I only want to go back to put on my shoes.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I have all kinds of shoes, many of them.”

    Tian Sisi said with a smile: “Should I just walk like this?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I know of a place where we can hire a carriage.”

    Tian SiSi sighed and said, “You are really competent, you seem to know everything.”

    Zhang Haoer also sighed and said, “That is a necessity, if a woman wants to survive outside, she needs to know the way to take care of herself, otherwise men will bully her.”

    Tian Sisi said, “All men are not good.”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “The good ones are not that many.”

    Tian SiSi asked suddenly, “But how did you know that I am surnamed Tian? Did that big-headed ghost tell you?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Mmm.”

    Tian Sisi said, “What else did he say to you?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “What a man tell behind you, you should not listen to it.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Why should it bother me? Anything he said, in any case, I just considered that he was breaking the wind.”

    Zhang Haoer hesitatingly said, “He had not said anything actually, he only said that you young lady’s temperament was too big, if it did not get taught well, later it would become more serious.”

    Tian SiSi retorted back, “This big-headed ghost, he would teach me? Why?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “He added sooner or later you would marry him, therefore he had no alternative but to teach you.”

    Tian SiSi said bitterly, “Do not listen to him break the wind, you think I will marry that kind of person?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Certainly you can’t, in what way he matches you?”

    Tian SiSi cast a glance at her, also replied suddenly, “But you seem to be on good terms with him.”

    Zhang Haoer smiled and said, “I am on good terms with a lot of men.”

    Tian Sisi said, “But he seems to be a little special, is it?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Because I am an old friend of him.”

    Tian Sisi said, “You have known him for a long time?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Mmm.”
    After a while, she smiled and said, “Do not think that he is an honest and good-natured person, although he looks honest, actually you just cannot simply believe all his words.”

    Tian SiSi said lightly, “I have already said, whatever he says, I will just consider that he is breaking the wind.”

    Although her mouth said that, her heart seemed a little uncomfortable, it was one thing for her to scold him, it was another thing for someone else to scold him.
    “In any event, this big-headed ghost has helped me significantly.”

    Lady Tian was not an ungrateful person, once she had decided on something and the opportunity came up, she would certainly repay this gratitude.

    In her mind there seemed to come up an image, “That pig is being beaten in all parts of his body by that crawling person, then suddenly Miss Tian appears riding a white horse, her hand wields a whip that will slay all the demons and monsters.”

    Then the image continued, “The pig kneels in front of Lady Tian's white horse, and asks Lady Tian to marry to him, Lady Tian only sneers, pulls back her whip from him and urges the horse to go. She has a red silk handkerchief around her neck, anyone else under the sky is inferior to her.”

    Thinking until that point, Lady Tian’s face could not stop revealing a lovable smile.
    “Perhaps I should not pull back the whip too heavily, just gently knocks it on his big head, and that's the end of it.”

    By now, there was really sound of hoofbeats on the street.

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Looks like our luck is not really bad, no need to find it, the carriage has already come on its own.”
    Some people’s luck seemed very good ever since they were born.

    The carriage that arrived was not only empty, it was also new, very attractive and comfortable.

    The driver was also a very friendly young man, moreover he also wore the red silk handkerchief.
    The bright red silk handkerchief that fluttered in the night breeze.

    Tian SiSi looked somewhat stunned.
    Seeing this fluttering red silk handkerchief was like looking at Qin Ge.

    The carriage driver looked a little embarrassed by this and said something with a smile to cover the awkwardness, “Miss does not want to come aboard?”

    Tian SiSi had blushed red, and could not bear saying, “Looking at your red silk handkerchief, you also admire Qin Ge very much? “

    The carriage driver said with a smile, “I certainly admire him, in jiang-hu, there is no one who doesn't admire Hero Qin.”

    Tian Sisi said, “You have seen him?”

    The carriage driver sighed and said, “We are humble people, how will we have such good luck?”

    Tian Sisi said, “You want to see him very much?”

    The carriage driver said, “I really want to see Hero Qin, if I can I am willing to go without my food for three days.”

    Tian SiSi smiled.
    Hearing others praise Qin Ge was simply like hearing others praise her too.
    At this, she smiled and said, “I am going to meet him, I am his friend.”
    She did not consider this a lie, because in her mind, Qin Ge was not only her good friend, moreover he was already her sweetheart, her future husband.

    The carriage driver was immediately filled with envy, and sighed, “Miss is really lucky…”
    Tian SiSi felt so light she could fly.
    She also felt very lucky, because the person she selected, was certainly not a wrong choice.
    Qin Ge was really a great person.

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    Chapter 11 – Neat arrangement


    The carriages and the horses stopped.
    When the carriage and the horses stopped, the light of early dawn had appeared in the east.

    Tian SiSi was having a dream, a warm and happy dream.
    Her dream certainly would not lack Qin Ge.

    She was not really willing to wake up from the dreamland, but Zhang Haoer was actually shaking her shoulder.

    Tian SiSi rubbed open her eyes, and looked out the window.

    Red double doors shone brightly in the light of early dawn, two giant stone lions squatted in front of the doors.

    Tian SiSi’s eyes blinked and asked, “Where are we? What is this place?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “This is my humble home.”

    Tian SiSi smiled.

    When Zhang Haoer uttered this word “my humble home”, she felt it was very funny, very interesting.
    She probably considered everything very interesting just now.

    Zhang Haoer said, “Why do you laugh?”

    Tian Sisi said with a laugh, “I am laughing at you because you are too polite, if this kind of place is 'my humble home', what kind of house then should not be considered as my humble home? “

    Zhang Haoer had also smiled, smiled very happily.
    Hearing others praise her own house was always a very happy thought.

    Tian SiSi actually had blushed a little, she suddenly found that she had also learned to be falsely polite.

    Anyone who saw this kind of place could not help but praise it several times.
    On the red door, the copper door handle was bright like gold, the tall wall enclosed the wide garden, the porch pillar was filled with carvings, the window was covered with the snow white patterned paper, the reflection of the courtyard greenery transformed the color into light blue green.

    In the courtyard, the flower fragrance permeated throughout, the birds were twittering, a pair of swallows were making a nest at the top of the house.

    Tian Sisi said, “This house is yours?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Mmm.”

    Tian Sisi said, “You bought it?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I just bought it in the last two years, the previous owner was a nobleman, who had so much knowledge, but he was just a bookworm, therefore I bought this very cheaply.”

    Tian SiSi sighed, also said with a smile, “Looks like being a philanthropist' is really useful, especially compared to knowing so many things.”

    Zhang Haoer’s face seemed to blush a little, she turned her head to cough gently.

    Tian SiSi also knew that she had spoken improperly, with an embarrased smile she said, “Qin Ge will come here today?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I will take you to your sleeping room behind. If he doesn’t come, I will find him then.”

    The back garden was more beautiful than the front courtyard.
    A small pavilion with a red fence and green tiled rooftop looked like a painting, the inside also looked like a painting.

    Tian SiSi sighed and said, “This place is beautiful.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “When the weather is too hot, I always feel disinclined, I usually rest in here during summer.”

    Tian Sisi said, “You really do enjoy your life.”

    Actually the place where she usually lived was no different than here, she had her luck but she did not want to enjoy that, instead she insisted on suffering hardship outside her home.

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “If you like this place, I will give this to you, later when you get married to Qin Ge, this place might become your nuptial chamber?”

    Tian SiSi’s eyes seemed to become red suddenly, she pulled her hand and said, “Why are you so kind to me?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a voice, “I have already said, you look very pleasing to my eyes, this is called fate.”

    She patted Tian SiSi ‘s hand, also said with a smile: “Now you should take a bath first, then sleep well; when Qin Ge comes, I will awaken you, you have to dress up attractively.”

    Tian SiSi lowered her head, looked at the dirty clothes on her body, at the bare feet, and could not restrain herself from emitting a gentle sigh.

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “You are about as tall as me, I will find some attractive clothes for you, and Xiao Qing will deliver it.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Xiao Qing?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Xiao Qing is a servant girl I just bought, she is very intelligent, if you like her, I may give her to you too.”

    Tian SiSi looked at her, in her heart she felt unspeakable gratitude.
    Regardless of their line of work, there must be a few kind people, and she had finally found a genuinely kind person.

    There was a painting on the wall.
    It was a painting of a pavilion amidst the white clouds, like the dwelling place of celestial beings. Under the celestial mountain, the water ran down lavishly along the carpet of green grass, and a pair of young man and woman are walking arm in arm. What kind of blissful life was this?

    There was a saying underneath:
    “Only envy the pair of man and woman, do not envy the immortals.”
    Good beautiful drawing. Good beautiful fantasy place.
    “One day in the future, I will look like this with Qin Ge, yet I do not want to be like deities.”
    Tian SiSi looked at that painting while thinking here and there, when someone gently knocked on the door.

    The door was unlatched.

    Tian Sisi said, “Is it Xiao Qing?......Come in.”

    A cute servant in red brought several folded bright clothes. While lowering her head she said, “Xiao Qing will listen to Miss’ instruction.”
    She had big eyes, a small mouth, which still look like a pout even when not angry.

    Tian SiSi almost could not bear calling her loudly.
    Tian Xin!
    This cute servant girl was unexpectedly Tian Xin.

    Tian SiSi ran over and grasped her, the pile of clothes tumbled all over the place.

    “The dead servant girl, the dead little rascal, how did you come here? When did you come?”

    This servant girl stared at her with big eyes, she seemed very startled and said, “ I came here two years ago.”

    Tian SiSi ridiculed her, “Little rascal, do you want to deceive me? You think I will not recognize you?”

    This servant girl’s eyes blinked and said, “Miss has seen me before?”

    Tian Sisi said, “You haven't seen me before?”

    This servant girl said, “I haven’t.”

    Tian SiSi was stunned and said, “You do not know me?”

    This servant girl said, “No.”

    Tian SiSi were more than a little disturbed, rubbing her eyes she said, “You ......Aren't you Tian Xin?”

    This servant girl said, “I am called Xiao Lan, Xiao for small, Lan for orchid.”
    Looking at her serious face, she did not look like she was telling lies or cracking a joke.

    Tian Sisi said, “You ......Is it possible that you have been confused by a ghost?”

    Xiao Qing looked at her, like looking at a mad person and did not want to talk to her again.

    Lowering her head she said, “If Miss does not have any other instruction, I will start preparing the water for the bath.”

    She did not wait for any other words and had run out like a wisp of smoke.

    Tian SiSi was stunned.
    “Isn't she really Tian Xin?”
    “If she were not Tian Xin, why does she look so similar to Tian Xin, even the pouty mouth was similar like coming from the same mold?”
    “Is there a chance that two people can be so similar with each other?”
    Tian SiSi did not believe it, but now she had no alternative but to believe it.

    Two very vigorous and healthy female servants, lifting a very attractive bathtub entered the room.
    In the trough, the water was limpid, fragrant, and hot.

    Xiao Qing holding a box of washing soap and a piece of white towel was following behind them and said, “Do you want me to serve Miss to take a bath?”

    Tian SiSi was still staring at her, shaking her head, and suddenly loudly said, “You really are not Tian Xin?”

    Xiao Qing was scared, she started to shake her head, as if she saw a ghost, and slid out.

    Tian SiSi sighed, with a rueful smile she said, “I really saw a ghost ......Is there such a coincidence in the world?......”

    Although her heart was filled with suspicion, but that trough of hot water was actually even more enticing.
    Any woman who had not taken a bath for three days also would not be able to resist this kind of enticement.

    Tian SiSi sighed, and started to untie the button slowly.
    There was a very big mirror at the opposite, which showed her slender moving reflection.

    Perhaps her curves were not as mature as Zhang Haoer, but her skin was actually smoother, the flesh was actually more solid, moreover it had the gentle suppleness which only a maiden could boast of.
    Her legs were very straight, the ankles were delicate, the shape was exquisite.

    Her body had not been hugged by a man.
    She was still waiting, waiting for a man who was worth waiting for, regardless of how long she had to wait for him.

    Perhaps Qin Ge was this man.
    Her face exuded a red blush, almost as hot as the water in the trough.
    The clothes next to her skin had been soaked by her perspiration, her easy curve was reflected clearly in the mirror. She untied the top of her clothes slowly, when her entire body stiffened suddenly!

    There was a big and comfortable bed in the room.
    A tall silky curtain enclosed the bed, complete with the pink tassels.

    Tian SiSi suddenly saw from the mirror two small holes on the curtain.
    With sparks coming from the small holes.
    Eye sparks.
    A person was hiding behind the curtain peeping at her.

    Tian SiSi was so angry that her whole body went numb.
    She tried to bite her lips trying to suppress her anger as she untied the first button, and slowly started on the second one
    Suddenly, she turned around and rushed there to pull at the curtain.

    When the curtain parted, there was really a person behind that.
    A motionless person.
    When a person took a peep at an adult woman taking a bath, if he were to be discovered, he must be really surprised.
    But this person was not only motionless, his face did not even show any surprise.
    Was this a person, or a sculptured stone carving?

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    Chapter 11 continues...


    But Tian SiSi knew this individual.
    Not only she knew that he was an actual person, moreover she had also recognized him.

    “Mr. Ge!”

    That malicious ghost Mr. Ge, haunting her everywhere, unexpectedly had appeared here!

    Tian SiSi was so frightened, her throat could not make any sound, her face stiffened, and her whole body could not move.

    Mr. Ge had not moved.
    Not only his feet that had not moved, also his hands and everything else, even his eyeballs.

    A pair of malicious ghost’s eyeballs stared at Tian SiSi without any expression.
    But the ones without any expression were even scarier than the ones with expression.

    Tian SiSi finally could move with great difficulty, and turned around to run outside.
    Running to the door, Mr. Ge had not moved.
    Why didn’t he pursue?
    Did he know that Tian SiSi would not be able to escape anyway?

    Tian SiSi hid behind the door outside, quietly looking inside, and found that Mr. Ge’s dead gray eyes were still staring, and he was still standing at the original place.

    “Is it possible that this person has suddenly fallen under a spell?”
    Although Tian SiSi did not dare to believe that she had such good luck, although she still feared him in her heart, but if this devil had really fallen under a spell, why shouldn’t she use this opportunity for revenge?

    This enticement was really big, almost irresistible.
    Tian SiSi nipped her lips, gradually she walked slowly towards him.

    Mr. Ge was still motionless, the eyes stared at the original place.

    Tian SiSi slowly bent her waist, took up the box of washing powder from the bathtub’s small stool.
    The box was very hard, as hard as the silver taels.
    Whoever got knocked by such a hard box would undoubtedly jump away with pain.

    Tian SiSi expended her whole strength at throwing the box at him.

    “Crack”, the box hit Mr. Ge.

    Mr. Ge had not moved, nothing moved including the eyeballs, as if he didn’t feel a thing.
    But actually his head has been injured.
    If a person's head was injured, if he did not feel it, then he must have been as good as dead.

    Tian SiSi had also thrown the small stool.
    This hit Mr. Ge just like before, the small hole became a big hole, the blood flowed out.
    But he was still motionless.

    Tian SiSi relaxed, suddenly she rushed forward, “pak”, she slapped him.
    He was motionless.

    Tian SiSi smiled, and maliciously said with a smile, “Surnamed Ge, I did not expect you to fall on my lap today.”

    Lady Tian was not a very vindictive person, her heart was not evil, her hands were not violent.
    But she really hated Mr. Ge to the bone.

    She pulled Mr. Ge’s hair, put him down and slapped him hard back and forth.

    The hot water for the bath was still hot and steaming.
    If a person's head was immersed in such hot water, the feeling couldn’t be that good.
    Tian SiSi had immersed Mr. Ge's head.

    There was no bubble.
    Did he suffocate? Was he already dead?

    Tian SiSi’s hands became merciful and raised his head.
    His eyes were still staring ahead, without any expression.

    Tian SiSi felt a little nervous and said loudly, “Hey, can you hear me speak?......Are you dead?”

    Suddenly a young voice was heard laughing, “ He is not dead yet, but he could not hear you speak actually.”

    Her laugh was like a silver bell.
    Actually only very few people could have such a pleasant laugh, most people laughed like copper bells, some might even sound like broken bells.

    Tian SiSi did not need to turn around to know that Zhang Haoer had come.
    The laughter was one of the most important feature of “a philanthropist”.
    Zhang Haoer was a great person in her line of work, therefore her laughter was very pleasant to hear and also very attractive.

    Tian SiSi said bitterly, “You know this person?”

    Zhang Haoer shook her head, sneeringly said, “I know this kind of person.”

    Tian SiSi sneeringly said, “Then, how did he get here behind the curtain?”

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “You really do not know how he got here?”

    Tian Sisi said, “I certainly do not know.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I do not know too.”
    She smiled suddenly and said, “But I actually know how he can turn into this.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Say it quickly.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Couldn't you see that his accupoints were sealed?”

    Tian SiSi realized now that Mr. Ge had his accupoints really sealed, his appearance was really like that, moreover his accupoints that were sealed were not just one or two.

    But Mr. Ge’s wugong was not weak, she knew it very well, if someone could seal 7 to 8 of his accupoints without him realizing it, that was almost unbelievable.

    Tian SiSi could not bear saying, “Is it you that has sealed his accupoints?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “How can it be me? Where do I get such marvelous skills?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Then who is it if it isn't you?”

    Zhang Haoer said easily, “You go ahead and guess, if you cannot guess correctly, I will tell you then.”

    Tian Sisi said, “I cannot guess.”
    While saying “I cannot guess”, her heart had made a guess, she suddenly jumped and said, “ Is it Qin Ge?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Right.”

    Tian SiSi stood with an open mouth, stared with big eyes, as if she almost fainted.
    After a very long time, she sighed and said, “He ......He had already come?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “He had already come for half a day.”
    She continued to explain, “When he came, he saw this person stealthily moving to this small pavilion, when this person secretly made holes in the curtain, he had sealed his accupoints.”

    Behind the curtain there was really a small window, he must have entered through this window.

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “What is strange is that there were so many things happening behind the curtain, unexpectedly you did not hear anything – were you having a dream at the time?”

    Tian SiSi was indeed having a dream. A dream that she could not tell anyone.
    She blushed, lowered her head and said, “What did he do next?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “After he sealed this person’s accupoints, then he went to find me…”

    Tian SiSi had interrupted her fiercely, “Why didn't he tell me at that time, so as to avoid I am being …. by this person ......”

    “Peeped” or spied on, but she couldn’t say it.

    Zhang Haoer said, “Although he is not a gentleman, but when he saw a girl taking off her clothes, he felt too embarrassed to see you.”

    Tian SiSi’s face was feeling hot, lowering her head she said, “He ......He also saw me a moment ago?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “There were two holes in the curtain, even if he were a gentleman, he would have still taken a peek once or twice.”

    Not only Tian SiSi’s face felt hot, her heart also felt hot, she hesitantly said, “Did he mention me?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Not only he said that you were an attractive person, the legs were also very shapely.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Really?”

    Zhang Haoer sighed and said, “Why isn't it real? If I were a man, I might also say similar words.”

    Tian SiSi hung her head, although feeling embarrassed, she smiled secretly in her heart.
    Any young girl who were commended by the person she loved would feel wonderful.

    Zhang Haoer said, “I only ask you, do you want to see him now?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Where is he at?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Downstairs, I already brought him here.”

    Without any words, Tian SiSi had turned around to go.

    Zhang Haoer had held on to her, pouting towards her body, she said with a smile, “You want to go meet him just like that?”

    Tian SiSi blushed and giggled.

    Zhang Haoer said, “In your anxiety, you may not want to take a bath, but at least there should be some time to wash your feet.”

    The water was hot.

    Mr. Ge was shoved under the bed.

    Zhang Haoer said, “We will just put him here temporarily, later we should figure out a way to tidy him up.”

    Tian SiSi with the quickest speed washed her feet, but she took her time putting on the clothes.
    All the clothes were very attractive.

    Tian SiSi picked one and then the other, in the end she could only ask for Zhang Haoer’s advice.
    Zhang Haoer would naturally knew what men liked better than most women.

    Tian Sisi said, “Which one should I put on?”

    Zhang Haoer looked at her with critical eyes and said with a smile, “In my opinion, you are most attractive when you do not wear any clothes.”

    She understood what men wanted very much, right?

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    Chapter 11 continues...


    Tian SiSi went downstairs, her heart continuously thudded.
    Actually how did Qin Ge look? Was he like her imagination, naturally elegant and handsome?

    Tian SiSi only knew that his body had suffered a lot of scars from knife wounds.
    But knife scars on a man’s body were not ugly, they even showed his heroic spirit.

    “In any event, she can finally meet the great person that is always in her mind.”

    Tian SiSi shut her eyes, stepped down the stairs, before she opened her eyes.

    She saw Qin Ge!
    Qin Ge and her imagination was entirely alike — — simply that kind of man whom young girls had dreamed of.
    He was taller than an average person, but not too tall.
    His shoulder was very wide, the waist was very thin, he looked vigorous and healthy, in particular when he wore that tight black clothes.
    His eyes were big and bright, filled with enthusiasm.
    A bright red silk handkerchief hung loosely on the neck.

    Tian SiSi discovered suddenly that the red silk handkerchief on the neck, was indeed far more attractive than in any other place.

    When Qin Ge looked at her, he showed a gentle happy face. Whoever saw his eyes, would no longer pay attention to the knife scars on his face
    When he saw Tian SiSi, he stood with a happy face and good-natured smile.
    He obviously enjoyed meeting Tian SiSi, no words was necessary.

    Tian SiSi’s heart palpitated fiercely.
    She should walk on naturally, but suddenly she was transfixed at the bottom of the stairs.
    She just realized she had forgotten something.

    Since the beginning when she began to hear about Qin Ge, she had many kind of fantasies.
    She certainly thought that she had imagined any possible things to do when she actually met Qin Ge, imagining how she would fall to his bosom, warm and happy.

    She had even fantasized about the days they would live together. She would accompany him to drink, to play chess, to ride a horse, to make a living as a wandering fortune-teller. How she would take care of him since early in the morning, prepare a clean red silk handkerchief, and a delicious breakfast for him.

    She had imagined all of these many, many times.
    But she had forgotten about one important thing.
    About what she should say to him when they met for the first time.
    In her fantasy, when she saw Qin Ge, she just rushed into his bosom.
    She certainly could not do such thing now, certainly she should talk to him first, but what should she actually say to him?

    Qin Ge did not seem to know what to say either, he only smiled gently and said, “Please sit down.”

    Tian SiSi lowered her head, walked and sat down without saying anything.
    She should take this opportunity to show to him how smart and intelligent she was, but at this critical juncture, her tongue could not say anything like a dumb bird.
    She wished she could just cut off her own tongue and took it away for repair.

    Zhang Haoer did not say anything, she just observed in the distance and laughed at them.

    By now that cute servant girl Xiao Qing luckily had offered two cups of tea and some snacks.
    She lowered her head in front of them, but as she neared Tian SiSi, she seemed to say two gentle words.
    But Tian SiSi was so dizzy, she simply had not heard her at all.

    Xiao Qing had to leave.
    When she walked her mouth made such a big pout, like she was really worried and angry.

    Zhang Haoer had finally walked gracefully to them, “Is this a wine gourd shop?”

    Qin Ge was surprised and said, “Wine gourd shop?”

    Zhang Haoer replied, “If it is not a wine gourd shop, how come there are two clamped-up big wine gourds?”

    Qin Ge smiled and looked out of the window, “The weather is good outside.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “ha ha ha ha.”

    Qin Ge said, “What is the meaning of ha ha ha ha?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Nothing, it is a meaningless talk, nothing is gained by saying it.”

    Qin Ge smiled and said, “Then, what do you want me to say?”

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “You should at least ask her this. Your surname? Given name? Where does your family stay? Do I also have to teach you?”

    Qin Ge coughed gently twice and said, “What is your surname?”

    Tian Sisi said, “I am surnamed Tian, called Tian SiSi.”

    Zhang Haoer frowned and said, “Is this some people speaking, or mosquito sounds?”

    Tian SiSi had also smiled, at last the situation in the room was now more relaxed.

    Qin Ge was just about to say something when that cute servant girl Xiao Qing lowered her head and offered the cups of tea again. But her hands became unsteady and the cups of tea had splashed on Tian SiSi’s body.

    Xiao Qing hurried forward to dab on her clothes, but she was so confused that she seemed to dab on many random parts of Tian SiSi’s body.
    Tian SiSi felt her hand took the opportunity to move towards her bosom although she did not look like an awkward person.

    Tian SiSi just felt that it was a little strange, Zhang Haoer had sunk her face and said, “What are you doing back and forth?”

    Xiao Qing’s complexion blanched a little, she lowered her head and said, “I ......I was afraid Miss Tian's tea had become cold, I wanted to changed her cup.”

    Zhang Haoer calmly said, “Who asked you to be meddlesome, just go, don’t come if I don’t call you.”

    Xiao Qing said, “Yes.”
    She lowered her head, but before she left, she seemed to cast a sidelong glance at Tian SiSi, as if she wanted to tell Tian SiSi something.
    What was she trying to tell Tian Sisi?

    Tian SiSi had not figured out what happened, she just noticed her wet clothes and felt anxious about it, not really thinking about any other things.
    Moreover, if this servant girl really had something to say, she should have said it when she delivered the clothes, she did not need to wait until now.

    Tian SiSi nipped her lips and said suddenly, “I ......I want to go and change clothes.”

    Qin Ge said immediately, “Please.”
    He stood up and smilingly said, “I should say goodbye, you need to rest too.”
    He left unexpectedly.

    When he left, Zhang Haoer anxiously stamped her feet and said, “I can only arrange this meeting with great difficulty, how can you let this duck fly away just like that?”

    Tian SiSi blushed and said, “I ......I do not know, when I saw him, I became tongue-tied.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Based on this appearance you want to lock him up? If other people see you act like this, they would have just backed away, what will you do then?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Next time ......Next time I will do better.”

    Zhang Haoer sneered and said, “Next time? I am afraid there are not many chances for you next time.”

    Tian SiSi pulled up her hand to beg her and said, “You have done so much good to me, please help me until we get to the bottom of it.”

    Zhang Haoer eyed her for a moment before “pfui” and laughed, “Let me ask you your impression then. Just be honest with me.”

    Tian SiSi’s face became red and said, “My impression about him was certainly ...... certainly very good.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “How good?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Although he is famous, he is actually not arrogant, moreover he is really polite to me.”
    She seemed to be talking in her dream.

    Zhang Haoer was staring at her and said, “What else?”

    Tian SiSi sighed gently and said, “I cannot mention anything else, to be brief, he is a very good person. I have not chosen wrongly.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “You are willing to marry him?”

    Tian SiSi bit her lip, did not speak.

    Zhang Haoer said, “This is certainly important for me. If you are not willing to marry him, then it is of no concern to me.”

    Tian SiSi became anxious, blushingly she said, “When I didn’t speak, didn’t you understand?”

    Zhang Haoer laughed “pfui”, shook her head and said, “You girl, this is not a seemingly behavior.” She sternly said, “Since you want to marry to him, grasp the opportunity well.”

    Tian SiSi finally nodded.

    Zhang Haoer said, “The opportunity is not that many, I can only detain him for 1-2 days.”

    Tian Sisi said, “1-2 days? Only 1-2 days, how will that be enough?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Two days are already 48 hours, if it were me, two days should be enough.”

    Tian Sisi said, “But I really do not know what to do?”

    Zhang Haoer grimaced gently and said with a smile, “Silly thing, some matters you don’t need to be taught how to, do you also want me to just let you go to the bridal chamber?” She walked away while laughing as the laughter sound receded from afar.

    With the open door, the wind blew on the wet clothes and cooled it.

    Tian SiSi thought deeply and pulled up her clothes. Suddenly a bundle of paper fell from her bosom, but she simply had not paid any attention.

    “Some matters you do not need others to teach you.” Tian SiSi only sensed her own face flushed, nipping her lips, she slowly walked upstairs.

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    Chapter 11 continues...


    The ground floor of the pavilion was quiet without anyone.

    That cute servant girl Xiao Qing lowered her head and prepared to tidy up the room.
    She saw the bundle of paper, and her complexion changed suddenly, she immediately picked it up.
    She saw that this bundle was still untouched.
    She pouted her mouth, stamped her feet gently and prepared to rush upstairs.

    At this moment, there was a cry of alarm upstairs.
    Mr. Ge who was under the bed had disappeared.

    Tian SiSi had nearly forgotten about him, when she saw Qin Ge, she seemed to have forgotten everything else.
    But when she sat on the bed, she jumped up as if she had seen a ghost.
    A ghost whom you never knew when he would come, when he would leave. If he had tied you down, you would never have peace in your life anymore.

    Tian SiSi looked like she had met a ghost.
    Mr. Ge was indeed even more fearful than a ghost.

    When Zhang Haoer came, she was still trembling, she grasped Zhang Haoer with shaken voice said, “That person disappeared.”

    Zhang Haoer patted her lightly, said with a supple voice, “If he disappeared, you have not need to be afraid, with me here, you don’t have anything to fear.”

    Tian Sisi said, “But I know that he may come again, since he knows that I am here. He will not let off me easily.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Actually who is he? Why does he entangle you like this?”

    Tian SiSi burst into tears and said, “I do not know why he entangles me? I have not offended him… I don’t have any relationship with him.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “But you are very afraid of him.”

    Tian SiSi with a trembling voice, “Indeed I fear him, he is simply not a person ......”

    Then someone said, “Whether he is a person or a ghost, you do not need to fear him. If he dares to come again, I will make sure he will not return again.”

    Qin Ge had come.
    His voice was gentle and calm, not only filled with self-confident, but it might give others confidence too.

    Zhang Haoer sneeringly said, “He should not be able to return originally. If I had been the one sealing his accupoint he still would not have been able to move.”

    Qin Ge smiled lightly and said, “Indeed you must blame me for sealing him too lightly, because I did not know at that time who he was.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “A person entering someone’s bedroom, making a hole in the curtain, what good person would do that?”

    Qin Ge, “But I ......”

    Zhang Haoer simply had not let him speak, also said, “No matter what you say, you have to bear responsibility, in the case of my younger sister here, I will hold you responsible.”

    Qin Ge sighed, with a forced smile he muttered, “It looks like I will need to train myself not to meddle in other people’s business.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “But you are already in the middle of it, therefore, take charge of it.”

    Qin Ge, “How do you want me to take charge?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “You should know.”

    Qin Ge hesitatingly said, “You want me to protect Miss Tian here?”

    Zhang Haoer’s showed a sweet smile and said, “You have finally become intelligent.”

    Tian SiSi hid in Zhang Haoer’s bosom, but she could not help but smile.
    She also thought originally Zhang Haoer was not being reasonable, but only now she understood what she was trying to do.
    She did that to arrange so they could be close to each other.

    Zhang Haoer also said, “Not only I want you to protect her, but also day and night I want you to protect her, continuously up until you catch that person.”

    Qin Ge, “What if that person never shows up?”

    Zhang Haoer’s eyes blinked and said, “Then you protect her for her whole life.”
    This sentence was really not disguised, even a stupid person would know what she really meant.

    Tian SiSi had blushed, Qin Ge seemed to have blushed a little too.
    But he had not rejected the proposal, nor did he show any objection.

    Tian SiSi liked it and yet felt embarrassed. She just hid herself in Zhang Haoer’s bosom and did not come out.

    Zhang Haoer must actually pushed her away, wiping her tear stains lightly and said with a smile: “Now you finally should feel relieved, with this person to protect you, you should not fear anyone anymore ......You do not want to smile?”

    Tian SiSi smiled with embarrassment. Although she was embarrassed, she could not help smiling.

    Zhang Haoer clapped her hands, “She smiled, she really smiled!”

    Tian SiSi twisted her arm quietly and said quietly, “Die with shame.”

    Zhang Haoer had turned around suddenly and said, “You both chat here, I must say good bye now.”
    While speaking, she immediately walked towards outside.

    Tian SiSi hurriedly hold on to her, said with worry, “You really must go?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Since someone doesn’t like me here, what else can I do?”

    Tian SiSi anxiously blushed and said, “You ......You cannot go.”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Why can’t I go? He can protect you for your whole life, if I have this ability, I will not go ask him.”
    She released Tian SiSi’s hand suddenly, like a wisp of smoke she ran downstairs.

    Tian SiSi stood silly.
    She stood for a moment, then sat down, it was as if she did not know where she should put her hands, only felt her own heart “puff thump puff thump” jumping around.

    Qin Ge seemed to smile at her.

    She did not dare to look actually, but closing her eyes would not work, opening her eyes she did not know where to look, so she could only lowered her head and look at her own clasped hands.

    Qin Ge seemed to look at her hands.

    She wanted to hide her hands, but moving them right did not help, nor moving them left. She just wished her hands would disappear.
    But of course, they would not.

    Qin Ge’s hands had extended and gripped her hands gently.

    Tian SiSi’s heart beat fiercely, it seemed to beat out of her chest, her blood had rushed around quickly, she just felt that Qin Ge seemed to whisper something in her ears, the voice was gentle and also pleasant to hear.
    Actually what he said, she simply had not listened clearly, not even a word.

    Qin Ge seemed to sing, not speak.

    The singing voice was so remote, as if when a child was listening in her dream.
    She was confused with her infatuation, as if she were drunk.

    After a long time, she noticed that Qin Ge’s hands had embraced her waist gently.
    Her body seemed to be inside Qin Ge’s bosom, she already felt his scalding hot breath.
    His breath had also become more rapid, his mouth was saying ambiguous words.

    Tian SiSi could not hear clearly what he said, she only felt his hands hugging her more tightly …
    He seemed to simply have three hands around her.

    Tian SiSi’s body started to tremble, she wanted to shove him away, but she did not have any strength, as if her mind were mounting the clouds and riding the mist.

    She felt her body being embraced by Qin Ge, and being led to the bed.
    She did not understand what was going on, only this situation was not very wonderful.
    But wasn’t this what she precisely wanted in her dreams?

    “But this doesn’t feel right..”
    Actually where it didn’t feel right, she was not sure too.
    She felt she ought to shove him away, to reject him.
    But she did not seem to have enough time to refuse him.
    It was as if time had stopped and Qin Ge was still standing in his place.

    But she did not know how, she suddenly found herself already on the bed.
    The bed was very soft.
    Warm and soft, people lying on the bed just felt like lying on the bundle of clothes.
    She simply did not have the strength nor the time to reject him.

    The matter between a man and a woman was often strange and unpredictable, sometimes very subtle, the time for rejection usually should come early because otherwise the opportunity to reject probably would not exist.
    Because you had already raised the courage and the confidence of the opposite party.
    When you wanted to reject, it would just be set aside.

    Qin Ge’s voice was sweeter, gentler.
    Only at this kind of time, a man’s voice could become so gentle.
    He could do it at this kind of time because he knew that the opposite party had gradually lost the will to reject him.

    This was also the man’s happiest moment, but a woman’s most tense time.
    Tian SiSi was so anxious that her whole body had stiffened entirely.

    At this moment, someone suddenly knocked on the door outside.
    Xiao Qing was heard saying from outside, “Miss Tian, Master Qin, please eat the dessert. I just prepared the bird’s nest soup.”

    Qin Ge jumped up quickly, ran over to the door, pulled it open and said loudly, “Who will eat dessert at this time, just go! Go quickly! Go as far as you can!”
    His voice was anxiously ominous, far from being gentle.

    Xiao Qing pouted her mouth and went downstairs resentfully.

    Qin Ge wanted to close the door, who knew that at that time he was pushed out by someone.
    Tian SiSi had expended her whole body strength, and finally managed to get out of bed and pushed him out.

    “Thud”, the door closed.

    Tian SiSi leaned with her whole body on the door, gasping for breath, her clothes had been all soaked through.

    Qin Ge was very startled, he made the effort to knock on a door and said, “What are you doing? Why did you push me out? Open the door quickly.”

    Tian SiSi clenched her teeth and paid no attention to him.

    Qin Ge stood on the door, after banging on the door for a while, he left muttering, “Strange, what is her problem?”

    This was originally her dream, her hope. Her dream only lacked the real person, but now that the actual person was already by her side, no longer missing, instead she had pushed him away.

    Hearing Qin Ge going downstairs, although she felt more relaxed, but her heart became empty, as if she had lost something.

    “This time he goes away, maybe he will not come back again.”

    Although Tian SiSi felt pale, her eyes was actually very red, wishing she simply could just bawl out her heart.

    But at this moment, the sounds of footsteps had resounded in the staircase.

    “Is it possible that he comes back?”

    Tian SiSi’s heart started “puff thump puff thump” beating loudly. Although she leaned heavily on the door, she anticipated that he might kick the door open.
    Actually she did not really know what she was thinking.

    “Open the door quickly, it is I.”
    This was Zhang Haoer’s voice.

    Although Tian SiSi relaxed, she seemed to be a little disappointed.

    The door opened.
    Zhang Haoer strode in angrily, sat on the chair with a greenish face, stared at her and then said loudly, “Actually what is the matter with you? You’ve got a problem?”

    Tian SiSi shook her head, nodded, sat down, and then stood up again.

    Seeing her absentminded appearance, Zhang Haoer’s anger died down, she sighed, “I have created this opportunity for you only with great difficulty, how can you just kick him out?”

    Tian SiSi’s face became red, she lowered her head and said, “I ......I am afraid.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Afraid? What is to be afraid of? He will not eat you.”
    With a “pfui” laughter, she said simply, “You are no longer a child, what are you afraid of? Everyone will pass through this stage, unless you do not want to marry anyone for the rest of your life.”

    Tian SiSi was nipping at her lips and said, “But ...... he looked so ferocious and flustered, how would anyone not feel afraid?”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Oh ...... you should not be afraid then, he must have only been too anxious.”
    She walked forward and caressed Tian SiSi’s hair lightly, “This is not unique, actually you are already a woman, you are old enough to know that the more a man get anxious, the more he likes you.”

    Tian Sisi said, “If he really likes me, then he should respect me.”

    Zhang Haoer laughed again “pfui” and said, “Silly thing, how can you say that he does not respect you? If he is doing it in front of a big crowd of people, then he has no right. But if it is in the room with only the two of you, that is just fine.”

    She blinked and said quietly, “Later you should know that if you can be compatible with him in this matter, he will also listen to you completely in other matters. If a woman wants the man to be obedient, time and time again, this is the only way.”

    Tian SiSi’s face reddened, she never heard this kind of talk before, she simply did not want to think about it.

    Zhang Haoer said, “Now I need to ask you one thing, actually are you interested in him?”

    Tian SiSi’s spoke haltingly, “How about him?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “You don’t have to worry about him, I only ask you, are you?”

    Tian SiSi lifted up her courage, blushingly she said, “If I want him, so what?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “If you do, I will take over the responsibility, I will arrange to get you married tonight.”

    Tian SiSi was scared and said, “So quick?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “He will have to return to Chiangnan tomorrow, if you want to go back with him, you should marry him quickly. If two people are already bound, walking together will be just fine.”

    Tian Sisi said, “But......But I have to think slowly.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “What else do you need to think? He is a hero, you are a heroine, you should be happy together. If you wait too long, I am afraid the boiled duck will escape.”

    Then she sternly said, “This is your chance in a lifetime, if you don’t grasp it, you will not find such a man again, just forget this idea once and for all.”

    Tian Sisi said, “But ......But you cannot force me like this.”

    Zhang Haoer sighed and said, “Now you are saying that I am forcing you. When everyone else is calling you ‘Madame Qin’, then you will feel grateful. You should know that it is not easy to be called ‘Madame Qin’. Many girls attempted this before and did not succeed.”

    Tian SiSi closed her eyes.

    She was seeing herself running away with Qin Ge to Chiangnan, and a big group of people cheering for them in front of their horses.

    “Madame Qin is really beautiful, she must have been destined to be married to Hero Qin and become a happy couple, only such a beautiful woman can match such a hero like Hero Qin.”

    Naturally there was also a big-headed person, hiding in the crowd, looking at her secretly with secret longing of jealousy and envy in his eyes.

    She would smile at that time and say to him, “You said that I could not marry anyone? Now you know that you are wrong.”
    She even seemed to see this big-headed ghost crying out his regrets.

    She heard Zhang Haoer saying easily, “I am just an observer, but you need to decide quickly, otherwise I am afraid this 'Madame Qin' title will be robbed by someone else.”

    Tian SiSi suddenly said loudly, “Only I can become Madame Qin, anyone else should just give up!”

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    Chapter 11 continues..


    The bridal clothes were red.
    Tian SiSi’s face was redder.
    She saw her face in the mirror and could not help praising herself.

    Zhang Haoer was on her side, like a happy mother who dressed her up and applied the makeup.
    After that Lady Tian’s face indeed looked more tender and more beautiful.

    Zhang Haoer sighed and muttered, “Really this is an inborn natural beauty, Qin Ge does not realize how lucky he is.”
    She smiled as she also said, “But he is also the one who matches you, if Uncle Tian knew that he had such a good son-in-law, he also would certainly feel very satisfied.”

    Tian SiSi’s heart became really sweet.
    This was something she had longed for even in her dreams, now the wish was to be fulfilled, how would she not feel happy?

    “It is only a pity that Tian Xin is not here, she certainly would not be able to pout her mouth if she were here.”

    Thinking of Tian Xin, she could not help thinking about Xiao Lan.

    Tian SiSi could not bear asking, “Where is your servant girl Xiao Qing?”

    Zhang Haoer said, “I have not seen her for quite a while, I do not know where she has gone to.”

    Tian Sisi said, “Before I also have a servant girl, called Tian Xin, she looked extremely like her.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Oh? They really look alike?”

    Tian SiSi said with a smile, “You might not believe me but these two people seemed to have come from the same mold.”

    Zhang Haoer said with a smile, “Such being the case, I will give her as your dowry.”

    Tian SiSi sighed and said, “It is only a pity that my servant girl Tian Xin is not here.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Where is she?”

    Tian SiSi said low-spiritedly, “Who knew. Since that day at Madam Wang’s house, we got separated, I did not even say goodbye. I hope she did not meet with any accident, and that would already be a good thing.”

    Zhang Haoer blinked and said with a smile, “Since Tian Xin is not here, I shall find Xiao Qing to accompany you.”
    She suddenly turned around and went downstairs.

    As soon as she went out the door her complexion darkened, she walked in a hurry to the opposite flowering shrubs.
    Between the flowering shrubs a shadow lurked unexpectedly, completely hidden and motionless.

    Zhang Haoer walked closer and said suddenly, “Xiao Qing?”

    This person said, “I have asked someone to take care of her.”

    Zhang Haoer lowered her voice, “You had better cope with her yourself, don’t even let her see Tian SiSi or let them speak to each other.”

    The person laughed and said, “If you do not want her to speak, I will make sure she cannot speak forever.”


    Although the happy mother was not old, she seemed to have a great deal of experience.
    They put on Tian SiSi’s make up very quickly, and had exchanged her into the bridal clothes.
    Although the powder might transform a young woman into a beautiful one, but regardless of how precious was the powder, it still would not compare to the shy, happy smile on her face.
    Therefore there was certainly no ugly new bride in the world, moreover Tian SiSi was originally very attractive.

    Happy laughter sounds were heard in that meeting room, mixed with the thumping noises to brighten the mood, the clinking noises of the glasses, all of these brought out the festive feeling.

    Although this marriage celebration was set up hurriedly, but many guests had come to drink and celebrate.
    It looked like Zhang Haoer indeed had a wide net of friends.

    The room provided anything, except tea.

    Because the new bride could not drink before bowing to Heaven and Earth, with a full phoenix coronet over the new bride, if she suddenly needed to go to the bathroom, that would really be a joke.

    Zhang Haoer certainly did not want this marriage celebration to turn into a joke.
    Therefore not only she had arranged everything very well, moreover she expected thorough result as well.
    Therefore everything went very smoothly, without the slightest mistake.

    But for some unknown reason, Tian SiSi felt something not right inside her.
    But which part was not right? She did not know.

    She wanted to marry Qin Ge wholeheartedly, now finally this had happened according to her wishes.
    Qin Ge was outstandingly talented and elegant, moreover he was very gentle to her.

    “If a girl can marry this kind of man, why should she not feel satisfied?”

    After they returned to Chiangnan, certainly many joyous events will await them.
    They were also young, might as well travel around happily, enjoying life.
    All were too content, too ideal, but where did it feel not right?

    “Perhaps each young girl before becoming a woman feel a little restless in her heart.”

    Tian SiSi sighed lightly, she was determined not to think of these unpleasant matters anymore.

    “If father knew that I am marrying Qin Ge, he would certainly feel very happy, certainly he would not blame me.”

    “Qin Ge was at least much better than that big-headed ghost.”

    Thinking about that big-headed ghost, Tian SiSi’s heart seemed to quiver.

    “In any event, at least I ought to ask him to drink and celebrate, if he knew I have gotten married today, he must be very happy.”

    But Tian SiSi also knew later the she might not see him again.
    She suddenly remembered that big-headed ghost a little fondly......

    What was a girl thinking of in her heart before she got married?
    To the man, it would be a secret that lasted forever, a secret that no one could guess.


    Although the firecracker sound was not delightful, but it always symbolized a happy occasion.
    The firecracker sound marked the time for the couple to bow to Heaven and Earth.

    “Immediately bow to heaven and earth ......”
    The happy official's voice was so loud.
    The happy women held Tian SiSi, hinted gently with the elbow to prompt her to do obeisance,
    Tian SiSi knew that once she did the obeisance, she would be no longer “Lady Tian”.
    After that, Lady Tian would become Madame Qin.

    The happy women seemed to be a little worry, they said gently in her ear, “Do the obeisance quickly.”
    Tian SiSi only heard their voice, she could not see the persons.
    With the big red bridal veil, she could not see anything.

    “A marriage is a frank and upright matter, why can’t the new bride see the groom?”

    Tian SiSi suddenly felt a bewildering fear.
    She had suddenly remembered that day at the countryside, and had thought of the possibility that the person wearing the scarlet gown beside her, was actually Mr. Ge.

    “The new bride is you!”
    But who is the bridegroom? Could he be Mr. Ge?
    Tian SiSi only felt her nose itched, cold sweat started pouring down.

    “Why doesn't the new bride do obeisance?”
    The wedding guests had already started to grumble secretly, some even begun to get worried.
    The happy women were more anxious, they felt they probably should push Tian SiSi downward.

    Tian SiSi’s body hardened, suddenly she loudly said, “Wait a moment.”
    The new bride unexpectedly had opened her mouth to speak.

    The guests were startled and smiled, the happy women were frightened with ghastly pale looks.
    They have served 20-30 years as happy mothers, but they had never heard the new bride called out to wait a moment.

    Zhang Haoer luckily had caught up with her and said quietly, “It is the time now, why do you have to wait?”

    Tian SiSi was nipping her lips and said, “I must have a look at him.”

    Zhang Haoer said, “Who?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Him.”

    Zhang Haoer finally understood who she meant by “him”, while anxious and angry, she could not help smile and say, “Do not be anxious now, when you are in the nuptial chamber, you will be able to look at him forever.”


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    Chapter 12 - Not a good deed


    Tian Sisi said, “I must see him now.”

    Zhang Haoer anxiously had stamped her foot and said, “Why do you have to look at him now?’

    Tian Sisi said, “I ......If I cannot see whom I am marrying, I will not marry him.”
    She did not seem to know exactly what she was saying.

    Zhang Haoer felt real anger but also funny and said, “Are you afraid of marrying the wrong person?”

    Tian Sisi said, “Mmm.”

    Zhang Haoer finally could not bear it, stamping her feet she sighed, “Since the new bride must look at the bridegroom, why can’t she do that?”
    The new bride must look at the bridegroom, that seemed to be perfectly reasonable.
    Everybody had all smiled.
    Hearing this kind of matter everyone would smile.

    Tian SiSi at present suddenly decided quickly, she finally raised her red coronet.
    The bridegroom standing opposite her, although his eyes was shining with amazement, but the handsome face was very gentle and sympathetic.
    No mistake, the bridegroom was Qin Ge.
    Tian SiSi sighed, with a very red face, she thought the her morbid suspicious mind was too big.

    Zhang Haoer squinting at her gave a faint smile, and at last said, “You have seen enough?”

    Tian SiSi blushed and dangled her head.

    Zhang Haoer said, “Now you can do the obeisance.”

    Tian SiSi’s face became redder, her head hung low.
    The red coronet came down from above, and covered her head again.

    The sound of firecracker resounded again outside.
    The happy official cleared his throat and called loudly.
    “Immediately bow to heaven and earth ......”

    Tian SiSi finally must do obeisance.
    If she had really done the obeisance, then a great mistake must have occurred.
    It was only a pity that she did not know what went wrong.
    Who knew what went wrong?

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