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Thread: 3 year-old girl 'nurses' paralysed dad in China

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    Default 3 year-old girl 'nurses' paralysed dad in China

    3 year-old girl 'nurses' paralysed dad
    SHANGDONG, CHINA - She may only be three but she is already taking care of her paralysed father alone.

    Dong Xinyi has to cook for her father Dong Jian, 26, and also help clean his waste.

    Xinyi was born to a farmer family in Huanghia town in Shandong Province, China in 2007.

    Several months later, her mother left home, taking her along when Dong Jian was paralysed after a road accident.

    It was not reported how the father and daughter were surviving.


    Earlier this year, the woman sent Xinyi back to her father. However, it was not reported why she did so.

    Since her return, the little girl has had to take care of the father.

    "She is my everything. After the accident, my wife left me. With the disregard shown by my father and stepmother, I once even thought of ending my life."

    "But now that Xinyi is here, I have to be brave for her," said Dong Jian

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    This news is so unsettling to me. It's very sad, yet very loving. She's a true angel.

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