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Thread: The History of the Tang Dynasty Two Dragons (大唐双龙传) - Huang Yi

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    grundle ithink you mess the story line the story of jiao xie fight fu zhun zuo should be after shi long escape from yuwen hua ji but it,s okay i think and the inscription at shi long place if roughly tranlslate should read like this "the successfull one can conquer the world the failure one can protect himself" it's just like the advertisement for his martial art school sorry if i,m wrong thank u

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    thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsense View Post
    grundle ithink you mess the story line the story of jiao xie fight fu zhun zuo should be after shi long escape from yuwen hua ji but it,s okay i think and the inscription at shi long place if roughly tranlslate should read like this "the successfull one can conquer the world the failure one can protect himself" it's just like the advertisement for his martial art school sorry if i,m wrong thank u
    Perhaps the text I am using is wrong? I am using the one on Since I have never read this and can't really compare it to anything else, maybe someone else can check for me. I would hate for things to be out of order and do Huang Yi a disservice because someone posted a bastardized version of his book.

    As for the Martial Art inscription -- Thanks!! That was the hardest line in the entire text for me to translate. I will update that so it sounds better. Lol, I left it untranslated until I finished everything and still was scratching my head.

    Although the second part sounds weird. The "failure one" doesn't sound right because if you fail at something then how can you even protect yourself? Or maybe it is saying, if you fail the only thing you can do is protect yourself, whereas success gives you the entire world? It is an odd phrase.
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    @grundle imean it says the person succes train his school martial art can conquer the world but even you fail you can still protect yourself thats why i call it advertisement its only boast about shi long martial art school sorry if i am wrong thank u

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    Hi, just wanted to point out that Yuwen's assistant's name should be 张士和 and not 张士.

    站在他后侧的心腹手下张士和恭敬地道 should be
    'Standing behind him his trusted subordinate Zhang Shi He respectfully said'


    'Zhang Shi He joined him laughing saying'

    Also, this paragraph as per what xlandhenry said is wrong:
    It was one of the most famous precious treasures in the history of the Sui Dynasty. The first Sui emperor Yang Jian listened to false charges and abolished Prince Yang Yong, replacing him with Yang Guang, and the history of “Live Long” was the reason that he was implicated, put to death and all his belongings were confiscated, exactly in the same manner as Minister Yang Su.

    The original:
    It should be translated to something like:
    It was General Shi Wan Sui's famous jade that never leaves his side. The first Sui emperor Yang Jian listened to false charges and abolished Prince Yang Yong to replace him with Yang Guang, Shi Wan Sui was implicated and put to death. Minister Yang Su was the one who conducted the confiscation of his home and belongings.

    大将 is general and 史万岁 is a name. 大将史万岁 would be General Shi Wan Sui.

    Good luck in translating the story, it is so freaking long I didn't even have the guts to start reading it when the TVB show aired. Just about to start so I read your translation for an idea of what the story is like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by remixedasian View Post
    6: Duan Yu is the greatest martial artist of all time

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    @athlee - Thanks a lot. Those corrections mean so much to me. I am always looking for editors, so if you are interested let me know

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    NP, was just pointing out what I saw.

    PM me if you think I can helpl. I don't mind helping to proof read for errors, but I have to warn you, my reading of Chinese is still not up to par, most of the time I read the sentence and not the words since I have never actually studied it. I learn how to read by watching shows in cantonese and matching what is said with the subtitles, so that should tell you my level of chinese.
    Quote Originally Posted by remixedasian View Post
    6: Duan Yu is the greatest martial artist of all time

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    here a part of chapeter 2 @ grundle just want to help a little feel free to edit it because even i understand the story my grammar and vocabuloary in english is not very good like justin13 or ren woxing or you so this is not a hq translation feel free to remove it if you don,t like it thank u
    chapter2: the coming danger

    The city gate already open from 5am. slowly yangzhou city began crowded by itinerant mercant and farmer who jostle each other getting in and out the city gate.all ships and boats that arrived the day before had piled their merchandise at the port and waiting their turn to be transported into the city.the moving horse carriage wheel make a roaring noise.
    from the eastern city of yangzhou lies zhangjiang(dajiang) river which flow directly into the sea toward the wo guo liu qiu country(i think liu qiu mean japan) and other land at south pacific.this is why yangzhoucity become one of the most important port that connect other area across all the country,the city that much more busy and crowded than any other city.
    in addition to the communication centre since ancient time yanzhou is also the most glittering entertainment city that is very famous all over china(zhong yuan).from young master,wealthy mercant,the famous warrior, the talented person of lietrature and art,to swordsman all won't be recognized as a real man if they never come to this city.therefore the prosperity of the situation can be directly seen in actual life.but the atmosphere today is a little odd,there ara a lot of soldiers within and outside the city gate. inspection through the city gate also being tightened causing along queues.despite feeling uneasy and unhappy in their hearts no one dare to say a word. the local people and ousider which familiar with wu lin (martial art world) can see that there is quiet many warrior with palace guard uniform mingle with local soldiers,unless their tire of living no one dared to offend the powerful capital guard troops.
    within the city there are five markets and the most prosperous one is the one at south gate facing the zhangjiang river. there are at least a dozens big and small of shop selling various kind of food,the shop owners seem ready to go to the place of itinerant mercant onboard that already anchored in dajiang since dawn to shop for their stores.
    among the south gate store lao feng's vegetable meat buns is the most famous one.added by zhen sao his young wife which charge to sell the bun already become the living ads for his store because of her beautiful face.seing lao feng bring out a tary of vegetable meat bun that still smoldering to be sold by zhen sao. the impatient buyer already jostle forwar to give the money to her.zhen sao was busy with her fragnace sweat on her face,suddenly the head of a young boy who smiling cheerfully sticking out from the crowd.good morning zhen shao, how are you? i want eight vegetable meat buns! the boy was none other than xu zi ling. for fear caught by lao feng he deliberately lowered his body become half body shorter from all the people that crammed there.his behavior lokk really funny.luckily he has a very attractive face with a pair of shining eyes, sharp nose, wide forehead and lips that always smile brightly like a morning sun.if not for his dirty face, ragged clothes ,and the blue at his face after being hit by yan laoda(boss yan),his whole face really not ugly.but now he he he.. no one dared to praised him.seing him zhen sao look back at lao feng who is busy with his meanie old wife.after making sure they don,t pay attention to the front does he breath easily.while serving the other customer,she pretended to scold gently no money you want to buy buns what?take it on my debt for a while, i'll pay you tomorrorw say xu zi ling while grinning happily.with the lightning speed movement zhen sao take for buns,adn after hesitated for a moment he took two more and wrapped it neatli wit a paper.then stuffed it to xu ziling hands,but she mumbled with low voice this is the last time aih.. lopk ho how can yo get hit by people like this? xu zi ling squeal happily and without ansewring he get out from the crowd straingten his back and walk away spiritedly.although he is still young he has a tall figure with broad shoulder and small waist like a grown up manbut because he doesn't eat regulary he became a little thin.after jostling past the rows of fruit stalls suddenly kou zhong bust out from the side and immediately reach out to take one bun and stuffed it to his mouth as he speak with unclear voice.. is his for the last time again?although kou zhonug ayear older than him but he's shorter by an inch than him , with almost he same figure with broad shoulder small waist with strong wide forehead eventhough he doesn't have the handsome and suntlety like xu zi ling but his square face combine with his big ear emit the aura of a real man. his super cool and shing eyes of his are also very attractive. which not inferiror from xu zi ling. all aover he give the impression to the people who see him thayh in the future he is not a no body(frog in the shell).but he will become a powerfulman.unfortunately his cloth is even more ragged than xu zi ling not even better than a beggar.can yo not say a bad thing about zhen sao?it's a pity she just because she has a father that has much debt and blind by wealth so her father sold her to that old fart lao feng to become his young wife(concubine). "aikh..maybe the heaven have no eyes"barked xu zi ling as he stuffed the thir bun to his mouth.they both walk side by side out of the market to the main road and jostle in the crowd that go in and out from south gate khou zong that already full his stomach with buns put his hand on xu zi ling shoulder while looking right and left. tere are many fat goat(target) today, the best is looking for the aged one waring good clothes and alone even better an old worm geezer that daydream so even he lose his money bag he won't realized it.
    begore this you [email protected] also said want to looking for old geezer as the target but when you saw hin so pitiful youpretending to step on his wallet and give it back to him.that's why iget beaten so bad by boss yan don't you remember that?asked xu zi ling while laughing bitterly
    kou zhong smile while nodding"eh don't forget i only want to give back half of it you're the one that want to make that geezer happy and force me t give all the money back"hei..wventhough we are a thief we also have a good heartthat's what a real man shoul be ha.ha hei.look!
    zu zi ling foolow his eyes and see a literature scholar around fifty years that walking in from city gate.he is waring a beautiful clothes seemed in hurry and also bowing his head,really match with the criteria that said by kou zhong just now wah its just like waht he hopes(i can't find the idiom in english but this is the meaning if ruughfully translate)
    they both looking at him closely and see the back at his cloths slightly emerge that mean he keep his money bag at his rear waist. kou zhong whisper to xu zi ling ears whter or not we got a good fortune today all depend to this people if he really look like his apperance."first of all i have to pay my debt to zhen sao" say xu zi ling in a rush.when they trailed him hastily, suddenly a group of soldiers come fom the font that make them so surprise andimmediately looking away adn spin their body and snek into a narrow alley then with widen step tur around to the other end of alley that connect to the 0ther main road that parrarel with south gate then sitting against the wall.
    "damn" cursed kou zhong suddenly he get another strange idea "what if apply for imperial exam?
    although our knowledge only obtained from eavesdrooping the explanation taught by bai laofu, but at the very least it's still better than the group og rich people that study in the class. if our names on the list of the winner we can become the imperial official without having to look for travel money again to join with the rebel(citizen) army!
    want to join with the citizen army also your idea,now it change again want to apply for imperial examination,you speak so easily just like want to peek at the ladies from cun feng brothel when they are bathing,actually.."say xu zi ling angrily
    suddenly kou zhong elbowed his lower ribsith a wink poited at something. xu zi ling look to the way he pointed,it turns outthat the scholar also doing the same thing like them.panicly he walk directly to the main road passed the two of them just like he don't see anyone.with joy they both look right and left and rushed out to pursue the literary scholar..time for the action!
    as hastily as he walk the scholar doesn't realized that his back clothes already being torn.just now he thougt to go out from the south gate,but he was surprised and panic to see the tight inspection so he came back.he know now is not the right time t o go out but he doesn't dare to go home. want to search his friend but he afraid they will get involved.when his hear falter suddenly a shadow flashed and his way already blocked without he realized it.
    the one that stop him is yu wen huaji and a group of his man the skillfuul warior from yuwen clan walking forwar with a smile obeserve him all over for a moment.

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    her the rest of chapter 2
    "aren't you master dian wen the famous poeter from yang jiang city? iheard you and sh long is are good friends.just now we visit master dianwen without suspicion and accidentally discovered master shi dead body in the well, but now master dian travel hastily i really wonder what happen?
    dian wen countenance instantly change drastically until he could not say anything.actually the people on the street could feel the tension was high but seing the high rank official they qiuckly walk away not dare to see more clearly.
    the two wariors that flanking dian wen busily search his body but can not find the art of longevity which should be on his body.they found the back of dian wen cloth already being torn by a sharp weapon, and with the changing countenance they shouted cursed the art of longevity have been stolen by other people!
    officer chen!! yuwen huaji called him loudly with a icily eyes. officer chen who usulally fierce and haughty walk to the front hastily.once he glanced at yuwen huaji his feet immediately going limp make him fall to his knees and replied with a trembling voice your servant is here,tai jin
    yuwen huaji coldly hissed close the city gate immediately and drag all the rotten thief in this city to me,if unable to brimg the item desired by the emperor don,t expect to keep alive!
    xu zi ling and kou zhong sit side by side at the desolated narrow alley at the west of the city staring at the art of longevity book.
    next time don't pickpocket from the prey that look like ateacher anymnore. this strang book with ghost drawing is more difficult to understand tha a heaven book.young master zhong you brag that you already learn many books,don't you? then say quickly what's written on this book?!freeted xu zi ling wit disapointed tone.
    i am not like you do not have any knowledge and skill, this book must be the emperor secret martial art manual from dozen generation before.if we manage to tarin it we will be without equal under heaven hehe. even master shi will lose for sure.
    just looking at the drawing we can be certain that this is the secret method channeling your chi(inner power)haha this time we really find the treasure! look have you ever see this kind pf paper? ask kou zhong
    cut your crap iam tired listened to it, just try read to werd an we'll see how great your knowledge and skill
    kou zhong cough arrogantly as he answered with bright eyes "there are people who can write it then definitely there are people who can read it too.wait until we get the most educated teacher and asked him to explain this strange word.after that we the twin dragons of yang zhou will just responsible to train it,this call share the task and work together, every one run his own role ,don't you understand?
    do you think you are zhongguan(commander) of yang zhou? who will be so kind to help us? right now we are the twin snake of yang zhou that even have problem for daily meal.i think it's better to take out the travel expense that we save all this timeand exchange it with two buns to fulfill our stomach that's what we call realistic" said xu zi ling angrily
    kou zhong laughing and stand as he keep that book to his shirt pocket , he still have the time to loosen his waist..
    for launch let me young master zhong take responsibility for it! let,s go home first and take our maoney then go to the port outside the city to do the buisness without capital once again then imeediately go far away if not we'll be doomned if boss yan nknow we have tghe treasure book.
    xu zi ling still remember his beating yesterday imeediately get scare and leap up quickly silently follow kou zhong senakily go home to that abandoned park.
    yuwen huaji sit realxedly as he drink a hot tea at the main hall. he is acompanied by weichi sheng the commander of yang zhou at his reasidence.they not only know each other but also have a close relationship.
    before yang jian found the sui dynasty he is the high rank official at north zhou dynasty.when yuwen yun king zhou xuan(i think zhou xuan is a title)fall ill, he conspired with zheng bi the holy physician of the palace and physician liu fang from yu zheng.they forced the zhou jing crown prince yuwen chan to make the decree to call yang jian back to the palace and take over the government with the incapability reason he is still too young. one year later yang jian forced king zhou jing to reisgned and proclaimed himself as the emperor.since that time the pwer of yuwen clan in north zhou dynasty replace by yang clan.but because the yuwen clan power have rooted deeply eventhogh yang jian become the emperor he stiil can not uprooted the yuwen royal family. when his son yang guang become the emperor the yhuwen clan become powerful again.traced further although they look loyal to sui dynjasty but actually the still hold a deep grudge that can not be erase forever.
    after yang jian succesfully take the throne separately there are three high rank official that support yuwen clan from north zhou to rebel.they are weichi jiong commander of xiang zhou,sima xiaonan commander of yun zhou and wang qian commanderof yi zhou.these people don't have blood relationsip with yuwen clan it's just thy are loyal to north zhou royal family.weichi jiong one of the three is wei chi seng unclethis the reason why their relation is so close.that's why when they sit together to discuss something there's is no suspicion and secret.
    this art of longevity is really important.i have prepare many inteligent scholar.when we get it we will pretend that we have interpret the secret and give it to that idoit emperor to train it. i garanteed in three monts he will have fire deviation(zhou huo ru mo) . alas the book that should have been obtained because of something this plan can not be executed that fast."sigh yuwen huaji lamentedly
    weichi sheng coldly hissed "with the book or without the yang clan still won't be able to protect the throne. heaven blessed zhou dynasty because since the idot emperor get the throne he forcely excesively levy the tax and conduct a grand scale construction not to mention the otrageous military agression to the areas outside the border to attack gao li(korea) three time and lost all three.if we can seize the chance we can surely revive the glory of zhou dynasty.
    yuwen huaji eyes flasihing coldlyand replied with a deep voice " yang guang days are counted by finger.what i worried about are the three clans.esspecially the li clan.the clan leader li yuan is the nephew of empress dugu thus they gain the trust of yang clan that farexceed the yuwen clan.if we don't extinguished those three clans the revival of our zhou dynasty will get the big obstacle".after stop for a moment he continued " about he tribe outside the border, tu jue( one of the country in mongolia) is certainly the biggest there is the chaos there because of the upheaval rebellion and it continues to the north of tu jue. this event will make tu jue even bigger.not to mention there are four highly skill martial artist with the amazing martial art(kung fu).if ithink till ther my worried increase multiple times.
    i think huaji need not too worry about clan li.although li yuan is yang guang cousin but he is very flexible, virtuous and estabilshed a lot of good relation with many heroes and famous figures.this make yang guang very jealous with him.he himself already busy protecting himself.if we can make a good scheme added with yang guang suspicion of himwho knows we can "borrow the sabre tgo kill people"(chinese idiom)and just sit and alreqad gain profit from it."
    listen to this yuwen huaji eyes show a sense of pleasure and nodded in agreement.while zhang shihe walk inside.
    report to commandant we already ge the news. yuwen huaji and weici sheng immediately spirited
    "from dian wen confession before being picpocket he is colluded with two little rascal age around 15-16years old. from the looks of it these two rascal are the ones that stole the book"repor zhang shihe.
    i am sure shihe already checked the background of these two rascal before come here to repor this good news"say yuwen huaji full of praise. zhang shihe laugh.. "that's indeed the case,commandant.thesse two rascal name ko zhong and xu zi ling. they are the most famous picpocket in yang zhou. their boss name yan kuan. now have beed dragged to seek those two.
    "hahaha.. then this matter become easy except they can grow wing, if not no matter where they hide inside the city don't ever expect to escape our grasp." added weichi sheng while laughing happily.
    yowen huaji brath reliefly and leaned back on his seat with full confidence that the book already on his hand.
    before have the chance to take their saving money that amount more than ten taels xu zi ling that responsible to keep lokking outside already seen boss yan that hobbled and led by the dozen of warriros walking towards the abandoned park.
    although very suprise he immediately understand what happen and quickly go looking for kou zhoung without daring make any sound. the two of them hide themseves in another rotten house that filled with piles of debris,then they crawled slowly into a tunnel that they dug for emergeny which usually used by them to avoid boss yan.they cover the tunnel with a wood and top it with stone. sand,mud. and leaves only leaving a little gap as thin as thread for air holes.
    bham.. bhum..bham..brak..!!
    the sound of peole tear down the building very loudly.shotly the sound of boss yan screaming can be heard it looks like he,s being beaten and tortured. although they really want to see boss yan being beaten but hearing his screaming they feel pity in their heart.moreover they still confuse guessing what happen out there.
    in yangzhou boss yang can be said have a litte power.he has more than twenty man.recentyly he already shelter under protection of the leader of bamboo flower party. but in front of this warrior he can't even comaprae to the dog.
    search thoroughly!!the sound if the people give the commad heard from the other direction.
    hearing those word the yang zhou twin dragons shrink to become the twin coiled snake and shrunken in fear that even not dare to breath soundly.
    then came the sound of boss yan who pleade with shaking voice.."the respected sire plese give me a liitle more time.i can definitely get the book back. i dare to guaranteed it with my head.. akh.."if not being punch he definitley being kick again.
    the sound of footsteps vibrate above the tunnel then come the sound of people shouted "still haven't find them"
    "please give me one more chance" the two rascal that deserved to die surely go to the shi long martial art schoolto peek at people training martial art,"plead yan boss yan while groaning in pain
    the hoarse voice replied"shi long martail art school had been close by us,"what's there to be seen,"then he pause for a while, the four of you stay here wait until they come home. and you [email protected] dog take us to all the place that possibly become their home!" then they heard the sound of footstep getting away from there slowly.
    kou zhong and xu zi ling that hide in the tunnel look at each other, their face already pale like the corpse because of their fear. and at the same time in their brain flashed the image of hidden dark canal beside the east gate which connect through outside the city the only place that can become the hope to escape right now.

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    Default Chapter Two, from original translation by Dragonsense

    Many apologies to Grundle, and any other translators if this is stepping on any toes. I can't translate, but have a good hold on editing and proofreading. I spent a couple of hours editing Dragonsense's translation, per his public request, and came up with this. Hopefully, it won't be offensive to anyone's eyes, nor efforts.

    --- here it is...


    Having been opened at 5 am, the city gates of Yangzhou was busy with merchants and farmers, jostling each other getting in and out of the city. Ships, great and small, having arrived the day before, piled their wares and merchandise at the port, patiently awaiting their turns for transport into the city. Noises of horses and carriages could be heard, all over.

    Zhangjiang river, on the eastern city of Yangzhou, flew directly into the sea, towards Japan and other nations in the south Pacific. The city, herself, Zhangjiang, thus became one of the most important port, becoming the trading hub of China, a city busier and more crowded than many others.

    Besides being an ancient hub, Yangzhou is also a glittering city of night life famed all over China. One isn’t a real man, lest one has been to Yangzhou. Affluence and prosperity thrives within her. This day, however, was not to be a day like many others. Armed soldiers patrolling in and out of the city gates had created an ominous presence. Security inspections at the gate had been stricter than usual, causing very long lines and delays. Despite their worn patience, not a soul dared to complain.

    Sharp-eyed locals, as well as those wise to the martial-world, could notice the hired muscle, clad in palace guard uniform, discreetly interspersed with real local soldiers. Lest they tire of living, all knew their mouths were to be kept shut, not an utterance of complaint to be made to the powerful capital guard troops.

    Within the city, herself, lied five public markets. The most prosperous amongst them is one located at the southern gate, on the banks of the Zhangjiang river. Many shop owners, seeking to resupply, had just readied themselves to descend upon the merchandise barely offloaded from the ships that carried it.

    Amongst the many stores of the Southern Gates market, the most famous had to be Lao Feng’s bao (steamed meat and vegetable buns) shop, which he operated together with his newly-acquired wife, Zhen Sao. The beautiful Zhen Sao had, very quickly, become a sort of a walking advertisement for the store, as she minds the storefront, serving customers with the bao her husband made. It isn’t unusual for customers to shove each other forward, vying for a smile or glance from the nubile beauty.

    Suddenly, from amidst the crowd, popped the head of a boy.

    “Good morning, Zhen Sao. How are you?” the boy asked. “I’d like eight of those, please!”

    The boy was none other than Xu Ziling. Fearing being caught by Lao Feng, he had haunched his body, to appear shorter than most people crammed about him.

    Despite the odd posture, the boy was fresh faced, with a pair of smiling eyes, a sharp nose, wide forehead and had an easygoing smile. Were it not for the dirt on his face, ragged clothing or the bruises upon him, courtesy of boss Yan, he could be considered quite fetching. As he was, however, none dared to look at him too closely.

    Seeing him, Zhen Sao took a glance at her husband, at the back of the shop, whose attention had been briefly taken by his shrill first wife. Only when she noticed his attention drawn to her did Zhen Sao breathe easily.

    Whilst serving other customers, she pretended to scold the boy, gently.

    “No money, and you want baos?”

    “Put it on my tab, will you? For the bao today, I will gladly pay you tomorrow,” said Xu Ziling, whilst grinning silly.

    Swiftly as the wind, Zhen Sao took four buns, and after a short hesitation, added two more, before wrapping them neatly with paper. Just as swiftly, she shoved the package into Xu Ziling’s hands.

    “This is the last time,” she mumbled quietly, “Ai! Why do you let people hit you like this?”

    Xu Ziling squealed happily, and without answering, he backed out of the small crowd, before straightening his back and walking away, briskly. Though young, he was a tall boy, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, nearly a grown-up, though the irregular frequency with which he had his meals made him thinner than most his age.

    After shuffling past the many fruit-selling shops, he found Kou Zhong bursting out from the crowd, and immediately reached out for a bao, which made a quick journey to stuff the latter's mouth, even as he attempted to speak.

    “Is this for the last time? Again?” he asked, with his mouth full.

    Despite being a year older, Kou Zhong is shorter by an inch, though they both had similar figures. Although not quite as handsome, Kou Zhong also had a squarer face, which combined with large ears, made him look more rugged and masculine. His cool, piercing eyes shoned sharply, making him no less attractive than Xu Ziling.

    To those who laid eyes upon his face, Kou Zhong would leave an imposing, dignified impression. Currently, however, his clothes is as ragged and tattered as Xu Ziling’s, which is to say that they’re not any better than a beggar’s.

    “Can you not talk about Zhen Sao that way?” Xu Ziling barked, whilst stuffing his own mouth. “If it weren’t for her father’s debts and greed, he wouldn’t have sold her to that old codger Lao Feng, to become a concubine. Ai! Maybe heaven really has no eyes.”

    Kou Zhong, with his stomach newly filled with bao, placed his hand on Xu Ziling’s shoulder, looking around.

    “There are lots of easy, fat marks waiting to be hit, today. Let’s find an older gentleman in rich clothing, walking alone. Better yet, let’s find one who’s in daydreams, so that even as we liberate his money from him, he won’t even notice.”

    “You said the same thing last time. But then you felt sorry for the old geezer, you pretended to have stepped on his wallet, and gave it back to him. That’s why boss Yan beat me. Remember?” asked Xu Ziling, whilst chuckling bitterly.

    “Ah, but don’t forget,” Kou Zhong smiled, whilst nodding, “I only wanted to give back half of his money. You were the one who wanted to make him happy, and forced me to give back the whole lump.”

    “Hey, thieves we may be, but we seem to also have conscience. Isn’t that what a real man should be? Hey, hey, look!”

    Xu Ziling followed his brother’s pointing finger, and saw a scholar of around fifty years old, walking in from the city gate. The scholar wore beautiful robes, though he did seem to be in a hurry and rather preoccupied, his head bowing low as he walked, barely paying attention to his surroundings. The scholar fit perfectly Kou Zhong’s image of the perfect mark.

    Together they observed the scholar closely, observing a bulge on the back of his clothing. The scholar, apparently, kept his money purse on the rear of his waist.

    “Whether or not we have good fortune today depends on whether this man is as rich as he appears,” Kou Zhong whispered to his brother’s ear.

    “Remember. Before anything else, we'll have to pay the debt to Zhen Sao,” Xu Ziling said, hurriedly.

    The two brothers started trailing the scholar, until a group of soldiers came out of nowhere, surprising them. Quickly, they turned away and snuck into a narrow alley, to wait for the soldiers to pass. Frustrated, they slumped to the ground, against a wall.

    “Damn,” cursed Kou Zhong, noticing they'd lost their chance. But suddenly, a curious idea came to him. “What if we apply for the imperial exam? We’ve been eavesdropping on old master Bai’s teaching, all this time. It may not be much, but I bet we’d still know more than those rich bastards in his class. If we pass the exam, we’ll become imperial officials, and will never again worry about money, or having to join the revolutionary armies.”

    “Last time, it was joining the revolutionary army. Now, you want to apply for imperial exam. You come up with these harebrained ideas as if you were just saying that you wanted to peek at the girls at the Cun Feng brothels when they bathe,” Xu Ziling said, angrily.

    Suddenly, Kou Zhong elbowed his brother whilst winking and pointing at something. Xu Ziling followed the finger, and saw that the scholar from before, walking towards them. The scholar passed the two of them, still hurried and preoccupied, without noticing either of the brothers. Giddily, the two of them looked both ways before resuming their pursuit of the scholar. It was time for 'work!'

    Busily walking, the scholar didn’t realize that the back of his clothing had been cut. He’d been preoccupied with thoughts of escaping from the Southern Gate, but turned around, surprised by the tight security at the gate. He knew it was not a good time to escape, but then again, he couldn't return home, either. It was just as risky.

    The scholar had the intent of searching for his friend, but was afraid of being stopped by security. When he hesitated for a second, a large shadow flashed before him, blocking his way.

    The shadow blocking his way was Yuwen Huaji and his men. The skillful warrior from Yuwen clan approached the scholar, smiling and acting as if he were pondering the scholar.

    “Are you not master Dian Wen, the famed poet of Zhangjiang? I heard you and Shi Long are good friends. Just now, we went to visit master Dian, but tragically discovered master Shi’s dead body in the well. Now, we found master Dian traveling hastily. Does master Dian care to explain?”

    Dian Wen’s countenance changed. Instantly, he was struck speechless. People on the street could feel the tension within the conversation, but seeing the high-ranking official dressage, they quickly walked away, wisely choosing to mind their own business

    Two guards flanked Dian Wen, and quickly frisked him. However, they could not find ‘the Art of Longevity’ that was supposed to be carried by this person. Quickly, they discovered the rip on the rear of his robe, which was obviously made with a sharp weapon. Their faces dropped, as they shouted curses to the heavens. Someone else had beaten them to The Art of Longevity!

    “Officer Chen!” Yuwen Huaji shouted loudly.

    The officer Chen, a fierce and haughty man stepped forward promptly. One glance at Yuwen Huaji, and his knees buckled, dropping him to the ground in a kneeling position, as he replied with trembling voice.

    “Your servant is here, tai-jin (superior).”

    “Close the city gates immediately, and drag all the rotten thieves in this city to me!” Yuwen Huaji coldly hissed. “If you cannot bring me what the emperor desired, you will forfeit your life.”


    Xu Ziling and Kou Zhong, in the meanwhile, sat side by side at a desolate narrow alley at the western end of the city, staring at the bound volume that is The Art of Longevity.

    “Next time, let’s not steal from anyone that looks like a scholar, anymore. This strange book with unusual drawings is more difficult to understand than a book written in heaven. Young master Zhong, you’ve often said that you’re well-learned. Please, do tell us, what is written here?” fretted Xu Ziling, with a clearly disappointed tone.

    “Unlike you, I am not a man without knowledge or skills. This book must be be the emperor’s secret martial art manual from many generations ago. If we manage to practice it, we’ll be without equal under heaven. Even master Shi won’t be a match for us. Just look at the drawings! We can be certain that this is a secret method of channeling your chi. Hah! This time, we really found treasure. Look! Have you ever even seen this kind of paper?” asked Kou Zhong.

    “Oh, stop it! I’m tired of listening to you. Just read the words, and we’ll see how great your ‘knowledge and skills’ are.”

    Kou Zhong coughed arrogantly, as he answered gleefully.

    “If there were people who could write it, then there must be people who can read it. Let’s find the most wisest and sagely of scholar, and have him explain this strange alphabet. Afterwards, we, the Twin Dragons of Yangzhou, will have to practice it. This is called ‘share the task and work together, everyone runs his own hole,’ don’t you know?”

    “Oh? Do you fancy yourself the commander of Yangzhou? Who would be that kind as to help us? Right now, we are the Twin Snakes of Yangzhou. We don’t even know where our next meal is to come from. I think it’s better to spend our meager savings to buy two more baos to fill our stomachs. That would at least be more realistic,” said Xu Ziling, angrily.

    Kou Zhong laughed and stood, stowing the book into his robe.

    “For lunch, let me, the young master Zhong take the reins. Let’s return home and retrieve some lunch money. Then, let us go to the port outside of the city to do more ‘business not requiring capital’ so we can get out of the city. If not, we’ll be doomed. If boss Yan finds out we have this treasured book…”

    Xu ziling still remembered the beating the day before, and promptly leapt up to silently follow his elder brother, towards the abandoned park where they hid their money.


    Yuwen Huaji sat relaxed, sipping hot tea in the grand hall of a manor home. His company, the master of the manor, was none other than Weichi Sheng, also the commander of Yangzhou. Not only were the two acquainted with each other, but their close friendship ran deep and wide.

    The learned will remember that before Yang Jian founded the Sui dynasty, he was a high-ranking official at the northern Zhou dynasty. When the king, Yuwen Yun, fell ill, he conspired with the palace physicians Zheng Bi and Liu Fang, to coerce the Zhou crown prince, Yuwen Chan, to issue a decree calling himself (Yang Jian) into the palace, to act as the head of state, under the reasoning that the crown prince was still too young and inexperienced.

    A year later, Yang Jian forced the king of Zhou to resign, and proclaimed himself as the new emperor. Since then, the power of the Yuwen clan in the northern Zhou dynasty was suppressed by the Yang clan. But the Yuwen clan’s history ran deep, their influence and power even moreso. Despite Yang Jian’s rise to the throne, he still could not successfully uproot the former royal family, and the Yuwen clan continued to hold influence.

    When Yang Jian's son Yang Guang became the next emperor, the Yuwen clan’s influence experienced a resurgence. From the outwards appearance, they appeared to be loyal to the Sui dynasty, but some grudges cut deeper than others, and this one was one such grudge.

    Following Yang Jian’s coronation, three high-ranking officials continued to support the Yuwen clan’s position. They were Weichi Jiong, the commander of Xiangzhou, Sima Xiaonan, the commander of Yunzhou and Wang Qian, the commander of Yizhou.

    These three, despite lacking blood relation with Yuwen clan, were loyal only to what they considered to be the legitimate royal family of the northern Zhou dynasty.

    Weichi Jiong, one of the three high-ranking officials, was an uncle to Weichi Sheng, the man currently entertaining Yuwen Huaji. This would explain the friendship that ran deep and wide, and why their frank discussion held neither suspicions nor secrets.

    “This Art of Longevity is detrimental to the plan,” Yuwen Huaji lamented. “I have prepared many elite scholars, who would ‘interpret’ the secrets of the book, when we get it, and then present it to the foolish emperor to practice. I guarantee that in three months he will experience fire deviation. Alas, without the book, the plan will not come to be.”

    “With or without the book, the Yang clan will not hold throne much longer,” Weichi Sheng hissed coldly. “Heavens bless the Zhou dynasty, for since that idiot took the throne, he levied massive taxes and raised ridiculously large construction projects, not to mention the outrageous military excursions into Korea. Three times he despatched the troops, and three times they returned home with utter humiliation of defeat. If we can seize this chance, we can surely revive the glory of the Zhou dynasty.”

    Yuwen Huaji’s eyes flashed coldly, as he replied, with a deep voice.

    “Yang Guang’s remaining days can be counted with one’s fingers. What worries me are the three clans. Especially the Li clan. The leader, Li Yuan, is nephew to the old empress-mother. The Yang clan trusts the Lis more than they trust us, the Yuwens. Unless we first bring these the three clans under control, the revival of our Zhou dynasty will hit a substantial roadblock.”

    After pausing for a moment, he continued on.

    “Outside of the border, Mongolia represents the greatest threat. There’s chaos in our northern borders, what with the ongoing revolution. This will embolden the Mongols, who had been seeking to expand their territories. And looking past that, there's the threat of the four grandmasters of martial arts to consider. Just thinking about it, my heart grows heavy with worry.”

    “I believe Huaji needn’t worry much about the Li clan. Although Li Yuan is Yang Guang’s own cousin, he is also known to be virtuous, and have great connections in both the martial-world and politics. This incites jealousy and suspicion in Yang Guang, who had been busily rallying his own base of power. If we can stoke the flame a bit, add arouse Yang Guang’s own natural suspicions of the Lis, we may be able to ‘borrow another's sabre to kill the tiger,’ all whilst sitting back and watching from the sidelines.”

    Listening to this idea, Yuwen Huaji’s eyes flickered briefly of joy, and he nodded in agreement. At this moment, Zhang Shihe walked into the room.

    “Reporting to commander, we have good news.”

    Yuwen Huaji and Weichi Sheng were instantly brought to full attention.

    “From the poet Dian Wen’s confession, we discovered that he had colluded with a pair of juvenile delinquents, aged around 15 or 16- years old. It appears that these two hooligans stole the book,” reported Zhang Shihe.

    “I am certain Shihe has already checked out these delinquent’s backgrounds, before arriving to report this good news. Am I correct?” said Yuwen Huaji, praising his man.

    “I did, commander,” laughed Zhang Shihe. “These delinquents are called Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, and are known to be the most famous pickpockets in Yangzhou. Their boss’ name is Yan Kuan. We have managed to impress upon him the importance of this matter, and 'motivate' him to help us find the two delinquents.”

    “Ha! This matter has just become easier for us. Lest they grow wings, they’ll not escape our grasp, for there is no corner in this city in which they can hide from us,” added Weichi Sheng, whilst laughing joyfully.

    Yuwen Huaji exhaled in relief, and reclined on his seat, suddenly feeling confident that the book was within his grasp.


    Before they had the chance to retrieve their life savings, amounting slightly more than ten taels, Xu Ziling, who had the task of being the lookout, saw boss Yan hobbling over towards the abandoned park, clearly under duress, led by a dozen soldiers.

    Though very surprised, he immediately deduced what had happened, and went looking for Kou Zhong, quickly. Without making a sound, the two hid themselves in a rotten house filled with piles of debris, before crawling slowly into a hole in the ground they had previously dug, for just such an emergency, when avoiding boss Yan. They promptly covered the tunnel with lumber, topping it with rocks and dirt, leaving only a small gap as thin as thread, to allow air to enter.

    Bam! Boom! Clang!

    The sound of people tearing through the building was clearly audible from their hiding place. Shortly after, the sound of boss Yan’s screaming in agony could be heard. Clearly, he was being beaten and tortured. Though not quite admirers of boss Yan, hearing the man being beaten, his screams full of pain and sorrow, made them feel pity in their hearts. They remained still, uncertain of what’s actually going on, outside.

    In Yangzhou, boss Yang isn't exactly without influence. He has more than twenty men at his command, and he’d recently secured alliance with the leader of the Bamboo Flower party. Before the officer beating him, though, he was no different than a dog.

    “Search thoroughly!” the sound of people giving commands could be heard coming from the other direction.

    Hearing those words, the Yangzhou Twin Dragons shrank to become the Twin Coiled Snake, shaking in fear and afraid to breathe, for fear their breathing be heard.

    Shortly, boss Yan’s pleading voice rang out.

    “My lord, please! Give me just a little more time. I can get the book back. I shall guarantee it with my own head… Oof!” If he weren’t being punched, it meant he was being kicked, again.

    The sounds of footsteps could be heard above the hole, before shouting of soldiers echoed again.

    “Still haven’t found them...”

    “Please, give me one more chance. These two delinquents who deserved to die surely had gone to the Shi Long martial arts school to peek at their martial arts practice,” pleaded boss Yan, whilst groaning in pain.

    “Shi Long martial arts school had been closed. By us,” the hoarse voice replied. “Whatever is there to be seen…”

    The voice trailed, then paused briefly, before continuing.

    “Four of you stay here and wait until they come home. And you, you miserable cur, will take us to all the places where they could possibly be hiding!”

    Immediately, the sound of footsteps moving away could be heard.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, still hidden in the hole, turned to each other, their faces pale of fright. Simultaneously, their minds conjured the image of the underground sewer lines beneath the Eastern Gate, suddenly their only means to escape the city.
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    @blackhorse that's a great editing you have done thank u it's really tiring for me to make a descption of the people but you do it easily like sitp huang yi really love to explain detail look and surrounding at his novel thank you for editing it if grundle had online again feel free to remove my translation because your editing easier to read as my translation had a really bad grammar as i said i don't have a good vocabulary and grammar in english i only understand the story but can not describe it in english

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    Thanks for the translation work, Dragonsense. If there is interest, keep sending out those translations, and I'll keep editing for posting.

    I apologise beforehand for any deviation from the original text, which is sure to be there. I can't read kanji, and don't speak the original language of the novel, so am attempting to evoke the 'spirit,' rather than the 'letter.'

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    @blackhorse alright if you and the other reader don't mind to see my rough translation i try to post it again

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    Just want to thank Dragonsense & Blackhorse for continuing with the story. I didn't get a chance to read the updated posts yet but I will soon.

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    here is chapter 3
    @blackhorse please edit it so it's easier to read
    chapter3: Leaving yang zhou

    after removing and washing their clothes clean, kou zhong and xu zi ling that naked hung the clothes on tree for dried under afternoon sun,while they just put the art of the longevity on the rock.
    then they yell happily while playing splashin g water and swim foloow the current of the river,wash clean all the dirt on their body while crawling through the dark matter waht they are still young child after escape successfully from yangzhou city and arrive at the forest about 7-8li (1li about 0.5km) form the city they already tired until they can't move anymore,but because they think they had far left the threaten danger their mood change instantly.
    when they play with water happily suddenly a sound of a quick snort could be heard from the edge of the river.both of them gasped and spontaneously look tpward the direction of the coming sound.
    appear there is a girl wearing a woven hat bamboo with snow white shirt standing gracefully on the edge of the river.the view dimly through the veil showed that the girl observed the coldly, absolutely not ashamed and turned away seing they"re naked.
    both the kid confusely squeal, quickly bend their body and even faster instaneously take out their hand to cover their lower body xu zi ling open his mouth clumsily oh no.. don't see please!lady plese give mercy and look the other way!
    while kou zhong replied loudly see once pay one copper money and lady at least had seen hundred of times, let's say the discount is 45 pecent so please left one hundred copper money then lady can go away from here.
    the corner lips of the girl in white dress showed an icy smile she replied slowly "little devil that deserves get beaten".
    she move her jade like hand that as smooth as the spring onion stem and flicked her two fingers plak plak
    akh..!! they yelled at the same time and rolled into the water for a moment they can not get ot of the water, they already get quiet a painfull lesson.
    "i will ask you something and you two little devils have to answer honestly or ai will make you two suffer even more" threat the girl with a flat and cold voice. in the mean time they had retreated to the side of the river, but they don't dare to get out of water while naked both of them glanced each other confuse beacuse they can't move forward or retreat.
    kou zhong that can read the situation better imeediately change course "i will tell ev erything i know straighforwrdly to the respectable lady".eventhough kou zhong pretended tgo be polite the girl does't care at all and still coldly replied
    " i want to see to which extend is your courage"
    xu ziling quickly added "this brother of mine really not goog at speaking since the old day, great lady pliease ask anything.
    "are you live around here?"the lady asked with a rigid and as calm as lake water expression.
    kou zhong and xu ziling look at each other for a moment then one nod and the other shook their head. instantly the finger energy already arrive again in fornt of their eyes,they feel their blood road point get hit so their knee felt weak and once again the rolled into the water.this time they need even more time before they can unsteadyly get up.
    the girlspeak again like nothing happen "if heard anothe lying word, you two don't hope tobe able to crawling up again."
    both of them feel very surpised face aginst this cold and cruel girl, but hehy can still keep their calm because they already use to boss yan torture and flogging.
    goddess you misundertanding i nod because i live at yue village around here and he shook hies head becausehe live inside the this brother of mine deliberately come outside the city and come here to play with me,therefore goddes can see us naked like this." replied kou zhong while laugh bitterly.
    hearing that xu zi ling lauhbut din'd dare to make it soundly.quickly he swallow back his laughter because he afraid it will triiger this wicked lady anger. but the girl in who=ite doesn't care at all and still continue with cold voice
    if you still arguing i'll pick up your tounge, why call me goddess?"
    xu ziling that scare kou zhong speak carelessly hurriedly answer " he call you like that becuse you resemble the white robed kwan im goddess. so to respect lady he call you goddess honestly it's only mean to respect there's no other mean.
    the view after that really unexpected agirl as cold as snow speaking with two naked teenagersthat stand ing and have their half body sumerged under water with cornered and climsy behavior,whoever see this eventhough they racked their brain they won't be able to guess what actually happen.
    suddenly the girls eyes fall to the art of longevity onthe rock "what' this"?
    without showing a slightest attention kou zhong answer dismissively" this is the holy book that teacher bai laofu told us to study.does goddess want to read it?
    clearly the girl in white doesn't know the book is very important because from the outer appearance the book is not different than the other she only glace it for a moment then she look at them again and keep asking
    do you know a person named shi long? of course know
    "if that so tell me why his residence is full of soldiers and why the yanzhou city gate also being closed?
    really? from dawn we already here to catch the fish here, ah xiaoling ( the way kou zong call xu zi ling also mean little ling but i keep it like that) this time you are overhow can you go home to the city later?replied kou zhong while pretend to be surprise.eventhough knowing he is lying but seeing his really natural expreesion xu zi ling almost belive waht kou zhong said.he forced to pretend to showed the sad face expression and amswer while taking a breath this time ai mus get beaten by mother.suddenly he feel kou zhong pinch his body,that make him realize and quickly added oh no ihave to go back to the city immediately. goddess could you turn away for a while so we can get up and wear our clothes?
    after obeserving them without any expression on her face,she coldy snort and without being seen and without any movement that girl already disappear inthe heaviness of the forest beside the river.
    the towo of them once again get in the water and surfaced he take abreath kou zhong open his mouth and comment
    "this stinky ugly old lady really great"later if we suceed to train the gerat skill without equal, we must strip her to take revenge by seing her body too."
    xu zi ling that afraid the girl might come back push him to the watre and immediately crawling up.
    " i think she is very ugly. you can see her yourself until satisfied" he answer while smiling bitterly.
    actually what sin shi long does not only his martial art school being closed even his house alse raided.
    it seems learning martial art is not so useful, lets run quickly! if i remember the people that beat boss yan i became afraid and my heart beat hardly." kou zhong burstly laughing how can martial art is not useful see may "hanging on the ground" techinique hiat! he jus wlak to step when he stumbled a tone that make him fall with both feet facing the sky xu ziling that see this bust laughing until he tumble and rolling on the ground.
    this two kid is proning on the mound of the ground in the heavinees of the forest above the river dumbfounded see three big warship anchored on the port with dozens of small ship along with it's soldierschecking every ship and boat.the tight inspection for them that want to go outside the city.
    oh my god, our book must be the heaven book!"sigh kou zhong
    xu ziling get5 near to his ear and whispered"could young master zhong please lower his voice"?don"t let other people hear it. maybe there are people's army(revolutoin army or rebel) that infiltrate so the are such a big army.
    for a moment kou zhong grope his flat stomacxh because hunger.
    onthe river already like that on the land must be even more so it can not be pass if we lokk for a place for hiding first, oh hell i hope it wasn,t the soundg of barking dog?"
    they both listen mor carefully and simulatenously their cuntenance instantly change drastically because it's clearly that the sound of barking dog moving toward that small river in front of them follow by fooot step sound of horses that run fast at their back.
    intheir heart they think doesn't it very dangerous if the dog that have sharp nose already smell their secnet at their old hideout on the abandoned park? the take deep breath and sigh for a moment and hurriedly run into the heavy forest. when pass through the hill and go down the slope xu ziling make a wrong step and with a surprise scream he fall down rollingly.kou zhong immediately help him and while he hold his body so he does not fall he yell hurry stand up we must left this pace immediately.i could not move anymore you quickly take this treasure book go.later if you success to train without equal divine martial art, tou caome back and get revenge for me. no matter how fast we run we can not win the horse and dog in speed. i will drag the enemy so you have the chance to escpae alive from here." said xu ziling with much effort.
    regardless what he said kou zhong drag him as he run toward the forest want die whe have to die together if not how can we be called brothers.
    suddenly his heart stratled he immediately change his run course toward the big river while the footstep sound of horse and barking dog already heard very close. "do we want to suicide by jump into the river"ask xu ziling in fear
    this is our only chace to survive after under water no matter what you must hug me tightly if you dargged by the water back to yangzhou city it mean send the goat to the tiger mouth. answered kou zhong with panting breath
    xu ziling that immediately remember the group of warrior that beat and tortured boss yan wucikly run to the riverside kou zhong turn his body ,pull zu ziling hand and shouted loudly don't look jump hardly now!
    but when they hear the roring sound of wave water their heart become frozen like ice immediately inevitably.
    amid loud shouting both of them jump down to zhangjiang river,lef the edge of the cliffthat height more than ten zhang(one zhang about three meters).wind friction sound at their face and ears make them feel uncertain. byurr...byurr..
    alternately tehy fall to the very strong wave river flow that drown them. a moment later they could just struggling to be able to come back above the water surface.xu ziling eyes already dizzy , he desperately hung on kou zhong shoulder. actually kou zhong condition is not better than him. both of them arise and sik plyed by the currentand when the river water beginning to enter their mouth they already being dragged more than ten zhang forget about going across the river just hold their head above the water surface already took so much of theiir effort.
    when they already resigned to keep their life suddenly a small fishing boatcame quickly and with it floated out a long rope that that exctly wrapped around kou zhong neck.
    kou zhong alread breath hardly beacuse strangled by xu zi ling andthe water that come in from his mouth and still added must being dragged by the ropemake his condition really very pathetic. but when he thought already caught by city officials adn will lose his life, suudenly audible the sound of the girl in white clotes snapped
    "stupid! still not hold the rope tightly!"
    that inst5ant kou zhong hopes rise again he immediately extend his hand and desperately hold the rope.a beam of large wave energy come, suddenly miraculously they both have been dragged form the river and with the body titled flying upward to the small boat.they were both crashing helplessly on abot with weak and panting breath.
    that girl navigate the small boat with one hand,then sit and glance towrad them without much expreesion on her face.
    after kou zhong that can move first see xu zuling still alive he groan for a moment and plead"my kind goddess kwan im i beg you please be kind and quickly move the boat those bad guys have come."
    when hearing the sound of horse footsteps and barking dog sound which very close,theta girl coldly smile "what geratness you two have that could provoke the sui people dog soldier?obviously they come after me"
    suddenly kou zhong remeber something and immediately shout pathetically "oh heaven(thain= could mean heaven or god) my treasure book" he immediately touch his back,that girl know that he afraid that bhis divine art book broken.and without care at all with the two words "treasure book" she keep sailing forward.
    after spewing te water two time xu ziling crawling up "taht book" he asked worriedly
    kou zhong put his hand groping his back,his countenance showed a very strange expression, then he give the signal while sit behind that girl then he answered while frowning and play his eyes it's soaking wet the teacer bai lao fu will hit my palm until it swollen."still want to lie to me?"waqnt me to throw you two littel devil back to the river again?" that girl snorted angrily. kou zhong is very surprised and thought that the secret of the treasure book already uncovered, hastily he answer while turn around his body " ireally don't lie to you, this book is finished."
    i don't talk about that book but you two little devil what game are you playing, don't you said yo want to go back to the city?why as you walk you move futher away from the city?said the girl without the slightest sympathy tone.
    for a momet they lost a words to answer from the edge of the river come the scolding sound, they both lift their head and see more than ten horse rider chasing down the river bark loudly "stop the boat!"
    that girl did not react at all ,she not even lift her head even al little.he ignored that bark likeshe doesn't hear anything.suddenly audible the long whistle that approaching from the distance with astonishing speed.ah unexpectedly ther,s such great people in zhong yuan(central plain)!" said the girl softly.
    kou zhong and xu ziling become surprise whe hearing it.perhaps she's the girl from the strange tribe outside the border.
    suddenly that girl stand up, hold the sword and said in deep voice "two little devil hold this sail for me."
    "we can't..."
    "unable also have to be able now,"quick" barked herimpatiently
    timidly they look up and see someone little shadow that become bigger fastly,pounce down to their fishing boat like the big eagle with a very shocking sound.witout utter another word they rush to steer the sail.that time that person already flying closer only left the distace of a few zhang.he bring the enormous air power that directly press downward.the surrounding weather instantly very cold likelike it have become frozen like ice. the cold air that hit the surrounding make kou zhong and xu zi ling teeth become chattering and staggerhere and there.
    the veil that close taht girl face make others couldn't see her expression, but like when facing jiao xie group all the alothes on her body flapping flight but she still did not lift her head to look at yuwen huaji that come like the god of death.the strong river curred plus the swirly energy of yuwen huaji "ice core energy" (yuwen huaji martial art skill i forget what name grundle use) that unique and miraculous mnake the small boat lost control and spining around in shaky position.
    the girl in white dress long sword get out from the scabbard and her body already sped upwards created miliions of sharp beam crashing to the sky to welcome yuwen huaji attack. what se do just now make the cold air reduced by half. amidst kou zhong and xu ziling that almost freeze to death the two great martial artist already fought fiercely.
    yuwen huaji knows that if dosen' succeed with one attack his attack power will create the wind that blow the boat go away fastly. therefore his attack this time already contain all the ability that he the most oustanding veteran warrior from from one of the famous clan, that skill only under the clan leader yuwen shang, the attack with all his power is really very amazing.whereas to kill shi long he only use few part of his energy. bhuumm!
    amidst the spalshes of light and electricity,that girl alreadystab her sword twelve times to her opponent, and yuwen huaji also already counter the attack twelve times with his palm attack,in arow there have been a fierce clash between sword and palm that make them bounce back at the same time.yuwen huaji stomping hardly borrowing the bounce power flying sideway to the mound of mud at the edge of the river.while that girl fallback into the boat with her long sword pointed at yuwen huaji.
    while they battle each other kou zhong and xu ziling felt that the small fishing boat depressed sinking down and just get up floting again now. it can be seen how great yuwen huaji palm power.
    meanwhile the people at the riverside already actch up to themand suddenly they realized that the small boat already dragged by the current and quickly move toward the riverside where that people alreay wait they shout panicly and scramble to navigate the sail and very busily anvigate the boat so it did not hit the riverside,that girl looks like she doesnt realize with this event,with bfull concentration she prepare to attack yuwen huaji again that already on the riverside. suddenly the small boat became stable again and the strong wind blow help pushing the boat to the otheside of the river.kou zhong and xu ziling shout happily while yuwen huaji voice cuould be heard"this kind of sword art really rare to be seen in the martial art world(wu lin).actually what coonection that lady had with master "yu jian" fu cai lin from gao li?"
    kou zhong turn the steer so the boat sail infaltes upward against the wind.that girl doesn't answer extinguishing yuwen hauji hope tocheck her background. it's really unwise for lady to protect this two kid ,yu wen huaji would have to try your greatness again"
    the boat move even faster and immediatelyleft the enemy far behind.the girl still standing straightly on the boat prow,her clothes floated like the goddess descended from heaven.
    kou zhong that turning admire her like a goddess now almost keneeling to worship her.mean while the boat continue sailing following the serpentine current on the river until the enemy couln't be seen again.
    that's when that girl's woven bamboo hat suddenly shattered and falling over the board boat showing her unequal beautiful marble facebut also pale like the the corpse. she coughed a little and the fresh blood instantly ejected from her mouth,then she collapse on the boat wooden floor.
    the two aof them shriek sohockingly and immediately go to her. kou zhong shouted panicly "you hold the steer i will help her"
    but suddenly that girl get up again and sit,folding her legs, and with one hand she push kou zhong back to the steer placethen speak with hoarse voice "no one touch me" then she closed her eyes sit meditating.
    both of them strae at that girl blankly.they know although she success to force yuwen huaji retreat but she also seriously injured. for a while they don't know what they should do.while the small boat the more time passed the further it left yang zhou.
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    Here it is, the next chapter. As usual, credit for the original translation goes to Dragonsense.

    Leaving Yangzhou

    With their clothes washed and hung, drying on a tree branch, and the Art of Longevity lying on a nearby rock, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling basked in the afternoon sun, enjoying its warmth on their bare skin. Merrily, they swam, splashed each other, whilst washing off the dirt and stench of the sewers. Boys will be boys, after all.

    Their narrow escape out of the city was, at the very least, successful. They ran as far and fast as they could after climbing out of the sewers, before finally collapsing in a forest four kilometres away from the city. The escape had been desperate, but distance gave them a measure of safety, and quickly lifted their spirits.

    One was in the midst of splashing the other, when someone standing on the riverbank snorted.

    Surprised, they quickly spun towards the sound, where a girl in a snow-white robe, her face hidden under a veiled wide bamboo hat, stood gracefully. Through the thin veil, she observed the naked boys coldly, with no sign of modesty or shyness.

    Gasping, and realizing their position, both boys dipped their bodies into the water, quickly using their hands to cover their nudity.

    “Oh, no, miss! Please be merciful, and avert your eyes,” Xu Ziling pleaded, clumsily.

    Kou Zhong, on the other hand, attempted a different approach.

    “One piece of copper for a peek, and miss had at least a hundred stares. Let’s call it 45% off, and leave a hundred pieces of copper, and you’re free to go,” he boasted, loudly.

    A corner of the girl’s mouth curled into an icy smile.

    “Bad little devils deserve to get beaten,” she replied slowly.

    Her hand, soft and smooth as jade, moved daintily, two fingers flicking towards the boys.

    Plak! Plak!

    “Ow!” they yelled, simultaneously, as their bodies flailed into the water. Momentarily, they felt their muscles weaken, unable to lift themselves back up. It was a painful lesson, indeed.

    “I will ask you some questions. You will answer truthfully, or suffer even more,” she threatened, her voice flat and cold.

    The boys moved away from her, caught in a predicament. Going deeper into the river would get them caught in the currents, and waddling towards the banks would be an offence to modesty, revealing their naked flesh. They glanced at each other unsurely, with neither retreat nor advance an available option.

    Kou Zhong, able to read the situation more quickly, immediately changed his approach.

    “I will be happy to tell all, and answer the dignified lady’s questions,” he offered, politely.

    “I shall see the extent of both your courage,” the girl coldly said, again. Obviously, she knew that Kou Zhong’s humility was faked, and was not terribly impressed.

    “This brother of mine lacks a sense of diplomacy, esteemed lady,” Xu Ziling quickly said, trying to break the tension. “It has always been one of his shortcomings. Please forgive us, and tell us what you need to know.”

    “Do you live around here?” she asked, her expression as calm as water on a lake.

    Both boys looked at each other momentarily, before one nodded and the other shook his head. Instantly, her fingers flashed before their eyes once more, before the boys felt their accupoints again being hit. Once more, their knees buckled and they dropped into the cold river water. This time, it took even longer before they regained control over their legs, and was able to unsteadily get up.

    “If another lie of yours reaches my ears, you will not be getting back up, again,” she said, as if nothing had happened.

    Both boys were shocked, having never encountered a girl this cold and cruel. Fortunately, they’re also accustomed to boss Yan’s floggings and beatings, and could keep their wits, in a pinch.

    “Merciful goddess, you’ve misunderstood,” Kou Zhong pleaded. “I nodded because I live in the Yue village, nearby, and my brother shook his head because he lives inside the city. He’s come out of the city to visit me, earlier this morning, which unfortunately led up to events forcing the merciful goddess to bear witness for our immodesty,” and he added a bitter laugh, for effect.

    Hearing the quick-thinking response, Xu Ziling thought it hilarious, though he was smart enough to quickly swallow the laughter, knowing it would trigger the girl’s wrath, again.

    However, the girl in the white robe didn’t seem to care at all, and continued to speak, still with a cold voice.

    “If you continue to spew bullsh*t, I’ll have your tongues. Why are you calling me ‘merciful goddess?’”

    “He called you that, because your appearance resembles the goddess Kwan Im,” Xu Ziling offered hastily, afraid that Kou Zhong would say something else to set her off. “So, to be respectful to the esteemed lady, he addressed you as ‘merciful goddess.’ It was but a sign of admiration and respect. No offence was intended.”

    Seen objectively, this was truly an amusing situation. A frigid girl addressing a pair of clumsy, cornered, naked boys partly submerged in the shallow end of the river. If one was to come upon this sight, one couldn’t possibly imagine what was actually going on.

    It was that moment, suddenly, when the girl’s eyes fell upon the Art of Longevity, lying atop the rock.

    “What is that?” she asked, clearly meaning the book.

    “It is a holy book that old master Bai gave us to study,” Kou Zhong answered casually. “Does the goddess wish to examine it?”

    After taking a glance at the book again, and not noticing anything particularly special about the book, its outwards appearance being similar to to many other books, she turned her eyes upon the boys again, and asked another question.

    “Do you know of a man named Shi Long?”

    “Of course. Everyone in town knows master Shi.”

    “Good. Tell me: why is his home full of soldiers, and why are the city gates closed?”

    “Is that so? We’d been out here, fishing since early this morning, we didn’t realize,” Kou Zhong replied, feigning surprise. “Ai, little buddy Ling, you’re all the way out here. How are you going to get back home?”

    Despite knowing that his brother was lying, Xu Ziling saw Kou Zhong’s calm demeanour, and willed himself to go with the flow. Quickly, he forced upon himself a look of anguish, and answered sadly.

    “Ai, this time, I’m afraid mother really is going to beat me.” Suddenly, he felt Kou Zhong pinching him, and he added, “Oh, no! I have to go back into the city, immediately. Merciful goddess, would you be merciful enough to turn around for a moment, so that we may dress?”

    After observing the boys expressionlessly, the girl snorted coldly one more time, and almost without moving a muscle, she disappeared like the wind, into the depths of the woods.

    Both boys dipped themselves in the water, again.

    “This silly b*tch is quite formidable,” Kou Zhong commented. “I tell you, once we have this invincible martial arts practiced, we’ll strip her down and ogle her all day long, for revenge.”

    Xu Ziling, fearing the girl’s return, pushed his brother into the water whilst lifting himself out of the river.

    “I actually don’t find her all that attractive. You want to ogle her? Do it yourself. Count me out,” he said, smiling bitterly. “But, I do wonder what sin Shi Long committed. Not only did they close his martial arts school, they also raided his home. It seems that martial arts is useless. Let’s flee this place, quickly. Just thinking about the people who beat boss Yan makes me cringe in fright.”

    Kou Zhong burst out in laughter.

    “”How can you say that? Martial arts, useless?” Kou Zhong said. “Watch my ‘hanging upon the ground’ stance. Hiya!”

    He leapt aside, and landed upon a loose rock, only to comically crash down on the ground with both feet pointing towards the sky. Xu Ziling, unable to hold himself, roiled on the ground, laughing.

    Later on, the two boys sat quietly atop a tall hill, far into the forest, overlooking the city. The word astonished didn’t seem adequate, when describing what they felt, when they laid eyes upon the three massive warships anchored offshore, with dozens of smaller patrol ships buzzing about, their crew busily stopping and inspecting every boat and ship leaving the city.

    “Good God!” Kou Zhong sighed, “Our book must really be a book written by the heavens.”

    “Could young master Zhong please speak louder?” Xu Ziling whispered into his brother’s ear. “I don’t think they can hear you, down there. Besides, who knows? Maybe they sensed rebellion afoot, and dispatched this massive force to handle it.”

    “Security is this tight on the water. I can’t even begin to imagine how tight it would be on land. We were lucky to have escaped,” Kou Zhong said, whilst rubbing his stomach from hunger. “Let’s find a hiding place. Hey. Is that a dog barking I hear?”

    They both listened intently, before their faces dropped. It really was the sound of barking dogs, rapidly approaching the river where they had just been, followed by the loud stampede of hooves and boots.

    They quickly realized that properly trained dogs would have already memorized their scents, from their old hideout at the abandoned park, and could have tracked them easily, from there. They both sighed, before once again running, as fast as they could, further into the woods.

    Whilst running downhill, Xu Ziling accidentally took a misstep, and with a yelp, tripped and fell downhill. Kou Zhong, ever alert, picked him up quickly, before his brother could roll too far away.

    “Come on, get up! We have to get out of here, now!”

    “I can’t move,” Xu Ziling said, hobbling in pain. “I’ll just slow you down. Here, take the book, and go. If you succeed in practicing the divine martial arts, you can come back and avenge me. Even without my injury, we won’t be able to outrun horses and dogs. I’ll hold the enemy here, so you can escape.”

    Despite his pleas, Kou Zhong did not let go. After all, brothers live together and die together.

    Suddenly halting, Kou Zhong turned around and led them to a different direction, towards the sound of the river nearby, even as the sounds of hooves and boots were closing in on them.

    “What the hell are you trying to do? Kill ourselves by drowning?” Xu Ziling asked, fearful.

    “Ssh! This is our only chance of survival. It’s either jump to get across, or face the soldiers. In the water, no matter what, you must *not* let go of me. I’ll get us across. If we get separated and you get caught, it’s back into Yangzhou you go, and it’ll be like ‘sending a goat into the tiger’s mouth,’” answered Kou Zhong, nearly out of breath.

    The memories of boss Yan’s beating flashed in Xu Ziling’s mind, making him shiver in fright, as they kept fleeing. They stopped just at the edge of a cliff, where thirty feet below them the river had flowed into a deep, fast-moving rapid, the calming sound belying the depth and speed of its current.

    “Don’t look!” Kou Zhong shouted, his voiceaid, holding his brother’s hand tightly. “Just jump!”


    Screaming loudly, the two brothers leapt off the face of the cliff, into the depth of Zhangjiang river. On the way down, feeling the force of wind on their faces, their screams nearly muffled by it, their hearts turned cold with fright, before…

    Splash! Splash!

    One right after another, their bodies slammed into the river’s fast-moving current, and into its depths. As their descent slowed, they immediately struggled to swim up to the surface. Xu Ziling, already injured, desperately clung onto Kou Zhong, as he felt consciousness leaving him. Little did he know, that Kou Zhong’s condition was no better than his own.

    Thrashed about by the current, the two boys rose and sank, as if being toyed by the fast-moving river. When they noticed water beginning to fill their lungs, the rapids had dragged them over thirty meters from where they dropped. Desperately fighting to keep their heads above water, their goal of crossing over to the other side felt more and more unrealistic.

    It was near exactly the same time as their resignation to fate, when a small fishing boat fast approached them, as from within, a lifeline shot out, and wrapped itself around Kou Zhong’s neck. Kou Zhong, barely able to breathe from Xu Ziling’s arm nearly strangling him, and with water rapidly filling his mouth and ears, felt himself yanked by the leash around his neck.

    Thinking that the rope belonged to city officials’ men, and knowing what they’d do to him and his brother, he struggled against the rope.

    “Hey, stupid! Stay still and hold the rope tightly,” the voice of the cold girl in white robe snapped from inside the fishing boat.

    The girl’s voice immediately raised Kou Zhong’s spirit, renewing his stuggles to stay afloat, whilst grabbing hold of the rope, knowing their lives depended upon it.

    As if a miracle happened, a huge wave swept them up, tilting and pushing their bodies up, as if the river, herself, spat them out flying towards the small boat. With a loud thud, the two boys landed limply aboard the craft, panting for breath and unable to move any further.

    The girl, steering the boat with only one hand, sat and glared towards the boys, no discernible expression visible on her face.

    It was Kou Zhong who gained his wits first. After noticing that Xu Ziling was still breathing, he groaned and pleaded to the girl.

    “Merciful goddess Kwan Im, please, I beg of you to quickly move us away. The bad guys have come for us.”

    The girl turned an ear towards the cliffsides, and heard the dogs’ barks and the hooves pounding the ground. She smiled coldly, addressing the boys.

    “Oh, really? What important figures could you be to incite the wrath of the Sui army’s canine platoon? Obviously, they are here for me,” the girl said.

    “My book! Oh, heaven, my treasured book!” Kou Zhong suddenly wailed, whilst trying to grab the back of his robe.

    The girl, remembering their earlier conversation about the boys’ ‘holy book,’ completely ignored Kou Zhong’s actions, and continued navigating the boat.

    Xu Ziling, after managing to throw up the water he’d swallowed, crawled up to his brother.

    “The book?” he asked, worry in his eyes.

    It was then that he caught Kou Zhong’s panic-filled eyes. Sat behind the girl, with both hands groping his own back, Kou Zhong’s eyes silently sent an urgent signal to his brother.

    “It’s soaking wet,” he lamented, answering Xu Ziling’s question, whilst his eyes continuing to signal. “Old teacher Bai will surely hit my hands until it’s swollen.”

    “You two still want to lie to me?” the girl asked. “Do you little devils wish to be thrown back into the river?” she angrily snorted.

    Kou Zhong, shocked and thinking that she’d uncovered the true secret of the book, answered hastily, whilst turning his body around.

    “Please! I never lied to you. The book really is ruined.”

    “I don’t give a damn about your bloody book! What game are you playing, here? One minute, you said you wanted to go back *into* the city, the next minute you’re walking *away* from the city,” the girl said, not an ounce of sympathy in her voice.

    The boys was unable to reply, but right the sound of neighing was heard from the riverbanks. They looked towards the sound, and caught view of a dozen mounted riders, chasing the boat along the riverbank, whilst shouting orders towards the boat.

    “Stop the boat! Stop the boat!”

    The girl seemed unconcerned about the pursuit, not even lifting her head the slightest. The rider’s barks continued and went unanswered. That was before a shrill whistle came out of the distance, the source of it rapidly closing at incredible speed. One moment, the whistle sounded as if it came from far away, and the next, it sounded very closing, indicating the speed of the whistler’s approach.

    “This is indeed a surprise,” the girl said softly. “I did not imagine there being someone this powerful, in the central plains.”

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling looked at each other, thinking that the girl really did come from a strange tribe outside of the border. Suddenly, the girl stood up, holding a sheathed sword and gave the boys an order.

    “You two. Steer the boat.”

    “But, we don’t know how to…”

    “Maybe not, but you’ll have to learn, fast. Move!” she barked, impatiently.

    Slowly looking up, they could see a shadow approaching the boat at an inhuman speed, leaping right off of the riverbanks and gliding onto the boat as if it was a giant eagle, whilst sounding off a loud wail. Without arguing, both of them took hold of the rudder, to continue steering the boat.

    The ‘flight’ of the shadow created enormous air pressure beneath him, pressing downwards, whilst turning the immediate area frigid cold. The rapid change of temperature hit Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling like a wall, sending their teeth chattering and rending them unsteady on their feet.

    The girl’s veil continued to hide her face, concealing her facial expressions. However, much like during her fight with Jiao Xie’s group, the sleeves of her robes began to rustle. Her head continued to solemly point down, as if not noticing Yuwen Huaji leaping towards her like the harbinger of death.

    The river’s strong current, combined with Yuwen Huaji’s mysterious technique, the Ice Energy, had unintentionally thrown the boat into a tailspin, swirling back and forth in the water precariously.


    The girl in white drew her long sword, and quick as lightning, she leapt up into the air, hurtling millions of sharp sword energy flashes, greeting Yuwen Huaji’s opening strike. As the opposing forces met, the air nearby hissed, as her strikes fought back the freezing energy. Before Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling’s very eyes, two master pugilists had begun a fierce battle.

    Yuwen Huaji understood that he only had one shot. He knew that his Ice Energy would have created strong wind gusts that would inadvertently drive the boat further away from him. Therefore, into his one shot, his opening strike, he’d poured all of his might, and all the chi he could muster. This full-powered attack, was monstrous in its destructive power, and was rarely ever used. To kill Shi Long, for instance, he only required the use of a mere fraction of this power.


    Amidst the flashing sword energy unleashed by the girl, the air crackled with electricity, and the tip of her sword made twelve fast consecutive slashes, all of which had been blocked with Yuwen Huaji’s palm attacks, which was no less formidable. Within a matter of seconds, many fierce slashes of sword and strikes of palm were exchanged, before the two duelists broke apart to opposing directions, with Yuwen Huaji leaping back to the bank of the river, whilst the girl touched back down on board of her boat, with her sword still pointed at Yuwen Huaji.

    During the battle, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling noticed that the clashing energies had dipped the boat just a bit deeper into the water, and that it broke the surface again, as soon as the battle ended, to resume its course. From this alone, they could easily deduce how formidable Yuwen Huaji’s palm strikes were.

    In the mean time, the boat had also drifted towards the riverbanks where the riders had clustered, having caught up with the boat’s course. Hurriedly, they laboured together, handling both the rudder and sail, to assume a course correction, preventing the boat from running aground.

    The girl, during all of this, did not seem aware of what the boat was doing. Instead, her focus remained on Yuwen Huaji, who was then standing on the riverbank.

    A sudden gust of wind blew, pushing the boat towards the opposing side of the river, simultaneously stabilising the swaying craft, allowing Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling breathe in relief.

    “This sword skill is truly a rarity in the martial realm. How does milady address master Yu Jian, Fu Cailin from Gaoli?” Yuwen Huaji asked, from his side of the river.

    To his dismay, the girl remained silent, extinguishing his hope to discover her identity.

    “A friendly advice, then: It would be unwise for milady to continue protecting those boys. If milady persists in doing so, Yuwen Huaji shall have no other choice but to again sample milady’s sword skills.”

    The boat sailed even faster, accelerating in the wind, eventually leaving the enemy ouf of their sight. The girl, looking as detached and dignified as ever, stood straight and tall on the prow of the boat, her silken robe again flapping in the wind like a goddess descending from the heavens. Kou Zhong, who had been quietly admiring her goddess-like appearance fell to his knees, in the awe of hero-worship.

    As the boat continued to sail, at the mercy of the river’s current, and leaving the enemy truly out of their range of vision, the girl’s bamboo hat split into pieces and fell off its perch on her head, revealing her incomparably beautiful face, which unfortunately was also extremely pale. With a small cough, her body shook and a lump of fresh blood spat from her mouth, before she collapsed on deck.

    The two boys shrieked in alarm, as the moved forward to catch her.

    “You steer the boat,” Kou Zhong shouted to his brother. “I’ll look after her.”

    Wham! The girl, noticing Kou Zhong’s advance, quickly got up into a sitting position, folding her legs, and with just one hand pushed Kou Zhong away, slamming him into the rear of the boat, near the steerage.

    “Do not touch me,” she said hoarsely, before closing her eyes, and going into deep meditation.

    Both of them stared at the girl, at a loss for words. They’d just realised that whilst she had successfully thwarted Yuwen Huaji’s attack and forced his retreat, she herself had also incurred serious injuries. For a while, they knew not what they should do.

    As the seconds ticked away, the small boat and her three passengers carried on, bobbing up and down with the river's flow, slowly leaving Yangzhou behind as but a distant memory.
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    thank you, dragonsense & blackhorse 4 your hard work; love this story..

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    sorry i'll be late to post chapter4 i've been in low motivation to translate cause i accidentally delete my translation on chapter4 will post it when i have translate it again

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    Wow. Brave, Gundle, for taking up the translation of this novel. It's really really looonnnnggg.
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