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Thread: The History of the Tang Dynasty Two Dragons (大唐双龙传) - Huang Yi

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    I really love the story....Go Grundle Dragonsense & Blackhorse 4!!!. Nothing beats finding new updates.....Thanks

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    here is half chapter four enjoy; blackhorse or anyone that have good english reading please feel free to edit it and i hope grundle will soon back to continue the translation
    chapter 4:serpentine(sorry couldn't fine the appopriate translation for the title)
    kou zhong come near xu zi ling and whispered to his ear "this ugly old lady is far more beautiful than the lady in chun

    fenf brothel"while xu ziling only stared at that beautiful face as smooth as marble from the extraordinary powerful girl,

    then nod agreely.suddenly that girl open her eyes and glared at them makes them very surprised and wrinkled into

    one.but that girl supple body shake heavily, so she immediately close her eyes again for quiet a long time, then she open

    her eyes again and glare angrily at them "what is this place" then both of them busily look right and left to the both side

    of the river then shook their head at the same time. that girl look up to look at he weather condition the sun almost sink

    behind the mountain so both side of the river bathed in the beautiful twilight lightshe realize that she had sit meditated

    for about four hours then her mout moving unclearly.
    "why yuwen hua ji chases after you?" she ask with soft voice both of them look at each other confusely "we don't know"
    answer them while shaking their head the smooth eye ball but cold glared at them again fiercely for a while suddenly she

    laugh "you two little devils jump into the river now" both of them that very hungry until their limb become soft was taken

    by surprise and became pale at once and dindn't know what to do. that girl shook her head while takin a long breath "i want

    to sleep for another six houes you two little devils watch the boat carefully if the boat flip over i will take your lifes
    the stars already come out decorated the sky accompany by the beautiful moon light. under the calm dim moon ligt the pair

    life and death brother that depending at each othersleep while hold their hungerand hold the steer. while that girl sit

    with their back at them facing the prow of the boat and calmly sit meditating to heal her wound. it's like a view that show

    the beauty of the goddess like the jade carving sculpture that beautiful but cold. do you think she can hear our

    conversation whispered kou zhong to xu zi ling with voice that ca not be lower again.
    "what do you say"? shout xu zi ling that came out from his daydream kou zhong immediately kick his foot annoyely" who knows

    what kind of person yuwen hua ji is it looks like he is stronger tha this lady ... eh this stinky old lady. hearing that

    word xu zi ling timidly look at the beautiful back of the girl in white dress after a while he breath relievely she can't

    hear say kou zhong while pat xu ziling shoulder.after that xu zi ling ask about the most important thing that treasure book

    is not damaged right? kou zhong move his hand inside his pocket and take out the "art of longevity"after open a few page

    he extend it to xu zi ling look at yourself i already said that this is the real treasure book that odd and miraculously if

    not why yuwen hua gu(hua gu= no bone here kou zhong change the yuwen hua ji name) want to get it no matter what,haha very

    funny huagu is sound much better than hua ji right? xu ziling look at the book and think of something it's really

    waterproof then it should be fireproof also." hearing that kou zhong hurriedly take the book and keep in his pocket while

    glare angrily at xu zi ling" do you think i am that stupid to burn it to test if it really fireproof or not?" ha ha at last

    we leave yang zhou that very boring until it cabn hatched the bird egg from now on everythingwill move very finely except

    our stomach that had a very high appetie. being remembered like that xu zling stomach make a few sound instantly
    do you think this stinky old lady will lend us the tool to cook so we can fillled our stomach, no matter what her eyes

    already take the biggest advantage from our body. kou zhong pair of eyes shine brightly his eyes look at the bundle beside

    that girl in white dress, and after changing look with xu zi ling he crawl slowly to itof course xu zi ling know he will

    use the "stealing chcken and touch the dog " skillhe immediately cath his feet and shook his head heavily and make the no

    expression, after trying to shook xu zi ling hand a few times at last kou zhong surrender and sit beside xu zi ling.
    "if i young master zhong change into the hungry ghost i will look for you another hungry ghost t5o collect the debt"said

    kou zhong irritatedly."don't forget that we are the gallant righteous hero that joining hand and walk the road of success

    taht will be welcomed by the people of general caliber. so how can we make a move on the wounded and helpless girl. that

    will stained the name of the twin dragons of yang zhou moreover it can be say she already save our lifes."
    the skill(gong fu) of this wiched old lady is pretty high, but why she look gracefuly weak. ah it look like it will rain.
    both of them look up to the sky it seem the rain cloud had cover the sky adn make the moon adn star not visible anymore.
    at that second the heavy rain pourand make the calm water river change into the powerful wave . the big river became so

    dark till they can't even see their own this critical situation they try to control the balance of their boat

    that saken by the wave.they even can't see the whereabout of the girl in white robe.the arrow of rain that keep pouring and

    pierced their cloth make them very tortured, especially by the cold feeling that pierce the bone.while at loss suddenly

    audible the sound brakk..!!it turn out their boat crash into someting and begin to flip over. with the panic shot they rush

    to that girl but the overflowing water river go against them and make the three of them wrestle into one and bouncing down

    into the anger river.
    in the middle of water river flush cause by the heavy storm and the very deep darkness.kou zhong and xu zi ling struggling

    desperately to keep their taht arise and sink being hit by the strong waves. but they keep being drag by the powerful

    current.their basic instinct is tohel taht girl but at the end what happen is xu zi ling hug her neck and kou zhong hung

    on her feet.but she stiil keep sleeping with straigh stiff position. no matter how storng the wave hit her she keep

    floating to the surface again like a small raft that once again save the life of these two little devils.
    don't know for how long they are being toss by the river wave in the life and death border until finally the heavy rain

    slowly stop and the moon face become visible again.
    with the surprise they realized that they have been stranded on the riverbank with the unknown where the strengh came by

    the two little devils drag that girl relievely to the land. but when they reach the mud mound on the river bank they fell

    down on the both side of that girl with the heavy breath while that girl still breath softly like she is sleeping . the

    wave already bacme less powerful when they get sleep
    once again the moon cover by the dark cloudand it beacme dark again but suddenly form the river hilt direction visble a

    bright light that make them force to lift their head to look at it. when they see they really surprised there are five

    giant warship with bright light and open sail sailing toward them both of them immediately get down on the shallow coastal

    adn only hope that the river storm will become powerful again. at that time the time move rally slowly feel like eternity.
    both of them busily praying to the god. after a awhile the giant warship already pass them bacome further . luckily the

    ship body is high and their hideout is dark so the light did not highlight them. moreover it's raining so it became hard to

    see after the light pass them by far it mean the three of them already escape form the disaster.
    after that with much effor they move that girl to the grass field beside the river after that once again they fell down

    loss all theri strenghxu zi ling is the firs one that can't hold it anymore and his eyes became dark and fainted.kou zhong

    call his name twice, grope the "treasure book" for a while then he feel relieve and also go to sleep.
    after sometime kou zhong wake up first only to see the sun light. his body feel warm by the light that feels like pierce

    his soul. he make a comfort groanand for a while still think that this is their small hideout in yang zhou, until he hear

    the sound of the river currentthat make him rember the event last night.he suddenly fully awake and sit to rub his eyes.
    surrounded by the mountain adn the morning sunrise light that just rise on the top of the mountain,and water river current

    that flow from suth da jiang pass his body.after scaning the surrounding more clearly he lay on the ground again and take a

    it turn out the riverbank they stranded is the strong current deep waterways. the bank is fill with coral. no wonder their

    small baot sink.but this mistake is a luck if not for this maybe last night they'll be found by yuwen "huagu"
    meanwhile xu zi ling still sleeping like a dead man "oh heaven!!"where's that girl?!"
    kou zhong feel a loss but also suspicious that the girl was drag again to the river.hurriedly he crawl to xu zi ling and

    pat his cheekl
    "xia0 ling xiao ling (little ling the close way kou zhong call xu zi ling) hurry get up! the ugly old lady disappear
    with much effort he open his eyes but he cannot recive the sun light and close his eyes again and groaning "i just dream to

    ask for vegetable meat bun from zhen sao! what..?" that ugly old lady already flee?
    he quickly look both side disappointedly "xiao ling you didn't fall in love to that ugly old lady right?be careful she can

    take your little life hahaha i think ouch.. this empty stomach is really difficult make me can not laugh hehe.
    " i'm only afraid she flee with our "treasure book"."xu zi ling grumble angrily. with a surprise kou zhong grope his back

    and his countenace change" that ugly old lady is really a ranchid thief" she really stole our "treasure book"
    xu zi ling that actually only randomly said it take his hand and grope his back and make a loud groaned wit a pitiful

    voice he fall down and his hand and leg punching and kicking aimlessly while he's crying
    "it's over.. no person,no money, the treasure book also stolen, and became fugitive, oh heaven everything is over!"
    kou zhong stand up while bite his lips and clench his fist facing the heaven and yell loudly" no!no matter waht i will take

    back that "treasure book"aakh
    suddenly form the side something fly to himand hit his face accurately. kou zhong yell loudly and fell to the ground. xu

    zilng that surprise immediately sit down.seen that girl sit on the stone. her face that looks like covered by a cold fog

    galred at them violently.
    while trying to sit down kou zhong just realize that the hidden weapon that attack him is the "treasure book" that hold very dearly by both of them he yell strangely and after keep it on his backhe laug happily.
    what martial art "treasure book"huh don't make the corpse laugh!just seeing at the seven drawing oerson already clear that this is tao people toy to cheat people that want to bacame saint(shen like sun go kong qi thian da shen/ the greatsiant ewual to the heaven i choose saint for this word). the code and the red dots is deliberately made to make it more mysterious.only yuwen huaji and you two stupid runt that believe it's a treasure" said the girl coldly
    " it's really good that the goddess think like that hihihi.. last night we can be said already save your life adn eventhough we don't hope for any reward but a little reciprocation is ok right. could goddes give us a little money so we can separate and take our own road peacefully? meeting for good , and spilting also for good right?" kou zhong continue speak happily.

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    Hello guys, I thought it is kinda a pity to let this thread discontinued in such a way, so I decided to jump in and do the tranlation myself for the first time. I'm a Chinese so English is just my second language(maybe third if you count Cantonese as one:P), and my vocabulary is so limited that from time to time I found it difficult to avoid using the same words and phrases over and over again. So please bear with me and I hope someone would generously do some editting for me Well, here goes Chapter 4!

    Chapter 4 Entangled with Matters

    Kong Zhong leaned closer to Xu Ziling and whispered into his ear, "This bixch is far more beautiful than any of those in Chun Feng Brothel.”

    Xu Ziling’s eyes were fixed on that beautiful face as smooth as marble when he nodded in agreement. The white maiden suddenly opened her eyes and looked towards them angrily.

    The two were so shocked that they immediately huddled against each other like a ball.

    Her body shuddered a little and she closed her eyes for a while before staring at them angrily again, exhaling, “Where are we?”

    Both boys pretended to look around seriously before they shook their heads simultaneously.

    The white maiden lifted her eyes and looked to the sky. The sun was going down, leaving both sides of the river in a glorious evening glow. Only then did she realize that she had been meditating there for about four hours. After thinking for a while, she asked in a soft tone, “Why did Yuwen Huaji chase after you guys?”

    The two boys exchanged glances then both shook their heads , “We don’t know!”

    A cold light flared across the maiden's beautiful eyes. She stared at them violently for a while before bursting into laughter, “You two little imps, get out of the boat at once!”

    They were already very hungry and their limbs were totally numb. Upon hearing the words, they were so frightened that their faces turned pale immediately, not knowing what to do.

    The maiden heaved a sigh and spoke nonchalantly, “Little imps, sail the boat for me, I have to sleep for six hours. If this boat ends up in a wreck, I’ll take your lives.”

    Stars dotted the sky and the moon began to shine calmly.

    In the pale moonlight, the two brothers huddled next to each other closely, defending themselves from the hunger and the cold breeze while steering the boat instinctively. The white maiden was sitting with her back at them and facing the fore, meditating to heal herself, as if she was a beautiful jade statue of a goddess. Her chignon was loosened, her hair dancing in the wind freely like the clouds.

    “Do you think she can hear our conversation?” Kou Zhong whispered to Xu Ziling with the lowest voice he could made.

    Xu Zi Ling was lost in thought at that moment and couldn’t hear clearly, he blurted out shouting, “What were you saying?”

    Kou Zhong pinched him on his leg, continuing, “That Yuwen Huaji is really something, he seems even more powerful than this bi…angry bixch.”

    Hearing this, Xu Ziling turned to look at the beautiful figure for a moment in shock. Only after a while did he dare to take a relieving breath.

    Kou Zhong happily punched him with his elbow, “She really can’t!”

    Xu Ziling asked about what he cared the most, “Is the secret manual damaged or not?”

    Kou Zhong took out the Secret of Immortality from his pocket and turn a few pages before giving it to Xu Ziling, ”Have a look yourself! I told you, it is something really valuable, or else why would Yuwen Huagu take it so seriously? Ha! Huagu sounds like a much better name for that dude!”

    Xu Ziling turned through the book and thought of something. “If it is waterproofing then it should also be fire-resistant.”

    Kou Zhong immediately reacted and took back the book, put it back in place as if it was something very important, murmuring, “Don’t you even think of testing this! Well, finally we get out of this boring-to-death Yangzhou city, everything is fine so far except our precious stomachs.”

    Xu Zi Ling was thinking about the same thing as he heard, his stomach began to make gu-gu sound. “Hey, do you think this beautiful yet angry bixch would lend us some money for food? After all, her eyes had taken huge benefit from our naked body.”

    Kou Zhong’s eyes lit up immediately and stared on the little parcel next to the maiden. He winked at Xu Zi Ling, and then crawled silently towards the parcel.

    Knowing that Kou Zhong is up to their old tricks, Xu Zi Ling pulled him back by his ankle, while shaking his head with a determined expression.

    Kou Zhong tried to wriggle himself out a few times but to no avail, so he can only sat back dispiritedly, making up a defeated look. “If I die and become of a hungry ghost, I’ll surely take my revenge on you, another hungry ghost!”

    Xu Ziling answered, "Don't forget we are the gallant and righteous heroes that are making our way towards success, how can we steal the belongings of this weak lady who had saved our lives, this will of course tamper our so far so good reputation as the twin dragons of Yangzhou!”

    Kou Zhong exclaimed, “She can’t be considered a weak lady! Oh, no, looks like it’s going to rain!”

    They looked up to the sky, and what they saw was only dark clouds blocking the light of stars and moon. As heavy rain poured down violently the next second, the once-peaceful river soon turned into raging torrents. It was so dark that it’s difficult to see anything, not to mention steering the boat in such situation.

    The small boat was going up and down within the waves.

    Their clothes were all wet through, making them feel cold and very uncomfortable. When they were still struggling to keep the balance of the boat, it suddenly crashed into something. Kong! The boat immediately flipped over and throwed all the passengers into the river.

    They both screamed helplessly, rushing towards the white maiden.

    Right at this moment the waves come crushing down at the three, submerging them in the angry flows of the river while they still clung to each other.

    Being in these furious torrents, plus the fact that they are suffering from cold and hunger, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were struggling desperately to keep themselves above the water.

    Their initial thought was to save the white maiden, but it ended up that Xu Zi Ling was clung to her neck while Kou Zhong was dragging her feet.
    The white maiden was still unconscious, but her body was tight and straight. No matter how hard the waves struck, she stayed floating on the river, serving as a life raft to the brothers.

    Nobody knew how long they had struggled at the brink of life and death before the rain became smaller.

    The moon showed its face again.

    They suddenly realized that they were being washed closer to the bank. Delighted, they found their strength coming back again and utilize all they could to drag the white maiden towards the land.

    As soon as they reached the river beach, they couldn’t sustained any longer and fell beside the white maiden, trying to catch their breath.

    The waves still came washing up the land, but it was no longer so fierce.

    The two boys couldn’t help but panted heavily, while the white maiden’s breath was still calm and peaceful, as if she is in a deep slumber.

    The moonlight was blocked again by clouds drifting by, enveloping the three in the darkness.

    Light could be seen from the downstream of the river.

    They tried to lift their heads, but was frightened to death when they saw six Five-Fang Ships sailing fast towards them. They immediately crawled down again, hoping the tides will blow up again to hide their place.

    These few minutes were as long as centuries. After they prayed to countless known or unknown gods and deities, the ships finally sailed far away and disappeared. Thanks to the rain and the darkness, plus the ship deck is high up above the water, they were lucky enough not to be discovered.

    After they dragged the maiden to a grassland on the river bank, they fell on the ground again, totally exhausted.

    Xu Ziling was already in a daze, he felt his eyes darkened and fainted.
    Kou Zhong found the book on his back was still there and was relieved, fell asleep too.

    After sometime, Kou Zhong first gained his consciousness. The sunlight shining on his body make him so comfortable that, for a while he believed he had returned to their lovely "home" in Yangzhou. Only until he heard the sound of river flowing did he remember what happened last night. He got up immediately and opened his eyes.

    There were mountains surrounding them, the sun was already high up in the sky. The big river flowed from the south, passing right beside them.

    He looked into the river and gasped at the sight. This reach was really dangerous with rocks and shallow sands here and there, no wonder their boat crashed. But it was actually A fault on the right side, if not for this accident, they would have been caught up by Yuwen Huagu's warships long ago.

    Xu Ziling was still sleeping soundly.

    But where is the white maiden?

    Kou Zhong was a little lost, thinking that she could've been blown into the river again. He hurried to Xu Ziling's side and patted on his face as usual, "Xiao Ling, wake up! That angry bixch is missing!" Xu Ziling opened his eyes unwillingly, mumbling, "I was having a dream where I got a few more buns from Zhen Shao! Hey, did you say that angry bixch was missing!" He sat up straightaway, looking around and felt disappointed.

    Kou Zhong bursted into laughter, "Hey, you are falling in love with her, aren't you? Watch out for your pitiful life first! Let me figure it out..Haha....ouch, I shouldn't laugh while I'm hungry!"

    Xu Ziling remarked angrily, "I'm just afraid that she might steal our secret manual!"

    Hearing this, Kou Zhong tried to search the book behind him and his complexion changed immediately, "Damn that bixch, she really stole our precious manual!"

    Xu Ziling thought that he was joking, so he extended his hand to touch Kou Zhong's back. Then he cried out in a pitiful manner and lay himself on the ground, "No! The girl is missing, the money is gone, the secret manual is gone, and we are now criminals! We're done."

    Kou Zhong stood up gritting his teeth and shouted, "No! I will have the manual back! Ouch!"

    Suddenly something flew by and shot Kou Zhong on his face, he screamed and was knocked to the ground.

    Xu Ziling was shocked. He sat up again, only to find the white maiden was standing on a rock several feet away from them, her face pale like frost, her eyes staring at them fiercely.

    Kou Zhong picked up himself and found it was just the precious manual that hit him on his face. He made an odd sound and quickly hid the manual in his clothes, his action was so funny that it looks like the manual is more important than his own life.

    The white maiden snorted in contempt, "What kind of secret manual is that! Just by looking at the seven pictures, I'm pretty sure it's one of those Tao's materials to fool people around. Those runes were also nonsense, only Yuwen Huaji and fools like you would treat it like precious item."

    Kou Zhong was delighted, "I'm glad you goddess would think of it that way. Hey! We just saved your life last night, although the saying goes 'One must not ask for return', but some reward is also deserved. Could goddess please lend us some money, then we shall break up peacefully and head our own ways."

    Kou Zhong was thrown to the ground again, clear red prints of a hand appeared on his face. Apparently, he was rewarded with a slap through the air by the white maiden.

    Paying no attention to Kou Zhong, who is sting lying on the ground and moaning, the white maiden turned her eyes to Xu Ziling.

    Xu Ziling put up his hands to show his innocence, "I didn't say anything, please don’t stare at me like that."

    The white maiden spoke nonchalantly, "Didn’t you? Then who was claiming that I stole your rubbish book?"

    Xu Ziling took a few steps back, forcing up a smile, "It was just a misunderstanding. Now that it is clear, we don't owe each other any more."

    Kou Zhong got up on his feet, stroking on his burning-like face, nodded, "Yes, yes. Now that we don’t have misunderstandings, we are friends again."

    The maiden shot him a glare and commented, "I was just curious about the materials of the book and took it for a look. Ok, now slap yourselves ten times, and dare you call me bixch again!"

    They looked at each other. Suddenly Xu Ziling stood up and said with determination, "You may kill us, but never toy with us! Kill me now!"

    Kou Zhong was shocked and said, "Xiao Ling, everything can be solved, don’t be so silly!" He then turn to the white maiden, "Goddess, if we slap ourselves, can you let us go and promise you won’t stand in our way after that?"

    The white maiden's eyes emitted a strong killing intent. "I was about to let you go, but since you asked, I've changed my mind. One of you must stay and feed my blade, decide yourselves!"

    The two boys exchanged their looks, both shouted at the same time. "Then you shall kill me!"

    Qiang! The white maiden drawn out her sword.

    They exchanged their looks again, then turned back and run away like mad towards the river. But even before they could run a few yards, they were caught and lifted up like chickens, and as they felt winds blowing through their ears, the beach was already far behind and they disappeared into the dense forests which extended miles along the river.

    Peng!Peng! They were thrown down and landed hard on a slope. They couldn't help but rolling down the slope for about ten metres until finally stopped. They hadn't eaten any food for a whole day, and were long exhausted. They picked up themselves with difficulty, and found they were at the entrance of a small town. There were people all around, busy and crowded, but the white maiden was nowhere to be seen.

    Kou Zhong was delighted, "The bi...Ha! The goddess is gone!"

    Xu Ziling licked his own lips and asked, "How could we possibly get something to eat?"

    Kou Zhong patted his chest first to pretend that he was confident and led their way into the town.

    Xu Ziling followed behind when he caught sight of the big board hung on top of the entrance, which has three big characters on it : Bei Po Town. He asked hopefully, "Who knows if there are any rebellion armies here?"

    Kou Zhong was annoyed and answered, "When you are hungry, even the emperor shall step aside!"

    They were now on the main street of the town. Houses lined up both sides of the street, and there were restaurants and inns. The passerby all looked at them in a disdainfully manner, because their clothes were worn out, and their hairs were loosen.

    They had got used to this kind of treatment and were not a little bit offended.

    They walked on for about 50 meters when they caught a pleasant smell of food coming from a passage, where smoke rose slowly, apparently someone was cooking. They were attracted by the smell and headed in the direction unconsciously.

    Just as they turned into the passage, a shout could be heard from behind."Freeze!"

    They were astonished and turned around. Two strong men in official dressing were walking towards them, with unfriendly looks on their faces.

    Kou Zhong was relieved that they weren't Yuwen Huaji and his lapdogs, he walked forward and bowed in front of the two men, saying, "I'm so glad to see you, respectful officials."

    The two officials were stunned for a while before the elder one asked curiously. "Why are you so glad to see us?"

    Kou Zhong put up a sad face, then answered in a crying tone, "We brothers came from Da Xing city, I'm Yuwen Zhong and he's Yuwen Ling. We were on a ship to Yangzhou to pay a visit to a friend of our father,Uncle Weichi, the mayor of Yangzhou. But unfortunately we were ambushed by a squad of rebellion, our ship was destroyed and thousands of our men died in the river. We just barely escaped, but we are lost now and don't know where to go! Hai!"

    The two officials looked at each other in consternation, one of them asked suspiciously, "Where did you come across those rebellions? And how did you get here?"

    Xu Ziling answered, "We were on the Great Canal when they attacked, we run for several days in the forests before we got here. What are your names? If you can do us a favor and send us to Yangzhou, Uncle Weichi will surely give you a big reward!"

    The elder official answered, "My name is Zhou Ping, he's Chen Wang."

    Kou Zhong found that they were suspiciously eyeing their tattered clothings, so he supplymented, "When we ran across the forest, our clothes were scraped. So we bought some from a small village with our jade trinket and asked for directions. I think the guy just pointed randomly, and so we came here. How far is it away from Yangzhou?"

    Chen Wang and Zhou Ping exchanged their looks and their eyes lit up.

    Zhou Ping cleared his throat with a dry cough and spoke humbly, "May I ask who is your father?"

    Kou Zhong answered without any hesitant, "My father is Yuwen Huagu, Yuwen Huaji is my uncle. Hai! Our father was always not very fond of martial arts, so we brothers had to read those Confucian saying all day, like 'Be concerned about the affairs of state before others, and enjoy comfort after others. '* if we had just one tenth of our uncle's prowess, we wouldn’t have suffered like this."

    Chen Wang and Zhou Ping were just illiterates, upon hearing Kou Zhong's words and Yuwen Huaji's name, they were already fully convinced of their identity, immediately they knelt down and claimed humble words to the two boys.

    Kou Zhong let out a pleasing laugh, he said, "Please skip the formalities. Would you please tell us which restaurant here serves the most delicious food?"

    Zhou Ping answered respectfully, "Young childes, please come with me! The Gaopeng pavilion here is very famous for their local dishes." He then turned to Chen Wang and commanded, "Hurry up to inform Minister Shen that Master Yuwen's two nephews has arrived."

    They were secretly startled, but their stomachs were crying for food so eagerly that they have to forget anything else.


    *This saying actually comes from an poem by Fan Zhongyan, who is a scholar from Song Dynasty. So Kou Zhong is quoting something ahead of his time, a small mistake by Huang Yi here.
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    Wow - great job translating, I had lost track of the story after a while, but will start reading it again. And no need to worry about your English - I found everything very easy to read and understand

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    Here's the first half of Chapter 5
    Chapter 5 A Bolt from the Blue

    When Kou Zhong woke up from sleep, it was still dark outside.

    Recalling their wonderful performance yesterday that earn them a big meal and a good sleep, and the fact that even the minister of the town was fooled, he couldn't helped but feel very satisfied.

    Xu Ziling was awake and was half-sitting with hands under his head, staring straight at the top of the bed curtain, lost in thought.

    Kou Zhong was glad to see Xu Ziling as he was worrying that he couldn't find someone to share his story. So he immediately jumped up and began, "Xiao Ling! Can you imagine? We were merely beggars and rogues back in Yangzhou, but once we left Yangzhou we become noble childes! This is the first time in our lives sleeping in such a cozy bed and dreaming under these soft quilts. And we have pretty maids serving us while we get dressed! Just think about Xiao Juan's gentle stroke on my body, I have the feeling as if I'm already the Prime Minister!"

    Xu Ziling was not a bit moved, "If we couldn't figure out how to escape and get sent back to Yangzhou, that would be even better." He said.

    Kou Zhong laughed, "Rest assured. Let's feed ourselves first and come back to pick up some valuables later, then we shall make an excuse, such as going out for sight-seeing, and when we're out of the town, is it still a problem?"

    Xu Ziling knew he was full of tricks, so he wasn't really worried. He heaved a sigh and stopped talking.

    "Didn't you have a good sleep? Why are you up so early?" Kou Zhong asked curiously.

    Xu Ziling was annoyed :"We went to bed right after dinner, there was plenty of time for a good sleep!"

    Kou Zhong pressed on :"Then what are you thinking about? Hmm...let me miss that angry bixch?"

    Apparently Kou Zhong made a right assumption, so Xu Ziling stayed silent.

    "Hey bro, you are in love with her, aren't you?" Kou Zhong leaned against his shoulder and asked.

    Xu Ziling replied with a smile :"What a fxxking question. She can be half our mother by her age, and just like what she said, we are not even qualified to be her friends. What I was wondering is, your attitude is strange. You liked to peek at beautiful girls before, but this time why are you trying so hard to get rid of her? She looked tough on the outside, but she was actually nice to us, otherwise she wouldn't bring us right in front of this town."

    "I'm just thinking more about our future," Kou Zhong sighed and continued. "She's so damn pretty and we had some intimate contact with her, that's why we should raise our guard. Man should consider his career before anything else, especially at early stage like us. We must not drench in the pleasure of men and women and lose our spirit to ..hey! Why are you laughing so hard....Haha!"

    As they were talking and laughing, the sky was dawning gradually, and vague sounds of servants doing clean-up could be heard.

    Kou Zhong rubbed his painful legs and said. "Let me fool Minister Shen later that we are going out for a horse-ride, so that we can get horses and slip away easier and faster."

    Xu Ziling forced up a smile and teased. "Do you know how to ride a horse?"

    "How is that difficult? Once we jump up a horse, just streer its head right, slap on its buttock twice and we're ready to go!" Kou Zhong replied with confidence.

    Xu Ziling was about to object when someone knocked at the door.

    Kou Zhong thought it was that pretty maid name Xiao Juan and quickly answered. "Come in!"

    The door opened, it appeared to be the stout Minister Shen who bumped in like a gust of wind. He hurried to their bed and paid his respects.

    "Good to see you up so early. This humble official got news last night that your uncle, Lord Yuwen Huaji, was sending out troops in search for you two. I have just sent a messenger to your uncle, and he will be here in any time. When you see him, please do not forget to say some good words for me.

    The two brothers was startled as if they were thrown to hell from paradise, their limbs cold as ice.

    Minister Shen thought they were surprised by the good news, so he bowed and continued. "I had ordered these servants to stay and serve your needs. I'll be waiting for you in the dining hall, now I shall ask for my leave."

    Just as he exited, four maids including Xiao Juan came in and served them even more carefully than last night.

    The most embarassed thing was the presence of Zhou Ping and Chen Wang. They stood politely awaiting their orders, so the brothers felt difficult to find an excuse to slip away.

    It became a grander scene when they had their breakfast with Minister Shen. Ten odd officials lined up on both sides, making them feel extremly awkward and anxious.

    After being kicked under the table by Xu Ziling, Kou Zhong let out a laugh and said :"Is there any famous scenery here? Our uncle has yet to come, why not take this chance and have a nice travel around the town."

    Minister Shen squeezed his face to make up an ugly smile, saying, "These days there are robbers all over the place, you'd better stay in town. If any misfortune befalls, how could this small official take the blame?"

    Kou Zhong was secretly cursing him, while acting obediently on the outside. "Minister is really considerate. Hey, we brothers will surely tell our uncle about this and reward you accordingly. But, we brothers are always sick of staying in the house. Are there any brothels in the town, you know, since we left Da Xing we haven't had any...Hey! We were thinking of enjoying ourselves in Yangzhou, but now that we are so energetic, how know! These shouldn't be difficult for minister, am I correct?"

    "But I'm afraid the chicks in brothels are still in bed."Zhou Ping who was standing behind commented.

    "Then wake them up!" Shouted Minister Shen.

    Turning himself back to Kou and Xu, he put up his ugly smiling face again. "These are just trivial matters, I will arrange all these for you." He said.

    "Dismiss and get these done, quickly!" He shouted again.

    They sat in a carriage, accompanied by Minister Shen himself, and headed towards the biggest brothel in the town.

    Bei Po Town is one of the largest around Yangzhou area, and its prosperity is no less than Yangzhou itself. Being administrated directly under Jiang Du County, plus its export market, the handicraft industry here is especially famous.

    Although Minister Shen was talking non-stop, introducing his own political achievements, their minds were occupied by life and death matters, and did not pay much attention.

    When they saw ten odd guards riding with them at their front and rear, they had a feeling as if they were criminals being escorted to the execution ground.

    Actually, Kou Zhong was bright enough to have come up with this idea. Because the only chance they can get out of these people's eye sight will be inside a room, "having fun" with the prositutes. Even then, the odds that they could successfully escape were pretty low, so how could they not feel anxious?

    Their most imminent threat came from Yuwen Huaji, who might appear at any time and expose their identity. In that case, they will lose both their faces and lives, totally screwed up.

    Every time Minister Shen looked through the window, they took the opportunity to use gestures to discuss about their escape plan.

    The carriage drove straight into the brothel courtyard.

    As they got out of the carriage, several sleepy and ugly prostitute led by their procuress came along to pay their respects to these two fake childes.

    The two boys looked at each other, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Right at this moment, they suddenly heard a hoofbeat coming from afar.

    The bad guy is coming, they thought. Just as they were about to run away like mad, they felt strong winds coming from above, pressing down fiercely at them.

    Before Minister Shen and the officials could figure out what happened, they were all thrown out in every direction. Amidst the chaos, they could only made out a white shadow slowly descending from the sky.

    When they picked up themselves, the two boys were nowhere to be found. Only the dust blown up by the wind was still floating in the air.

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    Here's the rest of chapter 5, enjoy! Btw, I will pause for two or three day to have a rest, and get some inspiration from other translator :P See you next week!
    ================================================== =====================
    * * *

    The white maiden grabbed their belts and carried them up, flying across roofs and courtyards like it was no big deal.

    If not for fear of irritating the white maiden, the two boys would have celebrated their escape from the deadly situation; but for now, they could only remain silent.

    They arrived at a river bank a few minutes later. There were boats moored on both sides and some fishermen were repairing their nets at the ferry.

    The white maiden landed on one of the boat and threw them onto it without any hesitation. Then she cut the rope with her sword and sculled hard. The boat shot forward against the river currents, splashing the water apart into spray.

    The boat raced at full speed for about twenty miles before the white maiden finally slowed it down.

    Bringing up his courage, Kou Zhong tried to break the ice. "Hey goddess, were you following us? You came just in time!"

    The white maiden didn't even look at them when she replied. "Who would be so bored to follow you imps who know nothing but fool people around. I found that Yuwen Huaji had sent troops out to search the nearby villages, so I came back for you."

    "Thank you for saving our lives, goddess. We will repay your kindness some day in the future." Said Xu Ziling gratefully.

    "I'm not being kind to you. It's just because I like to make Yuwen Huaji unhappy whenever I have the chance. There's no need to thank me. When we arrive at Danyang, we shall be departed and you shall not mention my name afterwards, or I'll slay you puppies." The white maiden explained reluctantly.

    Kou Zhong was amused. "And so be it. Let us see if you still dare to call us puppies when we learn top martial techniques some day."

    Her eyes flared intensely for a second and dimmed, "Even if you become disciples of Bi Xuan, Lord of Martial Arts from the Turkic, you wouldn't excel. You'd better give up this idea and learn some skills, earn some money and get a wife, then live happily and peacefully for the rest of your life." She said in annoyance.

    The brothers were seriously hurt in their hearts and startled. After a while, it was Xu Ziling who couldn't help but asked. "Is it because we don't have the talents?"

    The white maiden heaved a sigh and continued in a surprisingly gentle manner. "You're not even qualified for me to lie to you. In fact, you are the most talented people I've ever come across in my life. You went through harsh conditions the other night and didn't get ill. You are rare talents, just lacking the fortune."

    Hearing this, some of their confidence and dignity was restored. "What fortune?" They asked.

    She explained as she sculled, "The fortune for practicing. One must start practicing from his childhood if he is to become top martial artist. My mentor said before, the most important period for learning any skills is from 5 to 15. For example, learning a second language after grown-up is very difficult, and you might never get close to a native speaker. Learning martial art is the same, you start too late, even if you pay twice the effort you still get half the result. Therefore it's better to give up now than to become a nobody and get killed someday. Understand?"

    They were struck dumb, their limbs cold, and everything in this world seemed so meaningless to them.

    Kou Zhong was stubborn after all, he slapped the book behind his back and shouted:"Could we be the extraordinary ones? And moreover, we have this secret manual, that's gonna make some difference."

    Her beautiful eyes showed some sympathy for the first time. She shook her head and continued, "Telling the truth always hurts. This Secrets of Immortality is indeed a treasure in the Taoism world, but I think it's in no way related to martial art. You'd better throw it away, or else it might eventually be your doom. From my point of view, it's just a lie. How can people become immortal?"

    Their faces immediately became void of colors and they were unable to say another word.

    There was awkward silence on the boat.

    Danyang is the largest city around the upper reaches of Yangzhou. The only water route that connects inland area and the sea passes right through the city, making its strategical importance second-only to that of Yangzhou, the Great Canal being the difference.

    This city has a unique view, with rivers and canals flowing across, as well as hundreds of stone bridges that arch above them. Resident houses were built right next to waterways, and where there is water, there are streets and markets. These elements blend together, forming a scenery as fluid as water.

    The next morning, when gates were opened, they entered the city among those farmers who were hurrying to markets.

    They headed down the main street after entering the city. The shops along the street were all built in front of residence with wide openings. All kinds of wares and handicrafts were on display. People were busy in and out, making it a really lively market.

    As the white maiden went, people were all attracted by her extraordinary beauty and looked in their direction. But she didn't care at all, as if she was accustomed to their attention.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling didn't eat anything last night, although they were in a bad mood, they still couldn't fight the emptiness of their stomachs. As the white maiden walked past resturaunts one after another without a glance, Kou Zhong couldn't help but make a cough and suggested :"Shall we take good care of our bellies first?"

    The white maiden stopped at the gate of a big residence, coldly said, "Do you have money?"

    Xu Ziling smiled and said. "Of course we don't. But if you have money, then that is the same."

    The white maiden smiled icily. "The same? Look into the mirror and see who you are. Besides, my money, along with my parcel, was long gone into the river when you turned over that boat. I haven't had anything since yesterday, while you guys had two big meals and you're now blaming me for not taking you to dinner?"

    Kou Zhong answered angrily :"And are you blaming us for turning over that boat? If not for that, we would have been caught up by Yuwen Huagu. He would just slice us into pieces at worst, but you're so beautiful that he will surely make you one of his concubines."

    The white maiden abruptly stood still.

    The two brothers thought she was about to attack, so they instantly ran away in opposite directions. The white maiden was a bit surprised by their reaction. When she saw the over-frightened look on their faces, she finally couldn't help but burst into laughter and said :"Two little imps, stand and wait while I go and conjure some money out. Then we shall go for a meal and after that, we are even."

    She left a smile as she finished and went towards a pawnshop.

    Kou Zhong was quick-witted and seeing this, he intercepted, saying, "To the pawnshop? Hey, no one is better than me at pawning things!"

    The white maiden was annoyed. "How do I know if you wouldn't keep some money for yourself?"

    Kou Zhong, whose real intention was exposed, could only sighed and returned by Xu Ziling's side.

    As the maiden walked into the shop, Xu Ziling said :"It seems our dream of becoming top martial artists is dead. We can only focus more on study, and when you become the Right Premiere, I shall be the Left Premiere."

    Kou Zhong smiled bitterly. "To be a scholar is the worst career in these troubled times. I am still not convinced that the Secrets of Immortality is unrelated to martial arts. There aren't any immortal taoists around, but many taoist are great martial masters. So the conclusion is, if we failed at gaining immortality, we would become top martial artist."

    Xu Ziling was inspired, but only for a moment. "But didn't the bixch say we had missed the precious childhood for practicing?" He sighed.

    "Maybe she just envied us that we are more talented, and because she was afraid that we might exceed her someday, she deliberately said those to discourage us. Hai!"

    Apparently even Kou Zhong himself knew he was saying something nonsense, thus he stopped.

    The white maiden came out at this moment, so they hurried up and followed her.

    "Listen, imps. If I were to hear another 'bixch' from you, I wouldn't hesitate to chop your puppy heads off."

    They were rather embarassed and quickly made theirs promises.

    The three went to the second floor of a resturaunt, sat at a table next to window and ordered some dishes.

    There were ten odd tables, half of which were seated. A young man among them, who was clad in stylish clothes that showed his senior status, had peeped towards them for several times, apparently attracted by the white maiden's beauty.

    Xu Ziling let out a dry cough and asked. "May I have your fabulous name, goddess, so that we may call you by name."

    The white maiden was amazed, "You imps are just rascals in Yangzhou, why do you always talk in a way that makes you sound like those boring old scholars?" She asked, with her slender chin resting on her hands.

    Kou Zhong answered proudly. "This is called 'Poor but ambitious'. Some day we will become outstanding people, and dare you call us rascals then?"

    The white maiden was eceptionaly good-tempered today, she thought for a while and continued to ask. "What do you plan to do? Living on stealing is not proper after all."

    It's the first time they felt the caring side of her. However, they didn't think much about her words, as they were already busy helping themselves with the food on the table, completely unaware of their bad table manner.

    The white maiden ate two buns and then stopped. She turned and looked out of the window, lost in thought.

    As the two finished, there was nothing left on the table any more. They stroked on their bellies then naturally turned to look at the white maiden.

    She heaved a sigh, took out taels of silver and put them in front of the two brothers. "These are for you, for being through all those hardships with me. Although there are wars all over china, the southern provinces are comparably peaceful. This is still a dangerous place, you shall leave and take good care of yourselves."

    Completely ignoring the brothers whose eyes were fixed on the silver money, she called for the waitor to pay their bills. The waitor came and answered respectfully. "The young man who was sitting there had already paid the bills for you."


    The white maiden took out some coins and slashed them on the table, "Take them! I don't need anyone to pay for me!" She said coldly.

    Then she got up and went straight downstairs.

    Seeing as she went away without looking back, the brothers both felt upset. After exchanging a few glances, Kou Zhong took up the money and put them in his pocket. "Let's go!" He said.

    Xu Ziling was also eager to leave this sad place. They went downstairs and into the street. Outside the sun was shining brightly, but they felt no warmth inside.

    Back in Yangzhou, they lived difficult lives and got beaten from time to time, but they were full of hope and dreams.

    Now they are free, they have some money to spend, yet they felt lost, not knowing where to go.

    They looked around, hoping to see the white maiden for one more time. But she was nowhere to be found, which only added to their loniness.

    They bumped into each other slightly on the shoulders, then walked towards the city gate.

    Suddenly they felt a gust of fagrant breeze coming from behind, it turned out to be the white maiden who ran in between them.

    They were secretly happy, but they dare not show on their faces, nor dare they say anything.

    As they came closer to the city gate, the white maiden explained coldly. "I was just afraid that Yuwen Huaji might come and arrest you to appeal the emperor, so I come back to see you off for a little longer. This is not because I'm fond of you, just to make Yuwen Huaji unhappy."

    Xu Ziling was not buying this, he stopped and said angrily :"Since this is the case, we shall not bother you anymore. We have limbs, we can walk ourselves. And we don't need your money, Kou Zhong, give them back!"

    Kou Zhong wanted to say something, but he sighed instead and reached his hand into the pocket.

    The white maiden was amused. She grabed their arms and forcefully dragged them along, instantly running past the city gate.

    She didn't released them until they arrived at the river bank. "Why were you so angry at me? Well, perhaps it's me who offended you, I'm always alone and don't know how to please others." She said.

    Xu Ziling was actually a magnanimous person, seeing that she apologized in such a lowly manner, he was embarrased instead. His face turned slightly red. "It is not that I haven't been looked down upon before, just that I felt exceptionally angry when you looked down upon us."

    Kou Zhong moved close to her ear and whispered :"He is falling in love with you," The white maiden gave him a punch at his side, making him kneel down in pain. She pointed her finger at him and said angrily :"If you dare say anything like that again, I will...I will slap you in the face!"

    Originally she wanted to say "I will kill you", but she knew she couldn't harden her heart to do so.

    Xu Ziling was confused. "What did he say?"

    The white maiden shot him a angry look, not saying a word.

    For a moment or two, they were silent.

    The white maiden turned her gaze upon the ships that were anchored at the harbor and said to herself. "Why there are so many ships sailing eastwards but not a single one sails westwards?"

    They watched seriously for a while and grew curious.

    Some people that were waiting for the ship at the harbor were also discussing something.

    A gentle voice came from their side. "Would you mind my asking if you are waiting for ships?"

    Kou Zhong stood up with his hand pressing down at the sore, looking towards the speaker. It turned out to be the young man in the resturaunt who kept looking at the white maiden and paid their bills.

    This man was indeed handsome, even taller than Xu Ziling by half a head. He had a broad shoulder, and although he wore a scholar's suit, his strong figure suggested that he prossessed good martial skills.

    The white maiden replied without turning a bit :"It's none of your business!"

    The young man was not annoyed at all. He bowed to her and said, "Excuse me, Song Shidao, for asking such a question. I didn't mean to bother, but lady seemed to have questions about the ships, so I came with audacity and see if I can help."

    The white maiden turned around swiftly, sizing him up for a moment. "Say it!" She said coldly.

    Song Shidao was delighted and answered :"Li Zitong's rebellion army had just went across the Huai River and allied with Du Fuwei. They vanquished the Shui army there and sent out another troop directly to Liyang. If Liyang is under-siege, transportation on Changjiang River will surely be blocked. That's why every ship is turning back towards the east."

    Seeing that their white maiden was listening carefully, and that Song Shidao seem to excel them in every aspect, the two brothers were secretly upset but could not do anything

    As she was pondering Song Shidao's words, he spoke again, "You can take my ship if you don't mind, then even if you come across the rebellion army, you're still safe."

    The white maiden stared at Song Shidao with a frosty expression and said nonchalantly, "Bold words indeed. It seems you really have some power."

    Song Shidao answered seriously, "How dare I boast in front of you? It's just because my family has a little fame in martial world, people who sees our family flag always give us some convenience."

    Hearing their conversation, even Kou and Xu were impressed by the adequate way he talked.

    The white maiden swept her gaze across the brothers, apparently interested in Song Shidao's proposal.

    If they go by land, it'd be a difficult journey, whereas taking this ship and sailing past Liyang, they will be safe from Yuwen Huaji.

    Kou Zhong couldn't bear any longer. "I'd rather walk."

    Before the white maiden could say anything, Song Shidao was surprised and asked :"May I ask if who they are...."

    The white maiden was annoyed and interrupted him, saying :"Don't ask any more, where's your ship?"

    Just as Song Shidao pointed out his ship with rapture, Xu Ziling pulled Kou Zhong aside, saying, "It's time for departure, let her go by ship, and we shall walk our ways."

    Kou Zhong finally showed some loftiness. He grabbed Xu Ziling’s shoulder, let out a laugh and said, “Great!” Then went eastwards with Xu Ziling.

    The white maiden was furious, “Stop!” she shouted.

    “See you!” Kou Zhong turned around and waved them goodbye.

    The white maiden stomp her foot and said to Song Shidao :”Brother Song please get on the ship first, we shall come back later.”

    Within a blink, she moved behind the two and carried them like catching two chickens.

    Song Shidao was bewildered, but thinking that as long as the maiden was willing to get on the ship, he should have plenty of opportunities to woo her, he was enlightened and hurried up to the ship.
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    Thanks a lot xlandhenry, keep up the good work.

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    It's been a busy week, so just a small update

    ================================================== ========

    Chapter 6 Stance of Nine Mysteries

    Four gigantic ships set sails, stemming west along the river.

    Song Shidao's words were bold for a reason.

    In China nowadays, the most renowned are the four great clans, and among them, Song Clan is the most popular one.

    Song Clan is also the biggest noble clan in southern China, with its leader - Heaven-Sabre Song Que as the "No.1 Sabre-wielder in the world".

    During the time when Yang Jian[1] conquered China and founded Sui Dynasty, he was unsettled by the vast power of Song Clan, therefore he tried to pacify them by appointing Song Que as Lord Zhennan. Song Que foresaw the declining trend of southern states, so he strategized to submit in order to protect the clan.

    Three of the four great clans - except Song Clan - held more or less lineage from the northern barbarian tribes. Song Clan chose to maintain their tradition by prohibiting its members from intermarriage

    to people other than Hans, so they were highly recognized by the Hans.

    During the emperor Yang Jian's reign, ambitious as he is, Song Que dare not make any moves but cultivate in seclusion, waiting for the opportunity to come.

    After Yang Guang's succession to the throne, the country began to face troubles both at home and from abroad, the government corrupted, rebellions rising all across the country. Only then did Song Clan become more active and involved. Song Zi, Song Que's younger brother who is one of those greatest sword masters in China, is also famed for his strategic thinking. He knew that Sui had not yet passed its prime, if they rebelled too early, they would become an easy target of government's suppression. So he persuaded his elder brother to slow down their progress and instead run some businesses that are highly profitable.

    Out of these businesses, the most profitable one is to transport illegal salt from coastal area to inland area and sell them. The four ships they took were actually those salt transport ships.

    During the troubled times, Song Clan utilized their connections in the southern provinces to publicly transport illegal salt for sale. If any officials dare intervene, they would be threatened or, in extreme occasions, secretly assassinated by Song Clan. Even rebellion armies were not that arrogant to antagonize Song Clan. As a result, the power of Song Clan had been growing steadily during recent years. They even funded some rebellions so as to weaken the government's power.

    Song Que had four sons and two daughters. Song Shidao was the youngest son, in charge of the salt business thus gained most favor from his father. The two daughters, Yuhua and Yuzhi, were both top beauties, ranking fourth and sixth respectively. 3 years ago, Song Yuhua was married to Xie Wenlong, son of the Sichuan noble Xie Hui. Xie Hui, also known as "Martial Judicator", is a great master whose reputation can compare to Song Que and Song Zi. He founded the famous "Castle of Dominance" and rose as a new power outside the four clans. The marriage between these two families was but a political one, sealing the alliance of two great powers, making it more difficult for Yang Guang to offend them.

    These four ships were to transport the salt into Sichuan province and would hand over to Castle of Dominance for distribution to local merchants.

    At this moment, Kou Zhong was lying in bed in one of those large cabins, focusing on a human figure in the Secrets of Immortality. On the other side, Xu Ziling was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, his arms winding around knees, thinking.

    Why did he feel some jealousy when the white maiden spoke to Song Shidao? Although he had some interests in romance before, he was never a shameless person. Considering that the white maiden excelled him in every aspect by a large margin, and was at least 6 or 7 years elder, it is not likely he would fall in love with her. Back in Yangzhou, when he saw the chicks in Chun Feng Brothel, sometimes he would feel the urge to hug them, but he never had the erotic feeling even when coming into close contact with the white maiden.

    He couldn't help but ask. "Zhong Shao! Am I really in love with her?"

    "Don't bother me, I'm studying the most powerful martial technique which is not martial technique at all!"Said Kou Zhong impatiently.

    The cabin became quiet again.

    After a while, Kou Zhong lay down the tome, moved right next to Xu Ziling and sat down in the same manner. "Sorry mate, I'm in a bad mood. I suspect that even Gui Guzi[2] would not be able to understand this. Hey, what did you say?"

    He saw Xu Ziling was still angry, so he hurriedly added, "Oh yes I remember. Well, you shouldn't worry that much. Just forget that woman, Song Shidao can win us easily even with his arms tied up. We'd better spend our time and energy studying the secret manual, Hah!"

    Xu Ziling was still perplexed. "But am I really in love with her?"

    Kou Zhong thought for a while and answered. "Actually I was very jealous too, but I don’t think I love that woman. Hey, she's a bit like Zhen Shao. We liked Zhen Shao so we felt bad for her when she married Lao Feng that bastard. Yes, I get it! You're treating her as your mum! No one would ever want his mum to marry a man like Song Pidao who knows nothing besides boasting. Haha, I think the name Pidao is even more original than Yuwen Huagu."

    At first Xu Ziling still kept the serious look on his face, but the next second he was laughing with tears.

    Suddenly the door was opened.
    [1] Yang Jian(杨坚) : The first emperor of Sui Dynasty, Yang Guang's father. See
    [2] Guiguzi(鬼谷子) : A legendary person in Taoism history. It was said that he deciphered a divine tome and studied the divine skills in it.
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    End of chapter 6. There is a paragraph in this chapter where the white maiden talked about cultivation method in ancient Chinese, which I barely got the meaning, so the translation may be a little awkward
    ================================================== =====

    They were shocked and watched as the white maiden walked into the room with an icy expression. She shut the door and glared at them for some time. "Don't forget that I'm just in the next cabin," She knocked on the wall, continued, "Unless these walls are made of steel, every single word you say will go into my ears."

    "We didn't call you bixch this time, why are you so angry?"

    The white maiden knelt down on one knee, saying, "But who's this woman and that woman? You naughty imps!" Her lips curled up in a smile as she finished.

    The brothers immediately realized she wasn't angry at all but just pretending."But that's because we don't know your name!" Xu Ziling explained.

    "Did you tell me yours?"She muttered.

    Kou Zhong revealed a look of understanding. "I'm Kou Zhong, he's Xu Ziling, we're called Twin Dragons of Yangzhou! May I ask goddess your name, where do you come from, and, are you married or not?"

    The white maiden sniggered. "You naughty imps!" Her expression was so fascinating that their eyeballs were almost drawn out.

    The white maiden quickly put back her solemn face. "Whether I'm married or not is none of your business, if you dare gossip about me next time, I will..."

    "What's the punishment this time? It'd better not be 'slap in your face' again, even an imp needs dignity after all!" Kou Zhong asked.

    The white maiden could do nothing with him. "I will make you regret then. By the way, do not speak those nonsense at the dinner later, got it?"She said angrily.

    Kou Zhong grinned while saying :"How about we you Mum, so that we won't feel sorry when we use your money in the future."

    The white maiden's face blushed for the first time, making her even more beautiful, her eyes so attractive that they were able to draw out the soul of every man.

    Kou Zhong quickly gave Xu Ziling a wink and they both cried out at the same time:"Mum!"

    The white maiden finally cannot help laughing. "If I had naughty sons like you two, I would surely get a headache."

    Seeing that she didn't make a actual denial and was laughing so happily, Kou Zhong insatiably asked."Oh mum, your martial skills are great, and you recovered in just a few hours after being injured by Yuwen Huaji. How about teaching us some techniques so that we can use them to bring honor to you in the future?"

    Although she knew Kou Zhong was making fun of her, yet she couldn't stopped laughing while scolding :"Hey you're such a mischievous imp, no wonder you keep spouting nonsense! Look, Xu Ziling is much more well-behaved than you."

    "What? He is well-behaved? My god! He's more cunning than me, it's just that he is in love with mum." Kou Zhong cried out in a pathetic voice, as if he had been wronged.

    Xu Ziling was enraged and said :"How cunning am I? You thought up all the stupid ideas, I am only the one to carry out them, and now you make up these to slander me?"

    The white maiden had barely stopped laughing before turning her gaze through the window, looking at the evening glow outside. "I must have done something terrible in my former life, to be meddling with you two naughty boys now. Okay, although I know it's not going to be helpful, I will teach you a cultivation method. If you succeed in making progress, then I may consider teaching you some swordplay. But remember, you are neither my children nor my disciples."

    They were excited and asked simultaneously :"Then what are you to us?"

    The white maiden was dumbfounded for a moment. "Don't ask me, I don't know!" She answered reluctantly, while feeling warmth inside. Even she herself didn't understand why she had a special emotion towards them. When they called her mum, she found it hard to scold them.

    She was but an orphan born during the wars. Adopted by a great master in martial realm, Fu Cailin of Gaoli, she was trained to be an assassin in her early childhood. She was taught the language and culture of Hans, and her trip here was also part of her cultivation.

    "Hey, best to be our mum. Mum, please teach us your special techniques now!"Kou Zhong urged, with his mischevious grinning.

    The white maiden gave him an angry look. "My name is Fu Junchuo, call me Sister Chuo if you like. Hai, I really didn't anticipate to get along with you." She said quietly.

    Kou Zhong sensed that her attitude towards them had completely changed, so he winked again and said :"But we would like to call you mum. Am I right, Xiao Ling?" While he winked at Xu Ziling.

    Fu Junchuo answered in a soft tone :"Your mouth is on you own face, say whatever you want."

    Suddenly Xu Ziling couldn't contol his feelings. "Mum...!" He cried, lowering his head.

    Fu Junchuo was also deeply moved. It took her quite a while to calm down. "You can call whatever you want, but I won't admit it. And don't think I will always bring you with me. Now, I'll begin teaching you some basics of cultivating Qi. These are superior techniques that passed to me by my mentor, you shall not share them with others without my permission, or I'll be forced to kill you by the rules of my school." The two boys immediately nodded non-stop.

    Fu Junchuo seriously continued. "My mentor is Fu Cailin, who combined the top martial techniques of Central Plains, Western Lands, and Gaoli[1], eventually developing his own style. Therefore he earned the reputation as one of the three top masters in this world, together with two others - "Lord of Martial Arts" Bi Xuan, and the No.1 Taoist master "Reverend Shan[2]" Ning Daoqi. He said, 'All mythical energy originates from oneself', which means everyone has unlimited potential that buries deep within like a vault of treasure, just that our minds are blocked to it by our desires."

    "No wonder mum have said that practicing shall start from childhood, that's because we had less desires then, and thus easier to break through.�

    Fu Junchuo was stunned for a while. "I have not thought of it from this aspect before. Hmm, you seem to be really smart."She said.

    "Having been inspired by me all the time, Xiao Ling surely would not be bad." Kou Zhong proudly remarked.

    Fu Junchuo stared at him and mocked :"You do like to show off your wits. But don't be mistaken, smart people are more likely to have distracting thoughts, which is exactly the most difficult part for starters to break through. You must concentrate your mind to disperse the misty thoughts, and when you get the insight, you may then follow the cultivation method to direct Qi through channels and veins inside your body. Although there are various methods for cultivation, but the principle is always concentration of one's mind."

    Kou Zhong was a little puzzled. Scratching his head, he asked :"If this is the case, isn't it that top masters in martial arts are the stupidest people? Is mum's mentor a stupid person?"

    Fu Junchuo was dumbfounded again. Although she knew it wasn't the fact, yet she didn't know how to rebut him. If it was before, she could beat him hard; but now she'd rather not. As she was pondering, Xu Ziling had already answered this question for her :"Of course not. The founder of a martial school must be a very talented and creative person, so that he may surpass others who only follow what is taught to them. Therefore what mum just mentioned are those who have some wits but not great wisdom. As the saying goes, the wisest may look the dumbest. Mum's mentor must be one of this kind."

    Kou Zhong and Fu Junchuo were amazed by what he said and sized him up from head to toe, as if it was the first time they met him.

    "Xiao Ling does have some wisdom." Fu Junchuo nodded in commendation.

    Kou Zhong was delighted. "This bro of mine surely has more than some. I usually considered him as a dumb person, but it turns out he is the wisest; while I have to show off my wisdom, which makes me look like a fool. Hai!"

    Fu Junchuo couldn't help tapping her finger on Kou Zhong's big head. "Stop bullshxting, or I will not teach you." She said angrily.

    "Oh dear mum, would you please slap on my buttocks instead? If my brain is damaged I won't be able to study the superior cultivation method you teach." Kou Zhong stroke on his head and protested.

    Fu Junchuo had no patience to be bothered with him, so she spoke anyway :"What I'm going to teach you is called Stance of Nine Mysteries. It starts from one and ends at nine. Nobody except my mentor had ever reached the ninth level, mum..oh, I have only attained the sixth."

    Having referred herself as "mum", Fu Junchuo was totally blushed and vexed at the two boys who were laughing secretly. "Don't laugh at me! Do you still want to learn or not?"

    They quickly nodded in reply.

    Fu Junchuo returned to her normal countenance after a while, then continued. "Focus on mind other than focus on body. Focusing on mind, the spark shows within. Inside the Qi slowly flows. Do not catch it when it comes, do not pursue it when it goes. Let it be, let it echo with your unconsious consciousness. This is the first level of the Mysteries."

    She paused for seconds before adding, "Don't be too overconfident, many people had spent their whole lives in pursue of this first level, yet no spark shows for them. They only got the form but not the spirit, thus end in vain."

    Seeing the two boys were bobbing their heads around as if they were greatly inspired, she curiously asked :"Do you really understand what I said?"

    "They are so easy! How's that difficult to understand?"

    Fu Junchuo was secretly contemplating. Praised by her mentor as being a rare talent of martial arts, she only completely understood the meaning when she reached the sixth level, how can these two boys understand the first time they hear it? She pointed at Kou Zhong :"You, explain it to me."

    The sky was growing dark outside. Inside the cabin, everything was bathed in shroud of darkness, hinting that the time was flying by.

    "These sentences are already very well said, hard to be replaced by other words. If I have to explain, then it means something like 'We should not force our mind but focus on it. When the opportunity comes, we will be able to unlock the treasure vault inside our bodies and see the spark. Then using the unconsious consciouness to direct it, we can cultivate our own Qi'. Oh my, shall I start right away?" Kou Zhong quickly replied.

    Fu Junchuo was stunned and speechless. His explanation was even clearer than what her mentor taught, which showed his astounding talent.

    "If Zhong Shao starts so rashly, it may not be beneficial. This unconscious consciousness should be a mind state between intentional and unintentional, only in that way can we direct the Qi freely." Xu Ziling said.

    Fu Junchuo was even more surprised. These two boys were like those uncutted gemstones, enlightened by her, they immediately shone their own brilliance.

    Kou Zhong was a little embarassed. "I was just saying! But mum please teach us exactly how to direct our Qi, then we'll be able to cultivate even when we are eating and shitting!"

    "Don't spout these vulgar words. Now I'll teach you the method to direct your Qi. I will not repeat this so listen carefully." Fu Junchuo said.

    Just as their spirits were aroused, they heard a knock at the door next to theirs, which is Fu Junchuo's room.

    Fu Junchuo heaved a sigh. "We shall begin after dinner then."

    Looking at their disappointed expression, Fu Junchuo almost wanted to reject Song Shidao's dinner invitation.

    Suddenly, she felt the warm feelings of having two naughty sons by her side.
    [1]Gaoli(高丽): Actually this kingdom should be called Gaogouli or Goguryeo, which ruled most parts of Korean Pennisula at that time.
    [2]Reverend Zhenren(散真人): Word by word it translates to Pure Man Shan, but I don't want to translate it that way because Zhenren is just a honorable title for high level taoists which hardly has any other meaning. *Edit: I decide to use Reverend for the word 真人
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    Thanks for the translation
    And please keep translating ... Its a great story ... I'm surprised to see that this thread isnt as popular as ASITP thread

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    Hi everyone, sorry for no updates in a while. I've been busy with my work as the school year ends, will come back around 15th as my summer vacation begins :P

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    A new chapter...
    Book 1 Chapter 7 The Jade of He

    A simple yet decorous banquet was held in the dining hall, besides Song Shidao, a couple were also presented.

    The male is about 40 years old, hair and long beard completely silver-white, yet his elegant shape shows no signs of old age. He has a dominant aura, while appearing kind and polite.

    The female is about 25 or 26, an alluring lady. In addition to her attractive appearance, she was rather intimate towards the man, which made her seem flirtatious. She reminded the two boys of those prostitutes from Chun Feng Brothel, but of course her beauty was far superior than any of them.

    After Song Shidao's introduction, they realized the man was Song Lu from Song Clan, a martial expert who famed for his self-invented technique "Silver Dragon Staffplay". He was Song Shidao's uncle, a core member of Song Clan.

    The woman's name is Liu Jing, but her background was not mentioned.

    When Song Shidao was about to introduce the triple, he suddenly realized that he doesn't know their names. As he got slightly embarrassed, Fu Junchuo flatly spoke out their names without concealing.

    Song Lu smiled and began talking. "I see Miss Fu has hidden essence inside, apparently a highly skilled martial expert. The style of your sword appears to be from a foreign land, I am curious, who in this world has such ability to have trained an outstanding disciple like you?"

    Kou and Xu were secretly amazed. They came to realization that famous people do have something to make them stand out. They had not heard of Song Lu's name before, but his keen observation and adequate talking quickly earned their respect.

    Having noticed their eyes full of admiration, Song Lu was pleased and got a nice impression of them.

    Fu Junchuo calmly answered :"Mister Song please forgive me, I'm under a strict order not to reveal my identity."

    Smiling, Liu Jing turned her appealing gaze towards the boys and said, "You guys are actually tall and handsome, but how come you don't practice martial arts with Miss Fu?"

    Kou Zhong gave a dry cough and answered. "Thank you Mrs Song for your commendment, we are just about to learn martial arts from our mum."

    Hearing that Kou Zhong referred Fu Junchuo as"our mum", Song Shidao couldn't help but fixate on her alluring body, his complexion suddenly changed. "Your mum?" He asked.

    Fu Junchuo was blushed. After giving Kou Zhong an angry look, she turned back and said :"Don't listen to their bullshxt, they call me mum of their own accord."

    Stroking on his stomach deliberately, Xu Ziling rumbled, "Mum! We are hungry!"

    Liu Jing couldn't keep her contenance and bursted out laughing.

    Song Shidao and Song Lu were totally confused, wondering what the real relationship between the two boys and the beauty is.

    Fu Junchuo noticed that the boys were ogling at Liu Jing and felt a little unease. She made a cold snort and said :"If you dare spoke any more nonsense, I will...I will..."

    Song Shidao was enlightened and said :"Miss Fu and two young bros please be seated, we shall talk as we dine."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were children after all, being treated respectfully by Song Shidao, their jealousy towards him almost went away. What is more important to them is a table of food in front. They quickly rushed to their seats, completely paying no attention to formalities.

    Song Shidao had more or less understood their characters, so he was not angry at all. He pleasantly lead Fu Junchuo towards her seat, which is between his and Song Lu's. Liu Jing was sitting next to Song Lu, followed by Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling.

    As they were all seated, two men standing moved forward to pour wine for them.

    Fu Junchuo said :"I dont drink, neither do they."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling had been eager to tried the decent wine, hearing this their faces were immediately covered by disappointment.

    Fu Junchuo was slightly amused, having finally venged these two naughty imps.

    Song Lu smiled and proposed, "Then we shall not drink, do you have problems with that, Xiao Jing?"

    Liu Jing laughed and said, "Not at all, but it seems the boys do have some problems with that."

    "A great man can always adapt to situations, it really doesn't matter to drink or not." Kou Zhong proudly answered, thrusting his chest forward.

    The Songs are experienced adults, of course they knew Kou Zhong was just pretending, yet they did not point out and went on to another topic.

    Song Lu was apparently an expert on food. He casually introduced the dishes and talked about the art of cooking as they ate. Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling who had been suffering from starvation were deeply impressed, meanwhile they didn't hesitate to sweep across the table, taking any food as much and fast as they could.

    Fu Junchuo was not interested in the food at all. She took in some vegetables before laying down the chopsticks, her jade face as still as water, her beauty resembling that of the Goddess Guanyin.

    Song Shidao loved her more and more as he watched, but what Song Lu hinted was sticking like a sting in his heart. Because intermarriage with people outside of Han is strictly forbidden in his family, he could forget about her unless he decided to betray his family.

    On the other hand, Liu Jing smiled as she interestingly watched the two boys eradicating everything in a slightly awful manner, while she picked food for them from time to time, serving at her best.

    After the servants had tidied up table, Song Lu served tea to them personally.

    "I wonder if Miss Fu is familiar with central plains?" Realizing that Fu Junchuo wasn't interested in food, Song Lu changed the topic.

    Song Shidao became a little nervous, knowing that Song Lu was trying to confirm her identity as a foreigner so as to warn him.

    Fu Junchuo answered calmly :"How can Mister Song conclude only from the style of my sword that I'm from abroad?"

    Song Shidao's eye were lit again.

    "Please forgive my imperence. Have you heard of the Jade of He?" Song Lu asked.

    He is indeed a sly fox, to use another question to test Fu Junchuo.

    Kou Zhong raised his hand and answered :"I know! King Zhaoxiang of Qin promised to offer 15 cities to Zhao in exchange for this royal treasure. The king of Zhao sent Lin Xiangru with the jade to Qin for this deal. The stupid Lin Xiangru threatened to destroy the jade when Qin wanted to break the promise, fortunately the king of Qin was even more stupid to let him go. So he returned the jade to Zhao, this story is later known as 'Returning the jade intact to Zhao'."

    Everybody was amused by the funny way he talked, and Liu Jing was laughing hard as she asked, "So what happened to the jade afterwards?"

    Fu Junchuo was grateful towards Kou Zhong. She knew Kou Zhong answered that question for her because he's afraid it would reveal her identity, if she couldn't come up with a satisfying answer; at the same time, she was also amazed that her "son" had such quick wits.

    Fortunately Kou Zhong had heard the "Returning the Jade intact to Zhao" tale from Master Bai before, but unfortunately that's all he knew about the jade.

    "Heaven knows."He said in embarassment.

    Liu Jing was laughing even harder now, throwing herself into Song Lu's arms, which makes her even more alluring.

    Song Lu was pleased that this young boy had delighted his concubine, so for a moment he forgot to question Fu Junchuo.

    "This jade ended up in the hands of Qinshihuang, who ordered Li Si to write 8 characters 'Having received the Mandate from Heaven, Lead a long and prosperous life.' and had them carved into the jade. Thus the Jade of He becomes the Jade Seal fo He."

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling both revealed a look of realization.

    Song Shidao was afraid that Song Lu might question Fu Junchuo agained, so he quickly continued, "When Liu Bang - Emperor Gaozu of Han - overthrew Qin Dynasty, King Ziying of Qin gave away the seal to Liu Bang as a tribute. Liu Bang named it the Imperial Seal, since then the jade had become a symbol of the rise of a dynasty. Later on when Wang Mang intended to upsurp the throne, he sent his brother Wang Shun to obtain the jade from the then Emperess Dowager Xiaoyuan. The empress dowager was so angry that she threw the jade seal onto the ground, damaging a corner of it. Wang Mang had a artisan mend the corner with a piece of pure gold, thus the jade gained yet another name 'Jade with Golden Corner'."

    Kou Zhong laughed and said, "This story must be fake, if the jade was thrown onto the ground, it should've ended up in pieces."

    "Mister Kou, your logic is quite right but the story isn't fake. That jade wasn't a ordinary one. Long ago, a man named Bian He was cutting wood in Mount Jing when he found a pheonix sitting atop a green stone. It was said that 'Phoenix doesn't land on treasure-less land', so he infered that this must be a precious stone. He offered the stone to the then King Li of Chu, but all royal artisans that inspected the stone said it was only an ordinary one. The king was furious and ordered to chop off Bian's left foot and chased him out. But Bian didn't give up. When King Wu succeeded the throne Bian presented the stone to him, only to have his other foot chopped off. When King Wen succeeded the throne, he heard of Bian's story and ordered the stone to be carried into the palace. After careful inspection and splitting open the stone, they found a flawless and shiny piece of jade unparalleled by any other jewelries in the world. The jade was then named after Bian He in memorial of his dedication."

    "If it was ordinary jade, those royal artisans would've regconized it. Besides, no other jadestone was ever discovered around Mount Jing, so it make sense that nobody regconizes this special treasure. That it was only partially damaged when thrown to the ground is indeed a rare property."

    Now even Fu Junchuo was interested. "So what is this Jade of He actually?" She asked.

    Song Shidao was delighted :"It goes for generations in my family that this jade is actually a divine stone from heaven, and that it contains a shattering secret. However, no one knew what that secret is about."

    Liu Jing smiled and said, "It was passed to Emporer Shao of late Han before it suddenly vanished from historical record. During the Three Kingdoms period, Shun Jian, who was then magistrate of Changhe, found a well which radiated strange lights when he was patroling the city. He ordered his men to search the well. They found a dead palace maid who had a red box hanging around her neck, the thing inside the box turned out to be the Jade of He. Later on Shun Jian was killed on battlefield, the jade somehow got into Cao Cao's hands and was passed down until Sui. Emporer Yang Jian of Sui searched thoroughly in the ruined palace of Southern Chen after he conquered the country, but the jade was never found, which he considered the biggest pity of his life."

    Fu Junchuo couldn't help asking :"Why do you guys bring up this topic all of a sudden?"

    Song Shidao was stunned :"Lady being in Jianghu, yet you don't know what's happening."

    Song Lu stroke his beard and said with a smile, "The saying goes, 'The Jade of He and the Hidden Treasures of Yang; Obtain either one to conquer the world.' Now that the land is beset by conflicts, every able man has the ambition of becoming an emporer, these two things are inevitably pursued by everyone. Recently it's said that the Jade of He made an appearance in Luoyang, whoever has a high regard of himself would like to try his luck, we are no exception. After our business in Sichuan is done, we'll set off for Luoyang and uncover the fate of our clan."

    This Song Lu has a very comforting demeanor that no matter how bold his word sounds, it's always pleasant to hear.

    "If this is true, Xiao Ling and I shall go and try our luck too. Haha!"Kou Zhong said, his eyes glinting.

    A cold light flashed across Fu Junchuo's eyes. She shot Kou Zhong an angry look and said, "Such ignorance! How can you even think of that? I'll never allow you to go to Luoyang. If you dare bring up this idea once I...I will not talk to you any more."

    Song Lu and the rest were still unsure of their relationship, yet they knew Fu Junchuo do care these boys, despite her harsh attitude towards them.

    "Miss Fu is right, this is not for fun. Moreover, the Jade of He involved the most mysterious sect of martial realm. This sect sends disciples out only once every decades, so it becomes more mysterious." Song Shidao said in a soft tone.

    "What is this sect actually?"Fu Junchuo asked curiously.

    Song Lu answered, "You asked the right person, Miss Fu, others might never heard of its name." Kou and Xu's curiosity was aroused, so they listened carefully.

    Song Shidao said :"It is called Monastery of Cihang. This sect held an esteemed status in Taoism realm across centuries, but every person who knows the whereabouts of this sect refuses to talk about it. Therefore, even we had made heavy investigation on this sect because of its involvement in the jade, we still got little information. All we know is that people in this monastery are all females cultivating the Way of Heaven. Rumor has it that the top martial expert of Taoism realm, Ning Daoqi the Reverend Shan had once sneaked into the monastery and confronted the abbot. The abbot then let him view their most treasured tome "Sword Manual of Cihang". Ning Daoqi had not even finished reading it before vomiting blood and getting seriously injured. Not many people knew about this so it's not widely spread yet."

    Kou Zhong patted on Xu Ziling's shoulder and sighed, "That is a real secret manual!"Of course only Fu and Xu understood what he meant.

    "When you learn more and more, you know there is always someone better than you; hence you will feel the smallness of yourself and will not be full of conceit any more."

    Xu Ziling was impressed and said, "Mister Song is a man of greatness."

    Song Lu smiled, "You two are extremely talented people, should I come across you a few year earlier, I wouldn't let go."

    Hearing this, their complexion changed, their hearts sinking. Now even Song Lu says the same thing, it seems there's no hope becoming martial experts.

    Fu Junchuo was also sorry for them, but she had made up her mind: no matter how hard it is, she will try her best to train them. She felt warmth inside and spoke :"I'm tired, I want to have some rest."

    Despite his unwillingness, Song Shidao had no choice but to end this banquet.

    Although Kou Zhong would like to ask why the Jade of He is involved with Monastery of Cihang, yet he didn't want to go against Fu Junchuo, moreover he was eager to learn the stance of nine mysteries. So he shut up his mouth and went after Fu Junchuo.

    Inside Fu Junchuo's room, they sat in a triangle with their leg crossed. Moonlight shone through the windows and onto Fu Junchuo's body, making her even more alike to Goddess Guanyin.

    Fu Junchuo's expression was solemn. "Do you know why I save you from that fat minister, and later returned again after we departed in Danyang?"

    Kou Zhong noticed her serious expression and dare not make jokes any more. Instead he answered, "Is it because mum really cares about us?"

    Fu Junchuo let out a sigh, "Correct. We Gaoli had a spy under cover as one of Yuwen Huaji's followers, after I sent you guys to Bei Po Town, I secretly contacted him for the condition of Yuwen Huaji's injury."

    Xu Ziling gladly asked, "Yuwen Huaji was also injured?"

    "Of course. My stance of nine mysteries is no ordinary skill, how could one harm me without getting injured. But he just meditated for four hours and then recovered, which means he is slightly more potent than me. And I got that he would hunt you down no matter what for the Secrets of Immortality, so I returned to save you. How could I bear if the tyrant succeeded to lengthen his life." She said proudly.

    "Mum you could just take away the tome, bury it somewhere and be done with it, better than bringing heavy baggage like us around!" Kou Zhong said.

    "I don't feel like doing heartless things."She replied.

    Xu Ziling was deeply moved and asked, "Then why did you leave us in Danyan?"

    Fu Junchuo sighed. "And I rejoined you eventually. I have no idea why I want to treat you so well. Originally I wanted to send you to Danyang, give you some money and leave, but thinking more deeply that Yuwen Huaji could utilize the government's power so in the end you cannot escape, I don't want to see that. You think I like that Song Shidao? Of course not. I was long determined to die for my country, how would I want to involve in love between man and woman. I just intended to take his ship and bring you out of danger. When the ship reaches the next port, we shall leave for reble-controlled area where you will be safe from Yuwen Huaji."

    "Let's destroy the tome so that even if Yuwen Huaji catches us he still gets nothing."Kou Zhong said with resolution

    Fu Junchuo and Xu Ziling were both surprised that a greedy person like him would make such sacrifice.

    Fu Junchuo nodded in compliment. "I'm happy with what you said just now, but the situation is not that grim yet. I will teach you how to meditate, but before that you have to make a promise. You promise that you will not go out into Jianghu until reaching the first level, otherwise you must find a village far from battles and live your life peacefully."

    "Mum, you are really nice to us."Xu Ziling cried out, his eyes red.

    "Even my real mother would not be so kind."Kou Zhong was also deeply moved.

    They quickly made their promises.

    After telling them to close their palms in front of their chests, Fu Junchuo said, "Before you start, first clear your mind of any thoughts. Then you sit crosslegged, with left leg outside and right leg inside. Your left thumb touches the middle finger in a circle, and right thumb crossing through that circle into another circle. This posture is called meridean circle of nine mysteries."

    Xu Ziling was a little unsure about it and asked :"Didn't mum tell us before that we shall focus on mind rather than body? Why there are so many resitrictions for this body posture."

    Fu Junchuo was dumbfounded for a while. "If you really succeeded in practicing, you would become invincible martial experts who can develop your own techniques. I never place any doubts to what I was taught like you do, if you manage to come up with other posture you may try it. But you must follow the cultivation method." She sighed.

    Kou Zhong was amazed."Mum is open-minded, the teachers in Shi Long Academy never teaches like that."

    After that Fu Junchuo detailed the eight main channels and major acupoints of human body and demonstrated on their bodies. When they finally finished memorizing, it was already deep into the night.

    Suddenly the ship slowed down, hoofbeats could be heard coming from one bank of the river.

    Their expression changed immediately.

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    A nice novel! Thanks xlandhenry!

    I like the relation between the girl and the children! the first of this kind in wuxia novels!

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    Chapter 8 finished!
    Book 1 Chapter 8 An Overwhelming Sorrow

    From the right bank of the river came Yuwen Huaji's vibrant voices. "May I know who from the Song Clan is in charge here? Please anchor closer to the bank and let me pay my respects."

    Inside the cabin, Fu Junchuo and the two boys exchanged their glances. None of them had anticipated Yuwen Huaji would catch up so soon.

    But the four ships moved towards the opposite bank instead, for fear that Yuwen Huaji might glide to the ship or use arrows to attack.

    Song Lu's laughter rose from the fore, "How's Lord Yuwen lately? You have Song Lu's greetings here."

    "So it's brother Song with silver beard and silver dragon staff, then things become much simpler. Brother Song please order your ships to pull over before I explain my business to you." Yuwen Huaji said, while steering his horse to catch up with the ships.

    Song Lu let out a big laughter and said, "Lord Yuwen must be kidding. So many martial experts from the capital city suddenly arrived during midnight and my ships are full of cargo, if you were in my situation, isn't it reasonable to ask for your intention first, just for safety concerns?"

    Yuwen Huaji was a sophisticated person so naturally he wasn't angry at all. He gladly replied :"Well, I am under royal order to pursue three criminals, someone said that fourth master had paid for their bills in Danyang and invited them to board the ships, I wonder if this is true?"

    "Of course somebody had made up these nonsense. Would Lord Yuwen please return and inform his Majesty, if I Song Lu saw these criminals, I would arrest them and escort them to the capital city personally. It's late now, I have to sleep." Song Lu answered.

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling didn't expect Song Lu to be so righteous that he rejected Yuwen Huaji's request without hesitation. He didn't even question whether the criminals are male or female, from which one would know he held no respect to Yuwen Huaji.

    Such man can certainly be called a hero.

    Yuwen Huaji gave a long laughter and said, "Since Brother Song is really a straight-forward person, then I shall also be frank to you. Brother Song might have some pleasure now, but you must mind the dire consequences. This official can blame everything on your clan, and when his Majesty is enraged, I'm afraid even Brother Song will have a hard time."

    Song Lu said, "Lord Yuwen, you always like to exaggerate, but you forget that everyone has his own mouth. When you blame this on my family, surely there will be different voices. Your thinking seems to have a flaw here."

    Hearing this, Yuwen Huaji became seemingly happy and laughed, "Well, then I shall not hurry back yet. I will wait for Brother Song at the Howling Ghost Gorges ahead, where the river is narrower so that we don’t have to yell at each other."

    Just as Kou and Xu's expression changed again, Fu Junchuo stood up and said, "I have got enough kindness from Han people, we shall not implicate them any more. Let's go."

    They had not heard Song Lu's reply before being lifted up by Fu Junchuo and breaking through the window, gliding across the 4-zhang wide water surface like a bird, then landing on the left bank of the river.

    The moment they heard Song Lu's exclamation and Yuwen Huaji's furious roar, the three had already disappeared into the wilderness. As the winds swished through their ears, Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling who were carried by Fu Junchuo began leaping amongst the trees as if they were flying in the clouds. Not before long did they cover ten odd miles, where they started climbing up a hill, and when Fu Junchuo finally lay them down, they were already on the top of the hill, where gusts of wind blew by, making their jaws tremble with cold.

    Fu Junchuo looked around and led the boys to hide in a shallow cave where they could shelter themselves from the cold breeze.

    Kou Zhong was relieved and said, "What a narrow escape! Fortunately the river will stop Yuwen Huaji from chasing us."

    Fu Junchuo sighed. "Others might not be capable, but Yuwen Huaji could cross the river easily, with just a single tree branch. You're really ignorant."

    Xu Ziling was frightened. "Then we should run!"

    Fu Junchuo sat down with her leg crossed, smiling bitterly. "If I got to the 9th level I would continue running with you, but this is as far as I could go."

    Kou Zhong asked, "But even if Yuwen Huaji crossed the river, he shouldn't know where we are?"

    Fu Junchuo answered calmly, "Someone formidable as him would have extraordinary senses, the traces and smell that we left behind is enough to guide him here. Don't talk to me any more, I will try to recover before he arrives, then we shall fight, to death.

    She closed her eyes and began to meditate.

    The boys sat down dispiritedly without saying anything, for fear of disturbing their mum.

    Time was passing little by little, yet they could do nothing but wait anxiously.

    Suddenly Fu Junchuo stood up, she whispered, "He's coming, alone."

    The boys also stood up with her.

    "Forget about the book, let's just give it away." Kou Zhong said with a trembling voice.

    Fu Junchuo turned around and scolded, "How could you even think of that, are you a man?"

    "He's just worrying for you." Xu Ziling said pitifully.

    The jade moon shone upon her. She heaved a sigh, then smiled. "Xiao Zhong, please don't blame it on mum, I've got used to scolding you!"

    Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling were both startled. In other situation, they would only be happy if Fu Junchuo refer herself as mum, but now they felt something terribly wrong.

    Fu Junchuo said quietly, "No matter what happens later, do not leave the cave, mum will get you out of danger, be sure of that."

    From outside came Yuwen Huaji's voice, "Lady, you're foolish to have exposed your whereabouts, just to save these two kids. You have disguised as palace maid twice, trying to assassinate his Majesty, yet we could not even catch a hair of yours. If not for them, I Yuwen Huaji will have to eat dust before catching up with your excellent Qinggong."

    Kou and Xu were startled to realize that their mum had tried to assassinate Yang Guang. And that she had made big sacrifice for them, otherwise, with her outstanding Qinggong, how could Yuwen Huaji catch up with her.

    Fu Junchuo stood in the misty moonlight with a solemn expression, her hand resting on sword hilt. "Yuwen Huaji, have you come here alone? Aren't you afraid of the blade in my hand?" She said coldly.

    Yuwen Huaji laughed and said, "Your swordplay is amazing, but we both know its true capabilities. If you want to kill me, you'd better be quick, or else when my subordinate arrive, you won’t have any chances."

    "Yuwen Huaji, since you're seeking death so eagerly, then let me fulfill your wish!"Fu Junchuo said cynically.

    Within a blink, Fu Junchuo had already flew away from where she stood. Then the clashing of multiple Qi energies began to sound non-stop.

    Anxious at what happened, they stuck their heads out a little to watch. They saw in the that Yuwen Huaji was standing straight upon a giant rock, while Fu Junchuo had transformed into a gust of ghostly wind, attacking Yuwen Huaji from all directions. Her sword dispersed into thousands of blade shadows, sweeping fiercely towards her opponent like tidal waves.

    Yuwen Huaji had a serious expression on his face. He utilized his hands to punch or claw, giving a swift kick occasionally, defensing himself from Fu Junchuo's formidable attacks like playing magic tricks. They could swear that they will never forget his face.

    Although they were about 7 zhang away, yet the strong air currents raised by clashing energies could still hurt their skin, making them unable to keep their eyes open. They couldn't bear anymore and retreated back to the cave.

    When they stuck their heads out again, what they saw was a different scene.

    Fu Junchuo was floating above Yuwen Huaji, using techniques that are much more sinister to attack without defense. On the other hand, Yuwen Huaji was only defensing, apparently at a disadvantage.

    This time it was even more unbearable, they just took a few glimpses before hiding back.

    Just at that moment, they heard a furious roar of Yuwen Huaji and Fu Junchuo's groan. They couldn’t help coming out of the cave to have a look, when they saw a white figure flying towards them. They had barely understood what happened before being lifted up by Fu Junchuo and running down the hill.

    They were delighted as they knew Yuwen Huaji was beaten once again by their formidable mum.

    Carrying them, Fu Junchuo ran like mad in the wilderness without saying a word until dawn, when they came to a valley where she finally laid them down.

    The two boys got up with their almost numb bodies, only to see Fu Junchuo lying on the ground, her face pale as dead.

    They were shocked and hurriedly rushed besides her, crying. "Mum, you're injured."

    Revealing a gentle smile, Fu Junchuo hugged them closely with her arms around their shoulders, laying their heads on her chest, and said lovingly :"My dear sons, Yuwen Huaji is seriously injured, he has to find a place to tend to his injuries immediately and he will not fully recover until after half a year. So eventually, I save you!"

    They both yelled at the same time, "Mum, you should quickly heal yourself first!"

    "I would like to spend my lifetime training you to become successful people, watching you as you get married and have your own children but...I never like Han people before, however when I see you two, I forget all the hatred between our people and treat you as my own sons. I stabbed Yuwen Huaji with all my power just now, but also got a punch from him. His Mystic Ice Energy really lives up to its reputation, and Yuwen Huaji is the second highest martial expert in his clan. My life essence had depleted, even if my mentor comes personally, he would not be able to heal me. Bury me here and go, I always enjoy loneliness so don't come back to visit me."

    They couldn't hold their tears anymore and burst out crying while hugging her tightly. Fu Junchuo's lapel soon became drenched by their tears.

    "As you know, I was from Gaoli. My mission here is actually to kill Yang Guang, so that his army cannot invade my country any more. Yet there are many martial experts in the palace, so I could only escape with my Qinggong. Later I decided to use the jewlry which I took from Hidden Treasure of Yang to incite conflicts between several Han factions, and then I met you two."

    Now they only cared about Fu Junchuo's life, even the Hidden Treasure of Yang meant nothing to them.

    Stroking their hair lovingly, Fu Junchuo continued, "A spy of us got information that Yuwen Huaji has been looking for Shi Long, so I went for him, where I met you my dear sons...I could not hold on anymore...There is much to tell you, but I know I won't have the chance...It is said that a dying person has deeper insight, and I felt that my sons would become extraordinary people in the future, don't let me down!"

    They lifted their heads and cried sadly, "Mum, how could you leave us like this?"

    "Oh, and the Hidden Treasure of Yang is … Yuema Bridge ..of the Capital City..." was her last words.

    Her voice suddenly went off, as this beauty finally passed away at her blooming age.

    They hugged the body of their closest friend and relative, crying like mad.

    They used her sword to cut off the wood around and make a coffin, then buried her at a grove inside the valley, with her sword beside her.

    Feeling deeply attached to Fu Junchuo, and knowing there's no hope of avenging her death, they were driven by their agony and settled down near the tomb. Living in seclusion, they felt no interest in the outside world, reputation and wealth and the like.

    Even the most talkative Kou Zhong became silent. They made simple tools, bows and harpoons, hunting wild animals for food. They even bury their clothes together with their money, wearing shorts only, living the most primitive life.

    Fortunately it was in early summer when the weather is hot, and thanks to their good constitution, they didn't get ill.

    At night they slept next to the tomb, where the Secrets of Immortallity was laid under the stone, neither boy had any interest to touch it.

    Fu Junchuo had taught them the cultivation method of Nine Mysteries, but she had yet to teach them how to direct Qi before Yuwen Huaji came. Therefore they only knew the very basics of cultivation, as for how to begin they still had no idea.

    This night, it was cold because of a heavy rain. They huddled against each other, sadness suddenly welled up in their hearts as they thought about Fu Junchuo. They started whimpering secretly.

    Feeling extremely cold, Kou Zhong pushed Xu Ziling up and said in a trembling voice, "Sooner or later, we will get ill, how could we fulfill our mum's expectation then?"

    This is the first conversation they started since Fu Junchuo's death a few days ago.

    Xu Ziling was also struggling against the coldness. "What stupid idea do you have this time?"He asked hoarsely.

    Kou Zhong smiled bitterly, "If we hadn't bury the sword, we could at least build a wooden tent."

    Xu Ziling replied, "We shouldn't disturb mum's peacefulness, even if we are to die from the cold."

    Kou Zhong nodded in agreement, "You're right. But why not try the meditation method? Martial experts are supposedly resistant to hotness and coldness.

    "But how do we start?"Xu Ziling asked in disappointment.

    Kou Zhong was struck speechless. Helpless, he hugged Xu Ziling with his arms, enduring the cold together until dawn.

    The next morning the sun finally came out of hiding and gave them back their vitality. Unfortunately, none of the bigger fish in the streams was left for them to catch, and animals seemed to realize the danger, completely vanishing from the valley. They had no choice but to go out of the valley to look for food.

    They brought their bow and arrows and left the valley. Along the path there were wild flowers and fragrant grass, farther away they saw not a single person but green hills surrounding and were slightly enlightened, their agony inside lessened.

    They searched along the foothills for preys. Luckily, they hunted down a hare soon and returned to the valley.

    Xu Ziling was a little heated up so he went bathing in the stream. When he came back, he saw Kou Zhong had taken out the Secrets of Immortality from under the stone and reading it. Thinking that Fu Junchuo wouldn't die if not for this damn book, he couldn't help staring at Kou Zhong angrily.

    Kou Zhong waved him to come over and said, "Don't be mad at me, I'm just doing what mum wished us to do, to live a life. These graphic figures may not be some formidable cultivation method, nevertheless they are at least some healthy practices. We don't understand these strange scripts, but we can follow the dotted lines to direct our Qi using the method that mum taught us. If we do make some progress, we can survive the bitter coldness like yesterday."

    Before Xu Ziling could object, Kou Zhong hurled the book straight at his face. Xu Ziling took the book, which randomly turns to a page of a sleeping figure.

    When they saw it the first time, they had no idea about the channels and acupoints yet, so the figures made no sense to them. Reading it now, this figure became more comprehensive. All of a sudden he was attracted and kept on reading it.

    Kou Zhong yelled at him, "The sixth figure is the most useful one, better study it first before looking at the others."

    Xu Ziling turned it over and realized he was looking at the last figure. He turned back to the sixth figure, which he felt not so comprehensive as the seventh, thus he decided to study the last figure anyway.

    From this day on, besides hunting and sleeping, they spent the rest of time following the figures in meditation, living carefree and primitive lives in the valley.

    The sadness in their mind lessened day by day, as they found something to put their focus on.

    Unconsciously, they entered the mind-state required in meditation, which is free of all thoughts.

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    Thank you xlandhenry.. please continue your great effort to translate this amazing novel

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    Book 1 looks like a prologue. I guess most of the early characters would have died by the time our brothers become the Twin Dragons. Sorry, no idea what the plot is, never watched the TVB.

    Oh, and many thanks, Xlandhenry!
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    I guess you're right. Huang Yi likes to introduce a lot of characters and kill them off

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    Ah ... False alarm
    I thought it was a speedy update ...

    Well,,, thanks for translating this story xlandhendry ...

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