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Thread: Wuxia "tropes"

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    Default Wuxia "tropes"

    I don't know if anybody visits the site, but there is a surprisingly large amount of information under Jin Yong. I haven't checked out the Gu Long part yet, but it really makes me wonder who they have working on that site to get such a huge amount of information on so many topics.

    It's a fun read, even though the topics are more mundane than the ones we usually discuss here.

    Edit: Beware, if you've never been to the site before, it sucks up more of your time than Wikipedia and Facebook combined !
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    Good find. I also wonder who wrote it and whom it was written for? The target audience almost seems to be *us* (e.g. readers of SPCNET Forums and Wuxiaworld Forums). The English-speaking demographic that mostly serves doesn't generally know much about Jin Yong and Gu Long wuxia, and the rest of wuxia fans do their wuxia discussions in Chinese.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the writer of that particular page is one of our own forum members (no, it isn't me).

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    The tropes they wrote about are also not the ones I'd expect. Lots of references to Yue Buqun's moral actions, crazy Ah Zi, and much less about stuff I'd have expected -- like Dugu Qiubai (mysterious badass, lost technology, macguffin, etc).

    The person/people who write it definitely delve quite deeply into wuxia, and not just quick adaption viewings.

    I was also going to ask if the person who wrote it was on our forum, but I figured they would have brought it up by now if they were

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    Great find. Kept a smile on my face right to the end.

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    Great find. Will check it out more extensively later. Seem like an interesting site.
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