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Thread: Jacky, you suck!!

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    Default Jacky, you suck!!

    Just finished watching The Myth and almost did not even want to watch it at all after ShuShu died! Why, Jacky, why???? Jinsha should have been The Myth girl! Waaaaa!!!

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    Please post this under 'Random Thoughts' thread. There's nothing further we may discuss about how sucky is Jacky.
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    This is the movie with the Korean actress? Her name slips my mind. Never watched it but I like the song that she and Jackie sang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by remember_Cedric View Post
    There's nothing further we may discuss about how sucky is Jacky.
    we can't?
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    I was wondering how anyone could say that Jacky sucked, until I Read and realised you were talking about Jackie. Wasn't really his fault that she refused to follow him out, though, was it?

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