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Thread: Moving to another country for work

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    Default Moving to another country for work

    Anyone ever moved to another country to work?

    What is your experience with it?

    How do you cope with the changes?

    Any tips?

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    I have moved to another country before to work.

    My was hard. Well, fun at first, until you realized you sort of are in it for the long haul.

    It took me a year to adjust. Another year to actually get to where I wanted to be. And then I had to leave. :T

    My tips? Welcome the unbidden. Makes surprises more pleasant and disappointments teachable moments.

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    I just moved a couple of months ago and yes definitely hard... I don't go out unless really necessary. How do I cope? I'm taking my time trying to learn their language, their practices (what not and what not to do).

    But then, even if I learn them, I'd wait for winter before going out... Its too hot here!
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