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Thread: What series are you currently watching?

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    I'm currently watching Inbound Troubles and waiting for new episodes of Criminal Mind, Family Guy, and old Chinese ghost stories.

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    i quite like the following with kevin bacon.
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    Rewatching all the pokemon series

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    I'm currently watching (and obsessed with) Sleepy Hollow. Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are fantastic!

    Am also waiting for VEEP to start its new season . Julia Louis-Dreyfus can do no wrong

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    Da Mo Yao (Sound of the Desert/Legend of Sun & Moon) starring Eddie Peng, Liu Shi Shi, & Hu Ge. I've been watching it since last October. Real life keeps interfering, but my interest has not swayed.

    On the Western end: Gotham.

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    While I was away from the Chinese series, there seem to be a tone made from online fiction. Didn't realise it was a thing till I learnt all these big budget films were from online fiction.

    Just finish ROCH 2014, thinking of starting on Journey of the Flower but might wait for it to finish airing.
    Currently in love with Bae Suzy...for superficial reasons.

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    currently watch =.= too much (my current list)
    The journey of Flower (addict), Mask, I remember You, masked prosecutor, my beautiful bride, the time we are not in love, orange marmalade, hidden identity, high society, scholar who walk at night and some lakorn...
    finish : Detective and doctor, warm and cozy

    But mostly I watch Journey of Flower

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