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Thread: Does anyone know this Chinese series? I can't remember the name!

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    Smile Does anyone know this Chinese series? I can't remember the name!

    It is quite oldish. The story is about a queen who wants to give birth to a son for the king. But after many daughters she gave birth to another daughter. So she told her servant to find her a son. The servant found a baby boy from some poor person. Then the queen had to secretly give up her baby daughter. Before she did that she burned a flower onto the baby's shoulder and sent her down the river in a basket. The baby was rescued and raised by a couple in a village. The girl grew up and became very beautiful and talented and fell in love with the fake prince that the queen bought. They were going to get married and one day the girl fell and her flower became exposed. The queen saw the flower and realised she is her real daughter.

    Can someone please tell me the name of this series? I've been searching for a long time! Thanks!

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    I don't know the chinese name but I think the series you are looking for is called, "The Tattooed Flower." It's with Steve Ma and Vivian Chan.
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