One of my great regrets/failures as moderator of this Wuxia Forum is having not thought about instituting this rule until now. If I had done it years ago as I should have, I think *many* of the conflicts we've had here over the years could have been avoided.

Still, better late than never.

Notice that the title of this forum is the "Wuxia Fiction" Forum, not the "Wuxia Novels" Forum. "Fiction" comes in the form of novels and also the movie, television, comic book, video game, etc., adaptations thereof. Some wuxia fiction, in fact, originated as movies, television series, or comic books, although these are seldom as celebrated as the novels.

For various reasons, different wuxia fans will have their preferences in terms of the format they prefer for their wuxia enjoyment. Some people are novel readers. Others prefer movie or television adaptations because they're Chinese-illiterate or simply prefer watching film/video to reading.

In any case, it's necessary that members here respect others' preferences when it comes to the format in which they consume their wuxia fiction. If you feel that novels are superior to adaptations (or vice-versa), that's your prerogative. What NO ONE will be permitted to do, going forward, is browbeat or rudely treat another member whose preferences are different. This will be conscientiously monitored, and violations will be treated through the same disciplinary procedures as any other kind of personal insults/attacks at these forums.

Just be mindful of this simple rule: you're here to discuss wuxia fiction (in its various forms), not your fellow forum members. Following this simple, undemanding guideline will make a better forum experience for everyone.