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Watching the Sky 《守望的天空》
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Thread: Watching the Sky 《守望的天空》

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    Default Watching the Sky 《守望的天空》

    Watching the Sky

    Li Qin (李沁) as Yuan Xin (袁心) / Pu Tao "Grape" (葡萄)
    Lin Shen (林申) as Muo Li (墨理)
    Zhao Wen Xuan (赵文瑄) as Yuan Wei Guo (袁卫国)
    Li Yan (李艳) as Han Pei Jia (韩佩嘉)
    Zhang Huan (张欢) as Yuan Wang (袁望)
    Kan Qing Zi (阚清子) as Xiao Lu (小露)
    Wang Lin (王琳) as Muo Hui Ya (墨慧雅)
    Sa Ri Na (萨日娜) as Zhang Xiu Ying (张秀英)

    Abandoned by her mother as a child, 23 year old Pu Tao is a self-sufficient young woman who works herself to the bone for a greater future. One day, her dying mother appears on her doorstep with her autistic older brother and younger sister, reopening Pu Tao's wounds of the past - of their father's betrayal, of her brother's illness, of her difficult childhood. As Pu Tao struggles to care for her brother and sister, she begins to learn about love - how to understand, how to forgive, and the true meaning of love.

    Watch legally on Tudou: http://so.tudou.com/nisearch/%E5%AE%...4%A9%E7%A9%BA/

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    Is anybody else watching this amazing drama? It's so wonderful and so full of heart. Granted, it is a bit melo and the directing can get a bit choppy at times (although the setting is just gorgeous!). If you're looking for a cute love story, this is probably not up that alley. Yet it is a love story. The love of parents, of siblings, of people pulled together by a stronger bond than blood. I love this drama.

    Li Qin really shines here and Lin Shen is really, really likeable. It makes me really anticipate 花开半夏. The characters are painted so well - so fraught with their selfish desires and the desire to help others. I think it's the first drama where the poor, hard-working girl (Pu Tao) is prickly and hard to like whereas the rich boy heir (Muo Li) is so likeable. It faces the issues of autism and family without the fairytale and the sparkles, but with sincerity and tons of heart. I think whatever the drama misses, it makes up with heart. I've been marathoning all day, but I thought I'd post up a thread here and let people know about it.

    And I would like to mention how much I love the title - 守望的天空. On one hand it means "Hopefully Watching the Sky" (why is it so hard to translate from Chinese!) which gives us a sense that people are yearning for the sky, for freedom and a wide open future. Yet on the other hand, I think there's a totally different meaning to the title. The main character Pu Tao (葡萄 - which literally means Grape) has an autistic brother named Yuan Wang (袁望), so the title could be taken to mean "The Sky that Guards Wang" or in an essence, Pu Tao becomes the sky, the family that protects her brother. It's really, really beautiful.

    It takes a little to get into but boy is it worth it. I really, really recommend this to anyone who has a free week (or even if you don't)!

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    Hey, i've seen some scenes and wanted to see this drama, but the link you send is not available anymore, so i wanted to ask you if you know other platforms to see this drama (possible with english sub (english is my second language) ). If not, i would be happy about a reply.

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