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Thread: Jacqueline Law passed away at 45 from pancreatic cancer (1966-2012)

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    Default Jacqueline Law passed away at 45 from pancreatic cancer (1966-2012)

    Jacqueline Law passed away at 45 from pancreatic cancer (1966-2012)

    According to news from Singapore, Jacqueline Law, who had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, passed away this morning (6/30th) at 4am in her home in Singapore. She was 45. This morning, Jacqueline's stepson met Singaporean reporters and confirmed the death of his stepmother and admits that she passed away at home. He reveals he and his family are currently preparing for the funeral to occur on July 4th, but his father (Lau Chi Man) expressed he's unwilling to reveal any further details and urges everyone to stay tuned for the obituary.

    Jacqueline joined TVB in the 80s, and was given many opportunities at the time. She rose to fame after collaborating in the series The Final Combat with Stephen Chow. The two also had a 3 year underground relationship, but unfortunately it did not blossom. In 1997, due to the financial crisis, Jacqueline loses all her assets and that following year, her father passed away. When she and a friend went scuba diving, she came back partially deaf in her left ear and her right ear only had 20% hearing ability. She had a bumpy ride in life, which led to her depression.

    In 2008, Jacqueline married wealthy businessman (Lau Chi Man) in Singapore and lived a wealthy life. She would just guest star in films and TV series from time to time. Recently, she was diagnosed with cancer and was often seen at the hospital. Chemotherapy rapidly dropped her weight down to 80 pounds. April 2012, at her stepson's wedding, Jacqueline carefully dressed for the occasion, but we all couldn't believe that this would be her last public appearance. Earlier this month, it was rumored Jacqueline passed away, it was said her condition worsen and that the pancreatic cancer already spread to her abdominal, kidney and liver. Today's news of Jacqueline's passing is just grieving.

    Felix Wong collaborated with Jacqueline in TV series before. He said with grief: "The most memorable was in 1992, when I went to Taiwan with her and Kathy Chow for shooting. That time it was our first time shooting in Taiwan, we mutually supported each other!" He also praises that Jacqueline is an optimistic person and its such a pity that she's gone. RIP.


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    Oh no! This is terrible news! Jacqueline was always so optomistic in life . But I am glad that her family has been by her side in her ill health. I hope she will be at peace with God in heaven.

    RIP Jacqueline. We will remember her sprightly appearance on screen forever.
    "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
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    RIP Jacqueline. You were such as great actress.

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    RIP, Jacqueline. I remember watching you in that drama with Stephen Chow, and have always liked your acting. Loved your bright personality. You'll be missed


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    She was a good actress indeed. Liked all of her roles. Sad she is gone but glad she doesn't have to suffer anymore.

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