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    Default Rescue 995

    MediaCorp - Rescue 995 (2012)

    Jeanette Aw - Shi Haoran
    Yvonne Lim - Xu Wenqian
    Tay Ping Hui - Huang Yixun
    Pierre Png - Shi Zeming
    Ng Hui - Cai Jieyi
    Huang Wenyong - Ke Dashan
    Zhu Haoren - Shi Xinguo
    Hong Huifang -Zhong Lingfeng
    Ben Yeo - Nimo

    "Some people say that the ambulance paramedic's job is the toughest in having to deal with accident victims or critically ill patients. Paramedics do not draw attention to themselves but carry out their work in quiet efficiency, always at the frontline of life-saving work to re-ignite the light of life for those on the brink of death. The serial explores the lives of several paramedics on the home front and in the work place as they go about their jobs.

    In the course of saving a pregnant woman and a young man suffering from head injuries, Shi Haoran (Jeanette Aw) and Xu Wenqian (Yvonne Lim) realised that it is their first day of work with the ambulance team. Haoran's father Shi Xinguo (Zhu Houren) is a cardiac specialist who wants his daughter to study medicine. Their relationship is strained when she chooses to be a paramedic instead. Caught in the crossfire is Zhong Lingfeng (Hong Huifang), Haoran's mother and a TCM practitioner. Haoran does not desire acknowledgements or accolades from her achievements but rejoices over the lives she saves. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine, she inevitably oversteps the boundary of a paramedic..." - Wikipedia


    I really like this show because of Yvonne Lim, Pierre Png and Ben Yeo. I just thought that it sucks to be Wenqian because of how her family treats her with the exception of her youngest brother. Wenqian's grandma is horrible and I want to slap her so many times so I guess the actress who played the grandma is really good at doing her job. Ben played the role Nimo and his character is extremely hilarious. The show would be too dramatic without Nimo. I also thought the finale was a bit rushed because they didn't bring back all of the characters and telling what had happened to them. Overall, I thought it's a great show.
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    The show is not bad.

    To me, it has a more down-to-earth feel than that advertisement for the police that came out last year.

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