hi, everyone..i've been looking for an old singaporean series.. but honestly i'm not sure its singaporean...:-p

actually i don't remember much about the series but i love the opening song so i've been looking the series too, for nostalgic also

also i don't understand chinese even though i'm chinese so i can't write the song lyric well..

but maybe part of the lyric is about like this ( i don't understand pin yin so just read it normally)

"ming cuo ce mei wo cing cing tuo ce tan cing wo de ai ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? "

and the main female character name is tan cing and if i'm not mistaken she take the role as movie star in that series and have a relationship with rich business man... and if i'm not mistaken she has a twin... can't remember well.. my memory is quite blurry...

anyway the song is often played too...

i'll be waiting for your help