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Thread: Kara Hui's brother Austin Wai found dead in his Beijing home, he was 55

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    Default Kara Hui's brother Austin Wai found dead in his Beijing home, he was 55

    Kara Hui's brother Austin Wai found dead in his Beijing home, he was 55
    Martial arts star, Austin Wai Tin Chi, passed away in Beijing on October 4th at the age of 55. He recently moved to Beijing and last night, there was news of his death. His younger sister, Kara Hui sorrowfully confirmed the news. She hurried and flew to Beijing to bring her brother's body back to HK. The funeral arrangements will also be held in HK.

    Kara reveals she couldn't get in touch with her brother for several days. Last night, Austin's manager discovered that he had passed away in his home in Beijing. The cause of his death is currently unknown. Austin's ex-wife was notified of his death, she signed and said life is unpredictable. Although the two have been separated for nearly 10 years, but she will allow their 16 year old son to be filial to him.

    Austin was a popular martial arts star in the 70s and 80s. He was active in both the film and TV industries. Recently he moved to Beijing and rarely appeared in HK. Last night at 7:30pm, Kara announced the bad news on Weibo. She expressed in sorrow: "I am feeling very very sad. My brother, RIP. You will definitely leave well. I miss you!"

    Kara accepted an interview over the phone and expressed because she has been unable to reach her brother in the last several days, she was extremely worried. Yesterday she contacted Austin's manager, the manager said once he opened the door to his home, he found Austin's body lying there. Kara immediately called the police. As she was in Hangzhou at the time, she immediately flew to Beijing to find out what was happening because they did not have any family in Beijing.

    The last time we heard from Austin was on September 21st, he left a message on Weibo expressing he's health condition is not doing well. His final words were: "It's not that I don't want to update my Weibo, recently my health isn't well. First it was my arthritis pain, I went to see the doctor a month ago and now I have lots of mucus in my coughs. I had trouble breathing. I had done many physicals and still nothing is good. Later I went to the pharmacy to get medicine for 5 days, after the second day, I got a lot better. Troubling me to death."



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    That's terrible, he was a memorable actor in the oldie 80s martial arts dramas.

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    He was a great martial artist. I like him a lot. He was so cool in The Foundation, The Wild Bunch, and many many more. RIP.

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    Aw man, not him! This guy was cool. His *acting* wasn't among the best, but his martial arts moves were slick and crisp...truly a talented wushu performer.

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    RIP, Austin. I remember watching you in quite a number of 80s wuxia dramas. You'll be sorely missed.


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    I am currently rewatching LOCH '83 and nearing his scenes. This news is a shock. He's always had this cool aura about him. RIP.

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    OH my goodness! How terrible!

    I just finished rewatching Michael Miu's version of Chor Lau Heung and he was the awesomely bad *** yet still somewhat romantic hero in the role. He looked quite handsome.
    I like me.

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    Oh no! I didn't know Kara was younger than him. But sad to see him gone! His acting was not great and I think the last work I've seen him in was ATV's 1995 Justice Pao series. 55 years old is still too young to die.
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    It's very sad, I remember seeing him in Chor Lau Hueng 1984 & a few other roles. He always has that cool/emotionless attitude in all his series. He must've gotten some bad meds for his arthritis... I heard you can get pain killers that are banned in HK & most western countries in China.. Though, he could've gotten those "safe" arthritis injections that are available in the US & contracted meningitis, instead...

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    This is so, so sad! OMG, 55 is so young. I loved practically all his roles in the 80s. I think he was in a few 90s series as well. He had this silent, cool presence and his moves were always a joy to watch. Last role I saw him in was 2005 Sha Po Lang SPL. He had a small role and I hardly recognized him.

    RIP Austin. We will miss you

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