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Thread: Vionn Song passes away

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    Default Vionn Song passes away

    It was reported that 27-year-old mainland actress, Vionn Song, has recently passed away.

    Popular Asians reported that on 3 March, the actress - who starred alongside Bosco Wong and Raymond Lam in "Growing Through Life" passed away in her Guangzhou residence after losing her battle with uterine cancer.
    Actress Zhang Lingzhi broke the news of Vionn's passing on her blog. The actress, who became good friends with the late Vionn after co-starring in the film, "Dancer" together, revealed that Vionn had been sick for a while and underwent chemotherapy twice.

    She stated, "When she first found out about illness, she had the time and opportunity to treat it. But she insisted on completing the shoot and delayed treatment for four months. When she was ready to start the treatment, it was already too late."

    Lingzhi also shared that Vionn was unwavering about completing the shoot in order to make money for her family.
    She continued, "Vionn is an extremely strong girl. The last time I saw her was at my wedding. She was in good spirits at that time, chatting and laughing with the other guests."

    Born in 1985, Vionn Song rose to stardom in 2008's "Dancer" and was well-received for her role in 2010 TVB series, "Growing Through Life". The last film that Vionn starred in was "Looking For North" in 2012.


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    This is sad that she passed away at such a young age. She made a wrong decision that ultimately ended her life. She should have put her health before her career.

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