The 10-year-old girl from China bought a car with her savings and plans to give it to her idol Show Luo at his concert

A 10-year-old fan from China bought a car for her idol Show Luo and threatened to smash the car if he refuses to accept it.

The extreme fan claimed that she saved the red packet money received over the past few years and bought a car worth RMB 100,000 (approximately S$20,000). She plans to give it to Show at his April concert.

She also shared a few photos, including one which shows her wearing sunglasses and sitting on top of the car with a smug expression. In another photo, the girl posed with a huge stack of dollar notes that were displayed on a table and formed a heart shape with her hands.

When the Chinese media brought up the possibility of Show refusing the gift, the girl replied that she will smash it and even claimed, 'I will marry no one but Show when I grow up!'Ě

Her controversial actions and remarks sparked off a wave of criticisms from netizens all around the world.

After hearing the news, Show who is currently spending his holiday in Maldives responded through his manager on Tuesday. 'I hope that she can work hard and focus on her studies. I will definitely reject the gift if I were to receive it,'Ě he said.