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Thread: Chinese / Taiwanese Novel Fan Translations?

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    Default Chinese / Taiwanese Novel Fan Translations?


    I was wondering, since we have such an excellent Wuxia-Fantranslation-Community here, if there are actually more or other novel fan translations (groups) out there?

    There are so few novels being translated officially that I just wonder if something like that exists? And I think Liu Cixin with his "Three Body"-novels are the only ones getting some recognition.

    I especially would love to see some Jiu Badao transalted and someone actually began with Kung Fu but never got far...

    Maybe there is such a thing that Google just refuses to show me :-)

    Thank you.

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    Hi, if you are interested in English Translations of Chinese and Taiwanese novels that aren't exact Wuxiacentric you can try my website. I am translating a few books at the moment at
    (I have two romance novels and one mystery horror currently translated)

    There is actually a pretty active community of non-Wuxiacentric translators working of various novels, you can find them at: (it's a collection of translated novels from various genres, quite a few completed novels)
    or (might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's boys love novels/yaoi novels, and it's another big community)

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