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Thread: Is Hong Kong a good place to look for TVB DVD sets?

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    Default Is Hong Kong a good place to look for TVB DVD sets?

    I'll be going to HK for a holiday sometime mid December, and I was wondering if Hong Kong had a better variety of TVB DVDs than Kuala Lumpur. I recall when I went to Singapore years ago I found some VCD sets which I never saw in KL (e.g. The Romantic Swordsman) - will I have a better chance of finding more old wuxia 80s and 90s serials in Hong Kong on DVD, or are the selections fixed across countries?

    In any case, is there a particularly big and comprehensive DVD store in Hong Kong which I should go to for the best chance of finding good DVDs and audio CDs? I recall visiting one a few years back, on a very high floor of some really high building (it had loooong escalators which must have covered 4-5 storeys before eventually disappearing into the ceiling), where I managed to complete my Dragonball Z collection which was left incomplete for years. Where are the best places to buy original DVDs and audio CDs? Appreciate any recommendations, thanks!
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