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Thread: Please recommend me a tv series.../Rate a series...

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    Default Please recommend me a tv series.../Rate a series...

    I haven't really watch chinese tv series for a while. Nor am I well verse in wuxia literature. I would prefer something after 2000, or at the oldest in the 90s. Nothing Jin Yong because I am pretty sure I have check out most or all of them. Ancient series/wuxia would be best, I don't know much outside of jin yong.

    Sorry for asking a lot, I will have you rate "one" of the series I already watch (it may be a series I really hate, like, love, or meh about). It just to calibrate the series that you recommend. Then can you also rate the series that you recommend. These rating is quick, you don't need to explain them. The questions below just to help with the rating, no need to answer them. Sorry, for making you guys jump too much hoops. But please, recommend me some series. I don't know what would consider to be great tv adaption of Liang Yusheng and Gu Long.

    Out of 5 (5-perfect, 4-good, 3-average, 2-bad, 1-vomit, N/A-non applicable)

    1) Writing- plot, script, pacing. Don't have to compare to the original source, but does the twist logically consistent within the story the director trying to tell. Is the dialogues like super dumb down or not?

    2) Cinematography- edit, special effect, soundtrack, scenery. How smooth is it? I meant one of the standard of filming a bunch of people talking and eating is having all of them on one side of the table. That is pretty average not great. Is it shoot on location or green screen. And if green screen, is it super bad or good?

    3) Characters- acting, appropriate casting, humor, character development, secondary casts. How is the casting overall? Is old people look like old people? Are likable people liable? Is people that we supposed to hate, we really hate them?

    4) World building- costumes, culture, setting, premise. This is a hard category. Is the premise some what interesting? If it is over used, how is it compare to others? If you don't know, just rate the costumes and whether the back ground help/reinforce the characters/plot.

    5) Fights- fight scene, visual choreography, fight effects, not over use dumb stuffs. If it isn't a heavy fight series, N/A is okay here.

    Calibrate series- Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001, Swordmen 2013, Demi God Semi Devils 1997 or 2003, Young Justice Bao third series, and Duke of Mount Deer 1998.

    Thank so much.....
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