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Thread: Swordsman (笑傲江湖小说)

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Actuall LPZ and YLS may possibly have a happy ending because according to history eunuchs would put their "Crown Jewels" in a pouch with herbs added to preserve it. LPZ followed the instructions and DFBB has the necessary magical needlework skill to reattach it, if LPZ repents his for his crimes in the end... Hehehe
    Now that's refreshing

    Like all remakes these two will die. Next chapter might be up later tonight. Almost done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    Now that's refreshing

    Like all remakes these two will die. Next chapter might be up later tonight. Almost done
    In your first edition they survived but its definitely good to have them dead. YLS is too disloyal to LHC. And in this version she even stabbed him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eccentric One View Post
    In your first edition they survived but its definitely good to have them dead. YLS is too disloyal to LHC. And in this version she even stabbed him
    I agree that YLS should die but not because of her actions, she's naive not malicious. But it feels like it was her and her mother's fate to die because of their husbands.

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    Default Chapter 33

    Up on the Dark Wood cliff, there was a small elegant house in a large flower garden full of red and pink carnations. The atmosphere was filled with depression and melancholy. There was a signage hanging at the top with the words 'Refined Scholar, Kind-hearted Warrior', inscribed on it.

    Inside the elegant house were silk embroidered curtains hanging all on the walls. The first curtain was a picture of two people sparing in a cavern. The second curtain was a picture of two people sitting on a roof drinking wine. The third one was a picture of two people embracing each other in the woods. The other curtains were pictures of a good looking young man holding a sword. One who is knowledgable in embroidery could tell that each picture was embroidered with passion and affection.

    A figure in red was sitting inside a screened-off area, embroidering a large piece of curtain. The figure in red was in fact Dongfang Bubai. She had been secluding herself from the outside world ever since she returned to the Dark Wood Cliff, grieving Linghu Chongs passing. Elders and key figures of the divine cult were only told that she was busy learning the martial art skills in the Sunflower Scripture.

    There was a sound of the door sliding open. A man gently stepped into the house, closing the door behind him. He stood outside the screened off area looking at the embroidered curtain. It was a picture of a man and a woman riding into the sunset. Her heart is always thinking of that lad. Its a pity that after today she would no longer exist in this world, he thought wickedly. He let out a cold hum.

    Dongfang Bubai heard his hum. She suddenly turned her head towards him and shot her hand out at a row of threads.

    The man felt a strong gust of wind blowing at him. He flew to the back and knocked against the door. A flurry of thread needles streaked towards him in a flash. It pricked his sleeves and pant legs, pinning him against the door. His face turned pale and he was so frightened that he started to pee in his pants.

    A sudden flash of red darted towards him. Dongfang Bubai stood in front of him in a blink of an eye. Youre very daring. You entered my room without my instructions, Dongfang Bubai said in a cold voice.

    The man quickly calmed himself down and said, Subordinate really misses Chief. Subordinate only wanted to come and see Chief He knew that without a good excuse he would end up losing his life.

    Dongfang Bubai reached her hand out and lightly stroke the mans cheek. You are not like him at all, she uttered in an upset voice. If it was him, he would have said. She then paused and started grinning to herself, thinking how the real Linghu Chong would have responded to her if she had caught him breaking into her room. He was the only person in the world who would dare to go up against her.

    The man looked at Dongfang Bubai curiously. How would he have answered you? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai smirked and slapped the man in the face angrily. If it was him he would have said its none of your business! Youre nothing like him, she said furiously

    She turned to the left and stepped away. I saved your pitiful life the last time because you resemble him. If you keep your mouth shut you would still resemble him in a tiny bit. If youre sensible then you better not speak and you would still be worth something.

    The man looked down to the ground disappointingly. Yes he muttered.
    For Dongfang Bubai the man was merely Linghu Chongs substitute, a tool that she could use to vent her frustration and sorrow. She could not be bothered about his feelings. Whenever she wanted to see Linghu Chong, she would call upon the man to exchange martial art moves with him, reminiscing the good times she had with Linghu Chong in the Repentance Cliff. And during each session she would end up scolding the man for not being incompetent in sword arts like Linghu Chong.

    Its very noisy outside. Did something happen? Why didnt anyone come and report this to me? Dongfang Bubai asked suspiciously. She turned around and went up to the man, suspecting that he was up to something no good. Is it because your wings have gotten tougher? You want to use the exact methods I used against Ren Woxing on me dont you? she asked in a stern voice, giving the man a cold glare.

    The man turned pale and started stammering, Subordinate wouldnt dare. Its just this Tong Baixiong did something wrong. Subordinate only wanted to punish him. Who would have thought that he would take advantage of his seniority and his brotherhood relationship with Chief and disobey the rules.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and started laughing coldly. She looked over her shoulder at the man and said, He is my brother. Life and death brother. No matter what mistakes he makes youll have to let it go.

    The man was surprised by Dongfang Bubais words. He did not occur to him that the tyrant on Dark Wood Cliff would be nice to anyone in the cult. He pursed his lips and asked, Chief, what if he betrays our cult?

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at the man with her eyes wide open. Betray the cult? If he dares to betray the cult then I will She paused for a moment and then abruptly shot her palm out at the man. A stream of suction force unleashed from her palm at the thread needles, pulling it off the mans sleeves and pant legs.

    The man was no longer pinned to the door. He fell to the ground and landed on his back.

    Dongfang Bubai abruptly went up to him and pressed her right foot onto his left shoulder, pinning him down to the ground. She bent forward and continued, Let me warn you, Ive known Elder Tong for a long time. He has helped me in the past and saved my life! That year after I gained control over the Divine Sun Moon Cult, Elder Luo wasnt happy and tried to give me trouble. It was Elder Tong who supported me and killed Elder Luo with one strike. From then on no in in the cult dared to challenge me anymore.

    The man shook his head in fear. His mind went completely blank. At that moment, he was really afraid that he was done for.

    Do you think that I will believe you when you said that he betrayed the cult? Dongfang Bubai asked in a doubtful voice. She was very confident that Tong Baixiong would never betray her.

    The man trembled as he replied, Nono

    Dongfang Bubai took her foot off the mans shoulder and walked away. Thats good. Let me warn you, you better stop creating anymore commotion. If you ever dare to disrespect Elder Tong again I will kill you! she sneered, while walking back into the screened off area.

    The man let out a sigh of relief. He gazed at Dongfang Bubai coldly. Dongfang Bubai, you are no better than Ren Yingying. The both of you dont even treat me as a human. First that Ren Yingying force me to do a plastic surgery to look like that lad so that I can get close to you. And now youre just treating me as one of your dogsAfter today Im going to make you and Ren Yingying will suffer ten times of what Ive suffered! he growled in his heart, laughing out menacingly.

    The man was in fact, Yang Lianting. Ren Yingyings follower who is now known as Right Emissary Yang, replacing Qu Yang.

    Months ago.Dongfang Bubai walked along the woods unknowing where she was heading to. Her face was expressionless and her mind was completely blank. Her heart was still swelled with anguish and frustration. Sad that Linghu Chong had died and frustrated that her brother had colluded with Ren Woxing.

    Right at that moment, loud noises could be heard up ahead the narrow walkway. A group of eight men were punching and kicking another young man repeatedly. The young man lost his footing and fell down to the ground.

    Help me! Help me! the young man shouted in pain.

    Dongfang Bubai halted her steps glaring at them coldly. Her eyes were filled with a strong murderous intent. Their loud noises were annoying and she wanted them to be silent. She reached for the needles from her pocket and hurled it towards them.

    The men felt a suddenly gust of wind blowing towards them from behind. The needles streaked towards the men, pierced through the back of their heads and killed them.

    The young man crawled weakly towards Dongfang Bubai. He reached his hand out and grabbed her by the leg. me. He gasped in pain.

    Take your hands off me! Dongfang Bubai shouted. She raised her foot and kicked the man in the face.

    The young man flew backwards in the air and knocked against a tree.

    Dongfang Bubais eyes and jaw dropped wide open the moment she saw the young mans face. A mixed feeling of shock, joy, and fear soared in her heart. She quickly ran up to the young man, stooped down in front of him and gazed at him in astonishment. What is your name? she asked in a soft voice.

    Yang Lianting exited a corridor and walked towards a hall.

    A masked man came running towards him. He cupped his hands and bowed, Right Emissary Yang, Jia Bu and his people are on their way up to the mountain.

    Yang Lianting grinned coldly. Ren Yingying, Ren Woxing and Yue Lingfeng, today is the day the three of you will die together with Dongfang Bubai, he thought spitefully.

    Great! Once they are here bring them to pavilion at the pond at the eastern side. Report back to me once youve sent them there so that I can inform the Chief, Yang Lianting instructed the masked man.

    Just then, another masked man came running towards him. Right Emissary Yang, there is a problem, he reported.

    Yang Lianting glared at the masked man agitatedly and asked, What is it?

    Our guards spotted a lad who looks exactly like you leading some people this way. They have already reached the top of the cliff, the masked man reported.

    Linghu Chong is here too.? Yang Lianting took four steps back and burst out laughing. Excellent! Heavens is helping me too! He looked at the masked man and said, Get some people to lure them to the Hall of Refined Kindness.

    Yes, Right Emissary Yang, the masked man complied with his instructions.

    Yang Lianting casted a cold glare to the left, the direction that leads towards Dongfang Bubais elegant house. Dongfang Bubai, I will not allow you and Linghu Chong to die together. The two of you will be separated forever, he thought ruthlessly.

    Linghu Chong and his group reached the top of the Dark Wood Cliff from the back of the mountain. They were so discreet that by the time they got to the top, it was already too late for the guards to stop them.

    Twenty masked men armed with swords rushed out of a rock door and got in their way. Hold it! a masked man shouted.

    Linghu Chong held onto the handle of his sword as he glared at the masked men with a murderous intent. Im here to see Miss Dongfang. I will kill whoever that gets in my way! After finishing his words he drew his sword and dashed towards them. His sword lashed out like a violent storm, wildly stabbing and slashing every single masked men coming towards him. In a blink of an eye, all the masked men lied on the ground in a pool of blood.

    Gu Santong folded his arms and smirked. His martial arts is so good its really unnecessary for us to come here.

    Linghu Chong ignored his comments. He leapt towards the rock door and slashed another eight masked men in the head. He was so eager to rescue Dongfang Bubai that he did not hold back his attacks at all. There was a strong killing aura surrounding him. Every single of his attacks were fast and fatal.

    Zhu Jian and Mei Jian looked at each other frighteningly. They have known Linghu Chong for a while now but this was certainly the first time that they have seen him act in such a way, merciless and violent. The word love deceives people, and the word affection brings one disaster Mei Jian let out a sigh.

    Linghu En lightly slapped Mei Jians arm. If you dont get moving were definitely going to bring disaster to Senior Martial Sister, she snorted.

    Gu Santong jumped over them and went after Linghu Chong. Brother! Wait for me! You wont be able to find your way without me! he shouted.

    There were blood stains all over the floor, as dead bodies lied along the pavement. What if Ren Woxing hasnt arrived? He would end up killing all these idiots who still serve under the stinky lass Gu Santong thought. But then again I doubt the stinky lass even cares about the live and death of these people After hearing so much about Dongfang Bubai from Linghu Chong, he could tell that Linghu Chong was the only one that matters to Dongfang Bubai. Even if he killed a few more hundreds of the devil cult members she would not take any actions against him. Tomorrow the Dark Wood Cliff should change its name to Red Blood Cliff

    Linghu Chong reversed his sword and slashed upwards cutting off a masked mans arm at the shoulder. After that, he pierced the back of one masked man killing him. He killed the second masked man by piercing the side of his body.

    Two other masked men were struggling to drag an old man out of a hall. His hands were tied with chains. Let go of me you idiots! If Brother Dongfang finds out about how you two have been impolite to me, his sworn brother, the two of you will die horribly! the old man shouted in anger.

    Linghu Chong leaped into the air, sprang towards them and performed a lightning slash with his sword.

    Blood spurted out of the two masked mens neck as the collapsed to the ground.

    The old man cupped his hands at Linghu Chong. Little Brother, thanks for the help! he said in a rough voice.

    Linghu Chong held his sword horizontally and returned a bow to the old man. Since senior is Chief Dongfangs sworn brother. Its my honor to lend a helping hand, he replied.

    Im not even sure what is wrong with Brother Dongfang. Hes been wasting his time learning that rubbish Sunflower Scripture and allowed that stinky lad Yang Lianting run ruckus, the old man groaned angrily.

    Yang Lianting? Who is he? Linghu Chong asked shockingly. Did Miss Dongfang forget about me and found another companion? he thought distressingly.

    The old man started rubbing his eyes as he gazed at Linghu Chong. Little Brother.are you related to Yang Lianting? How come you resemble him? he asked in astonishment.

    Linghu Chong shook his head. Im Linghu Chong of he suddenly paused. He was actually going to say that he was Linghu Chong of the Huashan Sect. For a moment he had completely forgotten that he had been expelled.

    Gu Santong somersaulted three times in the air and landed in front of Linghu Chong. Brother, you need to slow down. I was so afraid that I would have lost you, he grumbled agitatedly.

    The old man gazed at Gu Santong. Senior is.? he asked.

    Gu Santong placed his hands behind his back. You dont need to know who I am. You only need to tell us where that stinky lass is, he retorted.

    Stinky lass? the old man scratched his head, asking confusingly.

    Aiyo, your mischievous Chief Dongfang stinky lass! Gu Santong snorted.

    The old man glared at Gu Santong angrily. How dare you insult Brother Dongfang! You want to die?! he shouted furiously.

    Gu Santong burst out laughing. I am Dongfang Bibais sworn brother Xifang Shibai. (Dongfang Bibai means Eastern Defeated, Xifang Shibai means Western Failure). I will call her Bibai as and when I want. What can you do? he placed his hands on his waist and asked in displeasingly.

    Linghu Chong pulled Gu Santong back. Brother Gu, stop being ridiculous. Were here to rescue Chief Dongfang, he snapped. He purposely addressed Dongfang Bubai as Chief instead of Miss fearing that the old man may come up with some funny ideas.

    The old man turned his head to look at Linghu Chong. Brother Linghu, very well. Old man, Tong Baixiong will help you to look for Brother Dongfang, he said sternly.


    Yang Lianting stepped into a room and closed the door behind him.

    Ren Woxing, Ren Yingying, Xiang Wentian, Yue Lingfeng and Jia Bu were standing around the room looking at him impatiently.

    Subordinate pays respect to Chief Ren and Holy Maiden, Yang Lianting greeted, down on his knee.

    Ren Woxing made a hand signal instructing him to rise. Where is Dongfang Bubai now? he asked abruptly.

    Yang Lianting grinned, Chief Ren does not need worry. Subordinate have arranged for her to be at a pavilion situated at a pond not far from here. There wont be any guards in the area.

    Did you use the Ten Fragrances Tendon Weakening Powder on her? Ren Yingying asked coldly.

    Yang Lianting nodded, She should be feeling the effects by the time she sees you all. She is sure to die this time.

    Ren Woxing looked up and burst out laughing. Excellent! Old man will personally tear this half man half woman apart myself! Now bring us there!

    Yang Lianting led the group to the far end of the mountain. They walked through a narrow pavement before arriving at a large pond. There was a pavilion on the middle of the pond. There were large piece of cloth draped around it. The only way to reach the pavilion is by walking along the rock pathway.

    Yue Lingfeng took a quick look at the surrounding. She isnt here, he thought. The atmosphere here is so calm and serene. There isnt a trace of murderous aura at all.

    Ren Woxing hastily stepped onto the rock pathway and walked towards the pavilion. He was so impatient to kill Dongfang Bubai that it did not strike his mind that this could be a trap.

    Father! Wait up! Ren Yingying stretched her hand out trying to stop her father.

    Yang Lianting followed the group to the pavilion from behind. The moment Ren Woxing, Ren Yingying, Yue Lingfeng, Xiang Wentian and Jia Bu set foot inside the pavilion, he walked over to a pillar and discreetly pressed a small button affixed to the pillar. A big piece of tile under Yang Liantings feet swung down, dropping him into a secret tunnel. The rock pathway leading to the shore sank into the deep pond right after.

    Everyone under the pavilion was greatly shocked. Weve fallen into Yang Liantings trap! Xian Wentian shouted.

    Outrageous! Old man is going to rip that traitor apart once we get out of here! Ren Woxing yelled angrily.

    Ren Yingying took a close look at the pillar trying to find the trigger to drop the tile open again. She gently touched the pillar but could not find any trigger.

    Stinky lass, stop wasting your time. This escape passage door will only work once. But not to worry. Dongfang Bubai will come and join you all shortly, Yang Lianting said from a distance, laughing out coldly.

    A sudden explosion was set off underwater, causing the pavilion to spin in circles. Oh noIve a bad feeling about this Jia Bu sighed.

    Ren Woxing fixed his eyes on the pond water and noticed that the pavilion was slowly sinking. He quickly shot his hands out, emitted stream of energy at Jia Bu and Shanguan Yun and hoisted them off the ground.

    The two of men started shouting horrifyingly. Chiefplease let us down.

    Yue Lingfeng stepped forward and looked at Ren Woxing. Senior, what are you doing? he asked alarmingly.

    The weight on this pavilion is too heavy. We need to reduce the weight on it so that it does not sink, Ren Woxing said.

    Yue Lingfeng could tell that Ren Woxing was prepared to sacrifice the two mens lives to save his own. Senior, you dont have to do this. Ill get off the pavilion! After finishing those words, he dived into the violent pond water.

    Ren Yingying was shocked to see Yue Lingfeng jump into the pond water. Brother Yue! she shouted, and immediately jumped into the pond water going after him.

    Ren Woxing quickly lowered his hands and placed the two men back to the ground. Yingying! What the hell are you doing? Come back up here! he shouted astonishingly.


    Under another pavilion at the flower garden, Dongfang Bubai was seated under a pavilion, playing a melancholic tune on a zither.

    Chief, Tong Baixiong and Yue Lingfeng have colluded. They have reached the mountain and are on a killing spree, Yang Lianting reported.

    Dongfang Bubais fingers trembled, snapping one of the zither strings. Who? Say it again, she said in a soft voice.

    Yang Lianting looked down with a cold grin on his face. Yue Lingfeng and Tong Baixiong colluded and are not charging towards the mountain.

    Dongfang Bubai closed her eyes and let out a sigh. She had been dreading to encounter her own brother in the battle field again. He may have been mean to her but she could not bring herself to hurt him. She looked over her shoulder at Yang Lianting. What happened? she asked coldly.

    Subordinate sent people to catch Yue Lingfeng but who would have expected Tong Baixiong to collude with them. Ren Woxing, Ren Yingying, Xiang Wentian and Jia Bu are also charging towards the cliff. They have already killed many of our followers, he responded.

    Dongfang Bubai got up from the marble stool and went up to him. How come you didnt report this to me? she asked skeptically.

    Yang Lianting did not answer her this time.

    Youre lying arent you? If you lie to me I will kill you, Dongfang Bubai said in a stern and cold voice.

    Yang Lianting finally lost his composure. He was sick and tired of treated as a dog. He got back up on his feet and stared Dongfang Bubai furiously. Initially he was intending to gain Dongfang Bubais trust and use her to eliminate the Ren Family. But to his dismay, even Dongfang Bubai was treating him very badly. I did it on purpose! I couldnt hold my anger anymore! Why does Chiefs heart only Linghu Chong and not me? I purposely lured this Yue Lingfeng up here to kill him hoping that I would gain your affection

    Dongfang Bubai knitted her brow and glared at him coldly. I told you that you are to report every single matter about the cult to me. How dare you hide this matter from me? she spoke in a stern voice.

    Looks like I cant keep you anymore. After finishing her words, Dongfang Bubai shot her hand out and was about to grab Yang Lianting by the throat.

    Yang Lianting showed no signs of fear. Go ahead and kill me! Everyone in the world has betrayed you. I am the only one who is still faithful to you. If you kill me there wont be anyone else in this world who will love you! Go ahead and kill me! Yang Lianting retorted. After all this isnt the first time you sacrifice the life of the man who loves you. Kill me!

    Dongfang Bubai clenched her teeth and stared at Yang Lianting with mixed emotions. Though he isnt Linghu Chong but killing him would indeed be like killing Linghu Chong with my own handsI would never hurt Linghu Chong, let alone kill him she thought.

    She was in conflict with herself. On one hand she was determine to kill Yang Lianting for causing so much chaos in the divine cult behind her back and on the other hand she could not do it because Yang Lianting resembled Linghu Chong.

    Since theyre here Ill go and see them, Dongfang Bubai suddenly said. She turned around and walked back into the elegant house. She had decided to spare Yang Liantings life purely because he resembled Linghu Chong. She felt that it was better to have one that looked like him than to have none.

    Yang Lianting hummed and said coldly, Yue Lingfeng, Dongfang Bubai, I would love to see what its like for you two to fight. Unfortunately Ive something more urgent to attend to. Linghu Chong.If he doesnt die there is no way I will be able to gain her affection and trust

    Linghu Chong brandished his sword dangerously as he followed a large group of masked men into a hall. Tell me where Chief Dongfang is and I will let you all go! he asked loudly.

    Gu Santong placed his hands on his waist and gazed at the masked man. Little kid, you better tell him what he wants to know. He is in a bad mood today. If he decides to take your life even old man wont be able to stop him, he said with a grin. He was still able to joke under such intense moments.

    It must be that stinky lad Yang Lianting who has locked up Brother Dongfang! Tong Baixiong exclaimed.

    Linghu Chong shot his hand out at a masked man. His palm emitted a stream of energy at the masked man, dragged towards him and grabbed him by the throat. Where is Miss Dongfang! he asked infuriately. His eyes were filled with rage and frustration.

    A voice suddenly came from the back of a wooden signages. Youre never going to be able to see her again.

    Yang Lianting stepped out of the woodblock and confronted Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong and Gu Santong dropped their eyes wide open and were taken aback when they saw Yang Lianting.

    Brother Linghu, you didnt tell me that you have a twin brother. Gu Santong muttered.

    Yang Lianting hummed and responded, Unfortunately in her heart there is only you, Linghu Chong. Even someone who looks exactly like you is dispensable to her.

    Linghu Chong immediately knew what was going on and who Yang Lianting was referring to. He laughingly said, Resembling me doesnt qualify you to be me. There is only one Linghu Chong in this world whom she cares for.

    Yang Lianting smirked menacingly, Too bad after today there wont be Linghu Chong or Dongfang Bubai anymore.

    A group of masked men armed with bow and arrows hiding at a wooden signage suspended on top of the hall came out from their hiding place. They started firing arrows down at Linghu Chong and his companions.

    Linghu Chong waved his sword violently parrying the oncoming arrows.

    Gu Santong channeled his inner energy and thrust his palms forward, emitting a strong gust of wind that sent the arrows back at the masked men.

    Tong Baixiong was already injured, hence he was struggling to dodge and parry the arrows. As soon as he knocked an arrow away another arrow pierced into his left shoulder.

    Linghu Chong dashed towards Tong Baixiong and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him to the back. He then slashed his sword to the right and left, parrying and deflecting the arrows.

    Yang Lianting could tell that the archers would not be able to finish off Linghu Chong and his companions. Light the explosives quick! he shouted.

    Linghu Chong plunged his sword into the ground, dug a tile up into the air and slapped it with his sword forcefully. The tile spun in the air in an axis perpendicular towards the masked men on the wooden signage, slashing them in the throat one after another.

    Yang Lianting rotated a small statue on a side table. There was a creaking sound coming from a wall behind him. The wall slides upwards, revealing a hidden passageway. Goodbye Linghu Chong! He ran into the passageway and vanished from the scene. The wall slides downwards seconds later.

    Gu Santong emitted a gust of wind at the door to push it open. The moment the door swung open, it knocked into a steel wall and shut itself again.

    Oh nowere trapped! Gu Santong leaped up into the air and emitted a gust of wind at the ceiling. The roof tiles shattered into pieces, revealing the steel bars concealing the top. The entire hall was secured with solid steel bars.

    Linghu Chong leaped to the air and slashed his sword at the steel bars. The sword collided against the steel bars generating sparks but it was still intact.

    Tong Baixiong clenched his teeth in anger. These steel bars must be made from high quality metalWere doomed.

    Linghu Chong dropped his sword to the ground feeling devastated. All his efforts of trying to save Dongfang Bubai had gone in vain.

    The sound of fuse burning could be heard from the outside. Gu Santong let out a sigh. Who would have expected me to die here on Dark Wood Cliff? Truly unexpected he shrugged.

    Linghu Chong went up to Gu Santong and placed his hand on his shoulder. Brother Gu, sorry for dragging you into this

    Gu Santong lifted his arm and lightly elbowed Linghu Chong in the chest. Silly lad. Were sworn brothers. So what if old man dies here today? I belong here anyways!

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at Tong Baixiong. Senior Tong, so sorry about this he cupped his hands apologetically.

    Tong Baixiong let out a loud laughter. If it wasnt for you I would not have lived till now. Dont worry about it at all. Its an honor to die with you, Young Mister Linghu!


    Inside another hall, a group of masked men got down to their knees. Chief Dongfang, talented in the academics and gifted in the martial arts. Unifying the martial arts world for a thousand autumns! they greeted.

    Dongfang Bubai stood on a dais with her hands on her waist. Everyone be on guard. You must take down Yue Lingfeng and company, she instructed.

    Yes! the masked men responded.

    Another masked man hurriedly rushed into the hall. He kneeled down in front of Dongfang Bubai and gave her a bow. Chief, there is a problem.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him coldly. Why do you look so alarmed? she asked.

    The masked man responded, Chief, we found Elder Tong, a young man and another old man being locked up inside the Hall of Refined Kindness. There are lots of explosives planted around the hall, he reported.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him alarmingly. What did you say? she asked in a soft voice. Her heart just fell when she thought it was Yue Lingfeng being locked up inside the hall. Although Yue Lingfeng hurt her very badly but deep in her heart he was still her brother. No matter how angry and disappointed she was with him she could not bear to see him die.

    The hall is going blow up any moment now, the masked man continued.

    Quickly get some people to put out the explosives. If the young man inside the hall dies, all of you here would die with him as well! Go quick! Dongfang Bubai exclaimed.

    The masked men returned to their feet and rushed out of the hall immediately.

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back as she looked towards the doorway. Her hear started beating much faster. I dont trust these dogs. I should just go and put out those explosives myself! she thought worriedly. A flash of red streaked towards the doorway and vanished from the hall in a blink of an eye.

    As Dongfang Bubai glided through the air hastily, she noticed two people running right below her. She could recognize the back of one of the people. He made it out. She thought with a sigh of relief. She then soared down and landed in front of them

    The two people were in fact Yue Lingfeng and Ren Yingying.

    My own brother came to paid me a visit but wont even said goodbye before leaving. You dont seem to have any respect for me after all, Dongfang Bubai said smilingly. She was in fact happy that her brothers life was no longer in danger.

    Ren Yingying was taken by surprise. She could not believe that Yue Lingfeng was in fact Dongfang Bubais brother. Although this might be the best method to hurt this evil demoness but what happens when Brother Yue regains his memory? Hes going to hate me for life.

    Yue Lingfeng fixed his eyes at Dongfang Bubai. Chief Dongfang, we meet again. Hope youre well, he said in a soft voice. He was still unable to figure out how he was related to Dongfang Bubai. From their last encounter, he could only sense that they were somewhat related in the past.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around to look at Yue Lingfeng. For a moment she was really hoping that those words hope youre well were sincere. She then noticed that he was holding on to Ren Yingyings hand tightly. I hope that youre well too. Well the poison in Yingyings body isnt going to take effect that soon so you should be well for now, she said cruelly. She was very unhappy to see her own brother holding the hands of her mortal enemy.

    Ren Yingying stepped forward and said, Uncle Dongfang, I dont care if I die. But I hope that you can let Brother Yue go.

    Dongfang Bubai looked away and replied, Really? Then what are you doing here at the Dark Wood Cliff?

    Ren Yingying pursed her lips and kept quiet.

    Dongfang Bubai glared at Ren Yingying coldly. Yingying, how have I been to you these past few years?" she asked.

    "You've been very good to me," Ren Yingying answered.

    Dongfang Bubai let out a sigh and said coldly, "My biggest mistake was to spare your pitiful life and not feed you to the dogs on the cliff. Letting the tiger back into the woods would indeed bring unimaginable consequences.

    Ren Yingying narrowed her eyes. You were only good to me because you wanted to show the world that youre kind. Youre no different from the hypocrite from Huashan, she suddenly blurted.

    Dongfang Bubai hummed angrily. She lifted up her hand and emitted a blast of energy from her palm at Ren Yingyings shoulder.

    Ren Yingying stumbled backwards and almost fell.

    Yue Lingfeng immediately reached his hand out for Ren Yingying and held on to her arm. He then looked back at Dongfang Bubai angrily. How dare you! he growled.

    She wont die from taking the strike. But dont forget that she took my poison pill. Come with me Ive something to say to you, Dongfang Bubai said. She turned around and flew away.

    Yue Lingfeng leaped into the air and followed Dongfang Bubai away.

    Dongfang Bubai and Yue Lingfeng stood at edge of the mountain facing each other. Yue Lingfeng pointed his sword at Dongfang Bubai, looking at her viciously while Dongfang Bubai fixed her eyes at him with her usual cold stare.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled a container of wine from her waist and poured the wine down her throat. Do you still remember the time when our village was being raided by bandits? You could have left with father and stepmother but you went back to the village to find me. We were very happy then, she said softly. The air of authority which she normally carried was concealed. It was now an elder sister having a heart talk with her little brother.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at her blankly. Could she really be my sister? he was completely confused.

    If youre really my sister you would not be so mean to the woman whom I love, he suddenly said.

    Did you know that when you tried to kill me the last time I felt as though Ive died. Up till now the wound in my heart has yet to recover. When I first heard that you had come to the cliff I thought that you still care for this sister of yours, Dongfang Bubai uttered.

    Yue Lingfeng responded, You think too much. Good and evil cannot coexist. I came to get the antidote for Yingyings poison. Even if we were somewhat related in the past our ties have already broken.

    Dongfang Bubai hummed angrily, Whether its good or evil nothing will change the fact that were blood related. Why are you so caught up with these two words?

    Yes Ive to admit that the good and evil will always have evil people. But you poisoned Yingying and thats totally unforgivable, Yue Lingfeng replied angrily.

    Dongfang Bubai looked away and said coldly, Then we have nothing more to talk about. I dont want to fight you. Leave the cliff with Yingying now and go and enjoy whatever time you have left with her.

    Yue Lingfeng knitted his brow. If you dont give me the antidote today then itll only one of us who will come out alive. Go ahead and make your move, Dongfang Bubai, he said. With those words, he raised his sword into the air and charged towards Dongfang Bubai.

    Dongfang Bubai let out a long sigh of sorrow. She held a needle in her right hand between her thumb and index finger, and simply lifted it upwards, stopping Yue Lingfeng's sword dead in its path.

    Yue Lingfengs arm felt numb. He saw a flash of red streaked towards him from his left.

    Dongfang Bubai thrust her palm at Yue Lingfengs abdomen and knocked him into the air. She had no desire to fight her own brother. She was hoping to end the battle as soon as possible and force him down from the cliff.

    Yue Lingfeng knocked his back against a tree and collapsed onto the ground. He did not back down after that hit. Instead, he brandished his sword thrust his sword toward Dongfang Bubais head.

    Dongfang Bubai leapt away and avoided his sword stab. She subsequently knocked her elbow against Yue Lingfengs chest and send him flying backwards once more. Her speed was simply unimaginable. There was no way Yue Lingfeng would stand a chance against her.

    Yue Lingfeng knocked his head against the tree this time and slumped to the ground. There were sudden flashbacks of the past running through his mind. He started seeing images of Dongfang Bubai running along a razed down village with him, reuniting with him at Huashan and many more. He felt a great pain in his head.

    Enough! I dont want to dirty my hands. You may leave now, Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    Suddenly, the sound of loud explosion coming from the northwest. Dongfang Bubai looked toward the direction where the sound came from. Didnt those guards put off the explosives already? she thought confusingly.

    Senior Martial Sister! There you are! a loud voice called out.

    Dongfang Bubai could recognize the voice. She turned towards the direction of the voice. Martial Sister, what are you doing here? she asked.

    The person was in fact Linghu En. Brother and I came to save you from Ren Woxing and company, Linghu En informed her.

    Dongfang Bubai was startled. You and Linghu Chong came? she asked joyously. Her heart was filled with mix emotions. He is alive? Where is he now?

    We got separated while fighting the guards. Im looking for him as well, Linghu En replied.

    A horrifying thought suddenly flashed through Dongfang Bubais mind. She looked at Yue Lingfeng and then back at the direction of the explosion. She shook her head and said alarmingly, No! It cant cant be Linghu Chong who was locked up in the Hall of Refined Kindnessnoooo it cant be

    Just as Dongfang Bubai was about to make her way towards the explosion scene, Ren Woxing suddenly came flying down from the air towards her, with his palm covered with energy aimed at her head.

    Dongfang Bubai swiftly looked up at him and parried the attack with her hand. But the attack did not just end there. Ren Woxing instantly slashed his other hand towards Dongfang Bubais cheek the next moment and knocked her to the side.

    Dongfang Bubai felt dizzy after taking the hit but was still able to retaliate. With a quick flick of her fingers she sent two needles straight into Ren Woxings eyes.

    Ren Woxing completely lost his vision but was s able to send a forceful kick to Dongfang Bubais chest just before he flipped backwards.

    Dongfang Bubai spit out a mouthful of blood as she stumbled backwards and fell off the cliff.

    Senior Martial Sister! Linghu En rushed towards Dongfang Bubai. Before she could even get close to her, two other shadows flew down from the air and landed in front of her. They started attacking her hand in hand.

    Yue Lingfeng remained seated on the ground as he watched Dongfang Bubai fall off the cliff. Without thinking twice, he leapt forward and jumped after her. He barely managed to catch her and grabbed onto a protruding part of the cliff. Hold on to me! Hold on to me! he shouted.

    Right at that moment it didnt matter to Dongfang Bubai if she could get back to the top of the cliff. There was only one thing in her mind that she cared about. Do you still treat me as your sister? she asked bitterly, as tear flowed from the side of her eye.

    Yue Lingfeng shed a tear as he looked Dongfang Bubai in the eyes. Im sorry sisterIm really sorry for everything that Ive done he sobbed. After the collision against the tree, he had finally regained his memory. But perhaps it was a little too late.

    Dongfang Bubais eyes were filled with tears as she looked at him with a smile. That will do. Eternal supremacy and ruling the world is not important anymore, she replied softly. Even if she had to die now she would die with a smile as she had finally regained her brother.

    Seeing that Yue Lingfeng could barely hold onto the protruding part of the cliff anymore, Dongfang Bubai broke his grip and thrust her palm towards his with whatever strength that she had left, propelling him back to the top of the cliff.

    Yue Lingfeng immediately ran back to the edge of the cliff, only to see his beloved sister plummet to the bottom of the cliff.

    Lingfeng, sister wishes you eternal happiness, Dongfang Bubai whispered in tears. When she fell off the cliff she had in fact given up the will to live on anymore. Since it was not Yue Lingfeng who was locked in the hall when it exploded, she could only presume that it was Linghu Chong. She just could not accept the fact that he is dead once more. She would rather die than to face such an agony the second time.

    As she gradually plummet towards the bottom of the cliff, she felt a warm pair of hands reaching out for her. She was so weak and badly injured that she passed out even before she could even see who it was.
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    Don't kill her, please don't kill our DFBB (puppy eyes and pouting lips).

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    Very nice chapter. I see what you are doing. Hero saves the damsel in distress.
    If anyone is interested in some of my other work. You can check them out here

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    Excellent chapter. The feelings were very real. DFBB's soft side and ruthless side makes her an interesting character. I am sure that the pair of hands were Chong'er's hands

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    I hope DFBB will not do a heart transplant to ensure her brother's happiness. She can just use YLS's heart for the transplant this time around after LPZ kills her..... Just kidding, of course... But it was one of the more outrageous changes to the story, though...

    Thanks again for the exciting cliffhanger

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    Mandred, Dongfang Bubai of the Divine Sun Moon Cult died the moment she fell of the cliff. However Miss Dongfang would never die....I hope that make sense

    Optimus, thanks for the compliments. Hope the scenes are much better than the ones in the series

    Silverhawk, the hands will be revealed in the next chapter

    Szfong, no heart transplant here...sounds too crazy. As you can see, I am already slowly moving away from the original series...I wont go into too much details...stay tune for the next chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I hope DFBB will not do a heart transplant to ensure her brother's happiness. She can just use YLS's heart for the transplant this time around after LPZ kills her..... Just kidding, of course... But it was one of the more outrageous changes to the story, though...

    Thanks again for the exciting cliffhanger
    Didn't you predict that one will die and the other will commit suicide? If that is how it is going to be dfbb wont need to do a heart transplant

    YLS and LPZ should die a horrible death though. Those b*[email protected]%#% Maybe DFBB can feed YLS with the poison pill and then lock her up in the underground dungeon :O

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    Thanks for a wonderful chapter. My only questions now are:

    1) Is lingfeng just going to let his sister die like that?
    2) what happens to Yang Lianting aka LHC decoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liljanger View Post
    Thanks for a wonderful chapter. My only questions now are:

    1) Is lingfeng just going to let his sister die like that?
    2) what happens to Yang Lianting aka LHC decoy?
    1) Logically speaking NO
    2) Read next chapter when it is up

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    So YLF is going to get the Ren family for causing the death of DFBB huh? RWX once again loses to the DF family

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    Default Chapter 34

    The wind was roaring in the great bare trees. A blue figure holding on to the unconscious Dongfang Bubai in his strong arms tightly was shooting down the mountain side like a bird, landing every so often, but only momentarily, before taking off again. It was none other than Linghu Chong.

    After setting his feet to the ground, Linghu Chong slowly laid Dongfang Bubai on the ground. Miss DongfangMiss Dongfangplease wake up he called out fearfully. There was no response. He placed his index finger under her nose to check on her breathing. It was very weak but she was still breathing.

    Thank goodness she is still alive Linghu Chong let out a sigh of relieve. He lightly touched Dongfang Bubais forehead as tears flowed down his eyes. I will find the best doctor to treat your injury. I will never let you leave me againDont worry he said in a determined voice.

    The sky was getting dark, carrying Dongfang Bubai on his back, Linghu Chong slowly walked through the chilling woods. Though he has been walking for hours but he was not tired at all. Bringing Dongfang Bubai to get medical treatment was the only thing he had in mind.

    After reaching a small town, Linghu Chong the nearest inn to get a room. Unwilling to leave Dongfang Bubai alone in the room, he instructed the inn keeper to bring the best physician to the inn.

    The physician raised his brow as he checked Dongfang Bubais pulse. This young ladys injury is very severe he said. He rose from the stool and looked at Linghu Chong helplessly. Im unable to treat her, he continued.

    Linghu Chong reached his hand out and grabbed the physicians arm forcefully. Doctor, Ive already used my inner energy to extend her life. Why dont you quickly treat her injury, he pleaded the doctor.

    The physician replied, Young hero, I think under such circumstances you should resolve martial arts world matters using martial arts methods. I only know how to acupuncture and examine pulse. Only my master is capable of treating severe fighting injuries.

    Linghu Chong could tell that there was still hope to treat Dongfang Bubais injury. He looked at the physician sternly and said, Quickly bring your master here then!

    The physician shook his head and sighed sadly. My master passed away a year ago.

    Linghu Chong glowered and said loudly, Arent you called Healing Doctor Hua Wuzhi? How come you did not learn your masters treatment methods?

    The physician reluctantly replied, I.I am afraid of blood. How about this, you people from the martial arts world are not afraid of blood. I will guide you. If you use the methods I tell you, you might be able to save this young ladys life. You have to hurry. This young ladys life is at stake.

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at Dongfang Bubai. His eyes became watery and his heart started aching when he saw Dongfang Bubai lying in the bed unmoving. Im not an expert in treating such injuries. But if I dont give it a try Miss Dongfang will die. When there is no other way anything is worth a try, he thought.

    He looked back at the physician and said in a determined voice, Alright. Ill do it.

    The candle on the side table burned brightly. Linghu Chong sat behind Dongfang Bubai and began circulating his inner energy, producing a strong wind. Miss Dongfang, dont give in. Im going to use my inner energy to open up your blocked up meridian points. Once you regain conscious, you can slowly recuperate by yourself, he murmured.

    Linghu Chong stretched out his palms and slowly placed it onto Dongfang Bubais back. As soon as his inner energy flushed in, Dongfang Bubais body gradually warmed up. An energy field started to envelope her entire body.

    The roasters started crowing. The sun was already up. Dongfang Bubai has finally regained conscious. She felt a warm stream of energy burning inside her body. She groaned inwardly and opened up her mouth, spurting out blood.

    Realizing that Dongfang Bubai was awake Linghu Chong stopped the outflow of his inner energy and quickly retracted his palms. He climbed out of the bed and kneeled beside Dongfang Bubai excitingly. Youre awake he said in a soft and joyful voice.

    Dongfang Bubai opened her eyes and slowly turned around to look at Linghu Chong. Her eyes dropped wide open the moment she saw him. Linghu Chong.its youits really you she uttered ecstatically. Tears started rolling down her cheek. She reached her hand out and touched his face, gazing at him in disbelieve. Her heart was filled with joy. Am I this real? Linghu Chong is it really you? she asked softly.

    Linghu Chong overjoyed to see Dongfang Bubai regain conscious. He gazed at her with his eyes filled with tears of joy. He let out a sigh of joy, Heavens, you finally heard my request. You finally returned Miss Dongfang to me Unable to contain his joy, he embraced Dongfang Bubai and let out a cry of happiness.

    Dongfang Bubai returned his hug with tears running down her face. Linghu ChongI miss you so muchI really miss you so much she cried softly. She was still in disbelief that the man in her arms was actually Linghu Chong.

    The couple held each other in their arms affectionately, enjoying their long awaited reunion. Right at that moment, the room was filled with an atmosphere of happiness.

    It was a bright sunny day. Linghu Chong stood at the corridor stretching his hands up. He took in a deep breath. The air seems so much fresher today, he thought with a smile. His face was filled with enthusiasm and energy. It has been a long time since he felt so good.

    A figure wearing a simple cream white dress exited a room behind him. Linghu Chong, what are you doing out here? You didnt get any rest? a soft but stern female voice asked.

    Linghu Chong turned around to look at the figure. I am not tired at all. In fact I feel fresh. Im sure its because of someone special but I cant seem to figure out who it is just yet, he said with a grin.

    The figure in cream white was in fact Dongfang Bubai. Sweet talker. Looks like some things around here will never change, Dongfang Bubai said in a mocking tone. Initially she wanted to say that it was probably because of his little apprentice sister that he felt fresh. But after hearing from Yi Lin that his little apprentice sister stabbed him with a sword she decided not to mention about this person in front of him ever again. She did not want to hurt his feelings anymore.

    Linghu Chong mocked back with a smirk, Youve to agree that it is my sweet talking that caught your attention. Why would you want me to change it?

    Dongfang Bubai turned away and replied coldly, If you keep talking rubbish I am going to ignore you.

    Linghu Chong quickly went up to her, lightly pulling her sleeve with an apologetic look on his face. Miss, please dont be angry. I know that Ive been naughty. Please forgive me he said in low voice.

    Dongfang Bubai cast a side glance at him smilingly. Im feeling a little bored. If you can find something to amuse me I may consider sparing your life, she replied with a slight grin.

    Linghu Chong held Dongfang Bubais hand and pulled her away with me. Lets go!

    Dongfang Bubai puckered her brow and looked at him astonishingly. Where are we going? she asked.

    Ill take you to somewhere nice, Linghu Chong replied.

    There were two kites soaring up into the air side by side. The couple stood at the top of a hill flying kites with the wind blowing softly against their faces. They looked at each other with a smile as they held onto the kite handle. Dongfang Bubai felt very relaxed and happy. She was smiling the whole time. It was truly one of those rare moments to see the worlds number one martial artist being so cheerful.

    Did you know that Ive not flew a kite for a long time. The last time I flew a kite was probably fifteen years ago, Dongfang Bubai simple smiled as she spoke.

    Actually this is my first time flying a kite, Linghu Chong said with a sigh and a smile.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him in amazement. Really? she asked.

    Linghu Chong nodded. When I was little I didnt like flying kites. Its because I would compare myself with to kite up there, he said, pointing towards one of the kites. I felt that the kite was being shackled and it did not have any freedom. Im someone who particularly likes to be free. Which is why I have no regrets being expelled from Huashan Sect. I can now live my own life.

    Dongfang Bubai puckered her lips as she nodded with a grin. She was actually very happy for him too. She was in fact relieved that she was no longer associated with the Divine Sun Moon Cult. It was her dream to live in a carefree life with the man whom she loved, away from the martial arts world.

    Im different from you, Dongfang Bubai said softly. I really like to fly kites. When I was little I would always secretly go out to fly kites on my own. As I stand there and watch the kite fly higher and higher I would have fantasies about sitting on top of the kite, as if I was free.

    Linghu Chong turned his head and looked Dongfang Bubai in the eyes affectionately, Do you know that this is my first time flying a kite with the girl that I like? he said in a soft and sincere voice.

    Dongfang Bubais heart was filled with joy. From the glowing affection in his eyes and his voice she could tell that he was not lying. For once she felt that she was special to Linghu Chong. She turned away and nodded her head, hiding her blushing face.

    Linghu Chong took the kite off Dongfang Bubais hands and said, Give it to me. He simultaneously lets go of both the kites, watching it soar high up into the sky side by side.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at Linghu Chong in shock. What are you doing?

    Linghu Chong placed his arm around her shoulder. Just let them fly freely, he said with a smile.

    Dongfang Bubai looked up watching the two kites soaring gracefully into the sky side by side. She nodded with a smile. Seeing the kites flying so freely was something that she desired to do too.

    Theyre free now, Linghu Chong said. He then looked at Dongfang Bubai and continued, What about us?

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a serious look in the eyes waiting for him to give her an answer. Ever since Linghu Chong revealed his feelings for her at the woods, she had already decided to follow him wherever he goes. If it wasnt for all the tragic events that took place in the past, she would have stepped down as the Divine Sun Moon Cults Chief and just be by his side.

    Linghu Chong could tell that Dongfang Bubai was not going to give him an answer. He decided for once not to be bashful and just speak his mind. Will you be my woman? he asked softly.

    Dongfang Bubai fixed her eyes on Linghu Chongs without saying a word. The moment she recalled about the note that Yi Lin had given to her. Since Linghu Chong had already revealed his feelings she decided not to try and force Linghu Chong to be with Yi Lin anymore. Are you sure? she asked in a soft voice.

    This time it was Linghu Chong who did not reply to her. Instead, he placed his hand around Dongfang Bubais neck and kissed her lips passionately. Dongfang Bubai closed her eyes returning his kiss passionately. She has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Receiving her first kiss from the man she truly loved.

    After kissing for a long period of time, Linghu Chong slowly pulled away. Im very sure, he said, with a serious look on his face.

    Dongfang Bubai just smiled.

    Linghu Chong knew what her answer was. He leaned in and kiss Dongfang Bubai in the lips once more. Pink petals of flowers started falling from the trees like pink snowflakes and covering the ground with soft white-pinkish blanket, producing a romantic atmosphere.

    The teashop was dim and quiet. Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai sat at a table side by side holding hands. They propped their heads in their hands looking at each other. Dongfang Bubai gazed at Linghu Chong with a wide smile across her face. While Linghu Chong looked at her grinning cheerfully.

    Dongfang Bubai raised her brows looking towards at hot pot on the table, hinting that it was time to eat.

    Linghu Chong held onto Dongfang Bubais hand with his eyes fixed to hers. Right at that moment he only wanted to look at her and not do anything else.

    Dongfang Bubai finally pulled her hand away and reached for a pair of chopsticks. Lets eat some meat. She smilingly grasped a piece of thinly sliced chicken with the chopsticks and placed it in front of Linghu Chongs mouth.

    The moment Linghu Chong took the meat in his mouth he felt a burning sensation. He quickly grasped the meat with the chopsticks and took it out from his mouth. Ouchits hot

    Dongfang Bubai couldnt help but smile at the looks on his face. Its hot? she asked playfully.

    Linghu Chong grasped another piece of slicked chicken and placed it in Dongfang Bubais mouth. This time it was her who complained that the meat was hot. She abruptly used the chopsticks to take the meat out and placed on a plate. Linghu Chong grinned at said playfully, Its hot?

    Dongfang Bubai propped her head in her hand looking at him withstanding the burning sensation and nodded with a wide smile. Linghu Chong reached his hand out to hold Dongfang Bubais other hand affectionately. They started laughing at each others silly facial expression.

    The shopkeeper walked up to them. Sir, Miss, your food is burnt. Why

    Linghu Chong interrupted him and said, No. We like our meat burnt. Though the meat was probably not eatable anymore but he could not be bothered. He would eat it as long as Dongfang Bubai was willing to eat it with him.

    Dongfang Bubai simply smiled. She didnt mind eating burnt meat either as long as Linghu Chong was willing to eat it with her.

    The shopkeeper gazed at Linghu Chong and said, Sir, arent you the one who got drunk and slept outside my shop days ago?

    Linghu Chong raised his brow and looked at the shopkeeper confusingly. He then realized that he came to this teashop a while ago to drink wine.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head around looking at the shopkeeper coldly, wanting to know what was he trying to say.

    The shopkeeper smiled and continued, Congratulations. You finally reunited with your sweetheart.

    Dongfang Bubai turned towards Linghu Chong with a serious look on her face. She was wondering who the shopkeeper was referring too.

    Now that she has come back to you, you dont have to get yourself so drunk to drown your sorrow anymore, the shopkeeper smiled. He gave them a bowed before walking away.

    What sweetheart? Who is she? Dongfang Bubai asked in a stern voice.

    Linghu Chong looked away and replied, Its like this. There is this fierce girl that I liked who loves to perform sword moves while drinking wine. There was one day she left me with some monks without even saying a word. I had to walk down from the peak all by myself even though I was not well.

    Dongfang Bubai immediately knew who he was referring to. She smiled and stopped him from talking by covering his mouth with her hand.

    Linghu Chong gently took her hand away from his mouth. Lets eat some burnt meat, he grasped another piece of meat, blew on it make it cooler before placing it in Dongfang Bubais mouth.

    Dongfang Bubais eyes were filled with enjoyment as she slowly bite the meat in her mouth. Afterward, she blew on another piece of meat and placed it in Linghu Chongs mouth. They took turns to feed each other. The couple was having best time of their lives.


    Yue Lingfeng stood there at the edge of the cliff under the gloomy clouds. Drops of rain trickled down his body as he stood there frozen, his gaze fixed on the bottomless cliff. His tears were still flowing down his cheeks. Sister, I am sorry to you. Even if I die thousands of times I will not be able to make up for what Ive done. But dont worry I will not let you die in vain. The Dongfangs will not be defeated so easily, he thought.

    Hall Elders, Hall Masters and Vice Hall Masters, five branches of Fragrant Masters and Vice Fragrant Masters of the Divine Sun Moon Cult gathered inside a hall. Ren Woxing sat on the dais. A cloth was used to cover both his eyes. They got down on their knee and saluted Ren Woxing with their hands cupped. Subordinate pays respect to refined scholar, kind-hearted warrior, the just and wise Chief. Chief flourishes the divine cult and benefits the common people. Long live the Chief, dominating the martial arts world.

    Ren Woxing said loudly, You were all under Dongfang Bubai before and has done many things for her. Ive secretly found out what every single one of you has done. But Im a very open-minded person, so I wont blame anyone. From today, everyone must be loyal to me then I would treat you well and share all the glory and honor.

    Chief is just and wise, his heart is open like the ocean. Subordinate will obey chiefs order completely. We will be loyal to Chief, go through fire and water, would not draw back at a thousand deaths, and be resolved to do chiefs biddings, they cheered.

    Ren Woxing raised his hand and signaled them to be silent. But if anyone dares to revolt and not listen to my order then I will punish him severely. Anyone who defies me, his entire family would be executed too.

    All of them answered together, Subordinate would never dare.

    Ren Yingying looked towards Yue Lingfeng who was standing right behind her. Brother Yue, are you alright? she asked. She was deeply concerned about him, fearing that Dongfang Bubai may have helped him regain his memory.

    Yue Lingfeng shook his head and replied, I am alright. Its just some minor injury.

    Ren Woxing overheard their whisperings. He said loudly, Fenger! Come here!

    Yue Lingfeng went up to Ren Woxing and saluted him with his hands cupped. Senior, what orders do you have for junior? he asked courteously.

    Ren Woxing smiled coldly and said, Ignore all the formalities. You helped me escaped from my imprisonment. Now that Ive already regained the leadership of the cult I am going to fulfill my promises made to you. He paused and held onto the seat armrest to pull himself up.

    Yue Lingfeng and Ren Yingying went up to help and propped him up by the hand.

    Followers of the Divine Sun Moon Cult here is my order! Since old man has become visually impaired it would be inconvenient for old man to run the cult activities like before. Hence, old man has decided to appoint Yue Lingfeng to assist old man to manage the cult. From this day forth, Yue Lingfeng will be the Deputy Chief of our Divine Sun Moon Cult. Seeing the Deputy Chief is like seeing me, Ren Woxing. Those who disobey shall be killed mercilessly! Ren Woxing said in a fierce voice.

    Greetings to the Deputy Chief! Long live Deputy Chief! Dominating the martial arts world! all of the members responded.

    Yue Lingfeng placed his hands in the back gazing at them coldly. Excellent. I assure you all that we will take control of the martial arts world in less than 10 years, he puckered his brow and said in a cold and stern voice. His indifferent facial expression sent a chill down their spine. They could sense that he carried an air of authority. His voice was full of authority and power. He reminded them of someone.

    Even Ren Yingying was startled to see Yue Lingfengs cold facial expression. Dongfang Bubai? she thought in fear. Right at that moment she felt as though she was seeing Dongfang Bubai standing at the dais instead of Yue Lingfeng.

    Later, Ren Yingying and Yue Lingfeng were in Dongfang Bubais chamber searching for something. They looked into every single cupboard and drawer but could not locate the item that they were looking for.

    Ren Woxing pressed the edge of a table with his hand and said sternly, Yingying! Did you find the scripture?

    Ren Yingying turned her head to look at her Ren Woxing. Not yet, father, she replied.

    Yue Lingfeng went over to the bed to search under the mattress. He felt an object under the mattress. Could this be it? he thought. He looked over his shoulder to make sure that Ren Yingying wasnt looking at him before pulling out the item. It was a hardcover handbook. The words Sunflower Scripture were inscribed on the front cover. He quickly tucked the handbook into his chest pocket and continued searching the bed.

    Brother Feng, did you manage to find anything? Ren Yingying asked, stepping away from a closet.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at Ren Yingying and replied, Nothing. The scripture probably fell off the cliff together with Dongfang Bubai.

    Ren Woxing hummed angrily, Outrageous! The villain Dongfang Bubai actually took the divine cults holy treasure, Sunflower Scripture along with her to the spiritual realm! He suddenly paused and thought of something. That might not be such a bad thing after all. The Sunflower Scripture contains profound martial arts skills but it will harm anyone who learns it. Burying it together with Dongfang Bubai could be a good thing, he said laughingly.

    Later, Yue Lingfeng sat inside a room flipping through the pages of the Sunflower Scripture. He was amazed with the martial arts skills inside the scripture. Each technique was ingenious and powerful. No wonder adopted father said that the Sunflower Scripture is the most supreme martial arts skill. No one in the world will be able to match you after youve learned this martial art. He said that a practitioners life would also be prolonged to over 100 years, he uttered to himself.

    The moment Yue Lingfeng flipped back to the first page of the handbook, his eyes became still. It was clearly written that to learn this divine art, you must first castrate yourself. He let out a sigh of despair and thought, Sister is a female so naturally she would not have any problems learning the martial arts in the scripture.

    As he thought about Dongfang Bubai an image of her falling to the bottom of the cliff suddenly flashed through his mind. A mix emotions of anger, hatred and sorrow swelled in his heart the moment he thought about how Ren Woxing caused the death of his sister.

    With my current martial arts skills there is no way I can defeat Ren Woxing in a straight fight. Even if I can finish him off with some treacherous methods I will still need to take out Xiang Wentian and the ten elders to ensure that I can gain full control of the devil cult, Yue Lingfeng thought deeply. He held the handbook in his hand tightly and started laughing coldly. To learn this divine art, you must first castrate yourself! To learn this divine art, you must first castrate yourself!

    Feeling completely frustrated, he pushed the door wide open and stormed out of the room.

    There was a large brothel house in a small town not far away from the Dark Wood Cliff. Yue Lingfeng decided to get a large room all for himself. He made an arrangement with the housekeeper to have a group of beautiful looking young ladies accompany him.

    Yue Lingfeng was having a good time being entertained and accompanied by the young ladies. Some fed him with fruits and wines while others took turns to be intimate with him. He decided to just spend the night having fun with them without thinking about anything else.

    It was past midnight. The room was in complete darkness. Yue Lingfeng was all alone sitting at a table. He reached into his chest pocket and pulled out the Sunflower Scripture. Sister has always been very loving to me. I cannot allow her to die in vain.though her death wasnt entirely my fault but I was still part of itAs her blood sibling I cannot just let it go

    Yue Lingfeng rose from his seat and went over to a window, looking out into the dark sky. Feiyan, if you were still around Im sure that you will be able to tell me what to do he sighed in despair, recalling how he had caused Qu Feiyans death.

    There was great heaviness and continual sorrow in his heart. The moment he thought about how he has caused the death of the two most important women in his life, he just couldnt contain his tears anymore. He shot his palm out, emitted a stream of energy at a pot and pulled it towards him.

    After drinking a big gulp of wine, he reached for the handle of his sword and pulled it out from the scabbard. He gazed at the sword steel while pouring some wine over it. With a flicker of light, he grabbed the handled of the sword and slashed it downwards forcefully. Blood splattered all over the floor.

    Yue Lingfeng stumbled to the back and let out a loud cry.
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    Somebody's been watching Demi God Semi Devil. I never really understood the doctor scene. A doctor scared of blood is like an astronaut being scared of heights.

    So we have 3 eunuchs now. Looks like if you're not called Linghu you're not getting any 'action'.

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    I think in order to learn the art, one must be neither man, nor women... Or else why doesn't Ren Wo Xing give the scripture to his daughter, Ren Yingying when he became chief. Thus, a women must also not be able to learn it...

    Only expalantion is DFBB must be unique, she must be a hermaphrodite... Her hermaphroditism is perhaps 80% female and 20% male... Hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I think in order to learn the art, one must be neither man, nor women... Or else why doesn't Ren Wo Xing give the scripture to his daughter, Ren Yingying when he became chief. Thus, a women must also not be able to learn it...

    Only expalantion is DFBB must be unique, she must be a hermaphrodite... Her hermaphroditism is perhaps 80% female and 20% male... Hahaha
    Perhaps because RYY is in fact a hermaphrodite. If RYY learns it she needs to castrate. RWX knows this. LHC only got to know it on the night they consummate. Because of RwX sucking so much inner energy his only child is able to become pregnant and make others pregnant. Miss Dongfang will never be a hermaphrodite.

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    Thanks Dingfang Xue for another exciting episode... Are we going to see ChongDong being hunted by both the righteous sects and the herectic sects... Can't wait to see some serious sword and needle action... Hope you'll give us a July 4th holiday episode to read while many of us are stuffing ourselves with massive amounts of food with family & friends....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eccentric One View Post
    Perhaps because RYY is in fact a hermaphrodite. If RYY learns it she needs to castrate. RWX knows this. LHC only got to know it on the night they consummate. Because of RwX sucking so much inner energy his only child is able to become pregnant and make others pregnant. Miss Dongfang will never be a hermaphrodite.
    LMAO! Now thats very refreshing Eccentric One. RYY now becomes a hermaphrodite is so cool. AFter watching the recent remake I seriously don't like the character RYY that much either.

    Happy July 4th everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Somebody's been watching Demi God Semi Devil. I never really understood the doctor scene. A doctor scared of blood is like an astronaut being scared of heights.

    So we have 3 eunuchs now. Looks like if you're not called Linghu you're not getting any 'action'.
    Mandred, noted about the doctor scared of blood is like an astronaut being scared of heights. I will revise that part. Any other problems with the first half?

    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks Dingfang Xue for another exciting episode... Are we going to see ChongDong being hunted by both the righteous sects and the herectic sects... Can't wait to see some serious sword and needle action... Hope you'll give us a July 4th holiday episode to read while many of us are stuffing ourselves with massive amounts of food with family & friends....
    Szfong I am going to do some editing on the last chapter over the weekend. I'll try to get the next chapter up (fingers crossed)

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