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Thread: Swordsman (笑傲江湖小说)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liljanger View Post
    Thanks for another interesting chapter. Will YLF end up with LHE?
    Stay tune for finale. Won't be long before this project comes to an end

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    Thanks DongFang Xue. Thanks for the details on the cave fight. And now I know why Gu Santong knew the Star Absorption Art.

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    Just a thought, it would be nice if Lingshan does not die here. If you base it on the 2013 series one can say that she fell in love with LPZ instead because LHC never once revealed his feelings for her. In the room when they were playing the fireflies she was so hoping that he would kiss her but he didn't. Would be nice if LHC gets to have DFBB and Lingshan for a change. I don't like RYY so she can definitely die of poison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhawk View Post
    Just a thought, it would be nice if Lingshan does not die here. If you base it on the 2013 series one can say that she fell in love with LPZ instead because LHC never once revealed his feelings for her. In the room when they were playing the fireflies she was so hoping that he would kiss her but he didn't. Would be nice if LHC gets to have DFBB and Lingshan for a change. I don't like RYY so she can definitely die of poison.
    There are quite a few people who wants RYY to die

    YLS and DFBB sharing LHC seems interesting though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    There are quite a few people who wants RYY to die

    YLS and DFBB sharing LHC seems interesting though

    Thinking of turning LHC into a manw...e

    Anyway thanks for the latest chapters

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    Default Episode 40

    A light drizzle had started. Dongfang Bubai and Buhui sat under a pavilion at the bottom of Jiu Lian Mountain.

    Dongfang Bubai patted Buhuis shoulder. Buhui, dont stay here anymore. Come and live with sister. I dont want to see those people in the temple bully you again, she said in a soft voice, filled with care and concern.

    Buhui placed his hand over Dongfang Bubais. Sister, I grew up here in the Shaolin temple. I cant just leave like that, he uttered, his eyes were teary.

    Dongfang Bubai sniffled lightly and said, This time they accused you of killing. Who knows what they will do the next time. I still feels that its best you leave with me. She felt that she was responsible for Yi Lins death because she failed to protect her and take care of her. She was not willing to make the same mistake with him. She would not allow any of her sibling to leave her again.

    Buhui could hear the sadness in her words. He looked at her blankly, not knowing what to do. He reached his hands out and gave her a hug. Im sorry sister he weep.

    Linghu Chong walked over to them and patted Dongfang Bubai on the shoulder. Brother Buhui is a big boy. Im sure he knows what is best for him. And Im sure you want him to be happy, he said in a soft voice.

    Dongfang Bubai gave Linghu Chong a solemn look. She agreed with him that she wanted Buhui to be happy but she also did not want him to be accused by the monks in the temple anymore. She found herself on the horns of a dilemma.

    They heard the sound of bells jingling coming from the mountain top. Buhui looked at Dongfang Bubai and said in a low voice, Sister, Ive to go now. Will you come and see me again? I will miss you.

    Dongfang Bubai heaved a deep sigh, reluctant to allow Buhui to return to the Shaolin temple. She placed her hand on Buhuis arm. I will. I will certainly come and see you again, she said in a soft voice.

    Buhui looked toward Linghu Chong and cupped his hands. Brother Linghu, see you.

    Linghu Chong cupped his hands and replied, Take care.

    Dongfang Bubai watched Buhui walk back to the mountain, feeling disappointed. I must think of a way to make Buhui leave the temple, she murmured.

    Linghu Chong placed his hand around her shoulder. If you can find him a beautiful wife like you Im sure that he will return to secular life, he said with a smirk.

    That would be impossible. My name is Bubai (Bubai means undefeated). How can there be any other girl in this world that looks as beautiful as me, Dongfang Bubai mocked.

    Linghu Chong laughed heartily and said, Thats true.

    A mysterious figure hiding behind a tree overheard their conversation. Finding him a beautiful girl?

    Big drops of rain started pouring from the sky. Yue Lingfeng stood under a pavilion mulling to himself. Looks like Big Apprentice Brother is right. If we can find Buhui a girl that he truly likes he will most definitely return to secular life. But there are so many people in this world how will we be able to find a suitable girl for him in such a short time? he thought in his heart.

    A thought suddenly flashed into his mind. Miss Linghu might be an ideal choice for Buhui. She is elegant and kindhearted. Im sure that she will be able to take good care of Buhui, he muttered. Though he did like Linghu En just as much but for the sake of his little brother he was willing to give up his pursue.

    Later, a black figure appeared flew down from the air and lightly landed on the roof of an inn. The black figure stooped down and removed a tile, taking a quick peep.

    Linghu En was standing at a window sipping some wine from the cup in her hand. She was reminiscing the time she played the Laughing Proudly In The Jianghu with Yue Lingfeng. She pulled an embroidered sachet out from her pocket and looked at it with wide smile on her face. It was the one given to her by Yue Lingfeng.

    The black figure wearing a hooded robe looked at her in surprise. II am in her heart he thought, gazing at her in surprise. The black figure was in fact Yue Lingfeng. Im already an ineffectual person. I dont even know if the Divine Art of Soul Altering will work or not. She will be happier with Buhui. With a swift flick of his fingers he expelled a small gust of wind at Linghu En from above, sealed her acupoints and knocked her unconscious.

    Up on the Jiulian Mountain, Buhui was busy cutting blocks of wood in the backyard. Sweat dripped off his forehead. His whole body was hurting.

    There was a figure standing behind a nearby big tree watching him. The figure was none other than Dongfang Bubai. Her heart started aching as she watched her brother perform such hard manual work. How could Buhui live in such condition? I will not allow him to endure such sufferings again she thought in her heart furiously.

    Just then, a monk with a bamboo stick exited a hut and walked up to Buhui. You didnt eat today? Youve not even cut half of the wood! the monk scolded.

    Buhui turned toward and got down on his knees. Martial Brother, I am really tired

    The monk was none other than Bujie, his senior martial brother. Bujie lifted up the bamboo stick and struck him in the face. Tired? Thats the lousiest excuse that Ive ever heard.

    Buhui raised his hand to block the bamboo stick. Martial Brother, please forgive me. I will not sleep until I finish cutting the wood. he stammered.

    Bujie pulled back the bamboo stick and struck Buhuis leg instead, knocking him down to the ground. You better do or else I will beat you up even worst! he shouted angrily.

    Buhui pulled himself up from the ground with his head looking downward. I will.I will he shuddered.

    Bujie threw the bamboo rod to the ground and walked away.

    Dongfang Bubai extended her hand and drew a needle from her utility sash. Just as she was about to attack Bujie, she suddenly thought about something and halted her fingers. Buhui will get into trouble again if I kill this bald head now she thought in her heart. The moment she thought about her brothers safety, her anger gradually subsided.

    After finished cutting another wood block, Buhui rested his head on the cutting board and dozed off.

    Dongfang Bubai stepped away from the big tree and walked over to Buhui. She wiped the sweat off his forehead with her sleeve. Seeing that he was so sound asleep, she didnt have the heart so wake him up. Instead, she took off her outer garment and put it over his back so that he wouldnt catch a cold.

    Bujie was unfolding the blanket, getting ready to sleep. Suddenly, a gust of strong wind blew the door wide open.

    A shadow flashed toward him, subsequently striking him on the shoulder with the index and middle fingers.

    Bujie felt numb all over his body as his acupoints were sealed. He collapsed to the ground and noticed a yellow shadow standing in front of him. This person covered her face with a black cloth. She only revealed a pair of cold electrifying eyes.

    Who are you.unblock my acupoints quick Bujie shuddered.

    The yellow shadow stooped down in front of him. You dont need to know who I am, she said in chilling voice. She drew a knife, twirled it at unfathomable speed and subsequently pointed it at Bujies face.

    Bujie turned pale the moment he saw the knife flashed in front of his eyes at ghostly pace. Heroineplease spare my lifeI dont want to die he stammered, and subsequently peed into his pants.

    Youre a Buddhist but yet you bully those younger than you. Whats worse is that youre bullying my brother. By right I should just kill you with a single stab, the yellow shadow said coldly.

    Bujie looked at her in surprise. Who is your brother? A thought suddenly came to his mind. He squinted at the yellow shadow and said, Buhui.Buhui is your brother?

    The yellow shadows hand flashed once more, as she twirled the knife, and sliced off Bujies eyebrows.

    Bujie cried out hysterically; watching his eyebrows fell. Help me.please help me.

    The yellow shadow glared and said coldly , This time Im only shaving your eyebrows. If you ever bully my brother again, I will certainly turn you into a eunuch. She pointed the knife downward.

    Bujie shook his head frantically. Heroineyou have my words that I will never bully Buhui again.

    The yellow shadow stood up, turned around and flashed out of the room.

    Bujie blinked his eyes repeatedly as he watched the blurry yellow leave the room. Is she a ghost or a human? he thought in his heart.

    The yellow shadow was indeed Dongfang Bubai. She returned to the backyard to find Buhui but only saw her outer garment lying on the chopping board. She picked up the outer garment and put it on. Where did he go? she murmured, taking a quick look around the place.

    Yue Lingfeng stood inside a freezing chamber in the back of the Jiulian Mountain.

    Linghu En laid her head upon Buhuis chest, on a big ice block.

    Buhui, this is the best brother can do for you. You must take good care of Miss Linghu. he murmured. He pulled a bamboo tube out from his pocket, opened the cover of the tube and dispersed thin, white smoke into the chamber. Heres wishing the two of your eternal happiness he whispered with tears.

    Afterward, Yue Lingfeng stepped out of the chamber and closed the door behind him. He looked over his shoulder at the door; intending to go back into the chamber. The moment he thought about his own condition and Linghu Ens happiness, he decided to leave.

    Right at that moment, he noticed a yellow shadow leaping over the roofs at unfathomable speed. Sister is here tooIve to make sure that she does not spoil my plan, he thought in his heart. He hurriedly covered the bottom half of his face with a cloth and sprinted towards a corridor on the left.

    Coincidentally, there was a monk walking out from the toilet. Yue Lingfeng flashed towards him, thrust his index and middle fingers and his shoulder and knocked him out. After that, he placed the monk into a sack in his hand; leaped into the air and strode in the air mediocre speed.

    Dongfang Bubai noticed a black figure carrying a large back sack on his shoulder; flying away at the other end. Who is that person? Could it be Buhui who is in the sack that he is carrying? she murmured. She was getting worried about her brothers safety. Without thinking twice she flipped towards the black figure and chased after him.

    After running for approximately the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the footsteps of the Yue Lingfeng suddenly accelerated. He sprinted in the air fiercely, producing a strong gust of wind. The distance between him and Dongfang Bubai was very close. Each time Dongfang Bubai got nearer to him, he would exert more inner energy to his legs and increased his speed.

    This mysterious persons lightness skill is indeed profound. If I had not completely mastered the Sunflower Scripture martial art skills I would most definitely lose track of him, Dongfang Bubai thought in her heart. She increased her speed in pursuit of Yue Lingfeng.

    The sun had risen. Yue Lingfeng somersaulted three times and landed along a nearby beach. Dongfang Bubai finally decided not to play the cat and mouse game with him. She flipped over him at an unimaginable speed and landed in front.

    Yue Lingfeng halted his steps, gazing at Dongfang Bubai in admiration. Dongfang Bubai is the most formidable figure in the martial arts world. Your inner energy is long lasting. Youve been competing foot strength with me for tens of li (li is a measurement in China that is equal to about a third of a mile) but yet you dont seem to be tired at all. I bow in admiration, he spoke in low hoarse voice. He deliberately lowered his voice so that Dongfang Bubai couldnt recognize it.

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at Yue Lingfeng sideways. This person knows methis is really odd. There isnt many people in the martial arts community who knows my true identity, she thought. She then removed the cloth; revealing her face. Who are you? How come you know me? Show yourself, she said coldly.

    Yue Lingfeng replied, Im just some nobody in the martial arts community. Its not necessary for me to reveal my face.

    Dongfang Bubai hummed coldly and continued, Who is that you are holding on your shoulder? Let go of him! Since Yue Lingfeng refused to reveal himself, she decided find out if the person in the sack was her brother Buhui.

    Yue Lingfeng smirked coldly and replied, You want to know who is in the sack? Sure. If you can defeat me in a fight I will definitely let you have a look at the sack.

    Dongfang Bubai swept her hand sideways and dashed toward him at unfathomable speed. Yue Lingfeng dropped the sack to the ground and moved in on her. Their palms clashed; result of massive underground explosion.

    The two of them continued attacking each other with violent and superfast moves. Their attacks kept changing from a fist strike into a palm strike and subsequently into a stab. Dongfang Bubai had a slight advantage over Yue Lingfeng In terms of speed and strength as she had spent more years mastering the martial art skills in the Sunflower Scripture. Each time Yue Lingfeng attempted to attack Dongfang Bubais weak spot, in a blink of an eye, Dongfang Bubai changed her stance immediately, eliminating whatever chance he had.

    After exchanging over hundred moves, Dongfang Bubai could tell that her opponents martial art skills were similar to hers. Could this person be Lingfeng? she thought.

    Yue Lingfeng sent his palm out at Dongfang Bubais palm and started competing inner strength. Suddenly, Dongfang Bubai felt her inner energy started to flow out swiftly and unexpectedly. Since her inner energy was more profound than Yue Lingfeng, she was able to break away from his absorption power. She quickly pulled back her palm and subsequently sent her fist at Yue Lingfengs palm, forcing him to the back.

    Art of Star Absorption? Youre Ren Woxings apprentice? Dongfang Bubai asked.

    Yue Lingfeng placed his hands behind his back and looked away from her. So what if I am his apprentice?

    Dongfang Bubai hummed agitatedly and replied, if youre Ren Woxings apprentice I will definitely kill you.

    Yue Lingfeng heaved a sigh. If you kill me I assure you that you will regret it for the rest of your life.

    Dongfang Bubai narrowed her eyes and said, Who are you?

    Yue Lingfeng extended his right hand, using his inner energy to grab the sack and tossed it to Dongfang Bubai. Ive lost this contest. Here is the sack, he said. After finishing his words, he turned around, leaped into the air and flew away.

    Dongfang Bubai caught the sack with her hands and laid it on the ground. To her surprise, the monk in the sack was not Buhui. Oh no! Looks like Ive fallen into his the luring the tiger from the mountain trick. I better rush back to the temple to see if Buhui is alright. She hastily flew leaped up and flew away.

    Back at the Shaolin temple, Buhui sat at the stone steps, shaking his head in distress.

    Dongfang Bubai landed on the ground and ran up to him. Buhui, are you alright? she asked concernedly.

    Buhui laid his head on Dongfang Bubais shoulder and burst into tears. SisterIve committed a serious misconduct. he sobbed.

    Dongfang Bubai patted Buhui on the back. Most important thing is that youre alright. I will defend you no matter what you mistake that youve made. Dont worry, she said with a smile.

    I.Iunintentionally took away Miss Linghus.Miss Linghus purity he said bitterly.

    Dongfang Bubai was greatly astonished. Her voice trembled as she asked, You what.?

    Buhui sniffled as he continued, Im not sure what happened. I fell asleep last nightthe moment I woke up this morning.I found myself sleeping next to her

    Dongfang Bubai contained her panic and said, Now is not the time to discuss about what happened. If Linghu Chong finds out about this he will most definitely kill you.

    Sister, Im not afraid to dieI must take full responsibility for what Ive done Buhui asserted.

    Dongfang Bubai grinned and said, Excellent. My brother is indeed upright and honorable. Dont worry. Ill find a way to resolve this matter. But you must promise me that youll not reveal this matter to anyone else.

    Buhui shook his head. I will not say a word to anyone else.

    Lightning flashed across the sky. Linghu En kneeled at the edge, looking down at the bottom in daze. How am I going to confront Brother Lingfeng again she thought in her heart, tears flowing down her cheek.

    Martial sister! Dont be silly! a clear and loud voice called out.

    Dongfang Bubai swooped down on Linghu En and pulled her away from the edge abruptly.

    Linghu En turned around to look at her bitterly. Senior Martial Sister, you know how much I respect and admire you. But this time.this time. she turned away from Dongfang Bubai and let out a long cry.

    Dongfang Bubai was silent for a moment. She was after all a woman herself. If she was in Linghu Ens shoes she would have most definitely kill Buhui. But since Buhui was her brother she could not allow anyone to harm him either. She patted Linghu En on the shoulder. Martial Sister, I will not let you endure such a humiliation without doing anything, she said in a soft voice.

    Linghu En responded, What do you intend to do? Even I myself dont know what to do

    Dongfang Bubai continued, I would actually love to have you as my sister in law instead of martial sister. I will make sure that Buhui takes full responsibility of this.

    Linghu En lowered her head. I wouldnt dare to ask Buhui to take responsibility. We were poisoned by the Hallucination Incense.

    Hallucination Incense? Thats the Dark Wood Cliffs poison. Could it be that the mysterious person is Lingfeng? Dongfang Bubai thought in her heart.

    She then looked Linghu En in the eyes and said, No matter what it is, I will not let you kill yourself because of this. Your brother would not let you do this either.

    Linghu En heaved a sigh and sobbed, Martial Sister, please dont let brother know about this.I dont want anyone else to know about this.

    Dongfang Bubai nodded. You have my words. But you should really consider becoming my sister in law instead. Buhui is actually not bad. Im sure that the two of you will make a good couple.

    Linghu En pulled an embroidered sachet out from her pocket, it was Yue Lingfengs embroidered sachet. What about Brother Lingfeng?

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at the embroidered sachet in surprise. Doesnt Lingfeng knows that martial sister likes him? How could he do such a thing to a woman who likes him? This is really too much.. she thought in her heart.

    Martial sister, youre probably unaware of this but Lingfeng already has Ren Yingying by his side. He and you would not have a good ending. Buhui on the other hand is single and hone, Dongfang Bubai asserted.

    Linghu En looked at Dongfang Bubai in amazement. The Ren family is your mortal enemy but yet you still approve Brother Lingfengs relationship with a Ren? she asked.

    Dongfang Bubai stood up and looked away. After going through so much I feel that there are some things that are out of my control. All I wish for now is that Lingfeng be happy. He has suffered a lot and I dont want to see him being unhappy anymore, she said in a soft voice. She then looked at Linghu En and said, No matter what it is, I will not let you suffer either. You have my words that Buhui will be nice to you. As a woman all we wish for is that there is someone who can be there to share our sorrow and joy with us. After finishing those words she thought about how much she and Linghu Chong had to endure before being able to be with each other. There was a smile on her face.

    She then looked back at Linghu En and said caringly, If you feel that the only way to resolve this is by using violence, you can take my life. Im willing to use my life to redeem Buhuis mistakes.

    Linghu En shook her head. Senior Martial Sister I dont mean to resolve this by taking Buhuis life. Killing him will not resolve what happened last nightin fact it will only affect your relationship with brotherI wish to see brother happy too she said, her eyes became teary.
    Dongfang Bubai responded, You have my words that I will stop at nothing to find the person responsible for this. I will not let the person who poisoned you and Buhui to get away so easily.

    Later, the two girls walked along the woods heading back to the city. Linghu En was silent during the entire journey. Dongfang Bubai patted her on the shoulder. Dont worry too much. My brother will be able to give you happiness. Your brother and I would also be very happy to have you as part of my family, she said with a smile.

    Linghu En pursed her lips. Ive to admit that I owe him my life. He is truthful and pleasant she uttered. Perhaps its destined that we will be together

    A purple figure standing behind a big tree overheard their conversation. The purple figure clenched her fist after hearing the words we will be together. Nobody can snatch my Brother Lingfeng away from me she thought in her heart. The purple figure was in fact Ren Yingying.


    Inside an inn, Linghu Chong jumped up from a chair astonishingly. Ener and Buhui are getting married?

    Dongfang Bubai nodded. Martial Sister has been admiring Buhui since their first encounter. Im not asking for your approval. Im just informing you about this, she said with a smirk.

    Linghu Chong mockingly replied, Ener is my only family left. She should be the one who gets to determine who she wants to marry. That being said, no matter who she chooses, she will have my full blessings.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a smirk. Ive to say that your defiant personality is one of the things that really caught my attention, she remarked. She knew how much Linghu Chong loved Linghu En and that he intentionally put up that fierce and snobbish look to get even with her; indicating to her that he will not comply with everything that she demanded.

    Linghu En looked at Linghu Chong in amazement and appreciation. She ran up to him and gave him a hug. Thank you, brother.thank you

    Linghu Chong patted her head. Silly girl, you dont have to thank me. Brother will support you in whatever decision that you make, he said in a low voice, his eyes became teary.

    Dongfang Bubai looked toward the door and said loudly, You can come in now.

    The door swung open. Buhui stood at the doorway looking at Linghu En. Miss Linghu

    Linghu En immediately interrupted him and said with a grin, Youre still calling me Miss Linghu? She was afraid that Buhui would disclosed about the incident at the shaolin temple to Linghu Chong.

    Dongfang Bubai walked up to Buhui. You should start calling her Ener, she said with a smile.

    Linghu Chong went up to Dongfang Bubai and placed his arm around her shoulder. I should start calling you wife too, he said with a grin.

    Dongfang Bubai lightly swung her elbow against Linghu Chongs chest. Who said I want to be your wife?

    Linghu Chongs body flew backwards, knocked against a wall and fell onto the ground.

    Dongfang Bubai and Linghu En hurriedly ran toward him and propped him up.

    Why is it that you have to use so much strength every time you hit me? Linghu Chong scolded, staring at Dongfang Bubai agitatedly.

    Dongfang Bubai lowered her head. Im really sorry.I didnt mean it she said apologetically.

    Linghu Chong hummed and replied, Looks like I might have to use my Art of Star Absorption to reduce some of your inner force.

    Dongfang Bubai retorted, If you dare Ill kill you with a single blow.

    The two of them then looked into each others eyes affection as they spoke. Other than them no one else could tell that they were merely teasing each other. It was their way of communicating which have been effective since the beginning of their encounter.

    Linghu En glanced at them sideways, coughed and said, Alright. The two of you can go back to your own room to argue. I need to talk to Brother Buhui.

    Linghu Chong nodded. My chest hurts. You better treat my injury quickly, he said, winking at Dongfang Bubai.

    Dongfang Bubai sneered happily and said, Alright. Lets go. She propped Linghu Chong by the hand and walked him out of the room.

    Linghu En closed the door behind her and gave Buhui a serious look on the face. I dont wish to let my brother know about what happened last night. I hope that you can understand.

    Buhui nodded. I promise that I will not reveal this to anyone else. I also promise that I will do my best to make you happy he said in a soft voice. He did not have the slightest idea what love was but he knew that he had to take full responsibility for what happened in the freezing chamber.

    Suddenly, three black figures broke in through the roof, hurling anesthetic powder at the couples faces and knocked them out.

    Linghu En and Buhui lost their senses and collapsed to the ground instantaneously.

    Two masked men carried Linghu En and Buhui separately as they rushed out of the room together.

    A shadow flashed out from another room and stood in front of the third masked man.
    Chief Dongfang? the third masked man uttered in shock.

    Dongfang Bubai shot her hand at the masked man, grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against a pillar. Who sent you? she asked codly.

    The masked man shudder as he answered, Holy Maiden

    Dongfang Bubai exerted more strength to her fingers, crushed the masked mans windpipe and killed him.

    Ill go and save Ener and Buhui! Linghu Chong shouted as he leaped towards the doorway.

    Dongfang Bubai tossed the masked man to the ground. Wait for me!

    As the couple stepped out of the inn, a group of forty masked men armed with swords jumped out from the hiding spot and subsequently surrounded them.

    Linghu Chong lashed his sword out violently, stabbing a masked man in the chest. After that, he leaped forward and slashed three other masked men in the throat.

    Dongfang Bubai charged to the front and sent her energy covered palms out at two masked mens face, killing them in a single strike.

    Five other masked men drew their bows and arrows and started firing a flurry of arrows at the couple.

    Linghu Chong channeled his inner energy to his sword and then spu around once in a circle, unleashing a violent gust of wind that propelled the arrows back to the masked men. The arrows pierced the five masked mens chest, killing them instantly.

    Another group of thirty masked men with swords somersaulted in the air, landed around the couple, and started attacking them violently.

    It was extremely windy at the top of a mountain. Linghu En regained conscious and found herself tied to a tree. She took a quick glance around the area alarmingly.

    A group of ten masked men in black hooded robes were standing around the mountain. From their clothing Linghu En could tell that they were from the Divine Sun Moon Cult.

    She also noticed Buhui tied to another, unconsciously.

    Ren Yingying turned away from the edge of the mountain and walked up to Linghu En. You must be Dongfang Bubais martial sister, she said indifferently.

    Linghu En glared at her angrily. Evil witch! What do you want? Why did you bring us here?

    I will not allow anyone to take Brother Lingfeng away from me! Ren Yingying screamed angrily.

    Linghu En looked at her confusingly. Ive no idea what youre talking about, she retorted.

    Ren Yingying lifted up her hand and slapped Linghu Ens face. You still want to act dumb? Dongfang Bubai has approved your marriage with Brother Lingfeng!

    Linghu En immediately knew what she was talking about. This crazy evil witch thinks that I am getting married with Brother Lingfeng, she thought in her heart. So what if we are? Brother Lingfeng loves me wholeheartedly. He once said that youre merely a tool to help him kill his boredom, she mocked.

    Ren Yingying started fuming. Shut up! Youre lying! she stumbled twelve steps back and let out a loud cry. She knew that ever since Yue Lingfeng regained his memory he hasnt once showed him any affection or care. He spared her life merely because he thought that she was pregnant.

    I had to lie to him that I was pregnant so that he would not leave me. I will not allow you to destroy my plans! she shouted furiously.

    A black shadow flashed down from the sky and lightly stood on a tree branch. Let her go at once! a loud and stern voice spoke.

    The ten masked men immediately drew their swords; confronting Yue Lingfeng.

    Yue Lingfeng swept his sleeve outward and sent a flurry of needles into the masked mens foreheads.

    The ten masked mens bodies fell forward straight onto the ground where it remained motionless. There was a small red dot on their foreheads, as tiny drops of blood leaked out.

    Ren Yingying turned towards the direction of the voice. Her eyes dropped wide open. Brother Lingfeng? she uttered in shock.

    Yue Lingfeng strode towards Buhui in a flash. He cut the rope tied to Buhuis hands and legs and channeled a small amount of inner energy into his body to wake him up.

    Buhui slowly opened his eyes only to find Linghu En being held captive by Ren Yingying. He stepped forward and said loudly, Dont hurt Miss Linghu! You can have me as your hostage, please dont hurt her!

    Linghu En looked toward Buhui in surprise. There was a faint smile on her face, as a drop of tear streamed down on her face. Looks like Buhui is willing to sacrifice his life for me too she murmured in amazement.

    Yue Lingfeng glared at Ren Yingying intently. Let Miss Linghu go now and I will grant you a quick death! he said coldly.

    Ren Yingying shed a tear and replied bitterly, Man proposes but heaven disposes. Why does heaven not grant me to be with the man whom I truly love...Why?!!! She abruptly drew the short sword from her waist and pointed it at Linghu Ens chest. If I cant get your love no else will get it either!

    Yue Lingfeng clenched his fist and replied chillingly, You have no idea what true love is. Using treacherous methods to attain a mans affection is not true love. In view that you once saved my life, if you release Miss Linghu go, I will spare your life today. The next time I see you again I will definitely not be merciful.

    Ren Yingying laughed coldly and said, Since I failed to get your affection Ill be happy to die with this evil witch! With those words, she thrust the short sword into Linghu Ens chest and subsequently sent her left palm out at Linghu Ens shoulder. The impact of the strike caused the tree to collapse under her immense force, and subsequently flew off the mountain.

    Yue Lingfeng hastily jumped off the mountain going after Linghu En. Killing Ren Yingying wasn't a priority in his mind at the moment. Linghu Ens safety was all he thought about.

    As he drew closer Linghu En could see the alarmed look on his face as he approached; especially his eyes. He caught her to him, his arms banded tight around her. The two of them looked into each other's eyes affectionately. Lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the crash of thunder, as they gracefully flew down.

    Brother! Miss Linghu! Buhui stood at the edge of the mountain watching them plummet to the bottom.

    Ren Yingying sniffled bitterly as she watched the man whom she truly loved going after another woman. She felt as though she was shot by a thousand arrows, each piercing her heart. Feeling completely lost and disheartened, she lifted up her short sword into the air and was about to slash Buhui.

    A sudden bright flash of invisible sword energy flew straight down from the sky, penetrating into Ren Yingyings back and exited through her chest.

    Linghu Chong pulled back his sword as he landed behind Buhui, pulling him away from the edge.

    Ren Yingying sluggishly dropped to her knees, threw up a mouthful of blood; staring at Linghu Chong intently as blood gushed out of her chest. Who would have thought thatI would die in yourhands she breathed her last and slumped to the ground, lying in a pool of blood.

    Dongfang Bubai flew down from the air and held Buhui by the arms. Buhui, are you alright? she asked worriedly.

    Sisterbrother and Miss Linghu fellfell off the mountain Buhui uttered in tears.

    Linghu Chong stood at the edge and looked down toward the bottomless mountain. Ener! Ener! he called out hysterically.

    Dongfang Bubai contained her emotions and said in a stern voice, Lets use the path on the left to get to the bottom of the mountain! For once she was more composed and knew that standing at the top and grieved for their loved ones would not accomplish anything. Taking the effort to get to the bottom of the mountain to see if they can help out would be more beneficial.

    Yue Lingfeng gently landed onto the ground with Linghu En still in his arms. Miss Linghu, please dont mustnt die, he cried in tears.

    Linghu En tightly gripped Yue Lingfengs hand. Brother Lingfengyoure actuallythe man that I lovemostnow that Im going to dieI would no longer have to be in a dilemma of being sorry to you and being unfair to Buhui Tears were flowing down her cheeks as she looked into Yue Lingfengs eyes.

    Yue Lingfeng shook his head in panic. No! You cant die! I promise myself not to let the woman that I love to die in front of me anymore! he shouted bitterly. He quickly sealed three of Linghu Ens acupoints to stop the bleeding, and subsequently pulled the short sword out of her chest.

    After that, he placed both his palms on Linghu Ens shoulders and started to transfer mass amount of inner energy into her body, producing wavelengths of light in the vicinity around them.

    As Linghu En breathed heavily for air, she felt a stream of cold energy flowing through her body. The bleeding had stopped but the pain in her chest was so bad that she could no longer endure it, causing her to fall unconscious.

    Dont worry Ener, Brother Lingfeng will not let you die, Yue Lingfeng uttered with a smile. His inner energy flowed along all Linghu Ens network of blood vessels, preserving her heart meridian. Ever since he mastered the martial art skills in the Sunflower Scripture, his had accumulated abundant of inner energy that enabled him to preserve the life of a dying person. Even though Linghu En was in the verge of dying but his abundant inner energy was somehow able keep her heart beating.
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    Default Chapter 41

    The wind gradually subsided, and all was quiet. Yue Lingfeng propped himself up against a tree and stretched out his arms. Ener, you should be alright now, he murmured with a faint smile.

    Linghu Chong, Dongfang Bubai and Buhui came running towards him shortly.

    Buhui crouched down beside Linghu En and looked at her. Miss Linghuare you alright?

    Yue Lingfeng reached his hand out and patted Buhui on the back. Dont worry Ive used my inner energy to extend her life.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at Yue Lingfeng with a deep concern in her face. Lingfeng, are you alright? she asked.

    Yue Lingfeng fixed his gaze at Dongfang Bubai for a long time; his eyes were glowing with warmth and despair. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind. If I mend my relationship with elder sister now all that Ive done over the past few months will go to waste. There is still Ren Woxing that needs to be dealt with he thought.

    He turned away from Dongfang Bubai and went up to Buhui. Ive already struck her yin tang point so once she regains conscious she will not remember about things that happened over the last six hours, he explained.

    Buhui stood up and said, Big brother, why would you do such a thing? You like Miss Linghu dont you?

    Yue Lingfeng smiled faintly and said, I only like fame and fortune. Shell be much happier being with you. I used my inner energy to save her because she saved my life once.

    Linghu Chong looked at Yue Lingfeng and thought that theres something deeper behind Yue Lingfengs words.

    Dongfang Bubai knew exactly what her little brother meant. No matter what happens nothing will change the fact that were blood related. Big sister will be here if you need anything, she said in a soft voice.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at Buhui and continued, Buhui, youre a big boy now. Youve to learn to take responsibility for the things that youve done. Miss Linghu is a good girl so you better not bully her. After those words, he turned around, leaped into the air and flew away.

    Linghu Chong gave Dongfang Bubai a weird look in the face. What does that mean? he asked suspiciously.

    Dongfang Bubai shrugged and replied in puzzling tone, Im not sure either.

    Linghu En regained conscious hours later. She sluggishly propped herself up against the bed.

    Buhui went forward and propped her by the up from the back. Are you alright? he asked worriedly.

    My whole body is achingwhat happened? she asked, looking at him blankly.

    Dongfang Bubai interrupted and said, Ren Yingying stabbed you with her sword and pushed you off the mountain. Thankfully Buhui was able to rescue you in time. Ive transferred my inner energy to you so you should fully recover in a few days.

    Linghu En looked at Dongfang Bubai in surprise. I dont recall anything at all

    That mountain was so tall youre lucky to be still alive, Dongfang Bubai responded.

    Buhui cast an agitated glance at Dongfang Bubai. Elder sister!

    Linghu En felt warmth in her heart after know that Buhui saved her life once more. She went closer to him and kissed him on the cheek. Thank you, Brother Buhui

    Initially Buhui was going to reprimand Dongfang Bubai for being untruthful to Linghu En. But after receiving the kiss from Linghu En his body went numb. He slowly turned his head to look at Linghu En, his face flushed red.

    Linghu Chong was silent the whole time. He finally walked up to the bed and patted Linghu En on the head. Ener, dont think too much. Get some rest, he said with a smile.

    Later, Linghu Chong sat on the roof drinking wine alone.

    Dongfang Bubai exited a room and walked over to him. She could sense that he was unhappy. She lightly flew up to the roof and sat beside him. Instead of talking things over with him, she took the wine bottle off his hand and poured some wine down her throat.

    Linghu Chong gave her a stern look and said indifferently, Youve something you want to tell me?

    Dongfang Bubai smirked and replied, Stop looking at me like that. You know you wont be able to beat me in a fight.

    Linghu Chong paused for a moment. He held Dongfang Bubais hand, looked into her eyes warmly and spoke in a soft; and affectionate voice, Sister Bi (Bi here means White, as Dongfang Bubais real name was Dongfang Bi), when will we be able to be truthful with each other?

    Dongfang Bubai felt her heart melting away. This was her first time hearing him call her Sister Bi. She looked at him blushingly and said, I dont mean to hide anything from youIm sorry. She finally told him everything that she knew; starting from Linghu En and Buhui getting poisoned and being intimate till Yue Lingfeng rescuing her.

    Linghu Chong looked at her with mixed feelings: astonished and angry. Do you really think this will work? Are you forgetting about Martial Brother Lingfeng?

    Dongfang Bubai being Dongfang Bubai, confident and doing things her way; raised her brows and stared at him annoyingly. At that time I didnt know that Lingfeng likes Martial Sister too. Things would have been different if I knew about it earlier, she raised her voice.

    Linghu Chong could sense the anger building in her. He quickly composed himself and said with a faint smile, Im not blaming for anything. I just dont want martial brother to end up being like me. His paused; lowering his head. His heart was swelled with bitterness and frustration when he thought about Yue Lingshan abandoning him to be with Lin Pingzhi.

    Dongfang Bubai looked up into his eyes, only to find hurt and pain. She could tell that he was referring to him and his little martial sister. She quickly suppressed her anger and held his arm with both hands. Aiyo, dont you have me already? Humans should leave the past behind them and move forward, she said seductively, in a low voice.

    Linghu Chong gave her a smile. Come to think of it, it is a good thing that Yue Lingshan went for Lin Pingzhi instead. Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to be with you. After those words, he kissed her softly, slowly letting his hand caress her cheek.

    Dongfang Bubai closed her eyes to receive his kiss. Heaven, thank you for granting me my wish of becoming an ordinary person and being able to experience true love, she thought delightfully in her heart.

    Just then, loud footsteps could be heard. Dongfang Bubai hastily pushed Linghu Chong away to see who it was.

    Gu Santong, Zhu Jian and Mei Jian hurriedly ran towards the couple.

    Young Master, were so glad that youre still around! Zhu Jian said delightedly.

    Dongfang Bubai grabbed Linghu Chong by the hand and jumped off the roof. Where have you two lasses been? she asked coldly.

    Mei Jian heaved a sigh and said, Subordinate was instructed by Young Chief to bring Young Master Yue out of town. He sealed our acupoints while we were on our way and placed us on a boat. Thankfully Senior Gu passed by and rescued us.

    Brother Gu, you left the Shaolin temple without even saying goodbye, Linghu Chong said.

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and stared at Gu Santong indifferently. Little Gu is known to appear and disappear like the wind.

    Gu Santong smirked and said, Arent you like that too?

    Mei Jian stepped forward and said, We heard that Young Master Yue is on his way back to the Dark Wood Cliff.

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips. There was a worried look on her face. Now that Yingying is dead Im sure that dog thief Ren Woxing will not be merciful to Lingfeng, she thought to herself. Im going to Dark Wood Cliff to take a look, she said.

    Linghu Chong patted her on the back. Ill come with you.

    Zhu Jian interrupted, Young Master, our sisters sent you an urgent message saying that Songshan Sects Zuo Lengchan can ordered that on fifteenth of the third month, all five mountains sword sects must send their disciples to Songshan Mountain to elect the headmaster of the Five Mountains Sects. Everyone must attend and must arrive on time."

    Dongfang Bubai shook her head. Youve just become the Head Master of the Hengshan Sect. It wont be appropriate for you to follow me to the Dark Wood Cliff. Ive restored quite a bit of inner energy. With Little Gu around well be able to sort this out. You should go back to Hengshan Mountain and get ready for the Five Mountain Sects headmaster election.

    Gu Santong chuckled and said, I doubt there is anyone in Dark Wood Cliff who can defeat her. But old man will be happy to be of assistance.

    Linghu Chong responded, Brother Gu, we need to sit down and drink wine before you head off. He then turned toward Dongfang Bubai. You sure you dont want me to go to the Dark Wood Cliff with you? he asked in a soft voice.

    Dongfang Bubai nodded with a light smile. Youre the leader of the Hengshan Sect. It would not be appropriate for you to get involve with matters of the divine cult. Ill join you at Hengshan Mountain once Ive made sure that Lingfeng is alright.

    She then turned toward Mei Jian and said in a cold voice, I need you and Zhu Jian to find me Tong Baixiong.

    Zhu Jian and Mei Jian bowed to her. Yes, Chief Dongfang.

    Linghu Chong listened to her intently. He could sense a strong aura of authority and confidence coming from her. He had a feeling that she was up to something but decided not to ask her about it. After going through so much in his life lately, he felt that sometimes it was necessary to use extreme methods to deal with extreme personalities. He was confident that she would not hurt the innocent.


    Two masked men wearing black hooded cloaks propped Ren Woxing into the hall.

    Yue Lingfeng cupped his fists as he bowed to Ren Woxing. Subordinate Yue Lingfeng pays respect to Chief, he greeted.

    Ren Woxing his salutation. Fenger! How is Yingying? he asked anxiously.

    Yue Lingfeng started to snivel. Yingying.Yingying is dead. he uttered in a soft voice.

    Ren Woxing was greatly astonished. How could that be? My Yingying will not die! he spoke in a trembling voice.

    Two other masked men carried a stretcher with Ren Yingyings corpse on it into the hall; placed it behind Yue Lingfeng.

    Chief, Yingyings corpse is right there, Yue Lingfeng reached out, grasped the Ren Woxing man's hand, and walked him to the stretcher. They both crouched down as Yue Lingfeng guided Ren Woxings hand to Ren Yingyings head.

    Ren Woxing frantically extended his hand to check Ren Yingyings breathing but found none. He clenched his left fist and let out a loud cry; generating a strong gust of wind into the hall.

    Yue Lingfeng felt the wind blowing towards him, forcing him five steps back.

    Ren Woxing suddenly recalled about his wifes death twelve years ago, how he fell into Dongfang Bubais scheme and ended up being locked up at the underground dungeon. Fearing that he may fall into one of Yue Lingfengs tricks, he quickly stood up and he swept a palm out at Yue Lingfengs chest.

    Yue Lingfeng was in fact on his guards, waiting for the right moment to take out Ren Woxing. So when Ren Woxing made his move, he swiftly thrust his palm out to receive Ren Woxing's palm. The two palms collided, producing an amazing burst of energy.

    Yue Lingfeng stumbled backwards, landed heavily on the ground and threw up a mouthful of blood. He had already exhausted immense amount of inner energy to extend Linghu Ens life. As a result, he was unable to negate Ren Woxings attack.

    Chief, what is the meaning of this? Yue Lingfeng asked angrily.

    Ren Woxing hummed and responded fiercely, Since Yingying is no longer around there is no reason for old man to keep you alive either. Prepare to meet your destiny! With those words, he channeled his inner energy to his hands, waving it in the air violently, preparing to finish Yue Lingfeng off with a fatal strike.

    A sudden swoosh sound came, a white figure with her face was covered with a black cloth flashed toward Ren Woxing at unfathomable speed, and shot her right palm out at Ren Woxings back. The force of the blow sent a tremor all the way into Ren Woxings inner organs, causing him to throw up a mouthful of blood.

    Ren Woxing smelled a strong fragrance coming from the person who attacked him from behind. Even though he could not see the person but from the smell of the fragrance he could tell who it was. He looked back over his shoulder and murmured in shock, Dongfang Bubai

    The white figure was indeed Dongfang Bubai. She retracted her hand and subsequently sent another palm strike at Ren Woxings back. This time Ren Woxings body slumped forward and hit the ground unmoving. After that, she lightly leaped backward and flew out of the hall, with her eyes fixed on Yue Lingfeng.

    Yue Lingfeng gazed intently at Dongfang Bubai without blinking an eye. From those cold electrifying eyes, he could also tell that she was Dongfang Bubai.

    Right after that, Tong Baixiong, Shangguan Yun and Bao Dachu led a group of masked men with swords into the hall right after. Both Tong Baixiong and Shangguan Yun went up to Yue Lingfeng and propped him up from the floor.

    Deputy Chief, are you alright? Shangguan Yun asked. His voice was filled with concern.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at him and Tong Baixiong in surprise. What is Senior Tong doing here in the divine cult? Dont tell me Ren Woxing took him back into the cult? But knowing Senior Tongs behavior he would never serve under Ren Woxing again he thought in his heart.

    Tong Baixiong cast a cold side glance at Ren Woxings dead body. He heaved a sigh and said, Looks like Chief Rens old sickness is back. He couldnt accept Miss Rens death and lost his mind once more. This time it even took his life.

    Shangguan Yun lowered his head and said, No matter what our sect cannot be without a leader.

    Tong Baixiong responded, Deputy Chief Yue used his wits and strength to save our cult. The chiefs position should therefore be passed to him. As he said those words, he started recalling the time when he helped Dongfang Bubai to succeed as the divine cults chief.

    Bao Dachu nodded and said, Deputy Chief Yue was already groomed to succeed Chief Ren. Now that Chief Ren has passed away the Chiefs position should therefore be passed on to Deputy Chief Yue.

    Tong Baixiong thrust his fist into the air and said loudly, Chief Yue is talented in academics and gifted in martial arts. Just and wise. Unifying the martial arts world for a thousand years!

    Yue Lingfeng looked the three elders in disbelief.

    Later, Tong Baixiong handed a cup of tea to Yue Lingfeng.

    Senior Tong, what exactly happened? Yue Lingfeng asked as he held the cup with two hands.

    Tong Baixiong smiled and said, You should thank your elder sister who had it all planned out for you.


    The night before

    Bao Dachu, Qin Weibang, Wang Cheng, Shangguan Yun, and Jia Bu arrived at a pavilion not far from the Dark Wood Cliff. They were the elders of the Divine Sun Moon Cult.

    Welcome, elders, a voice came from the pavilion. It was Tong Baixiongs voice. He was seated at a round table under the pavilion, drinking wine. A man whose face was covered with a paper mask with vividly drawn features was standing behind him.

    Shangguan Yun stared at Tong Baixiong intently. Elder Tong? Arent you dead already? he asked in a cold voice.

    Tong Baixiong smirked and said, Old man was fortunate to get away alive the last time.

    Jia Bu hummed angrily, Traitor! Why are you calling us here?

    Tong Baixiong laughed coldly. Jia Bu, when Chief Dongfang was in power you pledged your allegiance to her. After dog thief Ren Woxing ousted her and took control of the divine cult, you pledged your allegiance to him. An unfaithful person like you doesnt deserve to live.

    Jia Bu shot his right fist out and dashed towards Tong Baixiong. Lets see what you can do to me!

    The man in paper mask speedily stepped in front of Tong Baixiong and shot his palm at Jia Bus fist.

    Jia Bu immediately felt his inner energy flowing out. He tried to get away but it was like his fist was glued to the man in paper mask's palm. The man in paper mask turned his hand around grabbing Jia Bu's palm. Jia Bu felt his inner energy rushing out even faster. He was greatly startled.

    Its the Art of Star Absorption. Shangguan Yun uttered astonishingly.

    The man in paper mask finally let go of Jia Bu and shot his palm at his shoulder.

    Jia Bus body flew backwards and collapsed onto the ground sluggishly.

    Tong Baixiong folded his arms and said coldly, Anyone else wants to try the Art of Star Absorption?

    Shangguan Yun kneeled down and kowtowed at Tong Baixiong repeatedly. Brother Tong, no, Elder Tong, please spare my pathetic life. From now on I vow loyalty and devotion to you."

    The other elders subsequently kneeled down and kowtowed at Tong Baixiong too. From now on I vow loyalty and devotion to you," they said together.

    Tong Baixiong pulled a small bottle out from his pocket. The antidote for the San Shi Nao Shen Dan poison inside the bottle. As long as you all support Deputy Chief Yue as the new Chief old man will give you the antidote right now. As you all may not be aware, Deputy Chief Yue is in fact Chief Dongfangs blood sibling. Ren Woxing lied to you all that he has the antidote to the San Shi Nao Shen Dan poison. Other than Chief Dongfang and his blood brother, there isnt anyone else in this world who has it, he said indifferently.

    The elders had been in Divine Sun Moon Cult for a very long time. They had to consume the San Shi Nao Shen Dan poison the moment they took on key positions in the divine cult. It was Dongfang Bubais way of ensuring that they would never go up against her. They already knew that the corpse bugs inside the San Shi Nao Shen Dan pill wouldnt just break out suddenly. Usually, at noon every year at the dragon boat festival, they had to take the antidote to restrain the corpse bugs. If they didn't, then the corpse bugs would be released. Once the bugs entered the brain, the person would become like a ghost and would no longer have the capacity to reason. He would also lose all rationality. He would even eat anyone he sees. No other poison in the world is as potent as this. Since even Ren Woxing was already blind and did not have the antidote to the poison, they had no choice but to pledge their allegiance to Yue Lingfeng to protect their lives.

    I vow loyalty to Deputy Chief Yue, no, Deputy Chief Dongfang, the elders said together.

    Tong Baixiong gave them a pill each. Excellent. Old man is confident that Deputy Chief Dongfang will be able to bring prosperity to the divine cult and in turn unify the martial arts world.

    The elders thanked him and left after that.

    A figure leaped off from a tree branch and landed in front of Tong Baixiong.

    Tong Baixiong cupped his hands to salute the figure. Brother Dongfang, old man has completed the task you assigned to old man.

    The figure was indeed Dongfang Bubai. She smiled lightly and said, Elder Tong, Im sure Lingfeng will not forget your kindness too. Hopefully Lingfeng will be able to bring the divine cult to the orthodox path and avoid hostility with the so called righteous sect.

    Brother Dongfang, it would have been better if it was you who lead the divine cult again, Tong Baixiong remarked.

    Dongfang Bubai turned away from him and looked up at the stars. There was a light smile on her face. Eternal supremacy and unifying the martial arts world no longer means anything to me, she said in a low voice. After surviving the fall from the Dark Wood Cliff and reuniting with Linghu Chong, unifying the martial arts world was no longer her priority in life.

    The man in paper mask finally revealed his face. Elder sister Dongfang, now that this show is over you owe be three drumsticks and a nice pot of wine! he said loudly. The man was in fact Gu Santong.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a light smile. Little Gu, since when have I ever lied to you? She then looked back at Tong Baixiong and continued, Elder Tong, please take good care of Lingfeng for me.

    Tong Baixiong cupped his hands and bowed to her. Subordinate will not disappoint Chief.


    Yue Lingfeng fell back in the chair after hearing Tong Baixiongs story. Sistereven after all that Ive done to hurt youbut youre still willing to help me again and again he thought in his heart. Tears started to blur his eyes. You have my words that I will led the divine cult to the orthodox path

    The following morning, all the key figures of the Divine Sun Moon Cult gathered inside the main hall. They knelt in front of Yue Lingfeng and saluted him together, Chief Yue talented in academics and gifted in martial arts. Just and wise. Unifying the martial arts world for a thousand years!

    Yue Lingfeng got up from his seat and stepped to the front. Disciples of the Divine Sun Moon Cult, listen up and listen well. My real surname is Dongfang. I am in fact the blood brother of our divine cults previous Chief, Dongfang Bubai. I dare not claim to that I am undefeated. But it would be nice to seek for a loss. From this day forth I will be known as Dongfang Qiubai (Qiubai means Seeking for a Loss).

    The men bowed to him as they responded, Subordinate will obey Chiefs order. Chief Dongfang is talented in academics and gifted in martial arts. Just and wise. Unifying the martial arts world for a thousand years!

    Yue Lingfeng raised his hand and signaled Tong Baixiong to come forward.

    Tong Baixiong climbed onto the rostrum and bowed to Yue Lingfeng with his hands cupped. Subordinate Tong Baixiong pays respect to Chief Dongfang.

    Yue Lingfeng patted Tong Baixiong on the arm. Elder Tong contributed a lot to our divine cult. Hence, Ive decided to promote him as Deputy Chief. Seeing Deputy Chief is like seeing me, Dongfang Qiubai. Those who disobey shall be killed mercilessly!

    Greetings Deputy Chief Tong! the men shouted as one.

    Later that night, Yue Lingfeng sat inside a chamber looking at a monk robe. The words Divine Art of Soul Altering were written on the side of the robe.

    Divine Art of Soul Altering is a compilation of the Sunflower Scripture, Shaolin Sects Bone Marrow Cleansing Sutra and Tendon Altering Sutra. The essence of this art is to sacrifice one life to save another. This divine art enables the practitioner to shift his soul into someone else body and take over it completely. After sixty days of diligent meditation the practitioner will gain full control of the body and regain his own appearance. This divine art was created to assist a practitioner of the Sunflower Scripture to regain his manhood. As the saying goes, when there is a gain there will also be a loss. After completely regaining his own appearance the practitioner of this divine art will gradually lose all his martial art skills and become an ordinary person was written on the first column of the robe.

    Yue Lingfeng was startled as he read the words on the first column. Regaining manhood but losing all martial art skills He folded the robe and placed it on the side table. Where there is a gain there will be a loss. He was undecided if he should learn the skills in the robe to regain what he had lost. There was still something that he needed to do, an unsettled score that he needle to sort out.

    I cannot lose my martial art skills yet. I still need to avenge Yilins death. I still need to take care of Yue Buqun and the Huashan Sect he said loudly. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind. Killing them all isnt difficult at all. It would be much better if I can create chaos within the sect and then kill them one at a time.

    As he started thinking about it, numerous ideas started popping up in his head. Yue Buqun! I want you to suffer a hundred times of what Yilin and I have suffered!

    After taking over as the Divine Sun Moon Cults Chief the thing that Yue Lingfeng did was abolishing the rule of giving the San Shi Nao Shen Dan poison pill to a newly promoted disciples. In the past, anyone who took one key positions in the cult had to eat the pill to prove their devotion to the chief. He also instructed the disciples to stop snatching grain and gold from commoners. He was slowly fulfilling his promise of bringing the cult to the orthodox path. Seeing the changes that he had done, he slowly gained the elders and hall masters respect. They felt that he was completely opposite of his elder sister.


    The Hengshan Mountain was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai were seated on the dais as they watched Buhui and Linghu En dressed in red, walking their way into the main hall. After informing his master that he had decided to reunite with his family and return to secular life, Buhui decided formalize his relationship Linghu En.

    Linghu Chong gazed at his sister smilingly. Father, Mother, Ener is finally getting married today. Please watch over her and Brother Buhui, he thought in his heart.

    Dongfang Bubai was just as happy. She was glad to see that her little brother was finally starting his own family. Yilin, our little brother is all grown up now. Hes finally becoming someones husband. Im sure that youre just as happy as me, she thought in her heart.

    The newlywed couple got down to their knees to serve their elder siblings tea.

    Linghu Chong finished the cup of teas and gave theme each a red packet. Buhui, Im now officially handing over Ener to you. If you ever bully her Im going to come after you, he said sternly.

    Dongfang Bubai nodded with a light smile. Buhui, be nice to Ener or else elder sister will not let you go too.

    Buhui bowed to his two seniors. Buhui will do whatever it takes to make Ener happy, he responded.

    After the tea ceremony, Buhui took the veil off Linghu Ens head and kissed her cheek. Everyone inside the main hall gave them a hearty round of applause.

    Linghu Chong rested his arm on Dongfang Bubais shoulder. When is our turn? he asked with a smirk.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a faint smile and said, Youre not going to just propose to me like that right? You need to show more sincerity.

    Linghu Chong leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. Is that good enough?

    Dongfang Bubai was startled. She turned toward him with her eyes wide open.

    Just then, a group of men escorted Tong Baixiong into the main hall.

    Congratulations Young Master Buhui and Young Chief Linghu. Old man has been instructed by Chief Dongfang to bring you some gifts, Tong Baixiong cupped his hands, saluting the newlywed couple.

    Everyone inside the hall looked at Dongfang Bubai. They were surprised that she sent some people to bring the newlywed couple gifts.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at Tong Baixiong confusingly. Elder Tong, is there some confusion here?

    Tong Baixiong smiled and said, Our Holy Chief decided to use his real surname instead of the surname Yue anymore.

    Oh, so Lingfeng has decided to use back his own surname? Thats a good idea. The Yue family and our family has great enmity. It would be disrespectful to our deceased sister if he continues to use the surname Yue, Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    Linghu Chong walked up to Tong Baixiong. Brother Tong, since youre here, youre not allowed to leave until you finish three jars of wine with me, he said with a smile.

    Tong Baixiong laughed and said, Old man would gladly drink with Head Master Linghu.

    Linghu Chong patted him on the shoulder. You can just call me Brother Linghu.

    Dongfang Bubai interrupted, "If you guys continue being so polite I might end up finishing all the wine without leaving any for you."

    Linghu Chong and Tong Baixiong burst out laughing.
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    Thanks for the updates Dongfang Xue. I am just curious if YLF will end up learning the divine skill

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    Look forward to seeing the battle at Mt Song.

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