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Thread: Swordsman (笑傲江湖小说)

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    Default Chapter 12

    After seeing his Master and Mistress Linghu Chong regained his composure and started practicing his sword skills again. As he want performing the Huashan Sect sword skills, he suddenly recalled the profound counter moves engraved on the wall. The moment he thought about how those moves could defeat every single Huashan Sects sword techniques he panicked and dropped his sword to the ground.

    He pulled himself together and took a deep breath. The Huashan Sects sword techniques are all profound but how is that its so easy to defeat it, he thought to himself. He turned toward a rock wall and looked at the drawings engraved on it. The Huashan Sect sword moves on this wall are all extraordinary. I believe that there are some that even Master and Mistress are unaware of, he uttered to himself. Im very lucky to see it and should practice it diligently. He then paused for a moment and said, But whats the use of learning it? At the end itll still be countered very easily! He struck his palm at the wall to vent his frustration.

    Big Apprentice Brother! Big Apprentice Brother! Come out quick! Lu Dayou called out from outside.

    Linghu Chong hummed frustratingly and ran out of the cave.

    Yue Buqun and his wife, Lao Denuo, Yue Lingshan, Yue Lingfeng and Lin Pingzhi were waiting outside the cave.

    Linghu Chong bent his knee and bowed at his master and mistress. Disciple pays respect to Master and Mistress!

    Yue Buqun made a hand gesture signaling him to stand up. ChongEr, your Mistress and I just received news that Tian Boguang has come to Chang An City and committed many crimes.

    Linghu Chong snorted angrily. Outrageous! That Tian Boguang completely disregards our Huashan Sect! He looked at his master and said, Master, how about me

    Yue Buqun glared at him. What should we do? he asked fiercely.

    Linghu Chong grinned and replied, Master and Mistress are prominent figures figure and it would be insulting to fight a hooligan like him. Unfortunately my skills are not good enough to defeat him and Im unable to leave the cliff because Im still undergoing my punishment. Otherwise I wouldnt let him go on a rampage!

    Yue Buqun replied, If you truly have the confidence to kill him, I can let you leave the cliff to redeem your wrongdoings.

    Linghu Chong looked at his master excitingly. Really?

    Yue Buqun continued, But Ive to assess your martial arts progress over the past few months first.

    Linghu Chong nodded, Yes, Master.

    Ning Zhongze rose from her seat. ChongEr, show us what youve learned then, she picked up her sword.

    Linghu Chong walked up to his mistress and gave her a bow before drawing his sword.

    Ning Zhongze drew her sword and leapt toward Linghu Chong. She thrust the sword right at his left shoulder.

    Linghu Chong stepped to the side to dodge the attack and subsequently swung his sword at his mistress.

    Ning Zhongze immediately lowered her sword to block the attack and returned a swift slash to Linghu Chongs chest.

    Linghu Chong raised his sword to block his mistresss attack. He then paused for a moment and started recalling the counter sword moves engraved on the wall. No matter what move I use the move will be defeated. What should I do, he looked away and pondered to himself.

    Ning Zhongze noticed the disturbed looks on his face. She raised her voice and said, How can you face an opponent with an unsettled heart! Did you forget all your sword skills after falling sick!

    Linghu Chong immediately turned to the left and leapt to the back.

    Ning Zhongze charged at him and attacked him with another six stances.

    Linghu Chong parried all the six moves gracefully. He suddenly halted his steps and tried to figure out which of the Huashan Sect extraordinary sword moves engraved on the wall should he use next. The moment he thought about how all the moves had been defeated, his confidence level immediately fell. He just couldnt focus in the duel.

    Ning Zhongze shifted her hand and struck Linghu Chongs hand with the steel of her sword. Linghu Chong dropped his sword to the ground and let out a cry of pain.

    Feeling disappointed with him Ning Zhongze waved her sword in a semi-circle and thrust it straight toward his chest.

    Linghu Chong did not dodge this time. Instead, he lowered his body and thrust the scabbard of his sword straight at his mistresss sword. It was one of the moves drawn on the rock wall in the back cave. The sword went right into the sheath.

    After thinking about the sword moves and counter moves repeatedly, he had completely lost control of himself. He proceeded to thrust the scabbard forward, aiming the hilt of the sword at Ning Zhongzes throat.

    Yue Buqun was shocked by his eldest disciples move. Without further delay, he dashed towards them and shot a ray of light at the hilt from the tip of his finger.

    Linghu Chong stumbled to the back as he felt a powerful force hitting him on the chest.

    Yue Buqun shook his finger at Linghu Chong and shouted, You little monster!

    Linghu Chong immediately dropped to his knees. Disciple deserves to die he shuddered

    Yue Buqun hummed angrily and said, What kind of martial arts have you been learning over the last six months?!

    Linghu Chong was so frightened that he replied, Apprentice didnt learn any martial arts

    Yue Buqun glared at him fiercely, How dare you say you didnt! What about the moves that you used against your Mistress?!

    Linghu Chong looked at his master as he stammered, Disciple used it by accident...

    Yue Buqun sneered, Used it by accident? Do you know that youve gone into the evil way?!

    Linghu Chong lowered his head in silence.

    Ning Zhongze regained her composure and said, Senior Apprentice Brother, ChongEr is an intelligent boy. Hes been practicing alone for six months so its inevitable that he has gone into the ways of the evil. She paused for a moment and continued, But if he rectifies it now its still not too late.

    She walked over to Linghu Chong and said, ChongEr, there are many things you dont know. Stand up first.

    Yue Buqun placed his hands in his back and hummed sternly. All of you listen! Thirty years ago our Huashan Sect was originally divided into orthodox and unorthodox.

    Lu Dayou ran over to his master and asked, Master, how is it that our Huashan Sect martial arts skills are divided into orthodox and unorthodox? How come weve never heard of this before?

    Yue Lingfeng interrupted, Adopted Father, the martial arts skills that weve learned is orthodox?

    Yue Buqun turned around to look at him. Of course! Why would someone go on with his training knowing that he was learning the unorthodox method? Yue Buqun affirmed. But the unorthodox branch claimed that they were the real orthodox branch and called our branch the unorthodox branch. Time became the best judge to decide which one is righteous and which one is evil. The unorthodox branch eventually vanished and has been gone for the last thirty years.

    Ning Zhongze said, The unorthodox branch wasnt really like those evil unorthodox clans and cults out there today. They were still using our sects own martial arts skills, but they had a different focus in their training. Do you all still remember the first skill that you need to learn when you enter Huashan Sect?

    Lao Denuo answered, The first thing we had to learn is the methods and techniques on how to control and manipulate our inner energy. We start training our inner energy.

    Thats correct. In our Huashan Sect martial arts, the key lies in the words Inner Energy. Once your inner energy is developed, then regardless of what you use as your weapon, let be your fists and legs, or knives and swords, you will always be victorious. That is the right path of our sect, Ning Zhongze said.

    Yue Buqun stepped forward and said, But among the senior grandmasters of our school, there were a group of people who believed that the key of our schools martial arts lied in the word Sword. They believed that once the sword skills are developed, even with ordinary level of inner energy, he could still defeat the enemy. The main divergence between the righteous branch and the evil branch lies right here.

    Yue Lingshan walked toward her father, Father, theres something that I would like to say. But please dont get angry.

    Yue Buqun looked at her and responded, Go ahead.

    Yue Lingshan continued, I feel inner energy is not doubt important. But we cant ignore sword skills either. If its only your inner energy thats powerful and sword skills are not up to par then you wouldnt be able to display the true power of our sects martial arts skills.

    Yue Buqun replied, Who said that sword skills arent important? The key point is that the focus is different. At the end, its inner energy thats the most important.

    Yue Lingshan smiled. The best would be inner energy and swordplay becomes the main focus.

    Yue Buqun raised his voice and interrupted her, ShanEr, by saying that youve already entered the unorthodox path. If both were the main focus then nothing would be the key focus. He paused for a moment and then continued, That year the battle between the orthodox and unorthodox of our sect caused much uproar. If you said this thirty years ago Im afraid that your head and body will be severed in less than a day.

    Yue Lingshan looked at her father astonishingly, You get killed just by saying something wrong? Its that too haughty?

    Yue Buqun replied, During that time the battle between the sword branch and inner energy branch were unresolved back then. If you had openly said that the inner energy branch and sword branch would definitely kill you concurrently. If you say that both should be the focus with no hierarchy between the two, the sword branch you say that you overestimate the inner energy branch. The inner energy branch would condemn you for distorting the branchs emphasis.

    Yue Lingshan snorted. Actually whats the point of arguing who is right or wrong? Wouldnt it be clear after a competition?

    Yue Buqun heaved a sigh, Thirty years ago our inner energy branch was the minority. The senior martial uncles from the sword branch made up the majority. Furthermore, its much faster to see the result of those who practices the ways of the sword branch. If everyone practices for ten years then the sword branch is bound to have an upper hand. But if everyone practices for twenty years then they would each have their own strength with no winner. But after twenty years those who follow the ways of the inner energy would become more and more powerful. But after another thirty years, those who follow the path of sword branch would no longer be able to compete against the inner energy branch. He casted a quick glance at his other apprentices. Can you all imagine how intense the battle was between the two branches? You can never imagine what it like was.

    He started to have flash backs of the battle between the sword branch and inner energy branch that took place years ago. The apprentices of the two branches were killing each other inside the big hall with dead bodies lying all over the place.

    Yue Lingshan smiled. In the end it must have been the sword branch who admitted defeat, right?

    Ning Zhongze walked toward her daughter. The sword branch fought till their last breath and did not surrender. Though they suffered a crushing defeat at the battle on the Jade Maiden Peak but most of them took their own lives and refuse to admit defeat. Those who survived quietly disappeared from the martial arts world.

    Yue Lingshan was shocked by her mothers words. They were all martial brothers from the same sect. Whats so important about who wins? Why were they so foolish? she asked.

    Yue Buqun replied, The main problem was that they had differing ideas in martial arts practices and not just a friendly competition between martial arts brothers. The internal conflict between martial brothers that year led to a major bloodshed. By right martial brothers of the same sect should treat each other like family. But at the end they started killing each other. It was unstoppable brutality. I will never forget how everyone at Huashan Sect felt unsafe. He paused for a moment and heaved a long sigh. After that, he looked at his disciples and saod, All of you listen properly! This is our sects top secret. None of you are allowed to disclose this to outsiders!

    Yue Lingfeng, Lao Denuo, Liu Hou Er and Lin Pingzhi bowed. We wont! they responded together.

    Yue Buqun turned his head to look at Linghu Chong. ChongEr, if you continue to follow this unorthodox path, in less than three years you will favor sword skills over inner energy skills. When that happens not only will you destroy yourself, you will also destroy the sacrifices of the inner energy branch elders who used their lives to defend the orthodox path. There would also be a high possibility that our Huashan Sect would be destroyed in your hands.

    Linghu Chong bowed at his master apologetically. Apprentice is sorry. Apprentice is willing to accept any form of punishment.

    Yue Buqun nodded with a hum. You committed the mistake unintentionally. As the saying goes, those who dont know cannot be blamed. Furthermore, the senior martial uncles from the sword branch had good intentions to build great fame for our school using extraordinary sword skills. Unfortunately they crossed the wrong path way and simply couldnt correct themselves anymore, he explained. If I dont stop you right now, with your intelligence and personality, you could easily end up taking the sword branches unorthodox path by trying to find shortcuts for quick effects.

    He turned away and took a few steps forward. ChongEr, initially I wanted to impart you the Divine Art of Violet Twilight so that you kill Tian Boguang. But looking at the current situation weve to postpone this for now, he added. In the next few months, I want you to cultivate your inner energy diligently and forget about all those unorthodox sword moves. You hear me? he casted a side glance at Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong bowed at his master with his hands clasped, Yes, Master.

    Yue Buqun turned around to look at his other apprentices and continued, All of you listen! During the intense battle at the Jade Maiden Peak that year, the senior martial uncles from the sword branch were using dazzling sword moves that were extraordinary. But your Grandmaster relied solely on his Divine Art of Violet Twilight do defeat over then elite fighters from the sword branch to ascertain that the inner energy branch is the right path. You all must never forget what Ive said. Our sects martial arts foundation is inner energy cultivation. Sword skills are only supplemental. Inner energy is the driving force and sword is just a too. If you cant succeed in your inner energy development, no matter how good you are with sword skills it would still be useless. Once youve achieved the highest level of inner energy mastery, even a petal of flower or leaf can be used as a weapon to kill your enemies. Others might think that the Huashan Sect is only good at its sword skills. They have really belittled us

    After finishing his words, he generated his inner energy to his foot and stomped the ground, propelling the sword into the air. The tip of his index finger blasted a ray of violet light at the sword, breaking it into pieces.

    Lin Pingzhi fixed his eyes at the broken sword pieces on the ground. I must learn the Divine Art of Violet Twilight so that I can avenge my parents death, he thought to himself.

    Linghu Chong walked into the cave and looked at a wall with lots of drawings. He crossed his arms and said, Master is right! Inner energy is the foundation and sword is the supplement. If you reach the highest mastery level of your inner energy, even a petal of flower or leaf would be able to injure your enemy.

    He looked at the wall with a wicked grin. If it was one of our sect martial brothers that used our sword techniques, you might not have any problems countering it. But if it was my Master who used it then there would be no way that you can counter it, he smirked. He heaved a sigh and said, Im so silly. Different people using the same techniques will have different strength. Our Huashan Sects sword skills are brilliant and profound. Its not as vulnerable as being describe on the wall. From now on, Im going to focus on my inner energy cultivation! He stuck his tongue out at the wall teasing the counter moves engraved on it.

    Over the next few days, Linghu Chong focused on inner energy cultivation. He sat on a bunk bed meditating. Good thing that Master enlightened me in time. Or else I might have made a big mistake and become Huashan Secs sinner, he thought to himself. He turned his head to look at the hole leading to the secret cave. From now on I must not go into that cave and let the drawings on the wall confuse me.

    Brother Linghu! a loud voice was calling from outside.

    Linghu Chong recognized that voice. He looked toward the direction of the voice. Tian Boguang? he narrowed his eyes.

    He exited the cave and saw Tian Boguang standing outside. He shook his hand at Tian Boguang and started laughing.

    Tian Boguang placed one foot on a rock while waving at him. Brother Linghu, how have you been?

    Linghu Chong walked up to him. Yes! Havent seen you for a long time, he replied. Thanks to you, Ive not been expelled from the sect.

    Tian Boguang sneered and said, Linghu Chong will always be Linghu Chong. Even after your master sent you to the Repentance Cliff to reflect, youve not change at all.

    Linghu Chong hummed and said, Brother Tian, youre very well informed. How did you know that Im here?

    Tian Boguang cast a glance at him. Thats for sure! I care about you! he replied. Since youve become a prisoner on the cliff behind Mount Hua, I figured that you must be drooling for wine. He lifted up a pot of wine from a rock table. Looks at these! I took two pots of one hundred and thirty year old wine from the cellar of the Chang An Citys Banished Fairy wine house to drink with you! he continued.

    Linghu Chong lifted up the other pot and looked at it in shock. One hundred and thirty years old?! Brother Tian, you brought two jars of wine up to Mount Hua for me. Thats a big present! Lets not talk so much. Im so bored here. Lets drink first he lifted up the pot and started pouring the wine down his throat.

    Tian Boguang looked at him in sheer amazement. Hows the wine? he asked.

    Linghu Chong looked at him with much satisfaction. This is superb! Famous wine is indeed exceptional! he asserted.

    Tian Boguang grinned, Thats for sure! There are only two jars in this world. Thats what make this gift precious.

    Linghu Chong smiled and replied, Brother Tian, it was too much trouble for you to bring these two pots of wine from Chang An City to Mount Hua. Even if you had brought two pots of water I, Linghu Chong would still appreciate it.

    Tian Boguang was impressed with Linghu Chongs gratitude towards him. He gave a thumb up and said, Youre a real man! Real hero! Thats what I like about you!

    He turned to the right and took a few steps to the front. Everyone says that I, Tian Boguang am an evil rapist who commits all kinds of crimes. Ive severely injured you more than once. Everyone in Mount Hua wishes to kill me. But you, Linghu Chong actually had the nerves to drink wine with me at ease, without even worrying that I might have poisoned the wine. Only a true man like yourself is qualified to drink such a precious wine.

    Linghu Chong took another big gulp of wine before placing the pot on the table. He turned around to look at Tian Boguang and said, Brother Tian, youre over praising me. Ive fought you twice and I know that you have a very bad conduct. But dont worry, I know that youll never ambush someone. He gently smacked Tian Boguangs right shoulder and continued, You and I both know that your martial arts skills are way better than mine. If you wanted to kill me all you have to do is draw your knife and chop me. Why would you go through so much trouble by poisoning me?

    Tian Boguang smiled wickedly. Thats true! Looks only you, Linghu Chong who truly understands me!

    Linghu Chong glared at him suspiciously, wondering what he was up to his time round.

    Tian Boguang continued, Brother Linghu, did you know that I didnt bring these two pots of wine directly from Chang An City to Mount Hua? I first brought them to Northern Shanxi with me, committed two robberies there and then to Eastern Shanxi committing another two robberies. I had to go around in a big circle before coming to Mount Hua to drink with you.

    Linghu Chong shook his hand at him and said, I understand now. Brother Tian committed many crimes to divert my Master and Mistress away from here so that you could come and see me.

    After hearing Linghu Chongs words, Tian Boguang started laughing.

    Linghu Chong continued, I wonder why did Brother Tian went through all that trouble to look for me. What exactly do you want from me?

    Tian Boguang replied, Brother Linghu is indeed intelligent. Why dont you make a wild guess?

    Linghu Chong shook his head. Im not guessing. Theres nothing here in Mount Hua that I can use to treat you properly as a guest. How about this? I am just going to borrow something to make a gift of it. Please enjoy the number one wine in the world!

    Tian Boguang nodded, Alright! Lets drink! He lifted up the pot and poured the wine down his throat.

    Linghu Chong also drank the wine as accompany. Seeing that Tian Bo Guang was partially tipsy, he threw both his pot and Tian Boguangs pot to the ground.

    Tian Boguang looked at him in shocked. He ran forward to look at the shattered pots. Linghu Chong! How could you! he clenched his teeth and pointed at the broken pots.

    Linghu Chong folded his arms, Brother Tian, now that were done drinking. Theres something I need to make myself clear. Actually you and I dont belong to the same sides of the society. Everyone knows that you,ve committed numerous crimes and harmed many innocent people. I drank three bowls of wine with you because I think you are someone upright and deserve my admiration. You may have brought me two pots of great wine, but even if you put all the precious jewels and treasures right in front me, I wont be bribed by you.

    Tian Boguang stared at him furiously. You. He then remembered that he needed to bring Linghu Chong down the cliff to see Yi Lin so that he could get the antidote. He also knew that excessive force wont work on Linghu Chong. He took a deep breath to calm down. He smiled and said, Your Huashan Sects sword art is brilliant, but you are still too young and havent grasped the depth of it. Right now with your sword skills, you are still no match for me.

    Linghu Chong turned around to look at him, What you said is true. Within the next ten years, I would still have no chance to defeat you.

    Tian Boguang sneered, Yes! Whosoever understands the times is a great man!

    Linghu Chong heaved a sigh. Thats right Brother Tian. I, Linghu Chong is only a nobody in the pugilistic world. I suppose you made nothing of hardships to Mount Hua not for my head on my neck. But dont worry Brother Tian! No matter what you want me to do, I wont do it.

    Tian Boguang shouted, Hey! But I havent even told you what I want you to do and youre already rejecting me?!

    Linghu Chong smirked, No matter what you propose, I wont agree.

    Tian Boguang angrily drew his short blade. I dont believe your neck is harder than my short blade!

    Linghu Chong giggled, Since I cant beat you in a fight, Ill just run it. He casually hopped away.

    Tian Boguang clenched his teeth. Run?! He ran after Linghu Chong, overtook him and pointed the short saber at him. What? Are you going to get your Master to help you?

    Linghu Chong knitted his brow, What? Youre afraid of my Master?

    The Tian Boguang heard about Yue Buqun he quickly lowered his short blade and took a few steps back. Of course Im scared of him! If you Master comes Ill run like you, he stuttered. Too bad hes hundred miles away from here right now. How would he be able to come back to save you? If you intend to get your martial brothers and sisters to help I think you better forget it. All the guys would lose their lives for nothing, and all the girls. He paused for a moment and smiled wickedly. You know what my favorite is

    Linghu Chong rested his arm on Tian Boguangs shoulder. Brother Tian, I suggest that you forget about the girls in Mount Hua. One is my Mistress and one is my Little Apprentice Sister. What do you want to do?

    Tian Boguang gave him a disappointing look. Since he needed Linghu Chong to help him get the antidote to save his life there was no way he was going to harm anyone close to him.

    Linghu Chong sighed, Since I cant win you in a fight neither can I run away from you, you can do whatever you want. He laid on the ground and took a rest.

    Tian Boguang looked at him astonishingly. Why are you lying on the ground? Get up quick! Get up! he grumbled.

    Linghu Chong ignored completely ignored him.

    Tian Boguang finally crouched down beside him. Brother Linghu, please dont misunderstand. I just need you to help me out. Its something that will benefit you in a good deal, and you will definitely thank me sincerely for that later, Tian Boguang said with a broad smile.

    Linghu Chong replied, Brother Tian, though Im not great but I wont roll along with you either.
    Tian Boguang looked at him annoyingly. He stood up and said, Thats for sure. You, Linghu Chong is part of the orthodox sect, the Gentleman Swords eldest apprentice. Of course you wont roll along with me. But if thats the case today, why not before?

    Linghu Chong snorted, Just say what you want so say.

    Tian Boguang hummed angrily, Did you forget that day in Huiyan wine house you and I had the companionship of drinking on the same table?

    Linghu Chong grinned. He pulled himself up from the ground and walked toward Tian Boguang. I was just wondering what you were trying to say. Im an alcoholic. Ive drank with many people. So what? He turned around and walked off.

    Tian Boguang went after him and said, In the Jade House, you and I had the same aesthetic pleasure of visiting prostitutes in the same brothel.

    Linghu Chong interrupted, Pleasure your face! I was severely wounded. I was just recovering in the Jade House temporarily. What has that got anything to do with visiting prostitutes?

    Tian Boguang sneered, But in that Jade House you had one in each arm. What do you say about that?

    Linghu Chong grabbed him by the collar agitatedly, Let me warn you! You can say anything about me but Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin is a nun. If you continue talking nonsense I wont be nice to you anymore!

    Tian Boguang burst out laughing. I know you want to uphold the clean reputation of your Huashan Sect. But you were too friendly to that nun that time. You were touching her in front of her Master stopping at nothing. I, Tian Boguang, am really jealous of you!

    Linghu Chong replied, What are you talking about? Stop saying nonsense!

    Tian Boguang sneered, You dont need to deny anymore. If it wasnt for you being improper to the nun that day then she wouldnt be thinking of you day and night.

    A thought suddenly came into Linghu Chongs mind. I get it now! he said smilingly.

    Tian Boguang narrowed his eyes. You get it? You really get it he asked. He clapped his hands joyfully thinking that Linghu Chong really knew why was he here.

    Linghu Chong nodded, So it was your Little Master Yi Lin who asked you to bring me the pots of wine! He grinned and said, This Little Martial Sister Yi Lin is really good to me!

    Tian Boguang growled, Nonsense! Linghu Chong! Youd better not be ungrateful! He paused for moment and continued, Yes! I came to Mount Hua because of Little Sister Yi Lin but the two pots of wine are tokens of my own regard!

    Linghu Chong sneered, Shes your Master, just admit it! Furthermore Junior Martial Sister is Hengshan Sects outstanding apprentice. Its your good fortune to have her as your Master.

    Tian Boguang was losing his patience. He smirked, Enough! I cant out talk you! But no matter what youve to leave the mountain with me!

    Linghu Chong spat, No Im not going!

    Tian Boguang heaved a sigh. Why are you saying no when you dont even know where Im taking you? He paused for a moment and smiled. I want to take you to see Little Master Yi Lin.

    Linghu Chong looked at him astonishingly. He grabbed Tian Boguangs collar angrily, What did you say? You catch Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin again did you?! Youre very daring! How could you catch your own Master?!

    Tian Boguang knocked Linghu Chongs hand away and spat. Linghu Chong! I thought of you as my friend but you He took a deep breath to contain his anger. Since the last time in Huiyan wine houseIve not disrespectedLittle Master Yi Lin! So you dont have to worry about that. But since that day, Little Master has been missing you very much. If you dont come with me how am I going to explain to her? He shook his head despairingly.

    Linghu Chong propped his hands at his waist. Whatever she is missing is her problem! Im not going to leave. Kill me if you wish to!

    Tian Boguang shrugged, I only want you to come with me. I dont want you dead!

    Linghu Chong put up a depressing look and replied, I dont want to come with you neither do I want to die!

    Tian Boguang snorted, Fine! He drew his short saber and pointed his at Linghu Chong. Are you coming with me?!

    Linghu Chong dipped his finger on his tongue and put drops of saliva below his eyes, pretending to cry. Cant believe I, Linghu Chong, is about to die here at Repentance Cliff, he said in a sorrowful voice. He grabbed Tian Boguangs hand and pulled the short saber closed to his neck. Come on.come on

    Tian Boguang sneered as he retracted his hand. He placed his short saber in his back and said, Forget it! Its my good fortune to have met you. How about this? Lets just have a bet!

    Linghu Chong folded his arms and looked at him, What do you want to bet?

    Tian Boguang replied, If you can defeat me within thirty moves Ill turn my butt around and get out of here. But if I get lucky and defeat you within thirty moves then youll have to leave the mountain with me. What do you think of that?

    Linghu Chong hummed and looked away. He knew that he would never be able to defeat Tian Boguang within thirty moves. He would definitely lose the bet and have to leave the mountain with him thus it was an unfair bet.

    Seeing that Linghu Chong did not agree with his terms, Tian Boguang shouted, The head apprentice of Huashan Sect, Linghu Chong, does not dare to accept my challenge! He doesnt even dare to exchange thirty moves!

    Linghu Chong threw in his hand. Stop making so much noise! Who said that I was afraid! Lets just bet! he mocked angrily.

    Tian Boguang nodded, A real man doesnt go back on his words!

    Linghu Chong drew his sword and pointed it at Tian Boguang. Go ahead!

    Tian Boguang raised his short saber into the air and leapt toward Linghu Chong at lightning speed.

    The two of them started trading intense stances. As usual, Tian Boguang was able to defeat Linghu Chong very easily. It only took him less than ten moves to knock Linghu Chong off his feet.

    Tian Boguang made a hand gesture, Eight moves!

    Linghu Chong lied on the ground in pain. He quickly pulled himself up. Your saber skills are better than mine, your inner energy is also better than mine. Im no match for you.

    Tian Boguang smiled in triumph, Lets go then!

    Linghu Chong replied, Alright, I wont walk you out. Farewell. He then laid down on the ground and took a nap.

    Tian Boguang shook his hand at Linghu Chong angrily. Hey! Linghu Chong! I consider you as a true hero who keeps his words. Thats why I betted with you! How can you go back against your words?! He walked toward him, Get up! Come with me now!

    Linghu Chong opened one eye and said, Brother Tian, I never said that I would go with you if I lose to you, did I?

    Tian Boguang angrily pulled Linghu Chong up from the ground. To hell with your nonsense! You lost! So youve to come with me!

    Linghu Chong pushed his hand away, Brother Tian! You won because you have more strength than me. I just recovered from being sick. My body is still weak. How about if I go into the cave to get some rest. Once I have enough rest we can fight again. Hows that?

    Tian Boguang was dumbfounded by his words. Rest? He turned away and burst out laughing. Fine! Ill give you another chance! Go and have some rest in the cave. Ill have you admit your defeat!

    Linghu Chong rushed into the secret cave. What should I do? He has fought with Taishan Sects Headmaster Priest Tian Men before and he has also fought with Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin from Hengshan Sect before. I used the Southern Hengshan Sect fast swords earlier but still couldnt defeat him. He scratched his head. What should I do? He looked at the walls and thought of something. Thats right! Theres still the Songshan Sect!

    He ran toward the wall that had Songshan Sects sword techniques engraved on it and started looking at it. He narrowed his eyes and said, It still wont work. Even if I do learn something in a short time it would only one or two moves. I still wont be able to defeat him! He folded his arms and suddenly thought of an idea. Five Mountain Sword Sects! I can use some moves from each sect! Even if I cant defeat him Ill be able to confuse him and might be able to take his thirty moves! He grinned, Alright! Ill just do that!

    After spending an hour inside the cave learning a mixture of sword moves, Linghu Chong exited the cave to fight Tian Boguang once more. Though he was using the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance extraordinary sword skills but he was still unable to gain any advantage.

    Tian Boguang turned his body away and subsequently pushed his back leg straight at Linghu Chongs chest knocking him to the ground.

    Linghu Chong pressed his chest groaning in pain.

    Tian Boguang smirked, Are you satisfied now?

    Linghu Chong sat up and yelled, Of course not! We were supposed to fight with swords but you were using your arms and legs! Thats not fair!

    Tian Boguang burst out laughing, With all that together it still didnt even take thirty moves to beat you. You still lost!

    Linghu Chong snorted, So what if I lost? What can you do? Kill me if you wish to!

    Tian Boguang raised his short saber into the air furiously. He couldnt bring himself to kill Linghu Chong though he was fuming inside. Bringing a dead Linghu Chong to see Yi Lin isnt going to help him cure the poison in his body. He dropped the saber and walked toward Linghu Chong with a smile.

    He propped Linghu Chongs arm and helped him up. Brother Linghu, the ground is dirty. Get up, he grinned. Brother Linghu, I came here this time to bring you to meet Little Master Yi Lin. Im not here to pick on you.

    Linghu Chong knitted his brow. When I wanted you to become Junior Martial Sister Yi Lins apprentice the last time, you were very unwilling. Now youre doing everything to make me go see her. What? Did you fall for her?

    Tian Boguang shrugged. He finally revealed his reason for forcing Linghu Chong to go and see Yi Lin. He insisted that if he didnt do so he would die of poisoning in a months time.

    Linghu Chong folded his arms. Brother Tian, thought I dont know who played a prank on you. Neither do I know what youre poisoned with but I do know that even the most poisonous poison can be treated.

    Tian Boguang lowered his head and said, Theres no need to mention the one who sealed my Death Points and poisoned me. Other than the one who did it, that Killer Doctor Ping Yizhi is the only one left. But Im sure that he wouldnt want to help me.

    Linghu Chong sneered, You can either beg him with polite words or threaten him with your saber on his neck. Im sure that hell help you out.

    Tian Boguang grabbed Linghu Chongs collar, Stinky kid! You can save all your sarcasm to yourself. In brief, if I cant get you to go with me, then I will be dead for sure, but you wont be able to stay safe either.

    Linghu Chong gently pushed Tian Boguangs hand away. Alright! Brother Tian, since youre begging me then Ill give you another chance to fight with me again. All you need is to beat me fair and square and make me feel sincerely convinced. Then I might just agree to go down the mountain with you. But before that I have to go into the cave to get some rest. Please wait for me a bit more.

    Tian Boguang stared at the cave. The moves his used are all over the place. Not only are those moves from the other sects, its also exquisite. Could it be that the cave has an expert from the Five Mountain Sword Sects teaching him sword moves? He shouted loudly, Hold it!

    Linghu Chong stomped on the ground, What is it this time?

    Tian Boguang ran toward him. The cave is dark and humid. Brother Linghu, why dont you get him to come out there and introduce him to me, he said.

    Linghu Chong looked at him, Introduce what?

    Tian Boguang smirked, Playing dumb huh! Why is it every time you add many strange moves to your collection? He passed and continued. If there wasnt else in the cave, how is it that your skills improve that quickly?

    Linghu Chong narrowed his eyes. If he finds out about the drawings on the wall then it would be disastrous, he thought to himself. He burst out laughing and said, Ill tell you the truth then. The senior master inside said that if he fights with you, it would lower his dignity.

    Tian Boguang spat and said, I think they just fish for fame and compliments and profess to be above politics and worldly considerations. Even if they come out they might not be able to beat me.

    Linghu Chong propped his hands on his waist. Alright then. Go ahead and enter the cave to fight those senior grandmasters, he pointed to the cave.

    Tian Boguang became silent. He wants me to go into the cave. Why is he is so happy all of a sudden? he thought to himself. He took a peek at the cave. There must be some traps in the cave that will harm me. I better just stay outside. If they all come out at once and I cant defeat them at least I can still run. If they are senior masters from the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance then they wont join hands to pick on a junior like me.

    He smirked and said, What senior masters! Im afraid that theyre the ones with underserved reputations! Otherwise how come after teaching you all kinds of moves you still cant take thirty moves from me?! He shook his finger and continued, Stinky kid, youre trolling me arent you? Within Songshan, Taishan, Hengshan, and Heng-Shan the four schools, there may be some exceptional senior grandmasters. But in your Huashan Sect, the Qing generation senior maters have all withered and passed away that year therefore there isnt any senior masters left!

    All of a sudden, a white figure flashed out of the cave and dashed toward Tian Boguang at light speed. He struck Tian Boguangs left shoulder with his index finger and threw a punch at him.

    Tian Boguang stumbled many steps to the back in pain. He looked at the white figure in shock.

    Linghu Chong was astonished to see the white figure as well.

    An old man with a long white beard dressed in white robe stood in front of Linghu Chong. Who said that Huashan Sects Qing generation are all dead? he asked loudly. He turned around to look at Linghu Chong, If I had given him some pointers, he would definitely be able to take care of a kid like you!

    Tian Boguang made a psst sound. Linghu Chong, this is? he grinned.

    Linghu Chong walked toward the old man. I was going to ask the same question. He looked at the old man and asked, You are?

    Tian Boguang suddenly thought of something. Oh I remember now! It was said that Mount Hua was infected by a plague that year. An elder by the name of Feng Qingyang avoided the disaster because he wasnt on the mountain that time, he walked up to Linghu Chong, and explained.

    He looked at the old man startlingly and continued, Could it be that youreFeng Qingyang, Senior Feng?

    The old man stroked his long white beard with a smirk.

    End of Chapter 12
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    lol okay. so you're one the many LHC & RYY fans
    Whatever happens to RYY, I wouldn't mind too much, but LHC must survive, and with this latest adaptation, DFBB should also survive, as her character is no longer bad, but has now become central to the story. Whichever way you eventually decide on, I will greatly enjoy reading it and appreciate the great effort and time you've spent writing the story...

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Whatever happens to RYY, I wouldn't mind too much, but LHC must survive, and with this latest adaptation, DFBB should also survive, as her character is no longer bad, but has now become central to the story. Whichever way you eventually decide on, I will greatly enjoy reading it and appreciate the great effort and time you've spent writing the story...
    Thanks szfong!

    Have fun reading chapter 12.

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    Did Dongfang Bubai have a brother in the latest XAJH series? I know the nun Yilin was supposedly the daughter of some monk but she became Dongfang Bubai's sister in the recent remake.

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    Default Chapter 13

    Linghu Chong gave Tian Boguang a puzzled look. Feng Qingyang? he asked astonishingly.

    The old man started laughing. Its truly amazing to know that theres someone in this world who still remembers my name.

    Both Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang looked at the old man admiringly.

    The old man looked away and continued, Huashan Sect apprentices these days are getting more disorderly. He looked at Linghu Chong, pointing his index finger at him. Very well, since youve asked me to teach you then Ill teach you a few moves.

    Yes! Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang responded concurrently.

    Linghu Chong glared at Tian Boguang agitatedly.

    Tian Boguang took a step back and coughed softly as he realized that the old man meant teaching Linghu Chong. He was too excited to meet the Huashan Sects legendary martial art exponent and was really hoping that he could get some pointers from him. He bowed at the old man and said, Senior Feng, take your time to teach him. Im going to relieve myself. After that, he slapped Linghu Chongs arm and said sternly, You better learn properly! After finishing his words, he turned around and walked away.

    Linghu Chong smirked at Tian Boguang. He then bowed at the old man, Junior pays respect to senior.

    The old man replied, Actually it isnt difficult to exchange a few moves with him without losing. Ill teach you thirty moves. Youve actually learnt these moves before. All you need to do is change the sequence.

    Linghu Chong nodded his head thought he wasnt sure what the old man meant.

    Tian Boguang hid behind a rock looking at them from a distance. He wanted to see what extraordinary sword moves the old man was going to impart to Linghu Ching.

    First move is White Aurora Shooting The Sun. Then its A Phoenix Comes With Grace. Next is Golden Geese Crossing The Sky. Followed by Sword Interception Stance, the old man went on naming thirty Huashan Sect sword moves.

    Linghu Chong listened to him tentatively, memorizing the sequence.

    The old man stroked his long beard and looked at Linghu Chong. Your name is Linghu Chong? he asked.

    Linghu Chong nodded his head. Yes, Im Linghu Chong.

    The old man laughed and said, Linghu Chong, its not easy to remember these thirty moves. Furthermore, you need to perform all thirty moves in one go. With your current abilities its definitely not easy to do it. Why dont you try them out slowly, first?

    Linghu Chong bowed, Ill give it a try. He performed a few sword moves but got stuck half way through. He lowered his sword and walked back to the old man. Senior, The White Aurora and A Phoenix Comes With Grace dont seem to connect at all. Theres no way this is going to work, he uttered.

    The old man hummed agitatedly, Idiot! Idiot! No wonder youre Yue Buquns disciple. When your sword arts are rigid of course it wouldnt work. The essence of swordplay is to be dynamic and flexible. After youve finished the White Aurora Shooting the Sun move and had your sword tip pointing up, couldnt you just follow the flow and slash it downwards? Even though theres no such posture in the move, why cant you be more innovative and adjust to the circumstances?

    Linghu Chong scratched his head. Youre right Senior! Why didnt I think of that? Thanks for the advice! He walked to the front and performed the sword moves all over again. This time his moves were more graceful.

    The old man stroked his long beard and said, You got it right. However, youre still too stiff and rigid. If you fight against an exponent youll definitely not be able to win. He paused for a moment and stared at Tian Boguang. But you should be able to beat that little kid there. Give it a try!

    Tian Boguang waved at the old man with a smile.

    Linghu Chong replied the old man, Yes, Senior! He then walked over to Tian Boguang and said, Brother Tian, please go ahead.

    Tian Boguang snorted, What do you mean please go ahead?! Weve already fought for many rounds. The winner has been decided. Theres no need to fight anymore!

    Linghu Chong replied, If you dont want to fight, thats alright. You may leave now. Farewell.

    Tian Boguang glared at him agitatedly. How dare you He paused for a moment and cast a quick glance at the old man.

    The old man ignored them and went to sit on a big rock.

    Tian Boguang bowed at him and said, Senior Feng, I, Tian Boguang is a junior. Im not worthy to exchange moves with you. If you join in the fight, it would really be beneath your dignity.

    The old man nodded with a smile, indicating that he would not get involved in the fight.

    Tian Boguang turned toward Linghu Chong and reached for the handle of his short saber. Stinky kid! Lets carry on! he yelled.

    Linghu Chong jumped towards Tian Boguang and started attacking him with a flurry of slashes, thrusts and chops.

    Each time Tian Boguang blocked an attack he would instantly strike back. But this time Linghu Chong was able to dodge and block all of his attacks very well. The two of them exchanged over two hundred moves with no apparent winner. Linghu Chong finally swung his sword downward at Tian Boguangs hand and knocked the short saber off his hand.

    Tian Boguang retracted his hand and stepped to the side, crying out in pain.

    Linghu Chong immediately thrust his sword at Tian Boguangs chest.

    Tian Boguang dodged the attack and subsequently extended d his hand out to grab Linghu Chongs throat. He strangled Lighu Chong frustratingly and groaned, If you dont want to die you better leave with me!

    Linghu Chong struggled for breath as he replied, Ill never leave with you! Ive fought a hundred rounds with you. It was you who lost to me

    I dont care if its one hundred moves or two hundred moves, it doesnt matter. As long as I am winning youll have to leave with me! Tian Boguang shouted angrily.

    Linghu Chong sneered, Im not leaving with you!

    The old man shook his head frustratingly. Idiot! Your finger can be used as a sword too. Do you have to use a real sword for that Gold And Jade Fill The Hall move? he shouted.

    Linghu Chong narrowed his eyes and thought to himself for a second. He quickly thrust his hand out and stabbed Tian Boguangs chest with his index and middle fingers.

    Tian Boguang let out a cry of pain and felt numb all over his body. His acupoints had just been sealed.

    Linghu Chong gently thrust the tip of his finger at Tian Boguangs forehead and pushed him to the ground.

    The old man nodded and started laughing. Good! Come with me, he said. He turned around and walked into the cave.

    Linghu Chong knelt at the old man, Grand apprentice pays respect to Grand Apprentice Uncle. Thank you for your guidance.

    The old man pulled him up as he responded, Stand up.

    Linghu Chong returned to his feet. Thank you, Grand Apprentice Uncle, he said with a smile.

    The old man grinned, Do you still think that Im swindling and bluffing now?

    Linghu Chong bowed and replied, Grand Apprentice doesnt dare. I am so fortunate to be able to meet Grand Apprentice Uncle! Are you hungry? I have some food in the cave. Let me go get them.

    Feng Qingyang shook his head. That wont be necessary. He stretched his arms and said, It has been a long time since I last stood under the sunshine.

    He then looked at Linghu Chong and said, You have sealed Tian Boguangs Tan-Zhong (chest center) Point. With his inner strength, he will be able to regain his conscious in two hours. By then, hell harass you again. You can then defeat him again and he would have no choice but to behave and leave. After youve defeated him you must force him to take a vow that he would never mention to anyone that he had seen me.

    Linghu Chong nodded and said, I understand. But Grand Apprentice Uncle, my victory just now is only by chance. It was pure luck. In terms of skills Im afraid that I cant beat him.

    Feng Qingyang frowned and said, You are Yue Buquns apprentice. I really dont want to teach you any martial arts. But that year I made a vow that I would never fight anyone in the remaining of my life. When I demonstrated the sword moves to you the other night, I only wanted to let you know that the Huashan Sects Nineteen Stances of the Jade Maiden Sword that you used wasnt well performed. Otherwise how could I hit the sword away from your hand? Since weve come to this, I I can only use your hands to drive Tian Boguang away and make him take a vow of secrecy. Come with me. He turned to the right and walked into the secret cave.

    Linghu Chong obediently followed him from behind.

    Feng Qingyang pointed at a rock wall and said, These are the Huashan Sects sword techniques drawings on the rock wall. Youve already seen them and remembered them. But when you perform it, its another thing. That kid Yue Buqun is really a stupid person. You have great potential but he taught you to become a stupid just like him.

    Linghu Chong was annoyed with Feng Qingyang for humiliating his master. Grand Apprentice Uncle is insulting my master. Im not learning from you anymore, he sneered.

    Feng Qingyang looked at him with much surprise. Throwing your temper like a little kid? Angry that I scolded your master? he shook his hand at Linghu Chong annoyingly. He really needed Linghu Chong to drive Tian Boguang away so he finally gave in. Fine! I wont insult him again, okay? Since you master calls me Senior Apprentice Uncle theres nothing wrong if I calls him a kid!

    Linghu Chong smiled and said, As long as Grand Apprentice Uncle doesnt insult my master Ill do whatever you want me to do.

    Feng Qingyang raised his brows and said, This is almost like I am begging you to learn from me. He pointed at the drawings of the Mount Hua style sword art on the rock wall and started explaining. These moves are our sects most unique sword moves. Most of them have long been lost, and even your master doesnt know about it. Even though the stances are exquisite but when you use them it will be countered by others.

    Hearing these words, Linghu Chong pondered to himself for a moment and said, Grand Apprentice Uncle means that I have to shuffle the sword moves so that the opponent is unable to counter it?

    Feng Qingyang looked at him pleasingly. You have potential indeed. Youre a fast learner. Devil cults elders are formidable martial arts practitioners. Theyre talented and intelligent. They were able to counter all the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance sword techniques completely. But they didnt know that regardless of how great your martial arts skills are or how exquisite your stances are you are still unable to win the cunning tricks and traps of the opponent. If you fall into the traps set by your opponent, no matter how great your martial arts skills are youll still not be able to use them, he commented.

    It was indeed the elders of the devil cult. What Brother Dong said was true. Could it be that our Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance lost in a fight and ended up using traps to defeat the opponent? Wonder how is Brother Dong doing now, Linghu Chong thought to himself. He looked away and took a deep breath as he remembered that Tian Boguang was still outside. Linghu Chong! Stop thinking of other things! Tian Boguang is going to wake up in another hour. If you keep thinking about other things you wont have time to learn sword arts!

    Feng Qingyang went on talking. In terms of martial arts understanding the devil cult elders cant be counted as experts. They didnt know that moves are fixed but the one executing the moves is flexible. Fixed stances can be countered but if they were to come across inconsistent stances, they will be restrained and left to be slaughtered by the opponent. You must remember this word; flexible. When you learn a move, you need to learn it in a flexibly. When you execute a move, you also need to execute it flexible. If you only rigidly adhere to formalities without adding your own lively elements, even if you have mastered thousands or tens of thousands unique moves, as soon as you encounter a true expert, he would still be able to overcome every single one of them.

    Linghu Chong understood Feng Qingyangs words right away. I understand! It must be flexible and unrestrained!

    Feng Qingyang responded, Being flexible and unrestrained is only the first step. You must reach to a level where you can attack with no particular move. Only then can you reach the level of an expert. Just now you said shuffling the sword stances so that the opponent has no means of countering it. Youve only spotted a small part of it. Its not about shuffling the sword moves but to have zero moves to be undefeated. When you shuffle your stances there will be intervals between stances. Your opponent will make use of this to attack. But if you dont have any form of stances, then the opponent would not be able to counter attack.

    Linghu Chong knitted his brow. How to counter attack when there are no form of stances? he pondered to himself. A whole new concept had suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

    Feng QIngyang picked up a sword from the ground and pointed it at Linghu Chong. Try and counter this sword stance of mine, he instructed.

    Linghu Chong fixed his eyes at Feng QIngyangs sword and said, This is not a move, so theres no way I can counter it.

    Feng Qingyang laughed and responded, As the saying goes, if you want to slice a piece of meat, you need to have the piece of meat before you can slice it; if you want to cut some firewood, you need to have the firewood before you can cut it. If your opponent wants to counter your sword move, he needs to have your sword move before he can counter it. When an ordinary person who has never learned any martial arts slashes a sword randomly, no matter how knowledgeable you are, you still wouldnt be able to predict where his next move will slash in which direction. Even martial arts exponents wouldnt be able to defeat his move. Because there is no move, its impossible to counter the move. If this person has never learned any martial arts and has no stances, than others can knock him down easily. True advanced sword art is to be able to notice the loopholes of your opponents stances and use your zero stances to attack him. When he is unable counter your stances while you are able to counter all his stances then youll win.

    Linghu Chong suddenly thought about something. But what if the enemy doesnt have any stance either? he asked.

    Feng Qingyang replied, Then he must be an expert too. When the both of you fight sometimes he may be better and sometimes you may be better. He paused for a moment and let out a sigh, However, Its very difficult to meet such a person. In my entire life, Ive only met three of them.

    Linghu Chong curiously asked, Who are these three?

    Feng Qingyang frowned, Why are you so nosy? Just practice you sword arts properly. He then stepped to the side and pondered to himself. Wonderfulwonderful he sudden said.

    Linghu Chong bowed at him and apologetically said, I admit my mistake.

    No, you didnt make any mistake. Feng Qingyang replied. You just the type of person that I like. However, we dont have much time left. You better hurry up and master Huashan Sects thirty four sword stances and perform it in one go. After that you need to forget all of them completely without leaving a single stance in your head. Then use the Huashan Sects Sword Art With No Moves to fight Tian Boguang.

    Linghu Chong hesitantly bowed, Yes, Grand Apprentice Uncle! After finishing those words, he performed all the Huashan Sect sword techniques on the rock wall, connecting all the distinct and separate sword moves together. Since all he had to do was to follow the natural flow, it became an easy task for him to connect them. He waved his sword, sometimes slashing to the left, sometimes chopping to the right, without thinking about any moves drawn on the rock wall. He didnt care if his posture or position was close to the drawing and simply followed his own will.

    Tian Boguang started shouting from outside. Brother Linghu! Please come out! Well have another contest.

    Linghu Chong stopped and stood still. He looked at Feng Qingyang and asked, Grand Apprentice Uncle, do you think this random slashing and chopping style sword form of mine will enable me to block his fast short saber attacks?

    Feng Qingyang knitted his brow and shook his head. You wont be able to block it, he replied.

    Linghu Chongs heart skipped a beat. I cant? What should I do then? he asked nervously.

    Feng Qingyang hummed and said, If you cant block it then dont block it.

    Linghu Chong immediately understood what Feng Qingyang meant. I got it, Grand Apprentice Uncle. You mean that since he wants me to leave with him naturally he wont take my life. Therefore I can simply ignore his attacks and just focus on my own attacks. Am I right, Grand Apprentice Uncle?

    Feng Qingyang nodded with a smile.

    Linghu Chong exited the cave and exchanged a furry of stances with Tian Boguang. His attacks were fast and random but it was still not fast enough to fend off Tian Boguangs attacks. Tian Boguang swished his short saber downward, slashed Linghu Chongs hand and subsequently pointed it at his neck. Linghu Chong retracted his hand in pain.

    Do you really think that I dont dare to chop you?!! Tian Boguang asked angrily.

    Linghu Chong moaned and said, Brother Tian, look at my hand! Its already bleeding.

    Tian Boguang sneered, So what?

    Linghu Chong pushed Tian Boguangs hand away and replied, I need to rest for a night. How about this? Once Im done resting we can duel again tomorrow. You should get some rest too. He patted Tian Boguangs shoulder and joyfully hopped back into the cave.

    Tian Boguang was dumfounded and lost for words. He dropped to the ground and squeaked annoyingly.

    Feng Qingyang wrapped Linghu Chongs hand with a piece of cloth.

    Linghu Chong sighed, Grand Apprentice Uncle, this jerk has changed his mind. Hes for real this time. What should I do now?

    Feng Qingyang replied, Luckily you held him off for a night. I dont think you should sleep tonight. Well use one night to tech you three sword moves. You look intelligent but Im not sure if youre really that intelligent. If you are really that smart you might be able to master the three moves in one night. But youre not as intelligent and slow then you should He paused and heaved a long sigh. Then you dont have to fight Tian Boguang tomorrow morning. Just admit defeat and leave the mountain with him.

    Linghu Chong raised his brows and uttered, Three moves? He couldnt understand why it would take the entire night to master three sword moves.

    Feng Qingyang smirked, Do you think its that easy to master three moves in one night?

    Linghu Chong shook his head and grinned, I didnt mean anything like that. If I cant master three moves in one night Id rather let him kill me than to give in and leave with him.

    Feng Qingyang raised his brows and continued, These three moves are extremely ordinary. But it would take a miracle for you to master the three moves in one night. You dont need to learn the second move just yet. Lets just focus on the first move and third move for now. The first move alone has three hundred and sixty five variations. If one of the variation is not performed well then you can forget about the third move.

    He then rose from his seat and started reciting a long verse. After finishing his sentence, he looked at Linghu Chong. ChongEr, it took me three months to master one move. To learn two moves in one night is almost impossible, he explained. Just think about it He started reciting the verse again but noticed Linghu Chong looking away. ChongEr, did you hear what I said? he asked.

    Linghu Chong responded by reciting the entire verse in one go.

    Feng Qingyang looked at him in sheer amazement. This is the General Index of the Dugu Nine Sword. Have you learned it before? he asked.

    Linghu Chong shook his head, Ive never learned it before. Ive no idea that its called Dugu Nine Swords either.

    Feng Qingyang narrowed his eyes and asked, How did your recite it when youve never learned it before?

    Linghu Chong replied, That was how you recited it moments ago.

    Feng Qingyang nodded with a smile. Youve got a good memory. Then Ive an idea. Dugu Nine Swords first move, the General Index Stance has many variations. Lets not rush into how to implement the general index just yet. The second move is Sword Defeating Stance. Its used to counter swordplay styles from any sects. We can ignore that for now too. The third move is Saber Defeating Stance. It is used to counter single saber, double saber, willow leaf cutlass, ghost-beheaded saber, machete, and cavalry blade. Tian Boguang uses the single sabers Swift Saber technique. Youll just learn the portion that specifically deals with his saber techniques tonight.

    Linghu Chong was stunned by Feng Qingyangs explanation. Wow, the Dugu Nine Swords is truly brilliant. Ive really not heard of it before.

    Feng Qingyang continued, Dugu Nine Swords third move stresses on using light to resist heavy and fast to overcome slow. Tian Boguangs fast saber chops are really fast, so you will have to be even faster than him. Youre younger than him so its easy to be faster than him. But its difficult to predict who will win. As for an old man like me, to be faster than him would be rather difficult. If you have to know what kind of a move he will be using and you must be faster than him. The moment he raises his hand, your sword should already be pointing at his vital parts. That way he would no longer be able to perform his techniques.

    Linghu Chong nodded and said, That means anticipating your enemy beforehand.

    Of course! First Ill teach you how to foresee your enemy beforehand. It can block Tian Boguangs fast saber, Feng Qingyang explained.

    After spending the entire night learning the complicated Saber Defeating Stance variations diligently Linghu Chong lowered his sword and walked toward Feng Qingyang. Grand Apprentice Uncle, how did I do? he asked anxiously.

    Feng Qingyang grinned, Considering the limited time that you have, I would say that youve done pretty well.

    Linghu Chong bowed, Thanks for the compliments, Grand Apprentice Uncle. He then paused for a moment and asked, Grand Apprentice Uncle, theres something I dont understand though. How come all the sword variations are all attacking techniques with no defending techniques at all?

    Feng Qingyang stroked his long beard as he spoke, Dugu Nine Swords only moves forward and not backward. When every move only attacks, your enemy can only defend and retreat. Naturally theres no need to defend yourself. The senior who created this sword art is called Dugu Qiubai (Qiubai means seeking for a loss). Think about it. His name is seeking for a loss. Seeking a loss all his life but couldnt get one. Once he uses this sword technique he was unbeatable. Why would he still need to defend? If anyone could make him draw his sword to defend, he would have laughed with joy and be delighted beyond measure.

    Linghu Chong looked away and pondered to himself. This senior became matchless under heaven. Its difficult to find anyone who could match against him. Hes really someone to be respected. Once Tian Boguang is gone I must plead Grand Apprentice Uncle to teach me the entire sword arts.

    Right at that moment, Tian Boguang started shouting from the outside. Brother Linghu! Its already morning! Are you awake yet?! Come out now!

    Feng Qingyang smiled coldly and said, Go out and fight Tian Boguang. Kick him off Mount Hua!

    Linghu Chong bowed with a smile, Yes! Grand Apprentice Uncle!

    He exited the cave and walked toward Tian Boguang. Brother Tian, Ive thought about it the whole night. Ive decided

    Tian Boguang put on a sad face and interrupted him. Dont say it anymore. I, Tian Boguang is already quite dishonest. I didnt think that youre even more dishonest than me! You want to fight? Fine! Ill fight you till the end.

    Linghu Chong looked at him depressingly. Alright! Brother Tian! Stop crying! If you continue to cry Ill start crying too. Ill fight with you, ok?

    Tian Boguang pressed his lips together and moaned, Okay! After finishing his words, he swung his short saber at Linghu Chongs head.

    Linghu Chong instantly raised his sword to block the attack. After that, he went on to attack Tian Boguang with a series of lightning fast slashes, chops and thrusts. His attacks became faster and faster.

    Tian Boguang started to feel lost and did not know how to fend off the flurry of lightning fast attacks.

    In a blink of an eye, Linghu Chong pointed the edge of his sword at Tian Boguangs throat.

    Tian Boguang lowered his short saber and let out a sigh, admitting defeat. Senior Feng Qingyangs sword art is exceptional. No one under the heaven is unable to defeat him. Stinky kid! Im afraid after today I wont be able to defeat you again.

    Linghu Chong smirked while he retracted his sword. Forget it, Brother Tian. Before this you had many opportunities to kill but you did not. So Im returning you a favor this time.

    Tian Boguang did not respond this time. He only smiled coldly.

    However, youve to promise me something, Linghu Chong continued.

    Tian Boguang folded his arms as he responded, What is it?!

    Linghu Chong grinned, My Grand Apprentice Uncle Feng has been residing in the mountain for decades. I dont wish to outsiders disturbing him. Therefore I hope that you wont leak a word about him.

    Tian Boguang nodded, You have my words!

    Thats great! Linghu Chong gave him a thumb up.

    Tian Boguang laughingly said, Stinky kid! Im starting to like you even more. Listen up, this isnt over yet!

    Linghu Chong responded with a sneer, Ill be waiting!

    Tian Boguang returned a smirk and walked off from the cliff.

    Feng Qingyang exited the cave and noticed that Tian Boguang was gone.

    Linghu Chong knelt at him and bowed. Grand Apprentice Uncle saved my life and taught me advanced swordplay. Ill never forget your kindness.

    Feng Qingyang held his hand out and said, What youve learn cant really be considered as advanced swordplay yet..

    Linghu Chong bowed and asked, May I boldly request Grand Apprentice Uncle to teach me all of the Dugu Nine Swords techniques?

    Are you sure you wont regret it later for learning the Dugu Nine Swords? Feng Qingyang asked.

    Linghu Chong shook his head. This is the most fortunate thing in my entire life. I can only be grateful, he said.

    Feng Qingyang smiled, Very well, I will teach you then. If I dont teach the Dugu Nine Swords to you, this advanced sword art would eventually be lost. Tian Boguang definitely wont just give up so easy. Even if he decides to come back again, its going to be at least ten to fifteen days from now. When that time comes your martial arts skills would have surpassed him. And you certainly have more tricks than he does. I dont think youll ever be afraid of him again. We have plenty of time now, so you must study from the very beginning to strengthen the basic.

    Linghu Chong bowed, Thanks for your guidance, Grand Apprentice Uncle.

    In the meantime, Dongfang Bubai and Yi Lin were waiting at the forest not far from Mount Hua. Dongfang Bubai dressed in a man clothing, placed her hands behind her back and took a quick look around to the area to see if Tian Boguang had arrived.

    Yi Lin walked up to her elder sister. Sister, why are we here? she asked curiously.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and looked at her with a smile. I brought you to see the person youve most wanted to see, she replied.

    Yi Lin knitted her brows. Who is that?

    Linghu Chong, Dongfang Bubai replied with a grin.

    Yi Lin was stunned. Big.Big Brother Linghu? she stuttered.

    Dongfang Bubai replied, I know that even since we rescued him in Hengyang City there isnt a day that you dont think about him or miss him. Im here today to help you fulfill your wish. Ive already ordered Tian Boguang to bring him down from Mount Hua. Once hes here

    Yi Lin interrupted, Why didnt you tell me earlier?! She stomped the ground and walked off angrily.

    Dongfang Bubai held her hand out as she yelled, Yi Lin! Where are you going?

    Going back to Mount Heng! Yi Lin replied agitatedly .

    Dongfang Bubai ran towards Yi Lin at the speed of light and appeared in front of her in a blink of an eye. Yi Lin! Wait up! she uttered.

    Yi Lin moaned, Sister! Big Brother Linghu already has someone that he likes. Besides, Im a nun. Its impossible for us to be together. If youre still like this again in the futurethen I wont see you again. She then walked past Dongfang Bubai and head off from the area.

    Dongfang Bubai cast a disappointing glance at her little sister. Yi Lin...Youve no idea how lucky it is to be able like someone. There are some people that cant even express their feelings no matter how much they like a person. They can only hide it in their heart, she uttered to herself.

    Tian Boguang arrived at the forest moments later.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and looked at him indifferently. Where is he? she asked in a cold voice.

    Tian Boguang grinned as he responded, Im useless. I did not manage to bring him here.

    Dongfang Bubai glared at him fiercely You probably dont want to live anymore then, she shouted.

    Tian Boguang shook his head. Of course I want to live! But what can I do? Ive been begging him at the Repentance Cliff for days but he rather die than to come down. I tried using soft talks and by force but it didnt work. What can I do? he grumbled. I think you should just give me the antidote and find someone else to do this.

    Dongfang Bubai narrowed her eyes. Repentance Cliff she uttered. She suddenly recalled her conversation with Linghu Chong at the prairie. inghu Chong told her that if he ever got sent to the Repentance Cliff for punishment he would like her to bring him fat chicken and good wine when she comes to see hm.

    Looks like Ill have to bring him some fat chicken and good wine myself, she murmured. After finishing her words, she turned around and strode off in a flash.

    Tian Boguang folded his arms, Go ahead. He suddenly remembered something. Hey wait! You havent given me the antidote! he yelled loudly.


    Feng Qingyang stood at the edge of the cliff, stroking his long beard and started laughing. Its so good to be young. You wanted to learn sword arts so much that you wont allow me to sleep. When you wanted to sleep, you fell asleep the moment your head touches the ground, he uttered. Oh well, I might as well come out here and get some fresh air.

    He then noticed a figure holding on to a meal basket ascending the cliff. The figure leapt from mountain to mountain in a single bound. Extraordinary lightness skills, he murmured. Looks like I might end up making a trip instead of getting some fresh air.

    The figure ascended into the air and landed on the Repentance Cliff shortly. The figure was none other than Dongfang Bubai.

    Feng Qingyang strode towards her at the light speed and appeared in front of her in a blink of the eye. He stared at her fiercely and asked, Little kid, where did you come from? Your lightness skills are not bad.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him coldly. Your martial arts skills are not bad either. How about this little kid here exchange a few stances with you, old kid?, she tossed the meal basket to a rock table and leapt off the cliff backward.

    Feng Qingyang immediately ran after her.

    The two of them fought in the air, exchanging relentless palm strikes fingertip strikes and hand strikes at light speed. Each time Feng Qingyang launched an attack at Dongfang Bubai she would be able to block it and subsequently returned a strike at him. Their inner strength was so immense that whenever they traded a stance it would produce short bursts of air.

    After trading two hundred stances, the two of them finally landed at a nearby lake. Since the winner wasnt determined yet, they continued to exchange intense stances. Feng Qingyang went on an attacking stance. He executed a series of swift attacks with his hands, as though it was his sword.

    Dongfang Bubai swished and thrust her hand fan countering his relentless attacks at light speed.

    Feng Qingyang channeled his inner energy to his hand and thrust out his fingers at Dongfang Bubais right shoulder.

    Dongfang Bubai immediately thrust out her hand fan out at his fingers. Their inner energy collided and produced a powerful air blast that pushed them to the back.

    Feng Qingyang stared at Dongfang Bubai sternly and said, Little kid, Ive concealed my sword my years. I dont want to fight with you. Lets call it quits.

    Dongfang Bubai grinned, No way! You have formidable martial arts skills and thats a threat to me. The more something threatens me, the more Im curious about it.

    Feng Qingyang laughed and replied, You may be young but youre very daring. Do you know that there are some things that are not meant to be touched?!

    Dongfang Bubai put her hands behind her back and smirked. Youre old but your curiosity is no lesser than mine. Youve profound inner energy and extraordinary sword skills out of the ordinary, she commented.

    Feng Qingyang burst out laughing. Great! Its the first time I get praised by a youngster. Youve unfathomable body movements. How about taking a stroke from me?

    Dongfang Bubai gave him an untroubled and indifferent gaze as she waited Feng Qingyang to make his move.

    Feng Qingyang swished his sleeve and shot a surge of spherical shaped gust of wind from the tip of his finger at Dongfang Bubai.

    Dongfang Bubai bent forward and generated a field of energy force to repel the oncoming gust of wind and knocked it back to Feng Qingyang.

    Feng Qingyang instantly waved his hand and shot another blast of wind at the oncoming gust of wind, producing a powerful blast. He lowered his hand and glared at Dongfang Buba, You may beyoung but you have great martial arts skills. What is your motive coming to Mount Hua? You did not come here to fight me, right?

    Dongfang Bubai hummed with a smile. Would you believe me if I said that I came to Repentance Cliff to deliver food? she replied.

    Feng Qingyang stroked his beard, glaring at her suspiciously.

    Dongfang Bu Bai cast a side glance at him and said coldly, Alright. Im not playing with you anymore. The food is getting cold. After those words, she leapt into the air and flew back to the Repentance Cliff at light speed.

    Feng Qingyang somersaulted in the air and landed behind her. He stared at her in disbelief. Your body movement is extremely ghostly. Where exactly do you come from?! he asked loudly.

    Dongfang Bubai pointed to the meal basket on the table. I told you already. Im here to deliver food, she replied. She then turned toward the cave and shounted, Linghu Chong! Come out here!

    Linghu Chong came running out of the cave shortly. He gave Dongfang Bubai a surprising look. Brother Dong! How come youre here? He then looked at Feng Qingyang and said, Grand Apprentice Uncle, this is my friend. He saved my life before.

    He looked back at Dongfang Bubai and asked, How come youre here?

    Dongfang Bubai glared at him indifferently as she replied, I came to deliver my promise. I didnt think that you would really be confined at the Repentance Cliff. Since thats the case, Ill have to bring fat chicken and good wine to come and visit you. She then paused for a moment and continued, Who would have known that I would meet this old man who has high skilled sword arts the moment I got here. Is he your Grand Apprentice Uncle?

    Linghu Chong quickly made a hand gesture singaling her not to saying anything rude about his Grand Apprentice Uncle.

    Feng Qingyang looked at Linghu Chong and asked, ChongEr, is it really like that?

    Dongfang Bubai turned toward him. If its not like that what else could it be? she asked in a cold voice. The food got cold because of you. Youre not allowed to eat it later.

    Linghu Chong immediately interrupted her. Brother Dong! Dont be rude! My Grand Apprentice Uncle is a senior and a martial arts expert. Youre not allowed to talk to him like that!

    Feng Qingyang responded, Forget it. Since you know him then there nothing more to say. ChongEr, he has very high martial arts skills.

    Linghu Chong looked at Dongfang Bubai in astonishment while Dongfang Bubai shot a smiling side glance at Feng Qingyang.

    Since it came out from his Grand Apprentice Uncles mouth that Dongfang Bubais martial arts skills were high he was certain she was at the level of exponents. He was just surprised that she had such good martial arts skills.

    Feng Qingyang looked at Dongfang Bubai and said, Little kid, I have no appetite. I dont want any of your food.

    Dongfang Bubai just fixed her eyes on him with a cold smile on her face.

    You two go ahead and talk. Im going to get some rest, Feng Qingyang finished his words and started to walk away.

    Linghu Chong immediately ran up to him and blocked his way, Grand Apprentice Uncle, my friend is only joking with you. Please dont take it seriously, he explained

    Feng Qingyang burst out laughing, Of course I wont. Im going to sleep. He stepped to the left and walked away.

    Your Grand Apprentice Uncle is quite interesting, Dongfang Bubai said as she watched Feng Qingyang leave.

    Linghu Chong gave her an annoying look. You still dare to mention it?! You almost offended him just now, he grumbled.

    Dongfang Bubai smirkedm Im not afraid of him. He is unable to threaten me neither can I threaten him so we arent afraid of each other.

    Linghu Chong propped his hands on his waist and grinned, Your martial arts skills are really that high?

    Dongfang Bubai grinned as she looked away.

    Oh well, lets not talk about this anymore. Lets just drink wine, he walked toward the table and grabbed hold of the meal basket.

    Dongfang Bubai responded, Whats the hurry. Let me ask you this first! Are there any places to sit in the cave?

    Theres even a place to sleep. Lets go! he replied while walking towards the cave

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him annoyingly. Alcohol addict, she grunted.

    End of Chapter 13
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    Thanks for another update... Hope to see more exciting parts later...

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    Thanks for another update... Hope to see more exciting parts later...
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    Default Chapter 14

    Linghu Chong filled a bowl with some wine and placed it in front of Dongfang Bubai. Come Brother Dong, bottoms up, he reached for another bowl and poured the wine down his throat.

    Dongfang Bubai took a gulp of wine from the bowl and subsequently threw to the ground.

    Linghu Chong looked at Dongfang Bubai astonishingly. Brother Dong, whats going on? Did I offend you in some way? he asked confusingly.

    Dongfang Bubai glared at him and replied, Ive always said that men are good for nothing.

    Linghu Chong was just dumbfounded by her words. Why did you suddenly say this? Arent you a man too? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai was speechless for a moment. She had forgotten that she was disguising as a man. She abruptly replied, Dont change the topic. Dont have your Little Apprentice Sister already? Why are you still disturbing that little nun?

    Linghu Chong stared at Dongfang Bubai and asked confusingly. Little nun?

    Dongfang Bubai replied, Do you know that shes having a hard time because of you?

    Linghu Chong finally understood who she was referring to. Oh, you meant Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin? Whats wrong with her? he asked with a smile.

    Dongfang Bubai rose from her seat and stepped to the side. Shes been acting as though youve fed her with some bewitching potion. She cant sleep well neither can she eat well. She just cant stop thinking about you, she explained.

    Linghu Chong was shocked by her words. He rose from his seat and walked toward Dongfang Bubai. That cant be possible! Theres nothing between us, he explained. A thought suddenly came to his mind. Wait! Brother Dong, how come youre suddenly showing so much concern for her? You didnt even bother about her when we were at Qun Yu Yuan entertainment house the last time. Did you know that after you left us we almost killed by the people from the Songshan Sect? he said.

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back and casted a glare at him. Thats because Im her elder brother! she replied.

    Linghu Chong became even more confused. Elder Brother? You meant sworn brother? he asked.

    Biological Brother! Dongfang Bubai responded as she looked at him fiercely.

    Linghu Chongs jaw dropped the moment he heard Dongfang Bubais words. Huh?

    Dongfang Bubai turned away and continued, Weve been separated for many years. Its only recently that we reunited. She has gone through a tough timeI owe her a lot and wish that she be happier from now on. Can you understand?

    Linghu Chong walked over to Dongfang Bubai and placed his arm around her shoulder. I know what you mean, he replied.

    Dongfang Bubai instantly swung her hand fan at Linghu Chongs hand and knocked it off her shoulder.

    Linghu Chong retracted his hand and took a step back. Whats wrong? he looked at her confusingly. He propped his hands on his waist and continued, Why dont you can explain this to her. Ive no feelings for her. I only saved her by coincidence. It didnt cross my mind that she would fall for me and neither do I want to have anything to do with her, okay?

    Dongfang Bubai hummed sternly, Are you telling the truth?

    Linghu Chong nodded, Of course! You dont believe me?

    Dongfang Bubai smirked, Which of us men are not flirtatious? How can I believe you?

    Linghu Chong folded his arms and looked away. If you dont believe me then forget it, he smirked.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him angrily and said, You made a mistake and you still dare to show me your attitude?

    Linghu Chong snapped her out of it, What are you talking about? What did I do wrong? What rights have you got to tell me that?! He angrily turned around and stomped back to the table. He placed his right foot on the rock stool and pressed his right hand against the table fuming over Dongfang Bubais remarks. I like my Little Apprentice Sister but right now she has fallen for Junior Apprentice Brother Lin instead. What can I do? I can only endure it silently, he sighed. The more he thought about it the angrier he became. He turned around and walked back to Dongfang Bubai venting his frustration at her, And now youre telling me this Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin likes me. So what if she likes me?! Do I have to blindly love her just because she loves me? Why do I have to endure my own problems while others will always have someone else to help them!

    After finishing his rant he went back to his seat and drank another bowl of wine.

    Dongfang Bubai listened to him without retorting. She could tell that he was in depression and that it would not make things any better by adding more oil into the fire. She sat beside him and asked with a smile, Why doesnt your Junior Apprentice Sister like you anymore?

    Linghu Chong was too angry to respond to her. He raised the bowl and poured more wine down his throat.

    Seeing that Linghu Chong was not in good terms with his little apprentice sister, Dongfang Bubai decided to use this opportunity tie up her sister with Linghu Chong. She grinned and said, Actually Yi Lin is not bad. I think the both of you

    Linghu Chong interrupted her and said, Enough! Dont talk about it anymore! Love cannot be forced neither can it be replaced by someone else!

    Dongfang Bubai replied, I dont mean to provoke you. I dont know anything about your situation either. I only wished that my little sister can be happy.

    Linghu Chong casted a side glance at her. Forget it. This problem has nothing to do with you. Its my own problem, he said. He then paused and looked at her, How about this? Once my punishment is over Ill leave the mountain and clear things up with Yi Lin. Im sure shes not someone unreasonable.

    Dongfang Bubai sighed and asked, How long is your punishment?

    Linghu Chong laughed and said, Theres still a long way to go. Master punished me to stay here for a year but so far its not even half a year yet.

    Dongfang Bubai raised her brows and yelled, Half a year so long?! That wont do! Im taking you away right now! She got up from her seat and reached her hand out at him.

    Linghu Chong immediately jumped up from his seat and stepped away from her. Brother Dong, I know your martial arts skills are great and I cant defeat you. But if you insist in using force to take me away Ill definitely not leave with you!

    Dongfang Bubai sneered, This is not up to you to decide.

    Linghu Chong retorted, Its definitely me who gets to decide. I wont violate the sects regulation but if Miss Dong doesnt care about our friendship then theres nothing I can say.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him fiercely, I dont care! Ill take you down from the mountain to make it clear to Yi Lin right now!

    Linghu Chong shook his hand at her abruptly, If Brother Dong insist on using force I, Linghu Chong, would rather die! He stretched out his hands with his eyes closed and awaited for his death.

    Dongfang Bubai pointed her hand fan at him agitatedly. You

    My life is rotten anyway. You only have two options. Its either you wait until my punishment is over or you can bring a dead Linghu Chong down the mountain with you. The choice is yours, he insisted.

    At that moment, Dongfang Bubai felt completely helpless. She stood still and stared at Linghu Chong in frustration.

    Seeing that Dongfang Bubai wasnt going to make her move against him, Linghu Chong returned to his seat. Lets not play around anymore Brother Dong. Weve had our wine and food. Its getting late and you should be on your way home. Ill welcome you if you ever come and visit me again, he said.

    Dongfang Bubai just smiled. She then walked over to the bunk bed and lied down on it.

    Linghu Chong looked at her in astonishment. He ran up to her and asked, Brother Dong, what are you doing on my bed?

    Dongfang Bubai replied in a relaxed voice, I wont force you then. As long as you dont leave the mountain Ill continue to sleep here.

    Linghu Chong looked at her in astonishment. This was his first time encountering such an willful man who would stop at nothing to bring him down to see Yi Lin.

    Dongfang Bubai grinned, As long as you refuse to leave the mountain Ill continue to sleep here. Its either you want me to sleep here or leave the mountain on your own. After finishing her words she covered herself with a blanket and slept.

    This time it was Linghu Chong who felt completely helpless. Since Dongfang Bubai was his savior he did not have the heart to be rude to her. He folded his arms and shook his head with a sigh.

    Dongfang Bubai woke up in the middle of the night and noticed Linghu Chong sleeping right next to her. She stared at him with her eyes wide opened. Without thinking twice, she got up from the bed and pulled the blanket away from him. Hey! she shouted in shock.

    Linghu Chong was awake by her loud voice. He slowly opened his eyes and glanced at her half asleep. What is it Brother Dong? he muttered.

    Dongfang Bubai quickly checked on her clothing to make sure that not a single piece had been meddled with. Why are you sleeping beside me? she looked at Linghu Chong and asked him in a stern voice.

    Linghu Chong sighed, Whats the problem with two grown up men sleeping together? He then closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

    Since men and women should be treated differently Dongfang Bubai felt that it was inappropriate to share a bed with him. She pinched his arm and pulled him up from his sleeping position.

    Linghu Chong looked at her in shock. What was that for? he asked frustratingly.

    Dongfang Bubai sneered, I dont like sleeping with others.

    Linghu Chong shrugged and said, There is only one bed here and its so cold on the floor. Youre not going to ask me to sleep on the floor right? Just put up with it. He finished his words and went back to his sleep.

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips and pulled him up once more.

    Linghu Chong sighed angrily, What is it this time?!!

    Dongfang Bubai sneered, Im a guest so you have to give way to me. Get off the bed!

    Linghu Chong retorted, What do you mean guest? Arent we brothers? Lets get back to sleep. He laid down on the bed once more.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him angrily. She hastily covered herself with the blanket and climbed out of the bed fumingly. I would rather freeze to death than to sleep with a pig! she grunted.

    Linghu Chong climbed out of the bed and glared at her angrily. Youre calling me a pig?! he yelled.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him indifferently. You are the one who said it, she responded.

    Linghu Chong pointed his finger at Dongfang Bubai irately. How dare you

    Dongfang Bubai narrowed her eyes and stared at him fiercely. What? You want to hit me? You wont be able to beat me! she responded sternly. After that, she stepped away from the bed and sat against a rock wall.

    Linghu Chong frustratingly laid down on the bed and resumed his sleep.

    The sun was finally up. Dongfang Bubai woke up and noticed a burning fire stove at the side of her. Linghu Chong had started the fire stove while she was still asleep to keep her warm. She fixed her eyes on the fire stove as her heart felt warm.

    Linghu Chong stooped down and handed a bun to her. Have some food, he said.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled her hand out from the blanket held on to the bun. It was you who started the fire? she asked.

    Linghu Chong bit the other bun in his hand and replied, Of course.

    Dongfang Bubai knitted her brows and looked at him. I insulted you but you started the fire for me? she asked curiously.

    Linghu Chong hummed and said, I didnt have a choice. You saved my life once. I, Linghu Chong know how to distinguish between friends and foes. How can I bear to let my savior freeze to death?

    Dongfang Bubai just smiled without saying a word. She was truly convinced that Linghu Chong was a kind hearted person and did not regret helping him again and again.

    Im going to practice my sword skills. Make yourself comfortable, Linghu Chong said. After finishing his words, he stepped away and went on to practice his sword skills. He whirled his sword through the air and subsequently executed a forward thrust.

    Dongfang Bubai sat in the corner looking at him. She shook her head and hummed.

    Linghu Chong paused and turned his head to look at her. Whats the matter? Anything wrong? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai stood up and replied, These sword moves of yours are extraordinary. I managed to get something out of it. The few moves you displayed looked like Mount Heng sword arts but its not. It also looked like Mount Hua sword arts but yet there are Mount Song and Mount Tai sword arts in it as well. Using such moves seemed like there are no moves at all.

    Linghu Chong nodded with a grin. Brother Dong is sharp indeed. I was randomly performing the techniques with no particular moves just now. However, I still cant some of these sword forms.

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back and took stepped to the front. Although Im not familiar with the sword art that you performed, but if you were to analyze it I guess the greater the greater your enemy is, the greater the sword art becomes. If your enemys martial arts skills isnt great then you wont be able to display its full strength. Its only when you enemys martial arts skills are great that you can use this sword art to its full strength, she explained.

    Linghu Chong walked toward her. Brother Dong is right. But theres no one to exchanges moves with me in here. Unless you can do it, he smiled cheekily.

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and looked at him. You want me to exchange stances with you? she asked.

    Linghu Chong nodded, Is that okay?

    Dongfang Bubai smiled and replied, Seeing that you started the fire for me, I agree to it. Come one! She pulled the hand fan from her back and leaped to the front.

    Linghu Chong dashed towards her and swiftly slashed his sword at her.

    Dongfang Bubai instantly swung her hand fan upward to block the strike.

    Linghu Chong retracted his sword and slashed his sword sideways.

    Dongfang Bubai leaped over the sword to dodge the attack and subsequently swung her hand fan down at Linghu Chongs head.

    Linghu Chong raised his sword to block the attack and immediately retaliated with a diagonal slash.

    The two of them traded countless blows inside the cave. Dongfang Bubai held back her inner strength and attacks so that Linghu Chong could keep up with her pace.

    After sparing for an hour, the two of them finally lay on the ground, side by side and took a rest. Linghu Chong let out a sigh of joy. Its been a long time since Ive had such a good fight, he smiled.

    Dongfang Bubai closed her eyes with a long smile on her face. Though she did not say a word but deep inside her, she had a great time exchanging stances with Linghu Chong too. It was one of those times where she could just enjoy a friendly fight with having the intent of ending the persons life.

    Your sword arts are actually quite formidable. If you continue to train hard enough, in time to come youll become a first class swordsman, she commented.

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at her. He smiled and replied, Thanks for your compliments, Brother Dong.

    Dongfang Bubai sat up straight and grinned. But she murmured.

    Linghu Chong pulled himself up and looked at her. But what? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him with a grin. But even when you do become a first class swordsman youll still not be able to beat me.

    Linghu Chong chuckled without saying a word. He knew very well that Dongfang Bubais martial arts skills were already higher than him. As long as they both continued to practice diligently there would be no way that he could defeat her.

    You learned your sword arts from your Grand Apprentice Uncle? Dongfang Bubai suddenly asked.

    Linghu Chong looked away without saying a word. He had promised his grand apprentice uncle that he would never tell anyone about learning sword arts from him and at the same time did not want to lie to Dongfang Bubai. Thus, he was in a dilemma.

    Dongfang Bubai noticed the awkward look on his face. Whats with that look on your face? Whats there to hide? That old fellow and I exchanged over two hundred stances. Your stances are very similar to his. If it wasnt him who taught you the sword arts then it must be a ghost, she added.

    Linghu Chong replied, Brother Dong, I didnt expect your martial arts skills to be so powerful.

    Dongfang Bubai opened her hand fan and started fanning herself. Lets not talk about it anymore. Its so hot in here, she murmured. Im soaked with sweat and I didnt bring any extra clothes. What should I do now?

    Linghu Chong looked at her with a grin. Youre feeling hot? Me too! Lets go! he grabbed Dongfang Bubais hand and pulled her away.

    Dongfang Bubai quickly held him back and asked astonishingly, Where are we going?

    Come with me and youll know! Lets go! Linghu Chong responded. He took her to a small hidden area inside the cave that had a heated pond. What do you think? he asked with a smile.

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and took a quick look at the heated ponder. I didnt expect this cave to have such a beautiful place here, she commented.

    Linghu Chong grinned, Ive to meditate here for a year. How can I stand it if I dont bathe for a year? He removed the girdle tied around his waist and then sat down to remove his shoes.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him all embarrassed. Dont talk rubbish. When you meditate you dont need to bathe she said while looking away.

    Linghu Chong returned to his feet and held Dongfang Bubais hand. Didnt you say that you feel hot? Lets take a bath! he said.

    Dongfang Bubai quickly pulled her hand away and stepped to the back. Thats not necessary. I dont feel hot anymore she stuttered.

    Linghu Chong responded, You just said that you feel hot. Look at the sweat on your forehead. Lets take a bath! He then grabbed Dongfang Bubais hand and tried to pull her into the heated pond with him.

    Dongfang Bubai embarrassingly shrugged him off. Thats no necessaryYou go ahead and take a bath yourself, she said.

    Linghu Chong looked at her annoyingly. Youre a man! What is there to be shy about? Lets go! he sneered. He then went behind her back and forcefully pushed her into the heated pond.

    Dongfang Bubai fell into the heated pond with a scream.

    Linghu Chong subsequently jumped into the heated pond and started washing himself with the warm water. How is it? Feel better now? he asked happily.

    Dongfang Bubai quickly stood up straight, shook the water off her hands and choked a few times. She was completely drenched in water.

    Linghu Chong turned to look at her and noticed protruding organs on the upper front of her body. His eyes became wide open.

    Dongfang Bubai noticed the expression on his face. She quickly covered her chest with her hands and looked away embarrassingly.

    Linghu Chong pointed his finger at her and gasped in shock, Youre a woman

    Dongfang Bubai glared at Linghu Chong angrily. Why are you still looking when you already know it?! she reached out and slapped him in the face.

    Linghu Chong let out a cry of pain. He then looked back at her and grunted, Why didnt you tell me earlier?!!

    Big Apprentice Brother! a loud male voice called out.

    Dongfang Bubai looked toward the direction of the voice fearfully. She did not want another man to see her in such condition.

    Linghu Chong fixed his eyes on the direction of the voice startlingly. Oh no! My Junior Apprentice Brother is here to bring me food! he cried out.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him in shock. She quickly looked up and noticed some shrubs hanging at the top. Without wasting any more time, she jumped out of the heated pond and grabbed hold of the shrubs, hiding away.

    Lu Dayou entered the area. Big Apprentice Brother! he placed the meal basket on the ground and got down on one knee.
    Linghu Chong asked with a smile on his face, What food did you bring today?

    Lu Dayou said, I promise you that its all your usual favorites! He opened the top lid and took out a bottle of wine. There is wine too.

    Linghu Chong held the bottle with both hands. Sweet! he exclaimed.

    Dongfang Bubai stranded at the top pursed her lips and looked away annoyingly as she waited for Lu Dayou to leave the place. All of a sudden, drops of water coming from her wet sleeve fell onto Lu Dayous shoulder.

    Lu Dayou looked over his shoulder with a puzzled face. This is weird. How can it rain in a cave? he commented. Just as he was about to look up, Linghu Chong immediately splashed some water at his face. He shrugged and looked at Linghu Chong. Big Apprentice Brother! What are you doing?! he asked.

    Linghu Chong walked to the side and continued splashing the water at him. Water fight! Come and get me! he yelled happily.

    Lu Dayou immediately jumped into the pond. Im going to get you for this! he started splashing the water back at Linghu Chong.

    Dongfang Bubai pressed her lips and held back her laugh as she looked the Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou playing water in the pond. She knew that Linghu Chong was doing this to distract his junior apprentice brother.

    Linghu Chong finally climbed out of the pond and ran away. Catch me if you can! he shouted.

    Lu Dayou also climbed out of the pond after ran after him. Im coming! he exclaimed.

    Seeing that they were gone, Dongfang Bubai finally let out a sigh of relief and jumped down to the ground.

    The air was very cooling that morning. Linghu Chong sat on the steps of the pavilion with a concerned look on his face. Its been several days already. Where did she go? he thought to himself. He looked down and sighed with concern.

    Feng Qingyang walked out of the cave and sat down beside him. What is it, ChongEr? Why are you not practicing your sword skills? he asked in a low voice.

    Linghu Chong heaved a sigh and said, Brother Dong has disappeared.

    Feng Qingyang replied, In the first place she doesnt belong here. Its a good thing that she has gone back. What is there to be concerned about?

    Linghu Chong narrowed his eyes and looked at Feng Qingyang. Grand Apprentice Uncle, you knew that Brother Dong is a girl? he asked.

    Feng Qingyang nodded with a smile. I knew about it the moment we started exchanging stances, he explained. Now tell me why you are so concerned?

    Linghu Chong looked away and replied, I dont know either. Maybe Im just thinking too much. A sudden thought came to his mind. He looked at Feng Yingang nervously and asked, Grand Apprentice Uncle, what if shes been discovered by Master? Our Huashan Sect has very strict rules. If she gets caught her hands and legs will be chopped off!

    Feng Qingyang narrowed his brows looking at Linghu Chong. Youre worried about her? he asked.

    Linghu Chong started to feel awkward. He looked away abruptly and replied, Why would I? Were just casual acquaintances.Lets forget about the whole thing. He quickly got up from the steps, reached for his sword and presented it to Feng Qingyang. Grand Apprentice Uncle, please guide me in my sword arts.

    Feng Qingyang stood up and hummed annoyingly. Its useless to practice it when your heart is not in it! He turned to the left and walked right back into the cave.

    Grand Apprentice Uncle Linghu Chong called out disappointingly.


    Right at that moment, Dongfang Bubai appeared at the cliff. She wore a violet dress with her hair let down over her shoulder and had a pair of earrings on.

    Linghu Chong looked at her with a long smile on his face. Brother Dong he quickly ran towards her.

    Dongfang Bubai noticed the excited looks on Linghu Chongs face. She paused for a moment, blinked her eyes once and reminded herself that she came here to bring him to see Yi Lin. After that, she walked towards Linghu Chong with a composed look on her face.

    Brother Dong Linghu Chong suddenly paused. He noticed her dress and remembered that his Brother Dong was actually a girl. He continued and asked, Miss Dong, where did you go? You almost scared me to death! he said.

    Dongfang Bubai smiled slightly and replied, Since youre the one being punished and not me, of course I can move around freely.

    Linghu Chong ignored her and looked away annoyingly. There he was very concerned about her safety but all he got was come cold remarks from her in return.

    Dongfang Bubai looked away and asked embarrassingly, I want to ask you if you like me?

    Linghu Chong looked at her astonishingly without responding.

    Im telling you that you are not allowed to like me. Otherwise, Yi Lin will be hurt, she said sternly.

    Linghu Chong sneered, I definitely wont like you. He paused for a moment and looked down on the ground. I swear that Ill never like anyone again. Its truly painful when you like someone. You feel as though youve lose your life because of it.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a serious look as she tried to grasp what he was saying. Really? she asked in a soft voice.

    Linghu Chong nodded with a hum.

    Dongfang Bubai mulled over his words for a moment. She grinned and replied, Very well. Lets agree that well only be good friends and that well never fall in love with each other! Deal?

    Linghu Chong nodded with a smile. Deal! Thatll be a great idea! He then narrowed his eyes and looked at her. But whats your real name? Is it really Dong Fangbo? he asked

    Dongfang Bubai laughed and said, Im a girl. How could I have such an imposing name?

    Linghu Chong folded his arms and asked, Whats your name then?

    Dongfang Bubai turned away as she responded, Dongfang Bi (Bi means white). Dong Fangbo is just a nickname.

    Linghu Chong walked up to her with a smile on his face. Dongfang Bi? What a unique name! he commented.

    Dongfang Bubai smiled and looked away. She then turned toward him and responded, Enough of that. Does your Junior Apprentice Brother think that youre a pig? What kind of food does he bring you every day? She opened up the lid on the meal basket and showed it him. Look what I brought you.

    Linghu Chong pulled out a small packet from the meal basket and took a sniff. Wow! The chicken smells good! he said in an enthusiastic voice. It would be even better if we can enjoy the chicken with wine.

    Dongfang Bubai smiled and said, I know you love wine. She opened up the meal baskets first compartment and showed him the second compartment. There was a small bottle of wine in it.

    Linghu Chong was so happy to see the wine. He reached for the wine bottle and laughingly said, Only Dongfang Bi knows me best! Lets go and drink inside! He was so happy that he reached out and put his hand around her shoulder.

    Dongfang Bubai abruptly lowered her head and took a step back to avoid his hand.

    Linghu Chong paused and realized that she was Ms Dongfang instead of Brother Dong. He took a step back and looked at her embarrassingly.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a smile and walked toward cave.

    Linghu Chong sighed with relief and walked right next to her. You sure look beautiful in womens clothing, he commented with a smile.

    Feng Qingyang stepped away from a nearby tree looking at them. How many foolish kids in this world are able to love wholeheartedly without any grudges, he uttered with a grin.

    After spending weeks training under Feng Qingyang, Linghu Chong felt casual and relaxed. It was completely opposite from how he was being trained by his master. He leapt into the air and slashed his sword diagonally. The tip of his sword unleashed a wave of wind into the surrounding area, shattering the rocks into pieces.

    Feng Qingyang rose from his seat and walked toward him. ChongEr, based on your intelligence and perception, your future is limitless. Although youve already mastered the Dugu Nine Swords arts but youre still not able to match against top martial artists yet. As long as you win more and lose less, train diligently for another twenty years, youll become one of the top martial artist.

    Linghu Chong bowed with his hands cupped, Thank you for your blessings, Grand Apprentice Uncle!

    Feng Qingyang pulled him up and continued, Alright then. Continue to train diligently. I must leave now.

    Linghu Chong looked at him confusingly, Grand Apprentice Uncle, where are you going?

    Feng Qingyang replied, Ive been living behind the mountains for decades. I impulsively came out and taught you swordplay so that Senior Dugus swordplay would not be lost. My job is done now. Theres nothing else for me to do here anymore.

    Linghu Chong laughed, I was wondering what it was. Since Grand Apprentice Uncle only lives behind the mountains, whenever youre hungry I can come and bring you food. When you feel bored and can come and chat with you.

    Feng Qingyang shook his hands, No. From now on I will never see another Huashan Sect disciple and that includes you.

    Linghu Chong responded, But why? Did I do something wrong?

    Feng Qingyang shook his head, It has nothing to do with you. Its my own decision. You and I met because of fate and we were able to get along well. It brings me much joy to impart my sword skills to a fine young man like you. If old man here truly has a place in your heart, then please do not come and see me again. Please dont make things difficult for me.

    Linghu Chong replied in a sad voice, I understand

    You must also never tell anyone that I taught you sword arts, that includes your master, Feng Qingyang continued.

    Linghu Chong bowed and replied, I wont. But Grand Apprentice Uncle, Miss Dongfang knows that you taught me sword arts.

    Feng Qingyang knitted his brows and said, Her background is unclear. She is highly skilled in martial arts and its hard to tell which sect she comes from. Her aura faintly shows that she may be related to the devil cult. He then looked Linghu Chong in the eyes and continued, ChongEr, you must be careful.

    Linghu Chong dropped his jaw. Miss Dongfang is a member of the devil cult?!

    Feng Qingyang let out a long sigh, Im just speculating. ChongEr, dont be bias against someone because of his/her background. Not everyone that comes from the devil sect is evil. Just like not everyone that comes from the righteous sect are good. Always judge someone from their actions and not their alignments. If Grand Apprentice Uncle was more flexible during my younger days I would not have made such a big mistake." He then paused and heaved a long sigh recalling the past. "Lets not talk about the past anymore. Just remember these words, judge someone based on their actions and not affiliation.

    Linghu Chong nodded, Ill follow Grand Apprentice Uncles advice.

    Feng Qingyang patted him on the shoulder, Goodgood child. After finishing his words he turned around exited the cave in big strides.

    Grand Apprentice uncletake care Linghu Chong sighed with a disheartened look on his face.

    End of Chapter 14
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    So happy are leading lady is back in the story.
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    Did Dongfang Bubai have a brother in the latest XAJH series? I know the nun Yilin was supposedly the daughter of some monk but she became Dongfang Bubai's sister in the recent remake.
    DFBB & Yilin does indeed also have a younger brother in the latest XAJH series... Their little brother left with their parents on that wagon....

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    DFBB & Yilin does indeed also have a younger brother in the latest XAJH series... Their little brother left with their parents on that wagon....
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    Lol! szfong is right If it wasn't for the younger brother DFBB and Yi Lin wouldn't have gotten abandoned by their father
    It's funny that DFBB's and YiLin's father in this recent series also played the role of Yue Bu Qun in the Taiwanese 2000 XAJH series. In the old days they would never leave such a scene unaccounted. They would somehow reunite the family and the parents will acknowledge their mistakes and die miserably somehow and the son wil be a spoiled evil child...

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    It's funny that DFBB's and YiLin's father in this recent series also played the role of Yue Bu Qun in the Taiwanese 2000 XAJH series. In the old days they would never leave such a scene unaccounted. They would somehow reunite the family and the parents will acknowledge their mistakes and die miserably somehow and the son wil be a spoiled evil child...
    The script writer probably did not want to deviate from the original novel too much

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    The moon was full that night and the clouds that were moving in front of the moons light. Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai sat outside the cave drinking wine. Linghu Chong handed the bottle to Dongfang Bubai. Want to tell me why youve been disguising as a man? he suddenly asked.

    Dongfang Bubai stared angrily at him. Why do you always poke your nose into other peoples business?! she grunted.

    Linghu Chong grinned and said, Arent we friends? There should not be any secrets between friends.

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips and looked down to the ground annoyingly. Ever since her master took her back to the Dark Wood Cliff, she had been keeping her angst to herself. Other than her master and Yi Lin, no one else under the heaven knew about her past.

    Linghu Chong noticed the unhappy expression on her face. Let it out! You will feel better when you let it all out, he said with a grin.

    Dongfang Bubai looked up at the moon and sighed, This happened fourteen years ago. During that year, my village was raided by a group of notorious bandits. My parents left me and my two younger siblings behind while they ran away with my baby brother. He was bore by my stepmother hence she had always loved him more. I had no knowledge of martial arts back then and had to make sure that the bandits did harm them. Hence, I had no choice but to hide them in two separate barrels while I lured them out of the village. They caught up with me and surrounded me at a nearby river. I thought that I was going to die but my master showed up and killed all of them. He insisted that he had no intention to save me and was only trying to stop them from interrupting his martial arts training.

    Linghu Chong hummed and said, Your master is weird for sure. There is no need to come up with other excuses to save someone from danger.

    Dongfang Bubai smiled dryly, Now that I think back again, Ive a feeling that he was telling the truth. Only you, Linghu Chong will blindly go your way out to save a complete stranger.

    Linghu Chong snorted, My master has always taught me that the reason for learning martial arts is to defend the weak and punish the wicked. I dont think I did anything wrong. Furthermore, if I was not so nosy you would never have gotten to know me!

    Dongfang Bubai looked away and pursed her lips to contain her smile. She agreed with Linghu Chong that it was his interesting character that caught her attention but refused to admit it to him.

    Linghu Chong looked at her and continued, So what happened next? You had to disguise as a man to be able to learn martial arts from your master?

    Dongfang Bubai nodded and said, He said that it was one of the conditions that I had to fulfill. Saving my younger siblings was the only thing in my mind. I agreed to disguise as a man so that he would take me in as his disciple. Unfortunately by the time I got back to my village both my siblings had already gone missing. She paused for a moment and looked down to the ground disappointingly. She then let out a sigh of relief, Thank heavens I finally found Yi LinBut my younger brother is still missing

    After hearing her past, Linghu Chong was convinced that she is a good sister. Someone who sacrifided so much for her loved ones cannot be bad person, he thought to himself. He turned toward her and said, Miss Dongfang, youve my word that once Ive completed my punishment Ill go to Mount Heng with you to clear things up with Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin. I dont want to see her get all worked up because of me too.

    Dongfang Bubai knitted her brows and stared at him. You dont really have much of a choice. Im going to hang around here till youre done with you punishment. Youve nowhere to run, she smiled wickedly.

    Linghu Chong looked at her with his eyes wide open. Youre not going to share the same bed with me right? he asked shockingly.

    Dongfang Bubai glared at him and said, Im not such a casual girl!

    Linghu Chong looked at her in distress. Youre not going to ask me to sleep on the floor so that you can occupy my bed right till my punishment is over too right? he asked worriedly.

    Dongfang Bubai laughed and said, That is a great idea!

    Linghu Chong shook his head and let out a sigh, Heavenswhat have I do wrong to deserve such treatments?

    After talking and drinking for an hour, Linghu Chong finally felt sleepy. Since he knew that Dongfang Bubai was a girl and had saved his life once, he obligingly allowed her to sleep on the bunk bed while he sleeps on the floor.

    Dongfang Bubai woke up in the middle of the night and noticed Linghu Chong sitting against the side of the bunk bed asleep. Seeing that the fire stove was about to die off, she climbed out from the bunk bed and added some wood into the stove to keep the fire burning so that Linghu Chong wouldnt feel cold.

    She crouched beside Linghu Chong, propped her face with her hands and fix her eyes on at him. He indeed a gentleman, she thought to herself.

    The sun had risen. Linghu Chong woke up and found himself lying on the bunk bed. When did I get on here? he thought to himself.

    The fire stove was still burning but Dongfang Bubai was nowhere to be found. Linghu Chong climbed out from the bunk bed and went around the cave looking for her.

    Breakfast is here, Dongfang Bubai walked into the cave with a meal basket in her hand

    Linghu Chong ran toward her. I thought that you left, he said.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a cold stare. Didnt I say that as long as youre not leaving I wouldnt leave either? she replied. She placed the meal basket on the round table. I bought some dim sum from a nearby teahouse. Help yourself with it.

    Linghu Chong took a sniff, Wow! It smells good! He then paused for a moment. Did you carry me to the bed last night? he asked curiously.

    Dongfang Bubai grinned, Your Grand Apprentice Uncle was nowhere to be seen so its either me or a ghost who did.

    Linghu Chong folded his arms and continued, This wont work. If anyone sees us in the cave they might start to gossip.

    Dongfang Bubai glared at him and said, I know that too. Ive found a quiet and secluded place not far from here to stay. Youre not going to get rid of me so easily! You might also regret getting rid of me because there wont be anyone who will send you fat chicken and good wine that often anymore.

    Linghu Chong shook his head with a smile. For once he was completely lost for words. Dongfang Bubai had outwitted him completely.

    Another month had passed. It was a quiet morning at Mount Hua. two fierce looking men in their forties armed with swords stormed their way into the main hall. One of them casted a quick look around the hall to see if there was any Huashan Sect disciple around.

    Liang Fa, one of the Huashan Sect apprentices ran toward them. Seniors, may I know who youre looking for? he bowed with his hands cupped.

    One of the middle aged men channeled his inner energy to his hand and struck his pam out at Liang Fas chest.

    Liang Fa flew backwards and fell down on the floor in pain.

    Lu Dayou ran into the main hall and helped his junior martial brother up from the floor. Junior Martial Brother, are you alright?

    Liang Fa stared at the two middle aged men angrily. They barged into the hall and attacked me for no reason! he groaned.

    The middle aged man who attacked Liang Fa was Chen Buyou while the other middle aged man was his senior martial brother, Cong Buqi. They were the Huashan Sects Sword-Branch members.

    Cong Buqi glazed at Lu Dayou and Liang Fa viciously. Who would have thought that Yue Buquns disciples martial arts skills are so weak, he smirked.

    Lu Dayou stepped forward and retorted, How dare you barged into our premise and injured our disciple!

    Cong Buqi shot his hand out and grabbed Lu Dayou by the throat and strangled him, Go and tell Yue Buqun to come out and see me!

    Lu Dayou grabbed Cong Buqis hand tightly as he gasped for air.

    You two are seniors but yet youre picking on a junior. How can you still call yourself a hero? If words gets out youre going to be a laughing stock, a voice male suddenly came from the back.

    Cong Buqi glanced over his shoulder and noticed that it was Yue Buqun talking. He let go of Lu Dayou and placed his hand behind his back.

    Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze took a seat on the pedestal. The two of you have retired from the martial arts world for over a decade now and severed all relationship with our Huashan Sect ever since. What brings you to Mount Hua today? Yue Buqun asked.

    Chen Buyou snorted in anger, How funny! Apprentice Brother Yue! Are you claiming that it was you who bought Mount Hua? And we members of the Sword Faction are not allowed to come?!!

    Yue Buqun calmly replied, Of course youre welcome to visit Mount Hua. Its just that I no longer have any martial ties with any of you. Therefore you dont need to call me apprentice brother.

    Cong Buqi got up from his seat. Very well. Since youve severed our previous martial ties completely then dont blame us for being rude and disregarding our previous sect brotherhood.

    Chen Buyou glared at Yue Buqun and growled, Your master seized control of the Mount Hua Sect by using devious methods that year. Today weve come to settle our old score!

    Yue Buqun smiled and replied, So youre come to settle an old score? He stood up and walked down the pedestal and continued, How do you want to settle it?

    Cong Buqi stared at him coldly and said, Youve seized theHuashan Sects head master position for twenty years now. Its time you relinquish your position.

    Yue Buqun burst out laughing, So the two of you came to Mount Hua to seize my position as the sect head master? Unfortunately the sword-branch has entered the unorthodox path. If our Huashan Sect falls into the control of the sword-branch then our apprentices will suffer a tragic fate.

    Cong Buqi retorted angrily, Nonsense!

    Chen Buyou started laughing, If Brother Yue is such a great leader then how come the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance is now being headed by the Mount Song Sect? And how come youre willing to follow Mount Song Sects command like a dog?

    Ning Zhongze finally spoke up, Chen Buyou! So youre trying to say that youre more capable? Fine! Then how about I seek some pointers from you today?!

    Chen Buyou hummed angrily, Heroine Ning is a top martial artist of the Mount Hua Sect qi-branch (qi means energy). Everyone in the world knows that! Today I, Chen Buyou, of the sword-branch would also like to seek some pointers from Heroine Ning. I would like to see which branchs martial arts skills are better!

    Ning Zhongze drew her sword and flew toward Chen Buyou.

    Chen Buyou reached for the handle of his sword and started attacking each other at full speed.

    Ning Zhongze leapt into the air to dodge a thrust and subsequently kicked Chen Buyous chest.

    Chen Buyou stumbled two steps back. He quickly regained his balance and caught Ning Zhongzes ankle with his hand, and spun her around numerous times, before hurling her back to her husband.

    Yue Buqun leaped toward his wife and caught her with his arms before returning to ground. After that, he drew his sword and dashed toward Chen Buyou, attacking him relentlessly. He swirled his sword at Chen Buyous sword with an exceptional speed, knocking Chen Buyous sword off his hand and sent it plunging into a wooden pillar.

    Before Chen Buyou could make another move, his right shoulder was struck by Yue Buquns palm. He lost his footing and stumbled twenty steps backward.

    Cong Buqi went forward and propped his junior martial brother from behind.

    Cheng Buyou pressed his right shoulder and coughed painfully.

    Yue Buqun, your Violet Twilight Divine Skill was executed very well. But this inner energy skill alone isnt enough to put Mount Hua Sect at the top. The Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliances top sect should be determined by using sword skills. You persistently practice inner energy to the point of falling into the unorthodox path. Youre heading the Mount Hua Sect but yet you entered the unorthodox path therefore it is you who is ruining our apprentices!

    Head Master Yue! a voice coming from the outside called out. A group of sword wielding men dressed in red stepped into the main hall. They were the members of the Mount Song Sect.

    Yue Buqun bowed at them, So its Senior Martial Brother Ding of the Mount Song Sect.

    Ning Zhongze walked toward Ding Mian. Senior Martial Brother Ding, you came at the right time. These three former Mount Hua members have the nerves to come to Mount Hua and create trouble. Theyre forcing Senior Martial Brother to step down as the head master. Dont you think that this is ridiculous?

    Ding Mian replied, I actually came here because of this matter.

    Yue Buqun nodded with a smile, Great! Senior Martial Brother please help us resolve this matter.

    Ding Mian rasied silk flag in five colors, Chief Alliance Zuo had ordered that the Mount Hua Sect head master position to be handed to Feng Buping of the sword branch!

    Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze were shocked by Ding Mians words.

    So the two of them are secretly consorting with the Songshan Sect, Yue Buqun stared at the three sword-branch members. Ding Mian mentioned the name Feng BupingI dont see him herewhere is he? he thought to himself.

    In the meantime, Linghu Chong was lazing at the edge of the cliff daydreaming. It was one of those days where he just didnt have the mood to practice his sword skills.

    Lu Dayou ran toward the cliff hurriedly. Big Apprentice Brother! Bad news! he shouted frantically.

    Linghu Chong sat up and turned his head to look at him. Whats going on?

    Master and Mistress are back! Lu Dayou replied.

    Linghu Chong scratched his head, Isnt it good that Master and Mistress are back? Why are you worrying over nothing?

    Lu Dayou shook his head and replied, No! What happened was the moment Master and Mistress got back, some people showed up and started causing trouble. They claimed to be part of our Huashan Sect but Master refused to acknowledge them as martial brothers.

    Linghu Chong looked at Lu Dayou confusingly, How come the more I hear the more confuse I become? Did I not have enough of wine today?

    Anyways its big trouble! Mistress has already engaged in a fight with them! Lu Dayou exclaimed.

    Linghu Chong showed an astonished expression and said, Thats bad news!

    Lu Dayou nodded, Big Apprentice Brother! Lets go and help! Im just worried that the situation will become worst!

    Linghu Chong pulled himself up from the ground. Lets go!

    As Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou ran along the pathway as they head towards the main hall.

    Suddenly a loud female voice started calling out, Linghu Chong! Where are you?! Dongfang Bubai somersaulted in the air and landed in front of him. Didnt you say that you will not get down from the cliff until youve completed your one year term? Why are you breaking your own promise? she stared at him fiercely.

    Linghu Chong gasped as he replied, Master and Master-Wife are in danger. I cant stay here and chat! He finished his sentence and walked off with Lu Dayou.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at them with a cold smile on her face. Could Huashan Sect be in trouble? Thats good news, she thought to herself.

    She placed her hands behind her back and went after them. How about if I go with you? she said.

    Linghu Chong paused and turned around to look at her. But why? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai stood in front of him and replied, How am I going to catch you if you happen to run away?

    Lu Dayou walked up to her and said, Where did this long winded girl come from? Weve urgent matters to attend to! Get out of the way!

    Dongfang Bu Bai shot her hand out and thrust her index finger at Lu Dayous right shoulder, sealing his acupoints.

    Lu Dayou felt numbness all over his body and became startled.

    Why did you seal his acupoint? Unseal it quick! Linghu Chong yelled.

    Dongfang Bu Bai smiled at him coldly, Ill unseal it if you let me go with you.

    Linghu Chong nodded hesitantly, Fine! Fine! You can come with me but dont blame me if I implicate you in this matter.

    Dongfang Bu Bai unsealed Lu Dayous acupoints and sneered, Theres nothing that can implicate me! She then turned to the left and walked away with a long smile on her face. Since she was the leader of the biggest unorthodox sect there was nothing in the martial arts world that could frighten her.

    All the other Huashan Sect disciples had gathered in the main hall as Yue Buqun debated with the uninvited guests. Brother Cheng, your sword branch broke up all ties with us twenty years ago hence youre no longer a disciple of the Huashan Sect. So why are you coming here to cause a commotion today? he gave Cheng Buyou a stern look as he asked. If you really think that your martial arts skills are really so great, why dont impress me by establishing your own sect and make a name of it across the martial arts world?

    Chen Buyou responded, Apprentice Brother Yue, there is no animosity between you and I. By right I should not do anything to disrupt the harmony between us. However, you forcibly seized the Huashan Sect leadership and incessantly teach your disciples to cultivate inner energy instead of learning sword skills. Youve thus disgraced our Huashan Sect and should be held responsible for it!

    Yue Lingshan clenched her fist and took a step forward.

    Ning Zhongze immediately grabbed her hand and pulled her back. She then shook her head at her signaling her to stay out of it.

    Chen Buyou continued, Moreover, during that year the Qi branch used treacherous and dishonorable methods to expel the sword branch from Huashan Sect. None of our sword branch disciples finds this acceptable. We have endured this for twenty yearstwenty years! Whatever it is, you will have to handover the Huashan Sects leadership post to us today!

    Yue Buqun grinned wickedly and said, The disagreement between the Qi branch and Sword branch had already been settled in a competition at the Jade Maiden Peak years ago. The winner was announced and everything was cleared.

    Cong Buqi interrupted, Mind if I ask you who was there to actually determine the results on the day of the competition? The two of us are disciples of the Sword Branch but we did not see anything! In short, your leadership post was attained though devious methods! Otherwise why would you think that Chief Alliance Zuo, leader of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance issue an order for you to step down?

    Yue Buqun cast a cold side glance at Ding Mian. After seeing how the Songshan Sect used unscrupulous methods to deal with Liu Zhengfeng, he was not surprised that the Songshan Sect would do the same to him. He folded his arms and said, Chief Alliance Zuo has wise judgments. Under normal circumstances, he would never let our Huashan Sect undergo a sudden leadership change.

    Cong Buqi growled fumingly, Are you saying that this command flag is fake?!

    Yue Buqun shook his head with a smile, The command flag is real but the flag is mute and cannot speak on its own.

    Ding Mian glared at Yue Buqun coldly. Head Master Yue! Are you trying to say that I, Ding Mian is also mute?! he asked angrily.

    Yue Buqun turned toward Ding Mian and responded calmly, Looks like Martial Brother Ding insists that I handover my leadership post to these two Huashan Sect traitors today.

    Ding Mian hummed and said, I am just carrying out Chief Alliance Zuos commands. If Head Master Yue stubbornly resist then I will have no choice but to be rude! After finishing his words, he reached for the handle of his sword and pulled it out from the scabbard.

    Yue Lingfeng stepped in of Yue Buqun. Adopted Father! Let me get some pointers from Senior Martial Uncle Ding! he muttered.


    Hold it! a loud male voice shouted.

    All the Huashan Sect disciples looked toward the direction of the voice.

    Linghu Chong ran into the main hall with Lu Dayou and Dongfang Bubai following him from behind.

    Dongfang Bubai casted a quick look at all the people inside the main hall. Other than Yue Buqun she did not recognize anyone else.

    Lu Dayou quickly ran over to his master and mistress and stood behind them.

    Linghu Chong walked over to Ding Mian with a smirk on his face. My Master is a highly prominent figure in the martial arts community. How could he fight with a commoner like you? he said impolitely.

    Ding Mian looked at Linghu Chong up and down. I was wondering who it was. Looks like its the Huashan Sects head disciple who visited the Qun Yu Yuan brothel in Mount Heng, he sneered.

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and stared at Ding Mian indifferently as she listened to his words of insult.

    Linghu Chong looked at Ding Mian shockingly, How did you know that I visited the brothel? You must have been there frequently yourself too.

    Ding Mian pointed his finger at Linghu Chong angrily, How dare you

    Yue Buqun interrupted his disciple, ChongEr!

    Linghu Chong immediately knew that he master wanted him to stop talking nonsense. He ignored Ding Min and walked over to the two sword branch disciples instead. Our Huashan Sect has a prestigious reputation in the martial arts world. We will never allow some useless expelled disciples become the leader of our sect, he commented.

    Cong Buqi clenched his teeth and stared at Linghu Chong, How rude! He then raised his arm and sent his palm out at Linghu Chongs head.

    Linghu Chong quickly moved to the side to evade the strike. After that, he drew his sword and started attacking Cong Buqi with the Dugu Nine Swords moves. Though he had grasped most of the techniques but due to his low inner strength and lack of experience he was unable to gain any advantage over a more experienced and stronger opponent.

    Cong Buqi was able to parry and dodge every single attack launched at him very easily.

    Dongfang Bubai raised her brows as she watched Linghu Chong fight his opponent attentively.

    Linghu Chong leaped to the back to evade a strike. He then paused and figured out what moves should he use to defeat his formidable opponent. After a short moment, he raised his sword and dashed towards his opponent once more.

    Cong Buqi stepped to the side to evade the attack and subsequently sent his palm out at Linghu Chongs chest with full strength.

    Linghu Chong coughed out a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards crashed into the chairs.

    Yue Lingshan ran to the front and stared at him in alarm. Big Apprentice Brother! she shouted.

    Ning Zhongze gasped in shock as she called out Linghu Chongs name.

    Yue Buqun took a step forward as he looked at his eldest disciple worriedly.

    Dongfang Bubai quickly ran over to Linghu Chong and propped him up under his armpit. Seeing that he was in great pain, she looked up at glare at Cong Buqi viciously. She was angry with him for injuring Linghu Chong. Without uttering a single word, she stretched out her index and middle fingers and leaped straight at Cong Buqi at light speed. She flashed through him like a violet beam of light.

    Cong Buqi felt numb as he saw a violet blur going inside his body. It was already too late to block or avoid it. He felt a cold wind penetrating his bones. In the spur of the moment, all his internal organs were ruptured by a powerful force. He stumbled forward and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    Dongfang Bubai lowered her hand and casted a vicious glance over her shoulder looking at Cong Buqi collapsed to the floor motionlessly.

    Everyone inside the main hall looked at Cong Buqi slumped to his death terror and then looked at Dongfang Bubai astonishingly.

    Linghu Chong slowly lifted up his head to look at Dongfang Bubai. He was in great pain and was took weak to utter a word.

    Dongfang Bubai stooped down beside Linghu Chong and propped him up under his armpit. Linghu Chong, are you alright? she asked concernedly.

    Linghu Chong pressed his chest and gasped in pain, I wont dieso easily.

    Lets go! Dongfang Bubai helped him up from the floor and flew out of the main hall.

    Everyone looked at Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai disappeared from the scene in a blink of an eye.

    Cheng Buyou turned toward Yue Buqun and growled, Yue Buqun! How dare you collude with the evil demoness and killed my Junior Apprentice Brother!

    Yue Buqun looked at Cheng Buyou speechlessly. Everything had happened so abruptly and unexpectedly that he was still trying to figure out what was going on.

    Ding Mian pointed his finger at Yue Buqun. Ill definitely report this matter to Chief Alliance Zuo! he said loudly. He then looked at his apprentice brothers and said, Lets go!

    Cheng Buyou turned around and followed the Songshan Sect disciples out of the main hall.

    Yue Lingfeng squatted beside Cong Buqi to take a look at his injuries. There was not a single trace of cut wound on his body. That girl who killed him has immensurable inner energy he uttered.

    Later, Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze exited a room and walked along a corridor. Yue Buqun placed his hands behind his back and said, Dayou said that he is also not sure about this womans background.

    Ning Zhongze heaved a sigh, This womans martial arts moves are extremely brutal. Im worried that ChongEr

    Yue Buqun raised his hand and said, Since she came forward to help I doubt that she would harm ChongEr. I am more worried about ChongErs injury. He halted his steps and looked at his wife. Junior Apprentice Sister, did you notice sword skills that ChongEr was using earlier?

    Ning Zhongze nodded, The sword skills that ChongEr used were exquisitely ingenious She paused for a moment and knitted her brows, But

    Yue Buqun responded, But those were not our Huashan Sects sword skills.

    Ning Zhongze gave her husband a serious look and said, Senior Apprentice Brother, youre saying that ChongEr has been secretly learning other sects sword skills?

    Yue Buqun pressed his lips and narrowed his eyes. Ever since ChongEr returned from Hengyang City hes been staying at the Repentance Cliff. He should have any opportunity to learn skills from other sects, he explained.

    Ning Zhongze suddenly thought of something. Could it be that he learned it while he was at Hengyang City? she asked anxiously. Could it be the Resisting Evil Swordplay?

    Yue Buqun looked down on the ground as he walked away. This is puzzling indeed, he murmured.

    Ning Zhongze looked up at the dark sky worriedly. I wonder how ChongErs condition is right now she thought to herself.

    After walking short distance, Dongfang Bubai decided bring Linghu Chong to an abandoned temple to take a rest.

    Linghu Chong in his unconscious state coughed up a gulp of blood.

    Dongfang Bubai immediately placed him in a sitting position with his back against a pillar. She reached for his wrist and felt his pulse. Heavens! His pulse is chaotic. If I dont do something quick Im afraid that he wont make it, she thought to herself. She shook his shoulder and tried to wake him up. Linghu Chong! Linghu Chong! she called out but there was no response.

    She knitted her brows and looked at him nervously. His injury is too serious. His internal organs and meridian channels are all injured. His old wounds have yet to heal and now he has fresh wounds. What can be done now? I dont want him to die. My only choice now is to transfer my inner energy to him to extend his life she slowly pulled him away from the pillar and sat down behind him, transferring her inner energy to Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong started to shiver as the inner energy inside his body started to overflow. He subconsciously let out a gasp of pain.

    Dongfang Bubai immediately pulled back her hand and looked at him startlingly.

    Linghu Chong slumped to the back and dropped his head on Dongfang Bubais shoulder.

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips, looked down at him and suddenly remembered, Oh no! I transferred my inner energy to him once. Qu Yang also transferred half of his inner energy to him. Now that he is injured his body wont be able to hold the vital energy down. The two different streams of inner energies are now colliding against his own inner energy and cannot be suppressed. If I want to transfer him more inner energy than it has to be more powerful than the other two streams of inner energy. But this is going to create four different streams of inner energy inside his body. And when these different streams of inner internal energy starts to clash against each other inside he will most definitely lose his lifeBut If I dont transfer him my inner energy hell die for sure. What should I do She pondered to herself for a moment and finally said, When there is no other way anything is worth a try. She placed him in a sitting position and transferred a more immense stream of inner energy into his body.

    Linghu Chongs entire body started to shiver as the blazing hot energy flowed through his meridians.

    After transferring an extremely power stream of inner energy to Linghu Chong, Dongfang Bubai finally retracted her hands and leaned him against a pillar.

    Linghu Chong felt as though his entire body was frozen. Its so cold he stuttered subconsciously.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him for a moment. She then took off her outer garment and placed it on the lower half of his body.

    Its so cold Linghu Chong continued stuttering.

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips and stared at Linghu Chong worriedly. Fearing that Linghu Chong had a fever, she placed her hand on his forehead to check on his body temperature. His temperature was normal but he was shivering. She hesitantly sat behind him and wrapped her arms around him to keep him warm. She then looked away and reminded herself that her younger sister loved Linghu Chong very much and that she and Linghu Chong were only good friends.

    It was already dawn. Linghu Chong slowly opened his eyes and noticed a pair of arms wrapped around him. He turned his head and saw Dongfang Bubai resting her head on him. His looked at her with his eyes wide open.

    Dongfang Bubai was awakened by Linghu Chongs body movements. She quickly took her arms off him and said, Im doing this because of Yi Lin. Im scared that youll die.

    Linghu Chong fixed his eyes on her without saying a word. He could not help but feel confused. He somehow felt that Dongfang Bubai was trying to hide something from him but he was too weak to figure out what it was. I owe you my lifeonce more he uttered.

    Dongfang Bubai got up from the ground and took back the outer garment. Are you able to get up? she asked while putting on the outer garment.

    Ill try Linghu Chong said as he slowly pulled himself to his feet. He started to feel pain in his chest. I dont know why I feel like there are multiple energies circulating inside my body he sighed in pain.

    Dongfang Bubai looked away as she replied indifferently, Its the four streams of inner energy. There of it are from me. If I didnt transfer it to you, you will die for sure. I had no other choice.

    Linghu Chong looked at her and said, Bring me back to Mount Hua. Maybe my master can save me

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a stern look. Your masters inner energy level might not be able to save you, she said.

    Linghu Chong replied, I still have to go back. Ive already broken the sects rule by leaving the mountain without getting masters permission. I cannot commit another mistake.

    Dongfang Bubai smirked, How pedantic!

    Linghu Chong looked at her and continued, Dont worry. Youve my words that I will clear things up with Junior Martial Sister Yi Lin.

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and looked away ignoring him.

    Seeing that Dongfang Bubai was not going to bring him back to Mount Hua, he stepped away from the pillar and walked toward the gate by himself. After walking a few steps, he tripped and fell to the ground.

    Dongfang Bubai immediately reached out and grabbed Linghu Chong by his arm.

    Linghu Chong turned toward her looked without saying a word. Deep inside his heart, he was grateful to her for all her help.

    Dongfang Bubai frowned at Linghu Chong and she walked him out of the abandoned temple. She was really hoping that she could use this opportunity to bring him to see Yi Lin so that they could clear things up once and for all. But since he was adamant to return to Mount Hua she had no choice but to oblige to his request. He was after all, her only friend.

    Yue Buqun and a group of Huashan Sect disciples exited a hall and hurried down the stone steps.

    Dongfang Bubai propped Linghu Chong by his shoulder as they toward the courtyard. She halted her steps and waited for the Huashan Sect disciples to come and get Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong bowed at Yue Qun and greeted him.

    Dongfang Bubai took her hands off Linghu Chong and stepped to the side so that his sect apprentices could take a look at him.

    Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan rushed toward Linghu Chong.

    ChongEr how are you feeling? Ning Zhongze asked with concern.

    Big Apprentice Brotherare you alright? Yue Lingshan took a look at him.

    They stood on each side of Linghu Chong, held up his hands and slowly walked him into his room.

    Lu Dayou went forward to help the two ladies to prop his apprentice brother. Big Apprentice Brother, let me help you, he said.

    Yue Buqun walked over to Dongfang Bubai with a smile on his face. Miss, thank you for taking care of ChongEr. Mind if I ask what is Misss name?

    Dongfang Bubai ignored him. She straightened her sleeves and said, Im just a simple village girl. I dont come from any sect. Im your disciple, Linghu Chongs friend. He got injured so Im just brining him back.

    Yue Buqun replied with a grin, Since you have already brought him back, could I offer you a simple meal before you go?

    Dongfang Bubai casted a glare at him and said in a cold voice, Head Master Yue! I hope that you wont mind if I stayed for a few days. Linghu Chong and I still have some unfinished business. So I wont be leaving for the time being.

    Lin Pingzhi walked up to Dongfang Bubai and stared at her angrily. Hey you! How dare you talk to my Master in such a rude manner! he said loudly.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her nose up at Lin Pingzhi as she walked toward at him. Even your Master talks to me politely. A lowlife like have no right not come up here and make such a big fuss, she sneered. She raised her arm and gently poked him in the left shoulder with her index finger. Do you know how to behave yourself properly?

    Lin Pingzhi quickly pulled back his shoulder and took a step to the back as he felt a tingle of chill.

    Yue Buqun looked at Lin Pingzhi and said, Pingzhi, step back. He then looked at Dongfang Bubai and continued, If Miss does not mind our humble residence then we certainly welcome you to stay.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at Lin Ping Zhi as she responded, The Gentleman Sword is indeed a gentleman. You better behave yourself when we meet again the next time, cripple boy. She turned towards the dormitory and laughed coldly.

    Lin Pingzhi snorted, Cripple boy? Who are you calling cripple?! Just as he was about to go after Dongfang Bubai, he felt a sudden numb all over his left leg and almost fell. When Dongfang Bubai poked his left shoulder she had actually sealed one of his acupoints without him realizing it.

    Yue Buqun turned toward Dongfang Bubai and looked at her blankly. From the way she sealed Lin Pingzhis acupoint he could tell that her inner energy level is way above his.

    Yue Lingfeng placed his hands behind his back as he looked at Dongfang Bubai. Ever since the first time he met her at the main hall he had this strange feeling running inside his heart. He knew that it was not love at first sight. It was some kind of weird feeling which he just could did not know how to describe, a feeling that he had lost years ago.

    Inside a room, Yue Buqun sat behind Linghu Chong and transferred his inner energy into Linghu Chong body to heal his injuries. As soon as his inner energy entered Linghu Chongs body, several streams of weird inner energy inside Linghu Chongs body immediately countered it with a big shock and almost shook his palms off. He then exerted his strength and tried using his inner energy to suppress the different streams of inner energy flowing inside Linghu Chongs body. A strong shock coming from Linghu Chongs body struck his palm so hard that even his own chest started hurting. He retracted his palms and stepped out of the bed, wiping off the sweat on his forehead.

    Ning Zhongze reached out for Linghu Chong and slowly laid him down on the bed. Senior Apprentice Brother, how is ChongEr?

    Yue Lingshan walked over to the bed and wiped the sweat off Linghu Chongs forehead with a handkerchief.

    Yue Buqun looked at his wife and replied, There are four weird energy streams inside ChongErs body. It was probably that girl who transferred it into ChongErs body.

    Lu Dayou looked at Linghu Chong disheartened expression on his face. What a venomous woman! She transferred so many streams of energy into Big Apprentice Brothers body so that he cant live nor die. Im going to make her pay! he yelled angrily.

    Yue Buqun turned toward Lu Dayou and said, Dayou! Dont be impulsive. Were still unsure if she truly has ill intentions. There is no one in this world who will take the risk of exhausting tremendous amount of inner energy just to harm someone. No one would do such a stupid thing.

    Ning Zhongze walked toward her husband and said, Could it be that this woman wanted to heal ChongErs injury?

    Lu Dayou sigh agitatedly, Mistress! This woman got Big Apprentice Brother in such a bad condition. Nobody would heal someone like that!

    Yue Buqun pursed his lips and said, This is a very odd situation. Looks like we have to be careful with this woman.

    Yue Lingshan sighed, Father, please think of a way to save Big Apprentice Brother Even though she was now in a relationship with Lin Pingzhi but her still cared for Linghu Chong. Only difference now is that Linghu CHong was only her Big Apprentice Brother.

    Yue Buqun responded, The only way to save ChongEr now is to dispel those four streams of energies inside his body. But these four streams of energies are extremely weird. They flow in an erratic manner and cannot be controlled.

    Yue Lingshan looked at Linghu Chong and sobbed, So Big Apprentice Brother is going to

    Ning Zhongze interrupted and said, ShanEr! Stop saying such things!

    Yue Lingshan turned toward her father. Fatherplease save Big Apprentice Brother she sighed.

    Yue Buqun looked at the unconscious Linghu Chong as he hummed softly.

    Later, Ning Zhongze accompanied her husband back to their room. Junior Apprentice Sister, whats your opinion on why this woman would torture ChongEr so badly? What are her motives? Yue Buqun asked.

    Ning Zhongze said, Pessimistically speaking, maybe she is trying to force ChongEr to disclose our sects secrets. ChongEr probably choose to die than to give in which is why she is torturing him.

    Yue Buqun nodded, I was thinking the same thing. But our Huashan Sect doesnt have any secret. Moreover, this woman dont know us at all and have no grudges against us. Even if she mistakenly think that our Huashan Sect has some sort of secret martial arts skills, all she needed to do is to capture ChongEr and use him to threaten us. Why would she want to make him suffer like that?

    Ning Zhongze knitted her brows and said, If we think from an optimistic point of view, she probably wanted to save ChongEr. She knew that using such method would be dangerous but she had no choice other than giving him continuous streams of energy to temporarily extend his life.

    Yue Buqun narrowed his eyes and said, This woman has a peculiar behavior. We cannot use normal I feel that she has some other intentions. He then pressed his chest and started coughing.

    Ning Zhongze took a look at him, Senior Apprentice Brother, are you alright?

    Yue Buqun nodded, Im fine. I must have exhausted too much of my inner strength when I was using my Divine Art of Violet Twilight to heal ChongErs injury earlier.

    Ning Zhongze suddenly thought of something. Senior Apprentice Brother! Could it be that the woman used ChongErs internal injury to exhaust your inner strength and then find the right opportunity eliminate us at one go? she asked worriedly.

    Yue Buqun looked at his wife frightfully. Who exactly is this woman? Why would she hate our Huashan Sect so much? he narrowed his eyes and said solemnly.

    The following morning, a pale looking young man dressed in black robe escorted Ying Ying to a mountain. There was a stone signage on the left with the words Mount Hua engraved on it.

    Ying Ying turned toward the pale looking young man. You are sure that Dongfang Bubai is here? she asked in a stern voice.

    The pale looking young man bowed at Ying Ying with his hands cupped. Subordinate has double checked many times, he responded.

    Ying Ying narrowed her eyes and looked up at the top of the mountain. What is Dongfang Bubai doing in Mount Hua? If she wanted to eliminate them she could have just sent the cults elites to do it, she thought to herself.

    The pale looking young man smiled wickedly, Even the heaven is aiding you. We can use the Huashan Sects hands to get rid of her once and for all.

    Ying Ying turned toward him and looked at him menacingly. Yang Lianting oh Yang Lianting, for once youre able to use your brain wisely and not just flatter me, she said in a cold voice.

    The pale looking young man bowed at her with his hands cupped. Subordinate will arrange for someone to send a message to Yue Buqun telling him that the woman in his sect is the Chief of the Divine Sun Moon CUlt, he said.

    Ying Ying reached out and slapped his face. Idiot! If Yue Buqun sees such a message hes going to hold back for sure! Everyone in the martial arts world knows that Dongfang Bubai is the number one martial arts exponent. He would not be dumb enough to go head to head with Dongfang Bubai! she shouted angrily. She then looked away and continued, Send him a message and tell him that the woman in his sect is a member of the divine cult and that she was sent by Chief Dongfang to spy on his sect. That should be more than enough for Yue Buqun to take action against her.

    The pale looking young man lowered his head, Yes, Holy Maiden! He then turned around and walked away.

    Ying Ying folded her arms and stared at the top of the mountain viciously. Uncle Dongfang, you were the one who forced me to do this. I will never forget how you attacked my father from behind and take over his position as the divine cults Chief, she thought to herself.

    End of Chapter 15
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    Thanks for the update & filling in the missing scenes of the TV series.

    I heard that the reason is that most of the more popular "idol" actors/actrsses demand very stringent per episode & per minute:second payments in their contracts. If for example their screen time exceeds a certain number of min:sec in an episode, they are counted as an extra episode when payed by per episode... Hence the cutting of many important scenes...

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