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Thread: Swordsman (笑傲江湖小说)

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    Default Swordsman (笑傲江湖小说)


    Swordsman Fan Fiction (笑傲江湖小说) loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer.
    Cast Of Characters
    Dongfang Bubai - Joe Chen Qiao En (陈乔恩)
    Linghu Chong - Wallace Huo (霍建华)


    The martial arts world is an unfathomed world. Those in the martial arts world are unable to do as they wish. In the past century, the Divine Sun Moon Cult amassed great power in the central plains. Its current leader, Ren Woxing was an unfathomable figure in the martial arts world. Among the righteous sects Songshan, Taishan, Southern Hengshan, Huashan and Northen Hengshan formed the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance in order to battle against the Divine Sun Moon Cult and were considered pillars of the righteous way. They fought relentlessly against the Divine Sun Moon Cult for a hundred years.

    Chapter 1


    A young girl around the age of sixteen wearing a white silk robe, disguising as a man walked through a maze garden. She carried an aura of elegance. Her facial features were delicate and exceptionally beautiful. She halted her steps and stood outside a cave. Subordinate, Dongfang Bubai pays respect to Chief. Our spies sent an urgent message reporting that the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance has come to attack Dark Wood Cliff. Theyre now at the bottom of the cliff. The leaders of each sect are all present. Subordinate awaits Chiefs orders, she said, with her hands cupped. Her voice was clear and tender.

    A man dressed in back sitting inside the dark cave replied, Getting to the top of the Dark Wood Cliff is as hard as getting to heaven. Those nobodies will not be able to find their way up. Even if they do they are just looking for death. Brother Dongfang dont have to worry about them. Ive entrusted you to oversee the cult matters. All you have to do is instruct the Sky, Earth, Wind and Thunder division members to guard the entrances to the cliff well.

    The young girl replied, But its difficult to guard against these so called righteous sects people. If we just ignore them and words go out to the people in the martial arts world, then wouldnt we become a laughing stock?

    The man sitting inside the cave raised his voice and said, Ive already decided so stop dangling around. Ive isolated myself to practice my martial arts skills. Stop bothering me. Leave! After finishing his sentence, he generated his inner energy and pushed his palm out, emitting a blast of air through the air.

    The young girl flew backwards into the air and dropped to the floor as the blast of air hit her in the chest. She quickly got up, pressed her hand on her chest and glared at the cave angrily. Three months ago this old fox suddenly isolated himself and left the sect matters to me, Xiang Wentian and Qu Yang to to handle. Looking at todays situation it doesnt seem like he is practicing any martial arts. Its more like recovering from some sickness.

    Brother Dongfang! a voice from behind called out.

    The young girl cast a menacing glare over her shoulder at a woman standing behind her. There were three maids following the woman from behind.

    The woman around the age of thirty six walked toward him and asked, Are you alright?

    The young girl turned around and smiled, I accidentally fell.

    The woman replied, You must be more careful.

    The young girl smiled, Madam is here to bring food for Chief again?

    The woman turned to the side and looked at the cave. Yes. Ive not seen him for three months already. Other than preparing food for him I dont know what else I can do. However, each time I bring him food he only eats very little. There are times that he doesnt eat at all. I really dont know what kind of martial arts skills is he practicing that makes him neglects his food. How will he be able to maintain his health if this goes on? she sighed.

    The young girl looked at her indifferently. Since Ive already started my plan there no turning back. Ive already sent some people to spread rumors to lure the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance here, she thought to herself. She cast a side glance at the cave door. Theres no way you, Ren Woxing can still hide. Ill just use your wife and child to force you out.

    She walked toward the woman and said, Madam dont have to worry. Chiefs martial arts skills are unfathomable and he is as healthy as a tiger. If theres anything that needs to be worried about that would be the food. Madams cooking is even better than the chefs in the palace. Itll be a waste if these food are not eaten.

    The woman smiled and said, No wonder everyone says that you really know how to flatter women. Im not as good as you said. Its just some simple dishes and snacks that I prepare every day.

    The young girl returned a smile, Youre too modest, Madam. When subordinate took Ying Ying out to play a couple of days ago, she kept saying that she misses the cake that you bake. The Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance has been gathering at the bottom of the Dark Wood Cliff for the past few days. So subordinate havent had much time to visit Ying Ying. Is she doing okay?

    The woman replied, She caught a cold but its nothing serious. She kept asking how come for her father and Uncle Dongfang hasnt come to play with her.

    The young girl laughed, and said, Since Chief is in isolation there wont be anyone around to play with the little princess. Fortunately her uncle Dongfang is free to play with her today. I can go up the mountains to pick fruits with her.

    The woman said, I heard from Right Messenger Xiang that the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance have been rowdy these few days. We should be more careful.

    The young girl sneered, These so call people of the righteous sect only talks big. They wont be able to do anything. Theres nothing to be worried about. Madam, bring subordinate to see Ying Ying.

    Dongfang Bubai and Madam Ren entered one of the courtyards. A frightened maid rushed out from a room and ran toward them. Madam! MissMiss has been kidnapped she stammered.

    Madam Ren was shocked by her words. What happened? she asked in disbelief.

    The maid replied, While I was feeding Miss with some medicine three masked men broke in through the window and kidnapped Miss before escaping. Judging from the color of their clothes and weapons, they should be from Songshan Sect and Taishan Sect.

    Dongfang Bubai knitted her brow, Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance! She cupped her hands and bowed at Madam Ren. Madam, subordinate will report this to Chief and then descend the cliff to rescue Miss, she said.

    Madam Ren responded, I know Chiefs temper very well. Once he decides on something he will not go back on it. If we waste time here itll be more difficult to rescue Ying Ying. Ill go after them right away! She hurriedly turned around and walked away.

    Dongfang Bubai reached her hand out and tried to stop her. Madam! she called out loudly. Stupid woman! Arent you looking for death by going alone? But I guess it difficult to blame her. There isnt any mother in this world who doesnt love her child, she thought.

    She cast a glance over her shoulder and called out, Guards!

    A masked man clad in black garb somersaulted in the air and landed behind him. He got down on his knee and cupped his hands, Greetings, Deputy Chief!

    Dongfang Bubai indifferently said, Take good care of Miss Ren. She mustnt be subjected to any harm. Within two hours the Chief will come out from his isolation and descend the cliff with the cults elites. When that happens, gather up our men and act according to the plan with no mistakes.

    As you wish, the masked man stood up and leapt away.

    It was already dark. Six masked men clad in black garb holding on to a sky lantern each descended the cliff and flew through the air. The moment they approached a nearby forest, they took their hands off the sky lantern and landed on the ground.

    Dongfang Bubai appeared in front of them. She placed her hands behind her back and walked towards them.

    All the six of them bowed at her with their hands cupped. Greetings, Deputy Chief!

    Dongfang Bubai looked at them and asked, Its already so late. Why are you all still descending the cliff?

    One of the masked man replied, Subordinate received Madams secret signal. Madam must be in danger right now. Subordinate brought some men here to rescue Madam.

    Dongfang Bubai responded, Of course Madam is important but Dark Wood Cliffs security is even more important. You all descend the cliff all of a sudden will only give the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance the opportunity to find infiltrate the cliff and put our Divine Sun Moon Cult in danger.

    The masked man responded, But Madam is in danger. If we do not go and rescue her

    Dongfang Bubai looked away and replied, I came here specifically because of this. Leave Madam to me. You all will hurry back to the cliff with no questions.

    The six masked men cupped their hands and bowed at him. Yes, Deputy Chief. Subordinate will leave at once!

    A moment later, Madam Ren came running towards Dongfang Bubai. Brother Dongfang, weve been tricked. Ying Ying didnt get kidnapped, she explained.

    Dongfang Bubai swiftly turned around and thrust her finger at Madam Rens chest, sealing her acupoints.

    Madam Ren asked in astonishment, Why?

    Dongfang Bubai sneered, Youre really foolish. Dark Wood Cliff has such tight security. How can Ying Ying be taken away so easily? I dont mind telling you the truth. Ive been planning this battle between Ren Woxing and the Five Mountain Sword Sects for a long time. Theres no way that I will allow him to stay in isolation.

    Madam Ren trembled as she stared at Dongfang Bubai.

    Madam, Im sorry, Dongfang Bubai swept her palm out and struck Madam Ren in the chest. The force of the blow pushed Madam Ren to the ground and caused her to throw up a mouthful of blood. She died with her eyes wide open.

    Dongfang Bubai carried Madam Rens dead body to the maze garden. She stood in front of the cave and called out, Chief! Chief! Miss Ren has been kidnapped. Madam Ren was killed by the Five Mountain Sword Sects while she was trying to protect her daughter.

    A sudden gust of wind shattered the cave door into pieces. A middle aged man rushed out of the cave in light speed. He was the Divine Sun Moon Cults leader, Ren Woxing. He reached out and took his wifes dead body off Dongfang Bubais arms. He turned around, walked to the side and looked at his wife in despair.

    Unable to accept the fact that his wife was dead he looked up at the sky and let out a roar with his inner energy. A burst of wind coming from his body swept through the area.

    Dongfang Bubai staggered backward as the wind came blowing toward her. She stared at Ren Woxing intently. Ren Woxing had already fallen into her trap.

    The sun was up. A group of people gathered around a big rock discussing amongst themselves. We have yet to find a route up to the cliff. I think like weve no choice but to stay at the bottom of the Dark Wood Cliff. I dont believe those devil cult disciples followers can stay up on the cliff forever, a man said. His name was Zuo Lengchan, leader of the Songshan Sect.

    Right at that moment, a sudden gust of wind scattered the leaves. All of them took a quick look around the forest to see what was going on. A flurry of darts suddenly rained down on those standing in front. Six people were killed by the darts.

    Four masked men clad in black grab carrying a sedan chair sprinted in the air, heading towards them.

    Ren Woxing is here! Zuo Lengchan said. He and four other people went forward to confront the followers of the Divine Sun Moon Cult.

    The four masked men landed on the ground and stood still. Ren Wo Xing rested his left hand on his waist and remained seated inside the sedan chair. I heard that your righteous sect want to eliminate my Divine Sun Moon Cult. You should use your own capabilities to achieve your goals and not kill my wife and kidnapping my child. How can you still call yourselves followers of the righteous sect! he said angrily.

    Ning Zhongze interrupted, Stop talking nonsense! We didnt kidnap any child neither did we kill your wife.

    Ren Woxing snorted in anger, Too late! I would like to try out the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance top martial arts skills today!

    Zuo Lengchan stepped forward and said, So be it. Chief Ren, Mind if I exchange a few stances with you!

    Mo Da, leader of the Southern Hengshan Sect interrupted, Killing chickens with a cow-cleaving knife! Let me see how great Chief Rens martial skills are! As soon as he finished his words, he drew his single edge blade and used his inner energy to hurl it toward Ren Woxing.

    Ren Woxing struck his palm onto the wooden handle, projected his inner energy outward to form an energy shield that impeded the oncoming single edge blade.

    Mo Da exerted his strength to push the single edge blade forward. Ren Woxing instantaneously exerted his strength to increase the power of his energy shield as well. The two of them engaged themselves in an intense inner strength competition.

    Tian Men of the Taishan Sect drew his sword and leapt toward Ren Woxing. His sword was aimed at Ren Woxings face.

    Ren Woxing quickly struck his left palm out, blasting a ray of energy at Tian Mens chest and sent him flying to the back.

    Tian Men landed on the ground and threw up a mouthful of blood.

    Yue Buqun of Huashan Sect drew his sword, took a step forward and pointed his sword at Ren Woxing. The blade of his sword projected a ray of violet light at Ren Woxing.

    Ren Woxing pulled back his palm and subsequently struck it out again, shooting out a wave of energy that propelled Yue Buquns attack. With his strong inner energy he managed to dissipate the incoming force and simultaneously sent the wave of energy to Yue Buquns chest.

    Yue Buqun felt an enormous power hitting his chest. He stumbled backward and threw up a mouthful of blood.

    Ren Woxing immediately pushed both his palms out and shot a wave of energy at both Mo Da and Yue Buqun.

    Both Mo Da and Yue Buqun stumbled backward as the wave of energy hit them in the chest.

    Ning Zhongze rushed toward Yue Buqun and propped him from the back. Senior Apprentice Brother, are you alright? she asked in alarm.

    Yue Buqun pressed his chest and replied, Im alright.

    Priestess Ding Yi and Ding Jing reached for the handle of their swords and charged forward with Ning Zhongze right beside them.

    Ren Woxing spoke, Heroine Ning and the two Priestess, Ive killed countless people but Ive never fought against women. After Ive dueled with Head Master Zuo the three of you can duel with my female disciples. Theres no need to be anxious. He then looked at Zuo Lengchan and said, Head Master Zuo, please proceed!

    Zuo Lengchan drew his sword and leapt into the air. He dashed toward Ren Woxing and attacked him violently.

    The two of them fought each other in the sedan chair. After exchanging more than a hundred stances the two of them leaped out of the sedan chair and landed on the ground. Zuo Leng Chan channeled his inner energy to the sword and thrust it out at Ren Woxings chest.

    Ren Woxing shot his right palm out at the tip of the sword and broke it into pieces. He then grabbed Zuo Lengchans palm and started absorbing his inner energy.

    Star Absorbing Skill?!! Zuo Lengchan panicked and quickly struck his left palm out at Ren Woxings face.

    Ren Woxing shot his left palm out at Zuo Lengchans oncoming palm and continued to absorb his inner energy.

    Zuo Lengchan felt huge amount of inner energy gushing out from his body but could do nothing to stop it. Oh no! This demon is going to absorb all my inner energy! he thought to himself.

    Ren Woxing clenched his teeth and stared at Zuo Lengchan intently. How dare you try to compete inner strength with me! he thought to himself. He exerted more strength and continued to absorb huge amount inner energy from Zuo Lengchan.

    Suddenly, Ren Woxing started to tremble. The streams of inner energy inside his body started colliding against each other. How come I cant seem to control my inner energy anymore? he thought to himself. Since his inner energy was out of his control he had no choice but to let go of Zuo Lengchan leaped back to the sedan chair.

    Zuo Lengchan quickly retreated to the back and remained in a state of shock.

    Ren Woxing fixed his eyes on Zuo Lengchan and said, Head Master Zuos inner strength is indeed powerful. I am impressed! He then paused for a moment and thought to himself , The only thing I can do for now is return to the cliff to treat my injury right away. Ill send some people to look for Ying Ying and take revenge for my wife another time,

    He narrowed his eyes and spoke up, At the moment my Divine Sun Moon Cult is at an obvious advantage. If I were to eliminate all of you at one go and words goes out to people of the martial arts world, people would think that we were bullying you all. Im giving you all a chance to go back and accomplish your unfulfilled wishes in life. After one month, I will personally lead thirty thousand men to eliminate sect by sect to pay respects to my wife. By that time if theres anyone in the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance alive then you can just consider me as incapable!

    After finishing his words, he struck the wooden handle and spoke up to his followers, Lets go back!

    The four masked men turned around, leaped into the air and quickly glided away.

    After returning to the Dark Wood Cliff, Ren Woxing sat inside the main hall and got into a deep thought. Over the last few years, he had been using the Star Absorbing Skills to absorb the inner energy of the ten martial arts exponent from both the orthodox and unorthodox sects. Since each of the ten inner energies was very strong and different, they could not be integrated as one and collided against each other. These diverse streams of inner energy were also conflicting against each. However, he was unable to control and use the different streams of inner energy at will because it was his. The different streams of inner energy inside his body collided against each other so often that he had to use massive amount of his own inner energy to suppress them. However, whenever he got into a duel with a martial arts exponent the different streams of inner energy inside his body would break free and cause him much agony. He went into isolation three months hoping to find a method that could overcome this problem.

    Dongfang Bubai led twelve men into the hall. She halted her steps and bowed at Ren Woxing with her hands cupped. Subordinate pays respect to Chief, she said.

    Ren Woxing remained seated with his head propped by his hand casted a glance at Dongfang Bubai. Dongfang Bubai, why are you here? he asked in a surprise.

    Dongfang Bubai replied, Subordinate found the whereabouts of Miss Ren and managed to snatch her back from the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance. We have safely brought Miss Ren back to the Dark Wood Cliff.

    A man clad in black grab carrying an unconscious little in his arms walked into the hall. His name was Tong Baixiong. He was the Deputy Chief of the Wind Thunder Branch.

    Dongfang Bubai stepped to the side to let Tong Baixiong through.

    Ren Woxing immediately rose from his seat and ran toward him at light speed. Ying Ying! What happened to my Ying Ying? he asked in alarm.

    Dongfang Bubai responded, Miss Ren was already like this when subordinate rescued her. Subordinate tried transferring inner energy to her several times but it was no use.

    Ren Woxing held the little girl in his arms and rushed back to the pedestal. Youre useless! he growled in frustration. Ying Ying dont worry! Father is here! he placed the little girl in a sitting position and began to transfer his inner energy into her body.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head and stared at Ren Woxing and waited for the right moment to make her move.

    The little girl felt a stream of inner energy flowing into her body and started to call out for her mother and father subconsciously.

    Ren Woxings body started to tremble. He had triggered the streams of inner energy inside his body while he was transferring his inner energy to his daughter.

    Dongfang Bubai had noticed it too. Without thinking twice she dashed Ren Woxing at light speed and struck the back of his head with her index and middle finger.

    Ren Woxing jolted into a state of shock. He instantly pulled back his hands away and got up from the ground while his body unleashed a sudden burst of energy to the back.

    Dongfang Bubai felt the wave of energy knocking him to the back. She instantly leaped backward and landed in front of his followers.

    The little girl had already regained conscious and even saw Dongfang Bubai attack her father from behind. She immediately crawled to the front and squatted beside a pillar.

    Ren Woxing let out a loud roar and extended his hands to the side. The streams of inner energy inside his body flowed all over his body and caused him to lose his senses. He turned around and glared at the people in front of him viciously.

    Tong Baixiong clenched his teeth and said, Chief has gone crazy! Catch hold of him quick!

    The masked men dashed toward Ren Woxing and tried to apprehend. Ren Woxing sent both his palms out and struck two masked men in the chest. After that, he proceeded to attack the other masked men without any reservation.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and walked out of the hall with a cold smile on her face.

    Tong Baixiong followed him from behind, leaving his followers to die in Ren Woxings hands.

    Moments later, Ren Woxing arrived at a narrow walkway. He sent his palm toward a masked mans chest. The masked man flew backward and fell to the ground motionlessly. Ren Woxing had completely lost his mind and was on a rampage.

    Dongfang Bubai led Qu Yang and Xiang Wentian to the scene. They halted their steps and watched Ren Woxing kill the other followers.

    Tong Baixiong and another group of men followed them from behind.

    Qu Yang asked in shock, Why is Chief like that?

    Dongfang Bubai replied, I dont know. Chief has been like that since he got back. Maybe Madams death was too much of a blow to him.

    Xiang Wentian clenched his teeth and said, Chief has already killed Elder Qi and Elder Wu. We have to think of a way to subdue him or else the consequences would be unthinkable.

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back and responded, Although Chief has lost his mind but his martial arts skills are still intact. It is not easy to get close to him. Dongfang may be incapable but I dont want to see this internal killing to carry on in the cult. I will bear the impact of Chiefs palm strike while Right Messenger Qu and Left Messenger Xiang will back me up from the side. If I die in Chiefs hands then the Divine Sun Moon Cult will have to depend on the two of you.

    After finishing her words, Dongfang Bubai dashed towards Ren Woxing at light speed. After exchange three or four stances, the two of them took a step back and started competing inner strength. Ren Woxing exerted all his strength to his palm and pushed Dongfang Bubai to the back.

    Knowing that she would not stand a chance to win, Dongfang Bubai immediately turned around and ran off at once.

    Ren Woxing let out a loud roar and ran after Dongfang Bubai.

    A steel cage suddenly fell down from the top and landed on top of Ren Wo Xing. He took a step back, looking at the cage in shock. He then let out roar and swung his fists at the steel bars. The steel bars were so strong that it could withstand Ren Woxings repeated strikes.

    Xiang Wentian and Qu Yang took a step forward and called out, Chief!

    Dongfang Bubai halted her steps and turned around to look at Ren Woxing. Chief has lost his mind and cant be cured right now. I suggest that we wait for him to recuperate first. Once he has recovered he can come back and lead the cult. What do you all think? she said.

    Xiang Wentian looked at Dongfang Bubai and replied, Our cult cannot be without a leader.

    Tong Baixiong replied instantly, Deputy Chief Dongfang used his wit and strength to save our cult. The cults leadership should therefore be passed to him.

    An old man interrupted, Hold on! The passing of the cults leadership needs to be discussed amongst us. Furthermore, Chief sudden sickness seems suspicious and needs to be investigated thoroughly.

    Tong Baixiong raised his palm and struck the old man in the throat and chest instantaneously.

    The old man stumbled backwards and slumped to the floor motionlessly.

    Deputy Chief Dongfang was already being groomed to succeed the Chief. This man named Luo tried to create disharmony amongst us. I have thus executed him. Does anyone else have any objections? Tong Baixiong said sternly.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at the old mans dead body. Her eyes were filled with coldness.

    Right at that moment, fifteen masked men armed with bow and arrows rushed to the scene. Two other groups of masked men standing at the top of the two walls pointed their bow and arrows at the people below them.

    Xiang Wentian looked up at the walls in shock. He then looked back at Dongfang Bubai suspiciously.

    Divine Sun Moon Cult is victorious in every battle! Chief Dongfang, skilled in both martial arts and academics shall dominate the martial arts world for thousands of years! Tong Baixiong chanted.

    The masked men punched the air and chanted, Dominate the martial arts world for thousands of years!

    Xiang Wentian and Qu Yang gave each other a suspicious look. They were aware that it was unwise to try and deter Dongfang Bubai from succeeding as the cult's new Chief. The cults power had fallen into Dongfang Bubais hands. Making one wrong move would cost them their lives.

    Dongfang Bubai maintained her calm and indifferent expression as she turned around to look at the masked men standing behind her.

    The following morning, all the followers of the Divine Sun Moon Cult gathered at the assembly ground. There were red banners hanging all over the Blackwood Cliff. They were hosting Dongfang Bubais accession ceremony.

    Dongfang Bubai wore a loose robe of red silk, with a cap of black velvet at the top, and a sash of blue around her waist. She sat on the pedestal, lightly fanned herself with the folding fan she held in her hand while looking at the followers standing below her. Her eyes were filled with pride and arrogance, carrying a strong aura of authority.

    Cannons were fired repeatedly to mark Dongfang Bubai as the official cults leader. All the followers of the Divine Sun Moon Cult punched the air and started chanting, The Divine Sun Moon Cult is victorious in every battle! Chief Dongfang, skilled in both martial arts and academics shall dominate the martial arts world for thousands of years!

    Dongfang Bubai folded the fan and rose from her seat. She stepped to the front and stood sideways, with her left hand propped to her waist, staring at the followers coldly. She was officially the Divine Sun Moon Cults Chief.

    Moments later, Qu Yang accompanied an eight year old girl to assembly ground. They got to the pedestal and knelt in front of Dongfang Bubai. Subordinate pays respect to Chief, they greeted her with their hands cupped.

    Dongfang Bubai walked toward the little girl and helped her up. "Miss Ren, where have you been? Ive been looking for you all day, she asked.

    The little girl bowed at Dongfang Bubai and said, Uncle Dongfang, I heard from Uncle Qu that if it wasnt for you, my father would have been in grave danger. She pulled out a booklet from her chest pocket and handed it to Dongfang Bubai. Im giving you this to show my appreciation to you and hope that you will forever be victorious.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at the booklet with her eyes wide open. The words Sunflower Scripture (Kui Hua Bao Dian) were written on the cover of the booklet. She reached her hand out for the book and placed it behind her back.

    She smiled at the little girl and walked her to the front. Members of the Divine Sun Moon Cult, here is my order! From this day forth, Ying Ying will be the Holy Maiden of our Divine Sun Moon Cult. Seeing the Holy Maiden is like seeing me, Dongfang Bubai. Those who disobey shall be killed mercilessly.

    Subordinate will obey your command. Respects to the Chief! Respects to the Holy Maiden! the members of the Divine Sun Moon Cult chanted.

    The sun had set behind the mountain. Dongfang Bubai was inside a chamber all by herself. She was dressed in a beautiful red gown with makeup on and her hair down over her shoulder. She sat on a chair, flipping through the pages of the Sunflower Scripture. Today was the first time in many years that she dressed up as a woman. She had been disguising as a man since the day her master brought her back to the Dark wood Cliff. It was one of the requirements that she had to fulfill in order to be taken in as his apprentice.

    There was a knock on the door. Subordinate Xiang Wentian is here to see the Chief, a voice from the outside said.

    Come in! Dongfang Bubai closed the booklet and placed it on a side table.

    Xiang Wentian slowly slide the door open and walked into the chamber. He looked at Dongfang Bubai with his eyes wide open. He was astonished to see a beautiful and elegant young girl sitting inside the chamber.

    You wanted to see me? Dongfang Bubai asked in a soft and gentle voice.

    Xiang Wentian shockingly replied, Chiefyou are a woman

    Dongfang Bubai waved her sleeve and rose from her seat. She laughed and said, Whether Im a man or woman Im still the cults Chief. The over hundred years cult rule which says that only a man can lead the cult has finally been changed by me. I, Dongfang Bubai am now the first woman Chief of the divine cult! Her voice was filled with much pride and arrogance.

    Xiang Wentian lowered his head and said, Subordinate bow in admiration.

    Left Messenger Xiang, you have good martial arts skills. How about having a friendly competition with me? Dongfang Bubai suddenly swept her sleeve at a roll of threads on a holder. In a blink of an eye, dozens of thread needles flew towards Xiang Wentian at light speed.

    Xiang Wentian barely had time to deflect or evade the projectiles. He instantly leapt backward and fell flat on his back.

    Dongfang Bubai leaped towards him. She stooped down in front of him and asked, Are you alright? Are my martial arts skills impressive?

    Xiang Wentian nodded and said, Impressive indeed.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled herself up and stepped to the side with a smile on her face. These are just some of the basics of the Sunflower Scripture martial arts skills. As mentioned in the scripture, to achieve bottomless strength requires time. Ill still need to train myself for a few more years before I can achieve the highest level of mastery, she played with a strand hair as she spoke.

    Xiang Wentian pulled himself up from the floor and lowered his head. The martial arts skills in the scripture are indeed unfathomable. Subordinate bow in admiration, he commented.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and looked at him coldly. Do you believe that Ill become the number one person in the martial arts world in less than ten years? Skilled in both martial arts and academics, prospering the divine cult, and dominating the martial arts world for thousands of years! she swerved her sleeves sideways, discharging a gust of strong wind into the chamber.

    There was a frightening look on Xiang Wentian's face. He suddenly realized that not only was Dongfang Bubai a woman, she was also an ambitious and scheming woman. She concealed her true identity and deceived everyone in the cult over the last few years, and waited for the right moment to be at helm.

    End of Chapter 1
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    Ten years has passed. A group of Huashan Sect disciples were seated around a courtyard attending a literature class. Four of them stood around Lu Dayou looking at an erotic book in his hands. Looks at this one, Lu Dayou whispered excitedly. His apprentice brothers leaned forward to take a closer look at the page. Wow one of them uttered in astonishingly.

    A girl dressed in green was busy looking at a hand mirror applying some makeup to her face. She was the only girl in the group. Her name was Yue Lingshan, the daughter of the Huashan Sect leader, Yue Buqun.

    An old man seated at a table in front propped his face on his hand dozing off in his chair. He was employed by Yue Buqun to teach the youngsters literature.

    One of the disciples stood beside him and started tickling his nose with a twig. The old man felt ticklish and subconsciously pushed the twig away.

    A sturdy and strong stature young man with tanned complexion, around the age of twenty five sat at by himself eating peanuts. His name was Linghu Chong, the head disciple of the Huashan Sect.

    Yue Lingshan picked up a stone and threw it at her Big Apprentice Brother.

    Linghu Chong felt the stone hitting his arm and quickly turned toward the direction where it came from.

    Yue Lingshan asked, Am I pretty?

    Linghu Chong turned to look at her. He replied with a smile, Pretty!

    Yue Lingshan blushed and looked back at the hand mirror with a long smile on her face.

    The four disciples standing around Lu Dayou got very engrossed with the erotic book. One wanted to turn back to the previous page while another wanted to skip to the next page. Lu Dayou shrugged and said, Stop it! One page at a time! he said in a loud voice.

    The old man was awakened by their noises. He reached for cane and slammed it down on the table. What are you all doing?! he asked angrily.

    All of them stopped whatever they were doing and looked at the old man in alarm.

    Do you all want me to punish you all! the old man rose from his seat staring at them. He paused for a moment and looked at Lu Dayou. Lu Dayou! Give me that book that you just hide! he said sternly.

    Lu Dayou ignored him and pretended to be busy reading a literature book.

    The old man slammed the cane down on the table once more. You better give it to me now! If I find it myself Im going to punish you severely! he shouted. After finishing his words, he stepped away from the table and walked up to Lu Dayou.

    Linghu Chong immediately kicked a long wire rope to his apprentice brother who was sitting on his left. The two of them waited till the old man got nearer before pulling up the rope.

    The old man tripped over the rope and fell on his face. He slowly looked up and groaned, Im going to get you all for this! he shouted angrily.

    All of them started laughing at him hysterically.

    In the meantime, Yue Buqun sat crossed legged on the floor inside a meditation room. He placed his hand on a small wooden box on the altar table. The words Sunflower Scripture were inscribed on the cover of the box. He slowly slide the box open. There was nothing inside. He stared at the empty box disappointedly and started recalling his masters words to him.

    Master, why is it that the box is empty? a young Huashan disciple lifted his head and looked at his master.

    A middle aged man let out a sigh and replied, Buqun, this wooden box plays an important role in determining our Huashan Sects future. You must watch over it closely. Now, look at these moves that Im going to show you.

    The middle aged man reached for a sword and stepped to the front. He swung the sword in a wide arc upward, then downward performing a series of sword moves. After he was done, he placed the sword behind his back, and asked, Buqun, did you see it clearly?

    The young Huashan Sect disciple nodded and replied, Disciple saw is clearly. Could it be that these few moves are from the Sunflower Scripture?

    The middle aged man shook his head and replied, Im not sure either. I only know that the Sunflower Scripture contains extraordinary and unfathomable martial art skills. We use to have it until it was stolen by the devil cult. Now there are only these few moves left.

    The young Huashan Sect disciple lowered his head and said, Master, please forgive disciple for being straightforward. But those few moves

    The middle aged man interrupted him, Doesnt seem to have any strength at all?

    The young Huashan Sect disciple nodded without saying a word.

    I use to say that to your Grandmaster too but our founder has instructed that were to pass down these few moves to the next generation until one day when our Huashan Sects descendants can find out the secrets within them, the middle aged man explained. He then paused for a moment and walked up to the young man. Buqun, he continued.

    The young Huashan Sect disciple bent down on one knee and bowed at his master, Yes, Master?

    Our Huashan Sects prominence suffered a great decline after that conflict between the Sword Branch and Qi (Energy) Branch. Whether our Huashan Sect get to greater heights will depend on you now, the middle aged man continued.

    The young Huashan Sect disciple looked up at his master and responded, Yes, Master!

    Yue Buqun swung the sword in a wide arc upward, then downward performing a series of sword moves. It was the same moves imparted to him by his master years ago. Yue Buqun, how are you going to bring Huashan Sect to greater heights? What do you have in you to become the leader of the martial arts community? Ten years ago Dongfang Bubai ousted Ren Woxing and seized his position as Chief. The shamed of losing to Ren Woxing that year can longer be avenged, he thought to himself. He moved three steps back and thrust the sword downward. With just these few ordinary moves it would impossible to even defeat Zuo Lengchan.

    Senior Apprentice Brother! a female voice called out.

    Yue Buqun returned the sword into the scabbard and turned toward the direction of the voice.

    Ning Zhongze came running into the room. Senior Apprentice Brother! The new tutor said that he wants to leave. I tried to persuade him to stay but he refused to, she explained.

    What did those little monkeys do this time? he asked in stern voice.

    Ning Zhongze lowered her hear without saying a word. She knew exactly what happened but just could not tell her husband, fearing that the disciples will be punished severely for being impolite to the tutor.

    Yue Buqun hummed and stomped out of the room angrily.

    Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and Lu Dayou hid in the bushes watching the old man walked down the stone steps.

    Tutor! Please wait! Yue Buqun called out. He and his wife exited a room and rushed towards him hurriedly.

    The old man turned around to look at them.

    Yue Buqun quickly climbed down the stone steps and stood in front of the old man. Tutor, please dont go. Please be generous and forgive those kids did to offending you in any way, he said.

    The old man held his hand out and sighed, Forget it. I can no longer teach those disciples of yours. All of them are disrespectful and lazy. If I were to continue to teach them, this old life of mine will be over.

    Ning Zhongze smiled and said, Tutor, these kids are still young so its difficult for them not to do wrong. This is why we hope that you can teach them.

    The old man just shook his head gesturing his desire to leave.

    Tutor, I know that its difficult to teach them and requires lots of your energy. How about this? Starting next month we will double your fee. What do you think? Yue Buqun asked.

    The old man paused for a moment and started laughing.

    Yue Lingshans jaw dropped. Big Apprentice Brother, what do we do now? she asked.

    Lu Dayou clenched his teeth and grumbled, Not goodnot goodthis is not good at all Big Apprentice Brotherwe cant let him stay!

    Linghu Chong knitted his brows and tried to think of something. He then looked at his little apprentice sister with a wry smile on his face. Dont worry. He wont be able to stay, he said. After those words, he pulled out a slingshot from his chest pocket.

    Yue Lingshan immediately knew what her big martial brother was up to. She picked up a stone and handed it to her big apprentice brother.

    Linghu Chong grasped the stone with a rubber pocket, aimed it at the side of the old mans face and shot it at the top old mans ear.

    The old man staggered to the side in shock and covered his ear with his hand. That hurts! he cried out in pain.

    Yue Buqun turned toward the direction where the stone came from. Who is it? he asked in a loud voice.

    Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and Lu Dayou quickly turned around and crawled away qutely.

    The old man shook his head and said, Madam Yue, Head Master Yue, I can understand your good intentions but I doubt I can do it. Farewell! He turned around and ran to the doorway.

    Tutor! Please come back! Ning Zhongze held her hand out.

    Yue Buqun clenched his teeth and shouted, They are really too much! He then turned around and walked back up to the abode annoyingly.

    Afterward, the group of disciples who were being tutored by the old man kneeled inside the main hall. They cried out in pain while they were being canned by their other apprentice brothers.

    Ning Zhongze turned toward her husband with her worried look on her face. Senior Apprentice Brother she sighed.

    Yue Buqun held his hand out telling her to calm down. He then looked at the disciples and said, You are a bunch of rude and unambitious kids! How many times have I told you this? Practice your martial arts skills diligently and study hard but you would not listen! He paused for a moment and started shaking his hand as he said, Tell me! How many tutors have you all scared off already?

    The disciples carrying out the canning noticed their masters hand gesture. They retracted their hands and took a step back.

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at his master. Master, all those tutors are completely useless. They just know how to tell us to memorize and write but never once explained anything to us. They only know how to sleep, get angry and blame others. Studying like that is like not studying at all, he groaned in pain.

    Yue Lingshan added, Thats right! I asked him how to makeup and paint nails but he doesnt even know how to answer me. He just knows how to say pass beliefs, absorb intelligence and solve problems. I think he only knows very little and pretends to be very knowledgeable. He also said that women with no talents are good. If thats the case, why should I study?

    Yue Buqun and his wife opened their eyes wide staring at their daughter in disbelief.

    Lu Dayou nodded and said, Thats right! Mistress, he even insulted you!

    Ning Zhongze dropped her jaw and responded, Insulted me?

    Lu Dayou continued, He said that women and villain are hard to distinguish. Isnt that insulting you and junior apprentice sister?

    All the other disciples abruptly responded one after another, Thats right!

    Yue Buqun sneered and said, Nonsense! Denuo! Continue hitting them!

    Ning Zhongze interrupted, Senior Apprentice Brother, theyve received enough of canning.

    Yue Buqun hummed angrily, I want them to learn from this beating and change their unacceptable behavior!

    Linghu Chong quickly raised his hand and looked at his master. Master, I have a request, he said, with an innocent look on his face.

    Yue Buqun placed his hands behind his back and stared at him sternly. He was waiting to see what mischievous trick his eldest disciple had in his sleeves this time.

    Linghu Chong continued, After getting punished can we rest for a few days? If we are not allowed to rest then can we stay in the mountain and dont need to go and buy food supplies? The last time after we got punished we had to go and buy food supplies right away. We were in pain but still had to carry so much food supplies. It was really terrible

    Yue Lingshan nodded and sighed, We were really pitiful.

    Yue Buqun pursed his lips and hummed angrily. He then looked at his third disciple and said, Denuo! Keep hitting them for me! Make sure that they go and buy food supplies before the sunset. After finishing his words, he turned to left and walked out of the main hall.

    A young man around the age of twenty three dressed in grey was standing at the edge of the Jade Maiden Peak playing a melancholic tune on a flute. He was handsome and carried an elegant air around him. But his eyes were somewhat cold and indifferent. From the tune of his music one could tell that he was in pain, hatred, and sorrow.

    Lingfeng! a female voice called out.

    The young man pulled the flute away from his mouth and turned around. He bowed with his hands cupped, Adopted Mother.

    Ning Zhongze walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder. Your Adopted Father wants you to accompany your apprentice siblings to the city to get food supplies, she said.

    The young man replied, Yes, Adopted Mother.

    Ning Zhongze looked around to make sure that there wasnt anyone in the area. Youre thinking of the girl again? she asked with a smile.

    The young man hesitantly nodded without saying a word.

    Ning Zhongze continued, Lingfeng, one cannot wallow in the past. You must let go of that painful experience. Youre a man and should not let the past drag you down.

    The young man got down on one knee and replied, I am willing to try and do so.

    Ning Zhongze helped him up and said, Good kid. Now go down the mountain with your apprentice siblings and get some fresh air.

    Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and Lu Dayou rubbed their backside as they limped along a stone bridge groaning in pain.

    The young man followed them closely from behind. He had not said a word from the time they left the mountain to reaching their current location. He folded his arms across his chest and spoke up, This should be far enough. Master wont be able to hear this far.

    Linghu Chong. Yue Lingshan and Lu Dayou looked at him with a mischievous grin. The three of them pulled a small pillow out from under their backside and tossed it into the air. They looked at each other and started laughing.

    Second Apprentice Brother, you wont say a word right? Lu Dayou asked with a grin.

    Yue Lingshan to the young man and put her arm on the young mans shoulder. Huashan Sects second disciple Yue Lingfeng is known to be tightlipped. You wont say a word right, Big Brother? she grinned.

    The young man looked to the front and walked away.

    What does that mean? Lu Dayou scratched his head confusingly.

    Linghu Chong smiled widely and said, That means yes!

    Lu Dayou placed his hands on Linghu Chong and Yue Lingshans shoulder as he walked behind him. This is great! We can finally go out! he said. He looked at Yue Lingshan and continued, Little Apprentice Sister, youre the best. You knew Master would cane us and got us prepared. This time we can really enjoy ourselves!

    Yue Lingshan smiled and replied, Of course. She then held Linghu Chongs arm and said, Big Apprentice Brother, father gave us three days to buy food supplies and daily items. I think we need to think about where were going to play for the next three days! After finishing her words, she ran toward her adopted brother. Big Brother! Wait for me!

    Lu Dayou walked passed Linghu Chong and stood in front of him. Big Apprentice Brother! Didnt you want to bring me to that type of place? he said and made a hand gesture to show a woman.

    Linghu Chong stared at him in shock. That might not be a good idea, he responded.

    Lu Dayou went on, Big Martial Brother, its a waste of our youth if we dont go and enjoy ourselves. You and Little Apprentice Sister are not even married yet and youre already afraid of her. Once you marry her there will never be another chance for you to visit a place like that again.

    A hand suddenly came from the back and slapped Lu Dayous shoulder. Liu Houer (Liu Houer means Sixth Monkey, it was also Lu Dayous nickname), what are you two whispering about? Yue Lingshan asked suspiciously. You are planning something bad, arent you?

    Lu Dayou turned around and looked at her innocently. He shook his head without saying a word.

    Let me warn you two, if you dare to hide anything from me Ill tell father about it and let you two be sent to Repentance Cliff for a year! she continued cheekily.

    Linghu Chong pushed Lu Dayou to the side and walked up to his little apprentice sister. He laughed and said, Junior Martial Sister, we have nothing to hide from you. We were just thinking about what kind of interesting things to show you.

    Yue Lingshan responded excitedly, Really? What is it?

    Linghu Chong winked and said, Take a guess?

    Yue Lingshan repeatedly pulled his sleeves and said with a smile, Quick tell me what it is!

    Linghu Chong replied, Sure. Ill tell you if you can catch me. He pinched his little apprentice sisters nose and started to run.

    Wait for me! Yue Lingshan turned around and chased after him.

    The four of them quickly finished their meal and went of walking around the city. The entire city was even livelier in the night. There were different types of street performances such as fire breathing, martial arts, and magical tricks. Yue Lingshan was enjoying herself that night. Seeing that his Little Apprentice Sister was so happy, Linghu Chong was just as happy.

    Yue Lingfeng stopped by at a doll stall. He held a pair of dolls in his hand and fixed his eyes on it.

    Years ago, he and a girl were walking along a night market. The girl stopped by at a doll stall and reached for a pair of dolls. Dont they look like us? she showed the dolls at Yue Lingfeng, and asked with a smile.

    Yue Lingfeng returned a smile and said, We look much better than them.

    The girl smirked and said, Thats for sure.

    Big Brother! Big Brother! Yue Lingshan called out while patting him his shoulder.

    Yue Lingfeng quickly regained his senses and turned to look at her. Yes? he asked.

    Yue Lingshan knitted her brows and asked, Are you alright? We want to go that side to take a look.

    Yue Lingfeng placed his hands behind his back and replied, Sure. Lets go.

    A group of onlookers standing around a magical trick stall gave the performer a loud round of applause. Yue Lingshan was amused by his performances. She stayed on at the stall to watch the next performance.

    Lu Dayou reached his hand out and started pulling the strap tied around Linghu Chongs waist. Lets go he whispered.

    Linghu Chong glared at him and started shaking his head.

    Lu Dayou pulled the strap once more and sneered, Lets go

    Linghu Chong angrily nodded his head. He then got closer to Yue Lingshan and asked, Little Apprentice Sister, is it interesting?

    Yue Lingshan responded excitingly, Yes! Its very interesting!

    Are you hungry? Linghu Chong asked.

    Yue Lingshan turned to look at Linghu Chong and replied, No. Ive food. She showed him the meatball on a stick that she was holding in her hand.

    Linghu Chong replied, You have food? But you can eat more.

    Yue Lingshan clapped her hands after seeing another splendid performance. Lets talk about this later, she said.

    Linghu Chong raised his eyebrows and replied, How can I wait to talk about this later? He pointed to another right and said, I saw a stall there selling delicious food. Ill go buy you some! After finishing his words, he quickly turned to the right and walked away.

    Yue Lingshan turned to look at Linghu Chong and started calling him back.

    Lu Dayou immediately pulled her back. Little Apprentice Sister, Big Martial Brother is just trying to make you happy.

    Yue Lingshan narrowed her eyes and said, He must be up to something bad and doesnt want me to expose him!

    Lu Dayou suddenly placed his hand on his stomach and pretended to be in pain. Ouch, he cried out.

    Yue Lingshan looked at him and asked, Now whats wrong with you?

    My stomach hurts! I need to go to the washroom! he whined. He then turned around and walked away.

    Yue Lingshan reached her hand out and grabbed his arm. Hold it! One needs to go to the toilet and the other needs to buy food. Are you guys going somewhere else to have fun without me?! she asked angrily.

    Lu Dayou shook his head and replied, Little Martial Sister, if you dont believe me you can come with me to the washroom. Lets go! I cant hold it anymore! He grabbed her arm and pulled her away with him.

    Yue Lingshan halted her steps and pulled her hand away from him. Alright! You can go by yourself. Ill wait for you guys here, she said.

    Yue Lingfeng folded his arms around his chest and walked up to her. I can keep you company, he said in a low voice.

    Ill be right back! Lu Dayou grinned and walked away.

    The brothel house on the other street was packed with patrons. There was also a group of dancers performing on the stage in front. Most of the tables had already been taken up. The courtesans working in the premise were busy flirting and serving their respective customers wine.

    A chubby looking middle aged woman dressed in pink went on to the stage shortly. The dancers stopped their performance and returned to the back stage right away. Respectful guests, in the pugilistic world we have Dongfang Bubai who is the most powerful person. Here at our Yi Shui Nian Hua brothel house, among our beauties, theres also a Dongfang Bubai! the chubby looking middle aged woman announce proudly.

    The fireworks suddenly went off. Tiny pieces of paper started falling down from the top. A beautiful looking young lady dressed in green soared down from the ceiling. She gracefully leaped along the five long red fabrics hanging diagonally across the railings and glided through the air in circles.


    The patrons and courtesans gave her a loud round of applause for her splendid performance.

    The young lady was in fact Dongfang Bubai herself. She smiled at the crowd sweetly as she continued gliding through the air in a circle.

    The chubby looking middle aged woman looked up in awe and said, How beautifulhow elegantWho among our guests would be lucky enough to be her customer tonight?!

    Dongfang Bubai finally made her way to the ground. She lightly landed in front of a young man dressed in white. She gave him a sweet smile and started to caress his cheek. She then placed her hand around his waist and leapt into the air with him. The two of them flew into a room upstairs in a blink of an eye.

    Moments later, Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou arrived at the brothel house. They stood at the corridor admiring the premises beautiful ambiance and decoration. WowBig Apprentice Brother this place is beautiful! Lu Dayou commented.

    Yes it is! Linghu Chong replied.

    Lu Dayou walked over to a vacant table.

    Linghu Chong pulled him back and said, We dont have enough money for such places. Its enough to just look. Lets leave.

    Lu Dayou reached inside his pocket and took a handful of coins.

    Where did you get so much money? Linghu Chong asked him.

    Lu Dayou placed his hand around Linghu Chongs shoulder and walked him to the table. Ive been saving up for a year. Itll be enough for us to drink some tea and look at the beautiful women, he grinned.

    Linghu Chong paused for a moment. What about Little Apprentice Sister? he asked in alarm.

    Lu Dao You sighed, Junior Apprentice Sisters martial arts skills are quite good. Ordinary people wouldnt be able to harm her. Furthermore, you have to broaden your horizon by seeing other girls to differentiate between the good and bad ones.

    Linghu Chong snorted and said, Thats not necessary. Seeing Little Apprentice Sister is all I need. But I dont mind drinking a few cups of good wine.

    The chubby looking middle aged woman walked towards them. Welcome to our brothel house, sirs. We have good wine and beautiful women, she caressed Linghu Chongs back as she spoke.

    Linghu Chong started to feel uncomfortable. He stepped away from her and said. Okay. Just brings us a bottle of good wine."

    The chubby looking middle aged women nodded. Sure. Please take a seat, she led them to an unoccupied table.

    A waiter brought a pot of wine to their table minutes later. Linghu Chong poured himself a cup of wine and finished it in one gulp. Good wine! he commented satisfyingly.

    Lu Dayou reached his hand out at the pot and said, Big Apprentice Brother, let me have some wine too

    Linghu Chong pulled the pot away from him. The wine is for me. Youre only allowed to look at the beautiful women! he asserted.

    Yue Lingfeng and Yue Lingshan sat on a stone steps outside a shop as they waited for their apprentice brothers. Those two have been gone for so long and still not back yet. They must be up to something! Yue Lingshan snorted.

    We can walk around to look for them if you want, Yue Lingfeng suggested.

    Lets go! Yue Lingshan replied with a smile.

    Meanwhile inside a room upstairs the brothel house, a man dressed in white climbed into to the bed and tried to get close to Dongfang Bubai.

    Dont be in a hurry. Its no fun when you rush into it, she waved her sleeves lightly and forced him to back off. Why dont we have a chat first? she uttered in a soft and gentle voice

    The man dressed in white pulled himself to the back and frowned. What do you want to talk about? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai paused for a moment then said, For example, where are there so many swordsmen here over the last few days? Normally we seldom see so many martial artist exponent gathered here.

    The man dressed in white smiled and replied, Were here to deal with the devil cults Dongfang Bubai.

    Dongfang Bubai opened her mouth and looked at him in disbelief. Oh, how do you intend to do that? she asked.

    The man dressed in white smirked and said, Ill tell you once Ive dealt with you. He leaned forward and tried to get close to her again.

    Dongfang Bubai instantly lifted up her hand and waved her sleeve it at his face, forcing him to back off. If you dont tell me Ill not let you touch me, she smirked.

    Alright. Ill tell you. Weve gotten someone to challenge Dongfang Bubai to a duel. Once he shows up well poison his food and wine, the man dressed in white explained.

    Dongfang Bubai burst out laughing, Wow thats wicked.

    The man dressed in white laughed with her and said, Wickedness is the mark of a truly great man.

    Dongfang Bubai continued, This is the best joke that Ive ever heard. You call such a useless method a plan?

    The man dressed in white sneered and asked, What suggestions to you have in mind?

    Dongfang Bubai got out from the bed and said, There are many martial arts exponent up at the Dark Wood Cliff. There are the Heaven, Earth, Wind and Thunder division members, twelve flags leaders, ten elders and the left and right messengers. Years ago the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance tried to attack the Dark Wood Cliff but could not even find the route to the cliff. Its only a wishful thinking for you to poison Dongfang Bubai.

    She then sat at a table and continued, Furthermore, theres nothing that Dongfang Bubai doesnt know. Even those who are close to him are unable to poison him. Someone using a below average poisoning skills such as yours would have to die a hundred times.

    The man dressed in white glowered and asked, How would you know about all this?

    Dongfang Bubai rested her right arm on the table as she continued, Didnt you see the sign outside? Im Dongfang Bubai! After finishing her words, she flicked her finger and shot a needle at the mans head.

    The needle pierced the mans forehead in the blink of an eye. He jolted backward and fell into the bed motionless. There was a small red dot on his forehead.

    Didnt I tell you that shes very fast? she murmured softly.

    Subordinate pays respect to the Chief, a voice from outside said.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at the door and said in a stern voice, Come in.

    A man dressed in black walked into the room. He knelt and bowed at Dongfang Bubai. Chief, the information of all the sects and groups are in this book, he presented a book to her.

    Dongfang Bubai reached out for the book. Youve done well. Take care of that body lying in the bed, she flipped through the pages of the book as she responded to him.

    Yes, the man replied. He walked over to the bed, took out a small bottle from his chest pocket and poured some white powder on the dead body. The body slowly dissolved itself.

    Meanwhile, a fierce looking man dressed in green sitting downstairs struck the table and called out in a loud voice. Procuress!

    The chubby looking middle aged woman rushed toward him instantly. Yes sir, Im here.

    The fierce looking man placed his hands at his waist. Weve been here for a while now. Ive yet to see any beautiful woman around. You took my money without giving me what I want. Do you want me to demolish your shop? he spoke arrogantly.

    The chubby looking middle aged woman shook her head, as she said, Please dont. She quickly grabbed the courtesan closest to her and pushed her towards the man. Look at how beautiful Tao Hong is, she said.

    The fierce looking man held the courtesans chin up and took a closer look at her. Unappealing! Get lost!

    Huh? the chubby looking middle aged woman looked at the courtesan up and down. She sighed and yelled, You look so unattractive. Get lost! She then looked at the fierce looking man with a smile. Sir, please wait a while more. Ill get you Liu Hong. Shes gorgeous, she said.

    The fierce looking man looked around the place and noticed Dongfang Bubai walking down the stairs. She gracefully climbed down the steps smiling at those in front of her. Her countenance was absolutely stunning.

    Lu Dayou looked at her with his mouth wide open. Big Apprentice Brother! Look quick! he pulled Linghu Chongs sleeve.

    Linghu Chong swung his hand away from Lu Dayou. Whats there to look?! he turned around and saw the stunning looking Dongfang Bubai in the back. He fixed his eyes on her admiring her beauty in silence.

    The fierce looking man smiled lustfully. He pointed his finger at Dongfang Bubai and said, I want her. He charged towards Dongfang Bubai and tried to grab her arm.

    Dongfang Bubai instantly brushed her sleeve and slide away from him swiftly. Forget it. Im very tired. Well meet again next time, she said. She then turned around and walked towards the door.

    Looks like you dont want to live anymore. Renhao! After her! the fierce looking man shouted and reached the sword on the table.

    The other man sitting next to him got up from his seat and followed him from behind.

    Linghu Chong took another gulp of wine as he watched them from his seat. Lets go, he said.

    Lu Dayou looked at him. Where are we going? he asked.

    Save the young lady, Linghu Chong grabbed his sword as he replied.

    Dongfang Bubai exited the brothel house and walked off into the dark street. The two other men followed her from behind. They were the disciples of the Qingcheng Sect. The fierce looking one was Luo Renjie while the one accompanying him was Yu Renhao.

    Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou stepped out of the brothel and followed them from behind in discreet.

    Yue Lingfeng and Yue Lingshan were coming from the other side of the street. They spotted their apprentice brothers walked past them. Big Apprentice Brother! Yue Lingshan called out.

    Linghu Chong was so engrossed in trying to save Dongfang Bubai from those lecherous Qingcheng Sect disciples that he didn't hear his little apprentice sister's voice.

    Yue Lingshan folded her arms, Where are those two going?

    Yue Lingfeng shrugged and said, Well find out real soon. He turned to the left and went after his two apprentice brothers.

    After walking a short distance, Dongfang Bubai turned into a dark alley. The two Qingcheng Sect apprentices were still following her very closely. She intentionally lured them into the alley so that she could kill them without attracting any unwanted attention. She finally halted her steps and pulled a needle out from her sleeve.

    Luo Renjie and Yu Renhao also halted their steps. Renhao, go get her, Luo Renjie whispered.

    Just then, a male voice from behind said, Master has always told us that being members of the pugilistic world its important for us to know who the greatest heroes out there are! Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou had arrived at the dark alley too. Do you know who the recent most famous heroes are? Linghu Chong continued.

    Lu Dayou shook his head, Big Apprentice Brother, Im not sure.

    Linghu Chong looked at him and snorted, How ignorant! Of course its the famous Four Elegants of Qingcheng (Qingcheng Si Xiu).

    Luo Renjie and Yu Renhao turned around to look at the two Huashan Sect apprentices with smiles on their faces. They were glad that their names were renown within the pugilistic world. They were also impressed that the two passersby standing behind them could recognize them.

    Four Elegants of Qingcheng? Lu Dayou scratched his head confusingly.

    Linghu Chong nodded, Yes! Do you know why they are called the Four Elegants of Qingcheng?

    Lu Dayou looked at Linghu Chong and shrugged, Im not sure.

    Linghu Chong snorted, Youre not sure? Thats because they are not human, but beasts!

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips and grinned as she listened to Linghu Chongs words. She felt that he was very humorous.

    Yu Renhao stepped forward angrily, Damn you! Who are you?! How dare you insult us, the Four Elegants of Qingcheng!

    Linghu Chong turned his thumb up, Very classy indeed. Im Linghu Chong of the Huashan Sect.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head slightly and took a quick glance of Linghu Chong.

    So its Huashan Sects head disciple Linghu Chong! Yu Renhao commented. Our Qingcheng Sect and your Huashan Sect has never had any disagreement. Why are you insulting us?

    Linghu Chong responded with a shock on his face, I insulted you? He then looked at Lu Dayou and asked, Did I insult them?

    Lu Dayou shook his head and said, Of course not!

    Linghu Chong then looked back at the two Qingcheng Sect disciples and said, Exactly! No matter from which angle I look at them, they still look like beasts.

    Yu Renhao pointed his finger at Linghu Chong in anger, Linghu Chong! If you keep talking nonsense dont blame me for being impolite!

    Linghu Chong took a step back and heaved a sigh, Please dont be polite to me. Im really scared whenever someone is polite to me.

    Luo Renjie snorted, Dont waste your breath on him. Well let him have a taste of our Qingcheng Sects Pine Wind (Song Feng) Swordplay! With those words, he and Yu Renhao drew their swords and charged forward.

    Linghu Chong and Lu Dayou immediately fought back. A duel between the Huashan Sect and Qingcheng Sect disciples immediately broke out.

    Dongfang Bubai finally turned around to look at them, her eyes were ice cold and indifferent.

    After exchanging over fifty sword moves, Linghu Chong leapt forward, stood in front of Lu Dayou, executing a forceful semi-circle slash that drove his opponents to the back. The sword moves that you were using just now dont seem to be Qingcheng Sects Pine Wood (Song Feng) Swordplay! he commented.

    Yu Renhao smirked and said, You dont have to worry what kind of sword moves that were using. If we can defeat you then its a good swordplay!

    Linghu Chong raised his eyebrows, Oh I know! You guys were using the Stroke Attack (Zhong Feng) Swordplay!

    Nonsense! Yu Renhao raised his sword and made another dash towards Linghu Chong.

    Luo Renjie followed him from the side.

    Linghu Chong swung his sword upwards to parry a slash from Yu Renhao and subsequently swung it downwards to parry a slash from Luo Renjie. After that, he jumped up and simultaneously kicked them both in the chest.

    The two Qingcheng Sect apprentices tripped and fell flat on their back.

    Seeing that the winner had been determined, Lu Dayou went over to Linghu Chong with a smile. Liu Hou, did you see that? Its Qingcheng Sects greatest skill, bum backwards as the geese falls flat on to the sand move (pigu xiang hou, ping sha luoyan shi).

    Linghu Chong! Stop being arrogant! Yu Renhao got up, reached into his chest pocket and pulled out two hand bombs. Looks at this! He hurled the two smoke bombs at his opponent. The bombs hit the ground, exploded and filled the air with thick white smoke.

    Linghu Chong instantly hurried towards Dongfang Bubai. He grabbed her by the waist and made a quick leap towards the side.

    Dongfang Bubai was completely startled by Linghu Chongs sudden move. She quickly regained her senses and got her guard up.

    Lu Dayou stooped behind some barrels to take cover.

    Young lady, are you hurt? Linghu Chong looked at her, and asked with a smile. Dongfang Bubai shook her head with a sweet smile without saying a single word.

    Suddenly, a masked red figure somersaulted in the air, and landed behind the two Qingcheng Sect disciples.

    The two Qingcheng Sect disciples immediately turned toward the red figure. Who are you? Yu Renhao raised his sword, and asked abruptly.

    Shameless junior! Im Dongfang Bubai! the red figure said in a stern female voice. The red figure was actually Yue Lingshan in disguise. She wore a face mask and had her back facing the two Qingcheng Sect apprentices so that they couldnt see her properly.

    Yu Renhao was startled. Dongfang Bubai?! Senior Martial Brother, were no match against him. We better get out of here quick! he stammered.

    Luo Renjie returned his sword into the scabbard, and said, So, its Senior Dongfang. Please forgive junior for not recognizing you. He bowed at Yue Lingshan with his hands cupped. He then patted Yu Renhaos arm and walked away.

    Yue Lingshan remained still and waited for them to leave.

    As the two Qingcheng Sect apprentices walked passed her, Luo Renjie suddenly grabbed the mask and pulled it off from her face.

    Yue Lingshan was startled. She immediately took ten steps back. How dare you! she yelled angrily.

    The two Qingcheng Sect disciples burst out laughing.

    Its Little Apprentice Sister! Linghu Chong quickly rushed towards her.

    Who would have guessed that the great and illustrious Dongfang Bubai is really just a little girl? Luo Renjie sneered. This is the funniest joke that Ive heard in a long time.

    Yue Lingshan snorted and said, You just look down on people! She paused and then continued, Ive not finished my words. Im Dongfang Bubais (Eastern Invincible) cousin Xifang Shibai (Western Failure)!

    Linghu Chong contained his laughter by putting a hand over his mouth.

    Dongfang Bubai was enjoying herself in the back watching them from behind. The moment she heard Yue Lingshans word, she had to purse her lips to contain her laughter.

    Luo Renjie smirked, Then youre destined to fail! Renhao!

    Yes! Yu Renhao reached for another bomb and hurled it at Yue Lingshan.

    Linghu Chong quickly grabbed Yue Lingshan by the arms and pulled her away.

    With a flick of her fingers, Dongfang Bubai shot the needle at the bomb and produced an explosion in the air.

    Suddenly, a cold ray flashed past the top of the two Qingcheng Sect disciples heads. The hair band strapped around their hair split open while their hair fell loosely over the shoulders. It's sword energy. Luo Renjie trembled.

    A black figure somersaulted towards the dark alley and landed in front of the two Qingcheng Sect apprentices. Qingcheng Sect disciples, if you want to live I would suggest that you leave right now, Yue Lingfeng returned the long sword into the scabbard and said in cold voice.

    This is getting out of handwed better leave now Luo Renjie helped his apprentice brother up and slowly limped away.

    Yue Lingshan walked up to Yue Lingfeng. Big Brother! Since when did you learn such powerful sword skills? she asked excitingly.

    Yue Lingfeng shrugged, These are just some basic sword energy that I learned from Adopted Father a while ago.

    Linghu Chong patted Yue Lingshans shoulder gently. Little Apprentice Sister, are you alright? he asked.

    Yue Lingshan looked at him angrily and said, Dont tell me that it took you that long to buy something and that you had to come all the way to this dark alley to buy it!

    Linghu Chong shook his head, Nono. I came here to rescue a young lady. He turned around looking for Dongfang Bubai but she was no longer there. She has disappeared. Linghu Chong's jaw dropped.

    Theres a young lady involved as well?! Yue Lingshan asked angrily. Youve a lot of explanation to do mister! She then turned to the around and walked away angrily.

    Little Apprentice Sister! Linghu Chong started running after her.

    Lu Dayou and Yue Lingfeng followed him from behind.

    Dongfang Bubai hiding behind the corner wall took a peep at them. Linghu Chong? she muttered, with a smile on her face.

    After travelling for many days, Dongfang Bubai finally returned to the Dark Wood Cliff. Dressed in a man clothing, she stepped into the main hall.

    A girl exited from a corridor and walked toward her. Chief, youre back. I hope everything went well, she bowed and said.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at her indifferently. With me going personally how can anything go wrong. Is everything in the cult ok? she responded coldly.

    The girl nodded and replied, All is good. Yu Niang made some birds nest soup. Why not Chief have some?

    Dongfang Bubai replied with a smile, Okay.

    The girl filled a bowl with some soup and handed it Dongfang Bubai.

    Dongfang Bubai placed the bowl to her lips and finished the soup in one gulp. She then looked at the girl and returned to bowl to her.

    The girl pursed her lips and had a worried look on her face.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at her suspiciously. Whats wrong with you? Youre acting strange, she commented.

    The girl looked at the empty bowl and stuttered, I.

    Dongfang Bubai casted a quick glance at the bowl and then looked back at the girl. She immediately rose from her seat and threw the bowl to the ground. She then pressed her stomach with her right hand and stared at the girl viciously. You poisoned me!

    The girl dropped down to her knees. Subordinate deserves to die. Subordinate has an unexplainable reason for doing this. Please forgive me she explained.

    Dongfang Bubai raised her arm and shouted angrily, Ill kill you! She started feeling an abdominal pain, threw up a mouthful of liquid and fell down to the ground. Blood trickled down from the corner of her mouth.

    Chief, please go in peace. In the next life Ill do whatever it takes to repent my sin the girl sobbed.

    Dongfang Bubai closed her eyes and hit the floor motionlessly.

    The girl bowed at her three times before pulling herself up and leaving the main hall.

    After leaving the Dark Wood Cliff, the girl went straight to an inn at a nearby town. She pushed a room door open stepped inside.

    There was a young man dressed in blue standing at a window, pondering to himself inside the room. He turned around and rushed toward her. Yu Niang, did you succeed? he asked anxiously.

    The girl nodded with a smile.

    The young man reached out and embraced her. Thats great. Ive made a major accomplishment for the Songshan Sect, he said with a smile.

    The girl nodded with a long smile in her face. A thought suddenly came to her mind. She step away from him and asked, Ah Long, what about us?

    The young man was startled and could not answer her. He turned away and took a few steps forward to avoid her. Yu Niang, its against the orthodox sect rules to be with a follower of the devil sect. I was thinking that at once youve accomplished this task I can beg Master to permit us to be together. But if people know that we had to rely on a girl to help us destroy the evil, we will lose face in the martial arts world

    Yu Niang looked at him confusingly and asked, Ah Long, what do you have in mind then?

    Im thinking of. the young man paused for a moment as he slowly pulled a knife out from his sleeve. He then turned around and drove the knife at the girls heart. Ill have to be unfair to you! he yelled.

    Suddenly, the door flew wide open. A stone flew straight at the young mans hand, knocking the knife off his grip.

    Dongfang Bubai dashed into the room and stood in front of the young man. She shot her hand out and struck his chest with her fingers, sealing his acupoints. After that, she sent a palm strike to his chest. Her speed was incredible fast.

    The young man skidded to the back and knocked against the window.

    Dongfang Bubai stood beside the girl and looked at her, Yu Niang, is it worth betraying me for a man like that?

    The girl looked at Dongfang Bubai astonishingly. She could not believe that Dongfang Bubai was still alive. Chief she called out with her mouth wide open.

    Dongfang Bubai glared at her coldly, If a little poison can kill me so easily I would have died over a thousand times already. She then looked away and continued, I can see that you still have some loyalty towards me. After finishing her words, she extended her hand and manipulated a stream of light around the knife, pulling it up from the floor.

    She handed the knife to the girl, Kill him personally and I will spare your live.

    The girl hesitantly took the knife from Dongfang Bubais hand. She turned around and walked toward the young man.

    The young man was so scared that his face turned pale. Yu Niangdont do it he shuddered.

    The girl raised the knife into the air and plunged it into her own abdomen. She let out a loud cry and fell backward.

    Both Dongfang Bubai and the young man were astonished by her action.

    Dongfang Bubai rushed toward her and propped her from the back. Yu Niang, why are you so silly? she sighed.

    The girls eyes were filled with tears as blood trickled from her wound. Its becauseI love him. Chief, you dont know howsweet can love be Im willing to trade my life for it she gasped.

    The young man was just startled by her words.

    Dongfang Bubai sneered, Youre just too silly.

    The girl responded, Im not silly. Chief, youre just too busy managing the cult and planningon how to strengthen the cult like every other day. One day when you do meetsomeone whom you loveyou would definitely She died before finishing her final words.

    Yu Niang Dongfang Bubai heaved a sigh. She then raised her eyebrows and glared at the young man viciously. What is love? she asked in a cold voice.

    The young man heaved a long sigh, Im not sure either

    Dongfang Bubai grabbed the girls hand, pulled the knife out from her wound and aimed it at him. She then hurled the girl at him in a flash. The knife in the girls hand pierced into his chest. Then you should go and ask Yu Niang to teach you, Dongfang Bubai said as she rose from the floor

    The young man groaned in pain and fell sideways toward the ground motionless with the girl lying on top of him.

    End of Chapter 2
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    I just love how you Captivate My Mind

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    What's with the major blocks of space and spacing?
    I will readjust the spacing. Thanks for pointing it out and Happy Lunar New Year Year Suet Seung! Nice of you to pop by.

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    Thanks for update!

    Can't wait for the next chapters...
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    Happy Lunar New Year!! So far I really like the changes... The evil Yue Lingfeng... I presume... Hehe

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    The Lingfeng character seems to be ahead of LHC in sword art, as he is able to generate sword energy.

    Are szfong's suspicions right? Is LF gonna turn evil?

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    I've been reading your blog. Thanks for posting it here. Happy Chinese New Year.

    Thanks and Happy Lunar New Year Chongdong Bubai! By the way I like your name

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    Happy Lunar New Year!! So far I really like the changes... The evil Yue Lingfeng... I presume... Hehe
    Thanks for the continuous support szfong!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Happy New Year.

    This is good work. Surprised you could write so quickly.

    The Lingfeng character seems to be ahead of LHC in sword art, as he is able to generate sword energy.

    Are szfong's suspicions right? Is LF gonna turn evil?
    Hi Mandred! Thanks for dropping by. I've written some drafts earlier but did not have the time to fine tune it. In fact in my last draft I stopped at the part where LHC and DFBB spent some time in the cave. All I need is some finalized some details and post it up gradually.

    Lingfeng is going to be RYY companion. He had a bad romance experience in the past but his encounter with RYY will show him that there is still hope in life as long as you don't give up
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    Default Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    A group of Huashan Sect disciples were busy carrying some food supplies into the main hall.

    Ning Zhongze took a quick look at the items. After that, she walked up to her husband and said, Senior Apprentice Brother, ChongEr and them are a little mischievous at times but they do get their tasks done properly. Today is the third day and all the items you wanted are already here.

    Yue Buqun knitted his brows and hummed annoyingly. They have also caused much trouble while they were away! he shouted angrily.

    The other Huashan Sect disciples looked at their master in shock. From the tone of their masters voice they could tell that the matter was very serious.

    Ning Zhongze was astonished by her husbands words. Trouble? What did they do this time? she asked.

    Yue Buqun heaved a sigh and pointed to a side table on the pedestal. Go take a look yourself, he replied.

    Ning Zhongze went up to the pedestal and picked up a piece of note on the side table. After finishing reading the note, she turned to look at her husband and said in shock, How did ChongEr end up offending Qingcheng Sect?

    Yue Buqun turned around and replied annoyingly, How would I know? Where is our precious eldest apprentice?

    Meanwhile, Linghu Chong was busy making an apology to Yue Lingshan in the garden. He crouched in front of Yue Lingshan and raised a doll in blue with his right hand. Miss, may I ask what made you so angry? he asked in a soft voice.

    Yue Lingshan frowned and angrily went over to seat on another bench to avoid him.

    Linghu Chong turned toward her and raised another doll in green with his left hand facing it at the doll in blue. My Big Martial Brother has been naughty. He went out to play without telling me and even went to help another woman, he frowned. It was as though the two dolls were interacting with each other. He then shook the green doll and continued, Im so jealous and bitter

    Yue Lingshan casted a side glance at her with a grin on her face. Whos jealous? Dont think so highly of yourself, she turned around and looked away.

    Linghu Chong sat right next to her and said, You smiled. Smiling means that youre no longer angry with me.

    Yue Lingshan pursed her lips and replied annoyingly, In future, youre not allowed to lie to me again. If you ever lie to me again I wont bother about you ever again! She turned to look at him angrily.

    Linghu Chong immediately raised the doll in blue. I wont lie to you every again, he asserted.

    Yue Lingshan looked away embarrassingly and asked, Was the girl good looking?
    Linghu Chong raised his eyebrows and asked, What girl are you talking about?

    Yue Lingshan slapped his arm and sneered, Youre still pretending to be dumb!

    Linghu Chong replied loudly, I dont even remember what she looks like!

    Yue Lingshan smiled and responded, Really?

    Linghu Chong nodded, Really! He then looked into her eyes and said, How about this? If I ever lie to you again, you can use Chongling Sword art to stab me a few times, okay?

    The both of them started laughing.

    Yue Lingshan suddenly thought about something. Talking about Chongling Sword art, there are still a few moves at the end that weve yet to figure it out, she sighed. She paused and looked at Linghu Chong, I wanted to ask father but he doesnt like us practicing anything unrelated to the Huashan sword arts.

    Linghu Chong folded his arms around his chest and silently thought to himself.

    Yue Lingshan held Linghu Chongs arm and added, Big Apprentice Brother, if we cant perfect these moves then this sword art would go to waste.

    Linghu Chong grinned and said, How is that possible? Both of us are so smart, how can we not figure it out? How about we try it out?

    Lets go, Yue Lingshan replied with a smile.

    The two of them drew their swords and started exchanging slow sword stances. They smiled at each other warmly while performing the sword moves. They spent years together figuring out each move meticulously. After performing the twentieth move, the two of them stood side by side and thrust their swords forward.

    Yue Lingshan bent her head sideways looking at the sword. What do you think our next move should be? she asked.

    Linghu Chong looked at her and replied, I know! He gently led the two swords into the air, executing a semi-circle slash and finally held Yue Lingshan by the waist as the two of them leaned backwards with the swords pointing to the top.

    Yue Lingshan was delighted to see the new moves. These few moves are great, she said with a smile. She placed the sword behind her back and asked, Big Apprentice Brother, how did you come up with it?

    Linghu Chong replied with a grin, The other day when I fought against the Qingcheng Sect disciples, I found their sword arts unusual. These moves that I just added to our sword arts are the same ones I used to counter their moves.

    Yue Lingshan grinned, The moves are not bad indeed. Can you perform the sword moves a few times for me to see?

    Linghu Chong nodded, Sure!

    He walked to the front and swung his sword downward demonstrating the sword moves that he had recently developed from fighting against the Qingcheng Sect apprentices.

    Yue Buqun arrived at the scene and noticed his eldest disciple performing sword moves that were not related to the Huashan Sect. He glared at Linghu Chong agitatedly.

    Afterward, Yue Buqun brought him to a room and closed the door behind them. Did you really create those sword moves you while fighting the Qingcheng Sect disciples? he asked in a stern voice.

    Linghu Chong nodded, Its the truth, Master! Disciple would never to lie to Master.

    Yue Buqun responded, Instead of spending more time learning our sects own sword arts youre wasting your time coming up with your own weird sword moves! Martial arts training is a long process and should be learned step by step. As the saying goes

    Linghu Chong lowered his head and interrupted his master, Haste makes waste He has heard these same words for years and has literally memorized it.

    Yue Buqun looked at him angrily and said, Its good that you know it! Listen to me carefully, you are not allowed to blindly create your own martial arts skills again!

    Linghu Chong narrowed his eyes and bowed at his master hesitantly. Yes, disciple will follow Masters instructions, he replied.

    Yue Buqun walked over to him and patted his shoulder. Master is doing this for your own good. You dont have a solid foundation like your Second Junior Apprentice Brother. Its very easy to suffer fire deviation when you practice your martial arts recklessly.

    Linghu Chong smiled, Dont worry Master. Disciple wont do it again.

    Yue Buqun nodded with a grin. He then pulled a small piece of paper out from his sleeve. ChongEr why dont you take a look at this, he handed the note to Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong unfolded the paper and took a look at it.

    Yue Buqun walked over to a chair and took a seat. This was written to me by Qingcheng Sects leader, Yu Canghai. What do you think we should do now? Yue Buqun asked.

    Linghu Chong folded up the paper and walked up to his master. Master! They were the ones who started harassing a lady first! he grunted.

    Yue Buqun sighed and replied, Its the imperial courts responsibility to handle such matters not you! Every sect in the martial arts community should join forces to battle the devil cult. What you did would only bring trouble to our Huashan Sect.

    Linghu Chong lowered his head and said, Disciple will not commit the same mistake again next time.

    Next time is next time! I want you to personally go to Qingcheng Sect and apologize to Head Master Yu. I will get Denuo go with you, Yue Buqun said.

    Linghu Chongs eyes widen in shock, Hah?!

    Yue Buqun continued, Remember this, every sect in the martial arts community should get along harmoniously.

    Linghu Chong knew that there was no way he could convince his master to go back on his words. He complied with his masters instructions by responding with a bow. Yes, Master.

    Yue Buqun gesticulated and said, You may go out now.

    Linghu Chong cupped his hands and said, Disciple is leaving now. He stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him.

    Yue Buqun got up from his seat and walked over to a book rack. He reached for a wooden box with the words Sunflower Scripture inscribed on the cover. He started recollecting the sword moves that Linghu Chong was performing in the garden. Strange. The moves that ChongEr created were all meant to counter those ordinary moves that Master taught me. Could it be that our missing secret martial arts manual has something to do with the Qingcheng Sect?

    Linghu Chong walked down the stone steps with his arms around his chest.

    Big Apprentice Brother! Yue Lingshan called out from behind. She ran toward him and grabbed his arm. Big Apprentice Brother, did father punish you? she asked.

    Linghu Chong replied agitatedly, Dont talk about it anymore. Master penalized me severely this time.

    Yue Lingshan was startled by his words. Dont tell me father sentenced you to the Repentance Cliff? she asked.

    Linghu Chong sneered, This punishment is even worse than being sentenced to the Repentance Cliff!

    Yue Lingshan was getting even more concerned. What is it? she asked.

    Linghu Chong turned away and sighed.

    Yue Lingshan went in front of him and asked concernedly, What did my father say?

    Linghu Chong frowned at her and started mumbling, Master saidMaster said

    What exactly did my father say?! Yue Lingshan asked impatiently.

    Linghu Chong looked her in the eyes and said, Master said he would have you marry me

    Yue Lingshan was delighted. So fast? she asked with a smile.

    Linghu Chong started laughing as he replied, You actually believed this?

    Yue Lingshan pursed her lips and stared at him angrily. Here I was worried about you but all you did was trick me! Im not going to bother about you anymore! she shouted angrily. After finishing her words, she turned around and walked away.

    Linghu Chong ran passed her and held her back. Dont be upset. I was just playing around with you, he explained apologetically.

    Yue Lingshan smirked and replied, Everything about you is good except that youre never truthful! She pulled his sleeve and asked again, What did father say?

    Linghu Chong sighed and replied, Master wants me to go to Mount Qingcheng to apologize to Qingcheng Sect. This Yu Canghai is really petty. He propped his hands on his waist and grunted, Hes a head master of a sect but yet he tattled me out to Master!

    Yue Lingshan smiled and said, Dont worry. Ill tell father than I will be accompanying you to Mount Qingcheng.

    Linghu Chong shook his head, Better not. Master is going to get angrier at me if you say this to him.

    Yue Lingshan glared at him annoyingly. She was hoping that she could go with him so that she would not be bored in the mountain by herself.

    Linghu Chong placed his hands on her arms and smiled, How about this? You just stay here on the mountain. Once I return Ill take out to eat.

    Yue Lingshan shrugged his hands off and turned away with a depressing look on her face. Mount Hua is so far away from Mount Qingcheng. It would be a long time before I can see you again! she yelled. By now you should know that in the entire Mount Hua, youre the only one who plays with me. With you gone there wont be anyone else to play with me? Who will practice sword arts with me? You also know that if I dont heart stories in the night I wont be able to sleep.

    Linghu Chong narrowed his eyes trying to think of a method to please his little apprentice sister. He placed his hand on her shoulder. How about this? Big Apprentice Brother will find some friends to play with you tonight? he grinned.

    Yue Lingshan turned to look at him. Friends? Really? she asked with a smile.

    The moon was already up above. Yue Lingshan pulled the doors open and peeked to the left and right. There was not a single soul outside. She angrily shut the door and murmured, Bad Big Apprentice Brother! Stinky Big Apprentice Brother! He said that he would find some friends to play with me. Its already so late but theres not even a single soul! Hes lying to me again!

    Right at that moment, there was a knock on the door. Little Martial Sister! Little Martial Sister! Linghu Chong called out.

    Yue Lingshan rushed forward and pulled the door open excitingly. What surprise do you have for me this time? Yue Lingshan asked in a cold voice.

    We need to go inside your room to see it, Linghu Chong replied with a smile. He pushed her into the room and closed the room door. He pulled out a lantern brightly lighted with fireflies from a sack and placed it on the table

    Yue Lingshan looked at the lantern excitingly. Its beautiful she commented.

    Linghu Chong grinned, Beautiful right? Big Apprentice Brother didnt lie to you, right? These new friends will be able to keep you company for days.

    Yue Lingshan nodded with a long smile. Big Apprentice Brother, you do have your ways, she grinned.

    Linghu Chong replied, As long as it makes Little Apprentice Sister is happy, Big Apprentice Brother is willing to do it. He then looked outside and said, Alright! Its getting late. You should get some sleep, Im leaving.

    Big Apprentice Brother! Wait Yue Lingshan ran over to him and embraced him from behind. Big Apprentice Brother, I really like this lantern. Im really happy, she added.

    Linghu Chong gently patted her hand. He then turned around and replied, Im really happy too. Really.

    Yue Lingshan just smiled at him.

    Linghu Chong reached out and gently caressed her cheek.

    Good heavensis he going to embrace me or kiss me? Yue Lingshan thought to herself. Her cheeks started blushing.

    Linghu Chong slowly leaned towards her.

    Yue Lingshan quickly closed her eyes excitingly as she waited to receive her first kiss.

    Just as he was about to kiss her, he started feeling embarrassed and halted his movement. Get some early rest he whispered.

    Yue Lingshan immediately opened her eyes and looked at him disappointingly.

    Linghu Chong patted her should and walked out of the room.

    Yue Lingshan slammed the door behind her in anger. Her heart was filled with disappointment.
    Mount Qingcheng was extremely quiet that morning. Linghu Chong and Lao Denuo sat inside a store room waiting for someone to attend to them. A man carrying a tray with a teapot and two cups walked into the room. He placed the tray on a table, My Master is busy and is unable to see you at this moment. Appreciate if you could wait for a while. The man was Yu Renhao, the Qingcheng Sect apprentice that Linghu Chong encountered outside the brothel days ago.

    Yu Renhao then exited the store room and closed the door behind him.

    Linghu Chong folded his arms and snorted, This Head Master Yu seems to be really busy. If thats the case, lets go down the mountain for some wine first.

    Lao Denuo grabbed him by the shoulder to stop him. Senior Martial Brother, were here to apologize. No matter what, weve to show some sincerity. If someone comes to get us and see's that were not around, it would make things worst.

    Linghu Chong let out a frustrated scream and stomped his foot. How long do we have to wait? he asked.

    Lao Denuo said, Well just wait here. If they continue to ignore us then its them who are going against the code of chivalry. Lets just wait a while more.

    Alright! Well just do as you say, Linghu Chong hesitantly sat on a stool and leaned against a wall.

    Three hours had passed and none of the Chengqing Sect apprentices came to get them. Lao Denuo had dozed off while sitting on a staircase. Linghu Chong stretched his arms as he woke up from his short nap. This Yu Canghai is too much! We came here to apologize sincerely but hes making us wait for so long. Im sure that hes doing this on purpose, he complained to himself. A thought suddenly came into his mind. Let me go and see if that Yu Canghai is really so busy. He slowly pulled the door open and walked out of the store room.

    Linghu Chong turned to the left and walked along a corridor. There were some noises coming through a wall down on the right. Feeling curious he climbed on a nearby tree to take a look.

    A group of Qingcheng Sect apprentices were practicing their sword skills at a courtyard. Yu Canghai was sitting under a shade watching them. He suddenly grabbed a stone and hurled it at one of the apprentices hand. The Qingcheng Sect apprentices hand became numb and instantly dropped the sword.

    Renyan! What are you doing?! How come your moves dont have any strength at all? Are you practicing the way I instructed you to? Yu Canghai said, as stepped out of the shade. Yu Renyan was his son.

    Yu Renyan sighed, Of course I did. Father, I just feel that this Resisting Evil (Bixie) Swordplay is useless. Why do we have to practice it diligently?

    Yu Canghai snorted. What do you know? Years ago the Brocade Guards Chief Commander Lin Yuantu gained prominence in the pugilistic world with the use of his seventy two moves of the Resisting Evil Swordplay. He even defeated your Grandmaster Priest Chang Qing, he said.

    Yu Renyan chuckled, He defeated Grandmaster Chang Qing? Father, you must be joking! Grandmaster Chang Qing was the number one swordsman in the entire Western region. Resisting Evil Swordplays moves may be complicated but it has no power. It can never be compared with our sects Pine Wind Swordplay. Father, did you remember this wrongly?

    Yu Canghai to the side and said, Im not too sure about this either. But according to your Grandmaster Chang Qing the Lin Famiys Resisting Evil Swordplays moves may look ordinary but it contains secrets beyond our imagination. The practitioners moves are said to be faster than the wind, like ghosts, making it difficult for anyone to defend against it. I want you to practice it diligently not because I want you to uncover its secrets. In fact, I already have other plans.

    Luo Ren Jie walked up to his master, and said. Master, you sent people to the capital city to keep an eye on the Lin Family because you have something in mind?

    Yu Renyan immediately responded, and said, Father, when are we going to take action against the Lin Family then?

    Yu Canghai smiled coldly. I received reliable information from the capital city saying that Lin Zhennan had recently retired and will be returning to his ancestral home. Without the imperial courts protection theres no way that hes can to escape from me! Yu Renyan gave a thumbs up excitingly.

    Linghu Chong shook his head and smirked, Who would have thought that the Qingcheng Sects Chief would do something so devious. No wonder his apprentices are such beasts.

    The sun had set behind the mountains. Yu Renhao led Linghu Chong and Lao Denuo into a long hall. Yu Canghai sat on a dais drinking a cup of tea. The two Mount Hua Sect apprentices cupped their hands and bowed at Yu Canghai.

    Ive read the letter your master sent to me. The Gentleman Sword is a true gentleman. Every word written in the letter is courteous and respectful. Junior Brother Linghu, old man is sorry to hear that you got punished by your master.

    Linghu Chong pretended to feel guilty by replying in a solemn voice, Head Master Yu please dont mention it. Junior was impulsive and deserved to be punished.

    Lao Denuo stepped to the front, Head Master Yu, my Master instructed us to bring you some gifts and hopes that you will forget about the whole matter.

    Yu Canghai laughingly said, Head Master Yue is too courteous. He made a hand gesture, instructing Luo Ren Jie to receive the gift from Lao Denuo. Please inform Head Master Yue that the Qingcheng Sect and Mount Hua Sect has always had a good relationship. Apprentices from both sects were just being naughty. You dont have to take it seriously.

    Linghu Chong thanked him with a bow, Chief Yu is very forgiving indeed. If theres nothing else well be on your way.

    Yu Canghai made another hand gesture, signaling them to leave. Linghu Chong and Lao Denuo turned around and walked towards the doorway.

    Suddenly, Yu Canghai darted towards Linghu Chong and kicked his backside. Linghu Chong tripped and fell to the floor. The other Qingcheng Sect apprentices started laughing hysterically.

    Junior Brother Linghu, this is our Qingcheng Sects famous Wild Goose Falls On Flat Sand move (Png Sha Luo Yan Sh). Please dont forget this, Yu Canghai snorted.

    Linghu Chong turned around and stared at him furiously.

    Now get lost! Yu Renyan made a rude hand gesture as he yelled.

    Lao Denuo propped Linghu Chong by the shoulder and walked him out of the long hall.

    After returning to the Mount Hua School, Lao Denuo and Linghu Chong told their Master and Mistress about the whole incident at the Qingcheng School.

    Ning Zhongze sighed, This Yu Canghai is really too much. As a Senior Martial Arts Master he shouldnt have sneaked attack a junior.

    Yue Buqun clenched his fist in anger, and said, Chong Er, how could you peek at them while they were practicing their martial arts skills? This is a big taboo of the pugilistic world. No wonder Chief Yu attacked you!

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at his master and said, Master, I didnt mean to peep. Besides, the moves that they were practicing were obtained dishonestly! Its calledthe Resisting Evil Swordplay. I heard that its the Lin Familys swordplay and it belonged to the Brocade Guards Chief Commander Lin Yuantu. Let me show it to you. He quickly drew his sword performed a series of sword moves.

    Yue Buqun rose from his seat and looked at Linghu Chongs sword moves astonishingly. Arent these moves the ones Master imparted to me years agohow did the Qingcheng Sect end up learning it too? And its related to Lin Yuantu? he uttered to himself.
    Lin Yuantu he murmured as he walked down from the dais.

    Ning Zhongze smiled at her husband. Senior Martial Brother, you must have forgotten. His grandson is the current Brocade Guards Chief Commander, Lin Zhennan. His martial arts skills may be ordinary but he comes across as someone righteous and the emperor favors him. He is also well respected by the people from the pugilistic world. Weve met him a few times before.

    Yue Buqun hummed softly, Now I remember. Decades ago the Lin Family and Qingcheng Sect had some dispute. Back then, Lin Yuantu was famous for his seventy two moves of the Resisting Evil Swordplay. He defeated many prominent figures from the underworld and held a senior position in the imperial court that gained him much fame and admiration. Because his great fame at that time, even orthodox members of the pugilistic world went to challenge him. Yu Canghai's master, Priest Chang Qing was also defeated by his Evil Resisting Swordplay.

    Linghu Chong walked up to his master, and said, Master, he held grudge against Lin Yuantu just because he was defeated in a martial arts competition? This Priest Chang Qing is pretty much the same as Yu Canghai.

    Yue Buqun grinned and said, Losing in a martial arts competition does not necessarily create grudges. Furthermore, Lin Yuantu had already gained his fame years ago and was considered as a senior master in the pugilistic world. Priest Chang Qing on the other hand was only a little Taoist priest making entry into the pugilistic world. It wasnt a big deal for a junior to lose to a senior. He paused for a moment and then continued, Its been said that Priest Chang Qing died at the age of thirty six. My guess is that he couldnt put the incident behind him, and finally died of depression.

    Ning Zhongze puckered her brow, Now decades later, why would Yu Canghai suddenly make all of his apprentices practice the Resisting Evil swordplay? This is really strange.

    Linghu Chong replied with a snort, The Qingcheng Sect is so narrow-minded that they would use whatever methods to get revenge.

    I think so too. If it was Lin Yuantu who died before Priest Chang Qing then Yu Canghai should have gone after Lin Yuantus son Lin Zhongxiong. But for some reason, he waited till now to take revenge. Yu Canghai is shrewd and scheming. Looks like there is going to be a fierce battle between the Lin Family and Qingcheng Sect.

    Ning Zhongze looked at her husband, Martial Brother, if a fight really breaks out, what will be the outcome?

    Yue Buqun responded by saying, Yu Canghais martial arts skills have surpassed his master, Priest Chang Qing. Outsiders are unaware about Lin Zhennans martial arts skills, but my guess it that its probably inferior to his grandfathers. One had advanced and one had slipped back. Before the real fight even begins, the Lin Family already has a seventy percent chance of losing. Furthermore, Lin Zhennan has recently retired. He no longer has any support from the imperial court. This time Qingcheng Sect is definitely going to plan out a surprise attack on him. The Lin Family will be defeated for sure. No doubt about it.

    If Lin Zhennan is able to get help from his in-laws, the Golden Blade Wang Yuanba in Luoyang City to help out they might be able to put up a decent fight, Ning Zhongze said.

    Linghu Chong stepped forward, Master, do we want to report this to the Lin Family so that they can take precautions?

    Yue Buqun interrupted him right away, Nonsense! We cant simply interfere with grudges of the pugilistic world.

    Master, didnt you always teach us to help those in need? Linghu Chong argued.

    Silence! I have another task for you. On the fifteenth of next month is the retirement ceremony of your Martial Uncle Liu. I want you to bring him a gift and tell him that Ill be arriving shortly.

    Linghu Chong looked at his master discontentedly and replied, Yes, Master.

    Afterward, Linghu Chong and Yue Lingshan sat at the top of the fallen tree chit chatting. Yue Lingshan looked at Linghu Chong disappointingly, Big Apprentice Brother, are you really going to Hengyang City tomorrow? With you gone and Im going to be bored to death again.

    Linghu Chong patted her shoulder and smiled, Master wants me to deliver a gift to Martial Uncle Liu. Dont worry well be able to catch up when master brings you to Hengyang City to attend Martial Uncle Lius retirement ceremony next month.

    Yue Lingshan crumpled a leaf in her hand, Thats going to be another half a month before we get to see each other again! Im going to miss you for sure

    Linghu Chongs face started to blush. Ill miss you too he murmured.

    Later that night, Linghu Chong sat inside his room, eating peanuts as he pondered about his relationship with Yue Lingshan. She was the first girl that he had ever met. They grew up together, trained martial arts together and played together. He was wondering if his master and mistress would allow him to marry Yue Lingshan. He hummed and tossed a peanut into his mouth.

    Just then, there was a knock on the door. Who is it? Linghu Chong tossed another peanut in his mouth.

    ChongEr, its Mistress, a female voice from the outside said.

    Linghu Chong got up and walked to the door. He quickly pulled the door open for his Mistress.

    Youre still awake? Ning Zhongze walked into the room.

    Its still early. Mistress, please take a seat, he pulled a stool out for her.

    Ning Zhongze sat down and said, Youre leaving tomorrow. I made some medicine for you to bring along. She placed two small bottles on the table. She then reached into her sleeve and took out some silver pieces. Take this money with you too. Go buy yourself something nice to eat.

    Linghu Chongs heart was deeply touched. Thank you Mistress he said in a low voice.

    Ning Zhongze grinned, You entered the Mount Hua Sect when you were only fifteen years old. In my eyes, youre the same as Lingshan and Lingfeng.

    Hearing her words, Linghu Chongs heart was filled with gratitude. Among all the disciples Yue Buqun has ever taken in and adopted, Yue Lingfeng was the only who could follow his surname. The moment he saw Yue Lingfeng could already tell that this kid had the perfect body stature to learn martial arts and carried an elegant aura. Since he did not have a son, he felt that Yue Lingfeng would be his most ideal successor. Linghu Chong was just touched when he heard that his mistress treated him the same as Yue Lingfeng.

    Sometimes your master is a little too much. There are so many apprentices but yet he only sends you out for any errands. Youre leaving again tomorrow Ning Zhongze sighed.

    Linghu Chong knew that his Mistress cared a lot about him and had always treated him like her own son ever. He grinned and said, Mistress please dont be like that. Ill return from this trip real soon.

    Ning Zhongze nodded with a grin, Thats right. Youll return real soon. If you kids were to leave for many years I wouldnt know how to spend my days. When I was younger I couldnt understand this feeling. Now that Ive become a mother I finally understand the complicated feelings of being a mother, the fear that her son does not return. She sighed, and continued, Alright, rest early and have a safe journey tomorrow.

    Linghu Chong lifted up his head and nodded, Yes, Mistress.

    Ning Zhongze rose from the stool and walked out the door.

    Mistressthank you, Linghu Chong said. His eyes were filled with warmth and gratitude.

    Ning Zhongze patted his arm before she walked away.

    Inside a meditation room, Yue Buqun knelt at a memorial board and said, Master and honorable ancestors, disciple has finally lived up to your expectations. Disciple found out that those remaining sword moves are actually the Lin Familys Resisting Evil Swordplay. Although disciple is not sure how the Lin Family is connected with our sect in the past but in order to flourish Huashan Sect and not let you all down, disciple will do disciple's best and stop at nothing to find out the secrets behind the Resisting Evil Swordplay. He cupped his hands and bowed at the memorial board three times. May you all watch over apprentice in heaven, he added.

    The morning sun has risen. Yue Lingshan sat on a tree branch whispering to a bird. Little bird, Im so boredBig Martial Brother is gone again. When big martial brother is at Mount Hua the whole place would be so lively! Now that hes gone the entire place is quiet and dull. There is also no one around to play with me. Father wouldnt allow me to wander about eitherthis is so boring!

    Ning Zhongze walked to garden and called out for her daughter. ShanEr! Why are you sitting so high? Come down! she said.

    Yue Lingshan hopped off from the tree branch and gently glided towards her mother. She landed on the ground and reached for her mothers arm. Mother, you wanted to see me? she asked with a smile.

    Ning Zhongze smilingly shook her head, Youre so playful.

    Yue Lingshan walked her mother back to the school. Im not a child anymore. Im Mount Hua Sects leaders daughter. My lightness skills (qinggong) are great.

    Ning Zhongze grinned, Are you still angry with your father because he didn't allow you to follow your Big Martial Brother to Hengyang City?

    Yue Lingshan heaved a long sigh, Does father intend to lock me up in the school forever?

    Your father is worried that if the two go together, you will stir up trouble, Ning Zhongze said with a smile.

    Yue Lingshan instantly replied, I can take a different road and there wont be any trouble.

    Ning Zhongze chuckled and said, Do you think that Ill believe you?

    Yue Lingshan pulled her mothers sleeve repeatedly. Mother, cant you just close one eye? she frowned.

    Ning Zhongze patted her daughters arm. Okay. I noticed that you havent had the mood to practice your martial arts skills lately. Your father is sending Lingfeng and De Nuo to Lin Zhennans residence to take a look. Why dont you go with them?

    Yue Lingshan jumped joyously. Really? she asked excitingly.

    Ning Zhongze gesticulated and said, But youve to promise me that youll not to create any trouble and that you will listen to your Second Martial Brothers instructions.

    Yue Lingshan gave her mother a hug. Mother, your daughter is very obedient. So theres nothing to be worried about. Furthermore, Big Brother will look after me, she replied.

    End of Chapter 3

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    Default Chapter 4

    It was a chilly morning in Fuzhou City. A ship sailed along the river slowly. A handsome and refined young man around the age of nineteen leaned against a rail, enjoying the cold breeze. His name was Lin Pingzhi, the son of retired Brocade Guards Chief Commander Lin Zhennan.

    Two other young men standing at a corner were murmuring among themselves.

    Right at that moment, Lin Pingzhi noticed a mysterious figure floating in the river water, looking at the ship. Hey is that person there spying on our ship?! Lin Pingzhi shouted.

    The mysterious figure was in fact Yue Lingshan. She was dressed in a peasant clothing. The moment she heard Lin Pingzhis voice, she immediately sank herself into the river.

    The two other men ran towards to him. Where is it? I dont see anything, Young Master, a man said.

    Lin Pingzhi pointed to a floating object in the water. There it is! He climbed over the railing, dived into the river and went after Yue Lingshan.

    Yue Lingshan swam to bottom of the river. She noticed Lin Pingzhi coming after her. She quickly turned around and swam away as fast as she could. Father told me not to act rash. If this kid finds out that Im skilled in martial arts, what am I going to say? she thought to herself.

    Lin Pingzhi closed down on her. She finally halted and turned around to confront him. Thinking that she was some crook Lin Pingzhi instantly struck his palm out at her shoulder and sent her gliding backwards. Yue Lingshan stretched both her hands forward seeking for help.

    Oh no! She doesnt know martial arts! Lin Pingzhi said to himself. He quickly swam towards her, grabbed her waist and swam to the shore.

    The two of them lied on the ground to catch their breath. Lin Pingzhi looked at her, Miss, are you alright?

    Yue Lingshan stared at him angrily, and said, Who are you? Why are you trying to catch me?

    Lin Pingzhi just smiled. From the tone of your voice, you should be fine, he responded. Before I forget, why were you circling around our ship?

    Yue Lingshan snickered, Whos circling around your ship? Im a pearl collector. She stood up, reached into a pouch and took out a seashell. See! I was only collecting pearls!

    With one glance Lin Pingzhi knew that it was a seashell and not a pearl. Seeing that she did not look like an evil person he decided not to argue any further her. So that was it. Sorry miss. I thought that you were some crook, he said.

    Did you think that you can just get away by just saying sorry? Yue Lingshan snorted. I dropped all my other pearls into the water because of you!

    Lin Pingzhi took a piece of silver out from his pocket. Thats no big deal. Ill pay you for all the pearls that you have lost, he handed piece of silver to her.

    So what if youve money? Can you buy everything with money? Yue Lingshan pushed his hand away.

    What do you want me to do then? Lin Pingzhi grinned.

    Yue Lingshan turned away and said, Forget it! Today is probably my unlucky day! But if you ever get in my way again Ill not let you off so easily! She then tucked the seashell into the pouch and walked away. Lin Pingzhi placed his hands at his waist and he looked at her. There was a smile on his face. Her straightforward and nave personality caught his attention.

    After walking for a few meters Yue Lingshan halted her steps. She felt pain under her right foot. She lifted her foot and noticed a small cut wound.

    Lin Pingzhi immediately ran up to her. Miss, youre bleeding," he said. He folded his arms and said, Where do you live? Ill carry you home.

    Yue Lingshan gave him an awkward look. Carry me? That doesnt seem very appropriate she said in a low voice.

    Lin Pingzhi chuckled, I doubt that you can walk home by yourself.

    Alright! But make sure you dont drop me! she asserted.

    Lin Pingzhi laughingly said, I wont. He turned around and bent his knees.

    Yue Lingshan slowly climbed onto his back. There was a sweet smile on her face. Lin Pingzhi was the third man who had ever carried her in her entire life. Linghu Chong and Yue Lingfeng were the other two.

    Lets go, he started walking away.

    The two henchmen took a boat to the shore. They hopped off from the boat and ran towards Lin Pingzhi. Young Master! they called out for him. What are you doing?!

    Lin Pingzhi halted his steps. Theres some misunderstanding between me and this young lady. Her leg is bleeding so Im sending her home.

    Young Master, how can someone of your status carry a peasant? Let me do it, one of the henchmen said.

    Yue Lingshan shook her head, No way! It is improper for men and women to have physical contact. Im already feeling uncomfortable to have you carry me. Now you want another man to carry me?! Ill not allow it!

    Lin Pingzhi grinned, Alright then. Just let me carry her home myself. I can do it.

    After walking many miles, they arrived at a tea stall. Lao Denuo was disguising as an old man running the tea stall. He was busy serving some patrons at the tea stall.

    Father! Yue Lingshan called him out. Lao Denuo walked up to them. WanEr (Yue Lingshans fictitious name) what happened? he asked worriedly.

    Lin Pingzhi slowly put Yue Lingshan down to the ground.

    Yue Lingshan limped forward and reached for Lao Denuos hand. Father, your daughter was taken as a thief! I almost couldnt make it back! she muttered angrily.

    Lao Denuo looked at Lin Pingzhi, What happened?

    Uncle, Im sorry. I accidentally hurt your daughter. Let me know if youd like me to compensate. Ill do all I can, Lin Pingzhi said politely.

    Lao Denuo shrugged, Thats alright. This girl has been pampered since she was young.

    Yue Lingshan pretended to be annoyed by yelling at her apprentice brother discontentedly, Father!

    Dont be rude! Lao Denuo interrupted her.

    Yue Lingshan grinned and walked away.

    Young Master, you carried this girl all the way here thus you must be thirsty by now. Why dont you take a rest and have some tea, Lao Denuo suggested.

    One of the henchmen stepped forward, Thanks for the offer. But we still have things to do. He looked at Lin Pingzhi. Young Master, lets go.

    Lin Pingzhi smilingly said, No hurry. Weve walked such a long distance. Im feeling a little. Its just a cup of tea. It wont take too long. Our ship will be reaching the shore soon anyways.

    Lao Denuo pointed at a table, Young Master, this way please.

    Lin Pingzhi obligingly sat at an unoccupied table.

    Ill make you a nice pot of tea, Lao Denuo said. Alright. Thanks, Lin Pingzhi replied happily. The two henchmen just stood behind Lin Pingzhi to keep a look out.

    All of a sudden, two horsemen barged into a barrier. They were Yu Renyan and Yu Renhao of the Qingcheng Sect. Yu Renyan pulled the reins of his horse with all his strength and got it to a standstill. Has the horse gone mad? Why cant I control it? he grunted.

    Yu Renhao replied, No worries. After a while youll be fine. Lets go back for now.

    Lao Denuo hurried towards Yu Renyan. Sir, both of you has damaged my tea shop. How can you just leave like that?

    Yue Renyan kicked Lao Denuo in the shoulder, and sent him off his feet. Get lost! he yelled abruptly. Unmindful son of a turtle! Did you seek for our permission to do business here?!

    Yue Lingfeng who was disguising as Lao Denuos son ran out of the shack and rushed towards Lao Denuo. Father! Are you alright? he asked. Your bullies! How could you damage our tea stall and hit my father!

    Kang Er (Yue Lingfengs fictitious name)lets not start any troubleweve a business to run here, Lao Denuo sighed.

    Yu Renyan dismounted from his horse and walked over to them. He threw a punch at Yue Lingfeng chest. Yue Lingfeng protected himself with his inner energy but still forced himself to fall backwards so that Yu Renyan would not know that he was skilled in martial arts.

    Yue Lingshan heard some loud noise and rushed out of the shack. She walked up to Yu Renyan and stared at him viciously. Who are you? So rude! First you damaged my fathers stall and now youre even hitting him and my brother!

    Yu Renyan dismounted from his horse to a closer ok at her. This lass here looks quite beautiful, he said with a sly smile. How about becoming my wife?

    Despicable! Yue Lingshan reprimanded.

    Yu Renyan frowned, Whats so despicable about this? Little girl, my teeth are pretty white. Do you want to try and have a kiss? He reached out his right hand and tried to touch Yue Lingshans shoulder.

    The girl quickly knocked his hand away, Stay away from me!

    Yue Lingfeng clenched his fist in anger. His eyes suddenly shone with murderous intent.

    Lao Denuo quickly grabbed Yue Lingfengs hand tightly while shaking his head, indicating to him to keep clam.

    Lin Pingzhis anger flared. He slapped the table hard and stood up, How dare you! Harassing and hitting a lady broad daylight! Didnt your mother teach you any manners?!

    Yu Renyan smirked, Hey! Where did this pretty boy come from? Youd better mind your own business or else Ill cut you up as well.

    Lin Pingzhi replied arrogantly, Try it if you dare.

    Yu Renyan threw a punch at Lin Pingzhi' chest. Lin Pingzhi blocked to the left. He then returned a punch to Yu Renyans face. Yu Renyan blocked the punch and simultaneously kicked Lin Pingzhi in the chest. Lin Pingzhi stumbled backwards and fell down.

    The two henchmen quickly helped Lin Pingzhi up from the ground. How dare you hit me! Lin Pingzhi charged towards Yu Renyan kicked him in the chest. Yu Renyan stepped sideways to dodge the attack. The two of them got into an intense hand to hand combat.

    Ling Pingzhis henchmen tried to help him out. Yu Renhao grabbed one of them from behind, punched him in the face and then slammed him to the ground. The other henchman confronted Yu Renhao, and threw a punch at his face. Yu Renhao evaded the attack and returned a fierce punch to his abdomen, knocking the henchman off his feet.

    Lin Pingzhi and Yu Renhao were still trading blows in the open. Yu Renhao swung his leg around in a semicircular motion, striking Lin Pingzhi in the face. Lin Pingzhi tripped and fell. Yu Renhao stomped on Lin Pingzhis stomach numerous times. Do you still want to be a hero?!!

    Yue Lingshan clenched her fist in anger. Just as she was about to go forward to help Lin Pingzhi, Lao Denuo quickly grabbed her wrist and stared at her sternly.

    Yue Lingshan shrugged his hand off her and continued to watch Lin Pingzhi getting beat up.

    One of Lin Pingzhis henchmen got up, grabbed a wooden stick and charged towards Yu Renyan. Young Master!

    Yu Renyan heard the henchman's heard his footsteps hurrying behind him. He instantly turned his body away from the henchman and pushed the back leg straight toward the henchmans face. The henchman crashed to the ground.

    Lin Pingzhi pulled a knife out from his boot and charged towards Yu Renyan furiously. The moment Yu Renyan turned around he felt a deep pain in his chest. Lin Pingzhi had thrust the knife right into his chest. Yu Renyan gave a little shiver. His body fell sideways and lied on the ground.

    Yu Renhao ran towards Yu Renyan. Junior Apprentice Brother! Junior Apprentice Brother! he cried out.

    Yu Renyan had stopped breathing. You killed my Junior Apprentice Brother! Yu Renhao looked up at Ling Pingzhi and shouted angrily.

    Lin Pingzhi shook his head as he muttered, He brought this to himself. He deserves it!

    Yu Renhao pointed his finger toward Lin Pingzhi and said, Just wait! Well certainly take revenge on you! After finishing his sentence Yu Renhao turned around, mounted his horse and rode off.

    The two henchmen limped towards Lin Pingzhi. One of them looked at him and said, Young master, what should we do now?

    Lin Pingzhi took a deep breath to calm down. A man takes responsibility for his own actions. Bury the body first, he pointed at Yu Renyans corpse.

    The two henchmen nodded their heads.

    Lin Pingzhi dropped the knife to the ground. He then walked up Lao Denuo and handed a piece of silver to Lao Denuo. Uncle, take this and pretend that nothing happened. You should leave this place at once, he said.

    Yes Lao Denuo thanked him with a bow.

    Lin Pingzhi then turned around and walked away with his henchmen.

    Yue Lingshan smiled as she looked at them, He looks like a responsible man.

    Lao Denuo sighed, Unfortunately, the one dead is Yu Cang Hais son. Im afraid that the Lin Family will be in big trouble this time.

    Yue Ling San looked at him worriedly. After all that Lin Pingzhi had done she was convinced that he was a good man. She felt that it would be a pity to see a good man like him get killed by the ruthless Qingcheng Sect apprentices.

    Yue Lingfeng clenched his teeth and sneered, We are not going to just stand around and let those Qingcheng Sect disciples go after the Lin Family right?

    Second Apprentice Brother, Master strictly instructed us not to take any action, Lao Denuo responded.

    The wind was howling that night. Lin Pingzhi leaned against the rail at the side of the ship mulling over the incident back at the tea stall. Since it was his first time killing someone he couldnt stop feeling troubled.

    Suddenly, a figure appeared behind him, thrusting a pipe towards his back. Lin Pin Zhi heard the rustling sound coming towards him. The moment he turned around to retaliate, the pipe had already struck his left shoulder. Pingzhi, whats wrong with you today? If I was an opponent, do you think that youd still have your shoulder? Lin Zhennan asked.

    Under normal circumstances he would have been able to counter the attack. The incident at the tea stall had affected him mentally. Lin Pingzhi lowered his head as he replied, Sorry father. Ill be more careful the next time.

    Checking on Pingzhis martial arts progress again? Madam Lin exited a cabin. She patted Lin Pingzhis arm. Pingzhi, are you alright? You look like youre ill? she asked with concern.

    Lin Pingzhi nodded, Im just a little tired.

    Madam Lin smiled and said, I made some supper. Lets go in and have some food while we chat.

    The three of them sat around a table inside a cabin eating and drinking. Lin Zhennan handed a manual with the words Resisting Evil Swordplay to his son.

    Lin Pingzhi held the book with both his hands. Resisting Evil Swordplay? Father isnt this our familys martial art? he asked curiously.

    Lin Zhennan nodded his head, Your Great Grandfather used this very swordplay to defeat many martial artist experts. Later on, our family decided to work for the imperial court and stopped involving ourselves in the affairs of the pugilistic world. Unfortunately our enemies who held grudges against us remained. I kept this manual away from you over the last few years because I wanted to avoid our enemies, especially Yu Cang Hai of the Qingcheng Sect. His master Priest Chang Qing lost to your great grandfather decades ago. This person is narrow-minded and troublesome. Fortunately everything is fine now.

    Lin Pingzhi looked at his father confusingly, Everything is fine now?

    Madam Lin patted her son on the shoulder. Your father has retired. Thus, he sent gifts to Yu Cang Hai in hope that we can turn hostility into friendship. A few days ago, we received a reply from Yu Cang Hai saying that everything can be talked over. Decades of dispute can finally be resolved. You father also hopes that you can inherit the Resisting Evil Swordplay and glorify our familys martial arts skills.

    Lin Zhennan rose from his seat, heaving a sigh. Unfortunately this Resisting Evil sword manual is incomplete. Other than the seventy two moves, there are another set of secret techniques within the swordplay which is not in the manual.

    Father, where are the other set of techniques then? Do you know the techniques? Lin Pingzhi asked.

    Lin Zhennan shook his head, I dont know the other set of secret techniques. The techniques had gone missing even before your great grandfather handed this manual down to your grandfather.

    Lin Pingzhi smiled and said, Dont worry father. I will certainly figure out its secret someday.

    Lin Zhennan made a disapproving hand gesture. No! No way! he snapped his son out of it.

    Lin Pingzhi frowned, Why not?

    Lin Zhennan looking at the floor, and sighed, Youll understand someday. Now is not the time.

    A henchman hurried into the cabin. His eyes were filled with fear. Lord Lin.Ah Zhen is dead he said in a trembling voice.

    What? Lin Zhennan uttered in shock. He glanced at his wife and son. The three of them got up from their seats and walked out of the cabin.

    The henchman led them into a bathroom. There was a dead body lying next to a bathtub. Lin Zhennan stooped down and examined the body. The heart and liver have been ruptured, he commented. However, there isnt any physical wound. This is probably Chengqing Sects renowned Heart Crushing Palm.

    Madam Lins heart started pumping fiercely. Thats impossible! Chief Yu clearly accepted our gifts and replied our letter, she asserted.

    Lin Pingzhi thought aloud, Could it be related to the two men this morning?

    What? Lin Zhennan got up from the floor. What happened this morning?

    Lin Pingzhi hesitated, and said, This morning I saw a perverted guy picking on a girl. I couldnt stand it so I taught him a lesson. Somehow I lost control of myself and killed him by accident.

    Lin Zhennan puckered brow, What were the martial arts moves that they use?

    Lin Pingzhi pondered for a minute trying to recall the moves Yu Renyan used to attack him. He then stepped to the side and performed a set of punches and kicks. Those were the moves that he could the moves that he could remember.

    Lin Zhennans face turned pale in fright. Thesethese are Qingcheng Sects martial arts moves he said. Oh no! Looks like a new feud started before the old one got resolved. He gave his son a stern look in the eyes. How did you all deal with the body after you killed him?

    Ah Shi, Ah Zhen and I buried it, Lin Pingzhi replied.

    The ship went ashore. Lin Zhennan and Lin Pingzhi led some henchmen to the location where Yu Renyans body was buried. Two henchmen held a shovel each and started digging the soil to recover the body. After digging only a short while, the two henchmen spotted something under the soil. Sir, we found something! one of the henchman jumped into the hole and took a glance at the body. Its Ah Shi! he screamed in horror.

    Lin Zhennan stared at the dead body in anger. Looks like its really related to what happened this morning! he yelled.

    A man should be responsible for what he did. Ill go and reason it out with the Qingcheng Sect. Since theyre part of the orthodox group Im sure that theyll be reasonable.

    Lin Zhennan grabbed his sons hand and held him back. Regardless of orthodox or unorthodox sects, they are all members of the pugilistic world. Members of the pugilistic world express themselves through the use of their martial arts skills. Even if you go and explain it to them, they may not necessarily listen to you.

    Lin Pingzhi frowned, What should I do then? He knew that this incident had become more serious than he expected it to be. He was hoping that his father who had more experience living in the pugilistic world could think of a way to resolve the whole matter.

    Since youve been targeted it wont be easy to get away from it. Our only chance is to run off to your grandfathers residence, Golden Blade Wang Family. He would be able to ask renowned members of the pugilistic world to help clear this out. What we can only do now is stay out of trouble and wait, Lin Zhennan explained.

    Lin Zhennan stood next to a window pondering to himself. Madam Lin walked into the cabin. Youre still up? she patted his shoulder. Lin Zhennan sighed, How can I sleep with this kind of thing happening? Im just wondering whats going to happen next.

    Madam Lin tried to comfort her husband and said, Dont worry. They can trick on us on the shore but were now travelling by the river. No matter how formidable the Qingcheng Sect is they cant possibly do anything to us here.

    Lin Zhennan placed his hand around his wife's shoulder, Its better to be safe. Weve finally endured my retirement. I thought that the Emperors emblem could protect us against those corrupted high ranking officials. Who would have thought that we would now encounter this problem? He pulled a chair out for his wife. Heaven probably feels that the first half of our life was too smooth.

    Madam Lin grinned, No matter what happens Ill stay with you. As long as I can be with you nothing else matters anymore. But weve to make sure that we keep our child safe.

    Dont worry I will, Lin Zhennan said. He filled a cup up with tea. Something is not right, he said in a disturbing voice.

    What is it? Madam Lin started to get worried.

    Why is it so quiet? Normally even if everyone is asleep you can still hear the footsteps of the watchmen. But right now Lin Zhennan said.

    Lin Zhennan and his wife exited the cabin. They realized that the ship was on a not moving as it should be. There were three henchmen lying still at the front. Lin Zhennan checked on the three of them and realized that they were dead. Lin Zhennan clenched his fist and said in a loud voice, Who is there?! Is it friends from the Qingcheng Sect? Come out and fight me if you dare! Come out!

    Madam Lin looked around the ship in fear. She quickly calmed herself down and walked to her husband. Dont be like this. They dont dare to confront us face to face because they fear your Evil Resisting Swordplay. Theyre sneaking on us to scare us in hope that well become irrational. You mustnt fall into their trap!

    Without further delay, Lin Zhennan led his wife and son to the bottom deck of the ship. He pulled opened a door on the floor and dived into the water below. Lin Pingzhi and Madam Lin then took turns to jump into the water. Before the three of them could even make a move to swim away, a big net was casted at them. They soon found themselves caught in the net, unable to get out of it.

    Six men armed with swords swam towards their direction. They were apprentices of the Qingcheng Sect.

    Lin Zhennan generated his inner energy and very quickly tore the net with his bare hands. He then grabbed his wife and son's arm and swam back to the ship.

    Lin Zhennan gasped for air, and said, Never thought that these people could swim so well

    Madam Lin responded, I heard that Qingcheng Sect has a martial art skill called Turtle Breathing Method. Once youve mastered it you can stay under water for a long period of time.

    Its true that theres always someone more capable out there. I thought that they were afraid of my martial arts skills. It didnt strike my mind that they want to trap the three of us here, slowly torture us to death.

    Lin Pingzhi decided not to drag his parents into this mess. Father, its all my fault. I dont want the two of you to endure any sufferings because of my mistake. Ill go and lead them away! he said courageously.

    Lin Zhennan interrupted him, Pingzhi! This is not the time to be immature. Theres some gunpowder on the ship. The only way to avoid them from keeping a close watch on us would be to blow up the ship.

    Minutes later, a sudden explosion went off at the lower of the ship. The force of the explosion was so great that it knocked three barrels on the upper deck into the water. Each barrel contained a member of the Lin Family. Lin Zhen had it all planned out. His wife and son would hide in the barrels while he went to the lower deck to light up the gunpowder. He made sure that he had sufficient time to make his way back to the upper deck to take cover inside the other barrel. He felt that it was the best way for them to escape without the Qingcheng Sect apprentices noticing them.

    The sun has risen. Lin Pingzhi ran through a forest looking for his parents. He got separated with them after escaping from their ship. He was really worried that his parents had fallen into the hands of the Qingcheng Sect. The more he thought about it, the more he more frightened he became.

    Pingzhi! a voice from the opposite direction called for him. He halted and looked towards the direction of the voice. It was his father, Lin Zhennan. He was happy to see that his father was alright. Lin Zhennan ran over to him. Are you alright? he asked.

    Lin Pingzhi nodded, Yes. Wheres mother?!

    Lin Zhennan casted a quick glance around the forest. She must be nearby. Lets go and look for her, he said.

    After walking a short distance, Lin Zhennan suddenly halted his steps. He smelled a whiff of nasty scent. Why is there a peculiar smell? he looked at his son. Lin Pingzhi took a long sniff and noticed that the scent was coming from his clothing. Its coming from us, he replied.

    Lin Zhennan paused for a moment and then continued, I know! The Qingcheng Sect people were afraid that we would escape so they smeared something on our ship. Thats why there is still smell! He looked around and said, Looks like theyll find us real soon.

    Lin Pingzhi sighed, What do we do then? Lin Zhennan quickly replied and said, First take off your outer garment then smear some mud on yourself! Lin Pin Zhi followed his fathers instructions. He was really hoping that it would work.

    There were loud noises of people shouting coming from the distance. They must have found us! Well to take cover right away! Lin Zhennan pulled his son towards a bush. They crouched behind the bush and waited to see who it was.
    Yu Renhao and Luo Ren Jie were escorting a woman that had her head covered by a black sack and her hands tied through the forest. Lin Pingzhi recognized the woman by looking at the color of her clothing. It was his mother that they had captured.

    Junior Apprentice Brother, this forest is not that big. Lets search around, Luo Ren Jie said.

    Yu Renhao grinned, Dont worry! With this woman in our hands theres no way the father and son will run away. He then looked around the forest. Lin Zhennan! Listen up! Your wife is in our hands! You better come out! Otherwise dont blame me for being nasty! he grabbed the woman from behind and punched her in the abdomen.

    The woman started yelling in pain as she struggled to break away from her captors.

    Lin Pingzhi tried to get up to rescue his mother but Lin Zhennan quickly pulled him back. Pingzhicalm down he whispered.

    Luo Ren Jie smirked, This father and son are so heartless!

    Yu Renhao pushed the woman forward, Well wait and see! He reached for a rope, tied the woman to a tree and started hitting her with a whip.

    I want to save mother Lin Pingzhi struggled to get up. Lin Zhennan pinned his son down with his hand. Dont do it he responded.

    After hitting the woman for over a minute, Yu Renhao finally stopped. He threw the whip to the ground, Looks like this isnt working. Lets think of something else to play! He drew his sword and plunged it into the ground, right under the woman, with the edge facing upwards. He then used fire tube to set the rope on fire. This rope will break real soon. You two better think properly whether you want to continue hiding or come out and save her!

    Lin Zhennan stared at the woman trying to determine if she was really his wife. He was worried that it was another trap setup by the despicable Qingcheng Sect apprentices.

    Once this rope breaks, this woman will fall right onto the sword. This is your last chance! Yu Renhao yelled.

    Keep hiding if you want her to die, Luo Ren Jie chuckled.

    Lin Pingzhi clenched his teeth as he watched the rope burn. He opened his mouth and bit his fathers arm to break himself free.

    Lin Zhennan let out a cry in pain and immediately he pulled his hand away from his son. Lin Pingzhi got up and ran towards the woman. Mother! he yelled.

    The rope finally snapped. The woman fell off from the tree and landed on the sword. The edge of the sword pierced through her abdomen killing her instantly. Lin Pingzhi looked at the woman fell to her death in shock. He stooped down at the woman and slowly pulled the black sack off the womans head. The woman wasnt Madam Lin.

    After knowing that it wasnt his mother Lin Pingzhi let out a sigh of relieved. A hand flashed towards him, grabbing him by his throat. Didnt I tell you that it would easy to catch this kid! Yu Renhao pulled Lin Pingzhi up from the ground with his right hand. He then punched Lin Pingzhi on the right side of his face with his left hand, and sent Lin Pingzhi swaying to the left. Luo Ren Jie stepped forward and took his turn to punch Lin Pingzhi on the left side of his face. The two Qingcheng Sect apprentices burst out laughing as they to punch and kick Lin Pingzhi relentlessly.

    Madam Lin arrived at the scene. Seeing that her son was in trouble she rushed towards them hurriedly. Lin Zhennan spotted his wife. He got out from his hiding place and went forward to help his son as well.

    Yu Renhao stepped behind Lin Pingzhi, grabbed his shoulder with his left hand while his right hand gripped him by his throat. Stand back or Ill kill him! he yelled.

    Lin Zhennan and Madam Lin had no choice but to stay still. Eight other Qingcheng Sect apprentices carrying swords rushed out from their hiding place and moved in on Lin Zhennan and his wife. Because of Lin Pingzhis lack of experience roaming the pugilistic world his parents were finally captured by the Qingcheng Sect apprentices.

    Weve captured all three of them now! Senior Apprentice Brother, this plan of mine work very well! Yu Renhao said.

    Luo Ren Jie nodded, Well done! Looks like youll be the best candidate to succeed our master.

    Yu Renhao chuckled, Youre just flattering me. He then looked at Lin Zhennan, and said, Lin Zhennan! You should have
    stayed on the ship and wait for your death rather than giving us all this trouble. You better dont blame me for being rude to you now!

    Lin Zhennan replied by saying, Weve been very respectful to Chief Yu. Why are you still treating us this way?

    Yu Renhao snorted, Respect? Your son killed our Masters only son. Do you still call that respect?! You better pray that my Master kill you with one strike and not torture you to death. Take them away! He turned around and dragged Lin Pingzhi away with him.

    Lao Denuo slowly pushed a door and walked into a room. He went out early this morning to gather information about the Lin Family

    Yue Lingshan and Yue Lingfeng were waiting inside the room. Yue Lingshan rose from her seat. "Third Apprentice Brother, how are things?" she asked.

    Lao Denuo sat on a chair and replied, "The Lin Family's ship exploded last night. The three of them tried to escape but got captured by the Qingcheng Sect apprentices an hour ago. Looks like they will be bringing the Lin Family survivors back to Mount Qingcheng."

    Yue Lingshan hummed, "Didn't expect the Qingcheng Sect apprentices to be so evil. I've already sent a pigeon message to father but he hasn't arrived yet. What should we do now?"

    Lao Denuo replied, "Little Apprentice Sister, I know what you're thinking. But do not act rashly. Don't forget what Master told us."

    Yue Lingshan pursed her lips with a frustrated look on her face. "But I cant just let them die and not save them! Besides, that kid did help me once."

    "No matter what it is. This is the Qingcheng Sect and Lin Family's personal matters. Since Master has not arrive we must be extra careful. We musn't have any conflict with the Qingcheng Sect yet. Besides, this time Yu Cang Hai is here personally. If something happens to you what am I going to tell Master?," Lao Denuo continued.

    "I don't care! I'm saving him for sure!" Yue Lingshan asserted.

    Yue Lingfeng folded his arms around his chest and said, Little Sister, Ill save the kid for you.

    Lao Denuo interrupted in a stern voice, Second Apprentice Brother, weve been instructed by Master not to do anything rash.

    Yue Lingfeng just ignored him. He then turned around and walked out of the room.

    Yue Lingshan ran after Yue Lingfeng. That kid has a good heart. He helped me once she commented.

    Yue Lingfeng replied, Ive already said that Ill do it. Dont worry.

    The sky was getting darker. The Qingcheng Sect apprentices decided to take a rest inside an awaken cottage. The Lin family members sat against a wall with their hands and legs tied up.

    Suddenly, a loud scream sounded from the back. Yu Renhao and Luo Renjie drew their swords and dashed to the back immediately.

    A shadow flashed by the door. The other eight Qingcheng Sect apprentices jumped up with their sword drawn. A black figure jumped in from the broken roof and instantly kicked all the eight of them in the back of their heads. The Qingcheng Sect apprentices fell to the ground and yelled in pain. The black figure then grabbed Lin Pingzhi by the collar and pulled him out of the cottage.

    Lin Zhennan and Madam Lin looked at each other with a smile. They were so glad that someone came to rescue their only child. As long as Lin Pingzhi was safe they did not really care about their own fate.

    Luo Renjie and Yu Renhao fought hand in hand against another black figure in the backyard. The black figure attacked them with similar sword moves. Yu Renhao raised his sword to parry a strike and took fifteen steps back. Who are you?! How did you learn the sword skills of the Qingcheng Sword School? he cried out in disbelief.

    The black figure didnt answer. He waved his sword outwards, discharging a strong gust of wind at the two of them, and knocked them off their feet. This is called the Qingcheng Sect famous Zhong Feng (Stroke Attack) swordplay! the black figure said. He then turned around, leapt into the air and vanished into the dark.

    The other black figure who rescued Lin Pingzhi moments ago held his arm as they ran through the woods. The black figure finally pulled the black cloth off from her face. She was Yue Lingshan.

    Lin Pingzhi gave her a surprising look. How come its you? Why are you here? he asked in disbelief.

    "You helped me once so Im just returning a favor, Yue Lingshan smiled and replied.

    So you know martial arts? Lin Pingzhi asked.

    Yue Lingshan snorted, Youre trying to tell me that if I know martial arts I cant work at a teashop? Are you being suspicious of me? If I was a bad person why would I save you?

    Lin Pingzhi heaved a sigh, Miss, you misunderstood me. Thats not what I meant

    Yue Lingshan covered her nose with the black cloth, as she whiffed a horrible smell coming from Lin Pingzhi, You smell bad she uttered.

    Lin Pingzhi looked at himself and took a sniff. He noticed that the smell was coming from his clothes. He quickly took off the outer garment.

    Luo Renjie led eight men to the area. This way! he yelled. I already smell the aroma on him. He must be nearby. Search the area!

    Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi quickly crouched down into the bushes. So the scent on you is a trap set by them, Yue Lingshan whispered.

    Lin Pingzhi said, I dont really care what happens to me. Im just afraid of involving you.

    Yue Lingshan grinned, Dont worry about me. Even if they catch me they wont dare to do anything to me.

    Lin Pingzhi snorted and clenched his fist, Ill just go and deal with them!

    Yue Lingshan quick pulled him back. Impatience will spoil great plans. You still have to save your parents.

    Lin Pingzhi shook his head. But theyre getting closer he said distressingly.

    Yue Lingshan picked up the piece of outer garment from the ground. Dont worry. Ive an idea, she grinned. She held the outer garment over her head and ran away.

    Luo Renjie spotted a figure running out from the bushes. After him! he pointed his finger at Yue Lingshan. The eight men immediately ran after Yue Lingshan.

    After running a short distance, Yue Lingshan stopped and hid behind a tree. The Qingcheng Sect showed up seconds later. Luo Renjie caught a whiff of the scent. Search the area! he yelled.

    Yue Lingshan stayed in her position and remained calm.

    Luo Renjie spotted a piece of fabric sticking out of a tree. With a cold smile on his face, his drew his sword and walked towards the tree.

    All of a sudden, a stone flew at him and struck his face. He lost his balance and tripped to the side. Who is it?! Show yourself! he regained his balance and yelled in anger.

    Shameless juniors! If you dare take another step forward Ill crush all of you to bits! a furious voice coming from the dark asserted. The Qingcheng Sect apprentices looked at each other in alarm.

    Go away! the furious voice roared.

    Luo Renjie panicked, Lets go! He turned around and ran away. The other Qingcheng Sect apprentices followed him from behind.

    Yue Lingshan stepped away from the tree. She slowly looked around the area, and said. May I know who is this senior who came to help me? Im truly thankful! she cupped her hands and said.

    Yue Buqun and a group of Huashan Sect apprentices appeared behind her. Yue Lingshan quickly turned around and ran towards them. Father! she called out joyfully.

    Yue Buqun said in a stern voice, We met Denuo while we were on our way here. I heard about all the trouble that youve caused. Luckily it was just a bunch of nobodies. If it was Yu Canghai himself who was here our sect would have no choice but to get into a feud with the Qingcheng Sect.

    Yue Lingshan frowned, Your daughter was only trying save someone.

    Yue Buqun hummed, Where is Lin Pingzhi now?

    Yue Lingshan quickly replied, In order to help him I lured those Qingcheng Sect people away and got separated with him.

    Yue Buqun sighed, Looks like this matter is becoming very serious.

    Later, the Huashan Sect apprentices gathered around at a nearby shore to take a rest.

    Yue Buqun placed his hands behind his back looking at the river waters.

    Yue Lingfeng was still awake and noticed that something was troubling his adopted father. He walked up to Yue Buqun and bowed at him. Adopter Father, is everything all right? he asked.

    Yue Buqun turned toward him and asked, Are they all asleep?

    Yue Lingfeng nodded, Yes, theyre all asleep.

    Yue Buqun continued, FengEr, I need you to come to a place with me.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at adopted father and asked, What place?

    Yue Buqun turned to the left and walked away. The Lin Familys burnt ship, he said.

    A group of Qingcheng Sect apprentices were at the coastline searching through some wooden boxes. Yu Canghai was there with them. Those boxes were from the Lin famiys ship that had fell into the water after the ship sank. Most of the items which they found were clothing. Search carefully! Yue Canghai yelled.

    Yue Buqun and Yue Lingfeng crouched behind the bushes at the top of a hill. Looks like Yu Canghai brought so many people here with him for the sake of the Resisting Evil Sword manual, Yue Buqun whispered.

    The entire Lin Family was killed because of the sword manual. Yu Canghai is really wicked, Yue Lingfeng commented. I guess its retribution that he lost son.

    Yue Buqun nodded and said, FengEr, Im going off now. I need you to go back to to get your apprentice siblings and bring them to Hengyang City to attend your Martial Uncle Lius retirement ceremony with ChongEr. Ill try to find the Lin couples whereabouts and also that kid called Lin Pingzhi.

    Yue Lingfeng nodded, Yes, Adopted Father.

    It was another quiet day at the Blackwood Cliff. Feeling bored and restless, Dongfang Bubai lazed inside a chamber playing with her pet snake. Do you know why did Yu Niang betray me because of a man? Did I not treat her well enough? Why is it that love can ruin ones life? Should I encounter love one day what do you think would become of me? she murmured to the golden snake inside a glass container. She then turned around mulled over her encounter with Linghu Chong, and recalled how he tried to save her from her assailants. She smiled slightly and said, I think hes cute.

    Just then, a masked man stepped into the hall. He knelt down in front of Dongfang Bubai, Subordinate pays respect to the Chief.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her eyes to the hooded masked man. What do you want to report to me? she asked in a cold voice.

    The hooded masked man replied, Mount Heng Sects Liu Zhengfeng wants to retire from the pugilistic world. It has also been brought to subordinates knowledge that the Elder Qu have been hanging around in Hengyang City for months. The two of them seemed to have a deep friendship. Theyve been meeting many times in private playing huqin and flute.

    Dongfang Bubai sat up straight with one leg up on the golden bench. Is that so? One is the divine cults elder while the other is the righteous sects prominent figure but yet they actually became friends. This is truly beyond belief.

    The masked men responded, Everyone in the cult thinks the same too. We believe that Elder Qu could be collaborating with Liu ZhengFeng.

    Dongfang Bubai got up from the golden bench and took three steps forward. Is that so? she asked cold voice.

    The masked man continued, Should subordinate go to Hengyang City to check them out?

    Dongfang Bubai made a gesture with her hand and said, Thats not necessary. Dismiss.

    The masked man stood up and walked away backwards.

    Dongfang Bubai walked down the pedestal with her hands behind her back. Liu ZhengFeng wants to retire from the martial arts world but is secretly colluding with Qu Yang. Looks like there will be a big show Hengyang City. I might as well pay a visit to Hengyang City to see whats going on, she said coldly.

    She then turned around and extended her arm out, projecting a ray of light from her hand into the container and pulled the golden snake into her sleeve. After that, she then turned around and walked out of the hall with a cold smile on her face.

    End of Chapter 4

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    I have come to lend you my support and happy lunar new year! ^___^

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    Thanks for another update Dongfang Xue!!

    I always feel the 2013 tv series left many areas unanswered or left for the audience to imagine in later chapters...

    Did you see the MediaCorp remake? It's about a dozen years ago, I remember DFBB was male, and fell in love with LHC and saved his life using YiGingin. Soon afterwards, he stabs her in the stomach and left her to become fish food, but I kinda like the imaginative scenes the producers added, especially those between DFBB and LHC....

    Can't wait to see the next two chapters...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    I have come to lend you my support and happy lunar new year! ^___^
    Thanks for the support Avidfan! Happy Lunar New Year to you too

    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks for another update Dongfang Xue!!

    I always feel the 2013 tv series left many areas unanswered or left for the audience to imagine in later chapters...

    Did you see the MediaCorp remake? It's about a dozen years ago, I remember DFBB was male, and fell in love with LHC and saved his life using YiGingin. Soon afterwards, he stabs her in the stomach and left her to become fish food, but I kinda like the imaginative scenes the producers added, especially those between DFBB and LHC....

    Can't wait to see the next two chapters...
    Actually I skipped quite a few scenes in the 2013 tv series. Especially after LHC and DFBB fall out

    Yes I have seen the Mediacorp remake too but somehow i still find the 2013 tv series the most interesting. Well at least the first half did catch my attention but i guess every adaptation is bound to have its flaws and strengths because nothing is perfect

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    Default Chapter 5

    After travelling for many days, Linghu Chong was finally getting closer to Hengyang City. He decided to take a short rest under a tree and enjoy some wine before heading into the city. He was worried that he might not be able to drink his wine so freely when he gets to his martial uncle's residence. He took a small gulp of wine, Master should be leaving Mount Hua by now. It wont be long before I get to see Little Apprentice Sister again, The moment he thought about his little apprentice sister his heart was filled with joy.

    There was a little nun standing at a nearby riverbank washing her hands. All of a sudden, a grey figure somersaulted in the air and landed beside young nun. A man around the age of thirty clad in grey robe stooped down and took a closer look at the little nun.

    The little nun was startled and got up quickly. The man in grey thrust his hand out and stabbed her shoulder, sealing her acupoints. Miss, has anyone told you that you look beautiful? Its a pity that you become a nun he gave a sly grin.

    The little nun was startled by his words. What?!! Let me go! she shouted.

    The man in grey shook his head in a quick succession. Im going to make you my wife! he said.

    The little nun tried to break away from him but could not move at all. Stop joking around! Let me go! she said loudly.

    Im the Thousand Miles Loner Tian Boguang! Once Ive decided to do something there isnt anyone who can change my mind. Youre going to be my bride! the man in grey asserted.

    Linghu Chong crouched in the bush looking at them. From the looks of her clothing she must be from the Northern Hengshan Sect. This lustful man here seems to have great martial arts skills. It would be unwise for me to go head to head with him. I need to think of another way to deal with him, he thought to himself.

    Just as the man in grey carried the little nun in his arms and turned around, a loud male voice suddenly came from the woods. Despicable fool! How dare you force yourself on a girl under the broad daylight! Linghu Chong yelled in a loud and clear voice.

    The man grey was startled to hear his voice. He halted his steps and placed the little nun back to the ground. He took a quick look around the area, and yelled back, Who is it?! Show yourself if you are a hero!

    I was never a hero to begin with! Linghu Chong hummed. Im Qingcheng Sects Yu Canghai!

    Yu Canghai was the leader of a renowned righteous sect thus his was known by those in the martial arts world. After seeing Yu Canghais shameless and evil behavior Linghu Chong decided to use his name to make fun of him and at the same time scare the man in grey away.

    The man in grey was startled when he heard the name Yu Canghai. He narrowed his brow and asked suspiciously, Are you really Yu Canghai?!

    Linghu Chong snickered, If I lie to you then Yu Canghai is not a human but a big turtle! After finishing his words, he quickly covered his mouth with his hand to contain his laughter. He paused for moment and then continued, So youre the notorious pervert Tian Boguang?!

    Im not really that notorious. Forcing a female to have make love with me is just my hobby, the man in grey giggled.

    Linghu Chong took a deep breath and continued, Though I, Yu Canghai cannot be considered as a hero but I still cannot stand such degrading behavior. I will not turn on a blind eye!

    The man in grey snorted, Come out if you want to save her! Only a coward would hide and talk big!

    Linghu Chong scratched his head as he tried to figure what to say next. Ive an ugly appearance thus I dont want anyone to see me! he responded.

    The man in grey got tired of conversing with him. Since you dont have the guts to show yourself Im not going to waste any more of my time on a coward! he lifted the little nun and ran away.

    Linghu Chong stepped out of the bush. Damn! Looks like my trick didnt work on him! I need to think of another way so save that Junior Martial Sister, he thought to himself.

    There were red lanterns hanging around a village that night. The peasants were hosting a small wedding ceremony. Five peasant girls were happily dancing around a bonfire.

    Tian Boguang dressed in a bridegroom clothing ran into a cottage.

    Two elderly women inside the cottage were busy helping the little nun to dress up.

    Where is my little wife! he over to the girl. "Can we consummate our marriage now?"

    One of the elderly women got in his way. "The groom needs to wait outside!" she yelled.

    Tian Boguang placed his hands at his waist and asked, "Why is that?"

    "The husband and wife mustnt see each other before the ceremony otherwise its not auspicious! she explained.

    Tian Boguang made a rude hand gesture. My foot! Youre lying to me! Ive consummate marriage many times but never heard of this rule before! he yelled angrily.

    The elderly woman hummed agitatedly and replied, Has any of your marriage lasted?

    Tian Boguang lowered his head and responded embarrassingly, No

    The elderly woman grinned, Thats because you always meet the bride before marriage. If you want your marriage to last then you better wait outside. She extended her hands and pushed him to the door.

    Just then the other elderly woman let out a loud cry, Is your bride a fool? How come she is motionless?

    Tian Boguang turned around and smirked at her, Youre the one who is a fool! I blocked her acupoints. If I dont do that she will become crazier than the two of you!

    The two elderly women pulled the little nun up and placed her on the bed and covered her face with a red veil. After that, the two of them walked over to Tian Boguang and pushed him out of the cottage. Go out first! Go! Go! Go! they yelled together.

    Suddenly, a few pieces of tiles fell off from the ceiling. Linghu Chong stopped down, popped his head through a hole and looked at the girl. Hengshan Sect Junior Martial Sister! Im Huashan Sects Linghu Chong! Im here to save you, he then jumped into the cottage.

    The little nun heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

    Moments later, Dongfang Bubai dressed in a man clothing walked through the woods and passed by the village. Seeing that the place brightly lighted up with red lanterns and the peasants were in such a joyous mood she decided to find out what was going on. She placed her hands behind her back and walked past the gates.

    An elderly man walked up to her. Hello there! You must be from another province!" he said. "You came at the right time. We are hosting a wedding ceremony. Care to have a few drinks? he asked.

    Dongfang Bubai took a quick glance around the place. Sure! Its good to share the joy, she replied.

    Great! the elderly man led walked her into the village. Youre not allowed to drink for free though. You need to post a question to the groom and if he is able to answer it, only then will he be allowed to enter the bridal chamber. If he fails to answer it hell have to continue drinking here.

    They walked over to Tian Boguang's table. He was busy talking to an elderly lady.

    The elderly man pointed at Tian Boguang. Hes the groom, he said. He then looked at Tian Boguang and introduced Dongfang Bubai to him. Weve a guest from afar, he said.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled a stool out and took a seat. Okay. Im going to ask you a question. If you can answer it then you can enter the bridal room., she said.

    Tian Boguang nodded and said, Go ahead!

    Dongfang Bubai paused for a moment and then said, "In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn. What comes next?

    Tian Boguang blinked his eyes nervously. He was dumbfounded by Dongfang Bubai's question. He scratched his head and tried to come up with an answer.

    Dongfang Bubai could tell that he wasn't well versed with literature. She folded her arms and grinned.

    Tian Boguang embarrassingly said, Im an illiterate and I don't know how to make poems He gave up and rose from his seat, I'm not playing this! Im going to consummate!

    The elderly man and elderly lady quickly got in his way. You cant enter the bridal chamber until you until you can answer the poem! the elderly man said.

    The elderly lady nodded, "You can't consummate just like that." She looked at the people sitting in the back. "Do you all agree with me?" she asked loudly.

    "That's right!" the people shouted simultaneously.

    Tian Boguang made a hand gesture angrily, Shut up! Let me think! He pondered for a bit, and said, "In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn...The pleasure of consummating has no limits!" He jumped for joy, "This is good!"

    Dongfang Bubai just laughed softly.

    "Am I right? Am I right?" Tian Boguang looked at her.

    The elderly couple turned their heads to look at her as well. "Is he right?"

    Dongfang Bubai replied, "Every minute of the wedding night is precious therefore whatever said will be right."

    "Yay! I got it right!" Tian Boguang was very proud of himself. "I'm going to consummate now! You all can continue drinking!" he turned around and ran to the cottage.

    The elderly man filled a bowl with wine and placed it in front of Dongfang Bubai. "Sir, enjoy your drink," he said.

    Dongfang Bubai replied with a smile. It was her first time attending a wedding ceremony in a village. Seeing that the groom was such a funny man she couldn't help but smile. It was certainly an interesting experience for her.

    Tian Boguang pushed the door open and walked into the room hastily. Little wife! I 'm here! he yelled. He stood walked over the bride who was seated in the bed and laughingly said, "You must have been waiting impatiently. Tonight I'll let make you real happy."

    The bride wiggled the hips indicating that she was feeling shy.

    "Oh you don't have to be shy...don't be afraid. I'll treat you well," he reached for the veil and pulled off from the bride's head.

    The bride was actually Linghu Chong in disguise. He unsealed the girl's acupoints and set her free while Tian Boguang was busy socializing with the people outside,

    "Do I look good?" Linghu Chong said in a feminine voice and made an air kiss gesture.

    Tian Boguang took a step back and looked at Linghu Chong in shock. "What the?! Where did this ugly freak come from?!" he yelled angrily. "Stinky kid! where's the little girl?! Where are you keeping my little wife?!"

    Linghu Chong smirked, "Your grandpa here is your little wife!" He reached for his sword tucked under the pillow and started attacking Tian Boguang aggressively. Tian Boguang swayed his body to the left and right dodging the attacks. He then reached for the short saber tucked in his boot and retaliated. The two of them started exchanging intense stances.

    As the battle went on Tian Boguang's attacks became faster and faster. Linghu Chong was struggling to keep up with the pace. Tian Boguang knocked Linghu Chong's sword out with his short saber and instantaneously slashed his's arm. Linghu Chong took eight steps back as blood gushed out out his arm. Tian Boguang charged forward and kicked him in the chest. Linghu Chong crashed into the wooden wall and flew out of the cottage before he fell on the ground.

    As Dongfang Bubai was enjoying her wine, she heard the loud crashing noise. She placed the bowl on the table and turned her head towards the direction of the noise.

    Seeing that there was fight going on the peasants quickly rose from their seats and started to run in panic.

    Dongfang Bubai noticed that the person lying on the floor was in fact Linghu Chong. From the last encounter outside the brothel she could tell that Linghu Chong was a chivalrous man, meaning that Tian Boguang was the villain. She stared coldly at Tian Boguang.

    Tian Boguang stomped his foot and said, "Stinky kid! How dare you spoil my wedding! Why are you so annoying! Did you really think that she can escape? Don't you know am I? I'm the Ten Thousand Miles Loner, Tian Boguang!" He paused for a moment and continued, "When I want a woman, even if she goes to the end of the earth I'll still be able to track her down!

    "Hey!" Linghu Chong got up and walked towards Tian Boguang. "Looks like I've finally found a companion. You know what? You are just like me. When I, Linghu Chong want to rescue someone even if she goes to the end of the earth I'll still be able to rescue her."

    Dongfang Bubai remained in her seat as she continued listening to their conversation.

    Tiang Boguang smirked, "We'll have to see about that then!" He turned to the left and walked away.

    "Hold it!" Linghu Chong quickly jumped over a table and swung his sword at Tian Boguang's face.

    Tian Boguang blocked the attack with his short saber. He subsequently slashed Linghu Chong across the abdomen with his short saber and kicked him in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

    Dongfang Bubai continued to watch them from her seat. From their exchange of words she could tell that Linghu Chong was trying to save a girl again. Unfortunately, this time the opponent had much better martial arts skills.

    Just as Tian Boguang turned around to leave the village. he heard some noise coming from behind. He looked back and saw Linghu Chong slowly propping himself up from a table.

    Dongfang Bubai maintained her cold and indifferent look she watched them, with no intention of reaching out to help Linghu Chong. She could tell that Linghu Chong was determined to stop Tian Boguang even if he gets killed.

    "'re so badly injured but yet you can still get up?" Tian Boguang looked at him with amazement.

    "Look at how bad have you injured me...?" Linghu Chong reached for a pot of wine. He took a gulp of wine, then threw the pot to the floor and subsequently threw the table toward Tian Boguang.

    Tian Boguang swung his short saber at the table and tore it apart.

    Linghu Chong darted towards Tian Boguang, grabbed him by the waist and tried to hold him still.

    Tian Boguang raised his short saber to make another attack but stopped at the last moment. He had no intention of killing Linghu Chong at all. He shrugged and used his elbow to hit Linghu Chong's back instead. Each time Linghu Chong got knocked down to the ground he would get up and go after Tian Boguang again. This went on for quite a while.

    Dongfang Bubai on the other hand reached for a bowl and slowly sipped a mouthful of wine as she continued to watch them from her seat.

    Tian Boguang was getting irritated. He grabbed Linghu Chong from behind and slammed him on to a table, breaking it into pieces. "Annoying kid!" he snorted.

    Linghu Chong once again pulled himself up from the ground. His injuries got worst but he wasn't going to let Tian Boguang leave.

    Tian Boguang stepped forward and sighed, "You'll die if you keep getting in my way!"

    Linghu Chong grinned, "I'd rather die than to leave someone in the lurch."

    Tian Boguang clenched his teeth and stomped the ground. "Fine! It was my fault! My fault! I've wronged you!" he yelled in anger. "I won't fight you anymore! You have my respect!" He walked to Linghu Chong and patted his shoulder. "You're a true hero. Please take care!"

    Linghu Chong lost his balance and fell to the ground.

    Tian Boguang stared at Linghu Chong with his eyes wide open. Seeing that Linghu Chong would not survive much longer he waved at Linghu Chong and walked away with a sigh.

    Dongfang Bubai finally rose from her seat and walked towards Linghu Chong. "Hey! Was that girl you saved a family member or friend of yours?" she asked curiously.

    Linghu Chong looked at her and said, "Who says that she is family or friend?"

    Dongfang Bubai replied, "Than she is must be your lover."

    Linghu Chong pressed his hand on his back, enduring the pain and said, "She is Hengshan Sects young disciple. I just dont want to see her lose her purity."

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and commented, "She's only a stranger but yet you were willing to sacrifice your life to save her. I must say that you're very silly."

    Linghu Chong slowly lifted up his head to take a closer look at Dongfang Bubai and noticed that she looked familiar. "Hey! Where have I met you before?" he asked curiously. He paused a moment and then said, "Oh wait! You're the girl from the entertainment house!"

    Dongfang Bubai looked away as she replied, "Did all those beatings made you lose your mind? I'm a man! You can't even tell the difference between a man and a woman anymore?"

    Linghu Chong was in so much pain that he only nodded.

    "You're badly injured. I'll bring you to get some medical treatment. Let's go!" Dongfang Bubai helped him up from the ground, carried him on her back and walked away. Since he tried to save her the last time she decided to return him a favor.

    "Am I heavy?" Linghu Chong suddenly asked.

    "Not really," Dongfang Bubai replied.

    The physician placed Linghu Chong's hand on a table to examine his wounds.

    How are his wounds? Is it serious?" Dongfang Bubai asked

    "The cut wounds are quiet deep, it must be stitched up. I just hope that this little brother can handle the stitch pain, he explained

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head to look at Linghu Chong, unsure whether he would be able to endure the pain that he needed to go through.

    Whats a little pain to a man? Go ahead doctor! Linghu Chong responded.

    The physician reached for his tools and started stitching up the cut wound on Linghu Chong's arm.

    Linghu Chong shut his eyes, clenched his teeth and groaned in pain.

    Seeing that Linghu Chong was in so much pain Dongfang Bubai cast a fierce glare at physician. Can you be gentler? Can't you see that he's in pain? she asked angrily.

    The physician sighed, Theres nothing much that I can do. Stitching up a wound is normally very painful.

    Dongfang Bubai snorted, Youre the one incapable but yet you have so much excuse. If youre competent dont say stitching, even if its cutting and cleaning up intestines or changing eyes, the patient wont feel a tingle.

    The physician replied, That would be the reincarnation of the famous physician in the Han Dynasty, Hua Tuo. Only his anesthetic powder would be able to ease all pain. An old doctor like me cannot be compared with the legendary doctor. Old man doubt there is any doctor with such skills either.

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him viciously. Youre just like a frog in a well! Seeing that Linghu Chong was still in much pain, she grabbed the physician by the wrist and twisted his arm. If you wont be gentler Ill cut a hole in your body and let you stitched it up by yourself. Lets see if you will be as rough.

    The physician started yelling in pain. Mister please be merciful! Ill be gentler

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at Dongfang Bubai and pat her arm, Brother, its okay. Let him carry on.

    Dongfang Bubai let go of the physician and turned away. She was still mad at the physician's incompetence. If it wasn't for Linghu Chong who asked her for mercy she would have taught him a lesson.

    "Doctor, just do it however you want but you've to be quick. The longer you take the more painful it is!" Linghu Chong explained.

    The physician nodded, "Got it!" He continued stitching up Linghu Chong's wounds.

    Dongfang Bubai felt uneasy as she watched the blood spew out from Linghu Chong's hand. This was not her first time seeing someone bleed, but seeing Linghu Chong under such condition just made her tense.

    Linghu Chong could barely withstand the pain any longer. Since it was going to take the physician some time to finish with his work he decided to think of something that could ease his pain. He looked at Dongfang Bubai and asked, "Brother, do you know tell jokes?
    Dongfang Bubai looked at him confusingly, "What?"

    "Telling me a joke can divert my attention..." he gasped.

    "I don't know how to tell jokes," Dongfang Bubai replied.

    Linghu Chong clenched his teeth in pain and then said, "Can you sing?"

    Dongfang Bubai knitted her brows and responded, "I'll sing you a nursery rhyme then. I heard this from my mother when I was a kid so I might not remember the lyrics too well. You better not laugh at me." She took a deep breath and started singing. Her voice was the perfect combination of richness, intensity, and brilliance.

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at her. He was surprised at how pleasant her voice was to listen to.

    Dongfang Bubai looked away as she sang, she felt shy. It was her first time having such an odd feeling.

    Later, Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai exited the medical center and walked along the street.

    Are you feeling better now? Dongfang Bubai asked.

    Linghu Chong looked at her and said, Yes. Im feeling much better now. I almost forgot to thank the two of you for helping me out. By the way, Im Huashan Sect's Linghu Chong. May I ask you your name and which sect do you belong to?

    Dongfang Bubai replied, My surname is Dong and given name is Bo Fang. Im not affiliated with any sect, just a wanderer in the martial arts world.

    Linghu Chong halted his steps and continued, Thats not possible. Judging from your dressing and mannerism you dont look like a wanderer at all.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at the ground uttered, I

    Linghu Chong turned away before she could even finish her words and said, Forget it. One doesnt reveal his true identity easily. We are just acquaintances therefore you dont need to explain everything to me.

    He then turned towards Dongfang Bubai and reached out for her shoulder. Brother Dong, anyways its truly an honor to

    Dongfang Bubai quickly shrugged his hand off her shoulder, aggravating his hand injury.

    Linghu Chong held his arm in pain.

    Whats wrong? Its hurting again? Dongfang Bubai asked.

    Linghu Chong clenched his teeth and nodded his head.

    Dongfang Bubai raised her eyebrow, What should we do then?

    "You sang very well back there. Why don't you sing to me again?" Linghu Chong replied with a smile.

    Dongfang Bubai looked away and felt shy. Thinking that Linghu Chong was teasing her she took a deep breath and shot her left hand out at Linghu Chong, pushing him to the ground. "You just like to talk nonsense," she said.

    Linghu Chong lied on the ground, yelling in pain.

    "Stop pretending!" Dongfang Bubai looked at him and said.

    "What do you mean by pretending? Why did you use so much strength?" Linghu Chong complained.
    Dongfang Bubai walked towards Linghu Chong and helped him up from the ground.

    Linghu Chong snorted, "My hand is getting better but that blow from you could have caused me to suffer a serious internal injury!"

    Dongfang Bubai's face became tense. Since she had profound inner strength she was really worried that she might have accidentally injured him internally. "What should we do then? How about I get that same physician to take look?" she asked.

    Linghu Chong interrupted, "It's not necessary find that physician again! You almost scared him to death just now!"

    Dongfang Bubai opened her eyes wide and looked at Linghu Chong. She was still worried that she had injured him internally.

    A thought suddenly came into Linghu Chongs mind. I know of a place that can treat my wound! Do you want to go with me? he said with a smile.

    Dongfang Bubai was relieved to see him smile again. She returned a smile and said, Sure!

    Later, Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai walked along the street until they arrived at a wine store. Linghu Chong pointed at the store indicating to her that this was the place. He started knocking the door, Boss! I want to buy wine!

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and grinned. I thought that its some panacea that you were looking for. Looks like its just wine. Brilliant! Wine can drown ones sorrow. Getting drunk makes one forget pain. Unfortunately this wine store is already closed. I doubt you can get your wine tonight.

    Linghu Chong smirked, "It's no fun to buy wine with money. I, Linghu Chong have very little pocket money since I was a kid. If I needed money to buy wine then I would have been drooled for years.

    Dongfang Bubai pondered for a moment, Dont tell me you want to rob the store?

    Linghu Chong shook his head disgustingly. Only the devil cult would rob. I've an art called the Linghu Drinking Method. The philosophy in it is very profound. He paused for a moment and walked toward Dongfang Bubai, "But you'll have to help me get to the roof. I'm unable to get up there myself due to my injuries."

    Dongfang Bubai looked up to the roof trying to figure out what Linghu Chong's plan was.

    Linghu Chong impatiently slapped Dongfang Bubai's shoulder, "Hurry up! Let's go!"

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head and looked at him annoyingly. She placed her right hand around his waist and fly up to the roof.

    Linghu Chong slowly pulled up a piece of tile from the roof and took a peep into the store and smiled.

    Dongfang Bubai laughingly said, "I thought it was some kind of gentlemanly method that you were going to use. So it's not robbing but stealing instead."

    Linghu Chong replied, "What is so meaningful about stealing? Watch me!" He hurled a coin at a paper lid covering a pot of wine, making a hole in it. He then reached for a bamboo straw behind him, sliding it through the hole, into the torn paper lid and started drinking some wine from the straw. "Great wine!" he cheerfully said.

    Dongfang Bubai gave a soft laughter, "This straw is so long. Unless you use your inner energy there's no way that you can drink the wine from it."

    Linghu Chong exclaimed in amazement, "Brother Dong you're so knowledgeable! My master forces me to train my energy cultivation all the time. He said something like gather the inner energy in the lower abdomen, and let your energy travel up slowly. Initially I found it irritating. But later on I used this energy cultivation method to drink wine instead. I soon realized that our sect's energy cultivation method is the best!" He handed the straw to Dongfang Bubai. "Brother Dong, have some wine!"

    Dongfang Bubai held the straw and took a sip of wine. She smilingly said, "Great wine!"

    Linghu Chong chuckled, "The wine is great isn't it? Drinking wine this way is better than drinking at any stall."

    Just then, there was a voice coming from below. An old man was leading two other young men to the store.

    Seeing that they were probably the workers Linghu Chong quickly pulled the straw out of the hole so that they wouldn't see it.

    The old man pushed the door open and walked into the store. "I want you two to add some water in every pot of wine," he said.

    The two young men nodded, "Yes." They placed a pale of water on the floor and started peeling off the lids covering the pots.

    "Remember not to add too much water! People will notice the difference if you add in too much water!" the old man continued.

    Dongfang Bubai propped her head on her hand, "These pots of wine are already mixed with water. We should leave now."

    Linghu Chong frowned, "No way! It's such a waste to add water in to such good wine." Suddenly, he thought of an idea. He took out another coin and threw it at one of the young man's hand.

    The young man felt pain on his hand and dropped a ladle to the floor.

    The old man was shocked. He looked around the store, "Who is it?!"

    Linghu Chong smiled and spoke in a rough voice, "Old man is the legendary wine inventor, Master Du Kang! How dare you mix water into my wine! That's just too much!"

    The three people inside the store started to panic. They tried locate the position of the voice but failed.

    "Now listen! If you date take another step forward I'll start making holes on your bodies instead of the pots! Do you hear me?!" Linghu Chong yelled.

    The old man made a hand gesture, "Let's get out of here!" He then ran out of the store with the two young men following him from behind.

    Linghu Chong grinned at Dongfang Bubai, "See? I just did another good deed. Our pot of wine won't be going to waste anymore."

    Dongfang Bubai smirked, "Now that I've seen your Linghu Drinking Method it's time for you to see my drinking method instead." She pointed her finger downward, aiming at the pot of wine that Linghu Chong opened earlier. The tip of her finger discharged a burst of energy into the pot, instantly pulling a surge of wine out through the small hole on the roof.

    Linghu Chong looked at her with his jaw dropped. "Wow!" he reached for a flask tied to his waist and used it to catch the drops of wine falling from the air.

    "Here's a pot of wine for you and a toast from me," Dongfang Bubai smiled.

    Linghu Chong was truly amazed with Dongfang Bubai's astonishing ability. "Brother Dong, your drinking method is far greater than mine!" he asserted. He placed the flask at his lips and took in one gulp. "Great wine indeed! Here's some for you!" he handed the flask to her.

    Right at that moment, the old man and his henchmen exited the store. His henchmen were armed with a bow and arrow. The old man looked up at the roof and yelled, "I was wondering if the god of wine truly existed! Looks like it's just two little thieves!" He looked at the two henchmen, and said, "Shoot them with your arrows!"

    The two henchmen raised their bows and instantly shot their arrows at Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai,

    Dongfang Bubai stretched her hand out and caught the two arrows in the blink of an eye. She clenched the arrows and stared at them viciously.

    Linghu Chong could tell that she was going to teach them a lesson. He quickly grabbed her hand and said, "Brother Dong, we've had our drinks. Let's just ignore them and leave them alone."

    Dongfang Bubai decided to listen to him. She threw the arrows away, grabbed Linghu Chong's arm and flew off into the air.

    The old man and his henchmen looked gasped in astonishment as they watched Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong disappear into the air.

    The two of them gently glided in the air. Linghu Chong was enjoying the breeze while looking at the city below them. His face was filled happiness. He winked at Dongfang Bubai with a smile on his face

    Dongfang Bubai returned the smile. From their outing tonight she could tell that hes an easy going guy who gets contented very easily. It was also a moment of happiness for her. It has been years since she smiled so much. She was actually enjoying Linghu Chong's company.

    After finishing their city by night flight, they arrived at a large grassland. Linghu Chong held Dongfang Bubai's hand as he ran along grass lane. They were just like lovebirds.

    Linghu Chong finally let go of her hand and lied down on the grass, feeling tired.

    Dongfang Bubai sat down beside him, "Never expected Mount Hua Sect's head apprentice, Linghu Chong to run like a coward because of some store workers. If your master finds out about this he would definitely lose face."

    Linghu Chong lifted up his head to look at her, "Please don't scare me. If master finds out that I stole wine I would just get some beatings from him. But if he finds out that I fought with someone who doesn't know martial arts then I'll be in big trouble. He would send me to the Repentance Cliff to repent."

    "Repentance Cliff?" Dongfang Bubai murmured.

    Linghu Chong sat up and said, "That's right! Repentance Cliff is a cliff behind Mount Hua. It's been said that our ancestors who did wrong would be sent to the Repentance Cliff to repent. That's why it's called Repentance Cliff."

    "Oh! I heard that some eighty years ago Divine Sun Moon Cult's ten elders attacked Mount Hua and had a great battle with the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance near the Repentance Cliff," she commented.

    Linghu Chong gave her a weird look, Was there such a thing? Why have I not heard about this before?

    This happened about eighty years ago. Even your master wasn't born yet. How could you have heard of it?" Dongfang Bubai replied.

    Linghu Chong smirked, "You aren't that old either. How is that you've heard about it?"

    Dongfang Bubai stared at him and said, "If you continue talking rubbish I'll stop here!"

    Linghu Chong made a gesture of apology, "Alright...I'll stop talking rubbish then. So who won at the end? It must have been the orthodox sect who won and the unorthodox sect who lost, right?" Linghu Chong exclaimed.

    "It was the opposite. Divine Sun Moon Cult elders came prepared. The Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance was no match against them. As a result many of them died in that battle. Even the remarkable sword moves from the respective sects vanished after that battle," Dongfang Bubai said.

    Linghu Chong knitted his brow, "Was the devil cult that powerful? Let me guess! The devil cult must have used treacherous methods to win," Linghu Chong commented.

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a cold stare, "Treacherous methods?" She paused for a moment, got up from the grass and took a step forward. "Did you really think that the Divine Sun Moon Cult is the only one who uses treacherous methods? Don't tell me that the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance would never use treacherous methods. She paused for a moment and then said, Although the Divine Sun Moon Cult elders won that battle but somehow they werent able to leave Mount Hua. They vanished from the pugilistic world completely."

    Linghu Chong paused for a moment before continuing, What happened next?

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back, "There was no next. This became a mystery of the pugilistic world."

    Linghu Chong laughingly said, "Mystery?! You made it sound so strange." He paused for a moment and slapped Dongfang Bubai's arm. "Brother Dong, did you just make this up?" he smirked.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at her arm then looked at Linghu Chong. She was annoyed at Linghu Chong for being so impolite to her. She had completely forgotten that she was disguising as a man and that it was normal for men to hit each other when they are interacting. She looked away and said, "You only believe the good defeating the evil but you will never believe the evil defeating the good. It was a senior who told me about it. Believe it or not its up to you!"

    Linghu Chong stood in front of Dongfang Bubai and looked at her as he rubbed his chin. "Brother Dong, I find you to be very interesting..."

    Dongfang Bubai did not respond to his words. She gave him a cold glare, thinking that he was up to something funny again.

    Linghu Chong stepped away and said, "Alright! Let's not discuss about the good and evil anymore. I still have half a pot of wine here. Do you dare to drinks with me?" He sat on the grass and reached for the wine flask.

    Dongfang Bubai smiled as she sat down beside him. She had already accepted him as a friend. Since they were from the opposite sides of the martial arts fraternity she decided not to discuss about good and evil any further as it will affect their friendship.

    After taking one gulp of wine Linghu Chong handed the wine flask to her.

    Dongfang Bubai reached for the wine flask with a smile on her face. She took in one gulp and returned it back to him.

    "Alright Brother Dong! Now that you've had your drink, if my master really does send me to the Repentance Cliff because of this pot of wine you'll have to come and accompany me!" Linghu Chong said.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head to look at him, "You want me to repent me you?"

    Linghu Chong sighed, "There's no fun repenting with another man. I'm hoping that you'll bring me some fat chicken and good wine. Get it?"

    Dongfang Bubai grinned, "Sure! If you do get punish I'll definitely go and visit you. But I'll only go after I've had the fat chicken and good wine."

    Linghu Chong moaned, "In that case, I'll have to cherish this pot of wine here, in case I don't get to drink anymore." After finishing his sentence, he laughed aloud. He just enjoy being playful. It was one of his strengths but his master and mistress saw it as his weakness.

    He took in a bigger gulp of wine while looking at the bright full moon above him. He hummed and said, "A bright moon in the sky. If only I have a sword with me right now."

    Dongfang Bubai just smiled. She was waiting to see what funny thoughts he had in mind this time.

    "Wouldn't it be nice to perform swordplay while drinking our wine?" Linghu Chong uttered.

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at him, "Drinking and perform swordplay? I've to say that you're quite sophisticated. Let me do it!" After finishing her sentence, she stretched her hand out and pulled away the hairband tied to Linghu Chong's hair, performing a slow graceful sword moves with the long hairband in her hand.

    Linghu Chong took another gulp of wine as he watched her perform. Each and every move was exquisite. "Great sword move!" he cheered.

    As she whirled across the grass performing another move, the hairband tied to her hair suddenly snapped. Her hair fell loosely over her shoulders. She was so engrossed with her performance that she completely ignored it. Her hair swayed softly with the wind, with a smile on her face as she continued her performance.

    Linghu Chong's eyes became still. With Dongfang Bubai's hair over her shoulder and her facial features, the image of the girl whom he met at the brothel flashed through his mind. He thought that they looked very much alike. He knitted his brow mulling over it.

    Dongfang Bubai ended her performance by spinning in a circle, thrusting her hand outward, and uttering a verse smilingly, "The trace of a drifting life gloats at the shining moon. The countless woes once dissipated will be as light as a sword."

    Linghu Chong gave her a weird look without saying a word.

    Seeing the weird expression on Linghu Chong's face Dongfang Bubai bend her head to left and asked, "Is there something on my face? Why are you staring at me like that?"

    Linghu Chong got up from the grass and walked toward her. He looked at her up and down, and said "I'm not sure why is it that the more I look at you, the more I think that you look like the girl I met before."

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a stern look, "You can't even differentiate between a male and a female. What with that expression of on your face?!"

    Linghu Chong looked at her, his eyes wide, "Are you really not her?"

    "You want to verify my identity? Go ahead," Dongfang Bubai said, with her hands extended sideways.

    Linghu Chong made a hand gesture, signaling that it was unnecessary. "Forget it. I'm not that nosy," he said. "But if you're really a woman than that's bad."

    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms, "Why is that? If I was really a woman would I look ugly?"

    Linghu Chong shook his head, "If you're really a woman you won't look ugly. In fact, you'd look very beautiful. However, I've decided not to look at other women."

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him curiously, "Why is that?"

    Linghu Chong replied with a serious look on his face, "That's because I already have my little apprentice sister!"

    "Little apprentice sister?" Dongfang Bubai murmured.

    Linghu Chong nodded, "My little apprentice sister is my master's daughter. She may be willful and unreasonable but I still feel that she's the best girl in this world. I've already made up my mind that I'll only be nice to her."

    Dongfang Bubai smirked, "A person will change and the moon will wane. How many women have you really met? Isn't it too early to talk about eternity?"

    Linghu Chong pointed his finger and said, "Well I'm stubborn person. Once I've decided on something even a loved one or a friend will not be able change my mind."

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him with a smile of admiration.

    Linghu Chong yawned and said, "It's getting late. I'm going to get some sleep. If you want to practice your sword skills please go ahead." After finishing his sentence he patted Dongfang Bubai's arm and went on to lay down on the grass.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and gazed at him. "I've been pursuing fame and fortune my whole life. Now that I have everything I still don't feel happy. This man here whose only desire is to be nice to another person with all his heart seemed to live such a happy life. Sometimes I just wonder if heaven is fair or unfair. If I had someone like him by my side, dominating the world would no longer mean anything to me," she thought to herself. "So this is what Yu Niang tried to tell me? This is what love is all about? To spend your life with a person who likes you wholeheartedly?" She was trying to grasp the meaning of love but the moment she remembered that Linghu Chong had already decided to be with his little apprentice sister she snapped out of it. She turned around and walked away.

    Since she knew that it would not be possible for her to be with Linghu Chong she refocused her mind on what matters most. She started asking herself why she came to Hengyang City in the first place. She came because she had some urgent cult matters that she needed to attend to. As she walked along the grass pathway she noticed a sky lantern above her.

    Right at that moment, a hooded masked man somersaulted in the air, landed on the ground and ran towards her. He knelt at her with his hands cupped, "Greetings Chief!"

    Dongfang Bubai folded the hairband in her hand, placing it behind her back, "How is it? You got any news for me?"

    The hooded masked man replied, Qu Yang is keeping a low profile. He isnt staying at any inns to avoid unnecessary attention. He has reserved a famous brothel by the name of Qun Yu Yuan for lodging. Weve seen Liu Zhengfeng going in and out of the brothel more than once. Subordinate awaits Chief's further instructions.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at the hooded masked man and said, Well pay a visit to Qun Yu Yuan then.

    End of Chapter 5

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    Thanks for the update, Dongfang Xue!!!

    In the series, with all the maidens, I felt that YLS, of course had to die, as she always dies, but in the remake, if LHC somehow through various actions can make Yingying and DFBB forget about their hatred, if DFBB hadn't killed Yingying's mother or was forgiven, everything could have been reconciled and the three could have lived happily ever after... Kinda like what Duan Yu did in the latest TLBB series... He got an empress and a concubines/consort and with a stern warning that there must not be a third... But I guess they could have also turned Yingying into a nun at the end, with her poor performance...

    Can't wait to see what happens next!!

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    Default Chapter 6

    In another place, a cold wind was blowing from the north and made the trees rustle. A grey haired man dressed in black robe bowed at a wooden memorial plaque. The words Beloved Qu Feiyan were inscribed on the plaque. A drop of tear ran down the grey haired mans cheek. YanEr, its been three years already. Fathermisses you so much, he sniffled.

    Uncle Qu, Im sure Feiyan is watching over you up there, a female voice from behind said. A girl dressed in a black cloak, wearing straw hat white veil hanging from the brim patted him on the back.

    The grey haired man wiped his tear with his sleeve. He let out a long sigh and said, I was the one who caused her death. Had I not enter the divine cult Feiyan would not have died at such a young age. In fact, she would be happily married and probably have her own kids by now.

    The girl stepped forward and bowed at the plaque once. Feiyan left with no regrets. I remember how happy she was when she first told me about her relationship with Lingfeng. Her smile was very sweet that day. From her facial expression, I could tell that she had obtained happiness. It is the kind of feeling that Ive never had before.

    The grey haired man looked up at the dark sky. With a lifetime companion by your side you would die with no regrets, he sighed. If it wasnt for all this rubbish talks about good and evil cannot coexist Feiyan and Lingfeng would have been able to live together happily.

    The girl placed her hands behind her back and looked away. If Lingfeng truly loved Feiyan he would have put all these martial arts world conflict aside. Hes probably not as good as Feiyan said he is, she commented.

    Sometimes you cannot look at things from the surface. Feiyan and Lingfengs relationship is just like the fireworks, beautiful but short lived but they did treasure every minute being together, the grey haired man explained.

    A sudden sound of wind came from behind. The girl drew a gold plated short sword from her waist.

    Ying Ying, you can put down your weapon, the gray haired man said.

    Yue Lingfeng landed on the ground and walked towards the plaque. He went on his knees and bowed at the plaque three times. Feiyan, Ive come to see you, he said in a soft voice.

    The grey haired man looked toward him. Im sure that Feiyan would be very happy to see you here, he said.

    Yue Lingfeng pulled a paper crane out from his chest pocket and placed it in front of the plaque. Feiyan, you once said that anyone who folds one thousand paper cranes will have their heart's desire come true. The next time I come I will bring another nine hundred and nine paper crane. My only desire is that you return to my side he said in a soft and gentle voice.

    The girl returned the short sword into the sheath as she listened to his words.

    The grey haired man walked toward Yue Lingfeng and patted his shoulder. The past is the past. Old man here doesnt wish to see you wallow in your sorrows. Im sure Feiyan would not want to see it either. It is only when you can let go that you can be freed, he said.

    Yue Lingfeng pulled himself up from the ground, turned around and leapt into the air.

    The girl clenched her fist and sneered, This kid is arrogant! He did not even greet you! Ill teach him a lesson! She leapt into the air and went after Yue Lingfeng.

    The grey haired man raised his hand and called out, Ying Ying! Come back!

    After tailing him for a long distance, they finally reached a hill. The girl somersaulted in the air and landed in front of Yue Lingfeng. She had her back facing him. Little kid, how come are you in such a hurry? she asked in a cold voice.

    Yue Lingfeng folded his arms around his chest and responded, Miss, I dont intend to be hostile. Its best that you go back to Senior Qu.

    The girl hummed angrily, Too bad I want to be hostile! With those words, she drew the short sword and thrust it straight at him.

    Yue Lingfeng hesitantly extended his hand and used his finger to tick the tip of the short sword.

    The girl dropped the short sword to the ground as her hand became numbed. She could tell that Yue Lingfeng had profound internal energy but was determined to tech him a lesson. She slid her right foot under the short sword and heaved it up from the ground. She caught the handle of the short sword with her hand and charged towards Yue Lingfeng once more.

    Yue Lingfeng drew his sword and slashed it toward the girl. The steel of his sword unleashed a strong gust of wind that sliced the girls straw hat into half and knocked her off the hill. The moment he saw that the girl was a gorgeous looking girl around the age of eighteen, he became startled.

    3 years ago...

    A man dressed in black silk robe stood at the edge of a mountain looking up at the stars.

    Yue Lingfeng strode gracefully in the air and landed behind him.

    The man in black turned around to look at him. Young Hero Yue, youre finally here, he said.

    Yue Lingfeng stared at him intently. Youre devil cults elder Qu Yang? he asked in a cold voice.

    The man in black nodded, I am Divine Sun Moon Cults Right Messenger, Qu Yang.

    A sudden gust of wind came sweeping towards them. Yue Lingfeng clenched his fist and continued, Im Huashan Sects Yue Lingfeng. I have been instructed by my Adopted Father to eliminate all evil.

    The man in black sighed, Divine Sun Moon Cult and Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance have been fighting each other for decades. If both parties can put their differences aside and try to resolve their enmity through peace the casualties would also be lessen.

    Yue Lingfeng reached for the handle of his sword. If your cult retreats from the martial arts world and live in seclusion Im sure that there would not be any more casualties, he explained.

    The man in black laughed and said, Not everyone from the devil cult is bad just like not everyone from the righteous sect is good.

    Yue Lingfeng drew his sword and pointed it into the air. Theres no need to argue any further on this matter. If I die in your hands, I hope that you can help me deliver a message to a close companion of mine, he continued.

    The man in black nodded, You have my words.

    Yue Lingfeng lowered his sword and bowed at him, Thank you. If I get killed please tell Feiyan that my love for her will never perish.

    The man in black looked away and sniffled. I will! he said.

    Yue Lingfeng raised his sword and said, Senior, please proceed!

    The man in black extended his hand to the side preparing himself for a duel.

    Yue Lingfeng generated his inner energy and leaped into the air. He let out a loud roar and slashed his sword it toward the man in black. A strong gust of wind generated by his sword sliced through the man in blacks flesh to the very marrow of his bones.

    The man in black let out a loud cry of pain as he stumbled towards the edge of the mountain. The skin on his face ripped off revealing a beautiful looking girl.

    Yue Lingfeng was stunned. He dropped the sword to the ground and flew toward the girl instantly. He held the girl by the waist, spinning in the air and slowly landed to the bottom. He slowly placed her on the ground and looked at her astonishingly. Feiyan! How come its you?! How come its you?! Dont sleep! he asked frantically.

    The girl could barely open her eyes. She felt numb all over her body.

    Feiyan! What exactly happened?! How come its you?!! Yue Lingfeng cried astonishingly. He placed his palm on the girls right shoulder and started to transfer his inner energy to her hoping that it would preserve her life.

    Bolts of lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, followed by rumbles of thunder.

    The girl felt a stream of energy flowing into her body and slowly regained conscious.

    Yue Lingfeng let out a load roar and broke into tears, Feiyan! Dont leave me! You cannot leave me! He exerted his strength and transferred more inner energy to the girls body.

    The girl slowly opened her mouth and said, Brother Fengdont waste your inner strengthBeing able to meet Brother Feng is thehappiest thing thathas happened in to FeiyanUnfortunately Feiyan to be with youtill old age She paused for a moment gasping for air. The moment I knewthat youre fromHuashan Sect and that youre determined to eliminate all evilFeiyan had no choice but to taketake your blow on behalf of my fatherFeiyan hopes that after this Brother Feng can let go all resentment and grudgesAfter I have diedplease do not trouble my father againFeiyan hopes that we will be able to meet again in our next livesPlease forgive Feiyan for not fulfilling my vow of accompanying you till end of time After finishing her words, she closed her eyes and breath her last.

    Yue Lingfeng raised his fists and continued roaring in pain. He felt completely lost and helpless.


    Without thinking twice, he leaped off the hill going after the girl. He grabbed the girl by the waist and started shouting hysterically, Feiyan! Noooo! His eyes were filled with tears.

    The girl was startled by his reaction. She looked him in the eyes without saying a word. She felt the warmth while in his arms. I can finally understand my Feiyan was so happy. She may have passed away for three years but this man has not forgotten her at all, she thought to herself.

    After landing at the bottom of the hill, Yue Lingfeng went down on his knees with the girl in his arms. He lifted up his head and let out a roar. Feiyannnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    The girl felt his pain and sorrow. She laid still and remained silent.

    After venting all his frustration and sorrow, Yue Lingfeng finally regained his senses. The moment he noticed that the girl in his arms was not the one he was thinking about, he quickly took his hands off her. Miss, Im sorry for being impolite he looked down and said in a soft voice.

    The girl slowly pulled herself up from the ground in silence.

    Yue Lingfeng returned to his feet and bowed at her. Im leaving now. Once again sorry for being impolite earlier, he said embarrassingly. After those words, he turned around and leapt into the air.

    The girl folded her arms with a long smile on her face. Feiyan, youre right. Yue Lingfeng is truly a good man, she said.

    It was a bright sunny morning. After a good nights rest, Linghu Chong was feeling much better. He stretched out his arms and took in a deep breath. Nothing like having a good nights sleep! he said to himself. He got up from the grass and looked around the area. Wheres Brother Dong? he murmured. Brother Dong! he called out but there was no reply. He was the only one at the grassland. Hes so weird. He left without saying a word! He then noticed a purple hairband lying on the grass. He stooped down and picked it up, Brother Dong was indeed here. It wasnt some dream after all. He suddenly remembered about his martial uncles retirement ceremony. I better be on my way! he reached for the flask of wine and ran off immediately.

    After walking a long distance, After walking a long distance, Linghu Chong arrived at a teahouse. He walked in to get something to eat before going over to his martial uncles residence.

    A waiter came to serve him, Sir, are you alone?

    Linghu Chong nodded and replied, Yes. Bring me some steam buns and a pot of tea.

    The waiter led him to a table upstairs.

    As he walked along the corridor, he noticed Tian Boguang and Yi Lin sitting at another table. Tian Boguang was forcing Yi Lin to drink with him. Yi Lin made some hand gestures signaling him to get away from her.

    Its him again and hes picking on Junior Martial Brothers sister this time! Looks like Ive to be nosy again he stared at Tian Boguang coldly. He then walked over to Tian Boguangs table, placed a foot on a stool with his hands at his waist, Its you again huh?!

    Yi Lin recognized Linghu Chong right away. Senior Martial Brother Linghu! Save me! she cried.

    Tian Boguang was startled, Stinky kid! You are still alive!

    Linghu Chong said down and said, You want someone to drink with you? I can drink with you. You dont have to bother this little nun.

    Tian Boguang grinned, Your nose is very sensitive instead. You actually found me here! Interesting indeed! Since we got to know each other through a fight, how about becoming friends?

    Linghu Chong took a sip of wine, Why should I be friends with you?

    Tian Boguang smirked, If you become my friend I can let you have the little nun. I, Tian Boguang always believe in bros before hoes,

    Linghu Chong shook his head. You shouldnt harm me like that. There are three things I fear most in my entire life, he uttered. Its called the three venoms. Nuns are one of them.

    Tian Boguang looked at him confusingly, Three venoms? Tell me about it.

    Linghu Chong looked at Tian Boguang with his eyes wide open. No way! Brother Tian, youve been in the pugilistic world for so long but yet youve never heard of the three venoms? he yelled. As the saying goes, nun, arsenic, and golden stripped snakes are not to be touched.

    A grey haired man dressed in black sitting behind them smirked. This guy is talking rubbish, he thought to herself.

    Linghu Chong got up from his seat and walked over to Tian Boguang. Nuns are one of the venoms. Arsenic is another type of poison. Golden stripped snake is the third venom. Among these three, nuns are ranked number one. You know what? The male apprentices of our Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance have been saying that if you bump into a nun, whether it fighting or gambling, youll definitely lose for sure. As the saying goes, women are the root of trouble, Linghu Chong continued. Since they bring you such bad luck why would you still want to keep them? Just let them go.

    The grey haired man sitting behind them took a sip of tea, and smiled. He finally realized that Linghu Chong was making everything up to trick Tian Boguang into letting Yi Lin.

    Tian Boguang let out a long sigh, Brother, this is just superstition. We shouldnt believe it.

    Linghu Chong shook his head, You must believe in what I said. Years ago my second junior apprentice brother took part in a martial arts competition and was doing extremely well. But after he saw a nun he somehow unreasonably ended up being slashed by his weaker opponent which almost cost him his life. If this isnt bad luck, then what is?

    Tian Boguang burst out laughing, Thats because your junior apprentice brother is lecherous!

    Right at that moment, a Taoist priest around the age of forty appeared at the scene. He walked over to their table. Who is Tian Boguang? he asked sternly.

    Linghu Chong and Yi Lin simultaneously pointed at Tian Boguang.

    Tian Boguang combed his hair with his fingers, You can also call me the most handsome man with lots of pretty women, Little Tian Tian.

    The Taoist priest smirked, Today Ill save the world by getting rid of you! His name was Tian Men, the leader of the Mount Tai Sect. He drew his long sword and thrust it at Tian Boguang instantly.

    Tiang Bo Guang leapt off from his seat and moved aside to dodge the attack and simultaneously reached for his short saber.

    A fierce fight broke out between the two of them. The patrons in the teahouse panicked and ran towards the front door.

    The grey haired man sitting in the back remained at his seat, drinking some tea.

    Tian Mens sword attacks were fast and forceful but Tian Boguang did not have any problems blocking it at all. After parrying the thirtieth strike, Tian Boguang finally retaliated. He smacked Tian Mens chest and back with the side of his short saber in a blink of an eye. His movements were so fast that Tian Men did not have a chance to react. Tian Boguang ended the fight by knocking Tian Mens chest with the hilt of his short saber.

    Tian Men staggered backward and felt a sudden pain on his chest.

    Tian Boguang lowered his short blade, saying, Taishan Sects sword arts isnt that great after all.

    Linghu Chong propped Tian Men by the shoulder, Martial Uncle Tian Men, let me help you.

    Tian Men grunted, Linghu Chong! Youre an apprentice of the Mount Hua Sect but yet you call this pervert brother! This is simply a disgrace to the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance! I dont need you help!

    Tian Boguang sputtered and said, If this stinky kid doesnt help you, youll die for sure! After finishing his sentence, he flashed towards Tian Men, struck his right leg with the side of his short blade and simultaneously kicked his chest.

    Tian Men tripped and fell on his back.

    Yi Lin stood in front of Tian Boguang. No! Dont kill him!

    Tian Boguang raised his brow, When a woman says no, it means yes He raised the short saber and took a step forward.

    Yi Lin shook her head, Noooo!

    Tian Boguang lowered his short saber and started laughing, Alright! Ill give face to you and not kill him! He grabbed Yi Lins hand and pulled her back to the table.

    Linghu Chong helped Tian Men up from the floor. Are you alright? he asked.

    Tian Men swung his sleeve and pushed Linghu Chong to the back, Get away from me! He turned around and limped down the stairs.

    Tian Boguang returned to his seat and continued drinking his wine. Brother, come and have a drink with me! he called out.

    Linghu Chong took a seat furiously. He picked up a chopstick and used it hit Tian Boguangs hand numerous times. That priest misunderstood me because of you!, he complained angrily.

    Tian Boguang smirked, Now that the Taishan Sect priest has left youre going to be in some trouble after today. I intended to kill him to save you from any unwanted complications but the pretty lady wouldnt allow me to do it.

    Thats alright. I get into trouble all the time. Getting into another trouble is no big deal, Linghu Chong snorted. Brother Tian, youre saber skills is indeed fast and precise. If you had fought me the same way you just did the last time I would have died a long time ago.

    Tian Boguang replied laughing, Look at you now? Arent you still alive? I held back in our last battle because you were merciful towards me during the night of my wedding.

    Linghu Chong shook his head, Brother Tian, you flatter me. I tried my best to defeat you that night but was no match against you. So you cant say that I was being merciful.

    If you had not pretended to be the bride and waited till I was having fun with the bride, and kill me with your sword I would have been died by now. I know that youre a hero and that you would never use such underhand methods. Youve my utmost respect therefore Tian Boguang said.

    Linghu Chong interrupted him, Hold it! If I had waited a while longer you would have had your way with the little nun already.

    Tian Boguang scratched his head in confusion, What way?

    Linghu Chong winked, That way He meant consummating with the little nun but just couldnt say it out loud.

    Tian Boguang chuckled, I get you now

    I cant just stand around and watch injustice without doing anything, Linghu Chong explained.

    Tian Boguang gave a thumbs up, Great! I am glad to know a friend like you. Come on, lets drink another bowl.

    My martial arts skills may not be as good as yours but my drinking tolerance is much better than yours, Linghu Chong said.

    Are you sure? You want a contest. Come on, lets first drink ten bowls of wine each, Tian Boguang proposed.

    Brother Tian, I thought you were a real man who wouldnt take advantage of others, thats why I wanted to bet on the drinking contest. But apparently I was wrong. I am really disappointed.

    Tian Boguang knitted his brows. How am I taking advantage of you? he asked.

    You know very well that I dont like nuns, Linghu Chong said. Every time I see a nun I would feel uncomfortable and lose my appetite. How can I still have a drinking contest with you?

    Tian Boguang laughed and said, Brother Linghu, I know you are trying every trick you can to save this nun. But I love beautiful women more than my own life so Ill never let her go. If you want me to let her go, there is only one way to make me.

    What would that be? Even if I have to go up a hill of knives or go down into pot of boiling oil, Ill do it, Linghu Chong replied.

    Tian Boguang handed him a bowl of wine. Drink this bowl of wine and then Ill tell you, he said with an evil grin.

    Linghu Chong picked up the bowl and finished the wine with one gulp.

    Brother Linghu, I see you as my friend. If you agree to marry this little nun Ill let her go, Tian Boguang continued.

    Yi Lin was startled by his words.

    If you agree to marry her, Ill let her go right away and apologize to her, Tian Boguang asserted.

    Linghu Chong rose from his seat and struck the table angrily. Nonsense! Son of a turtle!. You want me to marry her and have bad luck all my life?! he yelled.

    Tian Boguang sighed, Why are you so angry? Calm down. If you dont like nuns that fine. Ill just be with her then. Hows that? Are you happy now?

    Linghu Chong stared at him angrily, Lett not waste your breath. Its either you release her or we fight again!

    Tian Boguang burst out laughing, Brother Linghu, theres no way you can beat me in a fight.

    Youre right. I wont be able to beat you in a fight. But thats if were standing. If I sit and fight you I might have a chance to win, Linghu Chong replied.

    Brother Linghu, I admire your courage, not your martial arts skills. Ive to warn you about something. I had a knee injury when I was young for two years so I had sit and train my saber skills. Therefore even if we sit and fight youll still not be able to beat me, Tian Boguang said arrogantly.

    Linghu Chong grinned, Theres something I need to tell you too. Ive been training my sword skills at Mount Hua while sitting since day one.

    Call me ignorant then. Id like to see it then, Tian Boguang replied.

    Brother Tian, you probably didnt know this but our Mount Hua has a lot of flies. Whenever I go to the toilet these annoying flies would fly around. I had to use my sword and to kill the flies. In the beginning, I could hardly hit any of the flies, but as time passed, my thrusts got better, and I could hit some of them. I was able to develop my own sword arts out of thrusting at the flies. I call this sword arts Poking Flies Swordplay, Linghu Chong chuckled.

    Tian Boguang rose from his seat and walked toward Linghu Chong, Linghu Chong, I consider you as a friend but you treat me as a fly. Very well, lets just fight.

    Linghu Chong shook his head. Brother Tian, please dont misunderstand. I dont think of you as flies. Youre much better compared to them, he chuckled. Lets just fight then. Whoever that gets up from the chair first loses. If you lose, you cannot bother this nun again. In addition to that, youll have to bow to her and address her master. Youve to be part of the Mount Heng Sect as well.

    Yi Lin shrugged, No way! Our Mount Heng consist of women apprentices only!

    Linghu Chong interrupted, This has nothing to do with you. Sit down! He then turned to Tian Boguang and said, Second, the loser will have to cut off his part and make himself a eunuch.

    Tian Boguang folded his arms, narrowed his eyes and said, Brother Linghu, this rule seems too cruel. Are you sure that you can win?

    Linghu Chong folded his arms, I, Linghu Chong am ranked 80th in the world when it comes to stand and fight. But if its sitting down, Im ranked 2nd.

    Tian Boguang smirked, Whos ranked number 1 then?

    Linghu Chong replied, Of course its the devil cults leader, Dongfang Bu Bai.

    The moment the grey haired man sitting behind them heard the name Dongfang Bu Bai, his facial expression immediately changed.

    Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang got to their sitting positions and started exchanging flurry of blows. Tian Boguang struck his left fist out at Linghu Chongs chest and concurrently swung the short saber in his right hand at Linghu Chongs shoulder. Linghu Chong endured the pain in his chest and quickly raised his sword upwards to block the slash.

    Seeing that he was in trouble, Yi Lin ran toward him, Brother Linghu!

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at her, Leave quick! Do you want me to lose?!

    Yi Lin bowed, Thanks for saving my lifebut youre..

    Leave quick! Linghu Chong shouted angrily.

    Yi Lin turned around and ran down the stairs.

    Tian Boguang laughingly said, I knew that you purposely set up this trap but youre going to lose and she wont be able to!

    Linghu Chong replied, You knew that it was a trap but yet you fell for it. Youve got to be more careful! After finishing his sentence, he swept his sword upwards and slashed it at Tian Boguangs chest. Tian Boguang leapt into the air, with his left hand holding on to the stool to evade the attack. Linghu Chong was clearly no match against Tian Boguang even if it was fighting in a sitting position.

    Tiang Bo Guang waved his short saber and struck Linghu Chong on the chest and in the back with the flat side of the short saber repeatedly, sent him sliding backward knocking into a table.

    Linghu Chong coughed up a gulp of blood. His hands and legs started trembling.

    I truly admire you. Youre so badly injured but you still want to fight? Tian Boguang asked.

    Its just my kidney heating up. Throwing up some blood is no big deal, Linghu Chong snorted.

    Tian Boguang raised his brow, You coughed out so much blood but still act like a hero. Ive never encountered such person like you in my entire life. Very well, Ill make you vomit more blood! He flashed towards Linghu Chong, attacking him with the side of flat side of the short saber rapidly.

    Linghu Chong felt pain all over his body. He did not even have the strength to block the flurry of attacks anymore.

    The grey haired man continued drinking his tea without even looking at them. It was a though nothing had happened. She was as calm as the sea.

    Tian Boguang kicked his foot out at Linghu Chongs face, and sent him knocking into a railing.

    Linghu Chong collapsed to the floor down below together with his chair. He pushed on the ground with his hands and struggled to get up with the chair at his back, but he was so badly wounded that he just couldnt move.

    Yi Lin quickly ran toward him. She was worried about Linghu Chong that she stayed behind. Brother Linghu! she stooped down to look at him.

    Tian Boguang flew down toward them, with the short saber still in his hand. Are you okay brother? Do you admit defeat now? he said arrogantly.

    Linghu Chong looked at him, Silly, youre the one who lost!

    Tian Boguang laughed, I lost? Mind to tell me how did I lose?

    Linghu Chong replied, Didnt we agree that whoevers backside gets up from the chair first loses? He lifted up both his legs, his backside was still touching the chair.

    Tian Boguang clenched his teeth furiously.

    Do you still have anything to say now? Linghu Chong asked. You may start calling her master.

    Tian Boguang suddenly narrowed his eyes, pressing his abdomen with his hand and pretended to have a stomach ache. Im not wellIve to leave now he turned around and ran out of the place.

    Yi Lin propped Linghu Chong up by the shoulders and walked out of the teahouse.

    Luo Renjie and Yu Renhao coincidentally passed by the area. So its Linghu Chong of the Mount Hua Sect. Should I say that were lucky or unlucky to see you again? Luo Renjie grinned.

    Linghu Chong smirked, Its definitely unlucky for me. Guess its all fated. He looked at the Yi Lin. Junior Martial Sister, let me introduce you to them. These two men are the famous Qingcheng Four Beasts. Do you what is Qingcheng Sects best martial art?

    Yi Lin shook her head.

    Youve no idea? Well its the Wild Goose Falls On Its Backside move (Pgu Xiang Hou Png Sha Luoyan Sh), Linghu Chong continued.

    Luo Renjie stared at him furiously, For someone who is about to die, you sure talk a lot!

    Linghu Chong looked at him intently, What? Have you forgotten that awesome move already? Do you want to see it again?

    Youre still talking rubbish! Luo Renjie struck his palm out at him.

    Linghu Chong quickly pushed Yi Lin to away from him so that she wouldnt get hit.

    Luo Renjie slash his hand at Linghu Chongs head. Linghu Chong raised his forearm to block the strike. Luo Renjie immediately swung his sheathed sword at Linghu Chongs face. Linghu Chong simultaneously lowered his body and stepped aside to dodge the attack. Luo Renjie instantly turned away from Linghu Chong and kicked him in the abdomen.

    Linghu Chong flew backwards, knocked against a booth and fell on to the floor. He groaned in pain.

    Yi Lin turned her head to look at him, Brother Linghu!

    Yu Renhao immediately grabbed Yi Lin by the arm and pressed the edge of his sword at her neck. He decided to apprehend her before she made her move.

    Let go of me! she struggled to break free from him.

    Luo Renjie stomped his foot on Linghu Chongs chest.Linghu Chong! You brought this to yourself! he chuckled.

    Linghu Chong looked at Yi Ling and muttered, Junior Martial Sister Yi Linbefore I die I want to tell you Lin Familys Resisting Evil Sword manual whereabouts!

    Luo Renjie stooped down and grabbed Linghu Chong by the collar. Where is the Resisting Evil Sword manual?! he asked.

    Linghu Chong made a hand gesture, signaling him to come closer.

    Luo Renjie leaned his ear over to Linghu Chong.

    Its in yourheart Linghu Chong grabbed a knife from the ground and thrust it into Luo Renjies chest.

    Luo Renjie groaned in pain as he collapsed to the ground.

    Yu Renhao let go of Yi Lin and ran over to his martial brother. He stooped down and propped Luo Renjie up from the back, Martial Brother! Martial Brother!

    Luo Renjie was no longer breathing.

    Yi Lin helped Linghu Chong up from the floor.

    Hes dead. Theyll definitely seek revengeI cant fight anymoreWe have to go now, Linghu Chong murmured.

    Yi Lin propped him by the shoulders and walked away hurriedly.

    Yu Renhao got up and chased after them. Stop running! he yelled angrily.

    The grey haired man stood at the doorway, watching the entire incident. He finally reached her hand out and flicked shot a stone at Yu Renhaos leg.

    Yu Renhao lost his balance and fell to the ground.

    After walking a short distance, Linghu Chong lost conscious and fell to the ground, dragging Yi Lin down with him. Yi Lin crawled toward Linghu Chong and shook his shoulder. Brother Linghu! You cant die! she yelled in tears. Seeing that he wasnt moving, she placed her index finger under Linghu Chongs nose. Her face suddenly turned pale, Linghu Chong seemed to have stopped breathing. Brother Linghu! You cant die She was completely devastated, gave a gasp and fainted.

    End of Chapter 6
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    I wonder if Yue Lingfeng and/or Yi Lin will somehow be related to DFBB? I like the surprising changes...

    In the series, in a later scene, for example, I always wonder why DFBB never asked LHC how and why he was injured or LHC never asked how he was able to bump into one another once again.. Or what the living arrangements were in the cave when DFBB was waiting for him to go down the mountain. In the 80s and 90s where TV series had lower paying actors, few specual effects and was much longer. The actors actually did a lot more communicating and left very little unanswered questions about the scenes...

    Anyhow, thanks for another exciting update!

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    This is getting better with every chapter.

    I assume the Linfeng/Feiyan plot was inspired by Demi God Semi Devil?

    It was very well done, the feelings very real.

    Out of curiosity is Lingfeng's advanced skills due to his innate talent or is there other factors?

    It just seems his skills may be even better than YBQ if he had a chance against Qu Yang.

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