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Thread: Swordsman: Sovereign

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    Just read all 5 chapters. It is very well written. Cannot wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good writing.

    By the way, I think it would be unfair if Xiong is punished for what his father did. After all, since he is now about 15, when his parents abandoned DFBB, he would have been too young to had any part in the decision.

    Also, am I the only one thinking that Linghu Chong could marry both DFBB and Ren Yingying? Ancient Chinese used to have many wives.

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    Definately was not expecting that twist

    Look forward to see how LHC will calm his wife down. One word 'wine'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Definately was not expecting that twist

    Look forward to see how LHC will calm his wife down. One word 'wine'.
    You must mean 'wine and sex', then 'more wine and even more sex'. Given her deviously superior foresight, she will just pretend to forgive them....
    Shouldn't she be pregnant by now... At least twins or triplets..... maybe even quadruplets....

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words and support as always.
    If anyone is interested in some of my other work. You can check them out here

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    Default Chapter: 6

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 6


    Though it had taken great effort, Linghu Chong had gotten his beloved to swear to him that she wouldn't kill anyone until her father and step-mother explained themselves. His wife was now calmer then she was before. But, he was no fool and knew the situation was still very tense and the slightest thing could send her into a murderous rampage.

    The sound of flesh hitting flesh was heard. But what surprised everyone was who did the assaulting.

    “Dog!! Do you know what your daughters went through because of your selfishness?!!” Linghu Chong yelled angrily.

    Dongfang Bo prostrated himself and begged for forgiveness. Though the slap was hard and left him feeling a bit woozy. The hit wasn't enough to cause any sort of lasting injury other then a bruise on the older man's left cheek.

    “Chief please, have mercy on my parents!” Xiong pleaded, as he begged on his knees to his fathers right.

    Linghu Chong wasn't one to disrespect an elder in this way. But for the sake of saving the person's life, he thought it would be better if he administered some sort of punishment in the hope it would further calm his wife.

    The action stunned all in the room, which was part of what he was looking to accomplish. But he was no fool and knew her shock would only last as long as she remained somewhat calm, which by her still murderous gaze, was just holding on by a thread.

    'So he's little Xiong. He certainly has grown over the years. None of this is his fault. I’m afraid he will be too scared of me to develop any type of sibling bond...' Dongfang Bubai thought with anger mixed with sadness.

    “God has had mercy on an old fool like me. He allowed me to meet my daughter before I die,” Dongfang Bo said as tears streamed down his face

    Dongfang Bubai continued to gaze upon her father with hatred. Though she had calmed down enough where she wouldn't just run over and kill him, she still wanted to.

    'This is all his fault! I lost my past life because of him! I was almost raped and killed because of him! My sister is a nun and my brother may never love me all because of him! I...I grew up not knowing what love was because of him! All of this is his fault!!'

    Dongfang Bubai eyes became ablaze with power as they glowed with a light purplish light; giving her an appearance of an other worldly entity.

    “I deserve to die for what I did. I talked your father into abandoning you and little Chújú. Forgive your father, this is not his fault. Please forgive me Qiang'er!” Méh-fùnh stated, as she continued to kneel down to the left of her husband.

    Dongfang Bubai began to have flashbacks of the day her and Yi Lin were abandoned by her father and stepmother. Her anger began to flare, as took a step forward, but she immediately thought of her husband and her promise and did her best to not act impulsively.

    “We went back for you both, but when I got there neither of you were in sight. So we just...”

    “You lying dog when did you go back?! A month later?!” Dongfang Bubai screamed at her father in rage.

    Linghu Chong immediately went over to his wife and grasped both of her hands in his own in an attempt to sooth the anger away.

    “Miss Dongf...My love...Qiang...please calm down...” he whispered softly.

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at Linghu Chong intently. Her heart melted as he spoke. Truly the once mighty and ruthless leader was putty in his hands. For his sake she decided to put off the murder of her father and step-mother. Her fears that he would leave her if he saw how truly terrifying and ruthless she can get when angry still worried her despite their marriage.

    Linghu Chong though had no such thought. All he wanted to do at the present was to calm the situation and sort things out as best as he could without loss of life.

    “Since this is a personal matter involving the Dongfang family, it wouldn't be fair if Yi Lin and Xiong didn't have a say in what happens to their parents. Don't you agree?...”

    Dongfang Bubai knew he was simply stalling for time, but the tactic worked.

    'Whether stalling or not he is right. What would Yi Lin think if I killed our father?...I would completely lose her to if she doesn't agree that they deserve to die...' she thought with worry.

    “Fine...Fine...” she said with an exasperated sigh.

    “So the world won't say that I'm a bigger monster then they already think I am. One who would unfairly kill her own parent. Then I will leave your fate up to Yi Lin. If she forgives you then you may live. If not, then no one will find either one of your bodies.”

    The words were cold, and sent a chill through everyone who heard them.

    “Yi Lin? You mean little Chújú?! Little Chuju is still alive? Where is she now? Why did her name change?” Old Bo asked with excitement.

    Dongfang Bubai's anger once again exploded. But she kept her feelings bottled up, except for her eyes which betrayed her rage.

    “You just ask about her now?!” she said as another wave of killing intent assaulted everyone.

    Dongfang Bo gazed upon his daughter in terror. This was not the kind, yet willful young girl who he had raised. Instead from what little he knew of the pugilistic world. His daughter was now a martial artist, and he guessed a quite powerful one considering how Feng Buping had been ousted as leader of the Sword Sect and now stood quietly to the side a few feet away with the rest of the Sword Sect disciples, watching his families skeleton’s show themselves, along with an white haired older man he didn't recognize.

    'And this young man who Xiong'er called chief. What is his relationship to Qiang'er. They seem quite close...' he thought suspiciously.

    Dongfang Bo looked Linghu Chong up and down appraising him with a scrutinizing eye.

    'Handsome, well built, must be outstanding in martial arts, given how my own son referred to him as chief. Seems kind by how to was trying to stop my death.'

    The old merchant knew such traits would make such a man very desirable. And reasoned his daughter and Linghu Chong were either lovers, or were married. The possibility that his little Qiang'er was now a married woman brought about more pain. Thinking that he wasn’t even there to witness what was suppose to be the most important and happy day in a young woman’s life.

    “As I said before so the world won't say that Dongfang Bubai is a monster who unfairly killed her own parent, then I will leave your fate up to Yi Lin. Now until then get out of my site!”

    Dongfang Bo, Méh-fùnh and Xiong immediately rose to their feet and was about to exit the hall until Dongfang Bo turned back to face his daughter.

    “Wait, called yourself Dongfang Bubai? As in the devil cults leader and the pugilistic worlds most powerful person, Dongfang Bubai?” he asked with trepidation.

    “Ex chief, your daughter no longer has any ties to them,” Linghu Chong said turning his full attention back to the older man.

    The news that their new chief was in fact the infamous number one of the martial arts world and her near murderous attempt did one bit of good. Feng Buping and the rest of the Sword Sect completely fell in line after they saw what she was like when angry. In other words words they were scared straight.

    “I... I always felt you were still alive. When I heard someone using the name Dongfang Bubai I hoped and prayed it was you. Do you remember how you use to call yourself that when you were little? You always claimed you would be unbeatable in the world at whatever you did” Dongfang Bo thought warmly, as the memories nearly broke his heart.

    “People kept saying that Dongfang Bubai was a man. But I remembered how you use to dress as a man to fool people for fun...or to just sneak out of the house to see what life was like outside of our village.”

    This new piece of information about his wife surprised Linghu Chong a little. Letting him know his wife was a more complex person then he had imagined.

    “But I also heard that in a brothel house about a few hours walk away, among their beauties, there was also a Dongfang Bubai. I began to worry that it was you. I...I thought my cowardice had driven you to a life of prostitution. I went to check a few times, but every time I went the person was either not there or wasn't seeing anymore customer's for the rest of the day. I'm so glad that it wasn't you Qiang'er,” he said breaking out into another fit of tears.

    Dongfang Bubai stared coldly for a few seconds. Her fist's were clenched so tightly as he spoke that she drew blood, as small droplets were hitting the floor.

    'Old fool!...'

    Without warning, she suddenly flew out of the meeting hall with Linghu Chong quickly following.


    A few minutes later, a column of energy exploded towards the sky. Dongfang Bubai's anguish filled screamed could be heard for miles as it echoed throughout the mountain range.

    Dongfang Bubai vented her bottled up emotions in the same clearing Linghu Chong and Xiong had their mock fight. Using her bare hands, she began to slash and exerted her energy at nearby trees, or frankly anything that was in her path.

    After a half hour the clearing was laid bare and torn, like a great plow had rend the earth. Trees great and small were uprooted, overturned, shattered and splintered, indicating destruction only the most terrible of storms could inflict. The terrain was completely destroyed as its destroyer knelt on the ground staring up at her husband with a blank stare. Linghu Chong for his part only looked at her with compassion, trying his best to figure out how to comfort her.

    Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you approve of everything they may or may not do. But regardless of whether you agree with them or not you still love them. You won't run away and abandon them in the difficult moments even if staying by them puts you in harms way or makes you an object of scorn and ridicule.

    “You must think I'm a monster Linghu Chong for wanting to kill my father and step-mother...A soulless evil monster...I...I wont blame you if you want to divorce me...”

    During his wife mini rampage. Linghu Chong had decided it was best to let her let out all of the pent up emotions she was feeling. He remained at a distance, silently observing the scene until it seemed she mentally wore down.

    Her statement, left him feeling appalled that she would even consider that he would do such a thing.

    “I knew who and what you were when I took you as my bride. How can I abandon you now?” he said passionately.

    “For better or for worse we will spend the rest of our lives together. That is the commitment I made when we were married.”

    A tear escaped from his wife’s right eye after he spoke.

    This is what love is.

    “The night we first met, you unknowingly saved those two Qingcheng Sect disciple lives. I lead them into the ally to dispose of them quietly.”

    Linghu Chong was a little surprised at the sudden change of topic. Truth be told, he was also disturbed how she so casually talked about murder as if talking about the weather but he had to admit Luo Renjie and Yu Renhao would have had it coming, since it seemed they were planning on raping her.

    “In truth they would have deserved such a fate given their wicked intentions,” he said flatly.


    “I want to apologize. You shouldn’t be in the middle of my family problems.
    Can you really love a monster like me?...How do you know one day that I won't turn on you?”

    “Stop it! You are not a monster!”

    Linghu Chong grabbed her by both shoulders and stared intently at his wife.

    “Yes, you may be a 'little' violent. But I've also seen the good you can do. How many times have you saved my life? Look at how you can sacrifice your happiness for Yi Lin. I bet that if I had fallen in love with Ying Ying and she were dieing, and by giving your heart was the only way to save her. You would do so just so I would be happy...”

    They had completely different personalities. Both made many mistakes which they regretted. One was once too arrogant and prideful while the other was too rigid in his thinking and made himself into a hypocrite by doing so. But yet, love still blossomed regardless of their faults.

    “Can't you see I will love you no matter the faults you have?” he said desperately.

    Dongfang Bubai just gazed upon the man she married with all the love in her heart. She slowing rose to her feet and without warning kissed him passionately. The sudden action caused them both to lose their balance which resulted them both falling to the ground with Dongfang Bubai on top of her husband.

    They both began to chuckle at the spectacle.

    “If you look at what they did in a positive light. It allowed us to meet. Without you my life means nothing...” he said sweetly, while gently stroking her cheek with his right hand.

    Dongfang Bubai was taken aback by his words, as her eyes became watery. She was simply overjoyed to have someone like him in her life. For love so passionate, so unconditional, wouldn't you feel the same? And to think that they both almost missed out on this because of misunderstanding and pride.

    “There you go again with your sweet talk. Trying to get me in bed again you lecher?” she said with a faint smile.

    Smiling mischievously Linghu Chong decided to play along.

    “Of course. Isn't that what us lecher's do? We are already half way there,” he said with a wink.


    “How are you feeling?” Linghu Chong asked with a cautious look.

    Dongfang Bubai instantly knew why he had asked the question. Without saying a word she nestled her head unto his chest.

    It was now a couple of hours till midnight. The pair had decided to go back to the assembly hall. Upon arriving back they were quickly greeted by Feng Buping and the other Sword Sect disciples. Scared straight was definitely the right term to describe the Huashan Sect castoffs.

    Linghu Chong was thankful he didn't see his in laws anywhere in sight. Feng Buping informed them that the elder couple along with Xiong was staying in one of the side houses. Naturally they wouldn't leave/ be allowed to leave until Linghu Chong or his wife decided their fates. Feng Buping though wanted to do anything within his power to help the couple. Without Dongfang Bo help the Sword Sect may have perished a long time ago. But, he was completely terrified of Dongfang Bubai and didn't want her anger directed at him in any way. So he continued to rack his brain for a solution to accomplish both tasks.

    Linghu Chong also noticed Feng Qingyang was no where in sight and was informed the Huashan Sect elder had disappeared like smoke in the wind shortly after he and Dongfang Bubai left the assembly hall.

    Though he didn't leave without word. But the words were directed at Feng Buping and whole of Sword Sect. Obey without question if you value your lives.

    After which Feng Buping showed them to his own room to use as their own. Linghu Chong thanked him and gave instructions that they be not disturbed until the following morning.

    Which now brings us to the present as Linghu Chong had used intimacy with his wife to help keep her mind off her parents.

    “I want you to forgive them... I know trust may not be there between you and them, but he is still your father. How can you bare to kill him?”

    Dongfang Bubai let out a heavy sigh. In her heart, she knew that Linghu Chong was right. But letting go of the hatred was proving for more difficult then she imagined.

    “Have you never heard the saying. How can a person ask God to forgive them if they won't forgive others.”

    Perhaps it was time to let the hate go.

    By holding on, you might still be searching for closure, and needing an apology from someone, again, or for the first time. You want to arrive at the moment with all the baggage in hand, to make sure they understand all the weight you have been carrying around. Seeking validation for your suffering, acknowledgment, and to be reassured, yes, indeed, you really were hurt.

    We hold onto the hurt, the anger, the resentment, because we fear that if we could let it go effortlessly, then whoever caused the pain in the first place, would be getting away with it too easily.

    It is said that willingness to forgive a parent or friend for a betrayal, developing a capacity for forgiveness can help keep small disappointments from developing into big ones. Regularly practicing forgiveness can keep small incidents from hardening into lingering resentment.

    “Forgiveness doesn't mean to pretend everything is fine. Is not to stuff away angry and hurt feelings. Is not to accept the hurtful behavior. Is not something you can be pressured to do. Is not forgetting a past hurt, but rather, developing a picture of hurt without dwelling on the emotions. Finally, it is letting go of the need to get even with the person,” he said in a sagely manner, which left his wife impressed.

    “More words of wisdom from when you were growing up?” Dongfang Bubai said with a smile.

    Linghu Chong simply laughed before nodding.

    “Only forgiveness can resolve hatred. I believe that if you insist on killing your father and step mother, you may eventually have to die too. Xiong and maybe even Yi Lin may want to seek revenge for their parents. It is only by letting it go that you, and them can be free.”

    Dongfang Bubai wanted to retort. Wanted to say how it was her right to take revenge for what happened to her. But deep in her heart she knew her lover's words were correct.

    “Plus if this situation can be peacefully resolved. One day perhaps even the situation between yourself and Ying Ying and Elder Ren can even be fixed.”

    “Things aren’t as simple between myself and the Ren's as you may think Linghu Chong. Yes, I killed Ying Ying's mother, and betrayed and imprisoned her father. It was only my lust for power that lead me to do such things. I also believed Ren Woxing had something to do with my Master's disappearance.”

    “What?!” Linghu Chong asked genuinely surprised.

    “I can't clearly prove it, but I found it highly suspicious he disappeared when they were deciding the next chief. His disappearance was simply to convenient.”

    Linghu Chong eyes shot wide open at this new revelation.

    “So...part of the reason you ousted Elder Ren was because you wanted revenge for you Master? Though without proof how do you know it was him that caused his disappearance?”

    “Life can be rough on Black Wood Cliff. It's dog eat dog at times. The weak can get trampled on or even killed. Ruthless men will do whatever to gain power if the opportunity arises,” she said coldly.

    'No wonder she can be so cold blooded at times. Growing up in that type of environment would turn anyone into a cold blooded killer.'

    “Any way, enough about useless parents and old grudges...We have to discuss our clan affairs.”

    “There is no turning back now Linghu Chong. Since we've started we won't be able to stop until we see this all the way through to whatever end it will lead to.”

    'Our clan...My own clan,' he thought a bit mystified as if he just realized it wasn't a dream that he now controlled his own sect.

    The words echoed in his mind. Linghu Chong was naturally excited but also scared. He knew from watching his master and mistress lead Huashan Sect that being chief was not something easy or a role to take lightly.

    “Also...Linghu Chong if we do this. You must change your view on your master and mistress. Yes they will always be like real parents to you. No one can fault you for viewing them as such. But they are no longer your master and mistress. You are now the head of your own sect of your choosing; unlike what was forced on you with Mount Hengshan. And are now equal to any other sect leader.”

    The words were said firmly, but with compassion, as Dongfang Bubai knew the subject regarding his adopted parents was still a sensitive one for her husband.

    Linghu Chong nodded in agreement. But Dongfang Bubai could tell by the look in his eyes that he was thinking heavily on what was said.

    “What shall we call the sect? Invincible Sword or Sword of the invincible?” she said abruptly changing the subject.

    “So you have the name already figured out?” he said smiling, appreciative of her actions.

    “Of course, one of us has to be the brains of this relationship,” she said playfully.

    “Why those two names?” he asked curiously.

    “Sword comes from your sword skills, mainly the Nine Swords of Dugu and invincible comes from my name.”

    “That's...not bad actually. Its an imposing name, though some will consider it arrogant. The other sects will certainly think we are conceited,” he said with a smirk.

    “Like I care about them. If they have a problem with it let them come and defeat us,” she said in a deadly tone.

    Linghu Chong though simply laughed. He was learning to appreciate his wife’s passion.

    “How about Sword of the Invincible then?” he said smiling.

    “Now, since that's settled what skills shall we teach the disciples? I was thinking about a combination of the martial arts from Huashan Sect and Sun Moon Holy Cult. The combination of the two should make whomever studies it into a formidable practitioner.”

    Linghu Chong again nodded, seeing the wisdom and benefit from combing the two opposing sects skills.

    “Now, since that takes care of the skills for the disciples, I was thinking of a special skill for us, or mainly you...”

    “Me...” he asked genuinely confused.

    “Yes, I...I want you to study the Sunflower Manual.”

    “Woman are you crazy?! Didn't you tell me while I was still recovering that if a man practices such an art he must castrate himself first?! There is no martial arts worth that!” he said looking appalled.

    Dongfang Bubai let out an amused laugh at her husbands antics.

    “Be calm my love...I think I've found a way around the need to castrate,” she said with a knowing smile.

    To this new bit of news Linghu Chong gazed at his wife in shock, which quickly turned to barely contained excitement waiting for her to continue.

    “This is something just between us as husband and wife. Like our vow to be with each other for the rest of our lives. I want our martial arts to be conjoined in the same way,” she said softly.

    Linghu Chong gazed upon his wife with love as she gently kissed her forehead. Madly in love he was, stupid he was not. He knew there was more to it then what she was telling, but decided to let that come out in time. Regardless of what her real reasons were, he knew that it would not bring those they cared about, or their new clan harm, or so he hoped.

    'I...I want to make you invincible Linghu Chong. Into a god of martial arts. The whole martial arts, the whole of China will tremble at your name...'


    At the same time as husband and wife were discussing their clan affairs. Standing on top of the same small lake where Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai had there mock duel. A lone figure dressed in all black, except for her face practiced her newly acquired martial arts skill.

    Her hands were clasped behind her back and her eyes closed as she meditated. Without warning she waved her right hand in a slashing manner. The action caused an arched shaped column of water to jet into the sky about thirty yards.

    The act also startled some birds on some of the nearby trees. With inhuman speed, she unleashed a flurry of needles towards the birds as they tried to fly away. The needles flew straight into them at an unimaginable speed killing them in the blink of an eye.

    The figure smirked, pleased with herself, but she quickly cast away any type of cockiness as she knew that even though she was stronger then before. The level of power she gained still wasn't enough to defeat her hated enemy.

    'I will kill you Dongfang Bubai! No matter what it takes I will avenge my mother!'


    A/N: Hope you all enjoyed the chapter. As always any thoughts and or ideas are appreciated.
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    Thanks for chapter 6. Looks like one hell of a cat fight is brewing.

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    RYY the bi@tch learns sunflower manual too? I'm pretty sure she would still not be able to defeat DFBB and LHC. I recall reading somewhere she is a hermaphrodite because of her father.

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    Thanks as always everyone for reading and the support. That goes to both the silent lurkers and those who leave a comment.
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    Thanks! RYY vs DFBB? This will be an EPIC fight!

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    Default Chapter: 7

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 7


    The Ten Paths of ChongDong Swordplay.

    • Dance Of The Immortal
    • The Clouds Block The Sun
    • The Sun Shines
    • Phoenix Bathes In The Sun
    • The Moon Gives Its Light
    • Golden Wheel Facing The Sun
    • Clouds Open For The Sun
    • The Sun Rotates
    • The Invincible Comes From The East
    • Ballad Of The Drunkard

    This art is the combined skills of all Five Mountain Schools; including Hengshan Sect's Qi and Sword branches. It also comprised of the counter set of skills to the Five Mountain Schools, which were written inside the hidden cave in Repentance Cliff. But that was not all. The differing sword skills of the Sun Moon Holy Cult were also included. And lastly, counter technique's to the Sun Moon Cults swordplay. In developing this unique set of skills for the disciples Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai both realized that if practiced diligently this new sword style can match the Nine Swords of Dugu.

    “These are what we/you will be teaching the disciples from now on. With these sets of skills, not many will be able to match the sects sword skills in a few years,” Dongfang Bubai said firmly from her seated position in the assembly hall.

    “Yes chief,” Feng Buping saluted respectfully as he bowed his head.

    He then took the manual from Dongfang Bubai's hands, while all the time keeping his gaze on the floor.

    Linghu Chong smirked as he witnessed the now docile ex Sword Sect Chief. A month had passed since himself and Dongfang Bubai had taken over and things were running much smoother then he dreamed. As Feng Qingyang had urged them to do. The Sword Sect remnant obeyed every command without question; obviously fearing Dongfang Bubai's temper.

    “Learn the technique's well Feng Buping. Myself and the Mistress have spent much time developing this new style. We trust that you will be able to teach the students properly,” Linghu Chong said from his standing position which was to his wife’s right.

    Feng Buping backed up a few steps out of respect. Once he was a few feet away he began to read through the manual.

    'This is incredible...With these skills we can crush the other sects. Perhaps even Shaolin and Wudang. They are both martial arts geniuses to come up with these skills in such a short period of time.'

    His awe was soon broken as Dongfang Bubai noticed his look of wonder.

    “I take it you like our sects new swordplay?” she said with a chuckle.

    “Yes Chief. With this Huashan...I mean our sect will be on top of the martial world... “ he said with excitement.

    “Indeed...Just make sure you study it well. As a former sect leader and now elder of our sect. You will be responsible for the students well being. If they disgrace us by their poor skills, I will hold you personally responsible,” Dongfang Bubai said in a deadly tone.

    “Y...Yes...” he said nervously.

    Linghu Chong again chuckled observing the scene.

    'Good thing we are the only ones in the hall right now or else Uncle Buping might be to embarrassed to face the students,' Linghu Chong though amused.

    As Feng Buping was about to leave and begin his study of the manual. Xiong unexpectedly came into the assembly hall. His appearance surprised the three but even more so when he suddenly prostrated himself before his sister.

    “Xiong what are you doing?” Linghu Chong asked curiously.

    “I beg Chief's to please spare my parents...I don't know all of the details of the past. But I know they've committed a grave offense to you. Please spare them sister...If...If my life can be used instead of theirs then please take my it instead...”

    Dongfang Bubai only gazed at her brother with pity. Her heart was filled with anguish as he spoke.

    'Brother...' she thought fighting back tears.

    But the next thing that happened surprised everyone in the room, as Feng Buping himself got down on his knees next to his disciple.

    “Xiong is right Chief Dongfang, please spare his parents. They have helped the sect greatly since they have been here. Dare I say without their assistance the Sword Sect might have already died.”

    Seeing the proud ex leader of the Sword Sect begging for mercy for another wasn't something anyone expected. The scene though caused Linghu Chong to remember a conversation he had a few days after taking on the role of chief.

    -xXx- Flashback -xXx-

    Dongfang Bo heard a knock at the door which caused his heart to jump. Thinking that his time had finally come, he mustered his courage and went to let the person in. But to his surprise and relief the person standing there was non other then his son in law.

    “C-chief, what brings you here,” Xiong said nervously thinking Linghu Chong came to finish of his parents.

    “No need to worry I only came to talk to senior Bo and his wife,” he said with a warm smile.

    Dongfang Bo and his wife offered Linghu Chong a chair which he sat in gratefully.

    “I wish to apologize for striking you. Normally I would have never disrespected an elder in such a way. But, as you saw your daughter was intent on ending both your lives so I figured if I administered some sort of punishment that it would calm her a bit and since you are both still alive my plan worked.”

    “I've heard much about you in my travels Chief Linghu. You are indeed a true hero.”

    Old Bo tried to prostate himself before Linghu Chong out of gratitude but was stopped as his son-in-law stopped him.

    “Please don't do that; I'm undeserving. I only did what I thought was right. I also came here to hear your side of things. And how you came to be associated with the Feng Buping and the Sword Sect.”

    About and half an hour passed as Dongfang Bo explained the details of how he and his wife abandoned Dongfang Bubai and Yi Lin. The elder couple both bent their heads in shame after reminiscing of their actions. They also revealed how they came to know Feng Buping.

    'So they stumbled upon each other a few days after escaping the bandits. Looks like Feng Buping took pity on them and offered them a place to stay until they were ready to travel. I guess Elder Bo must have appreciated Feng Buping's kindness so much he wanted to stay and help the sect anyway he could. Looks like despite his gruff exterior elder Buping does have kindness in him.'

    “What you did was wrong and in all honestly Qiang may not be wrong in trying to seek revenge. But I don't want her to do something she will regret for the rest of her life. Family should be cherished and even if they have done you wrong if they seek forgiveness then it should be given...” Linghu Chong said with a warm smile.

    Father, mother and child only gazed upon Linghu Chong with appreciation. Never could they repay this debt of kindness he was bestowing upon them.

    “In some ways she is very pitiful; both your daughters are in a way. One has been living in a world surrounded by people from the devil cult by herself all these years. In a world where the strong eat the weak and you always have to be on the lookout for other peoples schemes. When we met, I was the first person to genuinely show her care and love. And in turn she showed the same to me.”

    “The other was found by the abbottess of North Hengshan and is now a nun there. Though she is not cut out to be a nun, she stays there out of gratitude for their kindness to her given they have been the only family she has known until recently.”

    “So what I did created Dongfang Bubai?...And made my other daughter a nun?...” Dongfang Bo said abruptly.

    “Little Chújú a nun...” Méh-fùnh said in disbelief.

    The elder woman who had remained mostly quiet while Linghu Chong was there began to feel light headed; given her shock. Thankfully, she soon found herself supported by her son, who had immediately ran over to her side once he saw she looked like she was about to fall out of her chair.

    After seeing the way his mother in-law reacted, and how he could again hear the sadness and regret in his father in-laws voice. Despite knowing the guilt was deserved Linghu Chong served to comfort them.

    “Yes...But you have a chance to fix things now. God has given you both this chance to correct the wrong done. I give you my word, I will do all I can to help you.”

    After another round of appreciation from the three, Linghu Chong got up from his seat and readied himself to leave.

    “Chief Linghu if I may I need to ask you something,” stated old Bo.

    Linghu Chong stopped at the entrance and turned his attention fully back to the older man.

    “What is your relationship to my daughter, you two seem to be very close?”

    Linghu Chong knew this would eventually come up and was honestly surprised it wasn't asked sooner.

    “I'm her husband...”

    -xXx- End Flashback- xXx-

    'Only forgiveness can resolve hatred. I believe that if you insist on killing your father and step mother, you may eventually have to die too. Xiong and maybe even Yi Lin may want to seek revenge for their parents. It is only by letting it go that you, and them can be free.'

    Linghu Chongs' words echoed in her mind. Dongfang Bubai felt extremely guilty seeing her brother plead for his parents lives. Whether half or full siblings, family was still family and he was her brother no matter if they had different mothers.

    Rising from her seat, Dongfang Bubai slowly made her way to the kneeling pair. The sound of thunder boomed in everyone ears. That combined with rain hitting the top of the roof and the ground outside only served to amplify the feeling of dread which came over the two kneeling men. Xiong truly thought this was his end. Though young he steeled himself for his death and would die proudly for his parents.

    “Get up! I said before when Yi Lin comes our parents fate shall be decided then. You don't have to worry about their lives ending until then...” she said coldly.

    Dongfang Bubai abruptly left the assembly hall without another word. Leaving the three men to stare at her in astonishment.


    Later on that night, Dongfang Bubai stood by the window of her and Linghu Chong's room staring out sat the night sky; her husband sleeping sounding on the bed a few feet away. The day's events plagued her thoughts and the ex cult leader was truly at a loss at how to handle them.

    'Forgiveness doesn't mean to pretend everything is fine. Is not to stuff away angry and hurt feelings. Is not to accept the hurtful behavior. Is not something you can be pressured to do. Is not forgetting a past hurt, but rather, developing a picture of hurt without dwelling on the emotions. Finally, it is letting go of the need to get even with the person...'

    Her husbands words once again echoed in her mind. Since joining the Sun Moon Holy Cult survival of the fittest was all she had known. A world filled with viciousness and cruelty. A world where you had to keep your head on a swivel unless you risk losing it. A world where passing over a wrong committed against you could come back and cause you endless trouble's; or even your life.

    Could she really forgive and hold no further animosity towards the people who abandoned her?

    “God please help me, I...I don't know what to do...” she whispered out as silent tears began to fall from her eyes.


    Sunflower Manual...

    For all its brilliance is rather easy to learn but at the same time comes at a high price if you are a man planning on practicing it. Is it any wonder that nobody besides a eunuch could create such a thing. The Qi manipulations of this art are simply too suicidal and harmful for a normal person to consider.

    The inventor, who must have had a deep understanding of Qi manipulation and a very deep understanding of martial arts, realized this opportunity and attempted something naturally impossible and the result was the Sunflower Manual.

    The impossibility has something to do with cold and hot Qi. It appears that the Sunflower Manual greatly increases the hot/male Qi while also increasing the cold/female Qi of the user. The side effect of such a thing would cause a male to become more feminine; if not in body then in mentality if he does castrate himself. The opposite applies for a woman trying to master the art, as they will become more masculine.

    If a man who still has his manhood practices it he will burn himself inside out, or so it is believed. And considering male/yang/warm and female/yin/cold, if a woman practices it she would freeze herself to death, or so it is believed. The one way to get around both problems is time. If the manual is learned slowly over time then the need to castrate, or burn or freeze yourself to death will not come into effect. But, humans being impatient creatures, hardly consider patience when trying to achieve power; except for a select few.

    Dongfang Bubai for example. She was able to master it for a number of reasons. First and most importantly, her initial training in martial arts by her master, was as if she were a man. He taught her to act and think and fight like she were a male and the development of her 'male' Qi was much more advanced then if she were to learn martial arts in a traditional way for a woman. So when she began to learn the Sun Flower manual, being naturally a woman, all that was needed was to slowly develop her 'female/ying' Qi.

    But, what if there was another way to learn it quickly with no adverse effects...

    What if there was a way to cultivate the hot and cold Qi, so that you can regulate the different streams of inner energy inside your body and transform them into one.

    What if this method of cultivation acted like a CPU of sorts for the technique. What if it allowed the user to learn and adapt to any form of martial arts energy manipulation.

    Learning Shaolin's most treasured martial art was again benefiting Linghu Chong besides speeding up his bodies healing and correcting the flaw in the star sucking/energy extraction skill. The Tendon-Altering Sutra with its energy manipulation method wasn't revered as the strongest in the world for nothing.

    Tendon-Altering Sutra, Star-Sucking Skill, Nine Swords of Dugu, The Ten Paths of ChongDong Swordplay. Imagine if you will, if all of the afore mentioned skills were combined with the Sunflower Manuel.

    But these are not just a mismatched set of skills. It would be a true unique art. Like finding a way to regulate the different steams of inner energy inside your body and transform them into one. All the martial arts used to create it were fused in such a way. Seamlessly in fact. To such a degree that the practitioner can easily move from one technique to the other without difficulty.

    What type of martial arts practitioner would this give birth to...


    Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Linghu Chong rose out of the lake surrounded by the blueish hue of his aura; making his appearance seem very ghostly. He floated a few feet off the waters surface, with his eyes closed seemingly oblivious to the world around him. The former Huashan Sect disciple was also completely naked, save for a loin cloth. Not that any woman would mine seeing his chiseled physique, especially his wife who was watching the scene with excitement from the shore.

    Suddenly, and without any warning his eyes snapped open as a column of energy exploded from his body and screeched towards the sky. The water underneath him parted in similar manner as the clouds, to the point where you could see the very bottom of the lake.

    The scene would have been horrifying, but also strangely amazing to watch to a mere passerby.

    “You will soon tremble those in the pugilistic world. Behold your master! Behold the birth of your Sovereign!”

    Dongfang Bubais' maniacal laughter echoed throughout the area, causing a feeling of fear and dread to whomever heard it, whether man or beast.


    Mo Da, is the mysterious leader of the South Mount Hengshan Sect, who is known for playing melancholic tunes on a huqin. Such an instrument wasn't there for decoration, as it was where his sword is concealed. His swordplay techniques, which correspond with musical themes, are very fast and unpredictable and helped to establish him as one of the pugilistic worlds top masters.

    Unfortunately though, such skill could only do so much, as he now found himself the sole surviving person from his sect save for a few loyal servants.

    It was late-morning on a overcast day. Mo Da sat at a table in a small inn, dressed in a black robe, drinking a cup of wine. The quaint place was about half a days walk from South Hengshan Sect, and was a place he liked to frequent often. He wasn't a heavy drinker by any stretch of the imagination. But after all that had taken place within his clan, and with Liu Zhengfeng's death still plaguing his mind, he needed to figure out the next move, if any, for his sect.

    'Second brother, why did you have to die?Though perhaps it's for the best you are not here to see what has become of our sect. Of the disciples that weren't killed by those villains from Mount Song, those who remained simply ran away from fear.'

    Sighing heavily the old and graying master-hand reached for the bottle of wine before him to pour himself another drink, but before he could reach the bottle to further drown his sorrows, it suddenly disappeared.

    “Thought I sensed someone with good internal strength near by. Turns out to be the person I was hoping to meet,” a mysterious voice suddenly said.

    Mo Da was startled by the level of skill the person possessed. To sneak up on a person with his stature, without even a hint of his presence being detected was truly an impressive feat. But, his shock quickly faded and was instead replaced by excitement and joy as he recognized who had spoken to him.

    “Junior Linghu...”

    “The one and only,” Linghu Chong said with a smile as he poured himself a drink from the wine bottle.

    A large smile spread across Mo Da's face, as he was happy to see his young friend again. The rumors that he might have died were beginning to circulate and given no one had heard from him in months, the old master was
    beginning to think they were true.

    “Junior Linghu I'm glad the rumors of your death were not true. How have you been? Where have you been all this time? Those nuns of yours have been looking frantically for you.”

    Linghu Chong returned the elder martial artist's concern with a warm smile before answering.

    “I was severely injured and only just fully healed a little while ago...”

    As he gazed over Linghu Chong, elder Mo did note that his young friend did seem different, but he couldn’t quite place what seemed strange about him.

    'He does look less scruffy and wild,' he said noting Linghu Chong's properly combed hair, which now came down to the middle of his back. Also his choice of clothing; consisting of a nice quality white robe, which was much cleaner looking then his normal vagabond-esk attire.

    'But its more than just his outward appearance. It's like his aura has completely changed...'

    “The rumors say you confronted Dongfang Bubai and in the end both of you plummeted off of Black Wood Cliff. Was that true? If so how did you survive? How did you two end up in a fight?”

    “That's partially true...There was a lot more that happened that day and the days that followed. Where did he hear about what happened?”

    “I believe some people overheard some members of the demon cult talking about the events. No one knew if such rumors were true, but since you had disappeared it began to seem like the only plausible explanation.”

    Linghu Chong remained silent and instead took another sip of wine.

    “Junior Linghu... the rumors also say that it was because of your actions that led to Ren Woxing being able to reclaim his position of chief of the demon cult.”

    Mo Da found himself suspicious of his young friends silence but chose not to voice his concern. After all this should be an happy occasion not one marked with mistrust and paranoia.

    “Things are more complicated then the rumors say. But, it is true that in a way I did help Elder Ren reclaim his position.”

    Linghu Chongs' sad tone peaked Mo Da's curiosity. Whatever happened up on Black Wood Cliff certainly must have been much more complex then the rumors say.

    'Though I first thought he was a good for nothing when I first heard about him. Junior Linghu has proven to be upright by his actions. I'm sure that whatever happened on Black Wood Cliff is indeed more complex then what everyone thinks,' he thought more out of hope that his young friend was not now part of the Sun Moon Holy Cult.

    “The pugilistic world isn't black and white. Many things that seem one way are really the other. Right can be wrong and wrong right. It's indeed a complicated world we live in,” Mo Da said with a chuckle.

    Linghu Chong in turn gave Mo Da a small smile and nodded in appreciation for him not judging without all the facts. A practice which would benefit many if they wisely adopted that way of thinking.

    “Anyway you mentioned I was the person you were hoping to meet. Why do you need to speak to me?” he asked curiously.

    “There are rumors that South Hengshan is about to die. I...we came here in hopes to stop that.”

    “We?...” the old master asked with a perplexed look.

    “Who is w...”

    Mo Da was startled when a second person suddenly appeared sitting to his left. This time old master did not recognize the person at all. Though he noted she was quite beautiful, but despite her beauty she carried a dangerous aura any martial artist could sense.

    “This is?...” he asked cautiously.

    “We need to speak in private. Come follow us,” Dongfang Bubai said assertively, giving no room for argument.

    In the blink of an eye Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai were gone from Mo Da's sight. He didn't have to look hard for them, as he saw the white robed individuals waiting for him right outside of the inn's entrance.

    Mo Da hesitated before leaving his seat. He didn't sense any aggression coming from the pair but he knew it was always better to keep ones guard up. Though Linghu Chong's words about saving South Hengshan filled him with hope; something he hadn't felt in a long time. So despite his better judgment, the old master decided to follow his fellow martial artist's and see what they had to say.


    The trio causally walked in silence before they came to a place in the near by woods five minutes later.

    “Now that we have privacy. Please tell me what this is about,” he said to both younger martial artist's.

    “Do you remember the last time we spoke? When you told me before to go and rescue that young lady out of Shaolin and marry her. And that even if nobody comes to your wedding ceremony, old man Mo Da, will definitely come and drink with you,” Linghu Chong calmly exclaimed.

    Mo Da was confused for a moment before it dawned on him what his young friend was trying to tell him.

    “Congratulations to you both,” Mo Da said happily.

    “When I was expelled from Huashan Sect, it freed me to become like the clouds in the sky and the birds in the field. So I don’t need to care about this righteous sect and devil cult matters anymore. It freed me to be with the one I love...”

    Dongfang Bubai turned away not wanting her husband to see her blush.

    “Free like the clouds and birds of the field?...It's more like I'm locked up by and iron ball and chain. Didn't you say those words to me last night,” Dongfang Bubai said with a loud laugh as she regained control of her emotions and her blush disappeared.

    Mo Da laughed loudly at the pair's way of talking to each other. He remembered the blissful feeling of being young and in love.

    “I take it this is miss Ren?” he said pleasantly.

    “Don't insult me by comparing me to that child,” Dongfang Bubai said soundly genuinely insulted.

    Mo Da was confused by Dongfang Bubai response until Linghu Chong once again spoke.

    “I'm also sure you have heard the rumors of who was truly imprisoned in Shaolin at that time elder Mo Da?”

    Mo Da hesitated for a moment before nodding with a heavy sigh.

    “That Linghu Chong had gathered a group of followers of the demon cult and led them to Shaolin in order to free someone. The identity of the person was unclear. Some said it was the Holy Lady of the cult and others it was in fact the infamous leader Dongfang Bubai,” he said looking at them both intently.

    “Well in truth that was not Ren Woxing's daughter Ying Ying. That was Dongfang Bubai...” Linghu Chong paused before continuing waiting to see what Mo Da's reaction would be if any. When the elder master gave no sign of surprise he decided to continue speaking.

    “She was the one who voluntarily went to Shaolin and sacrificed her freedom for me. She has saved my life countless times. The world calls her a monster. I call her the woman I love and I proudly call her my beloved wife...”

    Dongfang Bubai heart melted, her eyes began to tear up after hearing her husbands words, which to her soul was sweeter then honey.

    “I will not make any excuses for any evil she has done in the past. And I know one day the past may catch up with her. But, we will face the future together; even if it cost us our lives. When we met, I was the first person to genuinely show her care and love, and in turn she showed the same to me.”

    Linghu Chong was going to say more. But a hand gesture from Mo Da stopped him.

    “I understand your feelings young friend. Though I’m old now, I was once young... I won't judge you for your decision. Love can change anyone. If you two can freely love each other, who am I to say otherwise,” Mo Da said with a warm smile.

    Though his face didn't portray it. Linghu Chong let out a silent sigh of relief at Mo Da's words, reconfirming that seeking the old master-hand out would not be in vain.

    “But...I'm sure you didn't seek me out just to tell me you got married Junior Linghu. What is the real reason you need to speak to me?...” he said with a knowing smile.

    Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai smiled back, before explaining to him the reason why they were there.


    “So this was Feng Qingyang idea?” Mo Da said in shock.

    “Yes, he asked us both to do this,” Dongfang Bubai stated flatly.

    “If he put such a burden on you two then he must believe in you. If such a figure has such trust, who am I to disagree with him,” Mo Da replied back.

    Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai had explained to the old master how Feng Qingyang came up with the idea that the martial world needs a force to keep it balanced. To keep their chaotic pugilist world from going further into chaos. Like an overseer; to keep people like Zuo Lengshan in check. To make men like him have to think twice before acting out their wicked schemes.

    'Regardless of what Yue Buqun thinks of you Junior Linghu. You are the future of Huashan Sect. And what further proof then gaining the trust of Elder Feng and the Sword Sect remnant,' Mo Da thought in admiration.

    “Plus this is a good chance to end the dispute between the Sword and Qi factions. Though realistically it might just end up fanning the flames further given how stubborn Yue Buqun is.”

    The disdain in Dongfang Bubai's voice wasn't lost on the old master though he completely understood why given how unbending in his ways the Huashan Sect head could be.

    “So you wanted to see me because you needed a better place to stay in then what the Sword Sect has at the moment, correct?” he said with a knowing smile.

    “Very perceptive. Linghu Chong was right in saying you could be of use to us,” stated Dongfang Bubai.

    Though it was meant as a compliment. The cold nature of Dongfang Bubai's statement sent a slight chill up Mo Da's spine.

    “We want you to beg you to stay Elder Mo. Even if it's only for a short period of time. With your knowledge and skill you can greatly help the disciples and the sect as a whole grow in power.”

    Mo Da gazed intently at his young friend contemplating his words.

    'What should I do. If they had simply wanted to they could have easily killed me and taken South Hengshan for themselves. But the fact that they sought me out and shared their plans with me shows their sincerity. Plus, this could be my way of paying back Zuo Lengshan for the wickedness he has done to Hengshan.'

    'Plus, junior Linghu most know aligning himself with Feng Buping and the Sword Sect will bring upon him disdain from Yue Buqun. Yet, even so, he seems ready and willing to face that challenge.'

    A smile crossed his lips as he made his decision.

    “Okay, I agree to leave South Hengshan in your hands...I will officially retire from the martial arts world, but before then I will help you with building up the sect again and nurturing the disciples.”

    Both Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai had large smiles. The meeting was going just as they had hoped.

    “But before the disciples can be groomed, the chief must also set a proper example,” Mo Da said abruptly.

    Linghu Chong had the feeling he wasn't going to like Mo Da's next words and indeed he didn't as he was scolded for his drinking.

    Elder Mo talked to Linghu Chong about lessening his drinking because of a family he may have one day and to set a good example for the present any future students he will have. Not that he thought drinking was evil or wrong, but just to enjoy wine, and not worship it like he did before. To control himself like an adult man should. Not to let his addiction turn him into a person that he didn’t want to be. And cause him to get to a point where he could lose everything in his life. First and foremost, the woman he loved.

    Dongfang Bubai couldn’t help but laugh at how one of the most powerful people in the martial arts world, was being scolded as if he were a mere child. She made note, to harass him about this later.


    A month had passed since the meeting between Mo Da, Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai. The entire Sword Sect, including Dongfang Bo and his wife had been relocated to the South Hengshan compound.

    It was a cool autumn night. A cool, gentle breeze blew through South Hengshan as all had turned in for the night to get an early start the next day. All, except two people in particular. Both their white robes blew gently in the breeze as they were making the most of the tranquil scene.

    Love and hate closely resembles hazy clouds
    Sometimes scattered and at times foggy
    an old sword can carve open a recollection of memories
    is this a sentimental bond or is it just a rational decision

    On a cloudy day looking straight into the ocean and mulberry fields these memories have slowly faded away
    when my heart has fallen into a deep abyss your face appears to me like a night-blooming cereus

    A broken oath is like taking a needle and severing off all ties of fate leaving our past behind
    if there was a way to live another life, I would want a chance to meet again
    What i hated the most about our fleeting past was how we rushed it, it's as if we were rolled up in a hurricane
    only took one quick glance of our moment together causing me to not have enough time to establish nostalgic feelings for you

    This lifetime is too tragic, if we have a chance to recreate a happy ending for this story let it be told in our next life
    at the end these ridiculous promises have not faded into the night
    as I walk over these busy streets it was once a scenery of happiness
    year after year Knives and Swords are unsympathetic

    As years pass by I have forgotten but can still recall these memories
    if i can turn back time I would want to be in front of you trapped in that very moment
    even if our shoulders collide I will remember your face
    if there is no tomorrow my heart will be lost and stuck in love forever
    if you close your eyes will I be able to see any feelings of remorse in them

    Dongfang Bubai's singing was beautiful to any who heard her. Her voice, more so the words, which were truly from the heart, pieced to the very soul of the few onlookers; which were a couple of servant girls and Xiong. Equally, Linghu Chongs' skills with the zither had improved much since his tutelage at the hands of Holy Lady and Elder Zhu. A testament to the age old adage of practice makes perfect.

    “The song is beautiful. But sister, it's also bitter sweet. You and chief love each other so much. Why such a song?” Xiong asked curiously.

    She looked at her brother with a small smile before responding. Their relationship had started to develop and even though he still treated her with fear, he was beginning to open up; albeit slowly.

    “This is the song we chose, to always remind us of what we almost lost and the pain and regret which would have awaited us if we would have given into bitterness and fear. We also want the song to be a testament to anyone who hears it to guard themselves against those two harmful feelings and not be a slave to your emotions,” she said somberly.

    Xiong felt a tear form in his right eye, though he really didn't understand why.

    “What are you doing up so late. I thought we ordered all disciples to go to bed early since tomorrow's training will be very intense.”

    “Oh, I had to use the bathroom. On my way back I ran into one of the servant girls and she gave this to me. Apparently a messenger arrived earlier when you and chief were meeting with Elder Mo Da and Master Buping,” he said nervously.

    Taking the letter. Dongfang Bubai began to read it.

    “What does it say?” Linghu Chong asked curiously.

    “It's a birthday invitation from Wang Yuanba, the leader of the Golden Saber Sect. Looks like he's inviting the different clan heads from prestigious clans for his birthday celebration, to be held in a month,”

    “I see...Probably just wants to show off his wealth,” Linghu Chong said with clear disdain.

    “What's the matter, has he done something to you?” Dongfang Bubai asked with concern.

    For the next few minutes Linghu Chong explained all that had happened while he was still a disciple of Huashan Sect while they stayed in Luoyand City. His anger was slowly simmering as he remembered the embarrassment he was put through when they believed he had the Evil Warding Manual in his possession. But, in truth it wasn't just the embarrassment that caused his anger. It was the fact that despite knowing him for years. The one's who knew him the best thought he really stole the manual.

    “Like I would grace those pompous pigs with my presence!” he shouted angrily.

    He went to reach for the letter, to tear it up, but his wife quickly retracted her hand.

    “Wait, this could be a perfect opportunity for us and the clan as a whole,” she said with a bit of excitement.

    “What do you mean?” he asked confused.

    With a mischievous smile, Dongfang Bubai began to outline her plan on how to use the celebration to get a little bit of revenge but more importantly spread the fame of the sect at the same time.


    A/N: Hope you all liked the chapter. Oh, I used DFX (Dongfang Xue‎) translation for the song Resolved. I did change it slightly to match the story. So thanks to her.
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    Very well done. Can't wait to see YBQ's face when he sees LHC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Very well done. Can't wait to see YBQ's face when he sees LHC
    I am more eager to see what DFBB does when she gets there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    I am more eager to see what DFBB does when she gets there
    Probably rip his throat out.😁

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    Thanks for the comments and compliments.

    The events before, during and after the celebration should get interesting, or so I hope.

    Dfbb should come dressed in one of the two outfits below. I'm leaning towards the red, minus the hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by optimus610 View Post
    Thanks for the comments and compliments.

    The events before, during and after the celebration should get interesting, or so I hope.

    Dfbb should come dressed in one of the two outfits below. I'm leaning towards the red, minus the hat.

    Might be a good idea that she goes there as Madam Linghu rather than Chief Dongfang. She was desiring a simple life after meeting LHC. So going there with her husband as Madam Linghu but still carrying that cold and blunt air around her with be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    Might be a good idea that she goes there as Madam Linghu rather than Chief Dongfang. She was desiring a simple life after meeting LHC. So going there with her husband as Madam Linghu but still carrying that cold and blunt air around her with be nice
    DFX the buzz kill. lol But I think you are right. Originally that was what I was going to do. Have both LHC and DFBB come in stately looking white robes. But then I liked how she looked in the new version of her red outfit so much I started to lean towards that.

    So her look for the gathering will be either the white outfits from the link above or the one attached or I will mix the colors together.

    On a side note, how do you get the pics to just show up instead of having to click them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by optimus610 View Post
    Thanks for the comments and compliments.

    The events before, during and after the celebration should get interesting, or so I hope.

    Dfbb should come dressed in one of the two outfits below. I'm leaning towards the red, minus the hat.

    I am more inclined towards the last red one possibly with less flesh showing.
    White at a Chinese celebration is a bit off as it is the funeral colour.

    Also having been chief of a cult DFBB knows how important it is to awe people with first impressions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    I am more inclined towards the last red one possibly with less flesh showing.
    White at a Chinese celebration is a bit off as it is the funeral color.

    Also having been chief of a cult DFBB knows how important it is to awe people with first impressions.
    Your comment along with DFX's has me thinking that I should probably just mix the colors for her. Like a blend of the old(red) and new(white) person.

    Yes, you said it correctly. Awe people with first impression. By the time LHC and DFBB are done people will be either in awe or scared half to death.
    If anyone is interested in some of my other work. You can check them out here

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    Default Chapter: 8

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 8


    On an dusty road, on an overcast day, around noon. A pair of horses were seen traveling down said road. One was dressed in a beautiful red-purplish robe the other his wife, was dressed in a beautiful red and pink robe. Though married, one may not notice this fact, as to the naked eye it would seem one was trying to avoid the other. This though was what had become of the relationship of the once loving couple.

    “Pingzhi wait for me!” Yue Lingshan called out repeatedly from her horse.

    Without even bothering to look back, Lin Pingzhi kept on towards his destination unimpeded by his wife's continual cries.


    Yu Canghai sat with around twenty of his disciples at an outdoor inn, enjoying a small break before he continues with this travels. Hearing the sound of horses headed towards their direction. The blue and green robed sect chief put up his guard, incase the people coming were for him; a trait which had served him well over the years.

    Indeed this day was no different, as he locked eye's with the man he was trying to avoid, as his horse came to a still.

    “Yu Canghai, you know very well I won't spare you. Why won't you run away?” Lin Pingzhi asked with a smirk.

    This caused the Qingcheng Sect disciples to stare back at their master in anger, waiting for instructions to attack.

    “Master Yu, are you waiting for death here?”

    Yu Canghai looked around him to his disciples. Though he was feeling nervous at facing the much younger man he put on a defiant face, to not show weakness.

    “I just expect you to die here,” he said defiantly, though in his heart he was growing more and more afraid.

    “In order to get my family's Evil-Warding Swordplay manual you killed both of my parents. Today, I will show you every move of the skill you desire so much.”

    Lin Pingzhis' look suddenly changed from one of amusement to one of pure hatred.

    “Make sure to learn it well,” he spat out venomously.

    These words served as a signal to attack for the Qingcheng disciples; in their minds no one would insult their master in such a way and still live.

    The battle was short as Lin Pingzhi made short work of those that chose to attack him. His skill and speed had increased tenfold, making the green robed disciples that fought him like sheep being lead to the slaughter.

    'Such fast and skilled movements. It looks like he really has learned the Evil-Warding Swordplay,' Yu Canghai thought from his seat in a bit of awe.

    After a few minutes, and five dead bodies. Lin Pingzhi pleased with his handiwork flipped back onto his horse, but at the same time unleashed an energy sword swipe causing the straw roof of the inn to fall on Yu Canghai and the rest of his disciples.

    Without saying another word Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan rode away leaving the Qingcheng Sect leader to stew on the floor in anger and embarrassment.


    “Master Yu, you have no where to go?”

    A half hour had passed since the earlier incident at the outdoor inn. Yu Canghai was now being carried on a sedan chair by four of his disciples while the rest followed behind.

    “Yu Canghai, where are you going?”

    Getting tired of being mocked; especially in front of his disciples. Yu Canghai decided to take the initiative and attack first.

    “Prepare to die!”

    Both martial artist's jumped at each other and began to exchange numerous sword strikes.

    At the same time the mortal enemies were fighting. Yue Lingshan had her own issues as she had gotten off her horse nearly at the same time as her husband and started engaging the Qingcheng disciples. Though skilled to a degree, especially now that she learned the Anti-Five Mounting School Swordplay which was hidden in the cave on Repentance Cliff. Yue Buquns' dauthers skills weren't anything to take particular notice of.

    “Pingzhi! Pingzhi!” she called out for help, while continuing to block and parry sword strikes.

    Her cries though seemed to fall on death ears as her husband seemed to only care for finding Yu Canghai who had lost track of when he had focused on a group of Qingcheng disciples who chose to help their master.

    But thankfully for her, six armed men in black robes, suddenly came out of no where and began to fight off her assailants. Before she even knew what had happened the men made short work of the Qingcheng Sect disciples.

    “W-why are you saving me? Who are you men?” she asked with apprehension.

    Yue Lingshan was appreciative for them most likely saving her life, but knew not to let her guard down with strangers and hoped the men weren't there to cause her harm.

    “Our chief commanded us to save you,” one of the men said with a polite bow.

    Yue Lingshan looked towards the direction the man was pointing to in confusion and saw a horse drawn carriage in the distance; slowly approaching them.

    “Madam Lin, if you wish please have a rest in the carriage,” another one of the men mentioned respectfully.

    “How do you know who I am?...” she asked with genuine surprise.

    At that moment Lin Pingzhi came riding on his horse and ordered his wife to get on her horse. Yu Canghai had escaped him by using the surrounding bushes to hide himself. Lin Pingzhi could only blame himself if he were honest. He played around with his opponent far too much during their fight instead of finishing him off quickly. It was a mistake that the young martial artists could regret later.

    “Leave me alone...” Yue Lingshan said angrily, that strangers came to her aid instead of the one who vowed to protect her on their wedding day.

    “Are you just going to stay with these men? Who are they, friends?” Lin Pingzhi asked with suspension.

    “You can go first, I will catch up...”

    Lin Pingzhi gave one last look of annoyance before riding off. He knew he had done his wife wrong by not coming to her aid sooner. But, his pride, also his growing distrust of her made him remain silent.

    “Please thank your chief for me. May I know your names and what sect you are from?”

    “You will have to ask our chief's,” another one of the men stated.

    Though she found the answer highly suspicious Yue Lingshan decided to drop the subject entirely.

    “I must leave...Please thank your masters for helping me,” she said with a polite salute.

    Yue Lingshan then got on her horse and road away after her husband. The six men stared as she left but after a few second made their way to the carriage to give a report as to what happened.


    The litter is a class of wheel-less vehicles, a type of human-powered transport, for the transport of persons.

    A more luxurious version consists of a bed or couch, sometimes enclosed by curtains, for the passenger or passengers to lie on. These are carried by at least two porters in equal numbers in front and behind, using wooden rails that pass through brackets on the sides of the couch. The largest and heaviest types would be carried by large animals.

    Private chairs were an important marker of a person's status. Civil officers' status was denoted by the number of bearers attached to his chair.

    Why was this form of transport of importance?...

    After traveling for a few days Linghu Chong, Dongfang Bubai, Xiong and six other disciples decided to stop at an inn to get some rest. Mo Da and Feng Buping were left behind since they weren’t needed for this event.

    Mo Da seceding his role of sect leader would already be big enough news. But Feng Buping joining them would cause more eyes to be on the sects actions then Dongfang Bubai was comfortable with at the moment. She knew that eventually their movements would be tracked and even spies sent to infiltrate them. But to delay, and have the time to set up proper counter measures was one of the things she was trying to accomplish.

    “Sir, Madam, would you like a table?” the middle aged shop owner asked politely, as he greeted them at the inn's entrance.

    “Someplace quiet, we don't wish to be disturbed,” Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    The brown robed inn keeper instinctively shivered, but quickly composed himself and lead the group to a set of tables on the second floor. The thought of making money acting as a strong deterrent for his fear.

    “Bring some food and your best wine,” Linghu Chong said as he sat down across from his wife.


    Dongfang Bubai could feel the blood lust coming from some of the patrons. obviously something whether involving them or someone else was going to happen soon she wagered.

    But to the former cult leader it did not matter if the men sought their lives. If they tried such a foolish act. Like others in the past, they would find out why she is called Invincible in the East.

    “This should prove to be interesting. I wonder if they are here for us or someone else?” Linghu Chong said nonchalantly, like his wife sensing the blood lust.

    “Chief shall we attack first?” Xiong whispered, readying himself, along with his martial brothers for combat.

    “No, lets see what they do first. No need to shed blood if they are not here for us,” Linghu Chong replied calmly.

    The group didn't have long to wait to figure out what was going on. As Yu Canghai walked into the inn followed by a few of his disciples; most notably Ren Hao; the only remaining member of the Qingcheng four elegant's.

    The group then went and occupied three tables. Ren Hao and his master sat at one, while the other disciples, ten in all, sat at two large tables.

    Not even five minutes later, Lin Pingzhi casually walked in and calmly took a seat at a table a few feet from where Yu Canghai and Ren Hao were sitting.


    “Coming sir, coming!”

    Lin Pingzhi ordered the waiter to get him some food and a bottle of wine. As the man ran off, the Lin family heir turned his full attention to the pair sitting only a few feet away.

    “You're Ren Hao?” he said, as he took out a purple, silk handkerchief and gently patted his neck and cheeks.

    “That day when my whole family was killed, you were also there. Even if you turn to ash I can still recognize you.”

    “I am Ren Hao, so what?!” Yu Canghai's best disciple said defiantly.

    “Qingcheng's headmaster and hero. But according to me, you don't have the flair of a hero at all. So laughable what people deem as a hero these days.”

    “How dare you insult me!” Ren Hao said as he stood from his seat, while slamming his right hand on the table in anger.

    Ren Hao was going to respond more but was stopped by his master. The outburst also caused some of the patrons to run in fear, thinking a fight was about to break out. But, the men hired by Yu Canghai and his disciples didn't move a muscle, waiting for the orders to attack.

    “Please sit down, you don't want me to kill you just yet do you?” Lin Pingzhi said with an amused laugh.


    “Chief, how come your brother Lin's body emits so much fragrance?” Xiong asked curiously.

    Linghu Chong stared at Lin Pingzhi intently. Indeed the younger man certainly seemed quite different from the last time they had met. Besides his choice to wear woman's perfume. His voice also seemed a bit lighter. Even his fashion sense seemed to have changed. If Linghu Chong had to give the changes a term. More womanly was the first thing which came to mind.

    “The Sunflower Manual...” Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    This caused both husband and wife to look intently at each other before turning their attention back to the fracas below.

    On the way they had observed Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi battling Yu Canghai. It seemed like he could have finished the sect leader off anytime he wanted but chose to terrorize him instead. A foolish move, but not unexpected for one so inexperience in life, and completely consumed with getting revenge.

    “I believe this is a trap meant for Lin Pingzhi,” stated Linghu Chong.

    Indeed the men were there for Lin Pingzhi. They were hired by Yu Canghai, who didn't just flee his enemy blindly. He, for months had hired men and kept them on standby, in case the extra man power was needed. Once seeing that Lin Pingzhi was so focused on tormenting him and drawing out the revenge against his parents death. Yu Canghai had purposely led the younger man to this particular inn to await ambush.

    “I like his way of dressing though,” Dongfang Bubai said nonchalantly.


    Everyone suddenly turned their attention towards Mu Gaofeng as he came causally walking in with Yue Lingshan slowly following him.

    “So many friends are here,” the old hunchback said with a smile.

    “Come here!” Mu Gaofeng said as he held Yue Lingshan by the shoulder and walked over to an open table.

    Yue Lingshan gazed at her husband with longing, though Lin Pingzhi didn't return the gaze as he turned his head away, as to not betray his emotions.

    “Junior brother Lin, I brought your wife here. She just got lost but thankfully she met me.”

    “Really?” responded Lin Pingzhi coldly.

    “So he speaks!” Mu Gaofeng said with a gruff laugh.

    “I have helped you with such a huge favor. How will you repay me?”

    “What do you want?”

    “It's very simple. I was just wondering how you suddenly got so skillful. I just want you to lend me your Lin family's Evil-Warding Swordplay manual so I can take a look at it. After that I will return it to you.”

    Lin Pingzhi simply smiled before turning his full attention towards the old hunchback.

    “Seems everyone wants to see my family's Evil-Warding Swordplay. Why don't you ask Hero Yu, he's seen it.”

    “Really? You really saw it? Congratulations then,” Mu Gaofeng said turning his attention towards Yu Canghai.

    Yu Canghai was feeling very uneasy. Though he had planned to ambush Lin Pingzhi he was not counting on Mu Gaofeng showing up and potentially throwing a monkey wrench into his plans.

    “That's right, he really has learned the Evil-Warding Swordplay. His skills have grown by leaps and bounds,” replied the Qingcheng Sect Headmaster calmly.

    “But I heard a rumor that the Evil-Warding Swordplay was taken by Huashan Sect's Yue Buqun. How did you see it?”

    “I've never seen the swordplay manual. But I saw the person using this swordplay.”

    “Oh?...I have heard that there is real and fake manual. Lin Yuan Tu's descendants learned the fake kind. And it's only some petty martial arts. It's a joke when they use it. But, did you see the real kind or the fake kind?” Mu Gaofeng said trying to a take a jab at Lin Pingzhi's family pride.

    “This I do not know.”

    “And you call yourself a Sect Leader. You can't even tell the difference between real and fake?” he said with a mocking tone.

    “Whether what I saw was the real or fake Evil-Warding Swordplay I really cannot distinguish. But Hero Mu you have seen more martial arts then me. I think that you should be able to tell the difference.”

    “As long as I see it I can definitely tell if its real or fake,” the hunchback said confidently.

    “Okay, then open your eyes very wide!”

    Lin Pingzhi grabbed a chopstick laying on the table. He channeled some of his energy into it and threw it straight up and caused it to land dead center on the table where his wife and Ma Gaofeng were sitting.

    “Now you've seen Lin family's Evil-Warding Swordplay play, right?” Lin Pingzhi said smugly.

    “Punk, don't mess around. Your wife is still in my hands,” Mu Gaofeng said angrily, as he aggressively grabbed Yue Lingshan shoulder.

    “And you call yourself a hero? You are truly despicable. If you don't want to die now then kneel down to me, bow three times, and call me grandpa three times. Maybe I can let you live another year. After a year I will come find you again.”

    “You punk. Back then on South Hengshan you pretended to have a hump, and even kneeled to me and called me grandpa. You wanted grandpa to teach you martial arts. Grandpa wouldn't teach you martial arts, so you turned and became Yue Bu Qun's disciple instead.”

    Mu Gaofeng sneered before continuing, hoping his next statement would inflict the most pain possible.

    “Finally! You were able to lie your way to getting this wife!”

    This comment, more so the truth in it. Caused Lin Pingzhi to lose his composure as he unsheathed his sword from its scabbard and in one smooth motion unleashed an energy wave headed straight for the table Mu Gaofeng and his wife were sitting at.


    “Xiong, save her!” Linghu Chong said giving no room for argument.

    Floating down, Xiong just caught Yue Lingshan as she was stumbling back from narrowly avoiding the destroyed table.

    “Miss are you okay?!” Xiong asked with concern as he firmly held the older woman in his arms.

    “T-thank you but who are you?” she said looking at Xiong strangely.

    “Wait, are you with those men who saved me before?” she asked after realizing her young savior was wearing the same type of robe.

    “Yes Miss, our chief ordered me to save you.”

    Yue Lingshan began to wonder who this person was that sought to insure her safety.

    'First when I was getting attacked by the Qingcheng Sect disciples, now this. It almost seems like he/she is trying to watch over me, but why would they?...'

    Yue Lingshan didn't ask anything more. She along with Xiong turned their attention towards Lin Pingzhi just as he slit the throat of Ren Hao mercilessly and awaited for Yu Canghai to make a move.

    Mu Gaofeng seeing the swiftness of Lin Pingzhi attacks immediately tried to run away; his motto of fleeing when you don't have the advantage kicking in. But before he could get to the entrance a sword pierced his hump and came out of his chest.

    Lin Pingzhi smiled at his handy work, though that was until a green gas came out of the fake hump on his victim's back and into his eyes. He soon cried out in excruciating pain as blood came out of each of his eyes.

    “My eyes! My eyes!” the young martial artist cried out.

    Yu Canghai stood still. The Qingcheng Sect leader thought about attacking the injured man himself but decided on caution. As the saying goes, an animal can at be its most dangerous when wounded.

    “Now attack!!” the Qingcheng headmaster barked out, deciding to let his hired men and remaining disciples do the dirty work for him.

    All of the remaining patrons; except for Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubais' group. Took out swords and knives and ran towards the injured martial artist.

    Xiong was about to leave Yue Lingshans' side and give aid, until the six other Sword Sect disciples suddenly jumped down and engaged the attackers.

    For the next few minutes a fierce battle raged. Six against twenty five would normally be one sided. If not for the fact that the six disciples were the best at grasping their new sects sword skills. Though it did help that none of the men they were fighting weren't anyone of particular high skill level.

    Yu Canghai realizing the battle may not go the way he wished. Quietly slipped out unnoticed with some of his disciples, leaving the hired men and any stragglers from his sect who did not notice their master sneaking off, to fend for themselves.

    “Pingzhi! Pingzhi!,” Yue Lingshan said frantically.

    “My eyes! My eyes!” he cried out frantically as he waved his sword and body in pain, causing everyone to stay far away from him.

    “Pingzhi!” Yue Lingshan continued to cry out.

    The young woman wanted to go to her husband but was restrained by Xiong as he saw going to Lin Pingzhi in his current state might cause someone to lose a limb.

    “Let go, let me go to him!” she said trying to break free from Xiong's grip.

    “Not now miss, let him calm down first!” Xiong replied, while continuing to keep her in his grasp.

    Ten minutes later the battle was over. Whomever of the hired killers and Qingcheng disciples that weren't dead, had run away in fear after seeing the battle was hopeless and that not even one of the six men had been killed or injured.

    Yue Lingshan took the opportunity to finally go over to her husband who had calmed down considerably and was strangely laughing.

    “Pinzhi, congratulations on killing Mu Gaofeng. But your eyes have become poisoned. You need to clean them immediately.

    “Go away!” he said angrily as he pushed his wife away.

    “Pinzhi, open your eyes! You need to clean the poison from them immediately or else you may never get your sight back!”

    From the corner of his eyes Xiong saw a small bottle heading his way. Quickly catching it, he read the description on the label and knew why it was thrown to him; and also by whom.

    'Chief certainly does care about his former martial brother and sister.'

    “Miss Yue, this is some medicine, please apply it to your husbands eyes,” he said walking up to Yue Lingshan and handing her the bottle.

    Yue Lingshan took a look at the bottle and for a second her eyes went wide in shock.

    “How do...Thank you, thank you...”

    Yue Lingshan then went to apply the ointment, but her hand was knocked away angrily by her husband.

    “No need! Whether I live or die, I don't need him or you to be concerned! I don't need anyone's pity!” Lin Pingzhi shouted.

    “Pinzhi! Hengshang's miracle medicine is renowned. Also, can't this little brother...”

    “Can't he what? He treats you so well. If you like him so much then follow him and be his lover!” Lin Pingzhi said with a smug smile.

    “Shut your mouth! How can you can say such vulgar things?!” Yue Lingshan responded angrily.

    “Who are you calling despicable? Yu Canghai and Mu Gaofeng, in order to steal my family's Evil-Warding Swordplay. They murdered my father and mother. But your father, every time he would use treacherous tricks. Though he was not responsible for my parents death. Your father has proven to be the most despicable person!”

    “What did you say? That isn't true! Take that back!” Yue Lingshan said getting right up in her husbands face.

    “Yue family wh0re!”

    “Lin Pingzhi! How dare you call me that?!” she screamed at him angrily.

    “Wh0re, get away from me!”

    Lin Pingzhi suddenly grabbed his wife's' shoulder, then roughly threw her to the floor. Linghu Chong who was silently watching the scene, squeezed his fist tightly at seeing his little martial sister treated in such a way.

    “Senior, please stop. A husband shouldn't treat their wife this way...”

    “Why shouldn't I?! Father and daughter plotted to bait me. Huashan Sect's precious daughter; why would she marry a nameless and penniless man? You and Linghu Chong were all but engaged. Yet when I came along am I to believe your heart suddenly changed so easily?”

    Lin Pingzhi shrugged off Xiongs' restraining hand and bent down so he was only inches from his distraught wife's face.

    “Isn't it because of my Lin family's Evil-Warding Swordplay?! Now that they acquired the swordplay you don't need me anymore!”

    Yue Lingshan couldn't believe what she was being accused of. Never in her wildest dreams would she have envisioned a day like today happening.

    “If I Yue Linshan had any intention to use you I'll die a horrible death! And be punished by heaven and earth!” she screamed at him, while on the verge of tears.

    “Only God knows what kind of hidden agendas you have. Father and daughter are both terrible and disgusting people.”

    “No matter what you think. You will know in the future that my love for you is real...”

    Yue Lingshan sought to calm down. She knew that despite the horrible things being said to and about her, getting over emotional was the last thing she should be doing.

    “Pingzhi lets go back to Huashan. When we return, I will tend to your wounds. No matter what. No matter whether or not your eyes can be cured my feelings for you will be the same as before. They will never change. If I am not entirely devoted to you then I'll die a more terrible death than that evil hunchback Mu Gaofeng.”

    Lin Pingzhi in turn grabbed the front of his wife's cloak with his right hand and brought their faces even closer.

    “Let me tell you. Don't tell me these alluring lies. I don't trust you anymore...”

    Lin Pingzhi seemed like he wanted to say more but instead suddenly cried out as his eyes began to burn.

    “My eyes! My eyes! It feels like fire is in my eyes!”

    “Pinzhi, I beg you. Let's go see a doctor okay? Come with me to see a doctor!” she pleaded through tears.

    Though he still had his reservations, common sense finally won over in Lin Pingzhi's mind as he decided to listen to his wife's advice.


    As the estranged couple walked out of the inn, Linghu Chong watched them leave with conflicting feelings.

    “You are worrying about that little girl?” his wife asked after catching the slight signs of worry on her husbands face.

    “There are many things I cannot understand no matter how much I think about it. How distant little martial sister and Lin Pingzhi seem to be, despite being married. And the things he was accusing her and master of doing...”

    “You are afraid that she will be harshly treated by Lin Pinzhi then since he believes they were trying to trick him to get the Evil-Warding Swordplay manual?”

    Linghu Chong signed heavily before answering. His mind was working overtime to get his thoughts and emotions back in check.

    “What happens between that couple is not for me, an outsider, to care about,” he said not even believing his own words.

    “So what happens with them is none of your concern? That's not the Linghu Chong I know...The man who butts into everyone's business,”

    Linghu Chong just stared at his wife for a few seconds before a small smile appeared on his face.

    “Seems you know me all to well,” he said softly.

    “Of course. What type of wife would I be if I didn't?” she said returning his smile with one of her own.

    “Besides, I think you are also afraid that Yu Canghai will go after them? Makes sense, I would probably do the same if I were him.”

    “Those two are both injured. If Yu Canghai wants to deal with them now, It would be extremely easy,” he replied somberly.

    “If it's like that then shouldn't we go save them?”

    To this, Linghu Chong let out another frustrated sigh.

    “If we go and interfere I am afraid that it will affect the couple's feelings for one another.”

    “Afraid that it will affect the couple's feelings for one another? It's only one out of many reasons right?” Dongfang Bubai asked skeptically.

    “Well yes...They are not the same as they were back on Mount Huashan...”

    Dongfang Bubai stared at her husband intently. Knowing there was something else he was keeping back from her; and having a pretty good idea of what it was.

    “I see...I think you're really concerned that I won't be happy. Don't think that way. Why wouldn't I be happy? What makes you happy, make me happy...”

    Linghu Chong gave his wife an appreciative smile. He knew that she didn't like Yue Lingshan and may never like her. But for his sake, for his happiness and peace of mind, she were willing to put aside her own personal feelings.

    “So lets go save your little martial sister and her lame husband.”

    Laughing lightly at his wife's dry sense of humor. Linghu Chong put a bit of money to cover the meal ordered but also he added a little extra to help out the shop owner cover for the damages done.


    Some time later the carriage Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai were traveling in came upon Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi being attacked by a group of five men about a hundred yards away.

    Linghu Chongs' fears proved to be warranted. Five of Yu Canghai's hired men had tailed the pair and waited for the right time to attack. Catching them completely by surprise. The scraggly group managed to knock Lin Pingzhi nearly unconscious; with a blow to the side of the head. From there two of them tied him to a tree, while the other three engaged Yue Lingshan in a sword fight.

    Yue Lingshan fought valiantly. For being outnumbered and with the stress of the days events still playing in her mind, to hold out for as long as she did was quite impressive. But in the end, she succumbed to share numbers, despite the men being of average martial skill. And now stood with two swords pointed at her neck.

    “Young miss, I suggest you give up. If you do so we will spare both of your lives.”

    Though reluctantly, Yue Lingshan complied and dropped her sword. But as soon as she did, she instantly regretted it as she noticed the lustful looks of her attackers.

    “So your chief was the one who was defeated by his own disciple and nicknamed as the gentleman sword, right?” one of the men said.

    “I've heard about Yue Buquns' daughter for a long time now. That she's beautiful, a real belle among the younger generation. But the one we meet today is just so so,” said another.

    This caused the rest of the men to snicker.

    “However, for men like us plain and beautiful don't matter. Before we deliver them to Chief Yu it's good for us to have a little fun with her first,” one of the two who were holding a sword to her neck said lustfully.

    The same man then roughly threw Yue Lingshan on the ground. The others slowly approached her, leering and snickering wickedly while they did so.

    “Enough!” a male voice suddenly called out.

    Startled by the sudden voice. The men, along with Yue Lingshan looked around for the source. Turning towards the sky, they observed as a man came floating down from the sky. The five hired thugs took a cautious step back and observed the newcomer wearily.

    He wore what appeared to be a rather expensive white robe and held a closed fan in his right hand. But they noted what was truly peculiar about him was the white and red fox mask he wore which completely concealed his face, save for the two small holes for his nose and mouth.

    “I shall give you all a chance...You may take your own lives or castrate yourselves if you wish to live. Don't make me have to punish you for your crimes,” Linghu Chong said coldly.

    Linghu Chong changed his voice under the mask using his Qi. He made his voice sound strange, like an echo, a trick his wife taught him.

    Naturally the men were shocked and unnerved, not only by what was said but by how it sounded. But after a few seconds the surprise was overcome by anger. Once they fully processed what was spoken to them.

    “Hmph, and who might you be, a friend of the Yue wh0re?!” one of the men blurted out, while pointing his sword at Linghu Chong.

    “Yue wh0re?...” Linghu Chong whispered.

    “Hey, maybe he's here because he wants some of her to,” another man said with a perverted laugh.

    That comment caused the other five men to burst out laughing, which only served to irritate Linghu Chong even further.

    “To bad, I gave you a chance but you chose death instead. For insulting this young sister, none of you will leave here alive...” he said coldly.

    The men became tense as they could feel the killing intent directed towards them. Casually placing both hands behind his back, Linghu Chong waited for them to attack. He didn't have to wait long, as they all sprang towards him with their swords drawn.

    As if the men weren't even there, Linghu Chong causally unfolded the fan in his right hand and began to leisurely cool himself. The six men suddenly stopped running and before anyone knew what happened each dropped to the ground lifeless.

    Yue Lingshan was left speechless, even Xiong and the rest of the Sword Sect disciples were stunned.

    Unseen by everyone except for his wife. When Linghu Chong unfolded his fan. He at the same time sent out six embroidery needles from his sleeve and into the men's foreheads; the only evidence of his actions being a small red dot in each of their skulls.

    “Filth like them deserve their fate,” he said coldly.

    Yue Lingshan quickly overcame her shock and ran over to her husband and began to untie him from the tree.

    “Pingzhi we've been saved!” she said happily.

    “H-how do you know he's not another one of Yu Canghai's hired men?!” he said a bit groggily; still suffering the effects from being nearly knocked unconscious.

    “Pingzhi! He just saved our lives! If he were working for Yu Canghai why would he attack his own comrades?!” Yue Lingshan said angrily at her husbands apparent ungratefulness.

    “You are a naive little girl. He could just be trying to gain a bigger reward for himself! Besides he's using his inner energy to disguise his voice. Why be so secretive if he were tying to help us?!”

    In the blink of an eye and catching the younger man completely off guard. Linghu Chong darted over to Lin Pingzhi and struck him with a palm strike to the stomach, followed by an elbow to the back of the head once his former martial brother doubled over, knocking the younger man unconscious.

    Lin Pingzhi slumped to the ground with his forehead hitting the ground hard. Yue Lingshan seeing her husbands condition immediately was at his side trying to wake him.

    “Save your breathe little girl he will not wake up anytime soon,” Linghu Chong said trying his best to sound cold and indifferent.

    “Please sir don't harm him. I thank you for saving us. If he has offended you in anyway I beg you to forgive him!”

    Linghu Chong turned his back to his little martial sister and folded his hands behind his back.

    “Silly child, if I saved you two why would I harm you? I knocked this fool out so he wouldn't harm himself further. Plus his excessive chatter was becoming irritating.”

    Yue Lingshan was overjoyed to hear her saviors words and bowed before Linghu Chong with her head touching the ground.

    “I will never forget your kindness. May I know your name and sect brother?”

    Linghu Chong remained silent and instead began to walk back to the litter.

    Yue Linshan was worried she had offended the masked stranger in someway, but his next words filled her with even more joy then before.

    “Since we are not far from the Golden Saber compound. You two can ride in the carriage with me. He is Lin Pingzhi the grandson of the Golden Saber correct? If so then that old blowhard will gladly tend to his wounds.”

    “How do you know who...”

    Yue Linshan stopped talking as Linghu Chong made a gesture with his right hand.

    “Just get in before I change my mind,” he said sternly.

    Linghu Chong didn't like being so blunt with his former love. This was not how he imagined their reunion after such a long time after not seeing each other would go.

    'But I couldn't just leave them to fend for themselves in their current state. If they were to meet some more of Yu Canghai's hired men I doubt they would escape with their lives.'


    “And what is this you have dragged in here?” Dongfang Bubai asked bluntly.

    “Be calm my love...They were in distress. I couldn’t just leave them...Remember you were in agreement with saving them,” Linghu Chong said calmly, while gently stroking his wife’s right hand.

    Yue Lingshan smiled back at the woman directly in front her but could feel the animosity directed at her. She noted the woman wore a long red dress with beautiful white lining going throughout across the top, bottom, sleeves and the middle. Though elegant, it also had a sense of simplicity to it which added to the wearer's attraction. Yue Lingshan knew could tell this woman was very high class and must be exceptionally beautiful. She could only guess at Dongfang Bubais' looks though, since the former cult leader hid her head and the bottom portion of her face with a long red and white head scarf.

    “True I did...Though I wonder what kind of strays they will be. The kind that you can feed and nurture and won't bite those who are good to them. Or the type you let fend for themselves, or else they may repay your kindness with a bite to the hand.”

    To this clear insult Yue Lingshan nearly jumped from her seat. But remembering she was in the strange mans debt, she did her best to remain calm.

    “I would never repay kindness like that! Brother Fox has shown mercy to me and my husband. Once Lin Pingzhi is healed I will have my father invite you to Huashan Sect to thank you personally and to give a feast in your honor.”

    “I wish nothing from mister Yue...” Dongfang Bubai stated bluntly.

    “Brother Fox what do you think?” Yue Lingshan said completely ignoring Dongfang Bubai's statement. Which as you can imagine served to irritate the former cult leader.

    And infuriate it did. If Linghu Chong weren’t around, Dongfang Bubai would have already snapped the naive girls neck.

    “Brother Fox?...”

    Linghu Chong let out a loud laugh at the name Yue Lingshan had given him.

    “You haven't told me your name or what sect you are from. I thought your fox mask was the easiest way to address you. If I may be so bold which sect are you people from? I've never heard of someone in the martial world wearing a fox mask.”

    Yue Lingshan didn't know why she felt such a strong sense of familiarity from the stranger. She had only just met the man yet felt as if they had known each other for years.

    “I do not mind the name...As for the sect I belong to, you will have to wait until we get to the Golden Saber compound to find out.”

    Without giving her a chance to reply Linghu Chong ordered the carriage to stop right when they were passing by a small pond.

    “Quickly, take him and wash out his eyes before he wakes up. Given his stubbornness he will likely refuse treatment for whatever foolish reason if you wait until he his awake.”

    “How do you know about the poison? Oh, you were also at the inn...”

    “Enough talk, just go!” Linghu Chong said forcefully.

    Yue Lingshan stared at the stranger before her in wonderment before obediently doing what she was told.


    About twenty minutes later the carriage was back on its way. Yue Lingshan had managed to successfully wash out what she could of the poison in her husbands eyes without waking him. At first she was concerned that she may not be able to do it by herself; for fear of hurting him further while she dragged him to the pond. But Brother Fox; as Linghu Chong was now being called by the younger woman. Had ordered two of his disciples to help carry Lin Pingzhi and hold his eyes open while she washed them out.

    Yue Lingshan could feel the animosity coming from who she presumed was brother fox's wife. Though the mysterious woman’s head and the lower portion of her face were covered. Yue Lingshan could tell she was young like herself; perhaps only five to ten years older.

    Dongfang Bubai gently grabbed Linghu Chongs's left shoulder with both arms, then leaned her head against him. Yue Lingshans intuition was telling her that the show of affection was an attempt to rub their affection in her face.

    'But that can't be. I've never seen them before. What reason would she have for despising me?' Yue Lingshan thought truly perplexed.

    “You seem troubled miss Yue,” Linghu Chong asked with concern.

    Yue Lingshan didn't want to bring up what she thought about her savior's wife. Instead she settled on another subject which was plaguing her almost as much as the recent problems with her husband.

    “I...I was just thinking of my senior martial brother. Perhaps you've heard of him, Linghu Chong? He's gone missing and no one knows where he is at. I worry something terrible may have happened to him,” she said sadly.

    Linghu Chong could hear the sadness in Yue Lingshan voice. Which warmed his heart a bit knowing that she still cared for him in some way apparently.

    “Yes, I've heard the rumors about him myself. The only man to be made chief of the nuns of North Hengshan. He seems like quite a fellow...”

    “Oh so you have heard of him Brother Fox. Senior martial brother always treated me so well, despite everything...” Yue Lingshan said happily.

    Yue Lingshan countenance seemed to beam talking about Linghu Chong which caused Dongfang Bubai to stare daggers at the younger woman.

    Linghu Chong sensing his wife's unease, he gently began stroking the back of her hand.

    “He's been missing for months now and rumors are beginning to spread saying he died in a fight with that villain Dongfang Bubai...”

    “Oh...You seem quite fond of him. Do you have feelings for your senior martial brother?” Dongfang Bubai said bluntly.

    Yue Lingshan was taken aback and completing blindsided by the straightforwardness of the comment.

    “Of course not... I am a married woman afterall. It's just that we grew up together like a real brother and sister. Wouldn't you be concerned to if someone who was like your family went missing, then is feared dead?”

    Dongfang Bubai was not convinced. Like with the incident with Ying Ying while Linghu Chong was still recovering from his injuries. If anyone tried to take Linghu Chong away from her...

    'They won't! I made a vow that we will never be apart again. I will crush whomever tries to take him from me!'

    Tilting her head upwards the former cult leader leaned into her husband to give him a passionate kiss. But before she lowered the portion of the scarf around her mouth, Dongfang Bubai grabbed and unfolded a white umbrella which was located by her left hand, so that it was blocking Yue Lingshan view.

    The action caused the one receiving the kiss and the other conscious rider in the carriage to go wide eyed.

    “That's just a sample of what tonight will be like,” she said seductively.

    Linghu Chong was for lack of a better word speechless. Yue Lingshan was also speechless. The boldness of this woman was certainly eye opening for her.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled back up the scarf to cover her mouth and closed the umbrella. She stared at Yue Lingshan as if looking down on her, then resumed to lean her head on her husbands shoulder.

    'This woman! Why does she hate me so?!' Yue Lingshan thought now clearly pouting, which caused Dongfang Bubai to smirk.

    Though the former cult leader was far from finished with her torment of the younger woman.

    “Madam Lin, why does your husband have on so much fragrance, has he been studying the Sun Moon Holy Cult's Sunflower Manual?” Dongfang Bubai asked coldly.

    “What do you mean, what is the Sunflower Manual? What would that have to do with...”

    Yue Lingshan stopped in mid sentence thinking over the sudden change which Lin Pingzhi had undergone. How he became colder and colder towards her since the day they were married. How they didn't even make love that night. He had gotten so drunk that he passed out, leaving her there to silently cry on the bed.

    'But we haven't done anything since that night. He won't even come near me when night falls.' she thought with sadness.

    “Why would this Sunflower Manual cause someone to wear more fragrance?”

    “Ask him yourself when he wakes up. Given your response I see he hasn't told you the truth,” Dongfang Bubai said deciding to completely drop the subject.

    “The truth of what?” Yue Lingshan asked bluntly.

    “Enough of this conversation Qiang...Little sister Lingshan already has enough to think about,” Linghu Chong said sternly.

    Dongfang Bubai was going to say more, a lot more. But decided against it; knowing she would get scolded by her husband if she did.


    Lanterns and colored banners decorated the compound. The dazzling sight and sound of firecrackers went off, along with men playing different musical instruments, marking the arrival of the auspicious hour.

    Unbeatable Golden Saber, Wang Yuanba, stood in the middle of the courtyard welcoming and saluting everyone around him who came to join in his birthday celebration.

    “Welcome, welcome everyone!” the elder martial artists said joyfully.

    Among the guest's could be seen many from famous clans. From Shaolin, Wudang, reps from the Five Mountain Schools, Kunlun, Beggars Clan, Kongtong Sect. And not just martial artist's came. But a few civil servants and government officials also came to pay their respects to such a famous individual as Wang Yuanba.

    Ning Zhongze, Yue Buqun's chivalrous and kindly wife, dressed in a beautiful pink and blue robe, was also among the guests mingling with each other. She came as a substitute for her husband who had declined the invitation; using the excuse that he needed to prepare for the upcoming meeting of the Five Mountain Schools. To decide if they should merge as one sect and if so, to then choose a leader.

    'I understand that Songshan Sect’s Zuo Lengchan gave no room for not attending and arriving on time. But what type of preparations is Martial Brother doing that he can't even take time out to come to this event?'

    Ning Zhongze was indeed frustrated with her husband of late. Not only was he consumed with practicing the Evil-Warding Swordplay the man she knew was also disappearing bit by bit.

    'He promised me he would stop practicing it, but I know better. He thinks I'm a fool who can be tricked by a few sweet words. This swordplay harms him, yet he continues to do it. What is so important that he is willing to throw his life away for?!' she thought angrily.

    'We've been married for twenty years. How could he hide things from the very person by his side?!' she thought in anguish.

    Composing herself, Ning Zhongze continued to mingle with the other guests.

    'First the issues with Senior Martial Brother, then the situation with Chong'er. Ling'er and Pingzhi haven't been seen in weeks, and Chong'er in months...How can I not worry...My children could be dead and my husband hardly seems to care...'

    Heroine Ning desperately wanted her life to go back to what it was. To a time when her worst worry was how severely her husband would punish Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and the other disciples when they misbehaved. In her heart, she knew that those days were long gone and to reflect on them too much would bring about added sadness.

    “Someone get a doctor!” a female voice suddenly yelled.

    Ning Zhongze caught site of her daughter and another person propping up Lin Pingzhi and dragging the unconscious man into the compound.

    “Ling'er what happened?!” she said running over to her daughter.

    “Mother!” Yue Lingshan said happily.

    “Pingzhi! Pingzhi, what happened to you?!” Wang Yuanba said with worry after seeing his unconscious grandson.

    “Quickly get him inside! Call for doctors immediatlely!” he barked out.

    Yue Lingshan was going to follow but hesitated. The way her husband had spoken to her left the young martial artists doubting if her husband still cared for her.

    'Or if he ever cared to begin with...' she thought sadly, as the idea that their entire relationship had been a lie nearly broke her heart.

    “Ling'er what happened?”

    Yue Lingshan could hear the concern in her mothers voice, which caused her to run over to her and cry into her shoulders.

    “Mother I don't know what is going on. Pingzhi accused father of so many horrible things.”

    “Okay, just calm down and tell me what happened,” Ning Zhongze said trying to calm her daughter.

    Ning Zhongze led her daughter to a spot not occupied by many guests so they could have some privacy. For the next few minutes, she listened intently to Yue Lingshan tale, fascinated and disheartened at what she was hearing.

    “A man wearing a fox mask saved you and Pingzhi...”

    “Yes, first he had six of his men come to my rescue. Then he sent one of his servants to help me bring Pingzhi in to get medical treatment. Mother, if it weren't for this man's kindness. I...I shutter to think what would have happened to myself and Pingzhi. When he comes, please help me thank him properly.”

    Ning Zhongze nodded in agreement, though she found the person's actions suspicious.

    'Perhaps it's just being a pugilist for so long. Normally, someone doesn't help stranger's for no reason.'

    Deciding not to worry or give too much thought to her suspicions, Ning Zhongze instead turned her attention back to trying to ease her daughters anxiety.

    'The things Pingzhi accused senior martial brother of are horrible, but may be true...He did steal the Evil-Warding Swordplay manual and was going to conceal his theft by burning it. Who knows what else he was planning, or still has planned...'

    “Mother are you okay,” Yue Lingshan asked after seeing her mothers troubled face.

    'How can I let Ling'er know her father has become such a despicable person,' she thought sadly.

    Looking at her daughter intently Ning Zhongze steeled her emotions knowing what had to be done.

    “Ling'er there is something I must tell you about your father...” Ning Zhongze said sadly, deciding honesty was the best course of action and frankly the right thing to do given the situation.

    Suddenly, the clear and crisp voice of the young man who had the responsibility of announcing special guest's came from the entrance.

    “South Hengshans' Chief and Madam have arrived!” he bellowed.

    A strong wind suddenly blew through the compound after he finished speaking. Rose petals began to fall from the sky and blanket the area catching everyone by surprise. But peoples surprise didn't stop there as six young men dressed in black robes were seen using their lightness skills to carry a large elegant litter.

    “I can't believe you had them carry rose petals in those backpacks. And here I am thinking they were just carrying extra supplies for the trip,” Linghu Chong said in near disbelief.

    “It's called style my love,” Dongfang Bubai said with a playful wink. “How else should we make our grand entrance?”

    Linghu Chong just stared at her blankly before laughing while shaking his head.

    As the carriage touched down to the ground. All eyes waited with baited breath, eager to see who would make such a grand entrance.


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