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Thread: Swordsman: Sovereign

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Please give us this month's update Optimus.... Pretty please with sugar on top...
    Well, I was trying to delay this announcement...The story will be on hiatus/slow updates for a while. The reason for this is because I want to try my hand at becoming a professional author. Since I'm not a fast writer, I can't work effectively on two stories at the same time, so this story will have to go on the back burner.

    I DO NOT plan on abandoning this story permanently. Hopefully it will only take a few months to publish my book.

    So, sorry again for this sad news, well kind of sad. If I do get time to work on SS I will post any finished chapters.
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    really sad news
    but it still not abandoned so it should be OK.

    ps Good luck with your book

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    Quote Originally Posted by optimus610 View Post
    Well, I was trying to delay this announcement...The story will be on hiatus/slow updates for a while. The reason for this is because I want to try my hand at becoming a professional author. Since I'm not a fast writer, I can't work effectively on two stories at the same time, so this story will have to go on the back burner.

    I DO NOT plan on abandoning this story permanently. Hopefully it will only take a few months to publish my book.

    So, sorry again for this sad news, well kind of sad. If I do get time to work on SS I will post any finished chapters.
    Thanks for giving us an update of your situation... I hope you great success in your endeavor in publishing your book & making a good living off of becoming a professional writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERA101 View Post
    really sad news
    but it still not abandoned so it should be OK.

    ps Good luck with your book
    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks for giving us an update of your situation... I hope you great success in your endeavor in publishing your book & making a good living off of becoming a professional writer.

    Thanks for the well wishes guys.

    szfong, your taking this better then I thought. I expected a waterfall of tears. lol

    Again, thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully I will be back soon.
    If anyone is interested in some of my other work. You can check them out here

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    Default Chapter: 15

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 15


    “Why would you let your husband marry a nun?!” Ning Zhongze asked, with a slight scrunch of her brow, completely perplexed as her attention was now squarely on Dongfang Bubai.

    The former cult leader stared coldly for a moment before sighing. Many possibilities ran through her mind about what her husbands former teachers reaction would be once she revealed herself; and most of them were not pleasant.

    'Well, I guess it's time to come clean about our little charade,' she thought as another sigh escaped her lips.

    “Little Yilin...She is my sister...”

    “What?! One of those nuns is big sister?!” Xiong suddenly blurted out, as he ran up to his elder sister and stood to her left.

    Dongfang Bubai could only smile warmly, as she saw the confused yet excited look on her brothers face.

    “Yes, the one that is screaming the loudest is Chuju, Dongfang Chuju,” Dongfang Bubai said with a hint of amusement in her voice as she continued to watch the childish nature of her younger sister be on display.

    As soon as the family name was mentioned. Ning Zhongzes' head shot towards the ex-cult leader with a look of absolute dread.

    “Dongfang?...” Ning Zhongze said with apprehension, as her mouth hung open slightly, waiting fearfully for the answer.

    “Yes Ning Zhongze...”

    Without saying another word. Dongfang Bubai took off her headscarf and revealed her beautiful face.

    Many emotions ran through Heroine Ning as she gazed upon the face of the martial arts world most infamous figure. But none more so then the type of bone chilling fear a person can feel, which causes their body to involuntarily shiver.

    “You...Your...Your...Are... Dongfang Bubai?!” the martial icon said in horror.

    Dongfang Bubai forced her lips to close, as she barely stopped herself from blurting out a laugh. Which she knew would only add to her pseudo mother-in-laws fear.

    “Yes, I know this... But thanks for telling me who I am,” the former cult leader responded playfully.

    The world around Ning Zhongze began to spin from the shock. But despite this, she didn't pass out as another thought, acting almost as a countering force, shocked her head free from the cobwebs.

    “Wait! Wait! If you are Dongfang Bubai then Chief Fox is...”

    Ning Zhongze stopped herself from speaking. The world once again began to spin as she fell back into the waiting hands of her daughter.

    “Senior Martial Brother...” Yue Lingshan said in her place.

    Her mother may not have wanted to grasp the reality of the situation. But Yue Lingshan already prepared herself for this bit of news, and albeit her emotions, to were going every which way, she still maintained better control over them.

    “To be frank, you are taking this better then I thought you would Ning Zhongze; both of you in fact. I expected one of you to yell or scream hysterically while refusing to believe it. Looks like I will have to pay up to Linghu Chong on the bet we made.”

    “Bet? What kind of bet sister?” Xiong asked now curious.

    “Don't worry about it. It's the kind of thing a husband and wife do for fun. One day when you get your own wife you will understand.”

    'Chong'er, what have you done?! How could you make this woman, this, this monster your wife?!'
    Ning Zhongze thought hysterically.

    Seeing that her pseudo mother-in-law was still conscious; though still appeared to be disoriented. Dongfang Bubai sought to ease any tension the martial icon most certainly had; although she knew such a task would undoubtedly be titanic.

    “I will forgive you for what happened in our first meeting heroine Ning... After all, I'm sure you only went along with your husbands schemes at that time, correct?” Dongfang Bubai said with a small smile.

    As Dongfang Bubai's words sunk in. Ning Zhongzes' dizziness cleared up slightly, as she picked up on the message the former cult leader was trying to convey.

    'Is this some sort of trick? If I didn't know better, It sounds like she's offering an olive branch of sorts,' the martial icon thought slightly confused.

    If this were anyone else, except for a select few. Ning Zhongze would think this was the persons way of trying to bury their grudge. And indeed when you try to burn someone alive. Their grudge against you would be undoubtedly great.

    'I need to regain control over my emotions. Without first speaking to Chong'er, I shouldn't assume anything...'

    Though not fully trusting the woman; understandable given who the now Madam Linghu truly was. It seemed Ning Zhongze had no other choice then to hope and pray that Dongfang Bubais' actions were sincere.

    “It was a decision I came to regret... My husband...No, we acted too hastily without knowing your true intentions for being on Mount Huashan. My apologies...Chief Dongfang Bubai.”

    Releasing herself from her daughters grasp; and standing under her own power. Ning Zhongze bowed slightly, while giving Dongfang Bubai a respectful salute.

    'Perhaps this will go smoother then I thought,' Dongfang Bubai mused as a smile crossed her face.

    “Given the man, or lack of a man Yue Buqun is, I shall forgive you.
    But, your husband is another story. One way or another he will pay for everything he has done.”

    Dongfang Bubais' threat was evident, given how the hairs on the back of the neck's of those within earshot of her statement were standing on end.

    Ning Zhongze became worried as her body was overcome with spasm's of involuntary chills. Despite her husbands apparent evil, he was still her husband, and like any wife who genuinely loves their spouse. She didn't want to see any harm come to him; even if such violence to his person were deserved.

    'Senior Martial Brother. You have brought the wrath of this woman, Lin Pingzhi, Golden Saber, and only God knows who else upon you. How can you possibly survive?!'

    Ning Zhongze was at a loss at how to help the man she loved.

    “And one more thing Ning Zhongze, Dongfang Bubai is dead...”

    Dongfang Bubai waited a moment before continuing to let the statement fully sink in.

    “Linghu Chong see's you as a mother; I can understand why, given he is an orphan and you and your husband took him in and raised him. I hope we can be like a true mother and daughter in-law. Or else, I fear Linghu Chongs' heart will be greatly distressed. And despite any mistrust that may exist between us. Neither of us want to cause him any trouble...”

    Ning Zhongze stared long and hard at her pseudo daughter-in-law trying to gauge her sincerity.

    'Daughter in-law... Daughter in-law?! Did Chong'er really make this woman his wife?! Even the very thought of it doesn't seem possible. Yet, I can't sense any type of deceit coming from her...'

    “Of course you are correct. Chong'er has gone through enough pain as of late. I wouldn't want to cause him anymore distress,” Ning Zhongze said softly.

    Though there was a smile on her aged, yet still attractive face as she spoke the words. Her heart was another matter entirely. It and her thoughts were enwrapped in worry, not only for her former student, but also her husband. Which combined with the heartache she still felt over her daughter's failed marriage. Nearly caused Ning Zhongze to have a nervous breakdown.


    As the saying goes, the jig is up...

    “Chief!” nearly all of the gray robed nuns cried out when Linghu Chong removed his mask.

    Their leader had decided to stop his fun once he saw his wife had removed her disguise. Though he didn't do so immediately; for fifteen additional minutes he enjoyed playing on the imagination and fears of the young women.

    Yilin gazed upon her crush, fighting back the tears which threatened to fall from her eyes. She was beginning to think she would never see him again. Oh how her heart exploded with joy, never in her brief life was she so happy to be wrong.

    Though, deeper in the teens gaze, was a sense of longing. The type of longing one should not feel being a nun at a monastery. The type of desires one should give up after taking the vow of celibacy. The type of want, a single woman feels for the man she loves.

    Yilin fought hard to control her desires. She chastised herself for thinking such lewd thoughts. Though she was thankful the other disciples of Mount Hengshan were there. For she feared what she would have done if her and Linghu Chong had been alone at this moment.

    In fact the look on all of the nuns faces were ones of joy, sprinkled with a bit of relief. They now, twenty strong, surrounded their leader and were in the process of bombarding him with questions of where he had been and if he were in good health.

    “Ah, look at you girls. It's like you have never seen a man before. If I didn't know better. I would swear some of you wanted to marry your chief,” Dongfang Bubai said while smirking, as she saw the many looks of embarrassment coming from nearly all of the young women.

    “Sister?!” suddenly screamed an ecstatic Yilin.

    The second oldest child of the Dongfang household ran up to her beloved older sibling and nearly knocked the former cult leader to the ground as she gave her a giant tackle hug.

    Dongfang Bubai for her part was a little taken aback by the display of emotion, but didn't shy away. Instead, she returned the show of love with equal passion.

    “It's okay Yilin. Big sister is here...” the former cult leader said as she choked back tears.

    “I thought something terrible may have happened to you, since I haven't seen or heard from you in months. It was like you disappeared from the face of the earth.”

    “In a sense I did...But now, all what matters is not where I was, but that I'm here now and don't plan to leave you like that ever again.”

    “But why did you leave?! Where have you been?! Why are you here now?!”

    “Okay, okay one question at a time,” Dongfang Bubai said stifling a laugh.

    The two continued to embrace. Causing the hearts of many who saw them to grow warm, as they found the scene touching. Even Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan were taken aback at how gentle and loving Dongfang Bubai seemed despite her fearsome reputation.

    “I'm so glad you and Brother Chief are safe. I feared you both had somehow died. Without either of you I don't know what I would do!”

    Almost as soon as the words left her mouth. Yilin realized what she had almost let come out about her feelings for her sisters husband.

    'My life in the monastery would be ruined if it were known I want to marry Brother Chief. I wouldn't be able to face the other sisters. Elder sister Yihe would scold me, while the others would tease me,' Yilin thought with a bit of embarrassment.

    Yilin gently broke their embrace, all the while wiping tears from her eyes.

    “Little sister Yilin. Try not to embarrass Qiang too much. You two will have plenty of time to catch up,” Linghu Chong said warmly.

    Yilin stared into the eyes of her crush. She saw warmth and encouragement in those eyes. She was brought back to the time when they first met. The determination in his eyes when he fought to save her from being raped by Tian Boguang. The same eyes which held bravery and defiance when being confronted by the two Qingcheng Sect disciples Luo Renjie and Yu Renhao; an act of courage which nearly cost him his life. The same courage filled eyes which tried to stand up for elders Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang in the face of certain death.

    Those three times he came close to dying each time. But regardless, Linghu Chong strove on, not fearing the consequences of his actions, nor caring about his life so much that it would stop him from doing what he deemed was the righteous thing to do.

    Her mind began to fantasize about more indecent thoughts, causing the young girl to blush furiously as she tried to beat them back.

    Said look was not missed by said nuns older sister.

    “Don't worry, big sis will help you accomplish your dream...” Dongfang Bubai said smirking.

    The statement was said in a whisper, however to the one it was directed towards. The words were said as if through a megaphone.

    “..... Errrr...I, what do you mean?” Yilin said trying to keep the embarrassment out of her voice.

    Dongfang Bubai gave her sister a knowing look. The type of look one woman would give another when they know the other is trying to hide something involving a man they care for deeply; whether a husband or lover.

    “Don't worry about that for now. Instead, come here quickly.”

    Without waiting for a response. Dongfang Bubai grabbed Yilin by her left hand and lead her to where Xiong was standing about ten feet away.

    “Yilin, this is our brother Xiong,” the ex-cult leader said proudly.

    “What?!” the young nun asked in shock.

    “Yes elder sister... It's me, little Xiong...”

    Like his older sister. The youngest Dongfang fought hard to keep his feelings in check, lest they get the better of him. Though the glossy look in his eyes, betrayed his bottled up emotions.

    “Xiong...” Yilin said warmly.

    Dongfang Chuju as is her true name. Could barely remember anything that happened before she was taken to live at North Hengshan. At best most things were like a person who was trying to remember the past. Only having photographs to look at instead of home movies.

    'I may not be able to remember everything from when I was a child. But all of these years, I never forgot that I had a father, an older sister and a baby brother...'

    Yilins' heart exploded with joy. Akin to what happened a few minutes earlier with her sister. She gave her younger brother a big hug as new tears fell from her eyes.

    “It's always good when family can be reunited. Don't you agree Heroine Ning?”

    Ning Zhongze turned her attention towards her former student as he came over to stand a foot from her. A large smile was plastered over his face. Behind him stood the rest of North Hengshan. It almost seemed like they didn't want him to leave their sight. She wagered it was from the fear of losing him again.

    “Please forgive me for deceiving you and Little Martial Sister all of this time,” Linghu Chong said with a hint of embarrassment in his voice as he scratched an imaginary itch in the back of his head.

    In a move that surprised everyone and in someway even herself. Yue Lingshan ran past her mother and slammed into Linghu Chong so hard she nearly caused herself and her former martial brother to fall to the ground. Linghu Chong was taken aback, until he heard the sound of muffled crying coming from his chest.

    “It's okay little sister, it's okay...” he said returning the embrace.

    The tenderness in his voice and the way he gently stroked the middle of her back prompted Yue Lingshan to cry even harder into chest.

    The scene went on for nearly five minutes before Mo Da decided to interject, some much needed levity to the situation.

    “Ah, look at Young Martial Brother Linghu. He certainly seems to know how to make the ladies swoon over him.”

    The attempt at humor seemed to work. As most of the men and even some of the nuns, burst out in laughter.

    Though there was one person who didn't find the attempt at humor funny whatsoever.

    “Yilin is okay, but that one is not permitted...” Dongfang Bubai whispered coldly as she continued to gaze at the scene playing out a few feet away.

    Standing right next to her sister. Yilin, who broke her embrace with her baby brother a few moments after Yue Lingshan tackled hugged Linghu Chong. Was close enough that she heard her sister's statement and naturally sported a confused look.

    “Sister, what do you mean? What would I be permitted to do that Yue Lingshan wouldn't be?”

    Dongfang Bubai didn't want to say anymore, knowing that if Linghu Chong heard their conversation he would end up scolding her.

    “A time and a place for everything... Now is definitely not the time to bring up such a subject. But, don't worry, big sister will make you very happy and fulfill your hearts desire...”

    Yilin was obviously confused though she had a feeling she wasn't going to like what her sister had in mind. This sense of foreboding further amplified by the sudden mischievous wink her older sister gave her.


    Twenty minutes later...

    The former Huashan Sect disciple now found himself in the room assigned to Yue Lingshan. He stood by the closed door, while his former Martial Sister decided to sit on the side of the bed closest to the door. While Ning Zhongze sat on one of the chairs by a small table in the middle of the room.

    “How are you both feeling?” Linghu Chong asked with concern.

    The show of emotion was not only evident in his voice, but also his face, which portrayed his feelings.

    “Myself and Ling'er are fine Chong'er, admittedly a little worse for wear, but overall we are in good health. I'm more concerned about how you are doing? Why did you disguise yourself in that fox mask? How did you end up being the leader of South Hengshan? Is Feng Buping really your underling?”

    Linghu Chong took a deep breath, before beginning the story of what took place after he and his wife fell off Dark Wood Cliff.

    Yue Lingshan gazed at her Senior Martial Brother silently as he told his tale.
    Now it certainly made sense why 'brother fox' went out of his way to help her and her mother in their times of need.

    'Senior Martial Brother has always been like that. He would help out whenever he could in a situation, no matter the danger it would put him in,' she thought fondly, as she continued to gaze at her former love.

    As Linghu Chong finished up his tale. An awkward silence came over the occupant's of the room. The former Huashan Sect disciple didn't quite know how to continue given the strange looks on the faces of both women. It seemed like they had questions for him, but didn't exactly know how to go about asking him.

    Though in his heart, Linghu Chong had a feeling what the main question, one if not both women wanted to ask.

    “Chong'er are you are really married?” Ning Zhongze suddenly blurted out, breaking the silence.

    Linghu Chong simply nodded, a small, almost embarrassed smile etched on his face.

    “And to Dongfang Bubai?!”

    Again he simply nodded at his former martial arts teacher.

    “Chong'er, how could you marry such a infamous and ferocious woman?!”

    Linghu Chongs' heart nearly broke as he saw the look of distress on his former teachers face.

    'Can't say I blame her. If Dongfang Bubai were a man and Yue Lingshan married him, then I would feel disturbed as well...'

    “Many men claim to be men of unfailing love, but who can find a faithful man? This saying also goes for women. How many women truly are faithful and love their spouse with an undying love?”

    Like a double edged sword. Linghu Chongs' words pierced Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan to their core. Each woman were immediately reminded of the heart ache with each of their respected husbands; and in the case of Yue Lingshan, former husband.

    “Mistress, Little Martial Sister. I thank you both for your concern. But when a man finds the love of his life, and the woman hers. Shouldn't each pursue them with everything in their being?”

    Neither woman said a word, signaling it was safe for Linghu Chong to continue.

    “They complain about Dongfang Bubai, but what has this world given to her,
    where was her love and respect? This vile and evil world we live in. Full of hypocrites roundabout. Whether they are from the so called righteous or evil sects, they are all the same. Even the love and care from ones parents are not guaranteed...”

    If the statement sounds familiar, then you would be correct. The words were what Linghu Chongs' beloved wife said shortly after Linghu Chong had stabbed her and then later when he was recovering in the cave. He never forgot those words; mainly the truth which they held.

    “I know she has done much evil. And that one day she may have to pay a terrible price for the sins of the past. Though I pray that day may never come...Until then, I will call her my beloved wife.”

    If his wife could have heard his words, she would most definitely called him a sweet talker. But the truth of his passion he held for her was exactly that, the truth, whether it was taken as sweet talk or not.

    Without warning, Linghu Chong unceremoniously went over and sat down on a chair next to his former master. Linghu Chong fixed his gaze on her for a few seconds, before tenderly taken her hands into his.

    “Mistress, though we are not related by blood. I've always seen you as my mother. So for my sake. I want you two to try to get along. I think you will find Dongfang Bubai to be not quite as evil as her reputation made her out to be,” he said warmly.

    “Their is another side to her that only a handful have ever seen. She's not the monster the world thinks she is...”

    'Well mostly not a monster. Though she can definitely have her moments,' Linghu Chong thought, while recalling some of the times Dongfang Bubai nearly killed Feng Buping since the formation of their own sect.

    Was it normal for a husband to find it amusing how his wife was a bit homicidal?

    Every man has traits they are seeking in a wife. I guess for Linghu Chong ferociousness was such an attribute.

    Though she wanted to protest. Ning Zhongze didn't have the heart to argue with her former disciple. Instead she chose to believe in the judgment of the person she raised. After all, she and Yue Buqun raised Linghu Chong with clear morals.

    'Yet, look how the quest for power has changed Senior Martial Brother... Chong'er, I only hope for your sake you haven't followed in your masters footsteps, and are correct about your wife. Or else I fear it will be the end of us all if you are wrong...'


    At the same time Linghu Chong was having his conversation. His wife and her family were also having their family reunion inside the room given to Dongfang Bo and his wife.

    “My Chuju! My Chuju!” Dongfang Bo cried out happily as he hugged his daughter fiercely.

    Dongfang Chuju, whose name stands for all that is innocent, gentle and pure, just as children are; well some children. An interesting contrast to the beautiful yet wild, strong and willful rose that is her elder sister. She stood at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond to her fathers actions.

    “A devil, that's what I am, an evil devil!” Dongfang Bo cried out, as he momentarily released his embrace and began to repeatidly slap himself in the face.

    “Father what are you doing?!”

    Before Yilin could stop him. The elder Dongfang dropped to his knees and wrapped both arms around his daughters legs.

    As he clung, almost as if for dear life. A stream of tears soaked the bottom of Yilins gray robe.

    “I'm to blame for this! I'm responsible for turning you into this,” old Bo said repeatedly, while grabbing his youngest daughter's legs even tighter.

    “Father please stop this!” Yilin said as she bent down and tried to get her father to stand.

    When she couldn't move him. The teen turned to her sister for help, but was surprised to see a cold stare directed towards her. In truth the glare wasn't directed towards her, but for the man who clung onto her legs.

    “Sister do something!” she said with pleading eyes.

    The desperate plea seemed to fall on death ears as Dongfang Bubai continued to stand silently. Her face not even showing a hint of emotion.

    “No husband I am to blame! I pressured you into abandoning them that day. Now look at Chuju. Poor Chuju won't be able to get married and have children of her own because of me!” Meh-funh cried out as she to joined her husband on the floor but only held on to the left side of her stepdaughters robe.

    Yilin felt completely helpless. A part of her wanted to feel resentment towards her father and stepmother for what they had done. But, as she gazed upon their pitiable state, she couldn't push herself to fully do that.

    'For years I wished to have a family. As the other sister's in the nunnery had their families come and visit them, I always felt envy. Why couldn't that be me? Why couldn't I have the smile on my face and feeling of warmth that accompanied a visit?'

    Looking once again at her sister and then at both her father and stepmother Yilin let out a heavy sigh. She had a feeling why Dongfang Bubai was being so silent. Before going to meet her estranged parents. Her elder sister had informed the teen how she planned on making them pay for what happened in the past.

    'I will admit it's tempting to do so...But...They are our parents. How can we do such a thing?'

    “Sister, we can't kill our own parents...It...It wouldn't be right...”

    “Who says?!” Dongfang Bubai snapped back.

    The ice cold stare and more so the viciousness in her elder sister's voice nearly caused Yilin to yelp in fear.

    But the fear didn't last long as the teen mustered her courage.

    “Sister no!” Yilin said defiantly.

    Stubbornness was a Dongfang family trait it seemed. Also pride, and a single minded determination to achieve ones goals. All three Dongfang children had these traits. But they appeared no stronger then in the eldest of the group.

    “Sister, please! It was for my sake that they thought to abandon you. If they are to be punished then I should bare it,” Xiong said injecting himself into the conversation for the first time.

    The youngest member of the Dongfang's knelt down behind his parents and along with Yilin, pleaded to his his sister to change her mind.

    Dongfang Bubai started to feel pangs of guilt after hearing her siblings speak.
    One after the other her own deeds began to replay in her mind. Indeed she was guilty of much, and truth be told, the former cult leader probably deserved death for her actions.

    'No doubt about it, I do deserve death for the things I have done. But, God has given me another chance through Linghu Chong. If we could overcome the enmity that nearly caused us to be forever apart. Then shouldn't I forgive my father and Meh-funh for their crimes?'

    “Don't waste your time begging me to put it off. A trial will take place...”

    “But sis...--” Yilin stopped in mid complaint as Dongfang Bubai motioned with a wave of her hand that she wasn't done speaking.

    “But don't fear, I will not be the one to decide their fate. Linghu Chong volunteered to be the judge. Knowing him, he will do all he can to make sure neither one of you are punished.”

    In truth, the real reason Dongfang Bubai wanted to have a trial wasn't to find a 'legal' way to take her father and step-mothers lives. She had actually given up on that idea; and in no small part do to Linghu Chongs' persuading.

    Then what drove her now you might ask? Well the former cult leader wanted to satisfy the part of her that just didn't want to see her parents get away scot-free without suffering even a little. She wanted them to at least feel a little bit of the fear and uncertainly of the future their children went through, the years following their abandonment.

    'When I first arrived in the Sun Moon Holy Cult I was deathly afraid. Being around strange people, who had the worse possible reputation among the common people. Yet there I was living among them, alone, confused and scared...'

    Dongfang Bubai let out a heavy sigh. Her heart ached, remembering those nights of barely getting enough sleep do to the fear.

    'My master treated me with respect and never revealed or tried to take advantage of my being a woman. But what would have happened if someone less gentlemanly would have found out my true gender and tried to take advantage of me before I became able to defend myself...'

    The thought caused her anger to spike, but she quickly calmed herself, knowing the killing intent radiating from her body would terrify everyone in the room.

    “We can talk about trials and retribution another day; especially since I already told you Linghu Chong will rig this trial in your favor...Now get up and stop blubbering like some child!” Dongfang Bubai said with some disgust and a roll of her eyes.

    If you could only hear the voices and not see who were speaking. A person might think a mother was scolding their child, given the way Dongfang Bubai chastised her father.

    “Ah, yes...“Old Bo said with a slightly embarrassed look as he slowly rose to his feet.

    Dongfang Bubai then turned towards her brother with a penetrating stare, which caused the youngest Dongfang to gulp nervously.

    “And you!” she said pointing an accusatory finger towards her brother.

    “How many times do I have to tell you about this whole blame me for my parents crimes thing?!”

    “But big sister, I was only trying to protect them...” Xiong said sheepishly as he lowered his head towards the floor; unable to meet Dongfang Bubai's fierce stare.

    “But sister nothing! Despite what you may think! What they did had little to to do with you and was more about saving their own necks! Keep talking about sacrificing yourself and I will shave your head and send you to live in a monastery as monk Buke Buhui!”

    Xiong had a look of horror on his young face. But before he could even utter a word, his mother suddenly stood in front of him, with her arms spread wide; as if trying to shield him.

    “No! I won't let him go!” Meh-funh said with a look of defiance.

    Dongfang Bubai stared blankly at her stepmother for a few seconds, before doubling over in laughter.

    The former cult leader had to wipe a few tears from her eyes; she were laughing so hard.

    “Thank you Meh-funh. I needed a good laugh,” Dongfang Bubai said after a minute straight of laughter.

    Almost as abruptly as it came, Dongfang Bubai straitened up and fixed her stepmother with a piercing glare.

    “As if you could stop me if I wanted to take him,” Dongfang Bubai said pointedly, her eyes ablaze with fury.

    Like a mouse terrified to paralysis. Meh-funh found herself unable to move or even speak.

    Starting to panic once her sister took a step towards their step-mother. Yilin quickly intervened Thinking Dongfang Bubai might do something to Meh-funh out of anger.

    “Sister that's enough, no need to be mad. Little Xiong was only trying to do what is natural for a child to do. And step-mother only did what was natural for a mother,” Yilin said as she gently grabbed her sister's left arm in an attempt to soothe away her apparent anger.

    The gesture worked, as Dongfang Bubai let out a heavy sigh, though not before she got one last jab in.

    “And where was this natural caring for ones kin when we were abandoned?”

    The room became deafly silent, but by the looks of shame on Old Bo and his wifes' faces and the uncomfortable looks on her sister and brothers young faces. Dongfang Bubai knew her statement had the intended effect.

    “Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Only Linghu Chong has the power to make me do anything against my will, no one else does. I suggest no one forgets this. But...For now lets just drop this issue....”

    At another mention of her crushes name. Yilin immediately perked up, her very face seemed to brighten, followed by her cheeks sporting a bit of red.

    This was not missed by her sister.

    'Look how happy she gets just thinking of Linghu Chong; her mind completely focuses on him and forgets about everything else. How can I get Linghu Chong to change is mind about marrying her? That man is more pig headed on certain issues then I am!' Dongfang Bubai thought a bit frustrated at her dilemma.

    Akin to rubbing salt into a wound. Old Bo chose that moment to utter what he thought was an innocent statement. But, as he would soon come to find out. Would threaten the harmony between his two daughters.

    “Yes, chief is a fair man. What ever he decides, myself and my wife will except it. Even if I die, the Dongfang name will live on. At least I raised a brave and handsome son, who one day will become a great hero. And the daughters who I thought were lost have been returned to me...”

    Yilin felt warm all over, as she beamed with pride after hearing the compliment directed towards her Linghu Chong.

    “Chief is indeed a great hero and I'm proud to have him as my son-in-law. Hopefully, I will meet my future grandchildren before leaving this world,” stated Dongfang Bo once more.

    Once again Yilin beamed with pride over her crush.

    Often times when a person's mind is concentrating on something else. They can miss key information being spoken to them and it may take a few seconds before some words fully sink in.

    “What?! Who is your son-in-law?!” Yilin asked in confusion.

    The sudden outburst startled everyone in the room. Dongfang Bubai looked at her younger sister in panic before turning away in shame; not able to meet Yilin's confused glare. But quickly mustering her courage. The former cult leader eventually let out a sigh, knowing she could no longer avoid what she so fearfully presumed would be a difficult and perhaps painful conversation.

    Though not at the moment...

    “Yilin...I will explain myself and Linghu Chongs' relationship a little later...But for now lets just focus on our father and Meh-funh. Despite what happened in the past...They both do seem to be happy to see you. So focus on that for now and don't worry your head about other issues...Please do this for big sister...”

    Dongfang Bubai tried to sound reassuring, but the worried look written all over her pretty face betrayed her true feelings.

    Though she only gave a nod and a hint of a smile was on her face. It took all of Yilins' might and self control to keep herself from breaking down into a quivering mess of tears. For she already guessed what the relationship was between the two most important people in her life, and frankly, she felt as if someone had taken a knife and carved out her heart.


    Two days later, right before noon...

    Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai had decided to given everyone time to clear their heads and to refresh themselves after the long trip before resuming daily clan life. Linghu Chong joked it was an extended version of sleeping in; given the long trip and the heartfelt reunions which took place after their return.

    This decree was much appreciated by all, and both the Swordsect and the Hengshan Sect nuns took the extra time to restore their vitality; both mentally and physically.

    Now with the rest out of the way. Daily clan life resumed or tried to...

    With the sun beating down on their disciples who were thirty yards away. Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai sat on two chairs in the meeting hall, overlooking the training of said young men.

    The pair were dressed in nearly matching white robes. It seemed they had become fond of the color ever since leaving Feng Qingyang. Both robes were made of high quality silks and like the two who wore them. Even the novice person could tell the quality of said garment were extraordinary.

    The newlyweds watched as Feng Buping instructed the new/old disciples Yau Guang, Chee Wang, Ling Chen, Tian Tung in the martial arts of the sect. They observed as Mo Da continued to fulfill his promise to help build the sect up. By giving pointers to all of the students from his vast knowledge.

    They had to give it to both men. They each seemed to possess something different in the way of experience that would help a young martial artist grow.

    “I have to give Feng Buping credit. He really has taken his role as head elder seriously. I must say he has surprised me; and for the better,” Dongfang Bubai said smirking.

    “Indeed, I thought he would have back-stabbed us by now. But it seems like he is truly loyal,” Linghu Chong said trying to stifle a laugh.

    “Hmph! He knows what will happen to him if he even tries such a thing!” Dongfang Bubai said coldly, scaring the two servant girls who were standing five feet behind her and her husband; waiting obediently for any instructions.

    “Hmm, true...You would most likely castrate him, strip the man naked, then nail him to the front of the compound,” Linghu Chong said shivering at the disturbing thought.

    Dongfang Bubai smirked. Her husband knew her all to well.

    Though he couldn't hear the conversation. Feng Buping felt a chill pierce his body followed by a feeling of impending doom. He quickly looked behind him to see if he could find the source of his trouble, but immediately turned back and resumed instructing the students as he had met the cold gaze of Dongfang Bubai.

    Linghu Chong could only laugh out of amusement. If anything, his beloved's ferociousness made things lively.

    “Anyway enough about Feng Buping. Have you given thought about what we talked about last night?” Dongfang Bubai said flatly, as she turned her full attention back to her husband.

    “Oh, you mean about finding a way for Yilin to be free from the vows of a nun?”

    “Yes, though Yilin hasn't said this outright. She is clearly not cut out to be a Buddhist, yet because of Master Dingyi's kindness towards her, she feels obligated to stay even though the woman is dead!”

    Linghu Chong could hear the frustration in his wife's voice.

    Though without saying the words he knew his wife still wanted him to take Yilin as his second wife.

    Which was still something he vehemently refused to do.

    'Not going to happen...One woman is difficult enough to deal with. But two, and sister's at that? And who's to say it would stop with just those two. Once Ying Ying finds out I married the two Dongfang sisters, she will undoubtedly wonder why not her. Then Yue Lingshan may also say why not her; given what happened with Lin Pingzhi. I would end up with four wives. Four! Two of which would want to murder the other, and cause constant strife. Linghu Chong may not be the smartest person in the world. But, WHY WOULD I BRING THAT UPON MYSELF?!'

    “Don't worry a way to help Yilin will present itself...”

    With a warm smile plastered on his handsome face. Linghu Chong held his wife's right hand in his left.

    “I know you care about Yilin deeply, but some thing's cannot be forced. Let things play out and when the time comes, do whatever is best for her.”

    Dongfang Bubai appreciated the encouragement. It was this trait, along with his many other attributes, which made her decide to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved.

    “Sweet talker, no wonder I ended up in your bed,” Dongfang Bubai said with a playful wink.

    The statement caught Linghu Chong and the two servant girls completely off guard. Said husband blushed out of embarrassment while the two young women giggled, while looking at Linghu Chong with a bit of youthful lust.

    But thankfully for him, before his wife could utter another word. As if on cue. Yilin and the rest of the North Hengshen disciples walked over and knelt down ten feet in front of their leader.

    “Ah, I'm glad to see you girls. I was just about to go and look for you all. But, why are you kneeling?” Linghu Chong asked genuinely confused by their actions, as he got up and slowly walked over to them.

    Yihe being the eldest disciple chose to speak in that moment for the entire group.

    “Brother Chief, we've discussed it amongst ourselves and feel it is the right thing to do. Ever since you explained to us about your injury we've been unable to get the pain you must have gone through out of our minds. We as disciples failed to help our master in his time of need. Please forgive us... We request that you punish your disciples accordingly.”

    Linghu Chong was genuinely surprised by the actions of the young women. Never did it or would it of ever entered his mind to blame them for what happened to him after falling off Black Wood Cliff.

    “Why would I punish you all for something that wasn't your fault? Now please stand and explain themselves further.”

    The nuns though did not budge even an inch.

    “Brother Chief, after Master Dingyi died, not only did we swear to avenge her death, but we also swore then nothing like her death would happen again; we swore to protect you even at the expense of our own lives. We nearly failed to keep our promise concerning you, and it's only right for us to face punishment.”

    Though it was Yihe who spoke. The other nuns affirmed her statement one after another.

    “You girls are...”

    Linghu Chong had to compose himself, lest the emotion welling up inside his heart cause the tears he was restraining to burst out.

    “I thank you all for your concern. A chief could not ask for anything greater then to know his disciples have such great care for him in their hearts. But, this talk of punishment needs to st...--”

    Linghu Chong stopped himself mid-sentence as a series of thoughts began to run through his head.

    'Punish...Punish...Wait! That's it! They just gave me an idea about how to help Qiang accomplish her goal for Little Martial Sister Yilin,' he thought with a pleased smile.

    “I mean...Now that I gave it some more thought. You all may have a point...I could have died...” he said feeling a bit of shame for the outright sham he was about to perpetrate against the unsuspecting women.

    'May they forgive me...'

    Linghu Chong then recounted how bones all over his body had been broken and that he had little to no mobility. How he thought he was going to die and had to rely on Dongfang Bubai and Feng Qingyang to feed and clean him.

    He even waved his hands wildly in the air, to give extra oomph to his exaggerated display of mock anger.

    He vowed to ask for their forgiveness later and somehow make it up to them for his act of deceit.

    Linghu Chongs' act was quite convincing; even his wife was taken aback by his sudden chastising of them.

    With some surprise but more so shame written all over their faces. The young nuns turned their eyes away from their leader and instead focused towards the ground; as they were unable to meet his gaze.

    “Please chief, whatever punishment you give us we will not argue.”

    The other North Hengsheng members again joined their Martial Sister in confirming the request for punishment.

    “Okay...Since you all want to be punished so badly I will oblige your request, but there is no need for all of you to bare the brunt for your failure,” he said continuing the display of mock anger.

    Linghu Chong made eye contact with his wife. At first the ex-cult leader gazed at him with confusion, but once he started mouthing the words Yilin and made a gesture with his right hand like he was launching a needle. She finally had an idea of what the man she loved wanted done.

    Using her inner energy to discretely bring a pebble into her right hand. Dongfang Bubai began to slowly walk around the kneeling women so as not to alert them to her intentions. Positioning herself to be behind the group, but more so her sister; who was near the middle. Dongfang Bubai flicked the small rock into the posterior of said younger sibling, causing Yilin to jump up in surprise, while letting out a sharp painful yelp.

    “Ah, little sister Yilin...I see you are brave enough to take the punishment for your sisters, admirable...Very admirable...” Linghu Chong said with a large smile.

    Yilin went wide eyed as she stopped rubbing the sore spot on her posterior and instead looked upon her crush in confusion.

    “But Brother Chief, something hit me on my...I mean I didn't...--”

    “You don't have to be modest. It's quite brave of you to sacrifice yourself for your sisters.”

    Yilin could only stare, akin to a dear caught in the headlights.

    'The things I do for love. I really hope I don't come to regret what I'm about to do,' Linghu Chong thought as he took a deep breath.

    “From this day forward... Yilin...Little Martial Sister Yilin is hear by expelled from North Hengshan and may never return...”

    All in all it was a normal day for the sect...


    A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter.
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    thank you for a great story

    and welcome back
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    Question for the audience. Was it ever mentioned in the novel or any of the adaptations of The Smiling Proud Wanderer the time in history this would have taken place?

    Still working on the next chapter.
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    Question for the audience. Was it ever mentioned in the novel or any of the adaptations of The Smiling Proud Wanderer the time in history this would have taken place?

    Still working on the next chapter.
    General consensus is the mid/late Ming Dynasty due to Wudang being an established school and that non of the characters from HSDS showing up.

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    Default Chapter: 16

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 16


    Gazing upon the shocked faces of Yilin and the entire group of North Hengshen disciples. Linghu Chong calmly walked over to where his wife's sister was standing and suddenly grabbed the teen by the left arm. Before any one could ask what was going on, he began to forcibly drag an understandably shocked and perplexed Yilin towards the entrance of the compound.

    Everyone stared in shock save for Dongfang Bubai, who sported a smirk, at the scene playing out before them. Even Feng Buping and the rest of the disciples were caught by surprise, as they had stopped their training to see what the commotion was all about.

    Yilin was unable to utter a single word, as realization of what her crush meant to do dawned on her. The world around the teenager seemed to be spinning. Her heart was in turmoil; as she tried to fully grasp the situation. The world seemed to be moving in slow motion as her love continued to pull the teen towards the double doors.

    “Brother Chief please don't do this, Yilin doesn't deserve to be punished in such a way!” Yihe pleaded from behind Linghu Chong as she too realized what her leader intended to do.

    Their elder sister's voiced seemed to snap the rest of the nun's out of their stupor, as they to, hurriedly chased after their chief, while also expressing their disapproval; wanting him to show mercy.

    “No!...” he barked out simply.

    “But Chief why? If anyone deserves to be punished it is me. I am the eldest disciple after all. While you were gone I was in charge of the sect. If anyone should bare the brunt of failing to find you it is me,” Yihe said desperately.

    Though his face remained riddled with feigned anger. Yihes' impassioned speech struck a chord with the young sect leader. He spared a quick glance back at his disciple. Only to be shocked by the look of pain and guilt which served to disfigure her normally pretty face.

    'I expelled Yilin so that she would be able to be with her family and not have to continue to live her life as a nun. For centuries these priests and nuns would lock themselves away from the world. I don't know if this is true, but I've even heard it mentioned that some would even endure much suffering under the pretense of drawing closer to their Buddha, as well as a means of trying to make themselves free from sin in their attempt to make themselves holy.'

    'But can the life of a Buddhist really accomplish such a thing. If that were possible wouldn't everyone have to become one in order to go to heaven? Unfortunately, these nuns sacrifices don't deal with the sinfulness of the heart. Perhaps this is something only God can do, and we as mortals are incapable of.'

    'Yilin, despite her saying otherwise. Only stays a nun because she feels gratitude towards the Abbesses for taking her in and raising her. The fact she has feelings for me; something which is prohibited under sect law. Only further proves she desires another life, but is most likely to stricken by feelings of guilt and or disloyalty to do so.'

    A small pride filled smile briefly spread across Linghu Chongs' lips at his improved deducing skills.

    'I guess Qiang is rubbing off on me. Well her, and cutting back on alcohol,' he thought with a chuckle, which only added to the confusion and fear of his sister-in-law.

    Quickly remembering his surroundings. Linghu Chong quickly snapped himself back into the role he was playing; one of the angry and vengeful sect leader.

    “I said no! Stop trying to change my mind or I will expel those who continue to protest!” he snapped, voice dripping with malice.

    This threat, immediately caused Yihe and the rest of her sisters to stop dead in their tracks. Each one of the young women, sported faces full of fear and uncertainty. They wanted to help their fellow sister, but like all humans, self preservation will take precedent in most cases.

    The nunnery was all many knew. Even the ones who had families and knew more about the outside world felt similar fear.

    Though initially meant as an empty threat. Linghu Chong was now giving serious thought about fulfilling his declaration. Not out of any pretext of feigned anger, but more so to protect his young charges.

    'Why am I thinking like this? My old self, before the recent events involving everyone trying to get their hands on the Evil-Warding Manual. Wouldn't have cared one way or the other how a nun chose to live their life. But now, even though no one will mistake me for being a moral giant anytime soon. I can't help but feel that I need to do something more then help them attain fantastic martial arts.'


    Akin to what one would feel if someone took a sledge hammer to all they thought was good and true. This described Yilins' emotions as she tried to grasp the current situation.

    “But brother chief, where will I go?!” she pleaded, hoping Linghu Chong would show her some semblance of mercy.

    “Leave!” he said with a stern face, apparently ignoring her desperate appeal.

    Yilin was then unceremoniously thrown out from the compound entrance, which caused her to stumble a few feet before those close by heard a thud, as the teen fell to the ground.

    Those passing by gazed upon the strange seen with bewilderment. Many stopped and started to point and whisper among themselves about what they had seen. But none offered to go and help the young woman who was now on the verge of tears.

    Yilins' heart was in turmoil. Her face reflected the cascade of emotions as she stared in horror at the man she loved.

    “I said leave!” he repeated, this time pointing in a random direction for extra emphasis.

    Linghu Chongs' voice was ripe with venom. His face turned up into a scowl. Any hope that the man she loved would change his mind died in that instance.

    'Why? How could this happen? Is this because of what father said? Did elder sister and Brother Chief really get married, and now they don't want me around?' she thought in despair, as the sadness threatened to completely overtake her.

    Indeed, Yilin was young and very inexperienced in life, but she was no fool. She knew that her fathers mention of Linghu Chong being his son-in-law was no mere slip of the tongue. In truth, she had suspected their might have been something going on between her crush and her elder sister for some time now. But marriage was something she had dismissed as the product of fear and an over active imagination making her paranoid.

    'But still, I should have guessed it might have been that. They did after all go missing at the same time. And it's certainly not a coincidence that I found them both together and now leaders of a new sect at that. What are the odds of something like that happening and having it only be a coincidence? Besides, elder sister always seemed to glow when speaking about Linghu Chong. Even going so far as calling him the only man she's met that was worth anything and not completely useless.'

    With one last anguish filled look towards Linghu Chong. Yilin slowly rose, begrudgingly resigned to her fate. As she stood, the now former North Hengshan disciple surprisingly locked eyes with Dongfang Bubai who now stood in front of her former classmates and next to her husband.

    Yilin wasn't sure what she expected to see. But a smile, of all things, she wasn't prepared for. Albeit, the smile didn't seem to be one of cruelty or smugness. Instead it seemed to be one of satisfaction; as if completely approving of Linghu Chongs' actions.

    The situation only added to her misery, and also fanned the slowly growing bitterness in her heart.

    'I guess, it's true, they do want me out of the way...'

    “Goodbye everyone...I enjoyed our time together martial sister's. Thank you for taking care of me all of these years...”

    Yilin fought back the tears with bitter determination; refusing to show anymore weakness.

    She once again locked eyes with her elder sister; angered but not entirely surprised the smile hadn't left her face. The teens' temper threatened to boil over but she quickly calmed herself; knowing lashing out would only make the situation worse.

    “Sister...Take good care of yourself, little Xiong and Brother Chief...Also don't be too harsh to father and step-mother...” Yilin said with a surprising lack of emotion, sounding eerily similar to a certain former cult leader.

    Though the last few minutes were full of despair and lacked any kind of joy. The ex nun did take some solace in seeing the looks of worry and heartache on the faces of her former martial sisters. To her, it showed at least there were those out of the people she loved who cared for her well being.

    “I will always love you Brother Chief... Linghu Chong... My love...” she said in a whisper, which was inaudible to everyone but herself.

    Or so the teen thought. Completely missing the fact that her sisters' smile grew even larger after her silent confession.

    Without another word, Yilin turned to leave and start her new life; whatever and wherever that might be.

    But, as it seemed to be the trend of the day. She didn't make it three steps before her world was once again turned upside down.

    “Ah Little Martial Sister Yilin, I'm so glad you are here. Your family is eager to see you since you left so suddenly. I'm glad to see you are in good health,” stated a surprisingly jolly Linghu Chong.

    “H-huh?” the now ex nun asked with obvious confusion.

    “Wife, come and see. Your beloved sister has come for a visit.”

    “Waaa?,” Yilin again asked, bewildered at her loves sudden change in attitude.

    It wasn't just Yilin who was confused. The entire party of North Hengshan disciples stared at their leader in complete bewilderment. Especially when he walked up to the disciple he just expelled and gently wrapped his right arm around her shoulders, and began to lead her back into the compound.

    Naturally anyone would be perplexed by Linghu Chongs' sudden change of attitude. One moment his face was a portrait of anger and bitterness and the next, it was like the past few minutes were a figment of ones imagination.

    “It has truly been too long since you left. Come, on behalf of everyone, let me welcome you to our sect. Your family and martial sister's are eager to see you.”

    Linghu Chongs' words had such warmth and tenderness to them. It would have been hard pressed for anyone to doubt his sincerity.

    But how truthful he was being wasn't the biggest concern on a certain teens mind.

    Yilin was speechless. Had her beloved Brother Chief lost his mind, was he ill. None of his actions were making any sense.


    'Why do I get the feeling I've been tricked!'

    Yilin began to recall the entire event of her expulsion. To how Linghu Chong was firmly against holding any of them responsible for failing to find him to how suddenly he had changed tunes. To how the mysterious object struck her backside causing her to jump up, when he sought someone seeking to be punished for the entire sect.

    'They tricked me!'

    This thought was further amplified as she glanced at the smirk on her sisters' face.

    In a surprising move. Yilin broke free from Linghu Chongs' grasp and pointed an accusatory finger between he and Dongfang Bubai.

    “You two planned this! You both tric...--”

    Yilins' rant was cut short, as Linghu Chong quickly covered her mouth with his left hand while at the same time wrapping his right arm around her waist and picking her up about a foot off the ground.

    “Little Martial Sister Yilin, you must be feeling ill from your long trip. Here, let me help you to your room. I'm sure Qiang and yourself have a lot to discuss,” he said before continuing to walk towards the compound with Yilin in hand.

    For the next minute or two. Linghu Chong was reassuring the crowd of onlookers he wasn't trying to molest or harm his sister-in-law in any way. Despite Yilins' muffled protesting and her struggling, and failing to free herself from his grip.


    “These are perilous times. Zuo Lengshan, Ren Woxing and many others are making bids for absolute power. Even if you all try to stay away. In all likelihood North Hengshan will be caught up in the turmoil to come. And as much as I respect sister Yihe; all of you in fact. I doubt that she or any of you has the strength to see your sect through such times,” Linghu Chong stated.

    Fifteen minutes later, Yihe, Yiqing, Yizhen and the rest of the North Henshan disciples gathered around their leader inside a large room; usually reserved for private meetings. Conspicuous by her absense was their former martial sister Yilin who was having a much needed and overdo discussion with her elder sister.

    When the inpromptu meeting first started. The first question Linghu Chong received was about the strange scene with Yilin. He knew such an inquiry was coming given how anyone paying attention could see that his actions and the entire incident were perplexing to say the least. But, in truth he had no desire to explain his minor schemeing, and instead promised to clarify things at a later time. At first this response met with some minor protest, until he mentioned that there was something else they needed to discusss that put the lives of everyone in North Hengshan in danger.

    “Brother Chief is right. I could never stand up to the likes of Zuo Lengshan, Ren Woxing or the top martial artists,” Yihe suddenly uttered.

    “Also, from Abbot Fangzhengs' examination of the Abbess' and Shifus' remains it is obvious that whomever killed them is a martial artist of the highest caliber. I doubt there is anyone within Mount Hengshan that could match such a person, so your help is vital if we are to stand any chance of bringing the culprit to justice,” Yihe once again stated.

    Once the Yilin situation was out of the way. Linghu Chong had asked them what they thought about him stepping down as their chief and turning the position over to the eldest disciple Yihe. To say the young women, especially Yihe, were emphatically against it would have been an understatement.

    Not that they still didn't have some reservations about a man being the leader of a group of celibate nuns. But as Linghu Chong had stated. The times were indeed evil and frankly without his help, the young women knew the chances of them not surviving were extremely high.

    Linghu Chong knew that everything said made sense and he could not in good conscience abandon the school. Ever since he and the nuns had reunited. He had given serious thought about stepping down as their leader. But what stopped him from mentioning the idea earlier, was he to came to the same conclusion as them, but wanted to run his thought process by them to make sure he was indeed seeing things correctly.

    “I have a suggestion....” he paused, having to only wait a few seconds to garner everyone's attention.

    He smiled brightly hoping they would agree with his next proposal. Though given the nature of what he was about to request might, that may not be possible.

    “When I first took over as sect leader. I promised to protect you and uphold North Hengshan's five commandments. The first commandment is to never disobey your superior, the second commandment is to never harm people in the same school, the third commandment is to never kill the innocents, the fourth commandment is to always be an upright person, and the fifth commandment is to never make friends with evil . These are the instructions left behind by the ancestor of North Hengshan. It is my duty as Headmaster to personally set an example and lead the disciples.”

    The nun's nodded their heads in approval at Linghu Chongs' perfect reciting of their laws.

    “I've upheld the first three commandments to the best of my ability. But, as for the other two, Though I try, I’m not really that upright; I mainly do what I think is best given the situation. My true crime, is the commandment not to make friends with evil people. To keep that will be very hard for me to do. If you all have not heard or guessed. During our time apart, I married Yilins' elder sister...”

    Linghu Chong stopped for a moment to let the silent chatter of some of the younger nun's die down a bit before he continued. He tried his best to keep a stoic face, in order to keep himself from laughing at many of their shocked and or horrified faces.

    Though whether the looks were caused by them being celeb nuns; abhorred by the fact their leader had wed or from a sense of jealously, he did not know. In truth, Yilin wasn't the only person in the convent who secretly dreamed about their young, and handsome leader, whisking them away to live life carefree.

    “My wife is, was, from the devil cult or I should call it the Sun Moon Holy Cult to avoid her scolding,” he said with a chuckle.

    “Yes Brother Chief. While we searched for you. We heard the rumor's about yourself and the Holy Lady of the demon cult,” stated Yihe calmly.

    Though her words were calm, Linghu Chong could hear the faint trace of displeasure in her voice.

    'That and the way some of the girls are trying to hold in their displeasure. I wonder how they will respond once I tell them the whole truth...'

    “Yes, I've also heard of that rumor...and I can assure you it is completely false. Though I consider Ying Ying to be a friend. I never viewed her as anything more then that.”

    “Chief, then who is...--”

    “You should stop stalling and tell them already,” Dongfang Bubai suddenly stated as she along with a very troubled looking Yilin came into the room.

    The sudden intrusion caught the nuns off guard, as many reached for their swords until they realized the familiar faces of the one who spoke and her silent companion.

    Linghu Chong though wasn't surprised in the least. He knew eventually his beloved would make her way to him once she had finished consoling her sister. Who he noted, still looked somewhat confused and or frustrated.

    “Ladies...I introduce to you the one and only Dongfang Bubai...Former leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult.”

    As if hit by an invisible wave of energy. The nuns immediately backed as for away from Dongfang Bubai as they could, while keeping their hands on their swords; ready to draw them at any moment.

    Linghu Chong knew his wife had explained to Yilin who she really was on the day their family was reunited. So the lack of surprise on her face was expected. Instead, the former nun had a look of worry, as she scanned the faces of her former classmates after seeing their reaction.

    'She must be more concerned with how her former martial sister's will react. Given the looks of horror on many of their faces, can't really say I don't understand her concern,' Linghu Chong thought to himself.

    “I wish to keep my promise to look after North Hengshan. But...this is not a Buddhist monastery. And me and my wife agree we don't want to make it one.”

    Linghu Chongs' statement snapped the fear induced trance many of the nun's seemed to be in after hearing who their leaders wife truly was and diverted their attention back on him.

    “If you all stay with me you will have to act like regular martial artists in training. This will be for your protection...--”

    “But Brother Chief how so? Why would we have to pretend to do so?” Yihe stated obviously confused.

    Her bewilderment was also shared by her fellow martial sister's. As some piggybacked on their elder sister's comment and also asked their chief the same question.

    Linghu Chong noted that even though it seemed he had managed to distract them from who Dongfang Bubai use to be. He noted that almost all of the nun's still kept a wary eye on the former cult leader. He also saw in fairness to their concern his wife was giving them a predatory look, akin to a cat staring at a group of mice.

    “It would draw much more attention to us if the other schools found out that you all are staying with me. Though I hope you all will keep my wifes' identity a secret. I cannot be naive and believe it will stay hidden forever. Qiang no longer has any ties to her former life. The Dongfang Bubai you were taught to hate and fear is no more...But, I doubt, no, I know some will seek her out for any crimes that may have been done to them by the Sun Moon Holy Cult.”

    “Humph! Let any come who have the nerve! I'll leave their bodies as food for the crows!”

    Dongfang Bubais' icy statement caused Linghu Chong to shake his head in disbelief as her killing intent filled the room. The reaction from the other occupants wasn't so calm, as many shivered in fear and slowly backed away even farther from the former cult leader.

    “Enough of that Qiang before you scare these poor girls half to death. They are already on edge after knowing who you once were,” Linghu Chong said sternly.

    Linghu Chong was silently thankful his wife only humphed to his scolding and didn't pursue the matter further.

    “As I was saying... In case anything happens in the future which could put your reputation or lives in danger. North Hengshan could deny having anything to do with us.”

    “Chief we would never abandon you just to save our own lives. We would gladly die with you if it came to it!”

    Yihes' impassioned speech was confirmed by all of her fellow classmates. As they emphatically declared their loyalty to Linghu Chong.

    “I will never question the loyalty of any of you. After losing your elder's Dingjing, Dinxian, and Dingyi. I know you all are taking extra care to do everything you can to not have something happen to me; even if it costs you all your lives. In fact, that is part of the reason I suggested pretending to not be nuns. In a way, it is to protect you from yourselves.”

    Linghu Chong quickly held up his right hand. Stopping the protests he knew would come before they even formed.

    “When we first came into this room. I mentioned how perilous these times are. If I were to step down now and hand the leadership over to one of you. Certainly, Zuo Lengshan or someone like him may try and force you all to join them. I doubt any of you will agree to that, and in the end North Hengshan may end up being destroyed.”

    What to do. Those were the thoughts of the North Hengshan disciples as they contemplated their chiefs words. It was hard to argue with Linghu Chongs' logic regarding their plight. But, they were warriors. And warriors didn't run or hide when faced with danger.

    “But Chief! How could we shame ourselves and the ancestors of North Hengshan by hiding when faced with the prospect of losing our lives? We may be women, but we have our honor just the same as any man,” Yihe stated emphatically.

    “What does honor matter if you are dead,” Dongfang Bubai stated suddenly, interjecting herself into the conversation.


    “But nothing!” Dongfang Bubai barked, instantly silencing any opposition.

    The former cult leader, eyed the nun's with an icy glare; daring any to utter another word.

    “As you girls know I was once Dongfang Bubai. Most feared person in the martial world. How do you think I accomplished this feat, by following pride over reason? Do you think I made it to the top of the Sun Moon Holy Cult by relying on force alone? No, I used every tool at my disposal. This is what your chief is trying to tell you. We must be cunning towards our enemies before we can destroy them.”

    Linghu Chong shot his beloved a grateful smile. Sometimes there were things only another woman could get another woman to truly understand.

    “I was a single woman, disguised as a man in a cutthroat world. It was survival of the fittest. Yet, I came out on top. There is a time for brute force and a time to be cunning. Now is the the time to be as subtle as serpents before we strike.”

    Dongfang Bubais' words rang with truthfulness that was hard for the nun's to deny.

    “Don't worry ladies, I will take you all under my wing. After all, we women have to stick together,” the former cult leader said with a mischievous smirk which caused her husband to slightly panic.

    Linghu Chong deeply loved his wife. But didn't love everything about her. If the nun's did agree to his plan, he made a mental note to keep a very close eye on them, so that the more impressionable ones didn't pick up some of his wifes' more sadistic tendencies.

    But those were things only to worry about if said nun's agreed to his proposal.

    “Besides, if people knew that North Hengshan had joined with South Hengshan some might say I'm taking advantage of you all. Start calling you lot the wives of Linghu Chong,” he said with a boisterous laugh, trying to break the tense atmosphere.

    “Chief please, don't speak so vulgar!” Yihe said a bit embarrassed, though if you looked carefully one could see a slight blush.

    “Sorry, sorry, Yihe, was just trying to help the mood. You all looked so conflicted; which is completely understandable. I would be to in your situation.”

    “But in truth I can see people saying that though or even worse. Even if they don't know I'm alive and have taken control of South Hengshan. A rumor could start saying how after Linghu Chong went missing and was later confirmed to be dead. In a panic, the three eldest disciples realizing not having a proper leader would only lead to disaster; in effect it would lead to the end of North Hengshen. So they in a panic turned to South Hengshen; not knowing Mo Da was no longer head of the sect. The new leadership did not practice Buddhism nor wanted nuns there. So they had a choice, become regular women and his toys or perish. This fiend, played on the fears of the women and they agreed. Indeed, he is a vile criminal and must be punished for the sake of the purity of those he has mistreated.”

    “Chief! If such a story gets out people will think you are some sort of monster!”

    Linghu Chong smiled warmly at the show of concern.

    “I appreciate the concern. But this is a very really possib..--”

    Linghu Chong heard a snicker coming from his wifes' direction and quickly sought to silence the former cult leader before she could make her two cents known.

    “Don't say anything you!” he said pointing towards his wife who was going to comment but held her tongue. Though the smug smile on her face expressed her unspoken words; and also that she wouldn't be silent for long.

    “All I will say is that you have been thinking about it.”

    It only took Linghu Chong a second to realize what the 'it' his wife was referring to.


    “See Yilin, he's considered it. Eventually he will see reason and then we shall be one big happy family. Well, just us two, the rest of these love struck young ladies are not allowed in.”

    Now the nun's gazed between Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai completely clueless as to what the pair was arguing about. The only one who had any clue was Yilin, who looked nervous and quite embarrassed after her sisters statement.


    At the same time Linghu Chong and the North Hengshan nun's were having their discussion. A certain sect leader was also engaged in conversations of his own. Surrounding the events that took place at a certain birthday celebration.

    Yue Buqun, dressed in a simple, light purple robe, had his back to his kneeling disciples, as he gazed out of the window of his room; admiring the clear sky. Each of the three young men; barely into adulthood to be truthful. Were dressed in the standard light gray robes of a Huashan Sect disciple. As they nervously awaited to hear a response from their teacher about the task they had been assigned.

    The feelings of anxiety further increased as Yue Buqun suddenly shot a small pebble at a nearby tree, killing a small bird instantly. As it's lifeless body dropped to the ground, their teacher shot them a sideways glare, almost as if signifying that would soon be their fate.

    “You say a man in a fox mask injured both Lin Pingzhi, The Golden Saber, and also defeated Chong Xu in a martial contest?” the martial master asked with skepticism evident in his tone.

    Said tone was much lighter aka feminine sounding then the three men were comfortable with, but none dared to make such a comment in his presence.

    “Yes Master Yue, please believe us, everything we have said is true..” pleaded one of the kneeling men.

    “And his wife easily defeated the head of Beggar's Sect?”

    “Yes Master Yue. We did as you instructed and made sure we weren't spotted by the Mistress while trailing her. It took us a little while to sneak into the gathering. The day we finally managed to do so, was the same day the martial contest was taking place and we witnessed the two fights,” answered the same disciple.

    Even though his wife didn't want anyone to accompany her for the trip to the birthday celebration. Yue Buqun still sent three disciples to secretly keep an eye on her. The act wasn't solely for her safety. He wanted them to report to him if their mistress was acting strange in anyway. This unfounded paranoia was fueled by his own betrayal of their marriage. Sadly, it was the mere tip of the iceberg in showing how far morally the once respected sect leader had actually fallen.

    “You also said that Junior Martial Sister and Ling'er left with the man and his wife?”

    “Yes Master Yue, after the masked man fought and defeated Elder Chong Xu. He had a brief confrontation with Lin Pingzhi. Though they didn't fight at that time, Lin Pingzhi was already injured and could barely stand straight. It seemed like the two had fought previously given how furious Lin Pingzhi was.”

    This bit of news caused the martial arts master to furrowed his brow at this revelation, but, after a few seconds he ordered the young man to continue his report.

    “After that a commotion broke out near the entrance to the compound. The masked man ended up fighting and killing Yu Canghai. We are not completely sure of the reasons but it seemed Mr. Yu was trying to kidnap Yue Lingshan. From what we saw, the masked man came to her rescue.”

    “I see...”

    'Yu Canghai was probably there to find an opportunity to kill Lin Pingzhi. He probably took Ling'er hostage hoping it would produce such an opening. But, why would this mask man go out of his way to save her?' the martial master pondered to himself.

    “How did Golden Saber become injured?”

    “Lin Pingzhi threw some swords at the masked man as he was trying to leave after killing Yu Canghai. Everything after that happened in seconds, but it appeared that either the man or his wife used their inner energy to send the swords back. The next thing we knew The Golden Saber was on the ground, crying out in pain as one of the swords ended up embedded in his leg.”

    “Did they leave after that?”

    “Yes, teacher,” all three of the disciples said in unison.

    “Since you are here. I'm guessing you didn't follow them?”

    The men flinched, fearing what would happen to them for their cowardliness after hearing the clear disdain in their teachers voice.

    “Uh... no... we...--”

    “Don't concern yourselves, I understand why you did so,” the eunuch said with an exasperated sigh.

    Yue Buqun promptly dismissed his three disciples with a simple wave of his hand but strictly warned them not to utter a word to anyone about what they had told him.

    The three teens began to leave, though the main one who had been doing most of the talking, suddenly stopped, as he remembered one more key piece of information.

    “Master, the man's wife did say that they were the new leaders of South Hengshan and that Elder Mo Da had entrusted them with the sect. We do not know if this is true, but she did say to the crowd that if anyone wants to be taught by real martial artists they can be found there.”

    With that said the disciple quickly exited the room.

    A few moments after the men had left. Yue Buqun began to slowly pace back and forth, contemplating all that he had been told.

    'Elder Chong Xu is advanced in years, but still, for him to be defeated is hard to fathom.'

    What really worried the sect leader though was the apparent defeat of his former disciple.

    'How could that have happened? Lin Pingzhi knows the Evil-Warding Manual. Other then myself, no one should be able to defeat him...'

    The thought that someone was powerful enough to best someone nearly as powerful as himself left the eunuch greatly unnerved. But his concern quickly dissipated. Though his followers had no reason to lie to him. He still didn't believe every word that was said.

    'After all, they didn't see the masked man injure Lin Pingzhi. They only assumed he did given the injuries. I'm sure they exaggerated some parts of their report to try and justify themselves for not following after Junior Martial Sister and Ling'er. No one could reasonable blame them if the events happened actually as they said. The danger would have been far too great.'

    In Yue Buquns' new found pride, he tried to dismiss any further fears. He deemed it impossible that anything short of trickery or another person knowing the Evil-Warding Manual, could defeat someone knowing the skill. And given the masked man was apparently married. He highly doubted it was the latter.

    'Perhaps I should go to South Hengshan and check on this new development. If I don't people will begin to wonder why I didn't go and check on the safety of Junior Martial Sister and Ling'er. And if my wife or daughter have been harmed in anyway, then I will have the perfect excuse to eliminate two potential threats to my ruling the Martial World,' he thought with a sinister smile.

    Who knew that cutting off ones manhood could produce such arrogance. For Yue Buqun sake, lets hope he didn't destroy all of his common sense when he mutilated himself and betrayed those who loved and trusted him just for power.


    A/N: Hope everyone enjoyed the chapter. :-)
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    Glad you are writing again. Looking forward to reading more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Glad you are writing again. Looking forward to reading more
    Thanks. I've decided to just finish this story. So hopefully I can get back into the same groove as before.
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    Thanks. I've decided to just finish this story. So hopefully I can get back into the same groove as before.

    Where's our finished story?

    It's been 5 years and yet another XAJH remake is going to be broadcasted next week, 2018-02-26, and this story still had not finished. Please finish it if you've got time, thanks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Where's our finished story?

    It's been 5 years and yet another XAJH remake is going to be broadcasted next week, 2018-02-26, and this story still had not finished. Please finish it if you've got time, thanks...
    Hey szfong, how are you? Its funny, I was wondering if people still had interest in this story. Glad Its not forgotten.
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    Quote Originally Posted by optimus610 View Post
    Hey szfong, how are you? Its funny, I was wondering if people still had interest in this story. Glad Its not forgotten.
    Whatever free time I have, I've been taking care of my elderly mother. Once you've reach a certain age, one seem to need to consume more medication than rice. Daily chores is taking all of my other free time.

    It seems alot of the avid people around here has left/abandoned and gone to wuxiaworld or the other translation/patreon sites for their wuxia/xianxia fixes.

    The next Swordsman 2018 is very similar to the 2001 remake. Hopefully better fight scenes.

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