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Out of curiosity, is the song available in youtube?

"Iron fist like thunder, sword gleaming cold,

Across the Sword Sea, rushing Sabre Mountain.

Shouting among winds and clouds, a hero's spirit is brief;

When feelings are true and love is sincere, a couple's passion is long.

When the sound had faded another voice continued:

Who cares, the sun is setting , the flowers look like brocade;

Don't cling to love, in Jiangnan the scene is beautiful.

Fame and fortune are like the mordning dew,

A bride's dowry and your salary are like passing clouds.

The sea of people is boundless, and I drift along;

The rivers and lakes are vast, I alone revere it.

Then the two singers sang together, the lofty sentiments of before now given way to sorrowful lamentations:

To the far corners of the eath, my spirit drifts aimlessly like a dream.

I have had my fill of the hardships and grind of daily life.

My travels through the world are long and arduous.

Exiled from the sea of people, ah!, cold and grieved;

This hero is gone, ah! When can he return?"
Now, I wonder where I find this song.