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Thread: Sire Ma Exposes Herself in Steamy Lingerie Video Clip

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    Default Sire Ma Exposes Herself in Steamy Lingerie Video Clip

    Sire Ma Exposes Herself in Steamy Lingerie Video Clip

    A private video clip of Sire Ma (馬賽) in lingerie was recently leaked on the Internet. In the half-minute clip obviously meant to tease her lover, Sire’s intimate parts were revealed in the sheer outfit as she danced and touched herself inside a hotel room.
    Puzzled as to how the video clip was leaked, Sire has already informed the police. Since it is a matter of personal privacy, Sire stated she has the right to pursue legal action. She claimed she does not have stills of the video or the video itself. SinceSire’s lesbian relationship with mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) ended on an ugly note, speculations cropped up that Ziqi may have leaked Sire’s lingerie video.
    Speaking of her past homosexual relationship with Wang Ziqi, Sire expressed, “I had truly been in love and have blindly trusted [my partner]. After being hurt several times, I am certain that I have loved wrongly. But the past is over, and I hope I can continue on in a strong manner.”
    Sire added that she feels sad for having her friends and family worry, and would like to apologize for her past stubborn behavior. She thanked them for their support and claimed she is unafraid to deal with upcoming issues. “So many things have happened within the past year, but they allowed me to quickly mature. My future path may be hard, but I will cherish each opportunity and be the best of myself.”


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    this video should be taken down, its a violation of someone's privacy.

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    It is unusual to leak the video clip of someone. Police should be taken hard action on these type of cases.

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