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    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 42 – One Less Contender

    “Save five hundred and let hundreds of millions die?” Zax’s hand trembled and he strived not to snap.

    “You don’t understand, Zax, and frankly neither do I”. Sheldon groaned. “These are rules of the Immortal world. Only the three Immortals of the Planetary Battalion, Holy Palace and Voltic Star can claim the lives of this planet. They, in a way, own it”.

    Zax dazedly listened to Sheldon. He did not know the rules of the Immortal world and this was a first for him to find out that he was actually someone else… property!

    Sheldon assumed Zax was oblivious to this fact of life that belonged to every living creature in Ercas Mir and New Earth. He divulged it in hope that he will realize the severity of the situation and not refuse him.

    “It’s more complicated than what you might think and it’s pointless to dwell about it before transcending your Evolutionary Ascension. Senior Ohar can guarantee the safety of five hundred of your people because of his prowess. The rules of the Immortal world were legislated by Gods. Some of them Senior Ohar can bend, but to a certain degree”.

    “Then… Then… why the Immortals of the three superpowers worry about other Immortals following them here?” Zax’s mind whirled in search of the answer and before Sheldon could reply he indeed found it. “Because of the Godly Law Template…”

    “It’s a rule changer”. Sheldon concurred. “It’s like a band of thieves breaking into a remote village’s home to steal a precious Pure Core… Will you send your Rising City’s Law Enforcement force to chase them across the planet, post factum? Most probably you won’t, even if they’ll kill the mom, dad, their three children and the dog”.

    Exasperated, Zax snatched several pieces of meat and gobbled them. He then drank his beer, emptying his jug, and gestured for the feline waitress to come back with another.

    “Mm! Mm! Mm! Mm…” His voice sounded muffled as he laughed with lips sealed. “Hahahaha…” He opened for a second handful of the juicy meat, but realized he could not stop laughing. “HAHAHAHA!” His head fell back and he banged the wooden table, breaking it along with the privacy formation.

    “Sir?!” The waitress who returned with a new jug of beer flinched in fear.

    “We don’t want troubles here, sir”. The bartender, a gray skinned beast with an elephant head, who also owned the tavern, quickly pulled away his waitress, worried of what will happen should either of them will interfere.

    Sheldon scrutinized Zax quietly, wait for his outburst to subside.

    Gradually Zax regained his composure. With short bursts of laughter he attracted the new jug of beer from the waitress’s hand to his grip. He drank until, again, he emptied a jug in practically one gulp. A sent the jug back, refilled by a pile of Splinters as compensation for the table, scare and payment for the food and drinks.

    “Where are you going?” Sheldon hurried after him.

    “My family, my friends, my people…” Zax did not turn to look at him. “Can’t the rules change for them?”

    Sheldon was stumped. Should he say that they are not as important as the Godly Law Template? That because of his agreement with General Logan, Senior Ohar already gave his word to the Voltic Star’s Fiend Immortal that he will assist him and due to it cannot concern himself with mortals?

    His silence was all that Zax needed to hear.

    “You are a good, mortal friend”. Zax said, rising to the air and disappearing.

    Kingdom Earth, El-Eden’s Parliament building.

    “New Earth was the safe haven of our two species in the distant past and it can be again!” Zax imposing manner engaged every one of the listeners…

    He assembled them all, those of Kingdom Earth’s high echelon who usually were allocated a place in the seventy eight seats, those sitting in front of them, the Supreme Rulers and those of their caliber; and those who appeared on the side walls’ Screens, the top tribe leaders of Valgarel with one exception… their ruler, His Valor Ozeyn.

    Valgarel did not have anymore a Red Rose Beaks tribe. When Horn Kikon sent his troops away from the planet, among them was Ozeyn and his tribe members.

    It was unknown whether he was compelled to leave or done so willingly. The only thing that was certain was that he did not want to depart alone, not because he somehow managed to convince Horn Kikon to receive his entire tribe, regardless of beast type, but because before leaving he apparently met with several tribe leaders and even Grandmaster Kartion.

    First he swore them for secrecy than asked them to come with him. Two tribe leaders agreed to abandon their tribe with their nearest kin, but the rest, like Grandmaster Kartion, declined.

    “Nothing is decided, yet, I just want to make myself clear of the actions I will take with or without your affirmation!”

    He told them about his conversation with Sheldon, about the situation in the Down Ocean, things that he shared with some of them years back and with others just moments ago.

    Digesting the information was what they needed, but what he had no spare time to give them to do.

    “Like it or not… we are weak, so this is our stance”.

    He was not a politician, not even a leader, just the man in and the strongest of them all.

    ‘Sheldon can be wrong, those five can be wrong’, he thought to himself as he left the agitated crowed for whomever of the Supreme Rulers who would like to pacify the atmosphere. ‘They may descend sooner than expected, but who says it would be the end of us…?’

    ‘She said it? Are you sure?’ Archbishop Silternjan’s brows furrowed as he asked for the third time. ‘Did you reconfirm with the Grand Abode?’

    Like the others, the church kept a small, Child spacecraft in Ercas Mir for those of them who stayed to leave the planet with and communicate with the Grand Abode Mother spacecraft.

    Right now a very ugly countenance manifested on Archbishop Silternjan’s face and the transmission that caused his stomach to convulse still rang in his ears.

    The message was short and indisputable, delivered by Sister Iaura as the herald of The Almighty, it was… “Cease the pursuit for the Godly Law Template and leave Star Ercas Mir!”

    Archbishop Silternjan waited for the confirmation with Cardinal Northstar and three Bishops. He opened his mouth, but there was nothing to say and it would be blasphemy to refuse.

    Nevertheless, his passion for the cultivation path made his pious self uncomfortable. He spent the better years of what his mortal life had on the search for the Godly Law Template, and unlike his colleagues who ruled with him as the leaders of the five powers, it was too late for him to reach the Mortal Enlightenment state any other way.

    ‘Sister Iaura lost consciousness’. The Bishop in the hidden Child spacecraft notified. “They say the Godly Decree exhausted her”.

    ‘Alright, this is the will of The Almighty!’ Archbishop Silternjan acquiesced and to quench his Martial heart, to not blemish devout faith, he added just for himself. ‘May The Almighty accept me’.

    ‘I understand’. On their return flight to the Child spacecraft Cardinal Northstar sent him intimately, as a fellow geezer with the end of his lifespan in sight. ‘But maintain your belief that your efforts were not in vain. The will of The Almighty is for us to leave this Star, however nothing was said of us needing to return to the Holy Palace’.

    His words of encouragement were akin to recipe for speculation. Neverthless, Archbishop Silternjan tacitly accepted them.

    As an Archbishop it was embarrassing for him to need a reminder… that as a man of the church, he knew not to abandon hope!

    “Silternjan and Northstar dropped from the search…” Horn Kikon and General Logan heard from the Lieutenant General in the Blessed Army’s Star Scavenger at the northern part of the Western Continent that Luminous Church’s Child spacecraft took off.

    Having one less contender for the Godly Law Template would have been joyous news, if it was not for his odd departure that confused and slightly upset the two, as well as General Beking and Admiral Hamumni.

    Getting answers was impossible, though, and the Heavy Water Pools’ formation was not going to decipher itself.

    Evidently, the four felt relief when their subordinates informed them that the church’s Child spacecraft exited the exosphere, in addition to wonder about themselves…

    In Archbishop Silternjan’s shoes, would they have gone so compliantly? Or would they have blasted the Down Ocean in an attempt to break the Heavy Water Pools’ formation?

    He watched them run, helping each other climb, setting camp in night, hunting for food, making friends, having enemies, sometimes beating and sometimes killing.

    He crept in the shadows, saw them from afar and invisibly walked among them.


    It consumed him for a while, a recurring nemesis that tends to never disappear and whenever he returns the stakes of what can be taken away… destroyed, are higher.

    ‘Regardless of how strong we become, we are still prone to the pernicious impediments of life…’

    There was a trace of remorse breezing between black the sky and sea to dark land. It passed through the nothingness, come by near the bright desire, caressed the patiently awaiting and blew to imprint itself on the source.

    Zax exhaled, yet not a particle of air left his mouth, instead, there were dark grains that gave the impression of old wounds, now dispelled.

    The sky, sea and land of his Inner Panorama were satiated.

    The spark of light, sixth bottleneck of insight raveled in its allure.

    His spirit continued to pretend it is weakened, biding its time.

    On his soul another experience was carved, an overcame obstacle.

    A part of him blamed himself for the imminent calamities, but they were, in every event, unpredictable. To avoid them was impossible and to try was to live in the shell.

    ‘As long as I have inspiration, I will never stop struggling’.

    Otherwise, how can he call himself “Unbound”?

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 43 – Princess Of Veiher

    His gaze converged on the two boys and instantly softened.

    His initial desire was to protect them, the most fragile part of him, but as Zax considered along the way and was more than gratified to learn that he was right; following Niel and Jingrow’s escapades through the High Rankers' Trials alleviated the tension from his heart.

    To pass this year’s High Rankers' Trials the participating mercenaries had to accomplish one of three objectives. The first one was to capture a very elusive two scales Deformed Being. The second was to capture, dead or alive, a fugitive from a preselected list of persons. The third was to traverse one of five preselected paths that stretched across the Western Continent.

    Niel and Jingrow began with the goal in mind to capture the requested Deformed Being.

    The target was a Footloose Squeaker, a Deformed Being the size of an adult man’s hand. It has five thin tails, a chipmunk’s head and a jerboa’s body. Overall it looks like a cute azure little thing.

    Many participants chose to go after it, mainly because it seemed like an easy target and the Mercenary Association disclosed its most frequent whereabouts. Subsequently, almost twenty percent of the participants who went after the Footloose Squeaker ended up losing their lives to its lethal speed, which could effortlessly pierce the defensive means of most Core Masters and even some first level Marital Mortals.

    Niel and Jingrow were lucky to be among the eighty percent who escaped with heavy to minor injuries. Afterwards, the twelve and fifteen years old decided to change their pick for the third objective and headed to the closest path to them, at the time, of the given five.

    ‘They will be fine’. Zax decided to withdraw. Besides, he was starting to feel bad for Shadow for tailing him as he also followed the two boys in secrecy.

    ‘Silternjan departure a week ago did not stir trouble, yet’. The church Child spacecraft’s take off was not exactly inconspicuous. ‘Senior Gid thinks it’s an ominous sign and convinced others the same thing, which ultimately is good. The tribe leaders, patriarchs and matriarchs are now working almost enthusiastically to reseal New Earth when the time will come’. He flew to New Earth, contemplating.

    ‘The stride and a half my spirit has left to reach the sixth bottleneck of insight… I need to prepare for it, so if it won’t happen naturally, and it probably won’t because of the lingering Godly Retribution, I’ll be able to force it in a moment of life and death’.

    Valgarel, Grandmaster Kartion’s cave and the Martial family’s home.

    “Master”, Zax found Kartius in the Essence Cave, spending time with Laivien.

    Even after so many years she had yet to give birth, was could still not transform from her her animalistic White Doe form, confined to her pavilion with a big violet stone beside her and in reliance of her caretakers Krikitories.

    “Little Zax!” Pleasantly surprised, Laivien gestured for him with her giant doe head to approach her. “Why is that the only times I see you are when there things to celebrate or when you look melancholy?” She nudged and bit his thick head, unafraid of harming him. She could not even if she wanted to…

    “If I’ll say that I’ll come more often, will you forgive me?” Zax rubbed her muzzle.

    “Will you lie again?” Laivien released him, uninterested in his answer she asked. “What do you need your Master for?”

    “Come here, Martial son”. Kartius instructed in his giant animalistic form of a Black Stag.

    Sitting crossed legged on the ground; Zax pulled his head back to view his Master’s face. “I wish to prepare, but I don’t know how, Master. My mind is settled, my heart is clear and my spirit abiding. It’s only right that I should feel at peace with myself, be in top condition… Yet, perhaps recent event made me overthink the repercussions of failure that I can’t seem to bring myself to decide on my own… or maybe I just need your blessings? I’m not sure, so I came. Please guide me, Master”.

    “Martial son”, Kartius opened after a deep contemplation, his tone suggesting of mixed emotions. “I can’t help you”.

    “You can’t?!” Zax repeated, flabbergasted.

    Kartius shook his head, spreading gales of wind. “You surpassed me, surpassed big brother, His Valor Ozeyn, as well as the heroes of your Kingdom Earth. It’s time for you to recognize it... Your Martial father cannot outthink you, suppress you, fathom your insights…”

    “Master…” Zax uttered in disarray.

    “Big brother…” Laivien saddened.

    “Indeed”, Kartius ignored them. “I’m still your Master. I nurtured you, taught you, reprimanded you… These are my accomplishments that will forever stay true to both you and me, Martial son”.

    Tears streamed in two smooth lines down Zax’s face. His Master’s refusal was also a form of revelation that he received in this, final lesson. “Martial father”. He did as he was told not to since their first meeting and kneeled.

    “Frivolous child”. Kartius, too, shed two trails of tears that made his black fur shine.

    Laivien could not look. She turned her neck and grazed her stomach, tenderly listening to the tiny heartbeat of her and Grandmaster Kartion’s child… a pregnancy that lasted far, far too long for all but herself and loved one to hold on hope for.

    Suddenly a hand gently pressed her abdomen.

    “Zax?” She did not notice his approach.

    “For this child, too!” He murmured in resolution.

    He could not have his Master prepare him. Instead, he found causes to proceed in wishing for others’ future before his own; a simple conclusion to his dithering and an easy solution to his setback, which was good enough to incite his resolve.

    “Where are you going, what are you about to do?!” Sensing the change in his apprentice, Kartius shuddered. His intent oozed determination in potency that made one think, he intends to flip the earth and drain the sea.

    “I won’t do anything”. Zax assured with a calm smile, but his gaze said otherwise.

    “Martial son, Zax!” Kartius rebuked. He did not ask because he will not be of help, but now he got a glimpse to the matter that weighed on his apprentice’s heart. “For what are you preparing?” He yelled to his fading silhouette.

    A voice resounded loud from afar, but in fact only Kartius could hear it.

    “To confront a God”.




    One after the other, priests and nuns greeted with smiles of longing and piety.

    The Child spacecraft navigated through space for eight days before boarding the Grand Abode Mother spacecraft.

    Archbishop Silternjan, Cardinal Northstar and the Bishops who stayed behind with them hastened their steps through the upper corridors of the immense spacecraft.

    Back in Ercas Mir the Grand Abode appeared to be built at the summit of Onzengvas city, yet in reality not only it was the nucleus of The Almighty’s belief on the planet, but also the command center of the Mother spacecraft, while the entire city was the rest of its body!

    “Is she awake? Did she recover?” Archbishop Silternjan inquired Sister Beatriz.

    “She woke up two days ago, but her mental state… Only one of her three personalities is actually awake and it’s the Princess Of Veiher…” Sister Beatriz’s unwavering demeanor faltered in the brief instance she named the third personality.

    “It’s fine”. Archbishop Silternjan unworriedly declared. “Right, Cardinal Northstar?”

    “She is a good girl”. Cardinal Northstar asserted.

    Sister Beatriz sighed inwardly and continued to lead the way.

    The passed gardens, climbed elevators and stairs and stopped in seldom to praise the down and the wary who left their birth planet and struggled to adjust to ungrounded life, without real blue sky.

    They arrived to the entrance of shut chamber with a tall metallic door; there they met a familiar figure…

    “Your Young Eminence?!” Archbishop Silternjan sent the Bishops to their respective posts in the Grand Abode, to take care of the responsibilities he temporarily put off, therefore only he, Cardinal Northstar and Sister Beatriz could see the strange marking on the potential next Holiness.

    Stelero Mars looked miserably beaten. From top to bottom he was scratched, bruised and from some wounds still bleeding.

    “This…” Cardinal Northstar said.

    “Happens whenever I try to see her”. The composed and confident, almost radiant Stelero Mars actually exposed a disheartened countenance that was nothing but unbefitting for someone with the exalted status of an Ascended Elite.

    “Will she do this to us, too?” Cardinal Northstar blubbered in shame, but the others did not blame him. If the “Good girl”, Princess Of Veiher, will decided to rip his face, who will dare stop her?

    “She is quite irked at all of us. Well, you, me and Archbishop Silternjan”. Stelero Mars grudgingly admitted. A white light emerged from beneath his skin and in a blink all wounds and blood marks vanished. Once more, his untainted visage dazzled purity.

    “Sister Beatriz”, Archbishop Silternjan smiled at her. “Please show us inside”.

    “Yes, Archbishop”. Sister Beatriz was a tad reluctant to enter what she deemed no different than the lion's den. She walked forward and placed her palm on the door and a red light underneath it indicated the scanning complete and she may enter.


    Just as the door slid up, a broken piece of porcelain hit the floor and shattered into smaller fragments.

    “Your Highness, please have mercy on this nun who came to visit you”. Sister Beatriz hastily beseeched in a pitiful voice.

    “Cowardly Mars has left? Beatriz, you may enter”. A voice that was similar yet not exactly with the same tune as the other two personalities rang upliftingly.

    Sister Beatriz bowed, stepped in and eyeballed the formerly so loveable girl.

    Her attire was still that of Luminous Church, but its condition…

    Of the silver robe, its lower section and the sliver were mercilessly torn, revealing exquisitely pearly thighs and slender arms, while the metal plate embedded with the words “Luminous Church”, an integral part of the dress code, was dumped on the floor with the imprint of a fist.

    Purple hair cascaded down to her hip and discharged electrical currents.

    She floated in the room, around her more broken glass, wood and torn stuff that used to be expensive furniture.

    In her hands a ball of lightning gathered with domineering fluctuations.

    She gazed at Sister Beatriz and then captured a glimpse of the pristine robes of the two men lingering behind the doorstep.

    Her grin made Sister Beatriz gulp.

    “How come not all guests are coming over?”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 44 – They Are Here


    Archbishop Silternjan saw stars dancing around his head and smelled a burnt scent below his nose.


    Cardinal Northstar rushed to display a sincere bow, shrewdly evading the charged ball of lightning that flew out of the room and exploded next to Stelero Mars.

    “Exuberant as always, Your Highness”, Cardinal Northstar praised, beads of sweat dripping from the tip of his nose. If he will have to defend himself from another of her outbursts, that would be considered an insult to her royal stature, but if not, he could get seriously hurt like the unfortunate Archbishop Silternjan. Hence, he cleverly chose his words and actions, as well as muttered a silent prayer to The Almighty.

    Sister Iaura, or more specifically, Princess Of Veiher was merely at the Peak of the Core Master realm, but her insights of the electric attribute bordered the Mortal Enlightenment state. Of the three personalities, it was the most seldom for her to gain control of the body. The other two always suppress her for her faith was not with The Almighty, and yet, the result was that she alone, of the three personalities, figured how to activate the functions of her unique constitution, thus being a hairline from comprehending her fifth of the six bottlenecks of insight.

    Archbishop Silternjan coughed and sucked in quickly the blood before it escaped his lips, so as to not show an unsightly conduct in front of the Princess Of Veiher and not to entertain her. He pulled his scorched beard, or what little left of it, trimming it to a pointy goatee.

    “Please forgive this old man’s untidy appearance, Your Highness”. He mimicked Cardinal Northstar’s pose, which had yet to lift his head up.

    “Asking for my forgiveness?” The Princess Of Veiher raised her brows and canceled the next purple ball of electric attribute energy. “Does it mean that you care for my opinion, unlike that stubborn cowardly Mars?”

    Outside the room, Stelero Mars’s ears attentively eavesdropped, while a stride past the doorstep, Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar’s brows twitched.

    Should they say “Yes”, they would indirectly recognize the degrading epithet the Princess Of Veiher labeled Stelero Mars with, but if they will say “No”, no better fate would await them.

    “Your Highness”, Sister Beatriz intervened and all three men blessed her in their hearts. “Will you please take a stroll with me? A lot of the passengers are still having difficulties adapting to the Grand Abode’s regulations, especially the children. When we departed, your two other personalities served as pillar of support for both the young and the adult. Perhaps Your Highness’s benevolence can also help them?”

    The Princess Of Veiher sneered, but ultimately did not refuse. Not for the fun of it did Cardinal Northstar say she is a good girl.

    “Cowardly Mar, tell these old nasties my opinion that they are too scared to answer whether they care about or not. Maybe their response would anger me more than yours and I’ll start beating them instead”. She landed on the floor and marched out with Sister Beatriz closely following.

    Only when a door shut at the other side of the floor and her footsteps could not be heard, did Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar sourly straighten their backs.

    “Your Young Eminence?” Cardinal Northstar searched for him.

    “Come out. The Princess Of Veiher don’t want me in her chambers. I can’t see through most of her techniques and don’t want to discover if she left me a surprise inside. You two should probably not try to venture another step, either. In fact, if I were in your shoes, I would have retracted my exact steps”.

    "Your Young Eminence, would you please elaborate for us the cause of Her Highness's anger?" Archbishop Silternjan requested.

    "She is dissatisfied with His Holiness and our compliance to his directives". Stelero Mars said and without paused proceeded to narrate. "The Almighty had shown his magnanimous to His Holiness, the decree Sister Iaura received was prayed for by him to be given to us, due to the Galactic Communicator's loss".

    "The decree was dictated by His Holiness?!" Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar exchanged looks with pale complexion.

    Their failure to apprehend a brewing disaster, Zax, landed the only Galactic Communicator of the church in the hands of Sinister Chain, who then compelled the termination of all communication with the Holy Palace. Because of it, His Holiness was forced to beseech The Almighty to work as the middleman... What description is adequate enough to describe this abhorrent crime?

    "That's what the Princess Of Veiher is claiming. Apart from her, only Sister Iaura personalities can attest for the truth…"

    "Something major is impending". Archbishop Silternjan said out of the blue.

    "I think so, too". Stelero Mars nodded.

    "His Holiness will not condemn us". Cardinal Northstar assessed. "Her Highness should also be able to see this point, as well as understand our obligation to comply. She is not an unreasonable person, so why is she still angry at us?"

    Stelero Mars knit his brows. "Because she is pitying the aboriginal of New Earth and those of Ercas Mir you lot have discarded. Her soft heart formed attachments through Sister Iaura's memories. She doesn't care that the amount of spacecrafts the five powers have cannot hold the capacity of all humans, beasts and Deformed Beings". He turned his back, to leave after her. "To the Princess Of Veiher, the man she values cannot be spineless and in times of need should valiantly confront Immortals as a mortal".

    Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar gauged the departing back of the man with the potential to one day become His Holiness. Perhaps due to their age and cultivation level, only their eyes could discern the dejection in the perpetual dignified figure.

    "This and betrayal, what's the difference?! We are abandoning a man we call friend, you call friend, Uncle!" Tied and shackled, Bin Bin fumed.

    With him were Liminton, Vals, Enderta, Zenkai, Benni, Nirik Je, Hason and Shila.

    They came together to Ercas Mir, on a star shaped spacecraft, and per Sheldon's orders, in addition to Senior Ohar's, today was their premature time of departure.

    "Seal his mouth, too". Sheldon told Liminton, intolerantly.

    "Don't listen to him, Liminton!" Bin Bin squirmed, trying to no avail to unleash his power and break free. "What about the women? You said it yourself, the women back home aren't as round at the back and perky at the front-" Infuriated, Liminton grabbed Bin Bin's mouth and shut it with a restrictive formation that prevented all sounds from escaping.

    "It's nonsense! Everything this brat know to say is just pure nonsense!" Liminton protested before Vals, Enderta, Benni and Shila, as if his reputation with the opposite sex and life were intertwined.

    The girls of the group ignored him just as they disregarded ninety percent of Bin Bin's yapping. Not without reason, from their arrival to now, the pair was most often ostracized by their traveling companions.

    "Senior Ohar is on his way, accompanying the forces of the Voltic Star. I'll stay for a little longer. If Zax Zel will change his mind, I'll do everything in my power to aid him". Sheldon promised.

    Bin Bin stopped struggling and the rest also seemed to have their mood lifted. Of his companions, he was the closest to Zax, however over the years the other got to both better know and admire the man from the backwater Plain who exceeded all of them that came from a more prosperous Plains and Stars.

    “Every one of you had obtained his and her fortune in this trip. Before you leave home, Senior Ohar wanted me to emphasize for you to treasure your findings and comprehend from them. In first impression this planet may appear mediocre, but under the surface, literally and figuratively, there is so much more to it that probably only the Gods can appreciate it…”

    “We learned from experience”, Zenkai agreed. “From you as an example, Senior Sheldon, and from Zax Zel”.

    Sheldon nodded. “Soon, we will meet again”. He bid a short farewell and saw them boarding the star shaped spacecraft.

    The spacecraft rose several hundred meters up and spew a beam of fire that within seconds sent it flying beyond the blue sky.

    “It’s a shame…” Sheldon sighed. “If he had ten thousand years to grow, no… a thousand would have suffice, maybe this planet could survive its forthcoming doom. Alas, mortals cannot contend with Immortals…”

    “Elder Master Yurnal! Elder Master Yurnal!” A muscular brown haired, white skinned teen looking woman flew with distress plastered on her face. She smashed through the fortified glass door, smashing its protective formations, scaring other members of the chain as just the gusts of winds she created nearly sliced them to minced meat.

    “Nyul Gel Darg!” A hazel skinned, blue eyed man barked, Second Leader Yurnal, sternly exited the elevator with four other humans and humanoid beasts. “I told you that I’m on my way, why did you have to go and create such a blunder?!”

    “My apologies, Elder Master”, Nyul Gel Darg, the muscular woman, embraced a tablet in her arms. Before she got to explanations, despite her cultivation of the second Martial Mortal level, she felt like unless she will regulate her breathing, her lungs will compress. “It’s not… it’s not a drill! Watch!” She flipped the tablet’s screen and pushed it forward.

    A series of numbers and letters were displayed on the screen with squared window below showing glowing lines.

    “A transmission had been intercepted, several! And were they all sent from outer space on the same frequency as the five powers’!”

    “Did they dare?!” Second Leader Yurnal growled. “Despite our warning they communicated with allies?!”

    “No, there was no prior transmission sent from Earth. It’s those from outside the planet who instigated the communication!”

    “So why did you rave like a lunatic in the Extraterrestrial Surveillance Bureau? If anything happens to the equipment here, you are aware of the consequences!” Second Leader Yurnal relaxed.

    Intercepting a transmission from the void of space on the frequency of the five powers was a common occurrence every three or four years. As long as a response was not made, then all the safety protocols were intact.

    “No, Elder Master!” Nyul Gel Darg griped. “It is a cause for worry! The transmission… it said that they are already in the Milky Way Plain!”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 45 – Four Immortals

    Deep in the space of the Milky Way Plain.

    Four silhouettes converged in the four directions of a white dwarf Star.

    “You thought that you could leave me behind?” From the south, a callous voice prevailed over the oppressive fluctuations of the dying Star.

    General of the Armies, the commanding tone of the Planetary Battalion stood with the stature of a dignified idol. He had a humanoid build and was ninety meters tall with four crossed arms and two legs that rooted all they stood above, including the white dwarf’s rotation!

    His skin was like blue diamond and his short, black haircut devoured all lights. There were no pupils within his white sclera, only a stare that consumed all it scrutinized.

    He assumed a coat of silvery, oceanic dyes and boots that were heavier and cruder than they looked.

    His imposing manner was at full display and as a result the space around him distorted as if its nature got possessed by the higher concentration of the worldly icy element.

    “You are here, Nikari Hambji”. An ominous voice from the east of the white dwarf stated as a matter of a fact. “What is there for you to complain about at this critical juncture?”

    It was a woman, also a possessing the title “General of the Armies”, in addition to other monikers such as “Violet Star Commander” and “Fiend Immortal”!

    She, too, was in a humanoid form and human's size, but was certainly not a human!

    Tiny glittering, orange and pink scales covered her from head to toe. She had a mesmerizing countenance, rosy lips, light pink sclera and crimson pupils in every of her three eyes. A long purple hair was flowing behind her back, even when no wind blew, sometimes looking like single thin threads, other time looking like a thick mantle.

    Most of her body was exposed to the harsh environment of the white dwarf, but it left no impression on her what so ever. Her sole attire was a piece of silver gold garment, which covered her chest and loins.

    Around her, the very fabric of the white dwarf's space constantly cracked and amended itself, as the weight of the encompassing worldly earthly element bore on it from every direction with nothing but her mood as the source.

    "You subordinates did good by you, Kitanoriya". Paced clapping reverberated from the north.

    As if they were some form of magic, their sound rang in a rhythm of otherworldly jingle. Wherever they passed, the bedlam of the worldly elements was dispelled, with no expectation!

    The perpetrator was a middle aged man of medium human's frame, donning an immaculate white robe, tied by a belt of silver gold fabric. He, in contrast to the former two, looked like a purebred striking human. His skin was pale yet healthy, nothing extraordinary; he had blond short hair and light blue eyes.

    He exhibited serenity that coalesced with the vicinity, however not by force. His element energy was delimited to his physique, but those with keen perception and adequate cultivation could deduce from his previous clapping the undulations of light element energy.

    He was the religious leader of the Holy Palace, His Holiness Morien J Saros.

    "Aye, they did excellent!" General of the Armies Nikari approved. "I wonder, what would have transpired if Morien did not try to pull the wool over us… This helper of yours would have stayed in the shadows until the opportune time and the Godly Law Template was eighty percent more likely to fall to your hands".

    General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien leaned their heads to the west.

    An aloof, over eight hundred meters' tall figure floated almost outside the domain of the white dwarf. A scrawny red skinned, bald man with black sclera and blue pupils for eyes and an emerald jewel at the center of his brows. He wore an armor of green flames, comprised from the windy element. However, his aura and element energy were withdrawn, so without being familiar with the man, both General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien knew that they would not have been able to infer his powers.

    "Ohar of Renzine". The two greeted with their trained gazes.

    "General of the Armies Nikari, Your Holiness Morien". Senior Ohar greeted back.

    They, all three Immortals of the south, east and north were Mythical Immortals, but he of the west… he was a Neonate Immortals!

    Nevertheless, Senior Ohar did not let the significant disparity between their Immortal stages influence his notion of the three, much less belittle them.

    The Immortal four ranks do not have phases, so what separates two Immortals of the same stage from one another is solely based on ability.

    The abilities of the three Mythical Immortals, sharing the visage of the dying Star with him, were peerless in their rank, a feat he could not match in his former years and still not achieved in his present.

    "You foiled Morien's plans, I thank you for that". General of the Armies Nikari said.

    "Morien and his God went through great lengths to misdirect us". Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya project a baleful intent that expelled the calm His Holiness Morien spread, back into elemental chaos.

    "Ohar of Renzine is not part of our temporary alliance, yet you still welcomed his assistant, Kitanoriya. And due to his interference, another God got involved in the matter of the Godly Law Template. I already used my Intent to promise The Almighty will not help. Can you say the same in genuine Intent for his God?" His Holiness Morien retorted. "In all fairness, only Nikari deserves to be angry right now…"

    "Then it will be I who determine how we proceed!" General of the Armies Nikari demanded.

    "State your say". Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya permitted while His Holiness Morien tacitly complied and Senior Ohar, as a mere helper, thoughtfully gave no opinion.

    General of the Armies Nikari opened. "Despite the back stabbing, we managed to avoid the snots of the rats in our midst. That leaves us four as the only Immortals in proximity of the Godly Law Template. Ohar has given his word to Kitanoriya, so… Morien, you and I will ally".

    "Might as well". His Holiness Morien smiled and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya resigned.

    General of the Armies Nikari opened continued. "Ohar, our people in the Core Star aren't responding to our transmission. We used the same and only secure frequency to conversed with them, but I know you also possesses a secure frequency to the Core Star. Can you make a successful dialogue?"

    "Yes. You probably guessed it. I'll verify for you anyway… Your frequency was intercepted. My junior has agreed to transmit their messages, but limited them to one message, each. Obviously he isn't a messenger boy and who will he blame if our frequency was also intercepted?"

    "Swear with your Intent that you will not commune with your people in any manner for Kitanoriya". General of the Armies Nikari.

    "I second this request". His Holiness Morien raised a hand in a more moderate disposition, to deviate Senior Ohar from General of the Armies Nikari's imperious phrasing and tone.

    "Sure". Senior Ohar did not care as he was neither after the Godly Law Template. When his voice came out next it was accompanied by special vibrations. "I will not utilize external help in this endeavor for Kitanoriya, until the new owner of the Godly Law Template will be decided". His voice returned to normal. "Satisfied?"

    "Yes". Both men asserted.

    “Anything else?” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya growled.

    “No”. General of the Armies Nikari was finally convinced.

    “I have a suggestion”. His Holiness Morien said. “Our people in the Core Star, let’s agree on it right now that we are not allowed to indiscriminately harm each other’s people”.

    “Reasonable”. General of the Armies Nikari concurred.

    “Indiscriminately or otherwise, if one of mine will die, they shall pave the way for all of yours!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya warned.

    Horn Kikon and Ozeyn were the rarely seen Youyue type beasts. She knew only the former, but cared deeply for all such beasts. General Logan was a human, but she valued him, nonetheless, as very few humans had gained her attention, not to mention a Mortal. For him to gain her approval as a Brigade General was a testimony to the potential she sees in him.

    “I have a question”. Senior Ohar drew the three’s innermost attention. It was a first he posed interest that could not be settled by the Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya. “What’re your plans for the natives of the Core Star?”

    “If the contest between us will run smoothly, then they can continue to live their lives peacefully”. General of the Armies Nikari nonchalantly said.

    “As long as the Core Star is habitable, it can fetch a good price in the future. The local populace is crucial for us to maintain our ownership”. His Holiness Morien elaborated.

    “It’s a Core Star, the embodiment of an entire Plain. Any harm that will lead to its ruin will also bring about the collapse of the entire Plain. We cannot bear the consequences, or at least be responsible, for this kind of crime”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya was, overall, of similar mindset.

    “So you know where to draw the line. Good. I want a portion of the populace”. Senior Ohar assertively asked, not however in the tone of someone who gives an ultimatum, but one it is better to be in good terms with.

    “How many?” General of the Armies Nikari was not enthusiastic, but did not plainly refuse.

    The intelligent natives of a Star were like the stocks of a company. Giving them would basically introduce another holder to the mix, and none of them wanted to lose on their investment. On the other hand, with regards to the Godly Law Template, Senior Ohar only gave his word that he will just personally assist the Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya. He did not say anything about doing something that will sabotage all three of them.

    “New Earth’s aboriginals”. Senior Ohar solemnly said. “If it will make things easier, I can guarantee with Intent that I won’t fancy the Core Star”.

    “Your request is impossible”. His Holiness Morien gave an indisputable response. “You can speak for yourself, but not the aboriginals. Moreover, those of New Earth aren’t ordinary. Their Martial talent is exceptional. If one of them would ever grow to our level, than our three forces’ frivolous conduct today will be our calamity tomorrow”. He opened and spoke with the special vibrations of genuine Intent. “I will not entertain such negligence!”

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    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 46 – Untimely Seclusion

    “Your man and his few subordinates are Ercas Mir’s natives whom we sow, so their Martial talent is natural...” The special vibrations and indomitable, Genuine Intent faded from His Holiness Morien’s voice. “They are a unique case, which is why we don’t oppose of you taking them, nor concerned of them ever challenging our claim on the Core Star”.

    Senior Ohar was displeased, but he hid it in his silence.

    “If no one else has something more to add, let the end of this discussion be the launch for the Immortal Decent!” General of the Armies Nikari declared.

    “They are coming! Commence the ‘Return To The Soil’ emergency protocol! Hurry up, inform all New Earth’s holders of communicators across the planet. If they can’t return within forty eight hours, tell them to try and reach the closest evacuation station! Send the coordinates now!” A short, flat chest woman in a black skirt suit, looking to be in her thirties, shot ordered at the men, women from the deck of her upper floor office.

    Seconds earlier…

    Rising City’s External Affairs office. A report had arrived from the Extraterrestrial Surveillance Bureau, signed by Sinister Chain’s Second Leader Yurnal.


    The entire personal dropped what they were doing and instead began alert every New Earth’s aboriginal, beneath the blue sky, of an undisclosed emergency that requires them all to come back.

    The emergency transmission used was recorded by the Supreme Rulers, so it would be taken seriously and right after it was sent, information about the evacuation station was delivered.

    ‘Supreme Ruler Ariel, Supreme Ruler Trey, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, all of you we listening… this is Marge Hale, Director of the Rising City’s External Affairs office. As you must already know, a minute ago Mr. Yurnal announced the discovery of external aliens in the Milky Way Plain. Per the emergency guidelines, I utilized my authority to initiate the Return To The Soil operation!’

    Center of the Western Continent, the Hababi Desert’s Cross Road.

    “Jingrow, Niel!” Shadow dashed into the encampment of the two and their three companions.

    “Who is it?!” A man and a woman, both with half bare, burly built, sprang from their tent holding a World Gathering Bone baton and axe.

    “Homu, Elma, stop!” A boy, not halfway through his teenage years, jumped out of the crevice of a nearby boulder.

    The boy was the twelve years old Niel and his job was to be the lookout in the first night sleep the group had in days in the treacherous Cross Road of the Hababi Desert.

    At the same time, the fifteen years old Jingrow and an elderly hunchbacked woman exited their tents.

    Jingrow was about to inquire Shadow for his presence in the middle of their participation in the High Rankers' Trials, when he noticed the emergency message in his communicator and the words got stuck in his throat.

    “You heard them? Good!” Shadow appeared next to Niel, grabbed him and move to capture Jingrow. “We are returning”.

    His actions were so abrupt and his cultivation level suppressing the others by a great margin that none were able to react.

    “Wait, Shadow!” Niel resisted so he will halt.

    The long black haired, gorgeous man turned to boy. Niel, getting a second to explain, looked away from Shadow to spend it on his and Jingrow’s companions.

    “Homu, Elma, Mardala, we need to go back to New Earth. The three of you should come with us. We would not had been told to return and Shadow would have definitely not shown himself if something serious wasn’t about to happen”. Niel pled for the sake of the most reliable friendships he and Jingrow made since the beginning of the trials.

    “Come with us to New Earth, you will be safe there”. Jingrow urged the confused three. “If anywhere else was safe, then we wouldn’t have received this sort of emergency transmission”.

    “Finished talking?” Shadow barked at the two boys and turned to their three companions, which he learned a lot about during the period he followed them. “You are all Core Master. I’ll give you five seconds to think if you whether trust and come with us or not. Five…”

    It was a short count, but plenty of time for Core Masters to do important thinking.

    “To heck with it! My old bones resonates well with Jing and Niel, I’ll come along. But boys, I have no relations in New Earth or Rising City, so you better handle bureaucratic crap for me!”

    Before Shadow got to “Four”, Mardala pointed a scrawny finger and expressed her willingness to join.

    She came from the Blue Sea’s former dominance, the seventy three small islands called “Zenvir ice lands”. She had already lived a bit over fourteen hundred years out of the fifteen hundred Core Masters possess. She never had loved ones and all those she could recall from her generation were either dead or broke ties with her hundreds of years ago. She participated in the High Rankers' Trials to inspire a breakthrough to the Martial Mortal realm before the imminent end of her lifespan, but was willing to trade the settings for a chance at enlightenment at the place that could foster young geniuses like Jingrow and Niel.

    Homu and Elma, on the other hand, were hesitant. They came from the same village in the Eastern Continent, where they grew up together and eventually partnered with each other both romantically and as cultivators. They, unlike Mardala, had family and friends, albeit, not a lot since their village was small, with population of less than two hundred souls.

    “Three, two…” Shadow counted.

    Homu and Elma debated the pros and cons mentally, by a soul technique that required physical contact and a certain manipulation method of soul energy.

    “We would like to come, too”. They spoke in sync due to their soul technique.

    They were still unsure about the decision, but Shadow’s display helped them to at least make a choice…

    If something that could alarm an expert of his caliber, who no one in their village can match, is really approaching, then what would be the point of proceeding with the trials or returning home?

    Maybe, if they did not have each other to consider, they could have accepted a shared fate with their kin. But they did have one another and a future in the making…

    ‘Extend the timeline by additional twenty four hours’. Supreme Ruler Ariel sent Marge Hale.

    After receiving all the date from the Extraterrestrial Surveillance Bureau, the Department Of Space did the math and conclude that even if the three superpowers spacecrafts are a thousand times faster than the Star Scavenger – an exaggerated evaluation to keep it safe – then from where the transmission was sent to Ercas Mir their estimated arrival time would should be in the range of months.

    The reason why Supreme Ruler Ariel permitted an extension of a single day was the problems that had yet been solved in the issue of sealing the pathway to New Earth.

    The pathway and the networks of underground caves and tunnels and a whole were constructed from a portion of Gogenta’s body. Sealing the only path out was simple, any sealing formation would do, but to make it a coherent part of the network, essential resources were needed in bulks as well as a practicable formation that could hold everything together.

    Supreme Ruler Ariel wanted everyone inside New Earth as soon as possible, since the seal was meant to be put into work the instant it proved functional and nobody knew for how long.

    ‘Did you get a hold of him?’ Leaning on a reclining chair and rubbing his throbbing temples, he sent from his usually unattended office in El-Eden’s Parliament building.

    ‘No’. A feminine voice replied. Anet bit her lower lips in frustration and glared at the boulder obstructing the entrance to Zax’s favorite cavern for closed door sessions. ‘He used his dark element energy to block outside’s interference and turned off his communicator’.

    Mist energy and with traces of fiery attribute energy circled her as she gathered a decent amount to blast another “Knock”.


    The bombardment shook the cave and scared the beasts living in it, yet it could not even scratch the cavern or the boulder.

    Anet contained the fluctuations from spreading and fumed.

    “The world, Zax! Our home and son are about to face the calamity you always were worried about! Why did you shut yourself so tightly, right before this perilous time befell us?!”

    She banged her fists on the boulder and felt her mist energy draining. She drew back, wanting to say significantly more, but not to a rock.

    ‘I can’t, Senior Ariel’, she believed that Zax would not have been so irresponsible if he was not struck by a sudden enlightenment that was too crucial to lose. ‘I’ll go meet his Martial father. Before entering closed doors he must have said something to him’.

    Zax was far from having enlightenment. What he was in the midst of doing was undergoing preparations to comprehend the sixth bottleneck of insight while under the pressure of the Godly Retribution… a venture he invested most of him than in the subsequent training to any enlightenment he ever obtained.

    Atop the black land of his Inner Panorama, his psyche manifested a naked physique and through its eyes Zax gauged in concentration his spirit, spark of light and the hidden whereabouts of the Godly Retribution.

    His awareness could fill every nook and cranny in his sea of consciousness, but he wanted a small scope to better focus as he surveys his options.

    For what he strived to achieve the word “Careful” did not begin to cover it.

    ‘More than one pace in succession is too risky. I’ll have to divide it. For now, finding the safest way to complete the half step is my best bet’.

    There was so much to think about for seemingly so little to do.

    Zax reviewed the scenarios he thought about. The majority ended with the Godly Retribution destroying his sea of consciousness.

    ‘Even for half a step, I cannot make it without a sacrifice…’ He was fine with the realization.

    ‘Right now my spirit is feigning injury, anyway. I need to exploit the complacency of the Godly Retribution to let assume any advancement is actually a setback. But if I select this method, to what extant do I need to harm myself for the lie? ’

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 47 – Addressing The Populace

    Zax not only thought about how to deceive the Godly Retribution, he also deliberated on how sentient it is.

    ‘Can The Almighty invest wholehearted attention to all Godly Retributions?’

    His first deliberation was that he cannot possibly be the only person The Almighty smote with Godly Retribution. Although assuming the worse can help anticipate the unknown, in this case where Zax has to injure himself to a minimal degree, it will only thwart the purpose of his seclusion.

    ‘Iaura could not communicate with the Godly Retribution; she had to pray to The Almighty. And when The Almighty’s presence manifested in Niel’s soul in the form of a hand, it treated the portion of Godly Retribution as a tool that requires direct manipulation for each use…’

    By now he gathered that the main purpose of his Godly Retribution is to obstruct his cultivation path, for it smote him after he evoked The Almighty’s name in an oath for violence toward the Luminous Church’s believers.

    ‘It’s not after my bodily refinement or my soul cultivation. Its sole aim is to prevent me from comprehending the sixth bottleneck and it reacts to closest I get to the last spark of light’.

    This gave him an idea for how to take the last step, but that was another ordeal for after he will accomplish the half pace before it.

    ‘Comparing it to a sophisticated Artificial Intelligent, I’ll have to experiment to find the loophole in its code’. His expertise in coding was either very basic or very specific.

    The analogy was so it will be easier for him to contemplate about, since in contrast to Godhood he was still a brat from the mundane.

    Thus, Zax began to test the responses of the Godly Retribution, to look for its bottom line and how can he skim over just a half pace past it.

    New Earth, El-Eden’s cave fourteen, the Historic Centre Of New Earth.

    Inside a hall with hundreds of seats, cameras and Screens Supreme Ruler Ar Yen stood on a podium with a microphone’s light indicating that it is “On”.

    Behind him was a small stage with thirty something distinguished figures, including current and former Supreme Rulers, prominent leaders of allied organizations to New Earth, as well as leaders of local organizations. In addition to them were beasts representing Valgarel and humans apart from the Supreme Rulers in exalted government position in Kingdom Earth.

    “We are sealed”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, presenting himself in an official attire of dark blue suit, rather than his infamous training garments, broke the silence with the statement that everyone was expecting for.

    The people and beast in human form sitting in front of him were patriarchs, matriarchs and tribe leaders in no meaningful administrative position, but in terms of cultivation level, some of them were not inferior to those who sat behind him.

    As for the faces on the Screens, they belonged to those who could not leave their posts somewhere in New Earth, while the cameras broadcasted the assembly to anywhere with a Screen in New Earth.

    “Forty one days after the Return To The Soil protocol was initiated, the formation seal to the pathway that connects New Earth to Ercas Mir had been completed”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen was most was most suitable part of the orator. He spoke in a steady tone, brimming with dominance, confidence and innate awe.

    His rise for prominence was certain from birth and his aptitude had testified for it from young age.

    The sealing of New Earth was akin to making the blue sky an improbable dream again. The citizens of Kingdom Earth and the beasts of Valgarel, who for thousands of years were buried underground, just a short while ago, had this dream turn a reality and now it was taken with many not yet receiving a taste of it.

    To disappoint the masses in such extremity needed someone with steeled heart and indisputable social standing. Any of the three Supreme Rulers could have done it, but Supreme Ruler Ar Yen volunteered for the job because unlike his predecessor, other Supreme Rulers, the veterans who survived the old wars of humanity and one particular member of the younger generation, he had never bared the communal emotional spectrum of his people.

    “This by no means a permanent lockdown. In last the forty days, for safe execution of the recalling operations that brought back every citizen of New Earth and Valgarel, along many of our outside friends, from Ercas Mir, we divulge only bits and pieces of the cause for this situation. What you already know is that the past rulers of Ercas Mir, the so called ‘five powers’, are actually just branches of much larger entities that are, in this very moment, on their way to this planet. What we kept quiet about, until we were convinced in our ability to ensure the secure containment of New Earth, until now… is that leading those entities are cultivators of magnitude that had never appeared before on this planet, experts who transcended the known mortal realms to Immortality!”

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen decided against skimming on the details or be soft in the manner in which he presented them. He wanted that even the non cultivators who had not thought about Earth’s Cores since their Great Earth’s Core Pursuit to fully realize the implications of the state of affairs.

    “However, I tell you don’t falter in the face of this adversary! They are ancient experts with the benefit of time over us, but they will not determine our faith nor should you worry that this is their target in coming here”.

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen pointed straight armed up.

    “What they want is there, above us, outside of New Earth. What it is we only have a vague idea”.

    It was a necessary lie.

    Zax never shared the existence of the Godly Law Template; he could not if he wanted to avoid arousing suspicion, to a mishap that will alert the five powers to occur.

    What Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, and the thirty odd influential behind him, were under the impression for was, merely, that the five powers were excavating for something that now may be submerged in the Down Ocean.

    “The presumed location is the Down Ocean; where couple of years ago we learned that its inhabitants are passive Beings called ‘Spirits’.

    “We aspire for the Immortal entities to get what they want and leave us in discretion, as they always treated us. The measures we took for lockdown are only to safeguard New Earth and its citizens from unexpected fallout”.

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen listened to his communicator as he proceeded to explain the lockdown regulations, near future’s predictions and the assimilation process of the Ercas Mir’s immigrants, which involved the cooperation of the New Earth’s populations.

    Every minute he received reports of crowd’s reaction from all over New Earth and especially Kingdom Earth. With the information he revised accordingly the content of his speech or the manner in which he presented it, but ultimately the key issues remained the same.

    He got down from the podium after an hour of ceaseless heartening. Following him were Supreme Rulers Ariel and Trey, representatives from Valgarel and the various organizations that wanted to thank the citizens of New Earth for welcoming them.

    After the last person said his peace, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen resumed his post on the podium, where he then took answers from the guests in the seats before him; those appeared on the Screens and from the regular citizens of Kingdom Earth who met with camera crews that were sent to crowded locations.

    Four hours and fifty minutes after it began, the conference ended.

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen left to a luxury vehicle that waited him at the Historic Centre Of New Earth’s parking lot.

    The moment he got inside, he removed his tie, unbuttoned his shirt to air himself and took the ice cold bottle from the man who already waited for him in the backseat.

    The engine gave a silent roar and the vehicle, instead of going on its wheels, started flying.

    “So…?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen asked the man after taking a sip and placing the bottle in the seat’s holder.

    “They are no longer on this planet”.

    “I figured. I’m’ asking what are you doing here? You were pretty persistent in joining them”.

    “Four of the five leaders are on the planet; I can still hitch a ride with one of them”.

    “Can you really go with any of them? Well, even if you can, the pathway is sealed and it won’t open just for you”.

    “I’ll cross that bridge when I’ll get to it”.

    “This’s a whole lot of self assurance, but sure, why not, believe in yourself”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen chuckled. “Until then, why have you contacted me? Isn’t your relationship with aunt Trey the best?”

    “With who my relationship is good has nothing to do with who is the appropriate person to hear what I want to say”.

    “And you chose me because?”

    “You are young, young and in the greatest position of political power. I think that it would be more convenient to sway you to my side than the others”.

    “I’ll be honest with you”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen picked up the bottle for another sip. “I’m intrigued. However, depending on what you will say, this can very well turn from small talk between fellow acquaintances to something that can involve life and death…” His aura was subtle and his face smiling kindly, but the glint in his eyes implied differently.

    “I can accept it”. The man said insipidly.

    “Then please, Senior Elijah, tell me what’s on your mind”.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 48 – Elijah’s Plan

    “So you are looking to die”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen confirmed after hearing Elijah.

    “Alone”, Elijah said nonchalantly. “I might get in trouble, but with your help I have a chance”.

    “Hahaha, I have absolutely zero intention to entertain this delusion of grandeur”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen bluntly remarked.

    “Even if it will provide you a way out of New Earth’s predicament?” Elijah enticed, which got Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to fell silent and reluctantly listen to him expound. “General Beking, Logan, Kikon and Hamumni don’t have my New Earth’s connections, so they are unaware that reinforcement is underway. If they knew, I guarantee they will throw caution to the wind and do whatever is necessary to find the thing they are looking for so they won’t missed out on the reward”.

    “Do you dare threaten to notify them?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen frowned and hinted that the wrong answer would cease the tranquil conversation in favor of a bloody altercation.

    “Ar Yen”, Elijah called him somberly. “Put your temper to rest! I sought you because I believe you are the most fit to recognize the same final outcome as I foresee. Now that reinforcement from the Planetary Battalion, Voltic Star and Holy Palace is arriving, there could be only one of two scenarios for New Earth and guess what? One is bad while the other is worse and the line that separates them is as fine as a hairsbreadth!”

    “Your selling points are two predications? Say that I’m prepared to collaborate with you; you will have to do better to convince me that one of your predications is sure to happen. Put concrete fact on the table and remember that as of now you aren’t even able to leave New Earth!”

    “My proofs aren’t something I can display. They are knowledge I gathered on the five powers and General Beking indirectly corroborated for me”. Elijah sent a transmission to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s communicator, of a series of recorded conversations and documents.

    “You can listen, but I’ll tell you anyway… The scenario that will only be bad for you, relates to Zax Zel. Since his ascent, the five powers are dissatisfied with New Earth. Apart from searching for a treasure, they were tasked with establishing order for the three powers behind them. Zax Zel’s meddling allowed them to see how frail their control in New Earth was, for its Supreme Rulers, high echelon and Valgarel’s tribe leaders were swept by one ‘aboriginal’… With reinforcement to aid them, they will definitely restore their control on New Earth and as for Zax Zel, either they will kill him or force him to join them”.

    As Elijah explained, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen browsed through the recordings and number of files that were compiled to fortify the first of the two predations.

    His heart clenched from the great probability of it turning to a reality. His throat dried up, but unknowingly he already took enough sips to finish his beverage. He opened the mini fridge for another bottle.

    “You won’t find evidence to the worse scenario. I did not bother to amass any. The current situation, to those who aren’t blind, is plenty of proof!” Elijah testified. “The location of the anticipated treasure is believed to be the Down Ocean. The Down Ocean is the home of Spirits, Beings that are comparable to Immortals. As far as I know, General Beking and Hamumni hadn’t got the chance to report the existence of Spirits, and if they haven’t done it, I can be ninety percent certain the others also had not reported. That being said, the three superpowers waited thousands of years to send forces to this planet. When the opportunity will present itself, which apparently it did, they won’t short staff. Immortal of varying ranks will come, and if those Immortals will deem the Spirit as time consuming obstacle, then the ensuing battle will devastate this planet and all life on it, if not utterly shattering it!”

    Third level Martial Mortal can reshape the earth with a flip of their hand. Fourth level Martial Mortals have the power to sink continents. Fifth level Martial Mortals are Worlds Enders.

    Elijah and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen were both under the same belief that a war among Immortals don’t need to happen on the planet to bring it to complete ruin.

    “Even if the Spirit will remain docile, don’t forget that the three superpowers are not allies. They are contenders vying for the same prize. When it will appear before them, do you think they will parley or fight?” Elijah barrage of words left no room for Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to argue.

    Sealing New Earth was not the solution for these problems, the fallout that may befall Ercas Mir. It was just the only thing they could do.

    “What do you propose? What’s within your power to do that if I’ll comply with you, I’ll be reassured that New Earth and its citizens would be kept from harm’s way?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen concealed his agitation.

    “My proposal is to make the Planetary Battalion, Voltic Star and Holy Palace improve their evaluation of New Earth. From the Martial competitions and Elite Tryouts of the past, quite a few geniuses were smuggled out to join them. It says a lot about their appraisal of us, if they were willing to go through the trouble, even though there are other Immortals snooping on their actions.

    “To convince them that we are even better than they previously assumed would be tough, but with your help, I’ll be able to do it”.


    Elijah complexion turned rosy, which to a bystander would look like an added charm, but to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen he just became a more frightening opponent.

    “With my Scarlet Armor”. Elijah relaxed and his flawless skin regained its white tone. “A while back I discovered something… the formulation of my Scarlet Armor is missing vital components to advance further from its Fourth Inflammation, a stage that corresponds to the fourth Marital Mortal level”.

    “And to get those said components, which by my understanding you only hypothesis others have, you are okay with instigating internal war among us”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen stated.

    “Better infighting than fighting with Immortals”. Elijah scorned. “My way sounds selfish, but it’s the least injudicious”.

    “I’m not questioning your patriotism, just your self confidence”.

    Elijah ignored him. “Despite what the likes of Ozeyn say, Yurnal and Kartion are beasts, yet they came up with the first and second best bodily refinement techniques. You know my past… contrary to it, I approached Yurnal several decades ago, when my suspicion for my Scarlet Armor started to arise. He had no intentions of having an exchange with someone who aligned himself with one of the five powers. To Kartion, because of his strife with the Black Horns tribe and how guarded Ozeyn was of him, I could not access until his Martial nephew, Zax Zel, surpassed the ruler of the beasts. However, by then Zax Zel’s relationship with the five powers was notoriously bad. He and I never had a good exchange, also. Hence, I doubted he would support his Grandmaster sitting with me”.

    “Coercing them to pass on their formulations to you, the way you suggested, will make them eternal enemies of you and all who support you. Those by your side with even have Zax Zel as an enemy”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen sulked, but inwardly he pondered the perspective of each side and by whom it would be more correct for him to stand.

    “Yurnal is the problem. His formulation was always the fastest and at his current level, only fifth level Martial Mortals can overwhelm him. Because of him, only drastic measures are available”.

    The luxury vehicle was slowing to decent and a voice over the intercom announced that they have arrived to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s home in Shitou.

    “In all of the archives of the Golden Desert Fort, there is not one worthwhile bodily refinement technique that can complement the worldly attributes, much less lead to Evolutionary Ascension. There are barely any that can enhance the physique to a third level Martial Mortal. Both Yurnal and mine techniques had reached a level slightly above the fourth Martial Mortal level, while the best foundation of a bodily refinement technique belongs to Kartion’s. Combining our three techniques together and offering the final product or even just a rough sketch of it, to any of the superpowers would ensure the survival of New Earth.

    “My technique reached its limit in the Fourth Inflammation. As for the fifth… it’s an end to the Martial path. Yurnal and Kartion, if not already, then given time they will encounter the same dead end. Regrettably, time is not something New Earth has to spare and I can’t slowly work to make them see eye to eye as me”.

    “Sir?” The pilot\ driver used the intercom again. He knew about the second passenger, but usually the Supreme Ruler would invite his guests to his house after a ride, rather than stay in the vehicle without instructions.

    “Wait”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen ordered and turned to Elijah. “You don’t even let me talk this over with them…”

    “They are conservative in their way and don’t have trust in the five powers or the superpowers behind them. If they will get the impression that refusal is unacceptable, it will make them apprehensive”. Elijah reasoned.

    “But if you will kidnap their loved ones, no matter what sort of favorable result your ambitions will have, the final outcome would still be a life and death enmity with Yurnal and Kartion”.

    “At the aftermath, I and those who will assist me can simply go to one of the superpowers. They are better cultivation grounds and a horizon that is by far higher than this planet. Yurnal and Kartion, Zax Zel, too, will never catch up to us, even if they will do the implausible and became the first aboriginal Immortals of this planet”.

    “You thought about everything”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen scoffed.

    “I had to. I really want my home and people safe”. Elijah said genuinely. “In the past I could place my faith on my dear Supreme Rulers. Times, however, call for innovation”.

    “So you make it seem…” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen said his final words, not wondering anymore about how Elijah will manage to leave New Earth in the end.

    He himself will unseal the pathway.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 49 – For What And Whom

    Elijah already had an inclination of the roles how his, Yurnal and Kartion’s bodily refinement techniques would play in the making of the ultimate bodily refinement technique.

    The Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement and he believed its subsequent refinement technique, focus on the vitality of the bodily cultivator. In general, all bodily refinement techniques enhance the vitality of their users; it was the core of their strength. But the emphasis in Kartion’s technique, perhaps because of his deep desire to heal his dantian, resulted in bodily refinement techniques with reservoirs of vitality behind the capacity of maybe all the refinement techniques in Ercas Mir put together.

    Infinite Transformations Altering Body, like the name suggests, is all about making the body comfortable with the path of a bodily cultivator, whether in the refinement process or application of the physique. Its greatest advantage is its adaptability to the changes the body experience during refinement. It is the best vessel to hold the immense vitality of bodily cultivators and it also answers the most common side effect of bodily refinement... the alteration in size. Infinite Transformations Altering Body can sustain the ideal shape of the user, regardless of the amount of vitality. Instead, by maintaining a concentrated form with a copious vitality, the body can use the excess of energy to repel impurities to an even higher extent.

    Scarlet Armor and its attention on blood is the pulse, the heart that can take vitality and generate the fuel to run the ultimate physique. Elijah was most versed in this part and required little contemplation to assume why and how it can fit.

    "These unripe Blood Red Grape are too bland, Yimin". A blond haired young girl with freckles complained while grudgingly gobbling the fruit with the apple like texture.

    "Enough, Balki". A shaped, blue eyed youth with indistinct animalistic feature scolded. "Take example from Nyan, Buggens and Lim. They, too, don't like the flavor of the unripe Blood Red Grape, but they keep their opinions to themselves because they know the fruits are necessary to sustain the physiques in the harsh environment of the first Savage Cave!"

    The group of youngsters was none other than Yurnal's youngest apprentices and son.

    Baby Yimin grew up to have a striking resemblance to his father's human form and his personality was frightfully the same. He was the oldest in the group, despite looking like one of them, in his early twenties.

    Being bored from the confinement to New Earth, the five receive permission from Yurnal to venture into the Savage Caves. Yimin was a third level Core Master whose slow cultivation resulted from his stubbornness to comprehend all six bottlenecks of insight and the fact that his main route was bodily refinement. The two girls and boy, Nyan, Buggens and Lim, were Mist Masters in terms of mist cultivation and in the middle of the first realm in their Master's refinement technique. Balki, the youngest, was just a Core Breaker, yet also in the middle of the first realm as a bodily cultivator.

    This was the second week of the group in the first Savage Cave and the grove they accommodated was a quarter of the way past the entrance.

    "Fine… I'll give you the next ripe grape I'll find". Yimin succumbed to Balki's sulking expression.

    "Hehehe!" Balki hid her smiling face.

    "Big brother Yimin, you are too lenient on little sister Balki. Just because she can cry on command, doesn't mean she is that sensitive". The bald youth, Lim, said. He had scaly skin and cracked lips as if he had severe dehydration, when actually he was an aquatic beast that, oddly enough, its human form had the highest need for water.

    "Dried Shrimped, you slander me again!" Balki pouted. "We'll see which little sister services you a cup of water next time you'll forget yourself for too long in human form!"

    "Little sister", the long black haired Buggens come to placate. "Master wants us to eventually survive in the Savage Cave with our own power. Big brother Lim worried that if you'll seek big brother Yimin for every inconvenience, you will impede your own development".

    "That's not right". Balki protested. "Big brother Yimin is the eldest here, he just being nice to his youngest Martial sister!"

    "Here is where you are wrong". Buggens shook her head. "Big brother Yimin is being, like big brother Lim said, lenient and not nice to you. Do you want to know why?" She gave her a subtle hint to accept what she says, rather than question, otherwise she might get hurt.

    "Why?" Balki ignored the hint.

    Yimin sighed.

    "Because he doesn't believe in you". Buggens bluntly said. "If he thought that you have the facility to endure the first Savage Cave with your current mentality, he would have been just as strict with you as he is with the rest of us, staying an aloof bystander observer, instead of 'caring big brother'".

    "Is it true?!" Balki glared at Yimin, this time with real tears. "Do you real think I'm helpless". She felt more hurt that he did not believe in her.

    "Your body and mist cultivation is sufficient, but your soul is inexperienced. Due to the advanced preparations, you all did well when we entered the cave. But afterwards, when the protective formations Master placed in your sea of consciousness waned, you were the only one who constantly sought my assistance against the savage force". Since Balki found out the truth, Yimin stated with a straight face, deciding for her sake to stop being lenient.

    Balki was at a loss for words when the figure she admired the most faced her without a trace of sympathy.

    She was merely eleven years old that a chance encounter eight years back made her catch the attention of her now Master, Yurnal.

    Gradually, her dejected expression became sullen. The many things she wanted to say in self defense refused to leave her mouth, so in moment of desperation and great will to prove them all wrong, she herself left in a run.

    “Oh, you three are a bunch of meanies. Two senior brothers and sister ganging up on little Balki like that…” The short black haired Nyan jeered. “Big brother Yimin, you can’t just watch her from afar. A maiden’s heart is most fragile when she first falls in love. You must go after Balki”.

    “Is that really a thing?” Lim, as a beast, thought that love should be straightforward.

    “Go train”. Nyan shot him a stare and shifted her gaze back to Yimin. “If you won’t listen to me, you might lose more of your mother’s human side”.

    The mentioning of his mother, Savir, ticked off Yimin. He realized a long time ago that as he follows his father’s teachings, he becomes less and less like his kind and gentle mother. To him, the child of a beast and a human, both sides were an integral part of and allowing one eclipse the other was nothing short of being unfilial toward his mother.

    He went after Balki.

    “You still haven’t captured him?” A figure garbed in state of the art camouflage uniforms entered the grove and stoop next to another figure in similar attire.

    “I don’t want to harm these lads. They are part of New Earth’s future. I used a soul technique to stir a small quarrel among them. Now Yimin has gone after one of his younger sister apprentices. How it went in your part?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen asked Elijah.

    “That Yurnal is overly vigilant since New Earth got sealed. He sent a slippery third level Martial Mortal to guard him, one that practiced the Infinite Transformations Altering Body to minor accomplishment and was proficient in obscuring himself”.

    “You did not kill him”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen phrased the question as a statement.

    “No. Just the fact that he was taken down left too many clues. I tied him up. We’ll take him with us and in the appointed meeting with Yurnal we can return him in an attempt to prove our good faith”.

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen was relieved. “Let’s go”. He uttered promptly to the lead to Yimin.

    “I’m not coming back! I can conquer this stupid Savage cave and kick the lot of you out of it!” Balki continued to ran from Yimin, yet whenever the gap and between them got too long and shrouded by the dense vegetation, she looked back and scanned with concerned eyes until she found him.

    She got over her fear from the mad beasts and humans, who got consumed by the savage force, and merrily extended her alone time with Yimin.

    “This girl…” Yimin looked fondly at her back and thought that if it would lighten her mood, he can entertain a while longer. ”Eh?”

    Suddenly his keen instincts were aroused by a sense of grave danger, but before he could scratch the surface of those feelings, his vision turned dark and he lost consciousness.

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen appeared beside him and caught Yimin before he crashed to the ground. He then employed the same soul technique from before to stimulate Balki to return to her fellow apprentices, which deterring nearby savages.

    “There is no use for regret at this stage”. Elijah joined him.

    “I’m not regretting”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen retorted, but it was impossible for him to completely conceal from Elijah that he is on the edge. “I just thought that after this ordeal I probably won’t be acknowledged of a Supreme Ruler ever again. My reign would be short and remembered-“

    “As the most heroic!” Elijah interrupted. “The youngest and only Supreme Ruler who burdened himself with the scorn of his people, just so he could confront Immortals and prevail, for his country and the ungrateful!”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 50 – Coercing Yurnal

    “Who then left, never to be seen again…” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen listlessly continued Elijah and proceeded to lift Yimin on his shoulder, inquiring. “Now for the other one or do you want to deal with Yurnal and Kartion separately?”

    “Kartion is too weak to pose a threat in a united front with Yurnal, however, we aren’t baiting for a fight. It’d be easier to convince one and then have him assist us convincing the other”.

    “Understood. Let’s pick up Yimin’s bodyguard and go”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen said committedly.

    The hardest part in the plan was about to unfold and he needed his mental fortitude to be in peak performance.

    A brown skinned, short haired middle aged woman and a tall, blue eyed hazel skinned middle aged man walked hand in hand, chatting and laughing among the wild vegetation.

    Yurnal gently gestured and the wind he generated extended a clearing to his and Savir’s path.

    Since the pathway to Ercas Mir was sealed and everything official was settled, the pair decided to alleviate they daily boredom by traveling across New Earth. Scouring Valgarel was their first goal, for this was Yurnal’s birthplace.

    “Here used to live the Longed Legged Moose tribe. They were Shenghuo type beasts like me. When I was young and unable to transform to my human form, I was chased one day by human cultivators as sport. The Longed Legged Moose’s tribe leader, a Mist Master at the time, noticed the commotion and saved my life by choosing to interfere. Afterwards, I stayed in the tribe for two to three years before leaving in pursuit of my Martial path”. Yurnal narrated in a reminisce tone.

    “If possible, I would have wanted to pay my respect to the kind tribe leader”. Savir crouched beside a pile of broken wooden beams that was overtaken by the shrubbery, grief in her eyes.

    “It’s the way of Valgarel. The beasts here don’t have a common nemesis, such as the Deformed Beings of Ercas Mir, that compel them to harmonize with each other. As a result, Tribal skirmishes are frequent occurrence”.

    “Do you know who eradicated the Longed Legged Moose tribe?” Savir solemnly asked.

    Yurnal shook his head. “I never thought of taking revenge so I never inquired”.

    “Aren’t you angry?” Savir probed. She took his hand and they walked through the wreckage of the tribe.

    “If for tribes to exterminate tribes is a crime, then the Longed Legged Moose tribe had its fair share of expansions at the expense of other tribes. So they were willing to live by this practice, they should have been willing to die by it”.

    “You are too cold”. Savir rebuked. “I saw how the sadness in your wrinkles, stop acting tough in front of me!”

    Yurnal smiled. “It’s not act. But I’ll tell you this, if the Kingdom Earth’s humans were responsible for the Longed Legged Moose tribe’s demise, then I’d have sought revenge”.

    “I’m a human!” Savir reminded.

    “The first one on my list that I came to like”. Yurnal pinched her cheek, kissed her forehead and then her lips.

    ‘What’s this?!’ Yurnal’s eyes suddenly snapped opened with a fierce glint, while still kissing Savir. He hurriedly calmed down, to not distress her, and opened the transmission his communicator just received from a secure channel.

    ‘Yimin is in the former abode of the Red Rose Beaks tribe. Come pick him up, alone’. He read.

    ‘Who can it be?!’ His mind whirled by a multitude of thoughts that he was half a second late to feel the absence of Savir’s lips.

    “Yurnal?” Savir felt a slight change in his mood.

    “I have to go”. Yurnal’s brain strained in an effort not to lie or babble something that will worry Savir. “I received a transmission of an acquaintance in need of help. I’m not certain about the details. Will you be mad…”

    “Of course not. A friend needs you! We both know you don’t have many, so you must take care of the few you can bear that coarse mug of yours!” Savir teased.

    “I’ll accompany you back home first”.

    “Well of course, I’m your wife!” She laughed.

    ‘I sent Mernug with Yimin. A third level Martial mortal, even one with outstanding understanding of the worldly attribute, would not defeat Mernug before he could report me. The kidnaper has to be a fourth level Martial Mortal and someone who can get secure channels for communication…’

    He promptly compiled a list of suspects. Those who fit the description were very few in number, but at the same time their identities were awfully alarming.

    Right now New Earth had around twenty to twenty five fourth level Martial Mortal experts and one fifth level Martial Mortal, Supreme Ruler Ariel Dauch. Any of them could subdue Mernug before he could message him, if they surprised him. Assuming Mernug was caught unprepared, the list could only be minimized by counting those with reach to the communicators’ secure channels.

    ‘But why would any of them want to lure me and in to what?!’

    The technology needed to create secure channels for communicators on the level that he was contacted with had high requirements. Of the possible twenty five, less than ten could get their hands on it.

    The Supreme Rulers, Gid Chu, Huland, two of the organization leaders who immigrated from Ercas Mir and Yurnal’s eldest apprentice.

    ‘It can’t be any of them… there is a shadow of a person I’m still missing’. He brooded over, yet no other face resurfaced and in the end he also decided not to dwell on it. ‘Regardless who it is, I must save Yimin’.

    The unification of two species, beasts and humans, for the birth of a joint progeny was extremely strenuous. In New Earth, Yimin was the sole being with a human mother and a beast father and to Yurnal and Savir he was the only child they perhaps will ever have.


    Yurnal flickered and landed on the crown of a red leaves tree, atop one of the mountains in the former cave of the Red Rose Beaks tribe. He still maintained a human form. Although beasts were at their strongest in their animalistic form, he, as the creator and participant of Infinite Transformations Altering Body, had no limitations to his power, no matter how he looked before battle.

    A few hundred meters ahead, on the crown of a different atop a different mountain, stood a figure in camouflage uniforms concealing everything but its so familiar eyes.

    “We all thought you left the planet with the forces of the Golden Desert Fort, Elijah”. Yurnal squinted.

    Elijah removed the head cover of the uniforms. “Forgive me; I had no intentions of hiding my identity to you”.

    “You are the one in the shadow…” Yurnal remarked, his mind connecting the dots. “Who did you convince?”

    A ripple of mild fluctuation was carried from the north. In an almost identical background a third figure showed up, removing the head cover from its face. “Me”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen confessed. At the base of his mountain, two men lay on the ground, Yimin and Mernug.

    ‘They aren’t hurt’. Yurnal’s Sublime Soul Sense scanned the two, before raising his gaze. “Gid’s heir…”

    “Greeting, Senior Yurnal”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen cupped his hands.

    “You actually have the audacity to display your respect!” Yurnal snorted, shifting his attention back to Elijah. “Do you force my hand?” He asked, having in mind the reason for their scheme.

    “Initially, you did not receive my invitation because of my position in the five powers. I was dejected, but ultimately accepted your stance. At the present the five powers are gone, yet I selected to be here. Would it be fine, now, for us to sit and have a mutual exchange?” Elijah was not servile or conceited. He mentioned the past as something already behind them and asked in a direct manner whether they can move forward.

    “My reason was not only your affiliation to the five powers”. Yurnal said earnestly. “So long as my Infinite Transformations Altering Body can mature on its own, I’m not interested in implicating it by mucking my view with others. In other words, Now is not the time for me to seek a mutual exchange”.

    “Now, however, is the time for me”. Elijah said with regret. “So will you?” It was not a request, but not a threat, either, at least not until he will say it, again, directly.

    “My son and apprentice?”

    “No harm will come to them. In fact, even if you will refuse, I won’t touch a hair on their heads”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen assured.

    “If you are removing your edge, why should I agree, then?” Yurnal frowned.

    “Because I can’t speak for him…” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen pointed at Elijah, who insisted on silently waiting for Yurnal’s reply.

    “You obviously now that my son is worth to me more than my technique”. Yurnal gave his answer. “What will happen to us after you’ll get my insights?”

    “I’m also in need of Kartion’s insights… Until I’ll receive his, you can temporarily draw back and take my word that your son will be okay or you can swear on an Oath Parchment, not to act upon nothing that transpired today. Which do you prefer?”

    “Ar Yen”, Yurnal glared at him. “If my son and apprentice will not return sound and safe, I swear! I’ll slaughter your entire Takeda family and even old patriarch, should he dare obstruct me!”

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen felt his body turning limp from the acute hostility Yurnal, the third strongest cultivator in New Earth, projected. For a fleeting instant he wanted to take back everything, but then he steeled his heart.

    Yurnal chose the first option for the sole purpose of executing revenge in the future. Both men knew it, but they were ready to affront the entire populace of New Earth, much less one person. Tying his tongue was only a short term measure to but time.

    “Senior Yurnal”, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen pleaded as Yurnal traversed slowly toward Elijah’s mountain. “If you please listen to Senior Elijah’s reasoning-”

    “Not interested”.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 51 – Dogmatic Persuasion

    The one sided exchange was two days long. When it ended, Yurnal left got up, briefly look at his son and Mernug before concentrating his gaze at Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and then leaving.

    Another two days later, Elijah got up from his crossed legged sitting position and met with Supreme Ruler Ar Yen.

    Yimin and Mernug were in an unconscious state, compelled by Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s soul technique, which only affected the latter because it was enforced on him by direct contact.

    “Well, was it worth it?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, looking hopeful.

    “Not that soon. In the near future today’s actions would bear their fruits”. Elijah said languorously, still slightly under the effect of submerging in the profound insights he received and brief meditation that followed.

    “Yurnal not once asked for your insights”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen mentioned in a passing.

    “I understand him”. Elijah asserted. “Someday I’ll repay him for this”.

    “That would be a future we both need to aspire toward to together”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen agreed.

    Elijah exhaled and bloody vapor escaped his mouth. His countenance regained its full pale lucidity. “Before then, in the meantime, let’s move on to the next target… Mes”.

    A purple scales and golden eyes snake slithered like a purple bolt of lightning through the tunnels and caves of Valgarel.

    Mes, the Thousand Meters Viper, toppled trees, flattened Wild beasts and shattered boulders as it fled in distress. ‘Luckily! Luckily! Luckily Martial brother Zax insisted that I’m a troublemaker and shouldn’t refuse his Eruptive Dark Snapper!’ He was tempted to look back, but decided against anything that will distract him. ‘But these fellows were too crafty… they broke my communicator the moment they appeared! If I didn’t keep the Eruptive Dark Snapper in my venom gland, I’d not had the chance to use it’. His heartbeat thumped rapidly. ‘But I can’t believe it, if Martial brother Zax didn’t warn me in advance, I would have thought he really he really came and attacked!’

    Everything happened so fast, even a first level Martial Mortal like Mes had difficulties comprehending the chain of events that just passed.

    Barely a minute ago he was busy, minding his own business, attempting to shine light on his newfound understanding of the electric attribute, when out of nowhere and faster than he could perceive several things he had zero control on took place.

    First a minuscule bang indicated the destruction of his communicator, and then everything turned black, followed by his instinctive defense mechanism acting, automatically flaring his venom glands and consequently activating the Eruptive Dark Snapper Zax gave him first time he ventured on his own in Ercas Mir.

    The Eruptive Dark Snapper was actually a natural resource with a unique affinity to dark attribute energy, which Zax found and modified a bit. Initially it was only useful to track dark attribute’s essence in a two kilometers radius of it, but what Zax discovered was that if worldly dark attribute energy was imbued in it, it could discharge mock fluctuations with the same intensity and signature as those of the person who charged it.

    Zax was not specifically looking for this odd, castanets shaped stones, therefore he only had in his collection six. Two he experimented on, one he gave Mes, another to his eldest Martial sister, Hagen; the fifth to his Master and sixth to Anet.

    Afterwards, Zax disregarded the existence of the Eruptive Dark Snapper, rather than searching for more so he could give others. The reason for his neglect was the prerequisite for proper use of the snappers. First of all, when used to discharge fluctuations, they can only work for three to four times before crumbling – it varies depending on the intensity of the fluctuations imbued. Second, they could only function as a radar for dark attribute's essence or a deterrent tool. Third and most important, utilization of their second function had to be swift, otherwise they would either fail to deceive the enemy or their owner would be taken down before being able to use them.

    Mes, Hagen and Kartion had their own methods for prompt activation of the snappers, in addition to sufficient level of cultivation to further heighten their perception.

    Anet absorbed the Pure Core of the deceased Four Wings Stork Overlord. Her cultivation was only slightly inferior to Mes, due to being much younger. She developed her own techniques that could permit her a timely activation of her snapper.

    "Oh, no!" Mes bellowed, yet before the sound of his voice faded he crashed on the ground, unconscious.

    The hand that grabbed the tip of his tail, let loose and instead, a windy attribute mantel spread from the palm and enveloped the long Thousand Meters Viper. A second later, the culprit, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, disappeared along with Mes.

    "Wake him up". Elijah requested. Staring at the fainted viper, he could smell the stench of his and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen's sweat still lingering on their backs.

    The surprise the Eruptive Dark Snapper gave them nearly caused them a heart attack. They were both familiar with the signature of Zax's dark attribute energy from past events, but not with its current intensity.

    A flood of thoughts filled their head when they sensed the mock fluctuation and thought Zax actually showed up. To fight, escape or explain were the main ideas that came to mind and to each branched a series of different approaches.

    Before they knew it, Mes was gone and they absentmindedly were still waiting for Zax.

    "This was a close call. If you did not destroy his communicator…" Supreme Ruler Ar Yen heaved deeply and tapped Mes's head.

    "Return to your human form!" Was the first he heard when he regained conscious. The person who spoke so imposingly was a stranger to him. He did not sound angry, just strict, perhaps a tad impatient?

    Mes obeyed without delay and transformed to his human form with an attire made of purple scales.

    "You are the Supreme Ruler Ar Yen". He recognized. "Why did you kidnaped me?" He was irate, but composed himself.

    "What's your Master's communicator's numeral signal?" Elijah cut in.

    Mes was apprehensive of the unknown man's attitude. Hearing he was interested in his Master further intensified those feelings.

    "What's your intentions?" He countered. "You are a Supreme Ruler", he turned back to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen. "Aren't you suppose to have a little grace? I'm willing to forget this transgression, if you'll let me go. You can visit my Master's cave properly afterwards".

    "See that person?" Supreme Ruler said unexcitedly as he pointed at Yimin who was leaning on a rock unconsciously.

    Mes did not get the chance to observe the surrounding. Only now he noticed the youngster and the other man beside him, in the same state.

    "Who is he?" He asked.

    "Yimin, the son of Sinister Chain's Second Leader Yurnal. I gather you never heard about Yimin, but the name 'Yurnal', should sound familiar".

    It did.

    'A bodily cultivator beast that even Master claims is stronger than him! Well, only because Master is still developing the second realm part of his bodily refinement technique'.

    "My Martial brother told me Yurnal is the fourth strongest cultivator that originated from New Earth, after Supreme Ruler Ariel Dauch and His Valor Ozeyn. Third, now that His Valor Ozeyn is gone…"

    "Indeed he is". Supreme Ruler Ar Yen commented. "We abducted his son so he would be disposed to have a certain civil discussion with us… He agreed and selected, for the time being, to leave his son in our care, where no harm will befall him. The same discussion we want to have with Kartion, and then have him decide whether to take you along with him when he will leave, or like Yurnal, have us release you on a later but not too far date, with Yimin and his friend there".

    “I see…” Mes mused. “I’m very story, but I won’t be a pawn for you to attract my Master. You might as well go ahead and kill me”.

    “You expect us to kill you for refusing to cooperate?” Elijah asked in a disproving tone.

    “Won’t you?”

    “Our reasons for losing decorum with Yurnal and Kartion are all for the sake of New Earth, Kingdom Earth and Valgarel alike”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen answered. “But it won’t be under the pretext of taking your life. We captured you, because of Kartion’s apprentices you were the easier to ambush and not because it was impossible for us to catch your other Martial brothers and sisters”.

    “This is actually something both of us can rejoice for”. Mes said in jubilation. “Because if you laid your hands on any of my Martial brothers and sisters first, after finding out whom you are, I’d have gone to your home and poisoned your entire kin”.

    “Beasts…” Elijah remarked.

    “You still can, after we’ll let you go”. Laughing, Supreme Ruler Ar Yen went along with Mes’s disposition.

    “You are like my Eldest Martial brother”. Mes noted. “Very… suave”.

    “Raroen of the Silverhorned tribe is a remarkable fellow. Although he is my junior on the cultivation path, it’s still an honor for me to be compared to him, but probably not as much as it’d be an honor for him”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen stopped laughing. “I guess we owe it to you to know our reasons, Mes. Are you willing to listen?”

    “I’m curious”. Mes affirmed, setting jokes aside, whether they really were jokes or not.

    “Senior Elijah, it’s you who convinced me…” As supreme Ruler Ar Yen saw it, this part was Elijah’s hurdle.

    “Elijah? This name… You want to meet my Master? Wait, I know who you are!” Mes’s eyes brightened.

    “Then I hope I’ll be able to convince you, too”. Elijah stepped forward.

    ‘I have to revise the third stage’. Within the upper floor of a tall, sparkling blue tower Grandmaster Kartion was sitting alone in humanoid form.

    His eyes were close as his awareness delved to his Inner Panorama.

    It had black patch of land, beneath black sky and surrounded by black sea. It had overall similar settings to Zax’s, but things like the shape of the land and its size, the depth of the sea and length of the sometimes roaring waves and the void in the sky were different in terms of splendor.

    The Inner Panorama was a reflection of the understanding of the attribute and Zax’s understanding, due to the bottlenecks of insight he comprehended, was at the epitome with regards to the dark attribute. Kartion's soul was already in the third realm, so it was impossible for him to perceive anymore the bottlenecks of insight.

    ‘Formulating the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique as an attribute base technique is the correct path, but the third stage is the threshold to the third realm. My current level of understanding is insufficient to bridge the gap between realms…’

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 52 – Biding Their Time

    ‘Mes? It’s not his communicator ID’. Grandmaster Kartion was confused when he suddenly received a transmission from an unfamiliar communicator.

    He was reclusive, uninterested in the world outside his two caves. Laivien, his Martial family, his refinement technique and the Krikitory tribe were the only things which merited his affection – to varying degrees. And the upshot for having so few things in his heart was that each of them had meant more to him than how other may perceive.

    ‘Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and the creator of Scarlet Armor, Elijah?’ He was surprised to hear both exalted names mentioned in the same sentence by his youngest male apprentice. 'Elijah wants to commit an insights exchange and Mes think that I should listen to what he has to say'.

    He opened his eyes and stood on his brown hooves, pondering what action to take.

    'Little brother Kartius, Simel, come to my blow tower!' He ordered through the communicator.

    Kartius was in the Essence Cave and Simel was out, somewhere in Valgarel. It took roughly an hour for all three of them to converge.

    "Listen to this". He sent them Mes's transmission.

    "Master, why would they turn to Mes and not come directly to meet you?" Simel asked with a silvery gorilla frown.

    "Elijah want to peek at your refinement technique, big brother". Kartius noted. "It's possible that they felt apprehensive to come and demand this in your home and therefore selected to catch and compel one of your apprentices to do the dirty job…"

    "I thought of it, also". Simel nodded. "Master, you probably considered this as well".

    "I did. Myself, Elijah and Yurnal are the creator of the most reputable bodily refinement techniques in New Earth. Sharing our insight is akin to giving away custody to one own progeny. Then again, insights aren't flesh and blood. Without the tradition of mutual exchanges, how else are we supposed to teach and be taught? Now may not be the time for me to seek the knowledge and experience of someone else, but by this affair it seems, Elijah had reached an impasse he must exceed". Grandmaster Kartion deduced.

    "You intend to assent, big brother…" Kartius guessed. "You don't have to. We can try to call my Martial son for assistance on this matter".

    "No". Grandmaster Kartion bluntly refused. "He remained in seclusion when Anet went to see him. His closed doors season may be in a crucial point. Let's not disturb him".

    “If that is the case… let’s all go together”. Simel suggested. “Elijah wants to benefit from Master’s insights, so we should also squeeze him dry for every enlightenment he ever had”.

    “That’s reasonable”. Kartius concurred.

    “Then it’s decided”. Grandmaster Kartion said. “However, they will have to come to us”.

    Yet another hour later, in the blue tower.

    “Thank you for accepting the exchange”. Elijah held Grandmaster Kartion with probably the highest regard he had for anyone. Yes, the humanoid Brown Stag before him was much inferior to him on the cultivation path, but he was none other than the creator of the most prominent bodily refinement technique in Ercas Mir!

    Grandmaster Kartion accepted the gratitude tacitly and gestured on the floor of the base of the blue tower. “Sit”. He paid no attention to Supreme Ruler Ar Yen or the two men he carried and only signaled Mes to either join them or go.

    “Master”, Mes greeted. “I know what you think, but you need to hear the things he told me”.

    “I will”. Grandmaster Kartion said solemnly.

    “From now on, let Master or Martial uncle do the talking, Mes”. Simel interjected.

    “Obviously. I just meant to say that I alone could not deny or confirm Elijah’s claims”.

    The five of them sat in a circle on the cold floor, while Supreme Ruler Ar Yen watched from the entrance.

    “Kartion”, Elijah opened. “For the sake of New Earth, please hear me out…”

    And so, Elijah personally disclosed his stance for the second time. He mainly spoke to Grandmaster Kartion, but here and there answered Simel and Kartius’s inquiries.

    Grandmaster Kartion was quiet the entire time, and when all question had been answered and Elijah voice subsided, without voicing his thoughts on the matter, his lips parted and the insight exchange commenced.

    Since Simel and Kartius were involved with the creation of the Three Stages Of Hyper Physique, the exchange lasted twice as long as it was with Yurnal.

    When it ended, Elijah and Grandmaster Kartion were the only ones who remained seated, while all the others had left. Mes and Simel took Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to see the Krikitory tribe and Kartius stood on guard outside the blue tower.

    The small bear people were quite snooping. The young and the adult could not understand why a grown human was carrying two people around. The cubs even poked Yimin and Mernug, but were hastily pulled back by their mothers.

    Like this, a month that felt very long passed.

    Since Elijah got the foundation insight of both Yurnal and Grandmaster Kartion’s bodily refinement techniques, he was not in a hurry to meet anyone else and left Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to assure Yurnal of his son and apprentice’s health.

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen was not in the mood to constantly keep a watchful eye on Yimin and Mernug, until their release, so he persistently inflicted their sea of consciousness with soul techniques that had them in a continuous state of unconsciousness. Fortunately for the pair, they were cultivation of the second and third realms and could go much longer than a month without nutrition.

    “This was…” Elijah struggled to a find the correct complimentary words, right after he and Grandmaster Kartion temporarily finished their meditative contemplation simultaneously.

    “Like all before it… enlightening”. Grandmaster Kartion said plainly, as he was less enthusiastic than Elijah, especially when thinking on the next thing he is going to do…

    ‘Return’. Elijah spread his Sublime Soul Sense and called back Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, Simel, Mes and Kartius.

    “My apologies”. Elijah flipped his hand and a rolled, white parchment appeared on his palm.

    “An Oath Parchment!” Simel stared wide eyed.

    Only the five powers had Oath Parchments, but Zax told his Martial family about them and the Supreme Rulers, from their time in the service of the Blessed Army, specifically Supreme Ruler Ariel, had found a method to create counterfeit them, though they were pretty useless to oblige Martial Mortals.

    “I have a request, which I must all of you accept”. Elijah opened the parchment. “It’s rude of me, but the alternative will inconvenient both you and me”. He told Grandmaster Kartion and indicated that the alternative is his first notion of Elijah and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen’s altercation with Mes…

    Grandmaster Kartion picked the parchment and injected his soul energy into it. “What do you want me to swear on?”

    “Elijah…” Kartius growled, yet he knew nothing he would say will change the current situation.

    Elijah and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen did not hold anyone of the Martial family as hostage, per se, but they were the strongest in the present company.

    “I can’t have you or someone from you family warning Kingdom Earth for the next phase of my plan and I don’t have enough Oath Parchments to make you all swear silence”. Elijah ashamedly said, but he was steadfast in the belief that he was doing the right thing, for New Earth. “Swear to suicide should anyone from your family, including yourself, will directly or indirectly, expose my plan”.

    “Elijah!” Kartius snapped. “You dare ask for my big brother’s life!”

    “ROAR!” Simel’s eyes turned red and his body expended several meters bigger to his animalistic Silver Skin Gorilla form.

    “Ssss!” Mes hissed, turned into a Thousand Meters Viper with most of his body elongating out of the blue tower. “Ar Yen, my threat wasn’t a joke!”

    Supreme Ruler Ar Yen sternly glowered at Elijah. “’Most heroic’…” He uttered and turned to face the three. “Halt!” Fluctuations windy attribute energy emitted from his voice and constrained Kartius, Simel and Mes.

    “Ar Yen, get lost from my cave!” Grandmaster Kartion bellowed. “Kartius, Simel, Mes, accompany him out!”

    “Ar Yen, do as he says!” Elijah instructed.

    Avoiding a fight, that was what Supreme Ruler Ar Yen wanted more than anyone.

    “Brown Stag Kartion, thank you”. He dropped his head slightly and left, holding Yimin and Mernug with a green mantle and followed by Kartius, Simel and Mes.

    “You think you do it for the betterment of New Earth, but how much of it is for your gluttony, to swallow the entirety of the bodily refinement’s path?” Grandmaster Kartion condemned Elijah.

    “Mm”. Elijah nodded. “My desire, as it is now, is indeed the product of greed and high aspiration. Nevertheless, it also happens to be parallel to a secure future for New Earth and its citizens. Your concerns of the Immortals are clouding your judgment. I, on the other hand, had been living for many, many years by the side of the General of the Armies’ most trusted subordinate in Ercas Mir-”

    “I swear…” Grandmaster Kartion had enough from when he first heard him. Further explanations were unnecessary to change the fact that it is an argument of your word against mine. “… It is done. Leave now”. He sent Elijah off, still seated and the latter departed in a familiar tacit manner.

    “I’m not sure who I’m regretting more for offending…” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen mused as he and Elijah flew side by side.

    “There is no difference”. Elijah disputed. “The outcome of our actions will affect them and everyone in Ercas Mir the same. When they will realize that we were in the right, their sincerity will rectify the memories of these transgressions”.

    “You can repeat it, but if I didn’t believe you from the beginning, I never would have sided with you in the first place”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen snorted. “Is now the time to head for the pathway?”

    “How are these two?” Elijah referred to Yimin and Mernug.

    “They are doing okay. I inform Yurnal every day…”

    “Then give me as long as it would take the reinforcement of the three superpowers to arrive. I need to perfect my Scarlet Armor as much as I can, so when I’ll present it, they will take it as a fair trade for the safety of New Earth”.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 53 – No More Locks

    In the void of space, before a beautiful blue planet with two land masses and a tiny chain of seventy three islands.

    Four inaudible bursts of worldly element energy broke the stillness of the void.

    Senior Ohar, General of the Armies Nikari, His Holiness Morien and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya arrived separately and at the same time to Ercas Mir!

    Their travel within the Milky Way Plain was not by flights. They each used an oval shaped space vessel around four meters tall and with a single cockpit.

    Its name is “Plains Speedster” and it relies on the passenger’s element energy as fuel. Its forte is in traversing Plains covertly and can get thousands of times faster than inside Plains, due to the strenuous resulting from their natural stability of the worldly element energies.

    The Plain Speedsters’ hatches opened and out came the four Immortals.

    They each took a step, and transcended the speed of light.

    “This place called the Gentic Belt, at its epicenter is a training ground referred to as ‘Earthly Crater’”. They all arrived to the same place and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya noted outloud. After all, it was all of them first visit to Ercas Mir.

    “Remarkable!” Senior Ohar said marveled. “There is a ruptured sealing formation at the core of the Earthly Crater. It’s only a section of a greater formation that I cannot fully measure”.

    “This Star is the tomb of the Godly Law Template’s former owner”. General of the Armies Nikari mentioned. “He or she studied the template for who knows how long. Though they are said to be dead now, their attainments should have been unfathomably deeper than ours”.

    “There are two more places that are quite peculiar. One I know is named the Down Ocean. Something there can even obscure the senses of Mythical Immortals. Ohar?” His Holiness Morien inquired.

    “Neonate Immortals, too”. Senior Ohar affirmed.

    “The other place, then”, His Holiness Morien continued. “Is where pious Archbishop Silternjan said to be the pathway to the aboriginals’ New Earth. There is a crude seal there that’s the sole passage I can vaguely see through”.

    “None of our subordinates seem present”. General of the Armies Nikari frowned. “Their ships are at standby further in the solar system. Why did they left?”

    “They don’t respond to our transmissions”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya reminded. “Nikari, go check in person, Ohar, Morien and I will look if some of them are hidden in the Down Ocean and New Earth”. She snickered.

    “Sure”, General of the Armies Nikari said coolly. “If you don’t mind me sending your troops on their way”.

    He and His Holiness Morien were of opposing team, hence the frictions.

    “Kitanoriya”, Senior Ohar interjected. “Follow me”. He vanished.

    They all vanished.

    “Spirits?!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya’s gaze sharpened.

    The four of them split to their respected teams and made the Down Ocean is their first destination.

    “Newborn”. Senior Ohar said.

    He already learned of them from Sheldon, who since an hour ago gathered his staff in preparation to leave Ercas Mir.

    “Either way, they are mellow and tamable. The water, however… the obstruction on the Immortal Sense is still acute. I can only detect undulations that spread from numerous locations, nearby and far and wide”.

    “We should take a closer examination”. Senior Ohar smiled. He spotted General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien from tens of kilometers away with his ears and eyes, the seawater could not obstruct them. “Up”. He raised a finger, and with it a third of the Down Ocean rose to the sky, gathered to a giant, murky bulb.

    “Much better”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya commended the choice of action. “But the execution is inadequate”. She lifted her chin and with a tiniest implementation of her power, the entire Down Ocean was evaporated to steam that were forced to outer space.

    As for the Spirits, they were shackled by a gravitational pull above the former most dangerous ocean of Ercas Mir. Their huge bodies, no more tranquil, struggled to no avail.

    “The strange obstruction used the water as a medium. See that? It’s now confined to the ocean’ floor”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya said in satisfaction.

    “I see ants…” Senior Ohar said.

    “Kitanoriya, remember not to ruin this Star!” General of the Armies Nikari rebuked.

    “I won’t do anything we cannot fix”.

    General of the Armies Nikari had the icy element. Replenishing the dry oceans of a barren Star hundred times bigger than Ercas Mir was not an issue to him.

    “Fiend Immortal!” A loud roar resounded as the fastest of the “ants” flew from the sky, boring a body roughly forty meters long with chrome like skin of both silver and gold.

    Horn Kikon dashed from where the bulb of the Down Ocean was before it evaporated. Engulfed by a golden silvery glow that extended for several meters around his body, he shielded and dragged General Logan and their group of fourth level Martial Mortals.

    They, in fact all the five powers’ representatives still in Ercas Mir, were browsing the Heavy Water Pools’ formations when suddenly the undercurrents began to shift violently, so much that even the fifth level Martial Mortal in their midst failed to resist. In a moment of crisis, Horn Kikon transformed to his Youyue’s unique fourth form and mobilized his aura to safeguard the weaker General Logan and the fourth level Martial Mortals.

    Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya gestured and they group was drawn to her so fast, the abrupt change in scenery seemed to them as if they teleported. “Revert”. She ordered Horn Kikon, compelling him to comply, as he changed to his four arms golden man form.

    “General of the Armies!” General Logan, as well as all the others.

    “At ease”. Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya used her element energy to also bring the Star Scavengers. “Converge with your branches. I am now here”.

    General Logan and Horn Kikon had wanted to speak, but were incapable of retorting their Violet Star Commander.

    The same situation transpired at General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien’s location. General of the Armies Nikari summoned General Beking, Admiral Hamumni with their punitive force and their small escape spacecrafts.

    “Mortals have no business on an Immortal’s stage”. Were the few words he sent them off the planet with.

    It was true. With their knowledge and comprehensive abilities, the four Immortal could reveal within minutes the things that took the five powers thousands of years to discover.

    From their presence in the Down Ocean they already figured why they sent their forces away. The only thing that baffled three of the four Immortals was why there were no representatives left from the Holy Palace.

    “Morien”, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya glared at the white garbed man. “First you try to bamboozle Nikari and I and now we find that your Holy Palace’s Luminous Church faction left nobody behind to search for the Godly Law Template… What makes them so audacious to deny the desire of their Holiness?”

    “Morien”, General of the Armies Nikari had made a temporary alliance with him and therefore could not be as blunt as Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya, yet he still gave a certain voice to his suspicion. “You are a man serving God…”

    Senior Ohar decided against involving himself in the standoff. Instead, his mind was preoccupied in Sheldon’s progress and the fluctuations of the worldly element attributes.

    “Nikari, Kitanoriya, since when I owe the lot of you explanations?” His Holiness Morien distanced himself from General of the Armies Nikari. “As you already noticed, the Heavy Water Pools’ formation is correlating to that of the Earthly Crater. Its connection to the Godly Law Template is highly likely, but carefully solving it will require longer than the cessation between us can probably lost”. Sparks of white light twinkled around his sleeve. “Allow me…”





    A series of eruption occurred all over the Down Ocean’s floor. Hundreds of Heavy Water Pools, all of them, burst like geysers.

    “Morien, this Star is the Core of the Plain!” General of the Armies Nikari cautioned.

    Destroying it would mean the collapse of the Milky Way Plain, a catastrophe no Immortal would want to bear witness to or be able to take on the responsibility for!

    “Are you intending to disregard our agreement?!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya snapped.

    Putting aside the loss of the Core Star, their lives would be on the line should the Plain begin to collapse!

    “The evidence in the Earthly Crater indicate that the formation there was broken forcefully. Since they are related, we can deduce the Star will hold the turmoil of another brute opening”. His Holiness Morien said calmly.

    Next to the eruptions, the earth slowly trembled and the four remaining oceans of Ercas Mir seethed.

    The beasts, humans and Deformed Beings across the planet felt like the end of the world’s tribulations are pending. The growing shaking and surging waves of the oceans already swallowed and submerged settlements with proximity to the boundaries of the two continents, sunken completely the famous seventy three Zenvir ice lands.

    All of this was the consequence of not the first or second, but the complete unshackling of the Godly Law Template!

    The last lock of the Three Locks formation was in the process of crumbling along with the Heavy Water Pools that were set to maintain it. As it neared its end, an aura that could not simply be described with the words “Profound” or “Majestic” emerged bit by bit.

    “This is…” General of the Armies Nikari sucked in a cold breath.

    “The aura of a God, and not a regular God!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya looked covetously, posing stillness but inwardly fighting the urge to commence early the actual, imminent struggle with General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien.

    “You three, something is wrong”. Senior Ohar notified. “The reaction from the breaking of the formation will soon intensify to behind the Star’s point of endurance. If the Godly Law Template is about to show itself, you can’t allow it delay!”

    The four could tell that the aura was only an apparition of the Godly Law Template and it will not appear in the Down Ocean.

    They sensed the emergence of a second aura manifesting above the Earthly Crater and a third oozing from the pathway to New Earth.

    Senior Ohar and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya rushed together to New Earth first, the other pair on their tails.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 54 – New Earth’s Catastrophe

    They were complacent.

    They thought that they could hide, that there is a place to hide, and when it will but be enough, they could negotiate.

    But the fact of life was indisputable; Mortals cannot stand up to Immortals.

    When the world began to stir that was when they knew the reinforcement of the five powers arrived.

    The destruction of the Three Locks formation had allowed the true coming out of the Godly Law Template, not just the mere apparition of its aura, and the focal points from which it surged to reassemble were the Heavy Water Pools of the former Down Ocean, the core region of the Earthly Crater and the second Savage Cave of New Earth.

    New Earth was impregnable by mortal’s standards, perhaps even Immortal’s, but not God’s. The quakes it experienced from the upsurge of Godly energy ramming the seal on the pathway, which already in the first collision displayed signs of breaking, spread fissures in the network of tunnels and caves.

    “Unseal the pathway!” Supreme Ruler Trey was the nearest to the scene, as she was stationed by the pathway as the overseer of the seal.

    Two fourth level Martial Mortals, product of the cultivation resources Zax received from General Logan and the Star Scavenger’s findings, showed up second and third.

    “What’s happening, Second General?” The man asking looked like a middle aged soldier of yesteryear and actually called Supreme Ruler Trey by her old title.

    “Help me break the seal, Don, Dan!” Supreme Ruler Trey ordered.

    There was no way that they could break the seal by force before, but the instance it began crumbling they had a chance and time was of the essence.

    As for the two men who share the same cultivation level as the Supreme Ruler, though understanding of the attribute was a different matter entirely, they were once known as Lieutenant Colonel Don Hakate of the United Governments of New Earth or UGNE and Commander Dani of the Kingdom Earth Resistance, old relics of the Supreme Rulers’ generation. Now they were veterans who offered their service to whom one of them will forever recognize as “Second General” and the other will always be called by her “Youngster Danny”.

    Immediately the three combined their mist energies and shot in succession, and with as much force that they could muster, at the key spots of the sealing formation.

    “It’s working!” Don declared.

    “Mainly because of that frightening energy. It’s doing almost all the job. If it was controlled, it could have blasted the seal instantly”. Dan said with blood dripping from his seven orifices first, then from Don’s and finally Supreme Ruler Trey.

    The fluctuations from the Godly Law Template’s energy were too severe for mortals. The longer they stayed in their vicinity, they quicker it would corrode them from the inside out!

    Sadly, it already affected the sealing formation’s maintenance team that worked below Supreme Ruler Trey and due to her decision to unseal the formation before helping them, they were no longer savable.

    “The seal broke, retreat!” Supreme Ruler Trey grabbed Don and Dan’s necks and dragged them away with what little power she had left.

    Meanwhile, the Godly Law Template’s energy flowed smoothly through the pathway and the quakes lessened.

    In another place and slightly earlier than when Supreme Ruler Trey discovered the situation in the pathway…

    Inside a small cavern, closed and shut from all matters of the external world.

    Secluded in this cavern, Zax was seated cross legged, meditating in his sea of consciousness.

    His closed doors sessions was about to reach the half year mark and his spirit’s progress in achieving an additional half step for the sixth bottleneck of insight, without alerting the Godly Retribution, was still in a stalemate.

    ‘No scenario I thought of works. The Godly Retribution is keener than I anticipated and wherever I employ the most insignificant action, I feel a consuming sense of dread’.

    He would have felt even worse if he did not block all thoughts of the people he shut outside without a way to contact him.

    ‘Making the half step forward inconspicuously is too crucial for my final step. If I’ll succeed, then in a moment of crisis I’ll be in a position to disregard the Godly Retribution, take the final step and grab the final bottleneck in hopes of meeting all the requirements for the Legacy Of The One’s Path and maybe create a miracle…’

    This was his drive to keep deliberating and remain secluded until he will accomplish the task he set for himself.




    The cavern was hit by the quakes from the Godly Law Template’s energy and the formation he erected to shield it from disturbance collapsed in two seconds.

    ‘The Godly Law Template’s aura?! No! It’s much more concentrated than that!’ He had barely enough time to make this realization.

    In the midst of attempt another method to advance the half step and while being in a very delicate state, the fluctuation from the Godly energy pervaded his physique and psyche, harming them both but also providing him the opportunity he sought for.

    From the start he knew he will have to make a sacrifice to hoodwink the Godly Retribution. Bearing the Godly Law Template’s fluctuations in a weakened state had become the case for this part of the plan, and although it was more detrimental than what he aimed for, it had no real malicious intent, apart from that of the flaring Godly Retribution.

    ‘Fight fire with fire!’ Zax gathered his resolve. From the movement in the fluctuations he could tell they were only passing through. He did not know how long it would take them, so he chose to do what he can to pit one Godly power against another.

    He initiated the half step. His spirit dropped the pretense of still being injured from when it was hit by Niel’s Godly Retribution. It stood tall and mighty and moved its right legged forward.

    Slowly, very, very slowly it lifted its heel from the black land of the Inner Panorama. The advancement was as grueling as walking inside a quagmire when you are already down to your throat, not because anything else but the fact that the journey’s aim was the virtually unattainable sixth bottleneck of insight!

    ‘Move! Move faster!’ Zax reared his teeth. The strain on his soul from getting stretched by his relentless spirit was excruciating enough even without the two Godly powers inside of him clashing. ‘Before the Godly Retribution realizes, move!’

    He traversed a quarter of the distance, just about over ten percent of a full stride, but the closer he was to the spark of light the more he was enlightened of the dark attribute and nearer to the goal, although little, the more profound were the insights he gained.

    His spirit’s leg kept pulling ahead, rigorous centimeter by rigorous centimeter, it was the heaviest it ever felt, as if tied to the ankle was a string that its other side was connected to everything within the vista of the Inner Panorama and when it towed, even space shifted.

    Zax, however, was too occupied by his sole mission to witness the metamorphosis that transpired when the sea, sky and land of the Inner Panorama mingled to shambles.

    Twenty percent, thirty, forty…

    Fifty percent of a full stride would leave him a pace away from the spark of light, something he had the capacity to preserve through, but not an inclination of an idea of what would happen next.

    Forty two… forty five… forty nine, fifty percent!

    The spirit’s foot landed and Zax, at last, noticed. Beneath it was no more the solidness of land, but a mixture of dark soil, water and air.

    Left, right, up and down also cease to exist and in their absence also departed his sense of orientation.

    The Godly Retribution was still contending with the fluctuations from the Godly Law Template.

    ‘My Inner Panorama is in disarrangement, but is even more stable than it was before I accomplished the half step. The periphery to the sixth bottleneck of insight is apparently the length of a pace’. He assumed it the cause for the chaotic transformation.

    ‘I must get away for my body and sea of consciousness to recover’. He suppressed the temptation of taking the last step when the Godly Retributions was still busy.

    For all he knew, it could also be deceiving him. Besides, he could only take so much of the genuine Godly Law Template’s fluctuations and the shockwaves from the bombardment the Godly Retribution hurled at them.

    He opened his eyes to see Sun Stones’ light penetrating the cavern that split when the quakes were at their worst, before the breaking of the sealing formation.

    ‘What the hell happened?!’ He got away from the range of the Godly Law Template’s fluctuations. ‘This current of energy!’ Right above the landscape where the cavern was situated was an energy signature he recognized, but on another level than he encountered before.

    ‘What triggered the Godly Law Template’s reemergence? The third lock! But why is it coming from New Earth?!’

    He healed practically the instant he left the range of the fluctuations. He was bodily cultivator whose three aspects were recreated as pure dark attribute and the fluctuations to begin with meant no harm, so they left no adverse effect.

    He wanted to follow the current of Godly energy, but refuted the idea. ‘Anet, Niel, mom, dad, Master…’ Faces of his loved ones resurfaced in mind, relatives and friends.

    His black aura burst and he rocketed back home. On the way he spread his Soul Sense to encompass New Earth, yet its layout and the manner in which it was created made it impossible to completely pass through stone and contain it all.

    ‘Of those present, everyone is safe, but the mist from Laivien’s Essence Cave permeating to the Krikitory tribe. Eldest Martial brother Raroen and big sister Rarahel are probably in their Silverhorned tribe. Where is big sister Shulip?!’ From the list of destinations he was concerned about, Grandmaster Kartion’s caves were the closest.

    He scanned as much of Valgarel as he could and detected his Master blocking the Essence Cave’s mist, Grandmaster Kartion at Laivien’s valley while Mes, Simel and Hagen helping the Krikitories and amending the fissures in the caves and tunnels with formations.

    Where his Soul Sense reached, so could his dark attribute domain. He utilized it to support the caves, adding formations of his own with hints of dark element energy.

    ‘Eldest sister Hagen, go find big sister Shulip!’ Zax sent via his Soul Sense and proceeded to Kingdom Earth.

    He wished he could stay by his Martial family’s side, but his first priority were Anet and Niel!

    It took him a fraction of a second to arrive to cave twenty five and note every residence and resident.

    Anet, Niel, his parents and Lize, as well as his extended family, the friends who lived in cave twenty five and Anet family they were all, luckily, safe.

    Anet and Shadow, two Martial Mortals, shielded the cave twenty five and its adjacent caves with their own domain techniques.

    ‘Can you manage here with Shadow?’ Zax sent Anet.

    She was both surprised and thrilled to hear him. ‘Go!’ Anet replied firmly.

    She wanted to say so much more, but was aware that for him the time she requires to formulate a vowel is worth hours of things he could do and right now he was definitely needed!

    Getting her response by Sublime Soul Sense, it dawned on him that his communicator was still off. Activating it, a multitude of messages rang in his sea of consciousness.

    Most recent and most urgent was sent by Supreme Ruler Ariel…

    “Above the Western Continent… Immortals, hundreds of them, are descending!”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 55 – Immortals Commencing

    “MORIEN!” With bloodlust in her eyes, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya roared.

    Her brown aura lashed belligerently at every direction, barely restrained its fluctuation from, otherwise, spreading and breaking apart the planet.

    “You will die for this, Morien!” The space in a radius of tens of meters around General of the Armies Nikari froze. All the worldly attribute energies in the tens of meters range had transformed to a region of forever cold, a show of his restraint.

    Up in the sky, His Holiness Morien stood with his white robe flapping in the wind, his gaze serene. “It was bound to happen eventually”. He said placidly, as all around him flew hundreds of Immortals.

    Tens of whom belonged to the Holy Palace, the majority being at the Heavenly rank while selected few were at the Sacred rank. As for the rest, they were mostly independent or from other organizations, all Mythical Immortals like His Holiness Morien himself, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and General of the Armies Nikari.

    “This is the decree of The Almighty…” His Holiness Morien whispered and Senior Ohar frowned.

    Moments before the emergence of the many Immortals…

    The four Immortals arrived to the sky domain of the desolate Rising City just when the pathway’s seal broke and the current of Godly power flowed vibrantly out.

    Whatever happened in New Earth was only secondary to their interest; therefore their attention was promptly taken by the course of the Godly power current, which was one of three…

    The currents of the Godly Law Template’s Godly power, from the Down Ocean and Earthly Crater converged with the current from New Earth. They merged together in a rather slow pace that indicated that it would probably take ten to fifteen minutes before they will turn into a coherent whole and reveal the true Godly Law Template. Meanwhile, enchanting fluctuations that both corroded and nursed spread throughout the planet, transforming the environment and all in it, terrain, oceans, vegetation and livings, into that of a whole new and outlandish world.

    As that process just commenced, His Holiness Morien distanced himself from the other three and discharged to space a flare of light element energy.

    His actions were abrupt, while the other three also were concentrating for the Godly Law Template’s completion.

    When they finally reacted, about to question His Holiness Morien, the fluctuations of new Godly power bore down from above…

    A mantle of extraordinary obscurities was removed like a veil that could envelop an entire planet. It was then drawn back inside a white scepter, held reverently by a blond, long haired woman, donning a white robe tied by a belt of golden fabric – short one silvery hue than that of His Holiness Morien.

    Behind were hundreds of Immortals, humans, beasts and other sort of Beings, whom the instance they received the signal from His Holiness Morien, descended upon the planet in pursuit of the Godly Law Template.

    The Immortals were waiting for the Godly Law Template, so even though there was an air of looming scrimmage between them, they kept themselves reserved.

    Zax exited the pathway and found Supreme Ruler Ariel along several of New Earth’s experts and one he was particularly surprised to find among them… Elijah, who he assumed left the planet with his Tals and the Golden Desert Fort’s forces.

    Another shocking revelation was the changes occurring to the planet, which even influenced the order of the worldly attribute energies and consequently, the atmosphere, gravity, temperatures and so on…

    ‘Think!’ Zax composed himself and swiftly summarized the situation.

    The sealing formation on the pathway was broken, so the safety of New Earth’s humans and beasts was uncertain. The five powers arrived with a legion of Immortals, so threatening to spread the word of the Godly Law Template with the Galactic Communicator was null. Sheldon had left on his communicator a message that Senior Ohar arrived, as well as a description of him, but the man he thought met said description seemed to be on the verge of a fight, in other words, not there to help.

    “Return! Go back to New Earth!” He told Supreme Ruler Ariel and the rest. “Evacuate everyone to the farthest caves from the pathway and erect as many protective formations along the way!”

    Right now it was their only option, since even begging the Immortals appeared to be ineffective, at the moment.

    “Don’t die!” Supreme Ruler Ariel ordered after getting the sense that Zax intended to safeguard the rear, and like the ant they were in present company, he and the other New Earth’s experts swarmed back into the pathway.

    “Elijah?” Zax confusedly stared at the man, only to notice that he was not the only one that remained beneath the gradually turning purple sky. “Senior Ar Yen, why are you two still here?! Return to New Earth!”

    They came out after Supreme Ruler Trey, Don and Dan broke the sealing formation on the pathway, so they managed to avoid being scorn as the traitors of New Earth. However, they still offended Yurnal and Grandmaster Kartion. Although they took advantage of the situation to release Yimin and Mernug and notify Yurnal before coming, which is why Yurnal was not among the New Earth’s experts, they were not sure if Zax was informed of their transgressions.

    “Hiding won’t do, Zax”. Supreme Ruler Ar Yen shook his head. “But perhaps, for your sake, you should return… you offended the five powers too many times. It’s dangerous to test the temperament of those Immortals once they shift their attention to you. Go help Senior Ariel and leave dealing with the Immortals to me and Senior Elijah”.

    “Senior Ar Yen-”

    “You don’t need to understand, Zax Zel”. Elijah interrupted. “Go and seal the pathway behind you!”

    Their resolution spawned from something that eluded Zax, with all his knowledge of the means they can possibly have to initiating a discourse. From his perspective, they can exchange a word or two before getting dismissed or worse… killed.

    “Good luck”. He knew nothing else to say, as he meant to complete the foundation of the defensive formation Supreme Ruler Ariel left for him and add to them of his own power.

    Elijah and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen will either succeed or never return to New Earth

    “When are you planning to address the Immortal?” Supreme Ruler Ar Yen asked Elijah after Zax’s departure.

    “When they will give us the chance. Until then, let’s get as far away from here as we can. General Beking sent me a transmission that she, and the other leaders and subordinates of the five powers, had left the planet and of what about to transpire, maybe only the Overlord Deformed Beings and the two of us will live to see the aftermath”. Elijah turned his back to the pathway and fled to the best place he gathered it would be safe for him and Supreme Ruler Ar Yen to stay at, the Trident Peaks of the Northern Icecaps, home of the most mysterious and strongest Deformed Being!

    “All of you are intruding on the property of the Voltic Star, Planetary Battalion and Holy Palace!” Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya warned the hundreds of Immortals with no relation to one of the three forces.

    “We were all invited by His Holiness Morien”, an ancient looking Immortal, wearing a colorful cloak, with a decaying camel head and empty eye sockets heckled. His words were imbued with the caliber of a Mythical Immortal and dark element energy.

    “Morien, your God cannot claim the Godly Law Template, so why are you giving it up in his decree?” General of the Armies Nikari repressed his anger and joined Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and Senior Ohar’s side as they posed a united front.

    “You ask, Nikari, but am I to question the Lord’s decree?” His Holiness Morien said, almost helplessly. “My advice to you is to spare yourself the search for answer and concentrate on the Godly Law Template. I haven’t given up on it and would cleanse from this Valley whoever I need to obtain it”.

    “Hahaha, exactly right, my host”. A burly beast, Sacred Immortal, the size of a small mountain with blue fur, two head and back horns smacked its hind and front hooves together.

    “Sir Nikari, Miss Kitanoriya, please forgive these measly Sacred Immortal lovers for the intrusion”. A twelve meters tall alluring woman with gray skin, black makeup and black hair combed like four horns, stood next to the mountain size blue beast.

    They, and in fact all of those below the Mythical rank, were lying in wait right outside the exosphere, prying for an opportunity to arise when the higher rank Immortal will start fighting.

    General of the Armies Nikari and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya ignored all of the “weaklings”. Their prime rival was His Holiness Morien and the Holy Palace’s Immortals that could supplement him with their formations. Next were the Mythical Immortals that arrived with company from foreign organizations and lastly were the seven independent Mythical Immortals.

    ‘I’m here, just like you wanted’. The one Immortal expert who did not covet the Godly Law Template thought to himself.

    Senior Ohar quietly observed everything happening and on his red mug not one readable sign.

    ‘But you haven’t told me why am I here? Is it for the Godly Law Template? You don’t need it and I don’t want it. Is it to see my juniors and nephews safe voyage? They already left. Or is it to help Kitanoriya, at the cost of my promise to my junior?’ He mused as time trickled and everyone was waiting for the Godly Law Template to take corporal form. ‘And what about him…? I offered my friendship to him because of you, as I did in the past with Sheldon, but saving him would incur endless amount of troubles if Kitanoriya, Morien and Nikari would oppose, which they definitely will’.

    He watched attentively as the currents of Godly power came out to their fullest from the Down Ocean, Earthly Crater and New Earth. He saw Zax finally completing the defensive formation, after making sure all the Godly power left New Earth. He witnessed the Godly aura and energy solidifying to a smooth rectangle plate of no definite color, not one his eyes could determine. And he felt a ripple, the first after the amalgamation of the Godly Law Template that did not belong to it, the beating motion to war!

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!

    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 56 – Crescendo

    There was only rule… leave the planet intact.

    The Godly Law Template’s aura was contained, not a wisp of fluctuation seeped out. To the touch it was now no different than a curved piece of stone, but to the eyes… It exuded a radiant glow, like a miniature sun. Its glare could blind mortals and was too bright for Immortals to make up its hue, much less content. As for Soul Sense, Sublime Soul Sense or Immoral Sense, those were only slightly better than a direct stare.

    Three silhouettes of indomitable Beings, first and simultaneously, pierced through the indistinct light, General of the Armies Nikari, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and His Holiness Morien.

    They were at the epitome of their rank as Immortals and the only one present that could top them, Senior Ohar, had come to assist, not to pursue.

    “Go!” Someone yelled, but in the great brilliance it was too hard to assess the person. Either way, to the command the remaining Mythical Immortal made their move.

    Following next were the Immortals of the Holy Palace.

    Eyes closed, they varied in form and shape. Some were humans; fewer were beasts and less were Beings of other kind.

    They spread around, forming a formation with three at the center. Together, by the grace of The Almighty who bestowed the technique, their amalgamation equaled the grandeur of a Neonate Immortal.

    Last but not least were the Heavenly ranked and Sacred ranked Immortals beyond the exosphere.

    Auras with shades from the full spectrum of colors painted the firmament like a garden of blooming flowers of all breeds and types. They did not move, nor falter, only stayed there for an opportune moment.

    Senior Ohar kept to the sidelines. Expressionless he watched while still musing over the purpose of him being here, since there must have been more than fulfilling a promise to Sheldon and assisting Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya.

    What he saw as he strived to glimpse past the glow were multiple figures he could only deduce their identity by signature of their elements’ fluctuations.

    ‘Kitanoriya, Morien and Nikari dominate the battlefield’. It was an obvious observation. They were the strongest Immortals on the scene, after him. ‘The distance between them and the template is shrinking… three hundred meters, two hundred ninety nine… They advance at a moderate pace. Good, it means that they and everyone else is conscious to the current instabilities in the planet that were caused by the conversion’.

    The repercussions of destroying any Star were enormous, such that even a God will not necessarily defend an Immortal for it. Destroying a habitable Star was an even greater crime and a Core Star that was the most essential component of an entire Plain… even Gods would shriek in fear.

    ‘Kitanoriya, I’m entering the fray’. He sent via his Immortal Sense. She was too occupied with General of the Armies Nikari and His Holiness Morien, so he treated her silence as affirmation and stepped to block the Neonate formation of the Holy Palace

    Anet, Niel, his parents and everyone else of his loved ones were evacuated to a remote cave in El-Eden by Supreme Ruler Ariel and the local experts of his region in Kingdom Earth.

    The division of the evacuation teams was implemented with accordance to locality. Supreme Ruler Trey supervised the evacuation in her region, Tongguo, and in the absence of Supreme Ruler Ar Yen, former Supreme Ruler Gid Chu took control of Shitou.

    The same happened in Valgarel, only there the leaders of the top tribes and Yurnal managed the withdrawal entire beast population.

    "What's going on, Zax?" Anet anxiously clutched to him in one hand and with the other held Niel's arm so tight that there was a risk of it breaking.

    She was not alone in her wariness… the tension in the cave’s air was so thick it nearly scorched the senses.

    The booming sounds from the battle above could be heard traveling through the pathway and spreading in New Earth. Additionally, when the Godly Law Template's Godly power clashed with the sealing formation, the supposedly impenetrable network of caves and tunnels suffered fissures from the bombardment that weakened its resilience. This resulted in multitude of major Sun Stone storms all across New Earth and a latent fear that humanity and beasts' home and safe haven for thousands of years might meet its demise.

    “Immortals have descended our world”. Zax spoke candidly.

    “Immortals?” His response encountered mixed reactions.

    The concept of Immortality was obscure to the mind of common people, non cultivators. The Martial Mortal realm was the height of their understanding and even it was pronounced as a “very strong level” by most people. Only those with some sort of connection to actual Martial Mortals or prominent Core Master, had a tiny inclination of Immortals, but also as entities the same as the worshiped Gods in Ercas Mir or historical records from before the great immigration.

    “Anet, mom, dad”, Zax smiled at them as they all gathered around him. “It would be okay. Everything will be okay. Before I returned I saw Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and Senior Elijah, who invented one of the three famous bodily refinement techniques. They chose to remain above the ground. Senior Elijah had joined the Golden Desert Fort many years ago; he can talk with the Immortal behind them. Let us for now wait for news from them”.

    It was not a lie, but neither something he believed in. He knew the purpose of the Immortal powerhouses’ arrival and had zero doubts that they will go to any length to obtain it.

    He was not a hypocrite… he also had doubts that if he was in their stead, perhaps he too would have ignored the lives of billions mortal humans and beasts for a gain such as the Godly Law Template.

    ‘Join us, Zax’. He received transmission from Supreme Ruler Ariel.

    ‘I’m being summoned’. He sent Anet.

    She understood.

    “Mom, dad”, she looked to her parents, Zetsa, Serah, Dane and all the familiar places. For a moment she struggled with what she should say and then her hand got pulled and she glanced at Niel. “We should organize a place for us to pass time calmly until Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and Senior Elijah return with the good news”.

    “How much of what you’ve told them is the truth?” Supreme Ruler Ariel erected an invisible formation that included Zax and thirty eight more men and women, patriarchs and matriarchs, heads of organizations and El-Eden’s officials.

    “If you trust Senior Ar Yen and Senior Elijah, then all of it”. Zax replied just as candidly as before he exaggerated to reassure his family and friends.

    “Trust them?” A red headed young looking man snorted. He was a beast in human form, his name was Uhal and he was Sinister Chain’s Second Leader’s Yurnal’s eldest apprentice.

    He learned of what happened to his Master’s son and apprentice brother after his Master received them from Supreme Ruler Ar Yen and Elijah, and he was not the only one who knew.

    “You were not informed, have you?” A thin, old man with a rough old voice mocked. “Even after growing up and surpassing all of us you still do things too rashly like a silly boor”.

    “Superintendent Ten”, Zax greeted.

    “How are you, boy?” The old man, Superintendent Ten, softened his voice and withdrew his aura of a third level Martial Mortal, a record he could achieve thanks to the resources Zax had obtained for Kingdom Earth.

    “Superintendent Ten, what do you mean ‘not informed’?” Zax’s expression, in contrast, changed to a somber countenance.

    “Ar Yen and Elijah… when you secluded yourself, they conspired to get Yurnal and your Master’s insights in order to enhance Elijah’s Scarlet Armor, whilst claiming they can exchange it for our New Earth and its citizen’s security”.

    “They did what?!” Zax’s tone was flat, as he felt that should he allow himself express his emotion, he will incidentally let loose his aura.

    “My Master’s son and apprentice brother were held hostages by the pair of lowlifes. They used them to force Elder Master to impart his insights of the Infinite Transformations Altering Body bodily refinement technique. Furthermore, they also gave him an ultimatum for taking his son and apprentice. He could either make an oath to forget their transgressions and take Yimin and Mernug immediately or wait for them to fulfill their plans, that is, extort Kartion of his insights and contact the Immortals of the five powers”. Uhal narrated.

    ‘Master’, outraged, Zax sent a transmission to Kartius’s communicator.

    ‘Zax, my Martial son, I’ve waited for your communication after Martial niece Hagen told me that you contacted her’. Kartius sounded whacked. He did not inquire about Zax’s closed doors session since he was mostly certain it went badly due to the untimely turbulences in New Earth.

    ‘Master, tell me what occurred between Grandmaster, Ar Yen and Elijah’. Zax requested impatiently.

    ‘What happened…’ Kartion related with no reservation. Although from a certain point of view it was humiliating and he was the Master while Zax the apprentice, they were family, and that was enough to overthrow pride.

    ‘Alright, I get the picture, as long as everyone fine’. Zax heaved. ‘How is big sister Shulip, Eldest Martial brother Raroen and big sister Rarahel?’

    ‘They are back to your Martial uncle’s cave. The Grayfeather tribe and other small and middle tribe had sought refuge with us’.

    ‘The more the merrier’. Zax was sad that he could not also be with his Martial family, but was glad that in this time of crisis there were more by their side, other than the Krikitory tribe. ‘Martial father, if there is anything you need-’

    ‘I know. Keep safe. We’ll speak later, face to face’.

    The conversation was over, and not only it. Supreme Ruler Ariel and the thirty eight men and women also finished their discussion.

    The group broke apart as each of them joined the coping population. If they had family or friends they came by their side, otherwise they either guarding the defensive formations or just mingled in the crowd.

    Zax also returned to his family. He found Anet assisting in an early dinner preparations, his son and nephew showing off a mist show with Liz clapping vigorously among the smiling kids watching; his mother, father, Anet’s parents and more relatives bussing themselves whichever way they can and also his childhood who happened to be brought to the same cave, together with their families, old and young.

    Powerlessness made him feel like the small child he once was, when he was nicknamed Earth’s Core Freak and before his big sister agreed to train him in her rundown apartment building with the Inner Spirit formation.

    He sighed and let go of the responsibilities that right now only weighed on him without the ability to do anything about them.



    Rules meant to be broken.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 57 – Sixth Bottleneck Of Insight


    A voice so faint that it could get blown by the lightest breeze… that was the last thing he heard from her.

    Everything slowed down till it got frozen in place after the explosion. A sense of incomprehensible dread consumed from the very depth of his being. He wanted to reach out, to charge with his dark attribute energy and what minuscule amount of dark element energy he could muster, but for this instance his perception was heightened well beyond all other of his capabilities. Thus, he could only watch.

    The ceiling cracked and split, raining rocks and Sun Stones like meteors, as a wave of indescribable energy unleashed its wrath from above in a passing, instigating a chain of cataclysmic devastation.

    Quick to die were those on high ground, buildings and hillside streets. Even before they were engulfed by the blazing heat the wave emitted, they were pulverized by the ceiling's debris.

    There was no sound to the initial scene of destruction, as it failed to keep up and by the time it did, it was absorbed by a succeeding cacophony of havoc.

    'N-o!' Zax uttered with great difficulty. His eyes barely registered the sudden explosion when the death toll already numbered tens of thousands.

    Then, came the heat from the wave.

    Those who were in the open, shelter seekers like his family and friends that were evacuated to the distant caves from the pathway, were struck head first, body instantaneously next.

    They lit up like torches dipped in oil.

    "MO-M! DA-D!" He finally was able to raise up the pace and hoarsely yell.

    A dark attribute domain emerged and spread, his fastest response. Triggered by turbulent emotions, it encompassed more rapidly than ever!

    He had to save them!

    He must not let their deaths happen before his eyes, when he is so close to prevent it!

    Why were they on an elevated ground?

    It was only centimeters above where they stood just a few steps before, meters farther than where they were, but catching up to those parameters was time consuming when time was the sole thing he lacked.

    "NOOOOO!" Zax bellowed with a face so ashen it was sickly white.

    He got them, many he got!

    Friends, relatives, strangers, tens, hundreds of thousands.

    But for hundreds of thousands others he was too late.

    His parents, his grandparents, Serah's parents, his childhood friend Mi and her two daughters.

    The list went on and on, but only two names had really captured Zax's attention in the final moment of their lives…

    "Mom, dad". He weakly whispered as he stared at the void, broken. Outlines of their figures still in his view.

    They never realized even when their bodies were set by ablaze, as it devoured all too fast, immediately transforming them to a pile of ash.




    His dark attribute domain trembled, on the verged of collapse by the brunt of direct contact with the wave. It bought just enough time for Supreme Ruler Ariel and a handful of others to react.

    Alas, it all amounted for only the sufficient timespan for them to change countenance.


    He was unable to preserve against the might of an Immortal induced shockwave.

    His heart palpitated, yet again he is going to suffer a loss, and now on a much greater scale!

    She was slow, despite being a Martial Mortal, but her reaction gradually took shape… tears and confusion. Her gaze was still fixated on him, so she has not witnessed his loss, but the shattering events behind him still landed in her line of sight.

    He noticed the mild shift in her face, the awareness, and his attention reverted back to the living. Nevertheless, the debris and the emitted heat were merely trivial in every aspect in comparison to the incoming wave.

    'POWER!' There was no other word to describe what he needed.

    He made the choice.

    Although the death of his parents left a deep mark on his soul, debilitated his mental states, he threw caution to the wind.

    'GO! GO! GO! Take it!' He urged his spirit to graved the spark of light in front of it, the sixth and last bottleneck of insight, and it ecstatically obeyed!

    He always suspected that taking the final stride forward would incur the Godly Retribution's full judgement. He became positive of its obstinate intent to hurt him when Sister Iaura's prayer resulted in worse outcome than unrequited… The only thing he was oblivious about was the reason, what sin did he commit that had made him so deplorable?

    Unanswered questions were a distraction he could not bear its consequences.

    His spirit moved, pulling the membrane of his soul, the step it could take unhindered, extending its reach for the sixth bottleneck was the trial in which it will not be able to allude the Godly Retribution.


    The step had been accomplished and the anarchic visage of his Inner Panorama began to quiver.

    'PERISH!' An unfamiliar voice rang in his sea of consciousness.

    Since it bore upon him, for the very first time, the Godly Retribution had declared its purpose.

    Not to punish, reprimand, edify or mere harm, but to completely annihilate!


    The protective formations blocking the Godly Retribution's oppression vibrated, their resistance plunged as they deconstructed for the last time.

    A white glow manifested, illuminating everything within Zax's sea of consciousness. Like an infection, where the great light touched, be it the randomly spread sky, sea and land of the Inner Panorama or the involving black space of the sea of consciousness, it split to white tendrils that then weaved in an attempt to squash Zax's mind world.

    Even his spirit, soul and own naked manifestation were no exception to the assimilation, albeit it was under a rather sluggish progress.

    The pain was numbing. It exceeded Zax's threshold by a margin of a whole new horizon, which was his sole silver lining, otherwise he might have been able to hold on longer, but not still persist in any way for the sixth bottleneck.

    His spirit’s finger elongated for the grab, his right hand palm closing on the spark of light.


    The arm was squeezed and torn.


    The left arm, too.

    ‘Grrrab it!’ Zax gruffly pronounced. Of his manifested naked body he only got left his chest, portions of his arms and head.

    His spirit endured. It had no more steps to take, nor hands to pick, so it leaped, opened its mouth through the tearing membrane of the soul and chomped.


    Ercas Mir.

    “Why, Morien?!” Senior Ohar howled.

    “The will of The Almighty”, His Holiness Morien piously carried his words. “Who are we to question?”

    In the battle for the Godly Law Template, of the hundreds Immortals, around one hundred remained. A large number died by the attacks of the several Mythical Immortals and a larger number fled in dismay, some to keep their lives and others to not get apprehended…

    Baleful emerald flames swelled in jewel embedded at the center of Senior Ohar’s forehead and in their midst a devil of rage.

    The answer Senior Ohar demanded was to one vital question, related to the action that brought forth calamity for the Core Star, and consequently the entire Milky Way Plain.

    Broadly, what he asked was “Why did he intercept his attack from striking down the reckless Heavenly Immortal, before the fiery element energy of his self detonation landed on the planet”.

    “All of you help me mend the Core Star!” General of the Armies Nikari hollered at the Immortals still present, while at a corner of his eye he focused on the departing Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya.

    It was because of His Holiness Morien’s misdirection during their bout that she chanced upon the opening to snatch the Godly Law Template. Following that, she exploited the shock everyone received by seeing the Core Star on the verge of ruin to escape, whilst throwing and incinerating a golden piece of paper, her ownership certificate of a third of Ercas Mir.

    “Ohar!” General of the Armies Nikari called. If it was a regular planet, he could restore it without a problem.

    ‘When are you planning to appear?!’ Senior Ohar yelled inwardly and hastened to assist General of the Armies Nikari. ‘Was it this? You really wanted me to only help Kitanoriya’. Disgruntled he turned for the other Immortals. “Help or you won’t find refuge anywhere in the first Valley!”

    As for His Holiness Morien... He did as The Almighty decreed, at the cost of the Godly Law Template. His role here was finished. With no faith in a bunch of Immortal thinking they can do a God’s job, he took out his ownership certificate of a third of Ercas Mir, burnt it and prepared to leave when...


    He paused, trained his vision below with an incredulous expression.

    “Evolutionary Ascension? No, this is… immaculate!”

    Zax succeeded to capture the sixth bottleneck of insight and his spirit was undergoing resplendent transformations as it precipitously comprehended it.

    But just as he felt a wisp of newfound power sprouting in his sea of consciousness, it echoed again…


    The momentum halted and the postpone was over.

    The time that stopped for him to make a last ditch effort to gain the strength to save his loved one, reversed.

    In the crucial moment his Evolutionary Ascension commenced, the Godly Retribution shackled him to a state of sensory augmentation and bound him on a path of deprivation.

    He was unable to move, to speak, to ascend, only get swarmed by the sounds and scenes of his world ending…

    Niel and Jingrow succumbing to the wave that took their grandparents while a flash in their eyes reveals a desire to protect the children gathered around them and aunt, Liz.

    Zetsa and her husband, Grerown, holding hands, calling for their son and perishing togather, incapable of ever getting to him.

    Supreme Ruler Ariel erupts with all of his fifth level Martial Mortal strength and spent to death, saving no one.

    His Master Kartius, Grandmaster Kartion and all of his Martial brothers and sisters, who were fortunate to sense the wave early to its arrival, in their big, animalistic forms, covering to their last breath a white doe.

    His beloved wife, Anet, still waiting for him to save the day, until the death of their son, for then she welcomed hers.

    He lost it.

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    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 58 – Evolutionary Ascension

    Heart Devil, more than just a saying, an actual intangible Being that is a representation of inner wickedness. It is birthed once, during a mortal’s Evolutionary Ascension, by a union between utmost desire and Nature.

    Its reason for being is an instrument for Nature's retaliation. Nature loves mortals and abhors Immortals, for it, they are all Beings that liberated themselves from the cycle of life to rein free in its cosmos and abuse its laws and elemental energies.

    As a sort of obstacle and punishment, the Heart Devil nips at the culmination of the mortal Martial path, spoiling it. If not stopped, it will devour the entire cultivation base, leaving the ascendant bare to endure the Evolutionary Ascension, a death sentence. Caught and vanquished on time, a Heavenly Immortal would be born.

    On his knees, pupils rolled back, Zax bellowed to the light of purple sky that breached the cracks of the once impenetrable ceiling of New Earth.

    His body was covered by ugly black burns, his right arm and left leg nothing but black bones, seemingly unrecoverable; the smoldering shockwave induced from a Heavenly Immortal's attack came up short at taking the life of a cultivator in the Mortal Enlightenment state.

    The aura of ascension shrouded him, as he was in the midst of evolution, but his lucid frame of mind was deprived of him by the scenes and sounds imposed on him by the Godly Retribution.

    He saw them die, burnt to ash, saw them torn apart, crashed, yelling for help, blaming him… he saw and heard over and over again in an unending sequence of agony.

    He lost reason, wanted to die, consumed by unadulterated hatred, yet was feeble, capable of only loosening his voice until it, also, was too hoarse to make a sound.

    Eventually he was brought to a physical and mental stillness, in the same wretched pose, whilst his Evolutionary Ascension proceeding toward failure.

    The energy signature of the Evolutionary Ascension rattled the Immortals to their core, not because of how unexpectedly it happened in this particular moment, but due to what their senses read from it.

    Senior Ohar utilized eighty percent of his power to mend the Core Star, along General of the Armies Nikari and the four dozen Immortals who were influenced by his warning.

    'This is definitely the signature of a dark element Evolutionary Ascension'. He determined. 'But the fluctuations are on a ridiculous scale! Is this birth of a new Heavenly Immortal the purpose I was sent here?'

    General of the Armies Nikari had a nasty mug. After snatching the Godly Law Template and leaving, Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya rescinded her claim on the Core Star and so did His Holiness Morien, once he assumed it is irredeemable. However, General of the Armies Nikari had another hypothesis for His Holiness Morien's irrational conduct… The Almighty had already promised him something just as precious or even more than the Godly Law Template.

    Worse still, now an Immortal was in the process of emerging from where the aboriginal supposed to be located!

    With nothing but a Core Star and a Plain on the verge of collapse, even if by some sort of miracle, they will be able to salvage it, General of the Armies Nikari would be left with no reward worthy a Godly Law Template and someone with greater claim for the Core Star.

    By law of the Three Valleys, the first aboriginal to successfully accomplish Evolutionary Ascension in his or her Home Star can raise a petition to reclaim it.

    His Holiness Morien meaningfully stared below, his gaze piercing through the cracks to New Earth, landing on the miserable figure standing on its knees and leaning back, inaudibly wailing with an expression of sorrow.

    Gradually, the solemn glint in his eyes softened. He silently uttered a prayer no one could hear, pointed his hand down and shot a white beam that traveled many times above the speed of light for Zax, a killing blow.

    "This has gone too far…" A single phrase reverberated, sounding as if it originates from every corner of the planet, no! Every area in the entire Milky Way Plain.

    Time stopped, or rather the following things to transpire happened so fast even to a Neonate Immortal like Senior Ohar an extreme instant had become months and years.

    A lone woman, draped in a blue and shiny armor, at least three meters tall, appeared before Zax. She had a crown of seven short dark blue horns and azure skin. Her hair, which was just as long as her height, was pitch black.

    She stood in silence after her five words proclamation, her gaze both peaceful and apologetic, as if there was nothing for her to learn since she already knew it all and now was only relating to a poor soul.

    Glancing aside, she noted the concentrated beam of white element energy. She tapped it and it dissolved to the ether.

    "That's an intervention". Suddenly a new voice said.

    Next to the blue scheme seven horned woman and Zax, another figure appeared.

    This time it was a man, muscular and short with dark brown skin, dark brown three pairs of eyes, dark brown hair and wearing a black robe with gray and white patterns. He had four arms folded and long pointy ears, no nose or lips.

    "He is Gogenta's heir and progeny. I was too late to save his kin. Hereon I will not ignore his plight while another readily tormenting him". The woman retorted.

    The brown man shook his head. "I'm just reminding a new God what we can and cannot do in the First Valley. Saving his kin would have been a problem, but him… Yerfijado's name was evoked by him, hence he is entitled. You, Bimentia, are a new God, meaning for this period of time, until you'll head for the Second Valley, some minor misdemeanors can be written off. As for myself, he obtained my perfect dark attribute's essence, should he accede he deserves the right to join the banner of I, Demirva Of the Hollow".

    "Call it a minor misdemeanor, then". God Bimentia pocked Zax's forehead, dispelling the Godly Retribution.

    "He is undergoing Evolutionary Ascension, moreover after comprehending the six bottlenecks of insight. For this we cannot do anything".

    "And stopping Yerfijado from giving him trouble in the future, should he survive the ascension?" God Bimentia inquired.

    "You removed the Godly Retribution. With that, he lost the eligibility to pester him in person in the First Valley. Nevertheless, he can use his Holy Palace's Immortals to do the work for him. If, however, this heir of Gogenta, Zax Zel, will decide to follow my warrior, Ohar of Renzine, then Yerfijado would really become powerless".

    “You think Ohar will be able to control a transcendent of the six mortal tribulations?” God Bimentia denied. “Of the three possible outcomes, the only one I see for him surviving the ascension is Infernal…”

    The Heart Devil has no shape. It is more like a vacuum that manifests in the foundation of a mortal’s cultivation, be it the soul, the body or the dantian.

    Zax was a bodily cultivator in his roots, but his Evolutionary Ascension did not result from bodily culmination. It was called upon the unthinkable, comprehending the six bottlenecks of insight.

    When the Heart Devil spawned within his cells, aiming to nip away the body, it was immediately repressed by six sparks of light, drawn back like a shadow escaping the sun.

    Such a feat could only be achieved by those who comprehended the six bottlenecks, transcended the six mortal tribulations.

    Nevertheless, avoiding a scuffle with the Inner Devil is impossibility. It was a living being, adaptable and prone to growth by challenge. And for it the only challenge that can prevent it from realizing its purpose and drive it to evolve is the perfect combination of the six sparks of light.

    Expelled from contact with the three aspects, the Inner Devil enlarged from a colorless vacuum to a vibrant force to be reckoned with it. Its aim moved to Zax’s spirit, just when the Godly Retribution was removed and a morsel of self awareness rekindled in him.

    ‘M-y A-net…’ Zax’s soul was fraught with tears and holes and the voice that mourned came right from inside it, his spirit. ‘Ni-el…’ One with his spirit he brokenly recounted. ‘Ze-tsa…’

    A multicolored whirlpool coursed past a hole in the membrane of the soul. In its evolved state, the Inner Devil developed a rudimentary level of sentience, beyond its innate disposition. Instead of the cultivation base, it pried on the heart, for if it could not destroy a mortal’s Martial path, it would have the ascendant do it.

    Reaching Zax’s spirit, it latched to it and reiterated all of his regrets and pains.

    If Yerfijado The Almighty ever had a plan to ruin him, this was its most essential part. And yet, although it came to fruition, the one component he relied on the most was taken off the equation.

    Zax suffered, the Inner Devil ate at him even more cruelly than the Godly Retribution, when it amplified his senses to repeatedly feel New Earth and its inhabitants’ damnation.

    The difference, however, was that he no longer confined to an inability.

    ‘M-om, d-ad, Liz, Master, LAIVIEN, MES, SERAH…!’

    The momentum he was deprived from reignited and the feelings that were constrained to accumulate found an outlet.

    The Inner Devil brought the worse for him, but he only accepted it as fuel to rage.


    Love was stripped from his heart.


    Hate, desire for revenge was all that remained and from mad he transitioned to insane.

    He did not know he was undergoing a very unique Evolutionary Ascension or what thing is the creature leeching of his spirit. He only cared that it conformed to the perverted transformation of his temperament and fit what he wanted.

    ‘GIVE! GIVE!’

    His spirit regrew its right arm and used it and its left to clutch the Inner Devil. Unhooking its jaw, it took a bite of the Inner Devil.

    ‘GIVE! GIVE!’

    A tint of black smeared its mouth, spreading.

    ‘GIVE! GIVE!’

    For every bit the Inner Devil sucked, the Spirit bit twice.

    ‘GIVE! GIVE!’

    The aura within the Evolutionary Ascension intensified as it approached the pinnacle.

    ‘GIVE! GIVE-’


    A black hand split Zax’s head.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 59 – Fated Kin

    “As expected, he chose the Infernal Immortal route and is now in a critical state… at this rate he will die”. God Demirva assessed.

    The black hand that pierced Zax's head actually came from inside of it.


    Another pierced out, five finger stretched.

    Both hands grabbed the split skull and strenuously tried to pry it open.

    "He is absorbing the Inner Devil". God Bimentia said, in her tone an indistinct vibe of incredulity, even though she predicted Zax's choice. "The six bottlenecks', six tribulations' Evolutionary Ascension reconstructs fully the three aspects…"

    Anyone who comprehends only five bottlenecks, withstands only five tribulations or less, will not be able to deter completely the Heart Devil from his or her cultivation base, but to a certain degree depending on the number of bottlenecks achieved. As a result of the Martial culmination being tampered, the spirit of the soon to be Heavenly Immortal would extend solely to the heart, merge with it and share a permanent blissful, eternal elemental transformation.

    "The odds were stacked against him from the beginning. Yerfijado's faction opposes the existence of Legacy Of The One’s Path. When Zax evoked his name he discovered him as a potential heir and could not allow the risk of him transcending the six tribulation and purifying the Heart Devil, taking a stride past the threshold of the Celestial Immortal route. Yerfijado's options were, most preferably, making Zax fail his Evolutionary Ascension or driving him to the Infernal route". God Demirva explained.

    Meanwhile, the two black hands were having problems executing the strength to push apart Zax's skull, like a chick struggling to hatch from its shell.

    "The strain from a perfect reconstruction is identical to a Neonate breakthrough, but a mortal's foundation, no matter how flawless, cannot match a Peak ranked Mythical Immortal, which is why statistically only one mortal that transcended the six tribulation out of quadrillion, more in my opinion, successfully passes the Evolutionary Ascension".

    "Well he is not a mere one out of quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion…" God Bimentia defended. "But one out of the entire Three Valleys who has and passed the condition to cultivate Legacy Of The One’s Path, even more so by taking the wretched Infernal Immortal route, like his predecessor…" Her eyes gleamed as she gazed away from Zax. "The loss of his past driving him, but it's insufficient. He needs a future, something familiar. Back then, Gogenta was fortunate enough to find one on his own. But this child is in a far more miserable condition".

    "That's the second". God Demirva remarked, meaning second intervention and misdemeanor. "And do you really believe that you can help it?"

    "For this, Nature will find a way…"

    Far off in the distance, where an Essence Cave that had all its mist dispersed at the collapse of New Earth, was a small valley.

    At the center of the valley, several scorched figures, surrounded by huge piles of ash, covered a dead black burnt doe.

    The doe's abdomen was swollen, indication of pregnancy, and inside the weakening beat of a tiny heart still sounded.

    God Bimentia's attention fixated on the preserving heart. Blue aura shone around her, signs of exertion across her face.

    Back in the doe's abdomen an icy cocoon materialized, encasing the embryo of a four legged beast.

    "Unbelievable!" God Demirva exclaimed. "By all means, the baby was destined to die the day it received its injury... The mutation it underwent could not be cured or supplemented by its mother. Nevertheless, it insists to preserve even after its world turned to hell. This beast… extracting its type is the easy of the two hurdles and already can only be done by the Law of a God. You intend…?"

    A cocoon of ice the size of a fist floated back to God Bimentia and she caressed it affectionately. "Through my Law I can sense ties between these children of Gogenta. This beast… Gogenta is more amazing than I thought I knew. Not only did he create a suitable descendant to inherit the Legacy, this other descendant of his is something that can fluster the Three Valleys!

    "Indeed", God Demirva admitted. "Such Being… finding it a way to live will summon hordes of risks and trials to its caretaker. Are you sure about it?"

    "From this day forth, they are each other's last fated kin. I won't separate them. Besides, except from Gods, few can provide the particular nourishment the mutation requires. The child Zax's dantian, as an Infernal Immortal's, meets incubator's requirements. While this unborn beast meets the incentive role's requirements for him to strive past this Evolutionary Ascension and the things awaiting afterwards…"

    With this words, God Bimentia injected the icy cocoon to the dantian region of Zax's spirit.

    He felt tired…

    He consumed so much from this odd Being that leeching his spirit, shrinking it to a fifth of its original size. Its innate wickedness magnified the terror he became. Yet, in spite of feeling invigorated by this seemingly endless charge, bit by bit he was waning.


    A sudden burst of cold within him startled him awake.


    He was confused. Before it, all that was on his mind were hatred, vengeance and the likes…


    A pulse sounded reverberating from the place of coldness.


    It beat like a giant drum.


    What it is he was not in the state of mind to think about.


    He could only infer a familiar sense from it that he tried to cling on to, and whenever it threatened to slip, he would muster greater effort to keep it close.

    "It's working". God Demirva praised.

    The black hands pushed Zax's skull, extending their arms out. Then a head emerged, black and shiny, as Zax's body decayed and crashed. Torso, loins, legs, feet… a black, humanoid Being, Zax's spirit and new body of dark element stood nude and tall, while his old one broke to smithereens like a leaf in winter.

    God Bimentia and God Demirva looked at him, knowing he passed the Evolutionary Ascension and that a Heavenly Infernal Immortal was born, but did not declare it yet.

    "Help me shroud his initial Infernal aura". God Bimentia told God Demirva, who complied, and together they created a mantle of dark and blue around Zax.

    Above them in the purple sky…

    When Zax’s spirit emerged as his newly formed Immortal body, its pace of coming out, unlike the two Gods, could not escape the perception of the Immortals mending the planet and His Holiness Morien.

    Their reaction…

    “What is this?” An independent ape type beast, Mythical Immortal frowned. “What sort of Evolutionary Ascension is this? His spirit, instead of slowly extending through the ranks, discarded the mortal three aspect from the get go, became a complete elemental soul, body and dantian?”

    The comprehension of the six bottlenecks and transcendence of the six mortal tribulations is so rare; the subsequent concepts of the Immortals accomplishing these two feats, Infernals and Celestials, are legends – at least for those who are not part of a major organization in the Three Valleys.

    Senior Ohar, General of the Armies Nikari, His Holiness Morien and five other Mythical and Sacred Immortals spectated the phenomenon that his mere neonatal presence made their cultivation base waver.

    It was not strong or intimidating, but there was something to it that was more whole than they can ever be.

    ‘I know!’ Senior Ohar restrained the shock from interfering with pouring his energy to mend the Core Star. ‘My God Demirva sent me for him!’

    “Him” being the Zax that passed his Evolutionary Ascension.

    ‘Is he, really, an Infernal Immortal?!’ His Holiness Morien had hard time believing. ‘The Almighty… have I disappointed him?!’ He thought reluctantly and fearfully.

    ‘An aboriginal Infernal Immortal?!’ General of the Armies Nikari stared with killing intent. He did not worry anymore about losing the Core Star to the first aboriginal to experience Evolutionary Ascension on it, but the scourge that he, and all of those directly or indirectly are responsible for, had created. ‘Should he be allowed to grow…’

    Then black and blue blocked their vision.

    “Now, seal it in him!” God Bimentia said.

    Inside the black and blue mantle, Zax was undergoing the last phase of his successful Infernal Evolutionary Ascension.

    A golden tint, the distinguishing features of an Infernal Immortal, surfaced on his black dark element body.

    The gold mixed with the black, arousing that true Infernal aura, as well as bringing Zax back to awareness.

    “Concealing an Infernal Immortal, that’s a third and is not at all ‘minor’!” God Demirva reproached, yet did as told.

    He became a God innumerable years before God Bimentia’s ancestors learned to walk, but from the Law she displayed her power was not inferior to his by one bit. Befriending such a new God and pulling her to his faction by committing a slightly big misdemeanor was worth it. Not to mention that said “misdemeanor” was for a third party he already held as an investment.

    Gradually, the golden tint was forced back in. God Bimentia and God Demirva took it a step further and put it behind black and blue bars.

    “It’s over”.

    The mantle vanished and the figure of a man lying on the floor was revealed. The black of the dark element naturally set in and the skin, hair and eyes, though shut, regained their original shade.

    “Now, in all three Valleys, there are seven known Infernals and three known Celestials”. God Demirva declared. “As for this beast…” He trained his eyes on Zax’s dantian. “Counting the one in the Second Valley and the two in the third, when it will be born, it would be the fourth of its type and a million years later…”

    “A God destined beast…” God Bimentia whispered.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 60 – Kon Juya Constabulary

    “Now you need to go to the Second Valley”. God Demirva told God Bimentia. “Those among the First Hundred would not want to have another bout with Nature because of a new, reckless God”.

    “You expect me to leave him to the devices of those brats?” God Bimentia’s seven short horns issued crackling sounds as they turned toward the Immortals in the sky, yet again in the stillness that could not keep with a Godly conversation.

    “Gods really can’t directly interfere in the First Valley, unless foolishly provoked. He’ll go with Ohar of Renzine”.

    “The way he is, the Infernal state was sedated by us, but Nature itself will assist to unleash it now that he and the Heart Devil are one. Until he will fully emerge again, his compliance will be moot, as well as his decisions. Ohar will have to detain him to slowly induce your reason in him, right?”

    “For a period, yes, and in time he will regain a measure of sensibility. Then he will be offered to take my banner”.

    God Bimentia hesitated. She did not want to abandon Gogenta’s descendants, for without this close friend of her she never would have become a God.

    “He had two… Godly Law Templates”. She said and raised her hand. In it she held a small plate made of ice.

    “This template belongs!” God Demirva stared in bewilderment.

    “Both belonged to the same God, however this was formulated when he worked on his second Law”.

    “Sir Xender, Frostman!”

    “Because Gogenta cultivated Legacy Of The One’s Path, the templates were of little use to him. He gave me the better of the two despite being able to exchange it for something that will mean to him. The next time we met I was prepared to formulate my law, but he… was already done by the Core Star. So back then I made a genuine Intent promise that should I have the power I’ll make sure what he left behind will thrive. Now look around you… how very little remained of his making? The world lost his essence that nourished it and of his descendants measly one hundred and eight are alive”. God Bimentia dejectedly recounted.

    “There are more of them in the First Valley, hundreds”, God Demirva encouragingly said. “Enlisted by The Holy Palace, Voltic Star and Planetary Battalion. A few are even under my warrior Ohar’s care”.

    “Them?” God Bimentia snorted. “They are the cause for his heir’s sorrow, he won’t let bygones be bygones, he is an Infernal!” God Demirva was ready to comment, but she raised her hand stopping him. "Yeah, I know what you want to say… my point is, Gogenta's best creations are his heir and this beast, so don't make me regret trusting you with them".

    God Demirva tacitly coincided. "Ohar", he summoned Senior Ohar, pulling him down so fast to the man it seemed as if he just teleported from one position to another.

    "God Demirva". Unable to perceive God Bimentia, Senior Ohar gave a single nod. Clearly his relationship with his God was of a different kind than His Holiness Morien and Yerfijado The Almighty.

    "Ohar, take this child with you and leave the repair of this planet to me".

    "This is… Zax Zel?" Senior Ohar knew how Zax looked, but still could not believe that the aboriginal mortal that obtained his God's perfect dark attribute's essence, after Sheldon, had become an Infernal Immortal right underneath his nose.

    "His Infernal state is dormant. When he will wake up his mind would be muddled. Help him cope as best you can, but be careful. Incited, Infernal Immortals are prone to act on a whim with a genuine Intent".

    "What about them?" Senior Ohar gestured at the Mythical Immortals straining themselves due to his disappearance. "Whilst not all of them are erudite, a few definitely managed to identify the Infernal's aura. Those who didn't also sense something worth investigating in this Evolutionary Ascension".

    "Dispel your concerns. Only one of them knows his identity and he is manipulated by someone who won't dare take responsibility for conceiving the birth of a new Infernal Immortal".

    The former was His Holiness Morien and the latter Yerfijado The Almighty.

    "Then I'll do as you command". Senior Ohar lifted Zax on his scrawny shoulder.

    "Let's go, Bimentia-" God Demirva halted and frowned.

    "The Plain is sealed!" God Bimentia noted.

    It happened in a span of time only Gods can react to, and shortly after the seal was enforced all across the Milky Way Plain, a silvery white crescent spaceship the size of a giant meteor or a fifth of Ercas Mir, exited a wormhole right out of the Core Star.

    "The First Valley's Kon Juya Constabulary! How?" God Bimentia snapped, exuding her presence and shocking the unsuspecting Senior Ohar. "Demirva?"

    “It has to be Yerfijado! He probably appealed to Sir Kon Juya The Benevolent And Righteous, using the damaged Core Star as pretext to take from us custody on Zax”.

    "Distinguish Gods and present Immortals, this is the Lunar Second Brigade of the Kon Juya Constabulary". A public address system announced. "We humbly request distinguish Gods to return to the Second Valley and Immortals to stay put".

    "Bimentia…" God Demirva cautioned.

    "Even if we hid it, after they will interrogate those Immortals they will know that Zax is an Infernal!"

    "Not like this". God Demirva swept his penetrating gaze throughout the planet, in and out.

    Suddenly, on a large clearing all the humans, beasts and Deformed Beings that survived the catastrophe in New Earth and Ercas Mir, were gathered, unconscious.

    Among them was Zax, shrouded by a formation that repressed his Immortal's aura and energy and another altering his appearance.

    “Now he has a chance even in the worst case scenario…“

    "We repeat, distinguish Gods, return to the Second!"

    God Demirva's action was treated as unacceptable interference, but even the Lunar Second Brigade could do nothing to a God other than mention his or her conduct in their report.

    "Go to the Kon Juya Constabulary, Ohar, use your connections to release him and his kin".

    God Kon Juya, known as The Benevolent And Righteous, did not allow other Gods to meddle in the business of the First Valley, especially that of her Kon Juya Constabulary.

    God Demirva and God Bimentia left.

    'Morien, your behavior caused this mess. Make further problems for this poor natives and I'll kill you!' Senior Ohar warned and received no reply.

    Nineteen humanoid figures exited the crescent shaped spaceship. They wore white and silver uniforms and descended to the planet in two rows, led behind a silver hair and silver cat like eyes, snow white woman. She had three round gray blue spots on her forehead that reflected light as if tiny jewels were embedded in them.

    The jacket part of her uniform was a bit different than those in the two rows. She had four golden stars stitched at the upper left side of her chest, while the rest had only one star. They all had the same insignia at the back of their jackets of a golden branch with silvery twelve moons.

    The stars were not indication of her Immortal rank. In fact, whereas everyone in the two rows were Heavenly Immortals, she was merely in the succeeding, Sacred rank.

    The stars were actually her overall Constable rank in the Kon Juya Constabulary, which was fourth, out of eight ranks unrelated to Immortal ranks.

    "Neonate Ohar, Mythical Morien, Mythical Nikari". The silver haired woman summoned.

    The three approached her in moderate flight.

    General of the Armies Nikari and the Immortal holding the Core Star withdrew the energy when the crescent spaceship first appeared and casted a formation around the planet to properly repair it.

    “Sergeant”, the three greeted the four stars Sergeant.

    “My name is Sergeant Heyxin”, the silver haired woman greeted back. ”One of you is the highest ranked Immortal on scene, while the other two are holders of the Core Star’s ownership certificate. Tell me what transpired that nearly destroyed an entire Plain”. Her tone was strict and imposing, but not demanding.

    No Immortal will act impudently toward a Sergeant of the Kon Juya Constabulary.

    “Morien and Kitanoriya relinquished their rights of the Core Star. As of today I’m its sole owner”. General of the Armies Nikari took out his ownership certificate.

    Previously the content signed on it emphasized only a third of the Core Star belonged to him, but after His Holiness Morien and Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya disposed of theirs, the section relating to divisions was automatically rewritten to a complete ownership.

    Sergeant Heyxin thought it reasonable for Violet Star Commander Kitanoriya and His Holiness Morien to wash their hands in advance of being accused for irresponsibility on a Plain destruction scale.

    “I’ll explain”, His Holiness Morien stepped forward and opened. “Some time ago, myself, Nikari and Kitanoriya have learned that this remote Core Star is the location in which God Frostman’s Godly Law Template is buried”.

    Sergeant Heyxin was inwardly astonished to hear that the famed Godly Law Template was found. Nevertheless, her expression remained poised as she continued to listen.

    “…I was closest to the detonating Heavenly Immortal. Sensing he was depleted of elemental energy, I intercepted Ohar’s attack in fear that his attempt to stop the detonation will result in dire consequences. Afterwards, Kitanoriya obtained the template and fled, forfeiting her ownership certificate and so did me, per the decree sent to me by my God The Almighty”.

    In his portrayal of the chain of events, His Holiness Morien omitted small details and described his conduct almost as immaculate his as white robe.

    Senior Ohar and General of the Armies Nikari could argue against his narrative, but ultimately neither had concrete evidence to back their claims, so they said nothing and Sergeant Heyxin in turn did not bother pursuing the matter.

    “An Infernal Evolutionary Ascension?!” Getting to this part, Sergeant Heyxin did not care about her status. “Who? Show me the person!”

    “I’m afraid I can’t”. His Holiness Morien shook his head. “I can only tell you that he should be among the unconscious aboriginal”. He was not gutsy enough to say anything that would implicate a God, let alone two.

    Sergeant Heyxin averted a fierce gaze to the humans, beasts and Deformed Beings. She brushed them with a green gale of windy element energy, but could not wake them.

    “Place them in the Lunar Splitter’s incarceration vaults!” She ordered the eighteen Constables.

    “Sergeant Heyxin”, General of the Armies Nikari called. “My General is stationed not far from the Core Star. As the sole owner of the Core Star, the Beings here, even the aboriginals, are part of my Planetary Battalion and since there are a few hundred here, some may be innocent members of her branch”.

    “The Infernal Immortal-”

    “Whoever he is, I won’t quibble over him. His existence is a menace to the Three Valleys. My advice to you, after retrieving my people, kill the rest!” General of the Armies Nikari was spent from mending the planet, but his bearing was nonetheless stringent, entrenched.

    “You said ‘Innocent’, Mythical Nikari?” Sergeant Heyxin asked, dismissing the man rather his initial statement. “The Kon Juya Constabulary’s principles are Benevolence and Righteousness, don’t be presumption!

    “You can take your pick if you can prove their relation to you Planetary Battalion; otherwise they are all coming with us!”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 11 – Lost

    Chapter 1 – Survivors Allocation

    Waking up, something was different. His body and soul felt infirm, as if an integral part went missing, the source to his vigor, and without it he was nothing but an empty shell of himself.

    Sluggishly, he got up from the cold metallic floor, his mind in the process of registering the last things he could remember.

    It came to him then, a loss of immense magnitude. His heart sunk and his face was drained from color, looking even sicklier than it seemed possible. He expected a surge of piercing pain, he longed for it as he recalled it carving their last moments to his soul and how it became the only way for him to still feel them.

    The pain was there, he could sense it, but it was being impaired by a strange wall and could just sip as cold drop after drop instead of erupting like a searing volcano.

    There was another cold thing in him that was both foreign and somewhat familiar. He could tell it was located in his dantian region, along the Legacy Of The One’s Path’s Black Core, yet its precise whereabouts eluded him each time he tried to focus, not that in his mourning state he had the frame of mind to do so.

    “Where… am.. I?” He lifelessly looked around, but before his eyes paid attention to the place, his ears found the voice that came from his throat unrecognizable.

    It was old and husky.

    He placed a hand before his face and his brows slightly creased. It was shriveled and bony, not his, furthermore it seemed he was wearing plain white clothes that were not his.

    He searched for a mirror or just a clean surface that can reflect his appearance.

    The room was small, with two meters of floor between walls and a little over three meters to the ceiling. Despite its petite size, its two sharp corners were dark and only the round third caught a bit of light from ceiling and the single sealed window.

    Standing up, he noticed his legs were bounded by bulky cuffs.

    “Heavy?” He wondered more about the lack of strength than the reason he was cuffed or where. Still, he could get up and by taking tiny steps, practically rubbing his bare feet on the floor; he dragged himself to the window and put his face close to it.

    For an instant he saw a face he did not know, old and wrinkled like how the rest of him looked, sounded and felt. However, the instant was cut short by the spectacular view from the other side.

    It was the vastest expanse a pair of eyes could ever observe, dyed by myriad hues and shades and filled by multicolored heavenly bodies, impossible to comprehend.

    It was not Ercas Mir, nor the black void of outer space, but the precarious First Valley’s encompassment of Plains.

    Twelve days before he regained consciousness…

    “General of the Armies!” General Beking saluted.

    “Fleet Admiral!” Admiral Hamumni saluted.

    “Beking, Hamumni, this is Sergeant Heyxin of the Kon Juya Constabulary’s Lunar Second Brigade”. General of the Armies Nikari introduced as formality.

    The two took note of the massive Immortal’s presence and behaved unperturbedly. They were used to meeting Immortals in the Planetary Battalion and well aware of their position, that apart from saluting they may speak only when questioned.

    What imposed a greater impact on the women was the condition of Ercas Mir, their home for the past thousands of years.

    Just seeing the metamorphosis it underwent, they could estimate the percentage of deaths it suffered.

    They were not evils, but soldiers given a role on a higher stage. Therefore, of course they felt a portion of grief, mostly for the uncultivated mortals.

    “Beking, Hamumni, over there are the remaining humans, beasts and Deformed Beings that are alive. Right now they are in cataleptic state. Examined their faces and retrieved those of them owned by or joined the Planetary Battalion”. General of the Armies Nikari ordered. “Also, one of them had just experienced a successful Evolutionary Ascension. You won’t be able to sense his Heavenly aura; hence, no matter the affiliation of those you recognize I want you to point out the ones you might be familiar with and had plausible Martial culmination”.

    ‘An aboriginal Heavenly Immortal?!’ Both General Beking and Admiral Hamumni were shaken to their core.

    They, who lived for over nine thousand years had yet to attain the Mortal Enlightenment state, were thrown off the contest by someone from this backwater Star?!

    A number of names came to mind of who the person might be. One in particular boldly occupied their thoughts.

    “General of the Armies”, General Beking respectfully turned to him.

    ‘What is it?”

    “In my Golden Desert Fort there are several recruits from among the aboriginals. May I call one of them to help identify their kin?”

    “Go ahead”. General of the Armies Nikari permitted and General Beking sent a transmission to the Golden Fort spacecraft.

    ‘Send Elijah’s students’.

    Fifteen minutes later a small spaceship landed and out of it walked Neyrar, Talhera and a Lieutenant General.

    They were forewarned during the short flight of the scene they are about to witness and what overall happened to New Earth.

    Still, when they exited the spaceship and took a look for themselves of the cracked earth and the exposed underground world, both he and she crashed their knees on the ground.

    Overwhelmed by a wave of heartache, red eyed, Neyrar issued a sorrowful wail.

    Cultivation was everything to him, more than family, more than friends, but it was in disadvantage, for he was young and the living he cared about could not completely forget.

    One day, he always believed, time will lead them to old age and naturally sever their ties. This his heart could accept. Now, however, was not the appointed date and the ripped bonds… he was not sure he will ever be able to forget.

    Roughly a third of the ceiling collapsed, perhaps a bit more, burying so many…

    “So many…” She surmised.

    The intact two thirds she was actually afraid to measure. She and her junior brother were told that only hundreds survived, and so there she shivered to imagine the horrors lying in the open.

    “Elijah Mor!” Talhera yelled upon spotting him amidst a cluster of pass out figures. The reason for their coming, as she and her junior brother were additionally told.

    “Neyrar, Talhera, conduct yourself properly. You are in front General of the Armies\ Fleet Admiral of the Planetary Battalion”. She knew it was not fair to ask, but General Beking urged them nonetheless to compose themselves. Later they could get the leftover feelings out of their system.

    “I- am sorry, General”. Neyrar clenched his fists, quelling the emotional upheaval. He grab Talhera’s arm and pulled her together with him on her feet.

    “General of the Armies!” They saluted the man General Beking gestured toward.

    “Good boy”. General of the Armies Nikari was pleasantly surprised when he scrutinized Neyrar and saw that he was in the process of perceiving the fifth bottleneck of insight. Such talent was rare in the Three Valleys, usually fostered from birth by experts of his caliber.

    Talhera was much less remarkable. Her only noteworthy point was her refined physique.

    “Go”. General of the Armies Nikari allowed them to proceed for Elijah.

    General Beking and Admiral Hamumni also followed. Examining a few hundred faces and determining their identity, if they could, was a task any Core Master could accomplish in a matter of two or three minutes, much less fifth level Martial Mortals.

    “Well?” General of the Armies Nikari inquired.

    “There are a few humans, beasts and Deformed Beings”. General Beking answered.

    As a matter of a fact, other than Elijah there were none, but she had the sense that General of the Armies Nikari was reluctant to give the survivors to Sergeant Heyxin so she played along.

    “The three scales Deformed Beings were reared by us”.

    There were three hundred or so still breathing Deformed Beings, among the six hundred some survivors, and seventeen were the three scales type that could grow to match a fourth or fifth level Martial Mortal – as Overlords. In reality, their value was of very little usefulness to the Planetary Battalion, but General Beking targeted them because of one Deformed Being her heart missed a bit upon discovery.

    A humanoid creature of azure fur like scales, the size of a one storey building, the Northern Icecaps’ Overlord!

    If not its specie, then General Beking thought that General of the Armies Nikari would surely be interested in its Pure Core.

    “Them, too”. Admiral Hamumni eyed a specific group of people, though she had no eyes.

    “No”. Neyrar objected, carrying his Mor, Elijah, and Supeme Ruler Ar Yen, whose plan he knew about. “They were New Earth’s rebels, not part of the five powers”.

    His remarked stunned Talhera, this was a clear insubordination toward their superiors.

    “Are you certain, boy?” Admiral Hamumni smilingly asked, yet it did not take a genius to guess how resentful she was.

    “Don’t quarrel, Hamumni”.

    “Yes, Fleet Admiral”. Admiral Hamumni retreated.

    It was the attire of the specific group of people that piqued her interest. The style was more common the trend in New Earth, meaning they were aboriginals. Finding out they were part of a rebellious forces was a coincidence, but since it indicated they were not part of either the Golden Desert Fort or Blue Sea, they could not take them.

    Neyrar and Talhera relaxed. They were positive repercussions for today’s behavior will wait for them aboard the Golden Fort spacecraft, but they were relieved either way.

    They sneaked a second glance at the group of humans and beasts and averted their gazes, to pick, under the pretext of identifying; whom they thought would be opened to accept the new order in the Planetary Battalion.

    Two minutes later, out of the three hundred humans and beasts, a hundred and fifty were claimed by Admiral Hamumni, General Beking, Neyrar and Talhera.

    Not one of the four was able to guess the person who became a Heavenly Immortal.

    The rest were loaded and put in the Lunar Splitter’s incarceration vaults.

    Sergeant Heyxin let General of the Armies Nikari keep all the Deformed Beings, as they were loved by Nature, thus most innocent of all.

    She was more curious in the humans and beasts Neyrar and Talhera thought they were protecting by not having them selected by the Planetary Battalion.

    They were tunnels and caves apart, yet their response was the same in their final moment.

    Surrounded by their loved ones, Tals, apprentices and subordinates, Gid Chu and Yurnal, the experts with the second and third toughest bodies in Ercas Mir, cultivators of Infinite Transformations Altering Body, sacrificed themselves to protect, and succeeded.

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