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10 Feb
– TVB veteran actor Chiu Shek Man has recently passed away. As reported on On CC News, the actor, who was known for series such as "A Kindred Spirit", "Fathers and Sons", and "Triumph in the Skies", was revealed to have passed away by actor Hoffman Cheng on Weibo, which was later confirmed by TVB Communications Deputy Director, Tsang Sing Ming.

Tsang stated that Chiu was hospitalised last week and breathed his last on the morning of 9 February. However, the TVB Executive declined to disclose the cause of death.
He also added that the company has recently gotten in touch with the actor's family in order to provide assistance during the difficult time.
The funeral will be held after the Chinese New Year, as per requested by his family.
Several of the late actor's dramas have yet to be aired, including the highly-anticipated "Lord of Shanghai" and Bobby Au Yeung's "With or Without You".
He was last seen playing a judge in "Raising the Bar".
He was 70.